Friday, October 26, 2007

A response to Fortes in Fide by Manny Hermano/FP

I posted it in the forums for discussion.

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Big A said...

To Manny Hermano
I'd like to speak as calmly as possible. I know that when I start lashing out at the inconsistencies that you presented, you would automatically be turned off. Please do take time to listen.
I'd just like to highlight some of your inconsistencies.
1.The bishops do acknowledge the IC. Why then would they still leave the recognition to Joe Tale as head of the IC if they do not acknowledge the IC? Our bishop here says that it is apparent that FFL just wants to pick issues because it is a non-issue anymore after the clarification of Bp.Gabby. Read it properly.

Please take note at how FFL is spreading lies. When a bishop in an area clearly states that he is only approving the original CFC in his area, meaning (CFC GMFI which has been going on for 26 years) FFL carries on pronouncing that the bishop recognizes FFL as they are the original CFC. Please do not give me the lie that you are that one true CFC. You have left CFC and formed your own group.You have your own tithe envelope, different covenant cards and ID cards. You have left the structures of CFC. You have left the main office in Ortigas and got your own office. Wake up to the lie that you are living!
2.It was not Ernie Maipid who spread the gossip about Lachie and Maribel.It was only Ernie Maipid who received the written complaint from the staff about these anomalies in money,and a seeming affair between Lachie and Maribel.This Ernie Maipid story is a theory that they have made in their minds.I have worked with these people and the complaint has truth to it.It is just sad that everyone knew about it after Frank Padilla carried on lashing the council because they are investigating it.In this first instance, Frank alredy wanted to get back at the council.Brother, please do not believe this lie.
3. The countries that you are saying have declared that they are for FFL
Brother, let's be fair. There is no one country that is solid for CFC nor for FFL. Even the US where you live is divided. It is sad that you have allowed the fight of Frank Padilla divide the work in your country.

Even the countries that FFL claims is for FFL do not have an idea that they have been claimed for FFL. (SA,Vietnam, other countries in Europe). Believe me, I have friends in these countries.

WE all know that in most countries there is only a small group of people who believe in FFL, the rest carry on as normal CFC. FFL continues to lie about these. And they continue to disrupt the good order of CFC by going into a country, calling on members for a meeting and then asking them to make a declaration. Or worse.

Here in the UAE, Roland Nillas went, got a few irate CFC (those who have been questioning CFC leadership since they joined, God knows when) and asked them to declare that they are FFL. Notice the deception. It was only about 20 people, and in the declaration that he came out with, he said that UAE is for FFL! What a LIE! Are you condoning this? Are you letting it pass? Then if you are, you have completely turned your back to the original charism of CFC.

Brother, please wake up to the facts that FFL twists to their favor. They are only finding fault now. They are deceiving people. They are dividing in the hope that they will conquer later on.

As I said, don't bring the fight in Manila in your country.If you already have, then you have successfully divided your country.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

big a... you stated "It was not Ernie Maipid who spread the gossip about Lachie and Maribel.It was only Ernie Maipid who received the written complaint from the staff about these anomalies in money,and a seeming affair between Lachie and Maribel.This Ernie Maipid story is a theory that they have made in their minds.I have worked with these people and the complaint has truth to it...". Wow, huli mo ba personally while working with them? Kung totoo talaga, share mo naman para ma-close na itong issue na ito. Ikaw ang hero.

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters,

Bro. Manny Hermano's piece is a mere rehash of old issues that have been repeatedly answered by various defenders of CFC. Right after the June 22 elections, the word "disobedience" has been bandied against the IC. More than 4 months after and the same word is still being peddled, ad nauseam. [Yes, the Latin word means the same as the English word "nausea".]

big a said...

Manny, eto pa pala.

"He shot down IC's invitation to stay and work with them and to keep the community united by not leaving and forming FFL. There was no such invitation. In fact, Frank and others started the restoration movement as a movement of renewal from WITHIN CFC. However, the IC rather than being receptive, reacted negatively, and never sought dialogue - and much less did the IC invite Frank and the restoration group to stay and work with them. In fact, it was shortly after the election of the IC that they started removing Frank and known members of the restoration group from their top service positions without due cause."

Basahin mong mabuti ang clarification ni Bishop Gabby.It states there that in the Aug 28 meeting, Joe Tale expressed that the group of Frank Padilla need not leave and they can work on the issues together. Frank Padilla did not accept this. Si Frank ang nag-decide umalis. Basahin mo kapatid.Wag kang maniwala sa sabi sabi. Kung sinasabi niyo na sa obispo kayo naniniwala, maniwala ka kay Bishop Gabby.

To anonymous, wag na natin pag-usapan ang detalye tungkol kay Lachie and Maribel. It won't do us any good. Chismis na yon.

God bless!

Marthe'57 said...

A splinter of wood got stuck in our finger. Gnawing pain has caused us sleepless nights. Fever has enveloped everyone from the top leaders, down to the regular members. A pus has gathered around this splinter. Awesome pain!

Today our lymph nodes are starting to get swollen, we better have this splinter removed before the entire arm gets infected.

Bros and sisters the only way to heal our community is to stick a pin and remove this piece of splinter which has wracked the body, and caused our teeth to gnash in anguish.

I say let us get on with it. You and I, let us pull the splinter out, disinfect the area, let the pus drain, take a bitter pill and let the wound heal.

The year of Lamentations is just around the corner. Come January CFC will blossom, totally healed, renewed and energized.

Time heals all wounds, and time is on our side. That's the beauty of a scar, it can provide for us a perfect piece of tale to tell our grandchildren:

"Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the kingdom called Couples for Christ, there was a piece of splinter called take a look, see I have a beautiful scar... "

Anonymous said...

big a...I was thinking you might shed some light about it since you started to mention that you know the details and stated it is true.

Pero bitin...we have to be careful with these things! We would'nt like them to charge us with slander!

Anonymous said...

"In the light of this, the original CFC, with Gawad Kalinga as one of its ministries, retains its recognition as an international private association of the lay faithful, which was given by the Pontifical Council for the laity in 2005"

Bishop Gabby Reyes
CBCP News online

Manny Hermano and FFL,

Don't interpret, just read in plain English

p.e. said...

mga kapatid,

pagpasensiyahan nyo na yang si Manny Hermano. sadyang napakasugid na disipulo iyan ni FAP. ingat kayo sa pagsasalita ng masama laban kay FAP at pihadong makakarinig kayo. matawag pa kayong "blasphemer!" btw, huwag nyong gagalitin yan. black-belter yan. sabi nya. :)

tanungin niyo siya kung nag-try ba siyang kumausap ng ibang elder from Manila like TM, JT, JYam, Roquel, atbp. para malaman ang kabilang panig about the crisis bago sya pumanig kay FAP. pustahan tayo si FAP lang ang nakausap nyan.

Anonymous said...

you are a leader, at least act like one. In all honesty, i am glad you are with FFL. CFC has moved forward and your back again to the same issues? a rehash! Common, if you feel that God has annointed you and your group - then move on. STOP rehashing old issues. Don't you have any other things to do. Start evangelizing friend instead of spending so much time writing rehash issues. Time spent there is not very productive. May God bless your heart. Allow us here in north america to rebuild. Stop hurting us - a request from a very concerned North America CFC member

Anonymous said...

Since when did BISHOP GABRIEL REYES said that CFC have DISOBEYED?

not once! we even challenged him to do so to which he never did!

he only kept on using the word CFC DID NOT HEED OUR ADVICE so many times.

It wasnt obedience. It was just that the Elders Assembly have a different discernment on what he is recommending.

What is so evil is that FFL is deploying WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION!

eto na yata ang hinahanap ni George W. Bush! wala pala sa Iraq! nasa Pinas pala!

kapatid said...

Said big a..."I was thinking you might shed some light about it since you started to mention that you know the details and stated it is true."

I think he was referring more to the money issue and not on the seeming affair. But I agree, hwag na nating paki-alaman. Kung type ni Mrs. Padilla, sya na lang as she did in Houston.

God sees and saw, anyway. All of Us will account to Him naman.

joni tanitayturin said...

Reply to Manny Hermano
(His Answers for FP Re: Questions from Fortes in Fide)

1. Brother Manny, you don’t have to plunge that divisive knife deeper into yourself, else wage it against perceived opponents in CFC. Be still, let go and be healed. You are not CFC anymore. You are now outside of the Vatican-approved, CBCP-recognized CFC statutes implemented by the CFC-IC. CLARO, mi hermano?

2. “…these slanderous allegations towards a brother who has only done good in the last 26 years of leading CFC…” (p.1)

I say:

“After the 25th the runner in FP stumbles
And down with him he brings CFC;
They hate NOT HIM
On the 26th him they lament with,
On the 27th him they re-embrace (?)”

(In advance: Welcome home, Brother Frank! I prayed that God will forgive you your sins, and I also asked Him to forgive me for the sins I have committed against you and the rest of them there in FFL …)

3. About the decision-making within the CFC-IC, consensus was not reached in the IC when FP allowed Sis Gerry to give the candidacy of Senator Many Villar a semblance of formal CFC endorsement through TEODORA.

Now, in exempting FP from a share of the “veering away” issue, you seem to imply that the whole (collective action) may not be the sum of all the parts (i.e., the responsibility of all). As you explained, the peculiarities of building consensus among the CFC-IC can make a collective decision the responsibility of a particular IC member only (?!).

Therefore, we may not impute on FP his equal share of the blame ‘black and white’. Right?

Wrong, Brother. Consensus-building precisely abhors divisiveness. As they say, “All for one, One for all…We’re all in this together…” Moreover, please remember that FP ruled over CFC for close to 26 years!

Now you want him (or he now wants) out of the “veering away” issue by giving the “black” share of the blame to the rest while keeping him “white” (?!). It’s gray from where I sit.

4. “Yes, Frank participated in the decision and even supported the actions for some time …The important thing is that when Frank realized that what they were doing was veering away from CFC’s original charisms Frank raised the flag to correct these issues.”

Aw, common Brother Hermano…Frank realizing there was ‘veering away’ TWO YEARS (!!!) after the MOA with Pfizer (he was a witness to) was signed? This is incredulous! For 26 years FP ruled and supported all of his (and the IC) decisions, NOT ‘some time’ but MOST, IF NOT ALL THE TIME. You don’t suggest FP became absent-minded after all these years, Brod? Oh, it’s OK.

5. On FP (and FFL) arrogantly insisting that he alone can restore CFC to its true charism … See, first you deny, and then later affirm it! Please re-read your reply (page 2). Also, must you fault the new IC for not solving “GK-3” issues in a few weeks, issues which remained unsolved under FP’s reign at least for the last two years?

6. Brod Manny, I suggest you consider these other “important things”:

a. Please don’t interpret, just read the plain English declarative sentence (e.g., if the CBCP states that it recognizes the CFC represented by JT, don’t say that it also impliedly recognizes the separatist FFL group of FP, ha?). Thanks.

b. By resigning, FP veered away, moved away, turned away, dissociated, went away, disconnected himself from the IC. HERE'S THE REAL MACOY,BROD:

b.1 THE DOCTRINAL ISSUE TO BE RESOLVED BY YOU AND THE FFL IS WHETHER OR NOT, BY HIS RESIGNATION, FP COULD CLAIM THAT THE “COLLECTIVE SIN” OF CFC WAS ALREADY EXPIATED (Pray, Brother, review the video of his resignation and provide the doctrinal answer to this question because we have scratched the upper surfaces only!);



b.2 Am I not personally responsible to God for my own sins vis-à-vis my own CFC covenant with Him, and that it is my own act of contrition and His mercy, not FP’s action, that will expunge it?

b.3 What is FP’s moral basis to claim that the sin of one and all in CFC was extirpated by his act - or by the three of them – of resigning from the Council?

b.4 Brother Hermano…don’t you think the first moral imperative for the IC was to preserve the integrity of the CFC organization from the adverse effect of FP’s pride and/or intolerance? (Please cf. JT’s last-minute appeal for FP to reconsider his decision to resign and FP’s reply thereto)

Wasn’t it proper and just that the Elders’ Assembly acted decisively on the culminating issue of election that was muddled by FP with his “GK-3” and by the recommendations solicited from the Bishops (e.g. Bishop Soc’s draft letter-endorsement to remove GK from CFC?)

c. Please avoid tautological arguments (kapoy man gud magbalik-balik ang issue because of fallacious premises). Please repeat and stray no more: “You can’t disobey a recommendation, you can’t disobey a recommendation, you can’t disobey a recommendation…you can’t disobey…” Get it?
d. Brod Manny, puede bang i-angat mo nga ng konti ang discussion natin and explain head-on the MORAL REASON to separate from CFC? Ayaw na lang ang mga karaan ug walay ayo nga rason, like disodience and veering away…pero kana bitaw something that explains your decision to separate from us in CFC as a distinctly higher moral alternative, without rancor or bad taste, but truthful and full of hope and joy to conquer territories for the Lord (beware, Brod, don’t get entangled in a false and tautological argument like you are also CFC, and therefore could not be considered separated, etc.etc. …come on).

Malay mo, if you are able to provide this moral high ground, baka pa naman maraming Kristiyano, kasama kami, na sasabay pa sa FFL para mag-evangelize. Si, mi hermano, por favor?

Janeiro said...


I like this comment of Fortes in Fide.

"Will you stay and still be FFL if suddenly Frank Padilla goes back to CFC?"

I can just imagine the FFL members having to contend with all of these:

Truth Series for IC
Anatomy of a Demolition Job against IC
The Way to Come Back #1-5

and a loooonnnnggg email exchange between Frank Padilla and Fortes in Fide in one side and Manny Hermano on the other.