Thursday, October 4, 2007

Now Wait A Minute!

Ok, this is just so twisted.

CLICK HERE to download the entire email thread.

Now, highlighted in red is an example of a misleading statement. How do you pretend to start a religious organization based on the irresponsible spreading of untruths?

Get the real story HERE, and the narration of events on video HERE.


neokidntown said...

this is the reason why our hope of unifying CFC again is all but lost. ffl continues to fuel the fire...

Anonymous said...

FFL - may you find the heart to follow the character of Jesus, the encourager and the forgiver. This will never stop because all you do is to find fault and dwell in them. Look at your own eye and see if you yourself dont sin at all. Blasphemy!

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla and his group are always on the offensive, twisting facts and spreading lies...even stooping down to a very low level. How I wish the CFC IC will make a counter-offensive of some sort but that's not the way of the Lord. The best offense is good defense..whatever they throw at the IC they always have answers and it makes FFL look stupid and really desperate. They will stop at nothing just to destroy the good name of CFC and GK and their leadership. FP doesn't have humility at all. Mr. Padilla and Mr. Hermano, can you just stop all these false accusations and go on with your mission of evangelization and we'll go on with ours.

Anonymous said...


Just an ignorant question:

Who resigned first? TM or FAP?

Nalibog nako, in visayan pa. ( I am confused)

Anonymous said...

Manny, you seem to be so righteous. Seems like you never sin. If you do not stop sending things like this - peace will never prevail. Think first before you write anything. Think about WWJD - what will Jesus do! Again, this is not a character of Jesus, more so, this reflects on how heavy your heart is - lighten up Bro! everyone is trying to mend wounds, don't start firing them up again.

Anonymous said...

But then haven't you guys noticed....FFL's minds are twisted all their reasonings....they have to reason to justify what their prophet of all times has done.
We at CFC will just have to be at peace...people like him & his beloved wife will get what they deserve after they have perished in their earthly life....

Anonymous said...

To our FFL Brethren,

It's time to move on, stop focusing on CFC and the IC. You are wasting time that you should be spending on family and evangelization. You have left and now have your own community, please give us peace and let us move on with our own work. Frank P should just stop sending emails against CFC and GK. Enough is enough. You now have better things to do with your own community. Please leave us alone.

Empowered CFC Canada Member

Anonymous said...

Again, the highlighted comment shows that propaganda that they are spreading. It has been shared by most of the old IC that it was Tony who first offered to stepped down and then Frank followed suit. Based on the Easter group minutes, they were already plotting Frank's return to the council. Why resign if you wanted to come back? Why resign if you are not ready to let go?

Empowered CFC Canada Member

YearningForTruth said...

It is so inconsistent that a community that we now know as FFL, who, by their statements, has a posture of restoration. And yet the talk is not equal to the walk.

All we see is bitterness, anger and blatant lies that seem to insult rather than to correct in a brotherly way.

I thought only politicians acted this way in their quest to dominate rather than serve.

Isn't this running afoul against the values of CFC of servant-leadership?

Has our brother FP, who proclaims to have a prophetic voice, denigraded himself to posture of a prophet of doom?

Is FFL really "Sounding the Trumpet" or just tooting their horns?

Anonymous said...

Besides love for his family and love of brother Frank, another reason we know why TM stepped down is that the community was being so identified with their names, both of TM and FP.

The problem here is... one is very much willing to step down and the other is baka napilitan o napasubo lang?


Fortes In said...

FFL always have to be on the offensive.

They simply CANNOT justify their existence without putting CFC in a bad light.

Is that moving forwards or backwards?

Anonymous said...

Link on the CFC Situation - good insights

Anonymous said...

an email that also proves there’s some CFC brethren who commit the error of invitation by maligning frank

TO: supposedly an FFL convert
CC: brothers

Bro FFL, et al

Everyday since that fateful day, wife and I prayed to God for all of you, to ease our longing for you and my brothers and sisters who chose to follow a man of God, who was also very instrumental in my being in the CFC service. My approach to evangelization is so fervent as I mimic before, his passion, the way he talk, and the way he elucidate passages to illustate a point. He was my idol, someone to imitate.

I said was. I still look at him as a great past mentor, but only like Martin Luther, who was a brilliant advocate until Martin separated himself from the Catholic church.

I cannot however, dare compare him with St Francis, nor Escriva nor the Focolare founder. St Francis, not agreeing with the changes made by his brothers IN HIS ABSENCE, turned to his own ways and tended his own spiritual ways in that little church the Porciuncula. His brothers, though forming several levels of material possession groupings, stuck to the basic tenets of Franciscan teachings. St Francis left them and live in seclusion. I with wife and sis, visited the church in Italy and were awed with the stories and the little church reminded me of ourselves, that when everything else does not go our way, we should turn to the innermost space in our hearts and stay there, hoping that Jesus will come and comfort us in our aloneness. And He rewards us with His presence. If your idol and mine stopped short of his resignation and helped in the areas he felt were problematic (which he could have done while he was on top of things, but he didn't ). And in a somewhat unexpected turn, he left, and dragged with him so many unsuspecting 'believers'. Not a pretty picture compared to the self sacrifice of St Francis when his brothers changed his rules.

Jose Maria Escriva, died a happy death, knowing that the seeds he planted in the Opus Dei took root and bloomed into sacred plants that grew in the hearts of the many men and women in the Spanish countries and other countries where the practices of Opus Dei brought solace and comfort to many suffering souls. I have attended many of their sessions and I was drawn to the honest, direct, and unpretending meditations and exchange of wisdom and coming down to the level of the sufferer and suffering with them. To think about it, maybe, I have not seen your idol and mine come to terms with the suffering poor, maybe staying in his lofty and comfortable stance, and maybe extending a hand here and there but not really dwelling in the needs of those who came to ask for his financial help. I know a man who also sold books that he wrote, and all the proceeds of his books were used for all the projects of the poor and the marginalised. He was contented in living in semi-squalor and modest means as the money that his books generated were feeding, clothing, helping the marginalized. What did your idol and mine do with the proceeds of his talent ? Someone told me about a tax shelter scheme, so Caesar never got his share in those and only some selected ones benefited. Not even CFC, who under his fiscal restraint (I believe he alone has the approval authority at that time ), benefited from the proceeds of his talents. He could have built thousands of homes and send so many indigent children to schools and could have covered a lot of the debt CFC incurred during his administration. I do not know if the truth will ever come out but it seems he is capitalizing on the goodness of the hearts of those left behind on not going after him in money matters, if there is any truth behind it.

The founder of Focolare was a gentle woman, who spoke during a telecast worldwide of the Focolare with the Pope and their gentle ways within their community reminded me of the gentleness I see in the other leaders of the past. You see, gentleness of Jesus was shown as he sat with children, with the sick, the poor and the marginalised. And this is what he is fighting against ? Of course, when it comes to money matters, there will be some suspicion of misapplications, etc. But rather than correct it or straighten the 'erring' ways, he just dropped it by a wave of his hand and declared that he will not have anything to do, anymore with this huge undertaking of lending and bringing glad tidings to the poor. He could have listened to the pious and devoted to Christ financial experts, and not to the scheming, socio-political mindsets of people around him. He could have elevated himself in perpetuity as the greatest servant of the poor (and the marginalised) but you see, real sacrifice cannot be seen in just words of comfort given to a shivering brother. A cup of your own hot soup and your own bread, given to him, while you go hungry (I miss your matsakaw) but satisfied in your heart that God has touched you is now to me so much better than the totality of his books and fiery rhetorics. Empty words, empty sounds make empty hearts. You know more about these things than I do, being longer in the service.

I do not condemn anyone as it is anyone's choice and I always respect personal choices but I cannot be led to discipleship by a man who does not reflect the totality of Jesus image which was implanted in my soul by God, when I embraced the CFC service.

I can listen to him but things that I know now and even before in my own personal dealings with him in my capacity and service mars the face. Because deep within the beautiful words of his books and teachings, there is another shadow of a different face, not reflecting Jesus but more of an arrogant, vindictive, unpardoning, scheming (may be because he allows himself to be used by people whom he knows have sociopolitical mindsets in antagonistic situations). I looked at him before as a man of peace, a man carrying his cross, as he always said. But now I can see him as a man with feet of clay, like many of us, and my prayers to the Lord includes him, that he may see the arrogance of Herod when he dealt with John protecting his promise but destroying a life, the obstinacy of Pilate when he washed his hands (trying to remove the stigma of judgment), and the tenacity and unbelieving Caipas, who theatrically tore his clothes to condemn the real Son of God.

I maybe wrong, but you see, God has also given me a perceptive gift that I may see the dragons of our times, disguised as angels of light. I am always at peace when I do not tell Jesus what to do, but allow Him to tell me what to do and in my troubled times (no one is spared of troubling mindsets), when I tell him my longings for HIm and His Mother, whom I am servant to. No one can fill these longings except Him.

I may hear God's words from the lips of others, but you see even the evil one can quote scriptures but it is only in looking at how one lives, mimicking Christ in His love for the poor, and dying to one self, can we be saved.
Also, man's ways are not God's ways. One really have to listen very well for the soft voice of truth in all of us, and eliminate the noise created by the shielding of the the real truth about things.

Let us continue to talk and be clarified on each others' venture into holiness, shall we ? Do not take what I said as gospel truth. You have to find it too, if you seek hard enough and not be blinded by the glare of what you can only see. Cover your eyes and dwell deep down for the truth and God himself will be with you.

I really miss our banter sometimes. But let us pray for one another that God open our eyes to His reality and his Love and I bless you my brothers and sisters that he may show you what I saw through His eyes, the undisguised truth. May He dissolve the great divide someone built that separates us in service.

I will respect your decisions as I know you would respect mine. No argument at that.

God bless

Your brother in Christ,

Anonymous said...

Hi CD,
Is it possible for you please to post the remaining of Gigi. This will really clear some of our questions on the real issue behind this disunity. We are very grateful for your dedication to maintain this blog and to ensure that we are being informed. You are truly blessed by our Lord. Please post the continuation of Gigi's video. Thanks so much. This is from a very concerned member from North America. Thanks again for everything

kapatid said...

To anonymous and everyone else who wants to see the ss.Gigi portion of the video ----

Go to your brower address and paste:

CD has posted this video on this address

ecs of south b said...

One thing I find common here in our travail with those of other sects and religion.

This can also be discerned from our experiences of various heresies against that Catholic Church.

I hate to think it though to be happening in our beloved Community.

Whenever a new sect or religion rises, it is always around a particular person. They start with hearing the supposed Voice of God to move them to separate from a decadent organization. They usually found themselves outside the Catholic Church.

St. Francis did not seek to destroy his former Franciscan order.St. Francis suffered much but he stayed obedient to the Church. At that time, it was very confusing between the different Franciscan orders. But time became the judge of the outcome. But never can we see un-brotherly acts and words.

The tactics we are seeing here are consistent of heretical sects but presently trying still to operate under the Church as they suppose.

Our problem right now is that we know what they are up to, but can't do anything other that keep on being Christian despite the challenge. The IC has shown this great tolerance.

FFL knows our hands are tied. And FFL is moving fast.

Like St. Francis of Assisi, we have to bear this separation.

ecs of south b

EB-3C said...

Here is an ordinary member’s point of view on the aspect of the “veering away” syndrome which I believe is true that we have veered away from what should have been:

1. When I attended the CLP in 1996, nobody told us that CFC has an International Council and had Bro. Frank Padilla as its Director. The purpose of our attending the CLP was because we were yearning (and still is) for spiritual comfort of our God.

Comments – with this crisis now, we are made to choose a person or persons instead of the group, CFC (no additional letters pls).

2. When I was asked to be a CLP facilitator, we were told during the Facilitators’ Training that for the 1st module, no raising of hands, no charismatic worship; 2nd module, raising of hands allowed with vocal prayers from participants; 3rd module, full charismatic worship. (I believe this was laid out by our IC long, long, long time ago).

Comments – we were told that this has to be observed so as not to discourage participants as they might be turned off with CFC practices like praying in tongues, etc., in a sense we are hiding something from our participants right from the start.

3. Please correct me if I am wrong - when GK was introduced, we were told not to tell the would be beneficiaries that CFC is the organizer.

Comments – again we are hiding something here and I believe this was crafted by our IC long, long, long time ago.

4. On the “one solid, one liquid” during household meeting.

Comments – this is as glaring as the sun and clearly one example of veering away from CFC teachings. I am also at sin on this – when we hold our household meeting, we’re like having a party which I believe also is the main cause of our dwindling numbers. For marginalized members, as a way of reciprocating the “good” food served by the previous host, they have to dig deep into their pockets for hard earned peso just to have a presentable merienda for the household meeting. Those who don’t have resources will just have to say to his leader “kung pwede pass muna sila kasi ganito, ganyan ang dahilan” and later on we know that they are no longer active and have lost their enthusiasm just because of this “veering away” from the “one solid-one liquid” policy.

5. We are not pushing on our basic formation teachings.

Comments – Basic formation teachings such as “Covenant Orientation” are not faithfully conducted to the extent that even some “older” members have yet to undergo this teaching. (Suggestion - I believe this can be addressed thru our revitalized PFO – basic teachings should be made mandatory and PFO should “push” for a timeline for each CLP batch on a per cluster basis. I don’t know if it is one of the responsibilities of PFO to be the watchdog in the conduct of these teachings).

These observations may sound basic and shallow but as an ordinary member these are what I observed. I will add some later on.

Thanks and God bless


EB-3C said...

Additional reflections on the “veering away” syndrome:

6. Please forgive me if I offended our beloved sisters – some wives are not submissive to their husbands.

Comments – With a lot of revelations coming from reliable sources, it is very evident that our crisis was borne out because some husbands became submissive to their wives. (I don’t want to elaborate, you be the judge).

7. A lot of our CFC members and even leaders, call their partners as “Sister Wife or Brother Husband”

Comments – I attended a “Back to Basics” teaching long time ago and the resource person then was a brother who joined the other group. He told us that it is not proper to address your partner as “Sister Wife or Brother Husband”. That teaching was well attended but you can still hear leaders and members using this line. It just shows that no proper dissemination of this basic knowledge is being exerted down to the lowest level. I think this should be properly discussed during CLP dedication ceremony so that new members will be clear about this.

8. Spiritual warfare prayer is not practiced before the start of CLP session.

Comments – It has been inculcated in our minds by our leaders that a CLP is a spiritual battleground and evil forces are out to destroy our work. This activity should be first and foremost to be discussed during CLP training program.

Thank you and God bless.


Versy at yahoo dot com said...

to eb-3c servant,

you are "the man"

i like you're airing of the "basic" issues and concerns.

oh, how about the one to one visits? separate discussion b/w men and women? Lord's Day? 5th Sunday? more CLP flaks like wearing of some kind of uniform, conducting baptism of the HS in front of a makeshift altar, prioritizing churches instead of homes for conducting CLPs, etc. i tell you there's lots of them!

hmmm...there is something that is being conceptualised and cooked in my mind...i wan't to express it here...i hope CD will allow it...more to come, pls wait for it...

EB-3C said...

I would like to qualify my "veering away" comments. These scenarios I believe (and hopefully)are not widespread in the entire community or I might be branded as giving sweeping comments as what our brother has been telling the community that there are some unChristian practices implemented in some GK areas which later on become to be prevalently practiced in all GK sites. Let me repeat, these might be isolated and may not be practiced on your respective headships nevertheless, our elders should take steps to prevent further haemorrhage, so to speak.

Thanks and God Bless