Friday, October 19, 2007

A Forum for All

Hello Brothers and Sisters, I've been meaning to do something like this for a while and I finally found the time to work on it. Consider this a test run, but I am inviting you all to check out and post on the Unofficial CFC Forum.

The direct link is here:

It is also permanently linked on the right side of the page.

Here's a quick look at it:


Some of you had trouble finding the registration screen, here it is:

If you're looking for the register link in the forum, it's on the top of the page.

The reason I thought about a forum was because I felt the comments on this blog were all quite interesting and worthy of saving in a better format. See, some comments get lost in the jumble here, as they're all in different entries and cover a wide range of topics, but the blog structure gives us no real good way to keep track of them. I've noticed many personalities here who have been very very helpful in analyzing the information that I post as well as actually supplying me with information that I didn't have yet. The forum will give us a way to keep track of them, in a format that is easy for all to follow. So, this is just to see if we have enough readers to actually constitute an online CfC community, if we do, then great, another place for CfC'ers to congregrate online, and if we don't, well at least we gave it a try. =)

Feel free to suggest forum topics, additional forum categories, and oh yeah, I'll need VOLUNTEER moderators. One last thing, it's still a free forum for now, so you'll see a few ads here and there that I have no control over.


So while I was working on this entry and the forum, I had the quote book by my side. The fan blew the pages and it stopped here:

"Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another."

- Hebrew 10:25

I hope that's a blessing. =)


estelito.iii said...

cooler heads prevail!

nice one C.D.!

kapatid said...

I just registered. kung ano-ano tuloy ang natututuhan ko dahil sa CFC. Pangdagdag-puyat ba ito?

BTW, the letter of dong B (NY)posted in is a nice read. Hope you can also post it, or create a permanent link to gerimie's CFC timeline. It supplements well this blog.

Salamat, kapatid na CD

On the right path said...

Great...looks like we'll have one another's company for the long haul!

And I love it!

One suggestion:

How about creating a page in the "A Forum for All" exclusively for those who vehemently disagree to whatever they see, read, hear ...or whatever angst they like to relieve themselves of?

Paano kaya ang title noon...siguro "Para sa Mga Kontra" or "A Page For Your Objections".

smbw8 said...

Hi CD ,

This blogspot is really very helpful and informative relative to the current crisis of our community. Keep going on with your work in spreading the truth about the REAL CFC. God bless..

Anonymous said...

i volunteer as a moderator bro.


Forum Moderator 2 b said...

Hi CD,

Anong gagawin ng Forum Moderator..para ba yang facilitator sa CLP?

Kailangan ba dyan maraming alam sa computer or maraming alam sa CFC?

kaya ko siguro, so kasali ako dyan!

WillyJ said...

Thanks CD.
Sana merong konting general Forum Guidelines, para hindi gano mahirapan ang mga moderators. Thanks to the
volunteer moderators. Service din yan. Konting alalay sa kape at puyat, masama sa BP. Pagpalain kayo.

neokidntown said...

it is a blessing...

roundeyedtoddler said...


I just registered to the forum you mention here and I volunteer to be a Forum Moderator, whatever that takes. If you find me useful please email me at for details of what to do.

On another count, I suggest we include all ministries of the CFC in subforums. I already see the Family ministries there. Let's include also Tekton, Gawad Kalinga, STMA, Coops for Christ, Prison Ministry, etc.

The RoundEyedToddler

Bingo said...

Count me in.

solidyfc said...

Tito I volunteer as a moderator in the YFC Forum :) becuz I think I can be in the neutral side since I am living here in UAE. But just to note u Tito I am still with CFC as with my parents :)

thnks po tito...solidyfc

Anonymous said...

I have a crazy idea, mga bro & sis sa CFC orig. My previous pastoral heads have been very patient with me to a point that, more often than not and as all christians do, offer the other cheek in very sticky situations. I have lived with this holy principle and I have kept my peace with all and specially with my Creator. Why do I share this? Kapatids, I pose the challenge; that the IC/EA goes to FAP, et al, and say, "With the grace of God, do whatever is needed to unite all CFC and we will follow." Sorry kung maraming pride ang masasagasaan, pero yun ang kailangan para samasama sa pagharap ng mga challenges sa 2008, lalo na yung mga pagkakautang! Call ba?

Jesus said...

Mga Kapatid,

Perhaps you can categorize this under Humor. I just found out that FFL is already taken as an acronym in the U.S. in the same way that YFC was registered by another organization. Check this out:

Mukhang natanggal si "Frank", hehehe! Tulad ng sabi ko, under Humor ito ha? Pampababa ng High Blood!


Anonymous said...

Another anonymous said -"I pose the challenge; that the IC/EA goes to FAP, et al, and say, "With the grace of God, do whatever is needed to unite all CFC and we will follow." Sorry kung maraming pride ang masasagasaan, pero yun ang kailangan para samasama sa pagharap ng mga challenges sa 2008, lalo na yung mga pagkakautang! Call ba?"

My Comments:

POINT 1 - I heard that very recently, two (2) Board of Elders (BOE) members went to Frank to invite him to give his inputs/participate in the Pastoral Congress. Did Frank welcome it? Pinagalitan sila ni Frank.

Anger does not unite; it is divisive. In the history of CFC, Frank was at the forefront of the THREE (3) divisions/separations that took place. You expect him to unite CFC?

POINT 2 - I'm not an EA member, but I wouldn't want them to do as you have suggested. Pride is not the reason. to do so would be to back-slide; to go back to the same cult mentality, personality-oriented leadership from which CFC is now freed of. The IC/BOE/EA need to go to God, and say "...we will follow"; not to Frank,

By God's grace, CFC - thru the IC and with the counsel of the BOE - is now led by a truly collegial body (contrast that with authoritarian).

Let Frank, et al (FFL) go their own way. As for us CFC, God is enough.

Anonymous said...

To this blog owner,

I had some time to read, at last, some of your earlier blogs and had these questions and comments to you and your entries. I hope I can do them without maligning you. Please bear with me if I don’t understand them clearly:

1. An Overview of the CFC Issue. In this entry, you have it that this was an overview of an outsider to the issue. So what do you mean here, an outsider from CFC or an outsider from CFC leadership knows more about the CFC issue? I read this and your (or the outsider’s) version does not tell both sides and maligned tito Frank calling him failed leader and wants his position back. It looks like this entry is fit to entitle “Suggestions for CFC Strategy of Defending CFC”. A lot of your readers believe what you wrote here, so I hope you really know the situation.

2. In the Beginning, a Summary. Okay you have email communication of tito Joe and tito Frank, no one dispute this. But in the Home Office Issue, you have an email from Zeny G. So you want readers to know the story according to Zeny G. With all respect to sister Zeny, but what is the other story? We got the side from sister Zeny, are we’re supposed to believe this as the whole truth and don’t have to know the side of tito Frank? Do you know if tito Lachie really did something inappropriate of just procedural lapses? Was there an inappropriate relationship? Please if you know, let us know the crime. But if all of these are just what you know and not sure, please do not publish it because this is becoming Trial by Publicity. This is maligning people, brothers and a sister who served us well. Same with Financial Issues, if you have proofs, please show them. Just reading the comments of this blog, you will see people calling tito Frank, tito Lachie selfih, Bratty Frankie, matigas ang ulo, and others. Is this your purpose?

I am not sure what you know and who’s supporting you, but I know people are being maligned and insulted through this blog.

Ka Freddy

C.D. said...

Ka Freddy,

No doubt you've perused the blog and its contents, I won't dispute that you've looked through everything that is presented here.

You ask:

1. An Overview of the CFC Issue...

Yes, this blog presents the OTHER side, and that is, the TRUTH as evidenced by documents, video, and audio. There is no strategy presented here, quite unlike the Easter Bunny Minutes. I present evidence as I come across them. There is only one side presented here because the FFL has many, many downloads that present theirs, most conveniently edited to favor their case. If you doubt that, look at all the downloads/documents available on their site.

It's linked up on the left side of the page. Their side is presented there repeatedly. You may want to download this gem:

Where Frank offers his version of things and repeatedly MALIGNS the sitting council members with half-truths and his narrow view of events. The only difference is, he does so haphazardly and without proof, while I present solid evidence. When you speak of maligning, it may be important to note that the accusations fly from the other side of the fence just as steadily as they do here. Accusations at good men and women. Do you say then that the present IC is made up of dishonorable men? If not, then as honorable men, they are as much victims of maligning as you say Frank is. You may want to refer to this site as well:

Note: they won't allow you to question their statements because they shut commenting down, while you are very free to state your case here.

2. In the Beginning, a Summary. Okay you have email communication of tito Joe and tito Frank, no one dispute this. But in the Home Office Issue, you have an email from Zeny G....

Ok, so I did present an email from Zeny. Nobody said it had to be taken as the final and only proof of anything. It is part and parcel of the whole of this blog. You are focusing on that like it is the only thing in the whole blog that damns the FFL. There are over 70+ entries and a multitude of emails and documents presented. Have you read through all of them? What are you opinions of the easter bunny minutes? What about the emails emanating from Nonong Contreras and Frank Padilla himself? What do you feel about the FFL holding office in the facilities of a known anti life supporter while all the while pointing at GK's partnerships with Wyeth (who at least makes other medicines that SUPPORT LIFE)? About Lachie and the innaporpriate relationship, notice that I've limited the coverage of that here, mainly because something like that WILL hurt people, children, friends. But if you read the comments, you'll see that Gerry Padilla herself brings it up repeatedly in their talks. Such a brash acknowledgment of the matter (which isn't even covered much here) gives it legs on which to stand. You may want to ask her why she's doing that.

Please check out the FFL's sites and blogs, look at their documents, listen to Frank speak, then come back here (or the forum) after you've gone through them. We can then talk about maligning.

I also welcome you to join the forum, where we can have a full interaction, along with other CfC members who may be interested in giving their opinions.

jiggs said...

Ka Freddy,

im not the blog owner but id like to react to your comments.

FFL has been going around, doing rounds saying a lot of things- veering away from the original charism, being disobedient, witchhunts, etc.
the answer to those allegations are found here - some of them but maybe not all of them. this is the site/forum that defends CFC.

it was only through this blog that I, personally found out how things started and have seen the real score.

it was through this blog that i found out the "root" of the issue.

it was through this blog that i found out about the infamous emails to Inquirer and Star.

it was through this blog that i found out that it was TM who resigned first, then FAP followed and then LA resigned.

it was through this blog that i found out about FTW/FP funds.

it was through this blog that i found out how things were happening in the Home Office [at least some of them like the affidavits, reimbursements, etc.].

it was through this blog that i found out who [did not] approve of the Villar campaign ad with the Teodora/CFC logo.

it was through this blog that i found out about the meeting with the bishops, the errant emails, the drafts of Bishops' statements, the minutes of the Easter bunnies, how to convince the bishops and bring back to power those that have resigned...

there are more things that I discovered through this blog. it also made me realize that i made the right choice - stay with CFC !!!

before Feb.20,2007 - we have not been aware of all these things. i would say this is a new era [no pun intended to the INC] in CFC. we have to be more transparent. change has to be implemented. in the past 25/26 years we are beholden by only one Directorship [or conjugal if you wish to include the wife]. for sure FFL would say "collegial body" to dispute this.

after Feb.20, the community has become aware, more open to changes and transparency.

i supposed the frequent bloggers would say the same. this blog has helped a lot of our brothers in their discerning process.

call it one sided if you want. but you can always go to the FFL website or multiply site if you are not happy with what you see here.

they tried putting up a site, a blogsite of your own. we visited it and tried posting comments. but what did they do, they deleted our comments and then stopped allowing comments.

ka freddy, when you come here you always have two choices - to believe it or not! similarly, i say the same when we visit FFL websites.

the IC has chosen not to retaliate at all the snipings of your FFL leaders. the IC has always been on the defense side.

i guess somebody/some group has to stand up and defend the REAL CFC... and that's what this blogsite is all about. read my lips -
"IN DEFENSE OF THE REAL CFC!!!". otherwise, this would be called "In Defense of the F_ F_ and L_'s"

peace brother - jiggs

btw, there is a new forum. please join us there. i answered your question about the SEC registration there. tnx again.

CD, please post this one. tnx

jiggs said...

100 members in 4 days !!!

CD, just want to inform you that we have reached 100 members for the CFC Forum at lunchtime today, in just 4 days!

PEACE - jiggs

RestoreCFCRestored said...

Speaking of the FFL Blog Site,

That would have been a really nice site for a healthy dialog between the two sides. It's very sad that FFL decided to delete all the comments in that site. This is very disturbing as it gives an impression that FFL really only wants to present it's own side to all the issues and to not welcome constructive criticism or rebuttals.

Earlier in its life, every time they deleted comments, you were still able to see traces of the deletions with the message "Reply deleted at the request of the thread owner". At some point, each of the topics had tens of these "Reply deleted...". Eventually, their acts of deletions must have embarassed them that they also changed the web site so that these traces of deletions were also removed. In effect, they are hiding the truth that at some point, there existed those voices before they were silenced.

It is with such blatant hiding of the traces that I felt compelled to restore some remnants of the original comments that were wiped out off the face of the earth. Please check out the site here:

It is not the intent of that site to ignite conflict but to serve as a living memory of those comments that met their death.

jiggs said...


thanks for the link. i can still see my comments posted in YOUR multiply site.

they could not stand the comments - gusto nila one way lang. sad :(