Saturday, October 13, 2007


Don't pull out your dictionaries yet, I made that word up.

There have been questions asked regarding how much moderation I actually do to the comments that are published on this blog. I'd like to address them now just so everybody knows how it is done and what my criteria may be for approving comments.

I've turned on comment moderation from the very beginning. It was so that 1. I can exercise due responsibility for what is published, and 2. To keep comments unbecoming of us christians from adding fuel to the smoldering embers in our split community. During the lifetime of this blog, I've exercised moderation on other items too; some of you double post your comments, some post FFL statements that I was planning to cover in future entries, and then there are comments from outsiders who pass judgement on all CfC members that are quite distasteful. These I automatically don't approve.

Someone from the FFL asked why I didn't approve his/her comment, and dared me to post their follow up comment. I did just that. I just don't know what the first comment was since most of you choose to remain anonymous and I can't pinpoint which one it was. Sometimes I won't approve a comment because of an argumentative tone that might incite a further incensed exchange. I promote a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas in this blog. But blanket statements that judge the entire CfC membership are off-limits. I DO approve FFL biased comments, I don't see a reason why not, we are all curious about how they feel about this whole thing. There are those of us still confused about why the FFL chooses to go in the direction it does and comments from FFL members may shed a little light.

Let me take this opportunity to give some examples of comments I have exercised moderation on. Keep in mind that I cannot edit comments, I can only approve or disapprove them.

jolly green turtle has left a new comment on your post "Of Paid Ads and Texts...": Looks like our favorite FFL apologist, Mr Generic himself is back again.I had to check the dictionary on the meaning of 'to tweak' to understand fully well what my favorite Mr Generic is saying in the following Paragraph which I quote:“By the way, we should tweak Jack's query and appear more sure and definitive in our stand that we share the recognition, equally as the CFC Global, and the other CFCs abroad”Mr. Nonong “non sequitur” Contreras, seems to be a little mad with Jack Burgoyne. Nonong says they should “pinch” Jack’s query…. so we could assume that initially, Jack Burgoyne himself, a founding pillar of FFL & fellow Playboy, did not agree or understand why Mr. Generic says that the Vatican recognition on CFC as an independent lay association could be applied to FFL as well!For once we could get a glimpse that inside the air conditioned FFL board room at the Star Mall there is some dissenting opinion on this matter. In Frank’s presence, there could be no dissenting opinions. When ‘The Boss’ speaks, ‘The Boss” has the final say! [On this no one can argue, except perhaps the lady who shares “The Bosses” bed. Been that way for 25 years, it would not change on the 1st four months of FFL, our favorite renewal group, generic owner of Vatican recognition, and the only renewal group whose mission is to poach members of other renewal communities!!].....

Now, the assumptions and general sarcastic tone of this, while it certainly gave me a moment of mirth, can only give the FFL cause to feel "attacked" if I approved it. It won't help our cause either, I think. Some present FFL members may be a little trigger happy with frivolous litigation, if you all catch my drift. No offense to Jollygreenturtle though, by all means please keep it up. I know how frustrating it can be sometimes to have something repeatedly rehashed shoved in our faces when we're trying to keep our minds on God and Christian activities, but lets exercise a little restraint on the keyboards.

Then you have comments like this, by our YFC brethren from the FFL:

pakipost ung comment ko.. if you are talking about hiding the truth and stuff..
please post my comment.. or else you are a big hypocrite.. -yfc, 16 yrs old..

My young friend, I posted your first comment, but sadly you didn't see the need to come back and respond after firing off all your guns. I'd advise you to look up the term "hypocrite" in the dictionary, take a deep breath, and come on back to interact with us. Jiggs doesn't bite. (just kidding jiggs, hehe)

Comments like those from Julie, an FFL member in Canada, I approve, with the fervent wishes that she send the same comments or emails to her FFL leaders. They are the ones who should be leading by example. For as long as the FFL keeps up its constant accusations, this blog will continue to see people expressing their frustration at their actions. You do understand that don't you? Some question my bias, which is obviously for the CfC, not CfC-GK, not CfC-IC, just plain CfC. You CAN read the title of this blog, right? The last time I checked, it didn't read "Defending FFL". I don't think they need my help in that department anyway, with their well charted offensive plans.

There are close to 1,100 comments so far in this whole blog. Of that, I have a pending 50 or so (minus double posts, queries, and non-cfc comments) that I did not approve. So that's about a 95% rate of comment approval. Not bad, right? I've seen other blogs get their commentary completely obliterated to zilch.

I have tried my best to be fair and post comments from both sides of the line. I exhort both CfC and FFL members to try and gain a dialogue thru this blog and maybe we can actually see eye to eye, or at least see things from each others perspectives. Lets keep things civil, and lets INTERACT. We elect our leaders (well I don't know about the FFL yet) and what we say does have a bearing on their actions. Maybe a united voice from the ground will be heard by the leaders of both groups and a real ceasefire attained.

Lets pray for that.


jiggs said...


quite certainly... i dont bite. its just that my BP rises to a higher level...

commoderation it is !!!

JIGGS is it!!! CFC is it!!!

jiggs said...

CD said:
I exhort both CfC and FFL members to try and gain a dialogue thru this blog and maybe we can actually see eye to eye, or at least see things from each others perspectives.

i did that. i emailed one or two of the EFEFEL commenters i have seen here. i wanted to know some of their "personal" reasons for leaving CFC. but they have not responded. maybe they thought - "jiggs bite". as i said, i dont. hehehe

unfortunately as of this time, FAP and FFL has not responded to my email on Contraceptives and Pro-Life issues. So much for their blog thats says:

i am almost compelled to post my email here but decided not.

God bless us all !!! - CFC is it!!!

neokidntown said...

Hope and pray that more of our brethren gets to see the angles shown in the blog.

And may our leaders have the heart to consider us on the ground.

Waiting in confidence!

Anonymous said...

My Brothers & Sisters,

Peace be with us.

Mark 9:40 " For whoever is not against us is for us "

CFC-GK & CFC-FFL is our brethren, both have pure intentions for God's glory.

My decernment...what was happened to our community is in God's will, whether we choose IC or FFL both have God's annointing because He will's it to happened.

Just want to share a book entitled HELIOTROPIUM by Fr. JEREMIAS DREXELIUS which enligthens me to accept the situation of our community is the link where you can download the PDF and read the Confirmity of Human Will to the Divine.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

Re "Commoderation..."

Dear Brothers/Sisters who are in-charge of this site:

In Defense of the Real CFC - Please be reminded that all CFC members are all God's disciples. We were all baptized through the Power of the Holy Spirit. And we were taught that in everything that we do, we should pray first and ask for our Lord's blessings and guidance. If the people in charge of this site are not praying before writing their comments, then we are guided only by ourselves (our own human understanding). I am a peace-loving person. The reason why I made comments on this site is for us to be reminded of what we should do as Christians. If we can't follow our Lord Jesus Christ, then we are nothing. Why are we here for? Can we call ourselves members of the Couples for Christ if we ourselves are the ones who are making our brothers/sisters to commit sin. Hoping for your understanding, I am just delivering this message.

If this will not be published like the one I wrote yesterday, it's up to you guys. At least, you will remember what our Lord Jesus Christ has taught us.

Thank you and have a good day! God bless us all!

Julie, Vancouver, BC

loggerhead said...

dear cd,

somewhere among the comments, someone asked about who among the FTWs who are FFL by heart are still in the Home Office receiving yet their salaries. from my sources in the HO, these are some of them (am sure they are not yet complete): mimi david, myra menguito, mon arguelles, manuel (mon arguelles' assistant), mama ching and all of her co-horts at SOCCOM.

btw, except for one of the FTWs at EFI, those of them who look up to mimi as their big boss there also have not resigned and continue to claim their salaries.

pray they be fair, at least.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear All,

A young leader from Quezon asked me before the June 22 election:

1. Do you think leaders will still aspire to become International Council Members or Council members for Family Ministries and Social Ministries Directors if there are NO MORE salaries offered?

2. Do you think there will still be elders volunteering to be country coordinators and country regional heads if their travels/trips will NO LONGER be paid/shouldered by the Home Office?

3. Can you call the GK Volunteers at the GK Head Office when they actually receive salaries?

My reply: CFC was like that before from 1981 to about 1996, that is, elders have no salaries and travelling missions were normally shouldered by volunteer leaders.

I know, because before, many of us travelled to and served in Europe, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, USA and Canada at our own expense.

Now? I don't know if there will still be volunteers who will work for free at the Home Office or as Council Members or travel and serve at their own expense.

Well at least the CFC caretaker teams are serving in the GK projects gratis/free.

Nagtatanong said...

Dear Sis. Julie from Vancouver,

Have you given the message you gave us, also to Bro. Frank himself?

Just asking. God bless!

acc wc said...

Sister Julie,

It would have been good as earlier advised by CD that you also direct your advice to the brothers and sisters in FFL who have been twisting facts in order to mislead the uninformed members of CFC into joining them. Yes we definitely pray before posting anything on the blog site and we even pray that everybody would be enlightened and for FFL to ultimately reunite with CFC (although from the pronouncements of Frank and his minions, this is far from happening, but who knows the power of God)

If I may go back to “The Way Forward #3” of your beloved founder where after failing to register with the Phil SEC the Easter group using the name of CFC, Frank made a turn around and said the following:

“We in CFC-FFL remain as “Couples for Christ.” We have not left CFC, which is the global spiritual body distinct from the Philippine corporation.”

Let me just cite to you some contradictions of his claim by going back to the accompanying email on the resignation letter of Pancho Lopez Tan, the Metro Manila Mission Director of FFL. The email is hereunder but let me point out some salient points of his email:

1. We have officially resigned as member of Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation.
2. We are hereon joining the previously called Restoration Movement which has now officially separated from the CFC structure.
3. The new community, which received the blessing from Bishop Gabby Reyes to separate shall be called Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (or CFC-FFL)

Take note that the resignation letter was made on July 31, 2007 a few days before FFL filed their application for registration with SEC which immediately was disapproved.

Now tell us how scheming are the leaders of FFL, after failing to register their group they now claim not to have left CFC. When they hatch their schemes, when they twist the facts, when they continue to claim that those who have remained in CFC have veered away (from whatever they claim it to be) do you believe that they prayed for God’s guidance and enlightenment?

Anyway may God continue to let his face shine upon us specially those who are in darkness.

God bless.

-----Original Message-----
From: Pancho Lopez-tan []
Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 7:19 PM
To: Chito Liban; Mark Banzon (E-mail); Mark Banzon; Lito De Guzman; Eric Bostre; Rigor Veran; Nenette Veran; Maribel Liban; Rose Banzon; Jun Carandang; Joel & Edna Dela Cruz; Seraline L. Manguni; Bong Manguni; Bombee Tiongson; Beth Tiongson; Lito Gabriel; Cora Garcia; Tom Quijano; Felix Zano; Felix Zano; Bien Angeles; Dela Cruz, Tony [GCG-AP_PHL]; Liza Dela Cruz; alex sarmiento; Charie Sarmiento;
Subject: Resignation
To our dear brothers and sisters in the West C Sector,

This is the first and last time we are officially addressing you in relation to the present crisis in the community. We have officially resigned as Sector Head of West C Sector, as elected member of the Board of Elders, as member of the KFC Council and member of Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation effective today. Please see our Resignation Letter submitted to the CFC Council and to the BOE, attached herewith.

Please be assured that our decision was a result of much prayer and discernment over these past several months. We were initially inclined to just finish the year until such time that we could turnover the sector to a newly anointed leader. However, this was not God's plan for us. He has lead us to a different path in order to fight for Him. Our resignation is a strong statement which we are making to our brothers in the Council that we can no longer wait uncertainly for changes and specific action to problems that peril the life and mission of our community, problems that have been around for so long -- even before the resignations last February.

Unbeknownst to most of you, we exerted a lot of effort to bring about reconciliation and peace to this community by being neutral, fair and objective. We tried to mediate on all sides. However, we believe the Council has not been as objective and determined in addressing the problems. On the contrary, they have even denied that there is a serious problem that needs urgent response. Worse, we believe that they have contributed very much in deepening the division in the community.

We are hereon joining the previously called Restoration Movement which has now officially separated from the CFC structure. The new community, which received the blessing from Bishop Gabby Reyes to separate shall be called Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (or CFC-FFL), Restoring the Original CFC Charism which is that of CFC being Evangelistic, Catholic and Global. If you believe in this too, then please make a strong stand as well. As the saying goes -- " the only way that evil can win in the world is when good men do nothing." So pray and discern, dear brothers and sisters, that the Lord will enlighten each and everyone and make known clearly His will and His plans. As for us, the Lord's message is very clear. We abide by HIS will.

We will always love each and every member of this community and especially of this sector, even those who do not agree with us and decide to stay. Though separation is always a painful process, if it is the will of God, then we simply obey and accept. We may not understand why things are unfolding as it is now, and we may resist it -- but if we trust and let God's ways prevail, then we will reap the fruits of all our suffering now. May God bless each one of us and allow our paths to all cross again on service to HIM someday.

Love in Christ,
Pancho and Marilyn

acc wc said...

In the email of Pancho Lopez Tan accompanying his resignation letter which I earlier posted, I felt slighted when I read the letter as it implied that those who remained with CFC and did not join FFL are evil. I maybe wrong and interpreted it differently but most of those who did not join Pancho from West C had the same interpretation.

Paki liwanag lang mga kapatid lalo na yong mga lumipat kasama ni Pancho etong paragraph of his email hereunder:

We are hereon joining the previously called Restoration Movement which has now officially separated from the CFC structure. The new community , which received the blessing from Bishop Gabby Reyes to separate shall be called Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life (or CFC-FFL), Restoring the Original CFC Charism which is that of CFC being Evangelistic, Catholic and Global. If you believe in this too (meaning joining FFL), then please make a strong stand as well. As the saying goes -- " the only way that evil can win in the world is when good men do nothing."

DBC said...

Dear Brethren,

I fully agree with CD, let's just dwell on the real truths and be circumspect in all our intentions, words and actions. At the end of the day, our deeds should glorify our ONE & ONLY KING, JESUS CHRIST. We have to realize that leaving something or someone behind is NEVER easy. Equally, letting go of something or someone is easier said than done. That's why our FFL brethren keep on hanging to the notion that they (FFL) have NOT left CFC. Deeper than this realization, we must also recognize the fact that for them (FFL) to justify the "split" or their (FFL) action of organizing a "parallel" group, they (FFL) must be able to paint a picture showing the original CFC as sinful or "veering away" from the mission & vision of CFC. They (FFL) have to portray the original CFC under the IC as the sinister group and the major cause of the "split". The only way to do this is to attack, accuse and expose the "supposed" wrongdoings of the leadership of the original CFC. Otherwise, they (FFL) cannot gain a "moral" platform to spearhead & stage a new group. I hope that you have learned from the above glaring scenario. The ONLY question which remained UNANSWERED up to this day is, WHY CREATE ANOTHER GROUP?

All these ISSUES have been raised, heard and addressed by the Catholic Bishops last August 28, 2007. The CBCP has made a decision and their statements were even published for everyone to read, to understand & to follow.

If you can't simply abide by our Bishop's statements and choose to "resurrect" the same issues just to prove you are right, then you must first go back to your brother & forgive him BEFORE you can kneel down before OUR GOD & offer all your praises.

Hope that PEACE shall reign in our hearts!!!

God bless us all!!!

asm said...

To loggerhead:

Huwag naman po sanang co-horts ang tawag sa mga people sa SOCCOM. I have friends in that group who have decided to stay with CFC. And they are frustrated right now because even if they have decided to stay, they do not have the trust and confidence of the IC for them to do their work effectively. But, they (as I do also) understand why the IC feels this way and can only hope the leaders in the HO will see they are there to stay. So please also pray for those who stayed .

MinaFrancisco said...

To Caloy & the young leader from Quezon who asked certain questions:

"1. Do you think leaders will still aspire to become International Council Members or Council members for Family Ministries and Social Ministries Directors if there are NO MORE salaries offered?

2. Do you think there will still be elders volunteering to be country coordinators and country regional heads if their travels/trips will NO LONGER be paid/shouldered by the Home Office?"


I became a Handmaid in 2000. I don't know the CFC situation which Caloy described in 1981-1996. But I do know certain things about HOLD leaders and how HOLD missions are done these last 5 years.

You will be glad to know that the HOLD Family Ministry has only 4 Full Time Workers (FTW); and yet, HOLD is able to serve 93,000 HOLD members globally. Reasons? :

1. Volunteerism is very strong in HOLD. All elders/leaders are volunteers and are practically "All the Timer", as we are called. and becasue volunteerism is strong:

-- NONE OF THE HOLD COUNCIL'S MEMBERS, AND NO MEMBER OF HOLD'S CORE COMMITEES (other than 1 FTPW), RECEIVE SALARIES FOR SERVING IN HOLD. (Our only perks are the merienda during meetings at the H.O., NOT in restaurants, under price limits.)

-- And kahit sa ILCs, conferences and and retreats namin, walang libre -- All HOLD Leaders, INCLUDING HOLD COUNCIL MEMBERS, MUST AND DO PAY FOR THEIR OWN REGISTRATION FEES, ACCOMMODATION AND TRANSPORTATION. I guess it's because our HOLD International Coordinator wants to set an example. I have no knowledge with respect to CFC/SFC/YFC/KFC/SOLD.


I have served in missions abroad (2 year in a row in European countries) at my own expense. Many others have also done so, year in and year out at their OWN EXPENSE (like Mitos Araneta for the last 4 years, Dory Sarmiento, Grace Pasigan, Grace Buntag, Medy Kapunan, Connie Saturay, Connie Abesamis, Bing Bacarro). Many are still doing so even to this very month in Europe and in China.

Some mission trips of HOLD Regional /Country Coordinators may be covered by host countries, IF THE COUNTRY IS CAPABLE; but others are not, so our HOLD Coordinators/volunteer inevitably fork out the cost of the mission trip.

Currently, the Regional Coordinators are happily supported by mission volunteers (like me) who fund their own mission trips. Some countries recognize the hefty expense incurred by HOLD mission volunteers, so they help. (The cost could be hefty. For instance, in Europe, a HOLD volunteer needs to cover plane fares and inter-country fares to 3-5 countries. No mission is confined to one country alone.) Some countries try to contribute partially to the fares, but this is an EXCEPTION, rather than the rule in HOLD missions. So there is no expectation of cost recovery. Kung meron, happy. Kung wala, happy pa rin to have served!

In "HOLD Mission Express" (that's how we call our mission program), it is made clear to any HOLD mission volunteer that she does not only give her time and effort, but cover as well the entire cost of her mission. And currently, by God's Grace, HOLD has been made strong in self-paid missions in other countries (and in provinces as well).

So, to answer Questions 1 & 2:

1. Yes. Based their track record, HOLD Council members will serve even without salaries. As volunteers, they did not receive any in the last last 5 or so years, I don't think they will expect differently at this crucial period. (I guess the question does not apply to them, really.)

2. Yes. Based on the recent years' experience and the passion/zeal for service, you can rely on financially capable HOLD volunteers to serve in country/regional missions (as coordinators and plain faceless volunteers) even if their trips are not paid by the Home Office.

God bless, brothers and sisters!

At peace in Singapore said...

to acc wc

I honor you bro/sis for speaking up of your mind on the issue on Bro Pancho's email content.

Let me just clarify to him that we did something. We stood our ground and believed that restoration is already happening in CFC. That we choose to restore CFC by being in CFC, restoration is a life-long experience with God, it's like renewal, at my age, not that old yet, but renewal experiences happen daily, weekly, monthly, yearly etc. I choose to experience God within CFC. I respect our bros/sis if they decide to experience restoration and God in FFL, like us in CFC they made a decision. We will continue to pray for them as we pray for CFC.

At peace in Singapore

Alab said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

People out there are watching us and listening to what we say and do to each other. The following story is just a reminder to all of us, whether with CFC or FFL:

"Several years ago, a preacher from out-of-state accepted

A call to a church in Houston , Texas. Some weeks after he arrived, he had an occasion to ride the bus from his home to the downtown area. When he sat down, he discovered that the driver had accidentally given him a quarter too much change.

As he considered what to do, he thought to himself, "You'd better give the quarter back. It would be wrong to keep it." Then he thought, "Oh, forget it, it's only a quarter. Who would worry about this little amount? Anyway, the bus company gets too much fare; they will never miss it. Accept it as a gift from God and keep quiet."

When his stop came, he paused momentarily at the door, then he handed the quarter to the driver and said, "Here, you gave me too much change." The driver, with a smile, replied, "Aren't you the new preacher in town? I have been thinking a lot lately about going somewhere to worship. I just wanted to see what you would do if I gave you too much change. I'll see you at church on Sunday."

When the preacher stepped off of the bus, he literally grabbed the nearest light pole, held on, and said, "Oh God, I almost sold Your Son for a quarter."

Our lives are the only Bible some people will ever read. This is a really scary example of how much people watch us as Christians and will put us to the test! Always be on guard -- and remember -- You carry the name of Christ on your shoulders when you call yourself "Christian."

Watch your thoughts; they become words.

Watch your words; they become actions.

Watch your actions; they become habits.

Watch your habits; they become character.

Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Anonymous said...

RE:pancho lopez tan
si pancho pala ang metro manila mission director ng FFL
perhaps he can help in these concerns:
1. to put a stop to poaching on our members ( unit heads below). akala ko ba we are now pursuing our own charism? Kapag di makuha yun mga CH, ginagapang ang mga members. Wala pa ba kayo outline to do a CLP? I think you better have one soon!
2. to convince your leaders who formerly PDs to properly turn over the GK sites to would be replacements. Balita namin meron GK sites sa dati sector mo na ayaw ninyo daw bitawan. Also yun isa witness ninyo on the so called veering away of GK, ayaw din bumitaw sa GK site for the simple reasons na sila daw ang nagpasikat GK site na yun.Words have it that they are talking with Partners to give directly to them whatever contributions they give to GK national. Akala ko ba veering away kaya ayaw ninyo sa GK or is it because your people are so obsessed with getting the credits and perhaps the money too- the real reason you're trying to demolish GK
3. Baka pwede pagsabihan yun mga nasa family ministries ninyo not to involve the YFC youths in the conflict. Kawawa yun mga bata. Nalilito sa gulo ng mga matatanda. Or are you doing this deliberately to force the Coordinators to give up the YFC youths to you rather than put these kids to more confusion.


Anonymous said...

Re: 3. Can you call the GK Volunteers at the GK Head Office when they actually receive salaries?

Some at the GK Head Office receive salaries - the full time workers.

There are also volunteers who work without receiving salaries. This can be due to different factors such as, 1. They can afford to volunteer (while many workers cannot) and 2. They are volunteers such as international volunteers (here to serve, but not hired as full time workers unless that eventuates on the basis of their valuable service).

MinaFrancisco said...

I'd like to join asm in expressing support for our SOCCOM FTWs who decided to stay.

I've worked very closely with our SOCCOM people in our past HOLD ILCs and events. Their cooperation and support to HOLD events have not changed to this day, notwithstanding their being closely associated with those who opted to go to FFL. Our Marian Conference last Sept 8, 2007 proved SOCCOM's people's dedication to serve in CFC. I also saw them serving at the Pastoral Congress. To me, what matters is that they continue to serve CFC (particularly HOLD)in the way that is expected of them.

I'm not aware, nor been told, of any prejudicial act against CFC that anyone of them did. If you cite the first restoration assembly, well... I was there too --as a member i the process of discernment.

Trusting is a challenge to all of us during crisis period. But let's try, despite the doubts and the hurts. If we are saying that we should embrace those who return, then all the more those who have decided to stay. After all, we are all called to love.

God bless!

Wolsink said...

To all members of FFL,

Please be reminded that all brethren who opted to join FFL are not anymore members of Couples for Christ. Take note of that Sis. Julie of Vancouver. FFL is using CFC just only to encourage our members to join FFL. Just think of this over, why is Frank Padilla working it out to have a recognition of FFL from the CBCP and eventually from the Vatican, if you are CFC? Hmmmm? Some of our members transferred to FFL because they said it is also CFC well in fact it's not. Have you seen the video of Frank's and Joe Tale's Q&A portion in Southern California? Even Frank admitted that you are working on your recognition. So if you are CFC, why will Frank still need to seek recognition from CBCP and Vatican. Even here in the Philippines, they (FFL) consider a 5-member couples as a chapter already just to have FFL presence in all provinces and get recognition from CBCP. How can you still be a member of CFC, while here in our area, we have already dropped and erased from our list all members who transferred to FFL. And I believe your name there in Canada is already erased/dropped from the list of CFC membership. Go for God not for man.

God bless.

West-C Divided said...

Guys, may MCG teaching tomorrow sa Xavier.

Speaker: Bishop Gabby Reyes!!!

Hindi ko palalagpasin to. Hehe.

Ernie said...

To ALL CFC/FFL Bloggers...

You want another TRUTH?


alab, YOU GOT IT!!!

At peace in Singapore said...

Sis Mina Francisco,

Such a blessing to read your comment. God bless you!

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Mina Francisco,

Thank you so much!

And I really admire HOLD for that!

I hope and pray we can all imitate the HOLD elders/leaders, and maybe, the fire and anointing will return to CFC. CFC needs anointed leaders like HOLD--who can give time, talent and treasure.

That's why when I was a Sector Head and GK Head of CFC North A, i made sure before i stepped down as leader, that there will be a HOLD GK Village in Amparo. And that became a reality! North A has the first HOLD GK Village where the Caretaker Team was purely HOLD leaders and members--who were very responsible--up to now!

16 out of the 20 HOLD beneficiaries could not raise the P40k cost of the lot but they did not stop there. Personally, I facilitated the 16 HOLD members to borrow from Coops for Christ--that became the first GK loan that Coops extended. Am still a member of the Board of Coops and i would like to see applications of HOLD members again for another GK village.

By the way, the Coops for Christ has 3 members of the Board from HOLD and the HOLD is the most active ministry of CFC in supporting the Coops.

Praise God for our HOLD sisters. May CFC learn from HOLD. God bless.


Ernie said...

To Nina Francisco,

What a wonderful SHARING. May God be Praised, for He promised, He will open the floodgates of Heaven and provided for ALL your (HOLD's) needs.

Guys, remember God will ENABLE anyone HE CALLS.

If you think of SALARY you are in the wrong place.

Your reward in doing God's Work is more work. For if you can be trusted with small things, you can be trusted with BIG THINGS.

Sky is the limit in this kind of a job. Not to forget the retirement package is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!


MinaFrancisco said...

Dear Peace in Singapore and Caloy -- Thank you for the kind words for HOLD. To our only God be the glory!

God bless us all.

At peace in Singapore said...

Bros and Sis,

Does anyone have the MCG transcript of Bishop Reyes's talk last night?

I am interested in knowing his admonition to the CFC body as we move forward.

God bless us all!

Anonymous said... the light of that, can someone please refresh my memory...

Why are Frank and the FFL leaders (as opposed to the sincere members overseas who only know what they've heard, they are our brothers and sisters) trying to tear down all this beautiful work?