Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Guys, lets take it easy on the FFL blog. Lets follow the IC's example of sticking to the issues and not giving in to the temptation of accusations and hate like they have. I think our very own blog can handle its own in dealing with the misinformation they keep putting out without having to bring the battle to their doorstep. They've got enough issues to deal with as it is. =)

And...I know we are better Christians than that.

Thanks and God Bless. Sorry about the lack of updates the past weekend, I've been out of town on business, but I'm back and ready to rumble. See you all tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

AMEN! Turn the other cheek but not your hearts to our other bros and sis on the other side.


( logo for "I" will decrease "<" and Christ "+" will increase ">" )

- Bro MervMan.

WillyJ said...

St. Augustine: "...in ALL things, Love."...

Revelation 3:19
"Those whom I love, I reprove and discipline"

Proverbs 27:5
"Better is open rebuke, than love that is concealed."

Prayer of St. Francis:
"Lord make me an instrument of your Love, where there is hatred let me sow Love..."

JoPen-SA said...


roger on that!
you've been out pala that's why there's no new update on this blog. ayun tuloy sa kabila lagi ang punta.

hope to get more updates soon!
welcome back - JoPen SA

melkezedek said...


It is good for them. Now what happened is that they are now hiding. They shut down their blog.

In order for evil not to triumph, good men must lift at least a finger to thwart their evil doings.

I cannot blame the people abroad especially in Europe who believe on frank's allegations regarding the IC. They are told to believe only on the other side.

They told that the IC is anti church because :

1. of what it stood for on the election going against the suggestions of the bishops.

2. that it supports pharmaceutical companies that produce contraceptives.

For the benefit of my brothers and sisters in europe, examine everything. Do your reasearch on what is happening here in the philippines. The "witch hunt" which FP said is the product of the research by the IC. Because they want to know the truth. Now is it really witch hunt or just trying to determine who are culpable of the mess in the Head Office.For the allegations above, I think by now you know who is telling the truth.

For people in europe, try to investigate why frank is hiding in the cloak of the bishops where in fact he knows by heart that the IC is not really anti church.

People who are in FFL must be awaken now. Who is doing the dirty tactics, mudslinging that boomerang to him? Is it the IC.

Take the example of Jesus. When he was accused of blasphemy and other allegations which led to his crucifixtion, was he in the offensive or defensive? The IC is standing at the tenets and doctrines of the Church. Only Frank is twisting the truth. He is always on the offensive.

Look at what happened with Martin Luther. He was accusing the church of so many mistakes. He claimed he was true. What happened? But the Church founded by Peter remains steadfast and strong even until now.

Brothers and sisters in FFL, CFC stands by the Church doctrines and Laws.

esti said...

they have just cleaned their "doorstep". no more blog entries on their blog. i have copies though. lawl (pilyo attack, ftw)

jiggs said...

hmmm... they disabled all the blog entries in the FFL blogsite.. and disallowed any posts.... YUNG BLOG NILA NAG-BLOGGED DOWN!!!

arajusko... ilang araw pa lang yung blogs eh nagsara na... hindi katulad nito going on its 2nd month na buhay pa - andito kasi yung TRUTH!!!

mahirap talagang magtago, ayun tumiklop na tuloy yung Blog nila... jiggs

neokidntown said...

Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2007 11:06:41
Subject: [sfccouplecoordinators] Orderly Transition

9 October 2007

Dear SFC Coordinators and Leaders,

Greetings of peace!

The recent Pastoral Congress sessions we have witnessed have truly proven to be an exciting and Spirit-led development in the life and mission of our community; truly a wonderful way of propelling CFC, including SFC as one of its Family Ministries, forward for the next 25 years.

Despite these, however, the prospect of seeing some of our members deciding to move to FFL continues to be a reality we need to face. While we desire to continue serving with them in our community, let us respect their discernment and continue to extend our hand of brotherhood and sisterhood to them as we remain united in our desire to serve one God.

Let us also ensure that the decision of our members to move is a result of their own personal discernment, and not simply imposed upon them by their leaders. In the same manner, let us value their final choice done in the spirit of prayer and consultation with their elders. In our generation, let us refrain from passing judgment and exchanging bitter words with one another.

If you have members who may have decided to move to FFL or perhaps another community, let us allow them to do so and receive continued pastoral nourishment. If these members are in positions of service, it is important that we ensure smooth transition and proper turnover to those who will replace them so their members or areas of service will continue to be taken care of as well.

Let us also extend our open arms to those who may eventually decide to come back to our community, treating them with love and understanding.

May all of these bring us closer to God and to one another, and open our hearts to the many lessons it can bring us.

In Christ,

Aldy and Joy Katigbak
SFC International Couple Coordinator

Noted by

Melo and Nini Villaroman
Family Ministries Head

Anonymous said...

shamelessly copied from http://deovolente.multiply.com...

Brothers and Sisters,

You have to understand the reality that this is a battle for membership even though both sides don't want to admit it. On the CFC side, the International Council is not aggressive and just exercising humility in silence. On the FFL side, the leaders are very aggressive with emails and announcements. The silence of the IC actually wins the hearts of a lot of people because the fruits of the Spirit can be seen in their non-action. However, their silence makes vigilantes out of ordinary members who feel like the truth is not being upheld and these members become vocal bloggers. The blogs have also been a way for us to work around the problem of not being able to send our reactions by email. In our area for example, we've been bombarded with FFL emails from the start. That one-sided barrage turned a lot of members away from CFC and into FFL. Then there was an agreement that both sides should no longer send emails to the opposite group. Of course, we have to obey. And that creates a wall where the real truth can't go in. I've asked many of my FFL friends if they've seen the videos (election, maipid, bo sanchez, pacana, etc) as well as other docs like Tale's pleading on Padilla not to resign and they have not seen it. However, since they've already decided to go into FFL, it would be improper for me to offer them those resources. If I do so, I might win the argument, but I would lose my friends. My relationship with my brothers and sisters in FFL who I still love very much is far more important than being correct.

The shutting down of the FFL blog is I think a realization on their part that email is more effective because the direction of truth is a one-way street. In emails, they get the last say and they have full control of the amount of information they are willing to give. In contrast, a blog is an interactive medium where people can react to a statement specially if there's a hint of misrepresentation. However, on a global scale, I think the percentage of members that are actually researching and being able to discover something like http://defendingcfc.blogspot.com is very small which is the sad part. The majority would just rely on hearsay.

Anyway, my advise to you my brethren is to conduct your vigilance with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Always pray and be instruments of peace. It's OK to point out your opinion but do so in a brotherly and Christian way. It's also very important to respect the opinion of others even if it might be different from ours. More importantly, don't do or write something that might cause others to sin. This is one of those times when we really need to practice what Jesus taught us which is to love one another. That includes our brother Frank Padilla. When we think of brother Frank, we also have to remember that he did a lot of good things for CFC and we are all thankful to him for that. He also wrote a lot of books which we all learn from. In our thoughts, we might question if he really meant what he spoke but I believe that the Holy Spirit at some point used him to give us those teachings that have full of wisdom. He might have lost the anointing from God when he resigned but that should not take away our love for him, however difficult that might be. At this point, all we can do is pray that he will be victorious in the spiritual battle within him. Each of us has our own battle within us. Whether we get carried away by all these disturbance or we become better Christians is all up to us.

God bless you all.

another shameless copy from the same site...

(I originally posted this as a comment on the CFC-FFL document "Our theme for 2008" in http://restorecfc.multiply.com. In that document is a line that says "Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed (Zep 3:13)". I tried my best to make the comment constructive by making a suggestion in good faith. Unfortunately, it was deleted by the moderator. So what follows is a copy of that comment...)

My dear brothers and sisters in CFC-FFL,

I think it's better if we take out the line that says "Those who speak lies and have a deceitful tongue have been removed (Zep 3:13)". On using biblical verses to suit our intention, the apostle Peter warned us against the dangers of mishandling the Word of God: "they that are unlearned and unstable wrest [distort], as they do also the other scriptures, unto their own destruction" (2 Peter 3:16)" . In our current situation, the line seemingly brings the impression that CFC-FLL is portraying the other group as deceitful. We should not judge them. We should not be spiteful and malicious specially in a document that is to become the official theme for 2008. Instead the document should reflect the fruits of the Holy Spirit which are "love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. God bless us all.

Marthe'57 said...

The truth from the mouth of…
*David Hume:
Truth springs from argument amongst friends.

*Leonardo da Vinci:
Anyone who conducts an argument by appealing to authority is not using his intelligence; he is just using his memory.

All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.

*George Bernard Shaw:
New opinions often appear first as jokes and fancies, then as blasphemies and treason, then as questions open to discussion, and finally as established truths.

*Lifted from a scene in the movie "A Few Good Men" with some modifications


Who amongst us know how to handle the truth? We live in a world that has walls. And those walls are the structures that keep us apart. Who is going to guard that wall? The wall of truth? That's a great responsibility that's difficult to fathom.

The break up of CFC, while tragic, probably saved lives. The Feb 20 resignations, the Restoration Movement, the FFL, the existence of this blog, saved lives as well.

Do we thank Frank for the truth? NO, we weep for him instead! He has the luxury of understanding but he pretends not to know. Frank doesn't want the truth. Deep down, in the secret chambers of his heart... he knows!. He doesn't talk about it, not even a whisper, and he doesn't want us on that wall.

But, CFC has to be in that wall. We are the guardian of truth.

We boldly use words like love, forgiveness, peace, joy and honesty. We use these words as the backbone to a life spent defending something. Frank uses them as a punchline!

I therefore dare to say...
We in CFC do not have neither the time nor the inclination to explain ourselves to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the core values of our community, then questions the manner by which we provide it!

We would rather just say to him "thank you and go on your way." Otherwise, we suggest he picks up a weapon and stand a post. Either way, we don't give a damn what he thinks he is entitled to!

After all he totally lost his rights when he left, he is CFC no more.


Jiggs said...

to CD and Bloggers of the REAL CFC,

gusto nilang tapatan itong blog but could not maintain the level of TRUTHFULNESS. they could not withstand the comments posted there and could not even answer the comments.

i recall the answer of Xavy http://xavyniceday.multiply.com in one of the comments-
" xavyniceday wrote on Oct 4
"ask him. fapcfc@gmail.com :)"

- pointing the commenter to go ask his father. and then they started deleting the comments... and then later on deleting ALL the blogs...

do we stop this BLOG? uhmmm.. i say NO!!! until they put their mouth SHUT and STOP SNIPING at CFC Brethren and the IC !!!

thats why this site is called

thanks - jiggs

Anonymous said...

marthe 57
parang napanood ko ito bro ah?
see you all on that wall!

Anonymous said...

Hey bros & sis,

Here's the post of our friend FortesFide at the FFL blog which they deleted

Dear Brothers & Sisters In CFC and FFL,

First of all, I would like to greet Bro. Frank Padilla a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY last Oct. 4, 2007. May our Lord Jesus continue to give him strength and blessings to truly serve Him and Him alone.

Second of all, it has been awhile since I last replied to Bro. Frank's answers to my list of 21 questions which can be found at (http://www.zshare.net/download/387643736db308/). Unfortunately until now, Bro. Frank still has not responded and it is very unlikely that he ever will, although I am still hoping that he would. I have seen my reply being posted at a RestoreCFC blogsite (http://restorecfc.multiply.com/journal/item/37) but after awhile it got deleted. Someone re-posted it and it got deleted again, which made many bloggers wonder, is FFL really after truth and fairness, or is FFL hiding the truth at the expense of fairness?

Finally, in response to Bro. Frank's "The Way Forward # 4" document, instead of broadcasting an email to everyone, I e-mailed him directly because he had always complained why people do not just email him directly. I just had to express my DISAPPOINTMENT directly to Bro. Frank because I COULD NOT EVER BELIEVE that the man all of us have held in VERY HIGH REGARD, could be capable of such VERY CLEAR DECEPTIONS which he does WITH SUCH BLATANCY, as if sure of himself that people will not be able to spot them.

You see my dear brothers and sisters, especially those in FFL, there is simply NO TRUTH in what he has been spreading in all the Restoration Assemblies and other places that he has recently been to. I asked Bro. Frank for clarifications but it seems he was NOT INTERESTED anymore in giving any. I am therefore turning over these issues to ANY of his followers hoping that they might be able to shed light on his actions and of FFL in general.

These are the issues that Bro. Frank REFUSES to address:

He continues to accuse CFC of "VEERING AWAY" yet he was also a part (even the head) of that veering away. In fact in 2005, he approved the partnership of Gawad Kalusugan with Pfizer, a company he now accuses to be producing anti-life products. He still continues to INSIST that he ALONE (together with his FFL supporters) can restore CFC to its true charism. Isn't this ARROGANCE? He ignores the fact that CFC is now actively correcting whatever needs to be corrected in order to put us all right back on track. He shot down IC's invitation to stay and work with them and to keep the community united by not leaving and forming FFL. He continues to ignore the pleas of thousands begging him NOT to keep dividing the community since there is NO MORAL REASON to do so.

He continues to accuse all of CFC and all of GK of veering away when this is not widespread but only in isolated cases and is currently being corrected. If I may ask my FFL brothers and sisters here in Manitoba, what is there to restore here? How about in other places? Can you honestly say that there is anything to restore?

He continues to accuse CFC and GK of veering away by partnering with anti-life corporations yet his very own household member and benefactor, Senate President Manny and Rep. Cynthia Villar, are openly pro-choice. Isn't this HYPOCRISY? WHO IS VEERING AWAY NOW?

He continues to accuse CFC of conducting a "WITCH HUNT" against Bro. Lachie Agana, even though this is merely an administrative and pastoral function that CFC is performing. This is NOT wrongdoing . They are in fact the ones investigating if Bro. Lachie Agana is guilty of any wrongdoing. And besides, these delicate matters should remain only at the level of the IC yet Bro. Frank is spreading this around. Why? What for? Wherever Sis. Gerry Padilla goes, she is also bringing up the issue of the alleged inappropriate relationship ("love affair") of Bro. Lachie Agana and Sis. Maribel Descallar. Isn't this what we would normally call as "tsismis" which in itself is a wrongdoing?

He continues to accuse CFC of "DISOBEDIENCE" to the Bishops yet the Bishops have already made it known to everyone that this is NOT the case and has even forgiven the IC for whatever hurt that has been caused.
He continues to spread the lie that there was an agreement to postpone the elections when in fact that agreement was still up for the CFC Elders Assembly's approval and ratification.

He continues to HIDE the fact that his actions places him ABOVE the authority of the CFC Elders Assembly, by his refusal to accept the mandate the EA have validly given to the present IC. He even recognized the validity of the election and congratulated the elected IC, yet later he did not accept the results. Why?

He continues to HIDE the fact that his actions places him ABOVE the authority of the Bishops, by his arrogant demand for the IC to resign or else he would pursue division, yet the Bishops have not made any such demands.

He continues to HIDE the fact that his actions places him ABOVE God Himself, because he has not followed the example of the Bishops (who speaks for God) in giving a chance to the present IC to prove themselves.

He continues to spread the lie that the IC has defied the Bishops yet it is him who defied the CFC Elders Assembly (by not following the mandate they gave the IC) and the Bishops (by not following their example of supporting CFC in its restoration efforts).

He continues to claim he and his FFL followers are still CFC when they do NOT even subject themselves to the highest authority in CFC which is the CFC Elders Assembly. Can anyone tell us if the CFC Elders Assembly veered away too?

He continues to claim he and his FFL followers are still CFC when they do NOT even adhere to the CFC Statutes and by-laws that Bro. Frank himself has helped formulate. These are the same statutes that are now registered in the Vatican. FFL has no statutes of its own and is in no position to claim the CFC statutes as theirs since they don't adhere to it anyway. FFL has still to formulate its own statutes and has still to be recognized by the both the Vatican and CBCP.

He continues to HIDE the fact that he used to warn everyone that CFC might lose recognition which really alarmed a lot of the brethren (including me), some of whom readily affiliated themselves with FFL. But it turns out that FFL is the one that doesn't have any recognition from both the Vatican and the CBCP.

He continues to confuse everyone by inventing terms such as CFC-GK and CFC-FFL when there is only one CFC and his group is simply known as FFL.

He claims he has updated Archbp. Rylko about the crisis in the community, yet he has not confirmed if he had informed Archbp. Rylko that he is no longer the head of CFC, and as such, he should not be representing CFC anymore.

He continues to proclaim he is a man for God, but where is his patience, tolerance and forgiveness for the IC who not so long ago were also his close friends and his dear brothers in Christ?

He continues to proclaim he is a man for God, but where is the man who wrote "We may give our own opinion, argue forcefully about our position, raise questions for clarification, but at the end of the day, we must be willing to accede to the decision of those over us, especially if that decision is not a matter of wrongdoing?" By his actuations, this clearly shows that Bro. Frank thinks he is above the authority of the CFC Elders Assembly. Isn't this ARROGANCE?

He continues to proclaim he is a man for God, but where is the man who told a couple contemplating of leaving the community "That's part of our life together but there really is no reason to leave the community, never. No reason at all?"

He continues to proclaim he is a man for God, yet he has become the very FULFILLMENT of the vivid and clear warnings he has been giving in his books, in his articles and in his talks, about elders who will be used by Satan to sow conflict and division, that will eventually lead to the break-up of our beloved community.

He continues to use his God-given talents and whatever gifts of the Holy Spirit he has received, to destroy (instead of build up) the spiritual body of CFC by these lies he continues to spread around and his continuous acts of sowing hatred and mistrust.

As long as these issues are NOT clarified, the only truth that Bro. Frank and the FFL has (which they are hiding) is this: THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR DIVIDING CFC AND CREATING FFL . Is this why Bro. Frank continues to peddle these LIES? Is he doing this because if he doesn't, NO ONE will follow him? Is it fair to say that those who still continue to follow him in spite of all the reasons above not to, are merely doing so, out of BLIND LOYALTY & BLIND OBEDIENCE to the "man of God" and to the "prophet of our times" that they believe he is?

I've been getting some emails mostly from FFL members asking me to stop "fueling" the fire, respect their decision and instead move on and move forward. All I can say is CFC respects their decision , CFC is moving on and CFC is moving forward. However, part of its moving forward is to defend itself from the LIES that Bro. Frank is peddling. As for Bro. Frank and the FFL, how can they say that they are moving forward when all they have done is to attack CFC wherever they go and in whatever they do. This is actually expected and understandable since, in order to justify its very existence, they have NO CHOICE, but to ALWAYS, ALWAYS put CFC in a bad light. It is NO DIFFERENT from the Born-Again Protestants or the Iglesia Ni Cristo churches spreading lies about the Roman Catholic Church, in order to get converts.


Which makes one wonder: Are the CFC members who they say moved to FFL without being coerced really aware of the issues above? Or is FFL PURPOSELY HIDING the above issues, as proven by their deletion of critical entries in the RestoreCFC blogsite?

I have also been accused by one FFL brother that I am helping to burn the bridge of possible future reconciliation. On the contrary, the issues above are the building blocks of this bridge because these should make both CFC and FFL brethren realize whether they are on the wrong side of the bridge or on the right side of the bridge. And if one should realize that he or she is on the wrong side of the bridge, one can always cross to other side with a new and final conviction.

In closing, Bro. Frank speaks of FFL as a sheepfold, I therefore humbly request of him, that I and many of us who decided to stay in CFC be considered as "lost sheep" that badly needs to be "found" and be counted among the sheepfold of FFL. Considering the above issues, please enlighten and convince us that FFL is indeed the right place for us to be. And for those already in FFL, in light of the above issues that Bro. Frank refuses to address, in light of the fact that you know who the father of lies is, and in light of the fact that you know Who is The Way, The TRUTH and The Life, ask yourselves the question: Is FFL really where you want to be and why?

May God bless us all.

In Christ,
Fortes In Fide

"Couples for Christ is about our very life. And because this is about our very life, let's participate in protecting it, in defending it , in building it up, in giving our all. This is our life. This is our destiny. This is our future and the future of our children and their children's children." - Frank Padilla

Anonymous said...

Here is a touching piece from www.fulfillingthemandate.org site. My apologies to the sis. Ligaya Kraemer for not getting her consent (I don't know how to reach her) but I believe she will welcome her piece being shared here.

We, in CFC, Love and Forgive

October 3, 2007
My Journey In Search of the Truth

“When information which properly belongs to the public is systematically withheld by those in power, the people soon become ignorant of their own affairs, distrustful of those who manage them, and 'eventually' incapable of determining their own destinies." (Richard Nixon)

Mothers would usually seal their lips to maintain peace in the family. Then there are those who would rather give the other cheek and chose silence in the name of love and forgiveness. In both cases, there is accountability.

I chose to use the quotation above instead of verses from the Bible because it reflects the difficulties I personally experienced in my search for the truth. Those in power withheld information upfront so I went beyond visiting two WebPages, as instructed, to “search” for the truth. I even joined in teleconferencing to hear confirmation of answers to my questions. I gave myself many chances to change my mind and I entertained the possibility of joining the other side. I found the other side copying everything in CFC, so I asked myself … why separate … why go away.

Two months ago, I was requested to write an article about love and forgiving with further instructions to email the article to our Manila Elders. In obedience to my superior’s request and through the Holy Spirit I was able to share the lessons I learned from CFC on loving and forgiving within half an hour, after I received the email request to write. I did email a copy to our Manila Elders through the webpage: fulfillingthemandate.org. I also sent a copy to the other side’s webpage CFCUnited.com. It was published at fulfillingthemandate.org. I did not get courtesy of a reply from the webmaster of the later webpage.

I was an avid follower and admirer of Frank Padilla. I also have great respect for Tony Meloto. For a long time I truly believed our work in CFC and its child GK are anointed. Then shock of all shocks, they resigned and I felt like I was in a big bubble that burst and down and down my hopes disintegrated. Everyone seems to be scrambling and in the midst of this chaos we were asked to choose. I know now that God called me to focus on Him and not on those two leaders.

In retrospect, I was angry because I was not allowed to share the information I have on both sides upfront when the crisis started. Again, in obedience, I humbled myself and I followed directives in blocking communication. In my frustrations, I even saw this crisis as an opportunity to let go and leave CFC because I do not want to inflict pain on my fellow brothers and sisters in Jesus name.

I was angry because we in GK never denied we are CFC; we even say “without CFC, there is no success in GK”. We did not veer away from the vision and mission of CFC. What might have happened in Manila is not true in the United States and other parts of the world. To extrapolate is to judge and that privilege is exclusive to God alone. It is not for any of us to pass judgment by portraying isolated cases as standard practices of CFC workers on the ground doing GK.

So, who is this brother who professed to be a Christian yet did not walk the talk of loving and forgiving?

Who is this brother who just walked nonchalantly in the midst of peace we have in our brotherhood and sisterhood in the United States and boldly asked us to choose yet denied divisive actions?

Who is this brother who without compunction did not even consider to look beyond his personal agenda and reflected on future results of his actions … that relationship will be broken, families and friends would be saying goodbye and all because he hardened his heart and did not forgive, yet with vengeance, proclaimed his actions to be what God intended for us?

The truth is: while the Bishops forgave the International Council, the other side did not. This brother put aside love and with relentless passion himself “defied” the Bishops, came to the United States (international not “diocesan”) and created havoc of misinformation that caused many tears and pain brought about by disunity in the families and placed friendships as the basis of choice. I want to scream, I want to confront, yet the Lord called me to look through the eyes of Jesus and that’s when I realized that in CFC we give love, we give support, we humble ourselves to reflect on the sufferings of Jesus on the cross in our daily life. We in CFC forgive.

I received many negative emails yet there was something so transparent in that the International Council was quiet and Tony Meloto was quiet, as well. If I could have hammered them, I would have done so. They should defend CFC that we love. Then I realized that they are walking the talk of our faith: they have been giving their other cheek while the other side was relentless in their campaign/propaganda of misinformation; which up to this writing is still going on.

YES, the other side said they have the same programs like we do including GK, etc. And our brothers and sisters get confused by the seconds as they went back and forth vacillating with their choice. It is obvious that their focus was taken away from God and instead now the focus is on the past GK issues that were all discussed during the past Global Pastoral Congress. True to its commitments, the International Council called for a Global Pastoral Congress to address the complaints of the other side. It was a positive action in moving on; yet, the other side chose to get tucked in the past.

I do not want to entertain the notion of having a modern-day Hitler in our midst in terms of systematic brainwashing -- touching the Achilles hills of our brothers and sisters right where it matters.

What made me decide to stay in and with CFC is so simple as to say: I also chose to walk the talk of loving and forgiving. And, as the song says, “My sufferings are my offerings; my offerings are my sufferings” to Jesus Christ on the cross.

I chose to align my loyalty to “one” God and not to a person. I believe as many believe that no one else owns CFC but God. The other side could, as they continue to do so, say whatever they want to say. This is alright; after all, the burden of proof is on the other side’s shoulders. We in CFC must not worry; God is enough!

CFC is anointed because it is fulfilling the mandate to bring glad tidings to poor via our work in GK.

The other side did not walk the talk of loving and forgiving. We, in CFC, love and forgive! Praise God!

Jesus, I trust in You!

Ligaya Olivera Kraemer
CFC Member, GKOM, Missouri, USA
October 1, 2007
Ligaya Olivera Kraemer

Anonymous said...

are u guys cfc member? i am a yfc member and honestly you are all acting like a kid.. what can come out of all these.. I am only 16 yet I know that what you are doing is wrong.. Are you really a servant of God?? Do you think God wants you to do all of these maligning. Who are you anyway.. You are not acting befitting a CFC member.. We in YFC have accepted everyone who has joined CFC-FFL and also allowed them to join us once in a while but you are the people who destroy the very unity that we want to achieve with CFC-FFL YFC members.. You are so pathetic.. If this is how CFC-GMF works, you are all so disgraceful.. TALO PA KAYO NG MGA BATA KATULAD NAMIN.. nakakahiya kayong lahat.. This is not what Christ would want us to do.. We all talk about serving him but this is not the way.. All of you are hypocrites..

C.D. said...

To 16yr old anonymous,

Ok, so I am posting your comment as you requested. For me to leave it up, I'd like you to answer these questions CALMLY and with as much maturity as you can muster, is that ok?

First of all, when you say maligning, what are you referring to? Are there any UNTRUTHS you see on this site?

Second, please explain this: "We in YFC have accepted everyone who has joined CFC-FFL and also allowed them to join us once in a while but you are the people who destroy the very unity that we want to achieve with CFC-FFL YFC members"

What do you mean by "join you"? Can you cite examples?

Lastly, can you also explain how you can call anybody here "hypocrites"? Do you understand the meaning of the term?

I'll be waiting.

esti said...

Hi jiggs, other commenters in this blog.

I was puzzled at first why C.D. included links to the blog posts that some of us saw disappear from the restorecfc.multiply.com blog.

so i clicked on the link in bro C.D.'s worthy post. and lo and behold it was there.

it was then that i noticed that i had not signed into my multiply account so i tried another experiment.

i logged into my multiply site and then tried to view the page. I saw no blog posts.

right now i want to lash out at the administrator of that blog, in order to silence those that post comments (both good and bad) they themselves are blocking access to the said blog by those that have commented before in their precious rejoinders but other than informing the public of the moderation now being put in place in the cfc-ffl blog. i'll focus my energies elsewhere now.

sad, really that they have to stoop so low just so to stop the commenters in their blog.

right i'm just sad. really really sad.

jiggs, ang bp mo.

Ernie said...

To CFC Bloggers,

What is the TRUTH?

Ask me...


Marthe'57 "YOU GOT IT"

C.D. said...

to Esti, Manu, Jiggs,and others;

I had a feeling that you were "banned" from posting in their site. I had noticed that the posts were still there but that you were commenting that they dissapeared. There is a function in the multiply blog that lets you set who you want to be able to view the blog entries, they probably dissallowed your user names.

As much as I enjoyed your posts on their site, I'd like to appeal to you to use a little prudence in "taking the fight" to their doorstep. I know deep inside that this isn't what our elders and leaders would want us to do, and that we should lead by example in showing how act in a Christian manner. I think it makes a huge impact when our fellow CfC members see how we deal with these matters. When the enemy screams, we whisper. Eventually, they'll have to quiet down to hear us or all they'll be hearing is themselves.

Thank you for your continued presence on this blog, you have helped provide many insights not only to me, but to the many readers we have out there, please keep it up.

God Bless,



we're running on close to 230,000 page loads...in a little less than than 2 months. =)

esti said...


the flaw in the design is that i can still view the blog while logged out. but i can't comment. i have my own blog and multiply site as pen and paper so i guess it doesn't cripple my ability to help in the uncovering of the truth -- to the best of my abilities.

now on to other blog topics for me, i fear my readers have been turned off by my cfc-ffl related posts in the last few days.

Anonymous said...

To 16 yrs. old anonymous YFC,

Hi! I am also a YFC from Palawan. let me share to you my experience in this crisis. And taking it out from it, I realized many things.

I learned how to stand up on my own, why? As these events started to unfold right before my very eyes, my heart is torn apart of the reality of split. I was confronted to some situation on the questions of morality and of faith doctrines, did we really veered away?

Maybe your asking did I hear the bothsides of the coin? Yes, I did. And hearing from it I and the rest of the leaders of the province decided to stay right where we are.Happy to say that so far we here in Palawan are still in the fold of of CFC-GMFI. But we are preparing for a smooth transistion of some of our member whose parents decided to leaved the fold.

Kapatid, I'll just leave a thought for you to think of, and also a question.

" Who among you is wise and understanding? Let him show his works by a good life in humility that comes from wisdom." James 3:13

And with regards to those brethren of our that decided to join FFL, heres for you to think. "Yes, we in CFC-GMFI are called to be loving, but this doesn't mean that we should be naive."

Mahilig ka ba mag YM? Here's my e-mail add, muggle252002@yahoo.com. God bless!

CFCFFL Leader said...

i have joined CFCFFL and my friends are with CFC-GMF. we share a lot of resources e.g. CLP speakers, sound system, projectors, music ministry and office. we also conduct CLPs in the very same catholic church. our parish priest is happy that he has more manpower to help him.

we are working out hard to prevent double booking for our office meeting, and other resources. we are working out hard to schedule our YFC and KFC camps together.

new leaders emerge, new relationships forged. Frank Padilla has not been in this place (just trace my IP for the location)
after the "split." the reason we also splitted is because our leaders followed a manila directive that we thought have been peacefully discerned and agreed upon by the IC and the CFCFFL group.

whenever, we are together in one venue, we are happy. when friends from the Philippines ask us to see the blogs from CFCFFL and defending CFC, our joy turns to sadness and mourning.

let us absorb our hurts. let us amplify our love and peace.

Anonymous said...

question, does cfc ic agree with all you published here or it's just your own interpretations of what happened?

let us know if cfc ic agree 100% with what you're versions of stories so we’ll keep it on record, we'll make them CFC Official Statements instead of CD version. You give versions of what happened even in the high levels acting like you’re a first-hand observer. Let us know who you are and if you represent CFC IC version of the story. If not, then put that in record.

I noticed that you only select comments to post, will not be surprised if this will not get post. At least, let you’re audience know that you choose comments to post too. Don’t bother if don’t want; it will just make you fair I guess.

esti said...

ayan C.D. pakilala ka na daw sa min. lawl. pati siguro yung mga anonymous para fair 'no?

i hope C.D. konti lang na screen mo na comments. or better yet i have a suggestion, create a custom page/post wherein (if they are still there) the comments that are either moderated by your judgement are listed there and the reason for such. that way fairness is achieved, and the issue of comment moderation in this blog be put to rest.

just a suggestion, though. no need to listen to me. hehehehe

peace (as the post have said)^_^

oops before i forget. yung bagong blog na nakita natin sa bakuran ng blogspot, uhhmmm.. mga brothers/sisters hinay din sa pag comment dun (kung may balak kayo) hehehe..

EB-3C said...

Hello fellow bloggers,

A lot of "sharp" words have been hurled here and on the other blog site and some comment said that because of these "sharp" words we are already conducting a "WORD WAR".

I would like to suggest that this blog should be used just not to attack but to correct mistakes or practices in our community so as to create a cohesive community. Never mind the mistakes of the other side otherwise they will comment again that "those who do not sin, cast the first stone".

Thank you and God bless


jiggs said...

to Esti, CD,

yeah i guess our user accounts have been banned from the other blogsite.

it also says that ALL comments will be deleted. at any rate, i emailed the email address they posted but until now i have not gotte any replies yet...

thanks esti for the info. i can see the blogs now after logging out. ang bp ko !!!

Sleepless in NJ said...

There are some strong words used in FFL's site but there are also HONEST Truth that was omited or deleted or covered up...

They deleted Fr. Frank's email on inderect and direct involvement in moral law (CFC is justified to taking money from anyone... it is how you use the money that matters)

They Deleted the video link on Bishop Pacana (Episcopal of the Lay Ministries), stating that CFC has its right to follow its by-laws without fear of sinning.

I know why so many are angered by the one-sided view of the other sites. They claim to side on truth but present only one view.

I am proud of this site. I welcome any dialogue and debate. We are closer to finding "wisdom" (Philo class 101).

jiggs said...

to cfcffl leader,

i assume that you are from abroad. tulad nga ng tanong ni Fortes - what is needed to restore in Canada (and in your country, too)? if the perceived problem is here [manila] and some isolated cased.

bakit kailangan magtayo ng 1 pang community. i just ask the same question.

nevertheless, what you are doing there is a good sign. i happen to see an FFL brother in the mall last Friday - we greeted we talked a bit and nothing changed. if there is harmony in your place between CFC and FFL then continue it. which leads me again to this question - if you share speakers, sound system, etc. then why create another community. you can stay in the same community despite many disagreements naman di ba. at saka, seems like harmonious naman kayo diyan - sana status quo na lang. stay where you are, attend your regular household. yung ayaw magserve sa GK let them be. no need to say I am FFL.. and they are CFC...

[i hope my questions are not rude ha]

Anonymous said...

Dear CD & Readers,
Question ko lang, CFC without FP is still CFC.
How about FFL? Without FP, what are you?
Could anybody give me a practical answer?
-Strength in Truth-

CFC Emmaus said...

Bro and Sis,

In the Past, when there is a great challenge to the Catholic Faith, the Church responds by calling what is called as General or Ecumenical Councils. When there was a challenge that Christ is only human and not God, the Nicean Council was called. In the time of the Protestant Movement, the Council of Trent was called. When there was a challenge to the primacy of the Pope, Vatican I was called.

The most recent was Vatican II which resulted into to more fruitful years for the Catholic Church in these recent years.

The Pastoral Congress was the CFC's response to our present problem in the Community brought about by the challenge of FFL.

Truly, CFC is God's anointed for today's family. I believe it can last as long as the Catholic Church exist.

CFC Emmaus

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Just fixed our eyes on our Lord Jesus Christ and Love thy neighbour. Don't dwell too much on back and forth comments about the IC-GK and FFL. We are brothers and sisters in the eyes of God. Let's have peace and don't be troublesome as our Lord Jesus Christ had said. We are all claiming we are in a loving community, so please walk the talk.

May God bless us all!

Julie of Vancouver, BC

C.D. said...

To Julie of Vancouver, BC:

I wonder if you are telling your leaders the same thing? Can you ask them why they are so intent on attacking CfC?

neokidntown said...

To Julie of Vancouver BC,

Welcome to this blog!

We are forgetting what lies behind, setting our hearts on the prize, always keeping our eyes on our Lord Jesus. Running the race to win, all the way to the end. Laying down every sin that would seek to hinder us.

And we’ll be faithful to our calling, for Jesus will keep us from falling and trust in His promise

We’ll be faithful to finish the work Jesus began in us!!

in Couples For Christ Global Mission Foundation, Inc.


Fortes In said...

To Sis. Julie of Vancouver:

CFC is moving on. FFL is not, for as long as it keeps on attacking CFC.

But come to think of it, it has to ALWAYS attack CFC or else it will not be able to justify its existence.

FFL is in a dilemma Sis. Julie. It can't move on without attacking CFC yet if it doesn't attack CFC, it will lose its meaning for its existence.

I wonder how and your leaders are going to resolve that?

Give my warm regards to Bro. Gerry SF.

Bro. Fortes In Fide

Anonymous said...

Fortes In,

I agree.

IT is to justify SEPARATION, but his Restoration is to restore himself because he lost his charism to lead CFC. He cant control of his many lapses during his Watch and he repented daw and brought us to lamentation.

He lost control of the people around him (Good men do Nothing)specially his closest, Eve who drove ADAM out in Paradise. He lost control of the people working with him. NOW, HE KEEP ON ATTACKING WHO ARE LEFT BEHIND which was to his own previous lapses. ISN"T THIS UNFAIR AND UNCHRISTIAN?

Anonymous said...

Dear Bro. Fortes in Fide,

Greetings from Vancouver!

I normally do not reply to all email messages and last night was my first time to make a comment on this site because as I was reading all the emails and messages, everybody is pointing fingers to each others. Have we not recall our teachings that when you are pointing one finger to others or enemies, you are pointing the rest of your fingers on you? As a suggestion, please read Matthew 7 about Judging Others.

The only good comment was from a 16-year old youth and telling that you guys are fighting like kids.
So sad, we are christians and we should not like be pagans praying loudly and yet we do not know how to forgive and show love to our neighbours even to our enemies. Please remember Talk #6 of our CLP "Loving Thy Neighbour". I apologize for mentioning this to you as everybody needs correction. Even if you get mad at me, I'll accept it as long as everybody will be reminded why we are here. As the scripture says; "For to me life is Christ, and death is gain. (Philippians 2:21)".

Thank you brother for listening, it's like a mother who wants his son to grow up the right way. May everybody will be enlightened and focus on what our Lord wants us to do.

May God be praised!

Julie of Vancouver, BC

Anonymous said...

Again FFL will lose its appeal if it stops attacking CFC and GK. They have to rely on false claims like the claim of having 60% of Toronto and the whole Music Ministry of Toronto, how can you face our Lord in the face of these untruths, Bro. Frank!

I will live and die as a member of the one true CFC, not the one claiming to be such by attacks and lies.

Sino ang mukha ng FFL: Si Frank
Sino ang mukha ng CFC: Si Lord and no other mortal human being

Come to think of it, the new IC is not composed of superstars, who in Canada has ever heard of Joe Tale before he became Director? All those in the IC now are humble servants who have not sorted to the attacks that we see from the FFL side. Alam mo, FFL, hindi lahat ng tao bulag at bingi, we can see through your actions and words what you are truly trying to do.

May God help us all!

Empowered CFC Canada member

cfcffl leader said...

hi jiggs, salamat sa mga sharing mo addressed sa akin cfcfflleader i appreciate.

yes, abroad kami, somewhere in bermuda. canada is different and i assume too that the law of their country adds fire to their pwets to restore. i understand that most not-for-profit org born in the west has to elect the leaders every period of time. anyway fortes have so many questions to frank that i think frank himself could not himay himay to please fortes on that aspect.

yung tanong nimo na bakit kailangan magtayo ng 1 pang community. i just ask the same question. e cguro kung nandito ka gagawin mo rin para masagip ang mga trabahador sa vineyard. hindi pare-pareho ang takbo ng utak ng mga members natin kahit pa sabihin na majority filipinos. if they decide to stop working in the vineyard, gagawin mo lahat to appease and woo them back. ang mission natin to evangelize , di ba? nagkataon na our leaders feed them information that is favorable to ffl so the rest is history.

hayaan na lang natin na ganun ang fate natin lahat. sabi nung isang Kristyanong pastor na naka-kwentuhan ko na wala ni isang kusing na alam sa nangyayari sa community natin until i briefly told him a just summary - Refiner's Fire daw itong nangyayari sa atin. ang galing ng analogous story niya, mai-share ko lang sa yo. we were gold and silver ores, mined from the earth (natransform tayo ng CLP); we were sifted to further reveal our preciousness (natuto tayo lalo sa formation and teachings); ngayon daw nasa crushing stage tayo para madaling kapitan ng init (with all that is happening to our beloved community); kapag dinarang na tayo sa apoy, lalo pa daw lalabas ang mga dirt and scums to purify us (hehe kailan kaya yung stage na yun?)

salamat sa pag-sabing good sign ang nangyayari sa 'min dito. do you want to prophesize something? let us know ha.

and lastly, to update you from here i think we are entering the Healing stage na.

sana tama si pastor na flash-in-the-pan ang mga nangyayari and everyone will end up giving more brotherly love to one another no matter which side he decided to belong because of the deeply inflicted hurt that transported (or being transported pa lang)almost everyone to a deeper reflection of oneself in contrast to the mission of our community. isang tuldok lang tayo sa smelting vat ni Lord. pero nakangiti Sya sa atin dahil He's refining us.

cge mga 'tol, pasok na ko

jiggs said...

cfcffl leader said:

cguro kung nandito ka gagawin mo rin para masagip ang mga trabahador sa vineyard.
- thanks for clarifying. i always believe that one GOOD THING that the split has shown us is that those that have lied low are back in the fold. hope you will be able to win back those that have strayed away. good job, bro.

do you want to prophesize something? let us know ha.

uhmmm, not this time. but if i have a "leading" i will let you know. here is my email address - jiggs842002@yahoo.com. and i will certainly do and share it with you. not that i am a prophet because i am not.

God bless us all!

Sleepless in NJ said...

I remember the first Break from Ligaya.

I was only a teenager then. I remember not seeing my close friends especially Tito Felix from People of Hope. He was a good leader here in NJ. Until we found ourselves in different position.
We tried to keep in touch but it wasn't the same, maybe we were only human. Needed time to heal.

to GK or not to GK here in US...

I remember the second break up. One by one, family friends in community was replaced "personally" because they have a different point of view about GK. Yes, FAP replaced them cuz they were PRO-FAMILY. They were not obidient enough.

Now, on third split, i find myself in different position from my whole unit. Many of them sided with FAP, and we are dont have any household anymore (we are praying that God will place us in a household again). I loved our UNIT but we find ourselves in different sides again.

This is a personal sharing. I remember all those breaks, and yes... we find ouselve divided again... we find ourselves broken again and seperated. We are only human, we have feelings too.

Will there be another split? But i will trust in God that he will care for those who are dear to my heart. Watch over them lord, as we are distant from each other.

restorecfcrestored said...

Brothers and sisters,

(This is not to inflame anyone but only made for historical purposes and healthy discussions.)

As you all know, the FFL blog site at http://restorecfc.multiply.com has been purged of all comments (some are constructive and made in the spirit of brotherly correction, some are answers to the issues raised by FFL).

They also went into great lengths to hide the traces of the deletions (you used to see something like "Reply deleted at the request of the thread owner", but now, even those no longer appear).

In memory of those aborted posts, I am bringing back remnants of some of them, straight from my browser cache.

Here it is: http://restorecfcrestored.multiply.com

God bless!