Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time To Wrap It Up?

I've had some voices in the commentary section asking others to stop their questioning of the FFL's actions, and some have even called for the blog to be retired for the sake of peace.

I present to you the latest from the FFL:

From: Easter Group <>
Subject: The Way Forward #4
The Way Forward #4

October 1, 2007

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus!

Much has happened in the past month. The restoration movement continues to pick up momentum. In the Philippine provinces and in the different countries where the movement has been started, a majority of the brethren are going with us. We simply present the truth and make the brethren aware of the issues, and without any intimidation or coercion, and oftentimes even without any invitation, many are opting to be with the true and restored CFC, which is CFC-FFL.

The other side has accused us of sheep stealing. That is nonsense. The sheep belong to the Lord, and we ourselves are part of His sheepfold. As we have said before, we are CFC. We have not left the spiritual body that is CFC. We in fact have a greater right to be CFC than those who have veered away from God's call to CFC. And it is our responsibility to see to it that the Lord's sheep have the same opportunity we have to be in the right place. It is the individual decision of every CFC member to decide where his heart brings him, and not be dictated to by anyone. Be assured that we in CFC-FFL will not abandon you.

I had also suggested to quite a few countries that the way to keep themselves united is to insulate themselves from the conflict in Manila. However, the other side has not cooperated in this. In fact, they are actively moving to take control of the different countries. As such, the need now is to insulate the different CFC countries from the veering away from our original charism that is represented by CFC-GK under the Int'l Council. The almost total focus on the work of nation building in the Philippines, together with the concentration of much of our global resources on this, is not to the interest of our global family. I know that the interest of our brethren globally is evangelization and family life renewal. And this is what CFC-FFL wants to restore.

As such, I invite our CFC brethren throughout the world ..... align yourselves with us. For our brethren in the Philippine provinces, consider starting your restoration movements. Since generally your top leadership has kept the issues from you and have decided on your behalf to align your province with CFC-GK, you may think that you may be the only one for restoration. You will be pleasantly surprised. Based on what we have experienced so far, there will be many of you, even a majority, whose heart will be for CFC-FFL. Contact and network with them. Do not be afraid. In due time we will visit you for a restoration assembly. For our brethren in other countries, get in touch with us and we will integrate you in the restoration loop. Then we can look to arranging a pastoral visit at the opportune time. Together as one global family in CFC-FFL, we can all look forward to a future full of hope, as we restore CFC's original charism.

I would like to inform you of our theme for 2008. It is from the book of Zephaniah. Our theme is "Our joy in Christ," taken from Zephaniah 3:17. Lamentations has been for us a journey of hope and joy. This year we persevered in hope. Next year we fully express our joy.

God bless you.

In the service of Christ,

Frank Padilla

P.S. We find that many brethren who fell away in the last few years are now excited to come back to CFC-FFL. They look with anticipation to the restored CFC. I suggest the rest of the year is a good time to focus on bringing old members back, without holding back of course on our ongoing evangelization.

P.P.S. For more info on the issues, please go to our website <>. You may freely disseminate these materials to others.

"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

I'll invite you all now to list down the inconsistencies you see, before I start highlighting them myself. Watch your blood pressure people!

Now I ask you again, should this blog be put to rest?


Thank you.
It has been overwhelming and has made the efforts worthwhile. The blog stays....for now.



Anonymous said...

Since you are moderating, i am ok for you not to publish this, but I think you are being led to answer yes to your own question. BTW the same email you are quoting is available to the public for everyone to see so no need to put it in the context that it is something like a confidential email.

I thank you for helping me decide which way to go. With all the negativism in this site it is easy to discern which way to go.

esti said...

NoooooooooO!!!!!! (exaggeration mine)

For the first time I am writing in this blog not anonymously. I onced posted anonymously but i believe that right now i'm compelled to reply to your question, bro/sis. C.D.

> we should stop the negative comments, even if this be meant in a joking manner (they sometimes say jokes are half meant). i am guilty of this a lot of times but let's just stop these negative energy emanating from such comments. let's be objective in our comments, dissect it with the gift of knowledge that He has given us.

> do not stop from bringing us updates, your (C.D.) updates are helping most of us lurking around in this blog to be aware of the facts that are not readily available to us (ordinary members of the CFC). i find it objective enough although i have to admit at times you write things that make me go "LOL" in front of my keyboard.

I do hope you do not heed the call of those asking for this blog to be retired for peace's sake.

I am not for continuing the arguing, the bashing but I do want to be kept in the loop of the current situation/communications between the both FFL and CFC.

Keep up what you are doing bro/sis.

Do you have updates from the IC? I think it's been a while since we heard from the IC.

God bless!

Bingo said...

CD- No, certainly no! The blog is practically the only means by which ordinary brethren on the ground are kept abreast of what's happening. That was quite a long epistle from FAP.I will need more time to digest and comment. God bless you and all the other bloggers!

Anonymous said...

Here is a sharing of someone who was there.


The date was September 24, 2007. The place was Star Mall at the junction of Edsa and Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong City. The occasion was the blessing of the Home Office of Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life. With another brother I am dashing from the Couples for Christ Centre on Ortigas to be in time for the blessing. And yet, as I enter the place, I am caught up in a time-warp going back to my first encounter with Couples for Christ Manila in 1987. There is Vic & Agnes Guiterrez, Frank & Gerry Padilla, Tony & Lyn Meloto and many more. There is Love, Joy, Peace. There is Simplicity, Generosity, Abundance. There is brotherhood, sisterhood, family fun. Jesus is enthroned and Maria (my wife) and I instinctively knew we have come home. Communion is meant to be a place of Rest.

Bear-hugs and kisses and I am transported to 2007. I am surrounded by family. I know everyone, even the ones I do not recognize! The old, the young, the new-born. Those given to dream and those to whom are given visions. Hands and hearts that built homes for the poor hold me in their embrace. I am loved and made holy. Bishop Ted Bacani arrives. A prayer, a blessing, a our consecration to Our Lady and agape, the fellowship in the Holy Spirit, continues through the evening. This is a moment of grace, kairos. God is at work amongst his children.

"Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! It is like the precious oil upon the head, running down upon the beard, upon the beard of Aaron, running down on the collar of his robes! It is like the dew of Hermon, which falls on the mountains of Zion! For there the Lord has commanded the blessing, life for evermore." Ps. 133

Tony Correia
Couples for Christ, India

EB-3C said...

No, this is our only venue where we can air our opinion so our leaders can feel the sentiments of the grassroots. Even if everything settles down, we still need a blog like this for info purposes. This is already the IT age. This is also helpful in giving an almost real time info from the top leaders to the members.

The official CFC web is not as responsive as this blog.

Thanks and by the way I'd like to greet Jopen-SA, Yes, its nice to meet people personally not only thru the net


Anonymous said...

Naaaah. It's healthy to read and know all sides. I believe we have the intelligence and the maturity to do critical thinking and analysis of events, statements, and everything else posted here. We're not about to be gagged or led by the nose like blind followers. Our Christian beliefs and principles will guide us in making sound decisions aligned with God's will and plans for us

roundeyedtoddler said...

Frank Padilla's email is in the context of his "Moving Forward #3" that says he is and has always been THE CFC. The word "THE" is in uppercase on purpose, so please take note. In that paper Frank practically claims to be THE steward of CFC, THE heart and soul of CFC, and therefore THE CFC. Anyone who does not align with him is not true CFC. Therefore, he says, follow him, not anyone else, and you're Ok.

(Yet he says CFC is not a cult.)

He justifies his actions by saying that the International Council is simply the elected leaders of the CFC Global Mission Foundation, Inc (GMFI), created under the laws of man. But he says CFC transcends the foundation. CFC is a spirit, and that spirit can move from one human foundation to another. Lo and behold! Frank seems to be saying now that the spirit of CFC is now with FFL and not with the GMFI, which he claims has veered away. This is consitent with his "THE CFC" mentality.

(Yet Frank says we should be in communion with the Bishops, who already said that CFC has every right to follow its own course independent of the Philippine bishops, and that the CFC "under the IC" retains recognition of the Church! This is the very same Church which Paul describes as the "the pillar and foundation of truth" -- see 1Tim 3:15.)

So, in Frank's own line of thinking, there is no "sheep stealing" because he has not really left CFC! How can he leave CFC when he is THE CFC! The sheep are Christ's, yes, and since Frank is THE CFC (in his own thinking); therefore these sheep are his! How can one possibly steal his own sheep? So, in Frank's line of thinking, who is stealing whose sheep? Do I need to tell you the answer?

(Yet Frank says he congratulated the International Council for winning in the elections. Di lang talaga sya nag-participate kasi ayaw nya mag-"disobey" sa Bishops.)

So what have we really here? How I wish it is simply a leg who wants to break away and be a body of his own. No. I think we have cancer. We have a bunch of cells in the CFC body that wants to overrun the rest of the body.

Shall we die?

If the pillar of truth is behind us, we have nothing to fear. The pillar of truth--the Catholic Church--is invincible by Christ's own words. "And so I say to you, you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it." Matt 16:18.

Let us all get inspiration from the history of our own Church. How many separated brothers and sisters does our Church have? Last count I've heard was "35,000 and counting." Each of these so-called "churches" claim that the Catholic Church has "veered away" from the gospel taught by Christ.

Satan has failed to topple Christ's bride in the last 2000 years by introducing schisms into its ranks. Does anyone even dare to think he would succeed now? If CFC is truly Christ's annointed--which I believe it is--then we shall transcend the human weaknesses of our leaders, just as our mother Church has; we shall survive our own schisms, just as our mother Church has; we shall survive the continued attacks on our dogmas, just as our mother Church has.

Will CFC survive? What are you talking about? Go back to your household meetings and teachings and personal prayer times and praise God each time and pray for those who hurt us. Then we contribute to the answer and not to the question.

God is Good. All the Time!

The RoundEyedToddler

Anonymous said...

Did you say "some have even called for the blog to be retired for the sake of peace"? No Please! I thought they say "the truth will set us free" let the whole truth then comes out through this blog. We cannot attain peace without knowing the truth. More power to you C.D. and God bless!

SAgent008 said...

para sa mga kapatid na gusto nang i-close itong blog at nagsasabing TAMA NA!:

kapatid, hwag masyadong high blood. thats the beauty of blogs, you can speak your mind out. sometimes it hurts but thats reality. nagtatanong lang naman for the sake of discussion. for the past 26 years these things did not surface. for the past 26 years, the opinions are not quite in the open. for the past years hindi ito naitanong. ngayon lang siguro nagkakaroon ng pagkakataon. sa pagtagal-tagal eh lilipas din yan. Kewl ka lang, kapatid.

You are free to read the comments and free to comment to readers as well. you can opt to read the comments that are informative and brush off those that you think are not.

puedeng ngumiti habang nagbabasa, puedeng mainis, humalakhak, malungkot. kapag medyo high blood ka na, suggest you read the FFL blogs... and then put a SMILE on your lips.

love you kapatid.
thanks... SAgent008

jhoanna marie said...

Definitely not! Sure, it's time to move on but unless the other hold their piece, why should we?

ayaw bay, di mahimo! said...

On the question of discontinuing the "In Defense of the Real CFC" BLOG,

the answer is an NO!
"no puede seƱor terminanar!" (that's my best attempt at Spanish, someone please the FFL brothers to translate).

Balik na lang tayo sa 'Pinas:

"Huwag po" in courteous tagalog
"ninanu ka? eku bisa!" in Kapangpangan
"apaynay? di mabalen" in ilocano
"ayaw bay, di mahimo" in cebuano
“ano ga ire, ala eh walang maisip na matino, eh” in the language of Joey Arguelles
“dehins, tsong” in vulgar street lingo of the ‘80s (ano ba equivalent nito ngayon, mga jologs?)

Anyway, how else could we in CFC off-set the e-mail output of Easter Group, who for lack of audience forces their message upon everyone whose name appears in the old e-groups addresses (from the CFC CEnter's computer files)?

Accdg. to some, when they see the Easter Group tag on their In-Box, the next button to press is "Delete"

So this Blog is to BE kept, retained and maintained!!

Makes one wonder, though, how long could you really keep all these notes, videos, mails kept in the blog file? How big a computer hardware capacity do you have to keep it going?

BY the way could you really keep these files for the next 5 years inside your blog?

Why am I asking? Because in 2012, my son will 18 years old and by then he’ll be in a better position to appreciate that the YFC (and its mother community CFC) that he knows today, is at that future year in 2012 is better, bigger, more vibrant and and still a community dedicated to loving the Lord (by loving the poor) because it went through A PARTICULAR TESTING in 2007 and survived it!

Social "Whether" Station said...

CD, how many "hits" does this blog site have compared to the "hits" of" has?

So in terms of popularity (read: utility), which site should be closed?

Anonymous said...

My answer is NO. I would like this blog to stay for as long as we are in crisis. What we should put to rest are the comments that can be labeled as unChristian or unkind. To my fellow bloggers, let us elevate the quality of our comments to a level that befits the name Christian. God bless.

Bro. Waray

Non-sequiturian said...

By the way, the headline of Inquirer, October 03, 2007:
"Abalos quits Comelec"

Will Abalos kaya ask all the other Commissioners of Comelec to resign also?

Yeah, yeah, I know this is non-sequitur! Sorry I had to ask. Sometimes I really get confused, I admit!

neokidntown said...

don't shut this down... it keeps us on our toes or more aptly on our knees praying.

especially if we can only find out why the site is getting harder to access....

Watching You from CyberSpace said...

If I were you, you wouldn't even think of closing down this highly succesful blogsite!

Look at the figures, review them now and then make a projection into December 31 2007.

If blog hits are "readership subscriptions" or "viewing minutes" then who is the advertiser who will not want to tap you as a potential market? Of course, size matters, "hit size" that is!

Kaya CD, dapat malalim ang prayer mo Bro, kasi baka maging ikaw ang "lode mine" to finance CFC's "dire straits"! Kaya sabi dasal ng marami kasi "greed" is also one big temptation.

Gets mo, Bro?

Then tulungan mo yung GK gumawa rin ng isang Blog na ganito!

BY the way Bro, I also pray that FFL will not try to convert you!!

WillyJ said...

Time to wrap it up?

CD, depends on your target audience.

They are any one of these probably: those still in the process of discerning; those who already made up their minds one way or another; those who wants to pitch in for either defense or offense; those who just wants some readable entertainment, and maybe those who probably just wants to simply read on for some updates. Their answers would range from a resounding yes, to a resounding no, or maybe to some degree in between. Maybe just go for the majority interest. But then maybe think about the single lost sheep too. Rather the sheep being stolen, in some views.

At the rate things are going, there's a still a pitched battle for minds and hearts going on. One side appears more of the righteous and aggrieved party, reduced to defending themselves either vigorously or meekly against continuing malicious attacks. Which one is which, depends on which side you're on. From the looks of things, this is going to be a looong drawn out one. Better set aside lots of gigs space there.

I think we should have a consolidated FAQ somewhere. Could be really useful without digging into the entire thing. Something which just addresses the core valid issues plainly, devoid of any speculation and brimfire. Facts speak for themselves, true. In apologetics, it is usually said: "A gentle word is heard above the shout".

I must extend my utmost thanks to you CD, for all your efforts in
providing and administering this blogspace. I know it takes a lot.
All that are essential to issues I think are already here somewhere.
So I think the blog has done its job as it is. Just a well written
FAQ will do, maybe with hotlinks to some points in the blog. But I personally wouldn't want to impose this on you, you've done great already. If you can continue the blog, fine, we'll be happy. But when all is said and done, this blog would have found its mark one way or the other.

Concerned said...

This blog should be kept alive. For many it is the only place they can here the reality of what has transpired.

I'm am repeatedly dismayed by the statements of Frank Padilla. How can he say many of these things? Is he sincere - does he honestly believe these things - or is he stooping to deliberate dishonesty in order to win numbers and power?

I am bitterly ashamed and disillusioned that one man has deliberately chosen to split apart one of the largest lay organizations in the world, after threatening to do so should elections not be postponed. That is truly tragic...I can't imagine the Apostle Paul ("Who is Paul? Who is Apollos?) ever doing the same.

I thought that CFC was different from other organizations (cults?) in the Philippines who merely follow a person...

I still hold some hope. How heartening to see such things as limited terms and greater transparency being proposed for the future of CFC (though not FFL, conspicuously). Perhaps such measures can prevent a similar abuse of cult-like power in future.

Anonymous said...

Here, in Isabela (Northeastern Luzon), when Frank Padilla came for THEIR Restoration Assembly, chapter leaders who were LOYAL to the Ex PAD, declared ALL members in their chapters FOR FFL. So, the call for the decision to be an individual/ personal one was a TOTAL LIE!

All my life, I believed that "gapangan" happens only during election time. Hindi pala! Kahit pag RECRUIT ng members ng FFL, me gapangan din! Now, who accuses sheep stealing?

Ernie said...

ANIMO for The RoundEyedToddler!!!

We NEED more BLOGS like YOURs.

Guys we need HELP out here, so we don't SOUND like the VOICE in the WILDERNESS.

I know you are ALL LISTENING out there, but others need to know you're ALIVE and KICKING.

Share what's happening in your Daily Prayers, your Households, if you don't have one, POST it here so we can help connect you.

Help us in the CABOOSE roll this MOVE ON TRAIN. It seems the train engineer fell into sleep and we can't even start the MULE CAR and pull us out from here. Not EVEN to sound the TOOT TOOT HORN that we are ready to GO.

We don't NEED to SHOUT, we don't need to share GRANDEOUS things, but the more voices we have from the CABOOSE (grassroots) may wake up our engineer.

We may NOT have GREAT thing to SAY but definitely we have SIMPLE WORDs with GREAT LOVE to share.....

Anonymous said...

No, I think you should keep on publishing both CFC-FFL and CFC-IC side of argument. Just try not to be bias let the reader see the truth themselves. I myself have not chosen any sides because I have not understood the real truth about the situation, but my wife already did and now we're the one arguing.

Anonymous said...

HI Bro or Sis Anonymous,

Whatelse you want to know? Truth is there already in the latest video, Sis Gigie Bro Joe mentioned. It was in Frank's Talk No 9 Prophecy, IT's word that starts with letter "E" as in "Envy" and Eve and makes Adam drive away as well.

Even the Bishops were not able to amend the differences.



Well, I would suggest to CD to keep the blog for information and update. NO MORE COMMENTS THAT ADD THE FIRE.

Remember, we have brethren that are not as spritually deep rightnow that they continue to grow in spirit with us, THEY are the one that I am protecting to eventually leave CFC and even DONT JOIN FFL.

Sleepless in NJ said...

i invite everyone see beyond our difference and see that everything comes for God and everything has its purpose.

Our trials, our joy, and yes... even this Website...

To all cfc, espeically the IC, this blogsite has its purpose in wisdom of God. It helped to inform everyone and is helping to create a healthy enviroment for dialogue.

In a way, this website have fostered a sense of community and a sense of bonding that we are not alone in our discernment and especially in our trials...

I will continue to pray for you (all who participated in this dialogue, especially you CD)

If you have any questions or concerns (post your comment)... I(we) are here, ready to listen.

Sleepless in NJ

Anonymous said...

as long as tito frank makes contradiction after contradiction, this issue cannot be put to rest. therefore, this blog must continue.

for the glory of God. and that's no joke, unlike this farce of a split.

nw-socal said...

I share the sentiments of eb-3c and others that you pursue this blog because this is our only venue where we can air our opinion so our leaders can feel the sentiments of the grassroots. I honor you brod for your wisdom in creating this blog.

FB'61 said...

Just continue with your blog. This has helped a lot of our brethren in our area understand the real issues.

This has cleared the real intention of FFL and the leaders and they're personal agendas.

Our whole Cluster is solid, they have watched all the videos and documents. No one went to frank's campaigning here.

While "frank for life" continues to insult many of us who do the real work, tuloy lang C.D.

Anonymous said...

CD, please do not stop this blog. This is the only one of which we happen to know some truth. All we hear is FFL's accusation through their email and never heard anything from the IC. This blog has helped us a lot discern where to go and we are very thankful doing this blog. May our good Lord continue to bless your talent

Anonymous said...

Hi CD, we would like to request if you can possible put back Gigi's video. We were told about it but never had the chance to see it. This might help us with our search for the truth. We are so confused now. We are in so much pain because of this things happening in our community. We still feel that division is not the solution. We feel there is no grounds for division. Please help us shed some light. Please post the video of Gigi Maipid.
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I still cannot comprehend ang GK3...lalo na pag ipinagtabi ko sya with GK2 paper. Totally different views. Di ba si Frank Padilla din ang nagsabi na CFC is GK and GK is CFC? And nakakaupset when they keep on pushing the veering away issue...because personally, I see a lot of CFC members who are very much into family renewal kesa sa GK. Yung mga nagcocomplain about GK, sila pa yung mga walang ginagawa sa GK. They say na "GK is good, I support GK..." san ka ngayon? hindi ko maintindihan. Minsan naiisip ko, tama na rin yung 'split' - para mayanig naman ang mga members na natutulog lang tapos nag cocomplain pa sa mga nag seserve sa GK.

Anonymous said...

I pity Frank... His reasoning has become ridiculously illogical already... The way he thinks and reasons right now is how Marcos was during People Power I, and how Erap was during People Power II...

Dati naiinis ako sa kanya... ngayon? Naaawa na ako...

Lord, please bless Frank...

Anonymous said...

CD, PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE THIS BLOG!!! I even suggest the IC or the Elders to implement an all-out information drive for all the CFC members as we are losing uninformed members to the DECEPTIONS being made by the other side. I notice that only a very few CFC members are having access to the Internet and to this blog. (Siguro mga 4,000 lang have access as represented by the member listing in the “Fulfilling the Mandate” and “CFC United” website, considering the almost 1M original members prior division started by FFL). The information presented in this website should be provided to the entire hierarchy of leaders down to the grassroot members and if still possible translated in the native tongue “Tagalog” since I believe more than half don’t have a good comprehension of written English (I stand to be corrected), kasi kung alam mg majority ang katotohanan, which in my discernment is contained in this blogsite, WALANG dahilan para lumipat sa kabila. Another thing, please note that Manny Villar is a presidentiable in 2010. Villar’s alliance with FP has also some political color. Let us not just sit down and watch openly being defeated by the enemy. To IC & Elders, please try to study, make strategies and do something concrete as not to loose some more members. Prayers have to be complemented by ACTIONS!!! God Bless us all…

Praying for Frank on his Birthday said...

To Frank P.
On the matter of stealing sheep!

The sheep you are taking to your FFL listing are already in God's protected corral, previously evangelized, cared for, given nourishment by God through the persons - remember you use to call them brothers/ sisters, not so long ago? - through the community you swore not to leave, dear old CFC!

Brother Frank where did we, - all who chose to remain in CFC - become so collectively guilty of your accusations & become so deceptive ( as your carelessly & w/o rhyme or reason classify us!)?

Brother Frank, why is it that FFL does not simply face up to the implied direction given you by God when you separated? FFL on July 30 raised its trumpets but its blare is directed to our collective ear - ruining our eardrums! - instead of directing it to the un-godly, un-evangelized world out there? Mission Sunday is around the corner, will you please pray on this your special day (happy Birthday!) that you could be given that real humility of heart to re-direct the efforts of your team (as we are praying in CFC!) to the other Christian Catholics out there who are not yet members of CFC, FOCOLARE, LIGHT OF JESUS & BLD?

Common sense lang ito, Bro, you do not need 'divine intervention'. What you are doing is harvesting the fruits of our vineyard, when you have declared that you are a gardener of different vineyard, a different shepherd.

Look, how would you feel if you were the one who did not resign and Joe Tale was the one in FFL and he is doing it to you?

Please look deeply into the 'urging of your true spiritual being'. This is a gift waiting for you to use. That is the sincerity of dealing w/ your former brethren by no longer putting stumbling blocks on their work.

For all the charges you make to CFC, God will be the one who will judge, punish, re-direct, protect us (As He would to FLL and you too!) but time and time again since that you went into an offensive, you would not rest, not stop...putting on that posture that it seems you alone are Holy and you alone deserve recognition.

I don't feel good telling you this. And I have not been feeling good since that fateful night of Feb 20, 2007, when your public reasons for resigning are not the "WHOLE" truth pala!

I beg you Frank, please lead the new way for FFL...redirect your trumpets.. push through with restoration to the those who are truly "unrestored" out there in the big wide mission field!

Then if you find time, kindly offer a small (that's all we ask) prayer for us!
Then please leave us to the mercy of God!

Anonymous said...

C.D. ,

I think for purposes of information, we need to keep this blog. Although we need to restraint ourselves from negativism this blog can sometimes emanates, we need this to help our discernments.

I am looking forward to that day that no more negative things we'll be said from both cfc and ffl.

I just want to share to you what I wrote in my blog.

//I don't have ANY REASON or ANY INTERESTof defending CFC but instead I have EVERY REASON AND EVERY INTEREST why I have to defend CFC right now through the Elected International Council because :

1. ) This is where I re-encountered Jesus Christ, that He is my saviour. When I went astray,( name all the vices, I had it) It was the singles for christ ministry who let me realized that only Jesus can satisfy my needs and wants.

.) This is where I share my faith with my brothers and sisters through our household meetings. I become passionate of my faith through serving f the family ministries, especially Kids for Christ. I saw how my member couples were reunited with each other's passion to love each other and love their kids.

3.) This is where I act out my faith as according to the Letter of James, faith without action is dead. Gawad Kalinga is one of the tools that we can act fully our faith in Him by helping those are the poorest of the poor.

4.) This is the FAMILY. In fact, this is whre I met my wife and my kids are product of CFC BLOOD.

Now, I don't have any reason to divide myself and bring all my members to another group because as far a I know the CFC before is the same to the CFC today . The mission and vision is still the same. If there are members who were misled and misguided to the extent that they became proud of their achievement, then we and even God can chastise them. It will be their personal accountability not ours. Who are we to judge and castigate them? Are we gods?

As far as I can get, I think the main reason why FFL comes out is because the Elders Assembly was disobedient to the suggestion of the bishops. But this problem could be solve internally without dividing ourselves. Even our bishops here mindanao bishops Afable and Pacana, told the elders in Mindanao that we just acted according to our by laws. There was no clear cut defiance of Church doctrines and laws. So why ? Indeed this is a purging moments for all of us.

However,I cannot malign this community which has changed a lot of lives , a lot of broken relationships have been healed because CFC has brought them to the real Christ. I will be a traitor if I will destroy this community. If anybody or somebody has veered away or committed mistakes then we must correct them brotherly or sisterly. We can even despise them as Jesus has told His apostles. But we cannot leave this community or divide this community just because we saw so many unfaithfulness, we are accountable for their correction.

Lamentations is real but we cannot lament forever. Do not make yourself lament forever because you want to change the community. Now if I will leave the community my lamentations will turn into mourning forever because this will sow chaos , disillusion, anger and confuse. I will not be happy to see my community behaving like this.


I am really really hurt. Words cannot describe how I felt when I heard my brothers and sisters who were former council members and former elders maligning CFC right now. They are saying that the International Council now is "annointed daw". Why make that statement? Remember that this council members now were your former household heads and even members before. They had not maligned you.! They had not made you a laughing stuff! They had obeyed even they your weaknesses.!

HURTING... HURTING....HURTING....If you please can hear the beatings of the hearts of all the members of CFC right now, I hope you will stop branding us a the "social and instituional one". If I am not mistaken as if it is suffice to say that we are just an organization not a christian group.

What must we do ? Let us pray that all of us will go to heaven. I hope what is happening now will not lead FFL and CFC to hell.

If we want to have salvation, let us all stop throwing each others faults.No one here can claim that FFL is the better way while CFC is not. We all have our charism. Let us all respect that. Instead let us help each other renovate the damaged bridges brought about by these crises. Let us not therefore confuse our members by saying that CFC is not anointed. We all are part of the mistakes.
So we must all be part of the solutions.

Let us all repent after all these lamentations. Of course, we have to have a change of hearts.


StairwayToHeaven said...

No, it's not time to wrap-up yet. I believe there is still a lot to know & learn. This spot aided us to re-think & re-consider our options. Helpful also are the valuable comments of some bros & sis who frequently visit this site. However, in so doing, I strongly encourage moderation and christian-ly manner of dealing with issues so as not to create an air of hate, negativity & persecution...It is normal that we sometimes do not agree with each other and therefore, we can always agree to disagree without being disagreeable...Truly one's true self & character shines forth in crises.
May the love of God & his peace will see us through in all times.

"It is not money, titles or possession that counts… but it is how we love one another that matters most…."

Sa madaling salita..ang hagdanan paakyat sa langit ay hindi sa pamamagitan ng pagdadasal lang at pagiging isang Katoliko lang..bagkus ito'y isang konkretong pagtugon sa pagmamahal na tinuro Nya sa atin...tulungan ang nangangailangan anu man ang kulay niya at pinagmulan...dahil tayong lahat ay anak ng Diyos...maski FFL, CFC, Katoliko o Mormon ka pa...

Anonymous said...

FFL said that there is no coercion in making people attend there activities...well maybe they have to ask jun junia and pancho lopez tan what they are doing with the beneficiaries of gk remarville...if they will not attend they will b ejected...and for the young ffl...why is it that if a ftw doesnt join you binabastos nyo...(xavy dont do it again ha)...and what kind of community are you building that is based on putting others down and labeling them us un christian?
I have 2 appeals for FFL to consider...
1. Can we all please move forward without maligning others.
2. tito frank pls stop acting like your God.

Anonymous said...






Ernie said...

To HI Bro or Sis Anonymous;

Thanks for the MOVE ON Blog.

We need the blog like yours to to START the MOVE ON TRAIN....

Anonymous said...


CD, iyan ang magandang i-poll!

Deal or no deal? With or without ID and blogger name, including CD? Anonymous Party? Sino'ng Worship leader, sino sa registration, sino sa venue? sino sa program, opening remark, atbp? Any volunteer?

May exchange gift ba?....and costume? Ano'ng theme?

Invite ba natin si Frank and Nonong in the spirit of Christmas?

Maligayang Pasko! Magsaya na Tayo!

Anonymous said...

my naisip akong title ng reality show natin!

dapat sana HERO kasi yun ang sikat ngayon sa US at sa pinas,kaya lang baka masilip ulit tayo na we are raising heroes but not holy.

sikat din sa US and pinas ang PRISON BREAK!kaya why not call the show " community break".medyo may similarity kasi ang story.

Seasson 1 of prison break is all about the greed of power,deception and MONEY.

SEASON 2 OF PRISON BREAK is about the search for TRUTH!

Season 3 (di pa ako nakakakita sa quiapo)

what do you think anonymous?

*** christmas party is A good idea for me.lahat ng bloggers invited (CFC and FFL). i wanna suggest some foods
1. CRAB and Corn soup

Sa mga blggers na Highblood bawal sa inyo 2,just incase gusto nyo.magbaon na lang kayo ng Calsibloc,pero mas maganda del monte pine apple juice na lang para walang sabit sa drug manufacturer.


Ernie said...

Bro CD,

This blog "WillyJ said...
Time to wrap it up?" says it ALL.

This is it, DON'T WRAP IT UP.

Anonymous said...


YES WE HAVE TO MOVE ON, Tapos na ang Boxing. What else we want to do? What is our motive to express our sentiments while EVE and ADAM already leave Paradise. NO HOPE OF COMING BACK, PROBABLY the sons and daughers will make us UNITE AGAIN, Who knows? Only time will tell.

AGAIN, the caused and the truth to all of these is letter E, ENVY, EVE and I ADD EVIL.


Ok I would like to share this commentary from our brother in Toronto. Please read below.

This blog "defending the real CFC" presents copies of official documents, and media of information which you can download for your own files, as well as opinions, comments, emails, and other written things, a compendium of data. It is a result of investigative journalism. Some of the comments are graphic and emotionally accusative but one who has faith can possibly sort through it and see the various mind sets of the people commenting and defending their particular view points. Some are well written and reflects the maturity of our leaders and members as we dwell in this situation.

Respect all the comments. Everyone is entitled to their own piece but as you go through the discussions, dissertations, you will arrive at the unequivocable bits of information that reflects the truth, and pray as you thumb through the pages. You will see the tail of the evil one wag through words and try to dislodge the focus of your mind. Hold the hands of your angels as you go through some comments. Be at peace as you journey through and you will pick up the golden nuggets of truth along the way.

Do not rely on hearsay, read and read ... like we do in passages, look at the context, set aside the angry words, and only look at kernels of truth embedded in the messages. Search with the lamplight of love so that you can see beyond the ugly things in the blog and arrive at the harbour of love and truth. Avoid judgement, just read.

We are Couples For Christ, you and I, not perfect in our ways but faithful and in love with our God and our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

And in Him, we love one another and hurting one another must be always the farthest thing in our heart.

Go and search for His truth.

Have an open mind and discern as you have been gifted by the Lord.

God bless.

Anonymous said...


Ang galing ng proposal ni Anonymous! Agree ako jan, let's have a bloggers' Christmas party. It could be a ballroom dance Christmas pary.

Parang biglang naging masaya ang atmosphere sa blog. Let's move forward mga kapatid.

Bro. Waray

Anonymous said...

From: Easter Group
Subject: The Way Forward #4The Way Forward #4

October 1, 2007

Bro Frank said “ I had also suggested to quite a few countries that the way to keep themselves united is to insulate themselves from the conflict in Manila”

Then read the e-mail below, What he’s saying is insulate yourself until I come to you. Bro. Frank, what you say and what you do are exactly the opposite. It's very obvious, mga kapatid gising na!

From: Frank Padilla

Date: Sep 22, 2007 2:38 PM

Subject: mission report

To: "Movement Core Gp"" "Resto

Hello all. We're back! And it has been a very fruitful and blessed
mission trip.

Aug 29-Sept 2 -- Germany . Euro Conference. Despite Joe Yam's discouraging people to attend, and his labeling the conference as no longer a CFC but an FFL conference, more than expected came. Over 500 pax. We had an opportunity on Saturday evening (fellowship) to have aside meeting with over 100 brethren re the conflict. After the
conference on Sunday afternoon, we had a Q&A with over 300 pax. We also had a mini-ICE (Int'l Core of Elders) meet on Sunday where Tony Correia (head of India ) and John Peter Vui (head of Vietnam ) were present.

Sept 3-4 -- Austria . Restoration assembly in Vienna with about 400 pax. Austria is over 90% for CFC-FFL.

Sept 5 -- Rome . It was a minor miracle that a meeting was arranged with Archbp Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (which recognized CFC). It was very good. He seemed to know about the conflict. All his pronouncements were along our lines. He stressed the importance of our original charism, the family. He said we are
Church and not a social agency (read his lips as to what he is saying!), and it is important to carry our Catholic identity. He recognized me as founder. He will consult with the Phil bishops.

Sept 5 -- Zurich . Assembly of about 45 pax. Zurich is FFL.

Sept 6 -- Geneva . Assembly about 35 pax. Their concern is for unity. The body is divided between IC and FFL.

Sept 7 -- New Jersey . Resto assembly with 400 pax. Mainly pro-FFL. Aside from couples, NJ FFL includes all of SOLD, HOLD and Couple Coordinators of SFC and YFC. In the region, NY, Connecticut , Rhode Island are FFL.

Sept 8 -- Maryland/Virginia/Wash DC. Resto assembly with 70 pax. Key strategic leaders, representing 40% of total leadership but 90% of those active and zealous. Given the trend of support, our leaders there estimate FFL will get 70% of CFC, 90% of YFC, 60% of SFC, 100% of SOLD, 30% of HOLD and GK.

Sept 9 -- NJ. Wedding of Angelo Banaria and Janice Tolledo.

Sept 10 -- Chicago . Resto assembly with 160 pax. Illinois is majority with FFL.

Sept 11 -- Houston . It was great to be with Edwin y Nila again. They are doing well, and are really God's provision to strengthen our presence in the USA and Latin America . Resto assembly with 140 pax. Houston is majority with FFL. Dallas and Rio Grande Valley are all with FFL.

Sept 12 -- Los Angeles . Joe Tale met earlier with Bp Solis, and was told in no uncertain terms that CFC should come out with clear principles re GK, like not dealing with pharmaceuticals dispensing contraceptives. His continued support for GK will depend on how the IC acts. I had a meeting with Joe Tale with Fr Francis Mendoza (former YfC) and brethren on both sides, but nothing was resolved. Assembly 220 pax, but both Joe and I spoke and answered prepared
questions. No debate.

CFC Las Vegas leaders say they are 90% for FFL.

Sept 13 -- North California . Assembly 220 pax. Many expressions of support and appreciation. But body is split and many undecided, hoping for unity. It is said that the governance team is 4-1 in favor of the IC, but that the Cluster Heads are 4-1 in favor of FFL.

Sept 14 -- NorCal ( Modesto ). Assembly 40 pax. Modesto is mainly with FFL.

Sept 15 -- Winnipeg . Growing restoration movement (Canada NC is for IC and suppressed info on issues). 1st Resto Assembly with 200 pax. Complete with FFL IDs. Structure in place, incl governance and finances.

Sept 16-17 -- Toronto . 1st Resto Assembly for West side with 300 pax. Resto assembly the next day for East side with 250 pax. From a start of just 3 couples a month ago, we have grown tremendously, with 10 out of 15 chapters affiliating with CFC-FFL! Despite Toronto being the center for the Canada NC and for Ancop, we now have 60% of Ontario , and still increasing. The whole music ministry is with FFL.

CFC-FFL is already a registered legal entity in Canada.

Sept 18 -- NJ. Met with leaders, about 100 pax. NJ is 80% for FFL. Tony Meloto was also in NJ and his GK meeting had half the number, and half of that were non-CFC.

Sept 20 -- Amsterdam . Assembly with 28 pax. 4 out of 5 NC are with the IC. However, all the original couples (including the ND) are for FFL. It is uncertain how CFC Netherlands will go.

Sept 21 -- fly to Manila , arriving today.

We can say Europe is overwhelmingly for CFC-FFL. The USA is a great majority for CFC-FFL. Canada has a rapidly growing restoration movement and I will not be surprised if it also goes mainly CFC-FFL. I will visit the other provinces in October.

The IC and its supporters continue with outright disinformation and misrepresentations. Joe Tale even called the head of CFC Costa Rica and gave his deceptive inputs. The IC does not even know anyone in Latin America and do not know Spanish! It seems they think nothing about disrupting CFC in their quest for a stray sheep or two.

God is good. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless.


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

Anonymous said...

Nakakatuwa and we bloggers seem to have that degree of UNITY na wala pa(?) between CFC-IC & FFL. How about establishing a CFC-BLOG Faction headed by CD? (Just adding humor to this yet divisive community)
Agree ako to have a get together party maybe in this forthcoming Holloween? Everybody is invited and some members need not wear horrifying masks if they have it naturally.
Thank you and may you receive more Gifts from the Holy Spirit kapatid na C.D. We pray for you.

esti said...

ballroom dancing? paano naman kaming mga bagets lawl.

teka, halloween? di naman kaya masita tayo being something related to the "dark side" when we meet up or celebrate halloween? hi hi hi...

siguro since malapit-lapit na ang GK1World expo at ang kelangan lang natin gawin ay pumunta ng venue, siguro maganda mag kita kita na lang muna dun. para lang magkaroon ng face behind the names (na walang pictures/blog links).

plano ko pumunta ng GK expo.. kitakits na lang hahaha

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla said: "Joe Tale even called the head of CFC Costa Rica and gave his deceptive inputs."

Can anyone confirm if these words are really from Brother Frank Padilla? I've met the man and I would never think he is capable of these words. It's just so judgmental and absent of the fruits of the Spirit such as gentleness, self-control and peace. I remember his talk a while back about self-denial and to feel joy when people hurt you.

Frank Padilla said: "The IC does not even know anyone in Latin America and do not know Spanish!"

Again, pls confirm if this is from our Brother Frank. It's uncalled for. Insulting one's inability to speak Spanish is irrelevant to the issues.

I guess we just have to pray that our very own Brother Frank who we love and very thankful for will be victorious in the spiritual battle deep within him. May God bless him and all of us.

Anonymous said...

CD, thank you so much for not wrapping up your blog. It helps us a lot especially for us here in North America. We only hear the FFL bombarding so many accusations but never from the IC. We are very grateful for the characters showed to us - it tells us to be more forgiving and compassionate. Kudos to the IC.
Frank P., we admired you so much and we pray that God will give you the grace of humility. We do not need 2 groups. Please come back and join the CFC. If you humble down, we will admire you even more. May God bless you and bless your heart. May He take away the pride in you. Please know, that even if you have hurt us by creating a new group, we still love you very much and we are hoping that one day you will make our dreams come true - come back, the present IC will surely accept you with loving arms. You can still serve in whatever capacity you can with CFC as you have stated on the day you resigned. Please eradicate FFL. Please soften your heart for the love of God and for the love of the community. We only want 1 CFC. Please listen to the cry of the people. Please Frank, we ask you to be merciful, please eradicate FFL

Anonymous said...

Brothers and Sisters in the FFL, I have sensed an inkling that there is really a branding among us. Tito Frank has signaled it in his pronouncements now that it seems only in FFL can we have a real relationship with Jesus. I hope we will not be misled by these actions because this is equivalent to being judgemental and prejudiced.

Even in the prounouncements of the Church , it is stated that salvation does not belong only to the catholic church. It can even be given freely to those who do not know Jesus yet, like people who does not hear about Jesus throughout their lives as long as they believe in "the way, the truth and the life". Being affiliated therefore with one's group like CFC or CFC GK , as you call it, will give us a share of salvation. What is important is we must repent, believe in the Gospel and be born again. What I mean with born again is not the sects that we now see but being pure again like you were like a child for as Jesus said, "let the children come to me for the kingdom belong to such as these" (Mark 10:14)

I understand what he meant , he just wanted to be " messiah" in his own way. I hope he will not come to the extent of being too focused on his mission. I believe he is prophetic and visionary. I have sensed that even before. You cannot lead a community in 25 long years with a tremendous growth and has even become the world's largest catholic renewed community.

However, you as his members must try to advice and help him to slow down. It might eat him up. Too much messianic complex, is definitely detrimental for his sense of spirituality.


Anonymous said...

hello mga tito and tita.. wag naman po sana muna ninyo ipatigil ang blog na ito.. kasi dito ko lang nalalaman ang mga nangyayari sa community.. interactive kumbaga.. hirap din kasi mangalap ng impormasyon kasi nasa ibang bansa ako.. at least dito nasasabi ang mga gustong sabihin.. salamat po.. God bless.. yngat po sila lagi..

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Tony Corriea,

Yes, it would have been nice to see Frank, Tony and Vic Gutierrez in the blessing of the FFL Office.

The CFC Council should have been invited too! It would have been a better sight, at least even for a few hours.

Once members will see a picture with all these guys around plus some bishops probably, then they can think to stop blogging already as they are just being used as pawns.

Maybe, everyone will try to move forward already. What's the point in blogging when the leaders are already hugging!

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi CD, This blog has truly helped us as we went through the crisis. As we mourned, got angry,and accepted the separation, it was through this blog that many of our thoughts and feelings were clarified. In the beginning, i was just very sad with what was happening around us. Then I felt anger when FFL through some of its leaders began to destroy our community. You see,October 21 2007 is our 25th anniversary in Couples For Christ. You have to understand how painful this is for us. I did not need to discern where to go.
We have seen a lot of weaknesses in our former leaders but we have accepted them as men with feet of clay...but what is so disappointing is how they have tried to destroy our beloved community..and claim it pa as their own. For the record, i want to reiterate that Vic Gutierrez of Ligaya ng Panginoon started Couples for Christ with the help of RaulSarceda.Frank came much later and later, broke away from the mother organization.With the passion of the early members, evangelization in the provinces followed.I do not deny that Frank gave his heart to CFC. But can't CFC run without him?
This blog has done its job of defending CFC. Should you close it? I will miss it if you do!!! This blog should inspire others to be better CFC members and leaders through sharings etc. The thought of a Christmas party is cute...nakatatawang mga suggestions. HALLOWEEN IS BETTER, THEN YOU CAN WEAR MASKS AND YOU DON'T NEED TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF. HA HA THANKS AGAIN CD

CFC Ostrich said...

Dear C.D.

The DEFENDINGCFC blog has been constructed for a purpose. God has made you the lead instrument to unshroud the deceptiveness and untruth surrounding the CFC conflict.

On the other hand ,you and the rest of us who are blog contributors should be careful how to handle the success GOD gives to this site. Let us keep in mind that everyone are instruments in the hands of the Creator.

Isaiah 10: 15 reads :

" But the Lord says, " Can an ax claim to be greater that the man who uses it? Is a saw more important than the man who saws with it? A club doesn't lift up a man: a man lifts up a club".

This blog should stay for now.And all the bloggers out there let us carry through as channels of God's peace and love.