Friday, October 5, 2007

Council Statement on the Pfizer Issue

Thanks to those who emailed me this. I converted it to PDF to make it easier to view. This council statement is in response to the issues being brought up by the FFL about GK's involvement with supposed anti-life companies. I applaud the council for acting decisively in this matter and showing us all how weak the FFL's arguments were.

Download the PDF file HERE for distribution. You all might want to send the birthday boy a copy too along with your birthday wishes. I was going to say you should also address it on the FFL blog entry on this issue, but some of you beat me to it already, GOOD GOING!

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Anonymous said...

Question for FAP:

Why didn't he meet with those Pharma Companies regarding these issues? Why didn't he fight it head on as the head of CFC before? Now he left the IC to handle it by themselves while he is out of CFC-GK? And all he does now is to criticize the IC? He still has a reponsibility in this and I think he should be the one talking with those Pharma Companies.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this new info.

Actually I wrote the following blog to last sept 29, 2007 the day after you publish regarding tito frank's announcement that he bought depo provera in mercury.

The following blog has given me palpitations since it has elicited many varied responses though mostly from FFL. You can read on their blog.

I felt that there was a total distortion of truth and a blatant lie regarding tito frank's claim that "again IC is telling us a lie regarding depo provera". I am a medrep and I know how a drug recall is being managed. He should have investigated first before concluding that indeed the IC lied about pfiezer stopping of depo.

Here is the blog I wrote to them ( you can view their responses )but I think you can only do it if you have registered at

//Bro. Frank sayang! Dito sa _____ Wala na naniniwal sa yo.Kung meron, di ko sila nakikita. Noon , we perceive you as prophetic one. Now gone are those times.Lahat kasi ginagawa mo puro atake. You level off yourself to some of our fundamentalist brothers and sisters in the other sects and religions.But at least sila hindi masyadong hypocrites.

Before you judge us, kunin mo muna yung puwing sa mata mo!

Basahin mo lahat ng nangyayari sa defendingcfc.blogspot baka maliwanagan ka.

Sayang! Ang taas ng respeto namin sa yo noon.

But we still pray for you na sana wag ka na masayadong magbato ng mga lies.

Wow, you bought depo from mercury! Did you investigate why is there pfiezer in it?
You don't want to support companies that produce pills? but you've been doing it for your entire life since this companies are producing most of the basic and vital medicine line in the world.

Come on, make up your mind.I guess you read the facts given my C.D. thru the email of marithe_57.

Ironic, your theme found in your site along with those phrases you qouted from Zephaniah will seem to boomerang to you.

Do not spread lies. Do not spread division. DO NOT MISLEAD US!

Gusto na naming mag move on. Respeto lang ang hinihingi //

Now, I feel vindicated. AT LAST.

A DepoProvera User said...

Hi, Brothers and Sisters. I have been meaning to comment on the matter of Pfizer's sale of Depo Provera for some time but have hesitated since I wasn't sure what doing so would contribute to the discussion. Reading the statement from the CFC GM, I finally decided to add my two cents. I personally used Depo Provera injectibles when I was still in the Philippines back in 2003 and the irony is I was using it because I wanted to get pregnant.

I was first diagnosed as having endometriosis in 1996 while pregnant with my daughter. My OB-GYN back then could not believe that I was just one month pregnant when my tummy looked 3 months so she had an ultrasound done and that's how the cysts were discovered. At that time I didn't really have any of the symptoms associated with endometriosis except for some pain whenever I had my period. Anyway, the doctor thought it best for me to have a cystectomy and so I had one despite my fears for the life of my unborn child.

By God's grace the surgery was successful save for the big ugly scar down my tummy and our daughter was born healthy via normal delivery in May 1997. Three years later I started experiencing severe back pain, pain that would shoot all the way down to my foot. I was regularly seeing another OB-GYN at this time (i.e. the one who delivered my daughter) because Marlon and I were trying to conceive and the doctor had me taking these expensive drugs that would enhance the chances of fertility. I asked her the possibility of the endometriosis recurring and she didn't think that was the cause of my pains since I had them even when I didn't have my period. So for several months I was in great pain, popping pain relievers every few hours so I could get through the day and get my work done. I went to several specialists, even underwent an MRI but nothing helped to ease my pain which was so bad that there were times I entertained the thought of hurling myself down the steps of our 2-story home just so I could be knocked unconscious (we were not yet in CFC back then). Finally I saw another OB-GYN as part of our Company's annual Executive Check-up and she confirmed that the endometriosis was back "with a vengeance". She had me scheduled for surgery the following week. So by August 2000 I was again endometriosis-free and pain-free.

In June2001 my husband Marlon came to Houston for work and my daughter and I stayed in Manila with the understanding that we would follow once he is certain that this is where we would like to raise our family. 9/11 happened and made us re-think our plans but when we visited Marlon in Dec 2002 we agreed that our family would be better off living in Houston so we bought a house in Tomball. My daughter and I went back to the Philippines for me to tie lose ends and resign properly from my work. I made sure to have my annual Executive Check-up knowing fully well that I wouldn't have insurance when we got to the US and that's when again, I was diagnosed as having endometriosis. This time my new OB-GYN didn't want to do surgery since it would already be the 3rd and each surgery leaves scar tissue that wasn't good. She gave me 3 treatment options ranging from the very expensive to the least expensive, and I of course went with the least expensive, i.e. DEPO PROVERA injectibles. Yes, this was being marketed at that time as contraceptives, i.e. one dose stops women from ovulating for 3 months. No ovulation means no menstrual period, hence no blood to feed the growth of the endometriosis. For my purpose, however, I was not just taking 1 dose per quarter: My doctor prescribed 1 dose per week. So for about 2 months I would have the Company nurse inject the DEPO PROVERA into my hip (i.e. targeting the ovaries). Thankfully it worked in shrinking the cysts and my doctor was hopeful that I would already have a better chance of conceiving when I joined my husband in the US . My daughter and I came to live in Houston in June 2003, but as of this writing we are still waiting for God's gift of pregnancy. This is not surprising since it is really rare for women to get pregnant when they have endometriosis so the fact that I have one child today is already a miracle in itself.

When I read that DEPO PROVERA is the "contraceptive" Bro. Frank was rallying against, I couldn't help feel that I was personally being condemned for being one of its users even though he doesn't even know me. It's the way he said it. I guess if he can demonize the company that allegedly manufactures this drug, just imagine what he thinks of those who actually use it. Of course, his supporters may say that he’ll make an exception for my case being that I was using it to create life but going by his sweeping condemnation of GK on the basis of isolated incidents; I cannot help but wish that he could be more charitable when he makes pronouncements. Charity is not just about giving donations to those in need. Charity is more importantly about “being merciful or kind in judging others” (see Merriam-Webster definition).

I took pains to reveal details of my private struggle with endometriosis because so many women have been diagnosed with this condition and to this day doctors do not know what actually causes it much less how to treat it completely. One need only google “endometriosis” to find websites devoted to supporting women suffering from this condition all over the world. I am bothered by the idea that DEPO PROVERA will no longer be available to the women in the Philippines because, as I’ve said, back in 2003 this was for me the least expensive treatment option for my endometriosis. Note that in those days I was a highly-paid executive at a US-owned company with just one child to support, so just imagine how cost-prohibitive the other treatment options would be for ordinary working women with more children.

Knowing first-hand how painful and stressful it is to live with endometriosis, I cannot help but feel sorry for the Filipino women who will just have to bear their pain from endometriosis, pain that intensifies whenever they get their menstrual period. I know this firsthand because last year I went to the Tomball Women’s Health Clinic for a very expensive “women’s wellness exam” and was told that my endometriosis cyst was again very large. The treatment options given to me were beyond our single-income family’s means so for almost a year now, I simply make sure that I have enough pain relievers and heat pads on hand when that time of the month comes along. Thankfully, since joining CFC in 2005, I’ve learned to be more prayerful. So yes, there are days when I wish I was back in the Philippines were I could easily afford to get treatment like using DEPO PROVERA. My apologies, Bro. Frank, if such thoughts are offensive to you. Fortunately for me, our Lord Jesus Christ is “charitable” so I know that He will be merciful in judging me for having such thoughts.

God’s abundant grace and kindness on all of us.

Sis Melo

Anonymous said...


The IC should also decide regarding wyeth. I am 100% sure that they are presently producing and marketing pills. But who approved this tie up? It seemed that tito frank threw the dung on the present IC.

He is using it as his marketing strategy to entice new members and even encouraged cfc members to join him.

Tito frank, wag naman ganun. Kasalanan natin to , kasalaman mo to, We should have solved in hand in hand.

Do not throw the blame on the IC.G0d , tito frank , will help us. Maawa ka naman sa mga brothers and sisters mo noon, pinapasubo mo na gusto mo pa pata...

Anyway, I know how forgiving tito Joe tale and the rest of the IC. The spirit of the lord will guide them.Kudos!

C.D., SOLD member ka b? hehe

Migs said...

Yes, it’s a lie but who is lying? According to IC, Pfizer told them that they do not carry Depo Provera anymore. According to website, it is “Brought to you by Pfizer”. Who’s lying?

They are telling contradicting things, who is telling the truth?

Anonymous said...

as usual the FFL had an answer to this issue. hugas-kamay ba tawag dun?!

i see the washing of hands being frequently done. i thought LENT was several months ago pa. but it seems its becoming a regular activity...

CD, i am almost sure that the washing of hands will also happen on the CFC-DOH issue. they will say it was Joe Yam who signed the MOA!!! eh sino ba ang nakinabang dun? hmmmm

Anonymous said...

this is what xavy have to say about the issue of pfzer in the restorecfc multiply:

xavy: check out and you will see that it hasn't been stopped at all

cfconly(alias of one the multiply member): XAVY, why Frank did not object when in FACT he was present during the signing of MOA with this companies?

xavy: ask him. :)

nice answer bro!kawawa naman t2 frank,shock absorber ng mga tanong na hindi masagot ng mga love ones and friends nya.mga bloggers since yan na ang email ni t2 fap why not email him re this issue.sya ha wag si xavy kasi all you can get is : ask him. :)

ill try to email fap now and ask him if its ok for him to join the bloggers anonymous christmas party.

o ha! said...

1. The sole culpability of Frank seems to be the only focus of the latest IC statement regarding contraceptives and the pharma companies. It completely misses the point that the IC is a fraternal and collegial body that decides on the basis of consensus and unanimity. The fact is there are at least 3 other members of the present Council who were also part of the old Council. They were Joe Tale, Joe Yamamoto, and Rouquel Ponte. The selective blame seemed to point to Frank. Was it not Joe Yamamoto who spearheaded the drive to involve the pharma companies as Head of Gawad Kalusugan?

1.1 The erroneous impression this statement could have created is that Frank imposed on the IC's collective will. But isn't this collective will the IC's decision rather than a decision of one? Isn't this in the same vein of taking the "collective responsibility" as a Council when the resignations were announced?
1.2 After complimenting Pfizer, the IC also says " However, it now appears that some remaining stocks of Depo Provera continued to be on sale in drugstores." The direct implication of this admission is regardless of what Pfizer says, they continue to sell the products and the products can still be purchased over the counter. Their social responsibility does not terminate in ordering the stoppage of sales and dissociating with USAID and the Department of Health. Pfizer should have pulled out their stocks from the outlets a long time ago. Unless they would not like to refund the outlets for the stocks already bought.

2. We have it from Bro. Frank himself that he did not actively support the program to the extent that the IC has dramatized it. As Chair of GK then, he was not directly involved in the actual operations of Gawad Kalusugan which is still headed by Dr. Joe Yamamoto.

3. The Council has made it appear that Depo Provera was produced by Pharmacia and Pfizer stopped production and sales after acquiring Pharmacia. The question remains: Why was the vial of Depo Provera bought clearly indicate it was produced by Pfizer Belgium and distributed by Pfizer Philippines? Note as well that the vial was bought from one of the newly opened branches of Mercury Drug which began its operations only about over a month ago. This tells us of the recency of the stock that was purchased.

4. There are also those who go into faulty and rash generalizations that the pharma companies mentioned also manufacture other products for enhancing life and well-being. The question asked is should we refrain from buying these other products? We reiterate our earlier statement that: "This is not about altruism and philanthropic endeavors of companies like Pfizer and Wyeth which deserve commendation, but about their production and marketing of contraceptives. It is about the adherence of CFC/GK to the Catholic tenets and its own statutes." Clearly, our foci are on the contraceptives and the partnerships with CFC/GK.

5. There are those who have made comparisons of manufacturing/selling/buying contraceptives to the act of buying a cigarette or purchasing a gun. By these comparisons, they would make us believe that the manufacture and sale of contraceptives is an indifferent act. What matters is what do you do with what you purchase. Of course, we beg to disagree. The manufacture, sale and purchase of contraceptives is not per se indifferent but intrinsically evil from the start because one has the intent to destroy life itself and actually destroy it when one uses it. Buying a gun or even smoking a cigarette are indifferent acts for obvious reasons. And who could be the better judge than the Pontifical Commission for the Family in Vatican? The CBCP was not far behind in affirming this in its Aug. 28 letter to the community.

6. Quite sadly, with the council's statement, we do not detect any repentance. We only see possible fulfillment of the Church's requirement because it was forced to, for the sake of compliance. The Council has made it again appear it is still run by the "law," similar to its insistence to hold the June elections despite the strong admonition of the Bishops to the contrary. And we ask: where is the Spirit in this action?

7. We are also being faulted for being over-vigilant in this issue. However, we feel that it is still part of our covenant to expose to the light that which has been kept hidden in darkness and untruth. We feel this is our bounden duty to the Church and to the Bishops because we are sworn to protect and defend at all times their teachings. Jesus boldly exposed the untruths and hypocrisies of the Pharisees during His time and we are not sure if he would agree to a silent and indifferent stance in this fundamental issue concerning the protection of life.


jiggs said...


i guess you are aware naman of this MOA since the partnership started in Sept 2005. cguro naman may nakasulat na provisions jan sa MOA.

may i ask the following:
1. what is the scope of the partnership?
2. what sort of medicines will be provided by these companies to GK?
3. does it include the provision of contraceptives [such as depo provera], condoms to our beneficiaries as part of the MOA? - i am almost sure it DOES NOT include such provisions!
then what the heck !!!

jiggs said...

I am sure that FAP is aware of the provisions of the MOA with these pharma companies.

ano ba yung scope ng partnership? kasama ba dun yung supply ng contraceptives? hindi naman siguro...

yung pagpili kung anong gamot ang i-su-supply ng mga pharmas na ito - who will decide? sila ba o ang CFC? ang pakiwari ko.. it will be CFC who will decide or request for these medicines based on the profile and the need. so malamang, mga gamot para sa sipon, ubo, diarrhea [TB, high blood].

siguro naman hindi tayo magre-request ng Depo-Provera from them... or pills or condoms... i think tayo pa din ang mag-de-decide kung anong claseng gamot ang hihingin natin sa kanila di ba...

unless it is stated in the provisions in the MOA that these pharmas will be allowed to distribute ANY of their products FREELY to any GK site... then there's the loophole... nakasaad ba yung sa MOA?... hindi siguro... pero wala naman akong alam eh...

JoPen-SA said...

To ALL Bloggers:

Bago pa man magkalimutan, may GK Expo daw on Oct 26-28. Kitakits tayo dun! Puede ba tayong magkita kita dun at magkakila-kilala.

What do you suggest? When and Where can We meet? Do we Wear something to be easily recognized?

CD, can you please make a side bar for this. Pati announcement na rin of sorts.

I think most of us will be there on Saturday, thats when most of the activities happen naman. Let us wait for the list of activities and see what time is available for us to meet.

Okay po ba? - JoPen-SA

Sleepless in NJ said...

To Villar or not to Villar
To Pfizer or not to Pfizer

I have no issues if FAP is connected to Villar or CFC's affiliation with drug companies. God will be the judge. All I can do is pray that God may move the hearts of men.

I don’t like the double standard FAP runs his propaganda. Let me judge CFC for having such affiliation while I benefit from Villar's Support. Now, who is self-righteous?

CFC is only informing its members in reaction to FAP allegations. It is only to INFORM "cfc members" not to criticize others. The IC makes an official comment, you guys are quick to make counter comments, shshshsh (relax).

Now, can we really stop people from using contraceptives.... better yet... while we are at it... can we stop Filipino youths from having premarital sex... or stop the increase of divorce, etc?
Do you get my point?

With the government push for population control, how can we make a difference? Can we really make a difference? We have been self-righteous in criticizing others for being sinners. Just because we are in CFC or FFL, we have this notion that we are the chosen ones and we are more holier than others.

AHHH!!! I can’t be associated with such and such because they are sinners!!!

We sound like Pharisees and Sadducees of old, thinking that we are the sole inheritors of God's Love. Those outside the temple are worthless sinners.

We are so focus on the big picture of change that we forget the small picture. I can’t stop someone from buying contraceptives (even God has given them free will), or criticize FAP for endorsing Villar, or Pharma Companies making bad drugs.

I CAN ONLY PRAY!!! AND ASK... the LORD TO CHANGE ME... make me a better Christian and I pray for FAP, Pfizer, IC, and all us sinners that He may forgive our sins ... as we forgive others...

"God does not aspire us to be successful but He desires his children to be faithful" - Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite

(Sorry for typo or grammar errors... I am ADHD, BIPOLAR, and a sinner. It is so hard to put my thoughts in writing and it is very laborious. Thank you Jesus for grace and mercy. Without You I am lost)

Anonymous said...

to O Ha!

AS WE SPEAK, CONGRESS IS POISED TO DELIBERATE AND POSSIBLY APPROVE AN APPROPRIATION OF 2 BILLION PESOS FOR THE DISTRIBUTION OF FREE CONTRACEPTIVES. AS IN THE PAST, WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS MOVE AS PART OF OUR COVENANT AND ADVOCACY. WE HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE THAT THE FIGHT GOES BEYOND CFC AND GK AND THE PHARMAS BECAUSE IT IS A FIGHT TO PROTECT THE SACREDNESS AND DIGNITY OF LIFE ITSELF.....In The household of Frank and the owner of FFL's office is a congress woman who is self confessed Pro-Choice congress woman.. and co-Author of a pro-choice housebill... Why don't you ask her what is happening in congress..Why doesn't Frank ask her to stop the bill...Baka magalit mawalan nang office ang FFL... O..Haha!

Anonymous said...

CD and perhaps anyone of you or even perhaps FFL people - please shed me some light. Why does Frank continue to hurt us with what he is doing. Doesn't he have a heart. FFL please ask your leader to stop. He is not following the character of Jesus. Past is past, why keep on repeating the same issues. Wake up Frank and smell the real coffee. Enough please, you are hurting us more. Is this what you call a prophet - to hurt ordinary members like us. We are enjoying the fruits of CFC, our family is intact and in our own little capacity serving the Lord. Please anybody, why must Frank continue to destroy. Why not follow TM, quiet and truly willing to let go of his position. Frank, sorry but the more you do these things, the more people will start to hate you. If you are truly a man of God, please stop hurting us. You claim that you have not left CFC and that you are the restorer. But what are you doing, you are a destroyer. You go from one country to another country to devour its members and you continue to hurt us by doing this. Requesting anyone from FFL, please talk to your leader Frank. This is not very Christ like attitude that he is showing. Please please please..... if there is still a decency left in your heart, then STOP hurting us. We beg of you.

fil said...

FBE of cebu

When the MOA was presented, who signed it? Is Bro. Frank was blind on the provisions stipulated in the agreement? By the way, who is now maintaining the cfc website? Coz as i opened it hindi na updated since July 2007. Better siguro i delete na yong website na yan and make a brand new cfc website. Is it ok?

Anonymous said...

to jopen - sa, to all interested bloggers, and most specially to the FFL

There will be a a gawad kalusugan booth in the expo starting friday oct 26, and on the 27th saturday 1pm there will be a health program(Dont know if its a summit,congress or workshop)in 1 of the mall of asia cinemas.i believe if not wyeth or pfzer or both will be there.and they will discuss health issue such as preventing TB and making parents to aware of the health of their family,also about malnutrition and how we can help the poor benefeciary to keep away from deadly disease.

* to the bloggers it could be are venue to meet.

* to the FFL who condemn the IC in partnering with pfizer and wyeth, bring your notes and pen who knows you can snipe again new issue with regard to this matter.

Anonymous said...

from of Victor Agustin

The increasingly prickly Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga website is now sniping even at Senate President Manuel Villar and his congressman-wife for having extended office space in their Star Mall to the breakaway CfC group.

ganun na nga po Mr. Vic Agustin, FFL kept on barking at the CFC and IC about the partnerships with the pharmas whom they say are anti-life (which started in Sept2005 - take note of the date and who is the CFC director at that time).

...but they themselves are SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY!!!! they are sleeping with the sponsor/author of anti-life bills like HB4410/3773!!!

eh kse naman baka libre yung office !!!

the Founder's wife was even seen with this Author during the election campaign!!!

ayun na nga... ginamit pa yung logo ng CFC/Teodora dun sa campaign ad... which never passed and was never approved by the old IC !!!!

Anonymous said...

Everyday, Padilla's reputation for honesty, integrity and probity is going down to the drain with all these negative efforts to discredit CFC through its pillar GK.

The fact that he was part of the team that entered into this agreement with the pharmaceutical companies a few years back, and now attack the present CFC leadership for this agreement is indicative of how low Padilla has gone in his attack and destroy approach to the original CFC and promote his FFL, which recently has been derisively described as Frank For Life Ministry.

Of late, Padilla's writings and memoranda on the CFC and FFL controversy would be very good materials for the topic "double speak" and "discredited leadership."

The CFC leadership are winning the debate because by just keeping silent and issuing a few rebuttal statements, Frank Padilla in his conflicting statements is now in a self-destruct mode. Case in point: When he was in Houston, in response to a question that premised that Joe Tale was being given more credit than he deserved as he is just a nobody and that he is a front for someone (obviously this someone referred to is Tony Meloto), Padilla, initially played coy as if avoiding to response, and then he suddenly said "maybe."

For Padilla to imply that Joe Tale is just a front man for Tony Meloto, is an insult not only to Brother Joe but to the entire CFC organization. Padilla could not admit the fact that Joe Tale made a more effective presentation of CFC's case be that in Houston, Chicago, or the one on one in Los Angeles. Padilla approach is the attack and attack invoking recycled issues that have been resolved, revoked or discredited like the GK3, the Mormon, the disobedience, the moral ascendancy, etc. which are now in the dustbin of CFC's history.

But as I said before, the Padillas will not mince words to attack CFC and its current leadership even if it would be a dishonorable thing like this one and the "affair" that they discussed in Houston.

Good Luck Frank on your self destruct mode. Next time you visit us, don't mess with Texas...and California..... and New York......

Why don't you just stay in Antipolo with your good friend, Bishop Gabboy, and savor the recognition he granted to your EF...EF...EL...

p.e. said...

i think once and for all the IC should seek a definitive word from the bishops as to whether such partnerships from pharma companies are in conflict of pro-life values and puts cfc in violation of catholic tenets.

catholic relief services (crs) and catholic medical mission board (cmmb) have long standing partnerships with these drug companies and yet they enjoy the support of the us catholic bishops conference and no one accuses them of partnering with anti-life companies.

sadyang hindi titigil ang ffl sa paghahanap ng butas para maatake nila ang cfc and gk.

it's time to get the official word from cbcp or better yet someone from vatican para mahinto na ito.

Anonymous said...

To oha,

Your reasoning so much of a tautology and more of semantics. Frankly speaking, you very biased with the IC.

Don't blame the IC . You just made it a scapegoat. They doing everything to preserve life.

Repentance? Yes there is . FP ? I don't think I read his statement asking for forgiveness to the cbcp and the entire cfc that he was part of the mistakes. Don't throw it on Joe Yam. We are not any more kids.

esti said...

Migs said:

Yes, it’s a lie but who is lying? According to IC, Pfizer told them that they do not carry Depo Provera anymore. According to website, it is “Brought to you by Pfizer”. Who’s lying?

bro, as i also posted on the restorecfc multiply blog. the evidence of a web site, let's say as per the example above does not equate to the inverse of the council statement. also careful investigation of the site you will see the update date of the site is at best possible date 2004. so the information there is not updated.€

let's give pfizer the benefit of the doubt. the explanation with the old stocks of mercury drug seems acceptable to the open minded reader. one would need to take some considerations into mind:

1. do mercury drug outlet themselves get the stocks from suppliers or do they have a central warehouse where the stocks of the said drug *could* have been procured way back, and with the opening of the new mercury drug outlets will these old stocks find their way into the new branches?
2. what was the manufacturing date/expiry date on the said drug?
3. when did the withdrawal of stocks of the said medicine ordered? how long was it from today?

finally, can we not understand a thing from the pfizer statement nor from the IC statement that it needs a couple more clarificatory articles to accompany it? it's beginning to look like the "for dummies" series. (i.e., the council oct. 3 statement for dummies, depo-provera for dummies etc.)

again what i really would be waiting for is an official statement from pfizer (or a lawsuit if their patience has worn off) and an update on the said meeting over the weekend with the IC.

open your minds people.

@sis melo, thanks for your sharing.. i was beginning to have this perception that depo provera is all bad and your sharing made a whole lot difference and a clearer picture about the said medicine.

esti said...

hi anonymous at October 7, 2007 12:59 AM

o ha was just pasting a "rejoinder" to the council statement on pfizer issue.

you can find it here:

btw, since rejoinder is a new word for me i searched it's definition on the web. here's a couple of 'em. you guys take a pick.

Noun 1. rejoinder - a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one); "it brought a sharp rejoinder from the teacher"

comeback, retort, riposte, replication, counter, return

related words:
back talk, backtalk, sass, sassing, lip, mouth - an impudent or insolent rejoinder; "don't give me any of your sass"

reply, response - the speech act of continuing a conversational exchange; "he growled his reply"

2. rejoinder - (law) a pleading made by a defendant in response to the plaintiff's replication

related words:
pleading - (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding

related words:
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"

RED EB said...

Yes, p.e. is right… it’s not anymore an issue of depo provera being sold in the market or not… since catholic relief services (crs) and catholic medical mission board (cmmb) have standing partnerships with these drug companies and enjoy the support of the us catholic bishops conference and no one accuses them of partnering with anti-life companies... then a definitive statement from CBCP can clear the issue…

CD… who do you think should get the statement from cbcp???

Alab said...

Several years ago, long ago before the separation of FFL from CFC, there was a forum undertaken by CFC where the results of a survey on the use of artificial contraception among members of the community was discussed. I recall that the survey showed that artificial contraception was practiced by some (I don't recall the exact numbers anymore). Did we call for the "purification" of the community by purging the "sinners"? I'm sure it came as a shock to everyone but we didn't condemn or damn our brothers and sisters who practices artificial contraception. Instead, there was an attempt to explain the benefits of natural family planning. Years later, Prolife came as one of the pillars.

The war against anti-life forces is still raging and on-going out there. But we have chosen instead to focus on the pharma companies. Why not focus our attention at our legislators, national and local, executive officials, both national and local also, who are well-funded by big lobby groups, foundations and even by the UN in ensuring that pro-choice measures (laws and executive actions) are entrenched in our system. I am sure that FAP is aware of these but yet he chooses to go to Mercury drug to prove that Pfizer is still selling a contraceptive pill? And even assuming that this is so, does this reduce to nothing all the blood, sweat and tears of GK workers and partners?

neokidntown said...

sabi kahapon sa MCG, thru one of the sharings

--- "pabayaan mo na si Frank!" ---

mr. herrera said...

please forgive me Ms. Herrera

without the permission of the author of Manila Standard Today's
Ms. Christine F Herrera, i stole a part of this 20 February 2006 web-posted article entitled Church adopts tough stance on birth control

Government health workers promote the use of condoms as protection against HIV/AIDS during World AIDS day in 2003 in suburban Quezon City. An AIDS crisis threatens the Philippines as the number of people who are HIV carriers has doubled in just over three years, the Health Department warned.
THE influential Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) has adopted a hard-line “shock-and-awe” policy to keep its flock away from temptation and from artificial birth control methods.

The CBCP, comprised of some 90 bishops and archbishops throughout the country, began imposing the policy amid a growing clamor in Congress for the passage of House Bill 3773 or the Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005

having read this article, i could empathize with frank very strongly how comments or suggestions from CBCP should be heeded. now why do i feel like we're back to the era of insulares, peninsulares and insurrectos? o mi hermanos del patria adorada please touch-me-not!

Anonymous said...

If FFL insists on this issue of contraceptives manufactured by the major pharmaceuticals, who are GK partners, why don't they also suggest the measures in order to resolve it?

It can't be to remove these partner pharmas competely as partnership with these benefit Gawad Kalusugan and of course the GK beneficiaries. Or is that what they are implying with the endless barrage on this issue? If so, what of the Gawad Kalusugan program? What will happen to the beneficiaries in need of medicines and medical support?

Then again, maybe FFL simply doesn't care as long as they are able to discredit the IC and GK and sow confusion among those who already decided to stay and "harvest" them into their fold.

Anonymous said...

Now,I have a better idea on why Frank failed as a leader.

He can't pass on the responsibility to GK leaders. As GK Chair, he has ultimate responsibility. He just can't do a "Pontius Pilate" all the time by washing his hands, say " I repent" and then, attack the IC from the outside for things that he was supposed to do in the first place.

FFL members should wake up! said...

alab said...

we didn't condemn or damn our brothers and sisters who practices artificial contraception. Instead, there was an attempt to explain the benefits of natural family planning

alab, i agree with you. can you please email me. Jn 21:15-17

jiggs said...

to Bloggers at the other site:

comments on the guest book and on some blogs have been deleted by FFL.

hindi nakayanan ang mga comments natin/ninyo.

i thought we are searching for the TRUTH? bakit tinanggal ang comments?!!!!


Manu said...

Hi CD,

I have below message (in quotation)posted in restorecfc blog. I'm also posting it here just in case they will delete my post like what they did today. This is a reply to their "rude awakening and late realization" series related to the Pfizer issue. It says...

"Hahaayy. My replies and another Bro's reply were deleted again. Stop from opening up threads when you can't stand the replies.

Thread Owner, FAP & Bro. Lachie were members of the IC when the partnership with these pharma companies were made. What have they done to prevent this? Or maybe they are the ones with "rude awakening and late realization?"

Or they're playing Pontius Pilate, yung bang kanta sa Tagalog na...
"Hugas kamay, tayong dalawa, nakapikit at kapwa masaya..."

Thanks CD!

Agent008 said...

uy ako ulit ha...

ang sabi nga pala ng bubuwit ko... nung minsang magusap si JT at FP.

sabi ni FP - you toucha DOH, you gotta WAR!!!

oh ha. malaki siguro!!!

...ang tiwala niya kay JT. ano ba kayo, iba agad ang nasa isip ninyo. smile!

CD, do you used to have a brotha there in DOH named Alex P? Alex Prophet?

Troyland said...

Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 17:22:17 -0400
Subject: Fwd: Question about Prolife Principles

Dear Brothers....
I just want to share with you this message or answer to me by John Fagundes, a "Priest for Life" Associate, founded by Fr. Frank in the EWTN radio. I asked a question with regards to "prolife" principles ( recieving donations from companies producing contraception), . I truly want to practice my faith within the Catholic Priciples and that is why I posted the question during the Q&A with Bro. Joe Tale and Bro. Frank Padilla. Although the responce of John F. was a little late, it gave so much peace to me and confirmed my decision to move on.
Scroll down on the response so you could see my question to him...God Bless!

--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 12:25 PM
Subject: RE: Question about Prolife Principles
Hello Fr.Frank,
My name is Noel and I belong to a community called Couples for Christ, a catholic ministry founded in the Philippines in 1982. We have several "Pillars" in our ministry such as Prolife and GK " Gawad Kalinga" meaning "reaching out to the poor". One of the projects of GK is to build homes for the poor in the Philippines. Recently there are confusion in our community with regard to receiving donations from different donors.
My Question is:
Should the CFC GK receive donations from companies that produces contraceptive or abortion drugs, and Donations from Medical Doctors who practices abortion? Isn't it contradictory to the Prolife Principle?
Please advice me as we will have a meeting tonight.
Thanks and God Bless

Subject: RE: Question about Prolife Principles
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 14:53:37 -0400

Dear Noel,
Thank you for writing to Fr Frank at Priests for Life with your concerns. I'm sorry about the delay in this response.
In the moral law, there is a distinction between direct and indirect involvement. If I pay for an abortion or drive a person to an abortion facility, or actually perform an abortion, all these acts constitute direct involvement and may never be done morally.
However, if I am a nurse in a hospital and work in the orthopedic wing of the hospital, even though the hospital performs abortions, I may continue to work in that hospital. I have no direct involvement in the abortions done there.
Acceptance of donations from people or companies who happen to be involved with abortion/contraceptives is morally permissible because there is no direct involvement with these evil practices. You are using the money for an important Christian ministry.
By the way, are you in contact with the Human Life International affiliates in your area? As you may know, you can find them on the internet at:
Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Life and Faith.
God bless,
John Fagundes
Priests for Life
Outreach Associate

The Priests for Life regular newsletter and Father Frank Pavone's nationally syndicated biweekly column are now available by email. You can receive these free updates by writing to Our website, , is updated daily and contains all our printed materials as well as audio and video resources. God bless you!

Finally, our very own Jaime Cardinal Sin has been quoted as saying:
"If Satan appears to me and gives me money, I will accept the money and spend it all for the poor. It is not the practice of the Church to ask donors where their donations come from. Our duty is to make sure all donations go to the poor. The devil remains . . . my enemy but I will use his resources to feed the poor." -- Oct. 25, 2000, defending the Catholic Church's acceptance of a total of P181 million in donations from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. since 1998.

asm said...

Troyland, thank you for posting that. I have long felt the same way regarding GK's partnership with these companies but have no doctrinal basis and so some confusion was left in me.

Now, reading Fr. John's reply and Jaime Cardinal Sin's opinion on a similar matter has given me peace of mind and heart.

C.D., maybe you can post this comment in this blog entry or in a separate blog entry. Not everyone goes through all the comments and this important information may be missed or go unnoticed.

God bless CFC!

melkezedek said...



The eastergroup is having a write up in our local newspaper here in davao about our rift.

But nobody believes in you Franki Boy!

Now I believe that they really have a lot of money.And they are wastingly spending it. Maybe because Franki boy knows that Our Mission core and the entire cfc members here in davao are fully intact, He is doing it in public.

Frank, siguro di mo kayang magpakita dito? Because when you came here , I heard that you were branded as stubborn.

To Agent008, Malaki siguro talaga ang nakuha ni FP. Ibigay mo na lang sa amin iyang pera mo para sa aming mga conferences , evangelization and gk.

Frank , I challenge you to come here in Davao again. Mayor Duterte wants you to endorse GK to his almost 2,000 beneficiaries. Do you have the guts?

Frank, do you really want to be in top again? Is it lonely not to be in the pedestal

Anonymous said...

"By the way, who is now maintaining the cfc website? Coz as i opened it hindi na updated since July 2007. Better siguro i delete na yong website na yan and make a brand new cfc website. Is it ok?"

- the owner of the site is now with FFL and is believed to be stopping the official CFC website from being updated. Perhaps FFL is attempting to keep the whole truth from being posted...?