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Frankly Speaking

Updated Mon., Oct. 1 2007
*Frank Padilla's response at the bottom.

This will be the start of another very interesting multi-part entry.

I initially saw the questions posed to Frank in one of the comments in this blog. It appears someone made sure FP saw it and he responded to each question. It gets quite long because the original commenter responds to FP with his/her comments as well. I'll post the first couple of pages here now (there are 10 pages in all), but I'll give you all a link to the whole document. We will then get more into it later.

Download the entire document HERE.

On a related subject, it seems Frank is on a new personal "witch hunt". In this last email being circulated in the FFL circles, it looks like FP has his sights set on trying to discredit GK again, and this time drag their well-intentioned donors into the fray. Here's his email being forwarded Manny Hermano, who saw fit to include his own attacks (I'd like to see him prove his statements...) as well:

From: mzhermano
Subject: Fwd: pharmas and contraceptives
NOTE to N Central ldrs: pls disseminate in your areas as well.

Hello brethren,

Someone asked us to really have proof that GK have partners that have anti-life products or practices before we can claim that such a thing is happening. So far here's bro. Frank's response on the question - 'does GK have partners that sell anti-life products?'

There probably are more partners of GK who are engaged in anti-life products or practices other than these 2 drug companies (and we will give you an update as we find out more) but even with just this 2 partners, it is obvious GK and the IC is already going against the Church's teachings in a big way, plus they are misleading people when they say either that they don't have anti-life partners, or that they are now heeding the bishops strong recommendations to correct their veering away from the CFC orig charism and Church's teachings.

And that's the very thing the bishops have been finding out -i.e., that the IC has been making official pronouncements regarding their situation and relationship with the bishops, and on several occassions, the bishop officially responded that what they were saying was either totally false, or half-truths, or an incomplete description and therefore misleading. That's why Frank, and those who have aligned with CFC-FFL are calling for a restoration to the original charism of CFC - untainted by the secularism that has penetrated GK because of the all-out effort to achieve GK777.

Thanks/ God bless
--Forwarded Message Attachment--
Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 09:22:52 +0800
Subject: pharmas and contraceptives

Hello brethren. Contrary to what Joe Tale and the IC claim regarding GK partner Pfizer, Pfizer is indeed selling Depo-Provera. Yesterday we bought it from Mercury Drug-Pasig. Medroxy-Progesterone Acetate or Depo-Provera. Another GK partner, Wyeth, also sells an oral contraceptive, Norgestrel/Ethinyl Estradiol or Femenal. We bought one too. Anyone can easily check this with Mercury Drug. The IC has been peddling an outright lie. God bless.


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)
I will first post Pfizer's official response to this, to help THEM clear the air.

Depo Provera not on Pfizer’s list

First posted 01:57:58 (Mla time) September 18, 2007

In his Sept. 5 column “Evangelical Catholics,” Michael Tan cited Pfizer as the producer of the injectable contraceptive, Depo Provera. We would like to clarify that Pfizer does not manufacture or sell this product. Pfizer deleted Depo Provera from its roster of medicines when it acquired Pharmacia in 2003, the original manufacturer of Depo Provera.

We also wish to inform Tan that Pfizer’s support for Gawad Kalinga (GK) is through Gawad Kalusugan, a GK and Pfizer Foundation (PPFI) community health program that empowers GK residents to be capable health-care workers in their own community.

MILLETTE ASUNCION-ARNEDO, public affairs and legal director, Pfizer Inc., 23/F Ayala Life-FGU Center, 6811 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

Copyright All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

And now what gives me a little joy...

In the course of this blog lifetime I've done my fair share of research, writing (and deleting, after re-reading what I wrote and cringing if my words were too "unChristian), and fact organizing. It seems now that the contributors have helped take up the slack, and helping me with subjects for new entries, answering queries from commenters, and providing information that I lacked. It has helped a lot and I'm very grateful, since the blog does take a bit of time away from my work. Here's an email that will shed some light on the darkness that Frank has decided to focus on in his quest to malign GK and the CfC council. My deepest gratitude goes to Marthe '57 for the incredible job in gathering this information to help defend CfC and GK from these misleading statements that the FFL keeps releasing.

Here is Marthe '57's email in full:

My dear CD,

I am a housewife with 3 children and 4 dogs. Am writing you because I am upset. I got an email this morning. I am attaching it here. No, the email did not upset me; it was what I found later. Let me share with you and everyone one else who reads your blog, what I found out today.

I went online to check out the details of Bro Frank’s email, he mentioned 2 companies. I only got as far as 1 company and I think I have to take a breather before I can check out the second one. Here is what I found about the first company mentioned.

WYETH- check out- and -

Bro Frank mentioned Norgetrel/Ethinyl Estradiol or Femenal. I could not find it in the list of Wyeth products, but found Lo-Femenal which apparently is manufactured in Canada. YES, it is true Wyeth does produce contraceptive products, not just Lo-Femenal but five other contraceptives:

1) Alesse
2) Lo_Ovral® Tablets (0.3 mg norgestrel and 0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol tablets
3) Norplant® System (levonorgestrel implants)
4) Triphasil® (levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol tablets — triphasic regimen) 21- and 28-day regimens
5) Lybrel™ (90 mcg levonorgestrel and 20 mcg ethinyl estradiol) Tablet

I do not know if Wyeth is a GK partner. This is not the reason why I am upset. You see, I also found facts about other products manufactured by this company. This is when everything became real and personal to me. I am going to mention only a few; Wyeth has a long list of pharmaceutical products. See if you find something familiar among the popular products:

1) Caltrate- for osteoporosis and Bone health
2) Centrum® Brands- Nutrition & Vitamins
3) ChapStick®- Oral Health
4) Dimetapp®- Allergies , Cold and Flu
5) Advil® Brands- Aches and Pains
6) Robitussin® Brands Cold and Flu

My sister takes Caltrate for her osteoporosis. Centrum is a vitamin for everyone in my family. I take Advil when my back pains act up, I had slipped disc many years ago. My 1 year old grandnephew Jose takes Dimetapp when he has colds, my kids did too when they were small. My husband takes Robitussin which is now in capsule form. Now who doesn’t know Chapstick? It’s the thing in your pocket when the weather turns cold. And here are some other products:

1) Enbrel® (etanercept) for subcutaneous injection
- Inhibiting the progression of structural damage, and improving physical function in patients with moderately to severely active rheumatoid arthritis.
-ENBREL is indicated for reducing signs and symptoms in patients with active ankylosing spondylitis.
- ENBREL is indicated for the treatment of adult patients (18 years or older) with chronic moderate to severe plaque psoriasis who are candidates for systemic therapy or phototherapy.
2) Alavert- allergies
3) Anbesol- oral health
4) TYGACIL- a first class antibiotic
5) FiberCon- Constipation; Irritable bowel syndrome
6) Minocin- (minocycline hydrochloride) Infectious disease
7) Preparation H- Hemorrhoids; Anal Itch
8) ReFacto Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant)
9) LeptoVax™ 4-

Here are people like me who find that list significant:

Sis Mary has severe rheumatoid arthritis. My dear friend Bro Dennis in Yemen has Psoriasis. My brother in law Tony has ankylosing spondylitis. My sister in law Sonia, who is in the States, can’t function when her allergies act up. She takes Alavert. Anyone out there who has oral problems? A Sis Cely of Marikina has a grandson who has hemophilia. My daughter used Minocin when she was a teen-ager for her acne. Those who have problems with their daily morning rituals. Those like me with the H problem, have you tried Preparation H? Oh by the way, do dogs count? My dogs have their annual shot of Lepto Vax.

Next list is for women like me who are in the menopausal stage, these we consider friends:

1) Premarin® (conjugated estrogens) Vaginal Cream
2) Premarin® (conjugated estrogens tablets, USP)
3) Premarin® Intravenous (conjugated estrogens, USP for injection)
4) PREMPHASE® (conjugated estrogens_medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets)
5) PREMPRO® (conjugated estrogens_medroxyprogesterone acetate tablets)

Next list is significant to a few you might say:

1) Those with Glaucoma- Phospholine Iodide-
2) After surgery they give you- Phenergan (promethazine HCL)-
3) For Tuberculosis- Trecator (ethionamide tablets) -
4) Leukemia- Mylotarq (gemtuzumab ozogamicin)-
5) For a patient undergoing chemotherapy- Neumega (oprelvekin)
6) Kidney Transplant patients- Rapamune(sirolimus)
7) Renal Cell Carcinoma- Torisel (temsirolimus)-
8) If you are bitten by (rattle snake)- Antivenin (Crotalidae) Polyvalent-
9) Or bitten by the famous North American Coral Snake- Antivenin (Micrurus Fulvius)
10) For those who have cattle/bovine Synanthic (dewormer and parasite control)

My final list is short but very dear to me; let me start with a backgrounder…

My life has been blessed with good health and plenty. However I also count as blessings, my experiences of trials and difficulties. When life is threatened by disease, everything becomes secondary. In my lifetime I have come across many of this ‘abyss’. You fall into helplessness when a love one gets sick, and cling to GOD. Now my next list starts and ends with my family. When my children were small, I saw to it that they had all their shots/vaccines done-

1) HibTITER® Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Diphtheria CRM197 Protein Conjugate)

Today they are all grown up. My eldest, who used to have acne, is done with school. She works in downtown Los Angeles. My second daughter was the sickly one, besieged with asthma as a little girl. Today she works in an accounting firm in San Dimas. My youngest is in his first year Med Proper. He was a football player from Kindergarten to the 7th grade. A basketball player in high school (Varsity team). In college he was a bench presser, and a member of the Varsity team (track and field). He won silver and gold medals (Shotput/Discuss/Hammer) at the UAAP and in Malaysia. Early last year he was diagnosed with AHS (Athlete’s Heart Syndrome). His athletic activities had to end and yes he takes;

2) Altace (Ramipril)

This issue that Bro Frank has been harping at is before me this moment. The issue is about companies like Wyeth partnering with GK and its apparent ‘incompatibility’ with CFC’s faith and morals. That, GK should not partner with Wyeth because this company produces contraceptive medicine and it goes against our teachings as Catholics. We should therefore ‘walk our talk’.


1) Does it mean that I, being a member of CFC should also not partner with Wyeth?

2) Therefore, I should also refrain from buying/taking/using products that are manufactured by Wyeth?

3) What about a sister in the community who has cancer, does it mean that she will have to find a drug company that does not produce contraceptives and only use those products?

4) Should my husband refrain from taking Robitussin when he has a cough?

5) What about Sis Lily, she has glaucoma?

6) As members of CFC, does it also follow that we should not accept donations nor distribute/dispense Wyeth products when we conduct Medical Missions?

7) What about the many children in the GK sites who are suffering from Tuberculosis? Are we to refuse TB medicines donated by Wyeth?

8) Can I also include my dogs in this category?

9) What about my son?

10) And what about you Bro Frank? Are the medicines that you and your family take, made from companies that do not manufacture contraceptives? Take note, Gerry must never take Caltrate! While we’re at it, be sure Xavy and Des do not give Dimetapp to their little one, at all.

What do we call all this things happening around us? Isn’t this a witch hunt?

1) Is it about issues of faith and morals? Is it about CFC being Catholic?

2) Is it about Pro Life and Anti Life? Is it about Wyeth and Pfizer and GK?

3) Is it about Pfizer because Gerry Bacarro works with that company?

4) Or is it about Gerry Bacarro, working closely with TM, being a GK advocate?

We go around in circles, round and round. Bro Frank says, it’s about GK, about IC, about the bishops, about the elections. Is it? Really? Honestly? I think it is best that we simplify things so that it will be easier to comprehend. What is the issue? Isn’t it about Bro Frank Padilla and Bro Tony Meloto?

Simply put, it has to be about pride. It is all about who is the better man. It’s all about who has the last word. For as long as Bro Frank is on the outside trying for a comeback, we, Couples for Christ members will never hear the end of it. Listen to his talks in Laguna, in Los Angeles in New Jersey. He says it over and over in English and in Tagalog. For CFC to be united, two things he suggests. “First separate GK from CFC”. Why GK because he means Tony actually. “Next, IC should resign and we can be one.” Now, let me see…

Why should I be made to choose whether I should take Advil or something else when my head aches. Hey, come on. Come to think of it what does it have to do with Bro Frank? It is tough facing life as it is, must we really contend with all this? I’m not upset anymore, but I will still take that Advil, because I have one more question to ask…


Marthe ‘57

Now, if we were to take Frank's line of reasoning a bit further and attempt to use the "birth control/contraceptive" issue as a Christian reason to avoid doing business with certain entities (
This was also covered in this comment.):

Lets take a look at HOUSE BILL 4110 (Reproductive Health Bill) which will soon become a law did not pass.

An excerpt:
2) Broad Reproductive Health Care. The provision of broad reproductive health care needs, including

a. Family planning counseling, information and education regardless of marital status and age;

b. The full range of family planning methods both natural family planning and modern contraceptive methods (e.g., condoms, vaginal barrier methods, oral contraceptives, implants, intrauterine devices, male and female voluntary sterilization, and emergency contraception (EC).

That pretty much spells out everything Frank has against the Pharma companies that contributed to GK, right?

Well, one of the bill's co-authors during the 12th Congress is Gerry Padilla associate, Cynthia Villar of Manuela Corp., the company that owns Star Malls. Being one of the authors of this bill signifies an active support for it and what it stands for.

During the 13th Congress, this particular bill went through several modifications and identities, and is now known as
HB3773 (Responsible Parenthood and Population Management Act of 2005) also known as the "mother anti-life Bill of 2005", which is a consolidation of 4 related bills that was approved by the Commitee on Women. (Cynthia Villar as a member was one of those who signed and approved)

The FFL's new base of operations?

Foundation for Family & Life, Inc.
Apartelle 12, Star Mall, Edsa corner Shaw Blvd.
Mandaluyong City 1550, Philippines

There is a 9-letter word that describes this kind of behavior. It starts with "H" and ends with "E".

It gets better.

Now who here knows that Senator Manny Villar and Cynthia Villar are members of CfC, and are now with the FFL?

Yup, you read that right.


Just got this in my inbox. To be fair lets show Frank's response to the questions we raised. In the exchange below, Rene Rieta asks for a bit of clarity on how the FFL stands on dealing with anti-life companies.

At 10:01 PM 9/29/2007, rene rieta wrote:

For men with Godly wisdom, does this mean that we have to boycott all the products of pfizer & even mercury drug stores because they sell this anti-life products? Does this mean we have to ask all our brothers & sisters in CFC, families, relatives & friends who work in all companies who conspires in manufacturing, selling & distributing anti-life products? Does it includes the office of POPCOM & U.N. which we all know have anti-life programs?
Please help us enlighten with your statements...thanks- rene rieta

From: Frank Padilla

Subject: Re: PRO-LIFE MINISTRY / GK777

That is a very ridiculous conclusion coming from an elder. That is part of the defense mechanism put forth by CFC-GK. What is relevant is that a Catholic community that supposedly proclaims Christ and is pro-life should not partner with pharmaceuticals that produce or distribute contraceptives. It has to do with CFC being an evangelistic community, proclaiming what is right and true and just in the Lord. If GK detaches from CFC and becomes a social agency, then go ahead and partner with such pharmas. God bless.

It's funny how he hasn't addressed any of the issues raised and still manages to attack CfC.

Question: Isn't the FFL an evangelistic community now as well? I still don't know why their headquarters are at Star Mall, and what Frank takes for his (presumably) frequent headaches.

Maybe another round of Lamentations and clarifications will get me closer to the truth. But then again...

UPDATE (again)

This just keeps getting better.

Nonong Contreras' reply:

"Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." < >
To: "rene rieta"
Subject: Re: PRO-LIFE MINISTRY / GK777
Date: Sat, 29 Sep 2007 20:50:24 -0700

Hi Rene,

For men gifted by God with mortal wisdom, the rash generalization is a non-sequitur. The issue is the GK partnership. All GK has to do is rescind the partnership, unless it simply wants to be an NGO without CFC. I hope the point is clear, Bro. God bless.


"For men gifted by God with mortal wisdom"

The implication being, those who get it, have IMmortal wisdom...much like prophets.

(If I was being sensitive, I'd actually think that Nonong was throwing a zinger at Rene and telling him that his logic was well....sadly short of their standards, but I'm thick skinned so I'll let that pass)

I guess this "mortal wisdom" applies to all the Christian orgs who support GK as well.

Well, At least we know how they see themselves.

It really explains a lot. But not why men of such immortal wisdom will put their headquarters in the building of anti-life supporters.

I'll wait for the next email for better clarity, but at the rate they're going, I think they'd have to make their responses more consistent, lest they appear to have immortal wisdom but really bad coordination.


wow! said...

Uy...! May blog na ang FFL.

Mukhang official. Di katulad ng blog ni CD, na personal/individual blog only. Nandoon pati sa calendar nila mga TBA events for SFC, YFC and KFC - family congress. Let's be warned that these are FFL events...but which they may not probably disclose to the invitees (as they have done in the past and elsewhere)in order to lure them to attend.

I think we should closely monitor this blog and oppose/clarify/check out any falsities, falsehoods and lies that may be posted by the blog-owner.

I salute you bro CD (bro. ka ba o sis?) for the guts and conviction to put up this personal blog that has empowered CFC members from the ground and from everywhere to reveal what they know, and to speak their minds. it has become the unofficial voice of the real and authentic CFCs.

Nakita kaya kita sa Pastoral Congress?

Anonymous said...

Someone should post Fortes' answers in their blog.

Anonymous said...

FP's replies reflected a closed-minded personality that even if the issues are being addressed to or were already resolved, he still sticks to his line of reasoning. I'm beginning to believe of what I've read in this blog that FP is an "AUTHORITARIAN" type of a leader which is a very dangerous trait of a leader.

Thank you and God bless.

RED EB said...

i am hurt... my heart bleeds when i read the answers of bro frank... i am a gk worker... in order to do the work in our sector we were asked to visit other gk sites... in all of the sites that i had gone thru, the people are all so kind and there is really a smell of miracle because what you call squatter mentality whom many has failed to changed was changed.. i sweat blood and tears when i worked in gk because of the condition of my body but i am happy that i am a part not only of this nation building but restoring the dignity of the poor... there are so many miracle stories that were told but i think only those who want to hear can hear...

janeiro said...

Meron din akong question para kay Bro Frank, para narin sa IC. sana sagutin nila.

1. What are the reasons why CFC break into 2?(CFC side and CFC-FFL side)
2. What will it take for the 2 CFC to be one again?
Sa tingin mo/nyo ano ang dapat gagawin ng CFC at ng CFC-FFL para mag reconcile na?(isa-isahin at lagyan ng number para madaling maintindihan)

Dante said...

ang tigas talaga ng puso at kalooban ni Frank! Parang one-track mind and obssessed with his ideas and thoughts. But, bumabaligtad din in many areas such as his support for GK 777 (I remember the videos showing him as the number one propagandist sa mga October events ng GK, remember?)and empowerment ng lay people na gusto nya ngayon eh under sa mga obispo (kasama na ang purely lay activity such as electing leaders). Medyo nanghihinayang ako kay Frank, parang nakakagulat na ganyan pala ang character nya.

Sad ako for him. Sad ako for us in community din because we respected him before.

Dodong said...


Do you think we would still have the same passion and rage if given the chance to be in one room seeing each other eye to eye, speaking our hearts out?

Would we be shedding tears or smirking grin? Chilly feeling because of cold hands and feet? Red faced and ready to explode?

Would you still hug or even kiss us should we change our minds to join the other side? Would you still be calling us brother or sister?

Technology shrunk our CFC world and partly made us ONE. Then the same technology divided us. Would we still be emailing impulsively?

Let us continue kicking the man while he is down. Put salt on his wounds. Spit on his face. Let us welcome the darkness that befall us.

Thank you free will.

Spirit Watcher said...

"Nakita kaya kita sa Pastoral Congress?" --- tanong ni Wow! on 9/27.

Sagot: I saw you both. At one point you talked to one another!
Isipin mo "wow".

Hindi ka kasi alert, kaya nakaligtas si CD sa iyo!

Humble opinion said...

Authoritarian stance is easily learned from a position of power.

Power is a matter of getting used to,either in the home or the workplace.

I think FAP got used to it in the workplace, I don't know about the home.

25 years is a long time to learn becoming an authoritarian leader.

Just my unsolicited opinion. Thank you for posting this if you like, I don't mind if you don't.

Anonymous said...

To Dodong,

You thanked free will in your comment, that is the spirit of this site, that we have the free will to speak up and decide.....It works both sides. Frank and the FFL continue to strike at Joe Tale and the IC even when they are down already.

God bless you!

Empowered CFC Canada Member

Be Honest said...

To Dodong:

CFC respects FFL. But does FFL respect CFC whenever it tries to justify its existence? Can FFL conduct CLPs without saying that CFC has "veered" away and CFC is "disobedient" to the Bishops, considering that these are no longer applicable?

Or is FFL a foundation built entirely on lies and deception?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


im a Project director in one of a gk site.

i believe in you that pfizer and wyeth are anti life....

we have 2 benefeciary with TB, 5 kids are positive with worms, 80% of are benefeciary lacks iron and vit a and b,we have mothers who cant afford to buy biogesic drops for the baby.

guess what! i did not allow them to buy medicine manufactured by anti life manufacurer said by you!

i said herbal are more better than this.

thanks for letting me know not to support drug manufacturer who are anti life!

Anonymous said...

How could this people try to ruin a work that they also agree a "gift from God"? They do take extra effort in destroying it.

Don't they realize how disturbing is this to the evangelization work that they also fight for.

Instead of continuing work on the CFC vision and mission, a lot of time is being given to discernment because of this "pride", because of his "prinsipyo" kaya he can't support brothers in IC.

May God forgive us, we refrain from hurting anyone, pero kung minsan kailangan pala talaga.

Anonymous said...

No matter how much we refrain from making comments against FFL we cannot just sit and watch Frank Padilla, Manny Hermano, Nani Almanza and his cohorts taking a stab at CFC and GK. Ano ba naman 'yan, instead of evangelizing, they are "vandalizing" the good name of GK and CFC. Sign of a desperate group.

Anonymous said...

why just now, frank? why just now? you had all the chance (and even the power) when you were still head of CFC, to say *NO* to these GK partners. so why just now?

so you took a trip to mercury? so i took a trip to Google and searched "Villar Bill 4110". i think i saw the name of one of your supporters.

zac said...

Marthe '57 you are great!

Doing that research, that was a fine job.

You only made one question at the bottom of your letter, that elicits a standard answer from our FFL Founder: "By the way Frank are you my brother?"

I will anticipate Frank's answer: "By the way, Marthe, '57 are you my sister?

Far as Frank is concerned, that's the end of discussion.

As for you my sister Marthe '57, take two of that Advil tablet!

Anonymous said...

so the (a) "veering away" from the mission and vission story, and the (b) the disobedience to the bishop story DID NOT WORK.

so now, FFL, you're doing another story from another angle --- discredit the GK partners and GK?

everyone saw, even our former CFC brethren now in FFL, that GK is the hope, the road to give a better life to the NEXT GENERATION.

but sadly, FFL just thought about THIS GENERATION.

what are we going to tell our kids?

do we tell them "Sorry, mga anak. ok na sana eh. pero veering away daw kami. disobedient pa kami sa bishop. so, mga anak, kayo nalang bahala mag ayos ng gulo namin...."

God have mercy on us.

melquiades said...

Anonymous said...



To Blogger with Broken Bone:

Your statements are full of contradictions:

1. What do you really want to cure? Your broken bone? Or your being FFL?

2. Asking Tito Frank about your ailment is another contradiction, if you are really FFL convert, you should know what kind of Doctor, Doctor Frank is. Frank prescribes Lamentations (meaning you have to suffer till Frank lifts the time of Lamentations and gives you Hope)

3. At the National Orthopedics Hospital, they will give you treatment for your bone, but they will not bother to check if the drug they prescribe to you is made by Pfizer or Wyeth. That is up to you, Either you heal you broken bone or carry your Lamentations and ask your FFL brothers to help you as you bear your physical pain in crutches.

4. If you claim Pfizer and Wyeth are anti-life, they are also pro-Life because they have drugs to extend life of patients suffering from many ailments. Just like in the Bible, if you concentrate and fill your thoughts on the “sins” listed in the Bible, then you will miss out on the blessings it brings.

5. And oh by the way, please review your last statement, and here’s the prescription to which Frank will not agree: IF YOU DON’T WANNA (want to, is the better term) VEER AWAY FROM CFC, THEN LEAVE FFL!!

May the Lord heal your painful broken bone just as soon as get your right senses in the use of medicines!

Anonymous said...

GK Youth UAE

Titos and Titas I found this email in one of the FFLs websie, please confirm if any of these so called allegiations are true...Tnx and GB

From: Frank Padilla

Date: Sep 22, 2007 2:38 PM

Subject: mission report

To: "Movement Core Gp"" "Resto

Hello all. We're back! And it has been a very fruitful and blessed
mission trip.

Aug 29-Sept 2 -- Germany . Euro Conference. Despite Joe Yam's discouraging people to attend, and his labeling the conference as no longer a CFC but an FFL conference, more than expected came. Over 500 pax. We had an opportunity on Saturday evening (fellowship) to have aside meeting with over 100 brethren re the conflict. After the
conference on Sunday afternoon, we had a Q&A with over 300 pax. We also had a mini-ICE (Int'l Core of Elders) meet on Sunday where Tony Correia (head of India ) and John Peter Vui (head of Vietnam ) were present.

Sept 3-4 -- Austria . Restoration assembly in Vienna with about 400 pax. Austria is over 90% for CFC-FFL.

Sept 5 -- Rome . It was a minor miracle that a meeting was arranged with Archbp Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (which recognized CFC). It was very good. He seemed to know about the conflict. All his pronouncements were along our lines. He stressed the importance of our original charism, the family. He said we are
Church and not a social agency (read his lips as to what he is saying!), and it is important to carry our Catholic identity. He recognized me as founder. He will consult with the Phil bishops.

Sept 5 -- Zurich . Assembly of about 45 pax. Zurich is FFL.

Sept 6 -- Geneva . Assembly about 35 pax. Their concern is for unity. The body is divided between IC and FFL.

Sept 7 -- New Jersey . Resto assembly with 400 pax. Mainly pro-FFL. Aside from couples, NJ FFL includes all of SOLD, HOLD and Couple Coordinators of SFC and YFC. In the region, NY, Connecticut , Rhode Island are FFL.

Sept 8 -- Maryland/Virginia/Wash DC. Resto assembly with 70 pax. Key strategic leaders, representing 40% of total leadership but 90% of those active and zealous. Given the trend of support, our leaders there estimate FFL will get 70% of CFC, 90% of YFC, 60% of SFC, 100% of SOLD, 30% of HOLD and GK.

Sept 9 -- NJ. Wedding of Angelo Banaria and Janice Tolledo.

Sept 10 -- Chicago . Resto assembly with 160 pax. Illinois is majority with FFL.

Sept 11 -- Houston . It was great to be with Edwin y Nila again. They are doing well, and are really God's provision to strengthen our presence in the USA and Latin America . Resto assembly with 140 pax. Houston is majority with FFL. Dallas and Rio Grande Valley are all with FFL.

Sept 12 -- Los Angeles . Joe Tale met earlier with Bp Solis, and was told in no uncertain terms that CFC should come out with clear principles re GK, like not dealing with pharmaceuticals dispensing contraceptives. His continued support for GK will depend on how the IC acts. I had a meeting with Joe Tale with Fr Francis Mendoza (former YfC) and brethren on both sides, but nothing was resolved. Assembly 220 pax, but both Joe and I spoke and answered prepared
questions. No debate.

CFC Las Vegas leaders say they are 90% for FFL.

Sept 13 -- North California . Assembly 220 pax. Many expressions of support and appreciation. But body is split and many undecided, hoping for unity. It is said that the governance team is 4-1 in favor of the IC, but that the Cluster Heads are 4-1 in favor of FFL.

Sept 14 -- NorCal ( Modesto ). Assembly 40 pax. Modesto is mainly with FFL.

Sept 15 -- Winnipeg . Growing restoration movement (Canada NC is for IC and suppressed info on issues). 1st Resto Assembly with 200 pax. Complete with FFL IDs. Structure in place, incl governance and finances.

Sept 16-17 -- Toronto . 1st Resto Assembly for West side with 300 pax. Resto assembly the next day for East side with 250 pax. From a start of just 3 couples a month ago, we have grown tremendously, with 10 out of 15 chapters affiliating with CFC-FFL! Despite Toronto being the center for the Canada NC and for Ancop, we now have 60% of Ontario , and still increasing. The whole music ministry is with FFL.

CFC-FFL is already a registered legal entity in Canada.

Sept 18 -- NJ. Met with leaders, about 100 pax. NJ is 80% for FFL. Tony Meloto was also in NJ and his GK meeting had half the number, and half of that were non-CFC.

Sept 20 -- Amsterdam . Assembly with 28 pax. 4 out of 5 NC are with the IC. However, all the original couples (including the ND) are for FFL. It is uncertain how CFC Netherlands will go.

Sept 21 -- fly to Manila , arriving today.

We can say Europe is overwhelmingly for CFC-FFL. The USA is a great majority for CFC-FFL. Canada has a rapidly growing restoration movement and I will not be surprised if it also goes mainly CFC-FFL. I will visit the other provinces in October.

The IC and its supporters continue with outright disinformation and misrepresentations. Joe Tale even called the head of CFC Costa Rica and gave his deceptive inputs. The IC does not even know anyone in Latin America and do not know Spanish! It seems they think nothing about disrupting CFC in their quest for a stray sheep or two.

God is good. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless.


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

Anonymous said...

di kaya KSP (kulang sa pansin) si kuya frank and the FFL?

kaya habang binibigyan natin si frank at sila FFL ng pansin ay mas na papalawak natin ang kanilang agenda? tahimik nalang kaya tayo?

pero mahirap din naman na nakaupo lang tayo at di natin ipaglaban o ipagtanggol ang CFC, na naging "way of life" na natin.

marami na akong mga "kapatid" na na akit sa kabila (ng mas mataas na posisyon hahaha). pinaliwanagan ko naman, at pinagtanggol ang CFC. pero ganun pa rin, lumipat. eh tayo naman, sabi ng mga elders natin, respetuhin daw ang desisyon nila.

sa pagbasa ko nitong mga sagot ni frank, sa tingin ko nga, KSP at medyo sarado na ang isipan.

sana maliwanagan siya ng Banal na Espiritu!

drug detail said...

So just because you can buy Depo-Provera at Mercury Drugstore in Manila, then we should condemn Pfizer?

The President of Pfizer Manila says they don't manufacture that drug.

But Frank insists all Depo Provera contraceptive drug sold in the market is Pfizer's.

Who do you think has higher credibility?

Also in the Philippines today, there are many pro-choice businessmen or organizations, and even the government.

So couldn't there be a businessman directly importing Depo-Provera from abroad and retailing it through Mercury Drug?

And because that happens, FFL Founder Frank now says Pfizer still sells it here?

Bro, when you buy a refurbished Pajero in Subic, Mitsubishi Motors ba ang nag-benta sa iyo?

Ma-arthe 57 said...

Dear Zac,
Thanks to 2 tabs of Advil I can answer Frank's question:
No, I am not Frank's sister, I just asked my 92 year old mother. She is sure I don't have one. However she told me to ask my father. Now, unless I overdose from Advil, I won't have a chance to do that.

It's a good thing he is in heaven, what if he says Frank is really my brother? Should I move to FFL?

Change topic please...

Hmmm let me see? Advil or Biogesic? Aspirin or ASA? Aspartame or splenda?...

Taga Senate at Taga Congress na rin said...

Ah so, Congresswoman Cynthia Villar supports the Anti-Life Bill?

Manny / Cynthia Villar are in the Household of Frank & Gerry Padilla; during that time when there was only one CFC. That was the time that the fiction of having two CFCs-one with a tag of FFL - was yet un-thought of in the mind of its Founder.

Perhaps they're still in the HH of Frank & Gerry Padilla, the Honorable Civil Servants in the Villars.

So that's a conflict of interest. The Padillas are avidly Pro Life, while the Villars are shall we say politically inclined to support the House Bill 4110.

Let's see how House Hold Head Frank handles this rather sticky situation except that Frank may have to do it very very carefully. Remember baka libre yung opisina ng FFL sa Star Mall.

And the good Senator is supposed to be padrino, so we hear, to look for ways how that FFL corporate name can be approved at the local Securities and Exchange Commission.

Daming considerations, no?

Why don't we, the electorate, just remember that 2010 is just around the corner and The Senate President MVillar would love to drop the word "Senate" before the word "President" di ba?

So eto na naman! But you know Manny Villar is a political pragmatist, so he'll go where the votes are!

Perhaps by 2009, he will be Pro GK na rin!

CD, could you keep this blog going till 2010?

Once Duped said...

Looks like Fortes has covered all possible holes. Frank has no more way out. He is cornered! Yet he still continues to lie his way around many uninformed CFC members while his followers still continue to be blind.

FFL - (F)rank (F)or (L)ife indeed!

YearningForTruth said...


It's amazing how a person can twist reality to move forward his agenda.

I am really surprised that a self-proclaimed "man of God" is obsessed in discrediting the name of GK, whose intention is to "Bring glad tidings to the poor."

Why is it possible that when CFC supports a political agenda, we seem to do it in one voice?

But when we live out our faith, as our Lord Jesus Christ have told us, "to love the poor", it seems that we are divided, not only in opinion but in ways of expressing our love for the poor.

Lately, I've been reading our Holy Scriptures to find out where the Lord commanded to help the poor but do it in the following conditions. I'm confused, my brethren, if our Lord meant that we should love unconditionally or should we love carefully.

I may be wrong, but I think Bo Sanchez articulated very well how and when to love the poor.

But here's my burning question:

How is it that others outside the CFC community can see the miracles and beauty of Gawad Kalinga, while our former GK Chairman seems to be cloaked with hatred for GK?

How is it possible to discredit 1200 plus GK Villages that were built together by tens of thousands of volunteers and continues to be supported by brave men and women armed with their love for God?

I am so disillusioned by the folly of self-proclaimed, "holier-than-thou" brethren, who call themselves "men" speaking with a prophetic voice but seeking to destroy instead of helping to keep a vision one.

I am so discouraged by leaders who we once respected, gave our trust and our full confidence, who say that they are for restoration and yet continues to wreak havoc by peddling lies disguised in noble words.

If they want to separate because of their beliefs, then do so. But to do it with anger and hatred, then the fruits of their work will befall on them.

"You will know (the truth) by their fruits."

God bless.

CFC+FFL+CFL=3C4F2L said...

he he Anonymous with BROKEN BONE, hoy, hindi na-gets ni blogger Melquiades ang joks mo!

salamat sa blogs ninyong dalawa at sa yo rin brod CD (ka-inis na-miss kita sa PasCong) for this blogsite.

puputok ka na sa inis at sa puyat ng kababasa tapos ma-e-encounter mo ang mga ganitong blogs na nagbibigay ng talagang buhay at ligaya. tuloy, lalo ka pang mapupuyat he he he.

i will joy in you my brods and sisters! tuloy ang pakiki-baka!!! at siyempre pag-pa-patawa!!!bawal ang maka-mundo ha.

Bingo said...

Following the FFL logic, we should all now boycott Mercury Drug. Patronize instead our own Coops for Christ Botika ng Bayan (BnB) which does not sell contraceptives. Tangkilin anb Co fc Bnb kung saan ang gamot ay mabisa at abot-kaya.

Ernie said...

To Anonymous Re Frank's Mission Report

Good for Frank and his numbers.

DON'T be ALARMED, in our life's journey, God asked US to be FAITHFUL and not SUCSESSFUL.

If his report make us PRAY more, then it served its purpose, we become faithful (praying) to God.

If we are SUCCESSFUL, do you think we NEED GOD?

Ernie S

YearningForTruth said...

To Ernie S:

Re: FFL's mission report

Thank you brother for that enlightenment.

You are right to remind us that God seeks faithfulness not success.

When I read the numbers, my first impression is of the secular way of thinking - they have more numbers, should we join the bandwagon?

Apparently, your spiritual approach on faithfulness have encouraged me more to do what is faithful to our calling and God will provide our successes.

Please, I encourage you to speak more nuggets of wisdom. Keep enlightening us. This is the time when we need more inspiration and less of desperation.

Thank you, bro. Ernie, I honor you.

God bless.

Ernie said...

To YearningForTruth,

Thank you for the kind words.
I accept the HONOR which really BELONGS to the HOLY SPIRIT that convicts us of the TRUTH (This is IT).

Ernie S

RED EB said...

This was from email of Bro Frank posted by Anonymous. Just want to know if Bro Joe Tale ever emailed or stated that Bro Frank continue with his disinformation & misrepresentations...... From: Frank Padilla

Date: Sep 22, 2007 2:38 PM

Subject: mission report

To: "Movement Core Gp"" "Resto

Hello all. We're back! And it has been a very fruitful and blessed
mission trip.....The IC and its supporters continue with outright disinformation and misrepresentations. Joe Tale even called the head of CFC Costa Rica and gave his deceptive inputs. The IC does not even know anyone in Latin America and do not know Spanish! It seems they think nothing about disrupting CFC in their quest for a stray sheep or two.

God is good. Thank you for all your prayers. God bless.


"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

Anonymous said...

Naalala ko tuloy yung mga kuwento ng Lolo ko. Noong 1945 daw, nung medyo natatalo na ang mga Hapon, lagi daw nilang narininig sa japanese-controlled radio stations na na conquer na daw ng mga Hapon ang iba't ibang probinsya sa Pilipinas. At katunayan pala nito ay nagwi-withdraw na ang mga Hapon. Psychological warface -- yun ba ang tawag dun?

Bukidnoner said...

Hi CD,

I think Marthe '57's email deserves its own section apart from "Frankly Speaking" which you originally intended for Frank's Q&A with Fortes In Fide which incidentally has now been downloaded 400+ times!

Fortes' latest responses to Frank's replies should empower any CFC member worldwide to directly ask Frank about the seemingly unrefutable answers by Fortes In Fide.

I know I will if ever I get the chance.



Pro Life Matters said...

This talk about GK partnering with pharma companies supposedly producing anti life drugs is getting to be head line material in this FFL spin.

The Pro-life Ministry came about when the then CFC under now FFL founder FAPadilla partnered with RP's Dept of Health.

I think, The Dept of Health at that time of its signing an MOA with CFC also was running programs that were ANTI-LIFE.

DOH in partnership with institutions from abroad were disposing of birth control pills and condoms in government health centers even at that time when CFC agreed to involve itself with DOH for the Natural Family Planning program. I think DOH needed to do partnering with a religious institution to sort of balance their approach with family planning by also having programs that are natural and accepted by the Catholic church.

Therefore the Padilla-led CFC International Council at that time did not have qualms about partnering with a government agency that was running anti-life programs. Members of the present Council who were already with FAP in this engagement time, is this correct or is this a false statement?

Couldn't it have been possible that CFC at that time of the Padilla Directorship got the idea of making a Pro Life pillar to justify its engagement with DOH, even if DOH, even up to now still has anti life programs?

So what is the problem if GK accepts funding support from drug companies who are accused (I say accused because Pfizer already officially denied they still make Depo-Porvera) of producing pro-choice products, when the mother institution CFC partnered with DOH?

When GK accepts financial support from any donor, the beneficiary are poor families.

Could we say the same for the DOH MOA of the Padilla-led International Council?

Or is it because the Padilla led Council thought it could make good use of the money that was available under the terms of the partnership?

That money could not be classified totally UN-TAINTED, yet Padilla led Internatinal Council took up the partnership!

And at that time, everyone accepted it as fact. We got used to the idea kasi that whatever the Frank Padilla says, goes!

We did not have a brother Nonong Contreras asking if we wanted CFC to be an NGO then, did we?

By the way, Brothers Frank and Nonong, if the CFC-DOH partnership was good for God and Country, why did CFC discontinue it?

I think these statements and the question cannot be non-sequitur.

Yo no soy marinero... said...

“To: "Movement Core Gp"" "Resto

1. Hello all. We're back! And it has been a very fruitful and blessed
mission trip.

2. The IC and its supporters continue with outright disinformation and misrepresentations.

3. Joe Tale even called the head of CFC Costa Rica and gave his deceptive inputs.

4. The IC does not even know anyone in Latin America and do not know Spanish!

5. It seems they think nothing about disrupting CFC in their quest for a stray sheep or two.”

Dear CD,

I quote (above) and re arrange (numbering the statements, mine) this e-mail from Bro Frank so that I could directly relate my observations on the matter.

So here goes:

1. Even Bro Joe Tale, who also arrived recently from his trip abroad, could make this statement. We all know however, that only God can judge of the fruitfulness / blessedness of both trips.
2. We need to know from Brother Frank which statements Joe Tale made while meeting with our brethren abroad are “outright disinformation and misrepresentations”. If Brother Frank kept quiet about the June 07 meeting of the Easter Group Playboys & Bunnies, and because no one asked, was the silence on the matter part of his honest and true delivery of only the truth and nothing but the truth?
3. Does this comment imply that Bro Joe Tale does not have a right to call any leader during his trip? Again Bro Frank is charging bro Joe Tale of being deceptive. May we know what Bro Joe Tale said, according to the feedback relayed by the CFC Costa Rica Head to him, constituted deceptive statements?
4. a. This statement of Frank makes me feel sad for him, because there was a time in the life of CFC when he did not have to make such a demeaning statement. True, the Spanish language is NOT of common usage and knowledge to commoner Filipino people. Maybe Padillas, Sottos, Andrews, Davids (?), Contrerases are Spanish Speaking, but did Frank really need to say this? So in his desire to prove a point, did the supposedly prayerful brother in Frank need to insult the personality of his former brother Joe Tale on his inability to speak Spanish? I have a little knowledge of the language which was part of my vocabulary prior to my joining CFC, but I would not want to recall, much less use it now because I know I can’t do it without offending God!
4.b. Brother Joe was really working with a handicap, because the Latin American countries were the turf (almost exclusively) of the traveling/touring partnership of the Padillas and the Andrewses. But I heard that soon the Davids, Lopez Tans, Oblefiases will be sent to Europe and Americas too to lessen the effects of this observation.
5. When FFL “strayed /veered/ separated/ split”, was not that the real disruptive event in the life of CFC as a community?

No replies required / needed from “amigo” Frank y “compaƱero” Nonong!

“Solo Dios Basta!”
(Quoted from an SFC T shirt)

JoSA said...

From: Frank Padilla
Subject: Re: PRO-LIFE MINISTRY / GK777

That is a very ridiculous conclusion coming from an elder. kawawa naman si bro.rene rieta - riciculous daw, elder pa naman. inisulto pa.
That is part of the defense mechanism put forth by CFC-GK. What is relevant is that a Catholic community that supposedly proclaims Christ and is pro-life should not partner with pharmaceuticals that produce or distribute contraceptives. can you not say the same for the Villars - Frank continue to partner with them even is they sponsor ANTI-LIFE bills in Congress. YOU ARE RIDICULOUS!!!

bro.rene rieta - pakitanong mo nga po kay Frank why he continue to partner with the Villars. kaya lang baka sabihin ridiculous ka ulit. i honor you...

JoSA said...

by the way - POPCOM was mentioned here. and we all know that it espouses ANTI-LIFE agenda through population control.

I have been hearing that the good Gerry Padilla is a member of PopCom in one way or another. Can someone categorically deny this please.

And since andito na rin naman tayo - Can Gerry Padilla also deny campaigning for the Villars!!! she was seen with Ms. Cynthia Villar during the election period...

FAP has a different measuring stick of gauging the PRO or ANTI-LIFE leaning for CFC and for FFL. sana lang consistent...

again... Frank, HOY GISING!!!

thanks ulit - JoSA

Anonymous said...

mission report ni tito frankie,

AUSTRIA is over 90%FFL fact
AUSTRIA is 60% FFL truth
EUROPE is overwhelmingly for FFL fact
EUROPE is overwhelmingly for CFC truth

hindi bankero said...

Hi po CD,

meron po kami balita na meron daw po mga tseke na para sa titser ng sibol na hindi daw po umabot sa mga titser matapos ito ay matanggap na ng leader po ng EFI, galing po doon sa GK partner?

Sana po hindi totoo kasi po makaka-sama po yan sa dedikasyon ng mga maliit na manggagawa ng sibol.

siguro daw po ay nakalimutan lang noong taga-EFI na bayaran iyong mga titser, pero po kung pang-sahod ng mga titser ng sibol yan, eh hindi po yan paminsan minsan lang mangyari, kasi hindi po ba dapat bawat labing limang araw ang sahod ng titser o di kaya tuwing sabado?

may nag sabi ho sa amin na baka naman daw yan ay dahil may "deferred payment plan" ang contrata ng titser sa sibol? totoo rin ho ba yon?

sana po may paliwanag lang po ang EFI.

Disgusted said...

Just to let everyone know that Restore CFCs blog is deleting posts that are critical of Bro. Frank Padilla.

They even deleted Fortes In Fide's answer to Bro. Frank's reply to Fortes' original questions.

So much for the truth!

mercy said...

disgusted, CD,
Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not a true blue blogger pero di ba yung thread owner is the blog starter and the authors are the succeeding commentors?

If this is true, then yung accusation ni disgusted e parang hindi wisdomly.

Wala lang, umaalalay lang ako sa mga raging bull in a china shop. Mahirap makabasag ng walang saysay e.

Frank For Lies said...

Looks like FLL is getting paranoid and desperate.

Someone re-posted Fortes In Fide's Q&A with Frank Padilla at FFL's blog and it GOT DELETED AGAIN !!!

Paano naman kasi, kornered na ang Frank. Hindi na makasagot without getting himself in a much deeper pit than he already is.

Di na maka-lusot (bistado na!) kaya erase na lang ng erase!

Ang mga bulag na followers, "Yes Frank" pa rin.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Ano ba yan?

Anonymous said...

FAP's mission report 9-22-07 talked of outright disinformation and misrepresentations by IC and its supporters. Can we ask him to mention the specific disinformation and misrepresentations? What deceptive input did JT tell our Costa Rica Head? After we hear from FP, we would like to hear from JT. We can't allow any lies to destroy our community. LIARS GO TO HELL. The devil is the king of liars. Leaders who lie or even say half truths (that makes the situation look different) in order to bring people to their side are leaders who are not of God. That's why we have to hear who is really deceiving who. Eve was deceived and she likewised deceived Adam. Please... no lying if we want to be in God's Kingdom.

cfc from southern california said...

CFC Council Statement

October 3, 2007


We refer to Bro. Frank Padilla's email wherein he reports that they
were able to purchase Depo Provera, a Pfizer product, from Mercury
Drug recently.

1. We thank Bro. Frank for checking on the products of Pfizer and
for bringing his findings to our attention now. We probably would
have avoided these issues if he had done this when he was still CFC
Director and GK chairman. CFC / GK first entered into partnership
with Pfizer in 2005 for the Gawad Kalusugan Program, before the
February 2007 resignation of Bro. Frank. We remember his active
support of this Program and his presence at the launch where the
working partnerships with Pfizer, Wyeth and Unilab were announced.

2. We wish to clarify that our earlier pronouncement that Depo
Provera is no longer being carried by Pfizer was based on the official
explanation of Pfizer itself. We deeply regret that out of this
action, done in good faith, Bro. Frank has now accused us of "peddling
an outright lie."

3. In view of his email, we made further investigations and came
out with the following initial findings:

a. Depo Provera's major application is to stop uterine
bleeding associated with endometriosis. It was later found that it
stops ovulation as well.
b. When Pfizer acquired Pharmacia, the original manufacturer
of Depo Provera, it then ordered the stoppage of the sale of Depo
Provera consistent with its objective of being a company that is
c. Pharmacia actually had a supply agreement with USAID and
the Department of Health for Depo Provera. This supply agreement was
likewise terminated by Pfizer for the same reason.
d. However, it now appears that some remaining stocks of Depo
Provera continued to be on sale in drugstores.
e. The management of Pfizer has ordered the withdrawal of ALL
remaining stocks of Depo Provera from all drugstores in spite of the
fact that there are only a few alternatives to treating the
life-threatening condition of uterine bleeding.

4. In order to complete our fact-finding and discuss the future of
its GK partnership, we are meeting Pfizer officials this Saturday,
Oct. 6. We honor Pfizer for their responsiveness to the issues at

We shall also meet with officials of Wyeth soon and will issue another
statement thereafter. The partnership with Wyeth for anti-TB
medication also dates back to the time where Bro. Frank was CFC
Director and GK Chairman.

We wish to assure everyone that the CFC International Council stands
committed to Pro-Life as one of our community's core values and
pillars. We also stand committed to clarify and submit to the
Church's guidance in matters pertaining to Pro-Life.


Anonymous said...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Fortes In Fide
Date: Sep 21, 2007 12:27 PM
Subject: Exchanges of Bro. Frank Padilla and Fortes In Fide
To: Fortes In Fide
Cc: Frank Padilla ,Frank Padilla


Dear Brothers and Sisters In Christ,

Peace to one and all.

It was with a sense of guilt that I was not able to attend the Winnipeg FFL Assembly and Open Forum with Bro. Frank Padilla on Saturday Sept. 15. I thank those who went to show Bro. Frank that there are also brethren who do not agree with his divisive actions. I especially salute my Chapter Head Bro. Ador and Sis. Vicky Cabrera for standing up for the truth that we uphold.

I know many thought that the "noisy" Fortes In Fide has "chickened-out" from facing Bro. Frank Padilla himself. I am not ashamed to admit that I was indeed afraid to face Bro. Frank. But it is not because I was afraid of him, but more so, because I was afraid of myself. Although I sincerely believe that the TRUTH is on the IC's side, I feared that because I was not a very good speaker, that I would probably not be effective in properly bringing the message across to Bro. Frank himself and to those present that, THERE IS NO NEED TO SEPARATE. I feared that in the process, we might lose more of our brothers and sisters to the FFL side, lose the opportunity to make those who already joined FFL or those who chose no side to come back, and lose the opportunity to make the undecided decide to stay.

Which is why I want to thank God for the marvels of technology such as the INTERNET and EMAIL.

I emailed out 21 major questions to be asked of Bro. Frank Padilla. Actually these questions were supposed to be asked during the open forum but for some reason or another they were not asked. Eventually it ended up in Bro. Frank's INBOX and he was more than kind and gracious enough to respond to all my questions, which I appreciate very much.

I urge you my dear brothers and sisters to read carefully the original questions (in black), then read through his responses (in red), then read my replies (in blue). The advantage of email or written statements over speaking (verbal statements) is at least in emails or written statements you could read the exchanges again and again and you can really read between the lines and analyze the intent of the person making the statement.

In the interest of truth, I hope Bro. Frank still finds the time to reply to my reaction to his responses.

May God bless us all.

Fortes Fide in Christ,

Bro. Jojo Rodriguez
CFC Winnipeg