Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Joe Tale and Frank Padilla Talk in Los Angeles, California

Here's something new to share with you all, video of the joint talk with Joe Tale and Frank Padilla in Los Angeles.

Part 1 - Introduction

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Part 2.1 - Question and Answer Portion

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Part 2.2 - Question and Answer Portion

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Part 2.3 - Question and Answer Portion

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I just had to add this. This is actually an email and issue that will be covered in an upcoming entry, but just to show you an incredible inconsistency in the FFL's actions when they are supposed to be LEADING BY EXAMPLE and showing what Christian behavior should be like. Didn't they just come out with a statement entitled "Be Still"?

From: Francis Berroya <>
To: Undisclosed Recipients <>
Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 7:16:43 PM
Subject: GK Issue
Brethren, attached is Frank Padilla's reply to a long list of questions from Fortes Fide aka bro. Jojo Rodriguez, cfc/gk winnipeg. God bless, francis berroya, cfcffl toronto ps: you need an Adobe Reader to open attached file.


1. On August 14, 2007, the new and former international council members met and agreed to separate ways - was confirmed in a letter they all signed dated August 15, 2007.

2. Meeting with the Bishops on August 28, 2007; the bishops concurred with our elders of both groups and gave their blessings for the two groups to separate ways as confirmed in Bp Reyes' (CFC spiritual director) in a clarification letter he signed dated September 6, 2007, par 4 page 4.

3. Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL Toronto) declared as a separate group last August 28, 2007. It is no longer a restoration movement whose members need to insulate themselves and work from within CFC.

4. The Letters Patent for Couples For Christ Foundation for Family and Life (CFCFFL) was approved and dated September 17, 2007. CFCFFL is now a charitable organization in Ontario.

AS AGREED by our elders and as concurred by the Bishops, we now have two separate groups of CFC:

CFC/GK: its emphasis is more on the social dimension of the mission. GK777 means 700,000 homes in 7,000 communities in 7 years. As of April 2007 per GK website, there are 21,759 homes in 1,253 communities in 3.5 years (GK777 was launched in 2003). To meet GK777 target, there is still a need for 678,241 in 5747 communities in the remaining 3.5 years. Per Ancop Canada Summit in 2006, the fundraising target was placed at $10,000,000 for the next four years or until 2010. With the big balance still left to meet GK777 target, it may seem that this fundraising
target of $10M will be increased in the next Ancop Canada Summit. This could mean that CFC/GK in Canada will be engaged in more fundraising events till 2010.

CFC-FFL: its emphasis is more on evangelization, family renewal and life. It will restore CFC's original charism. It will also have its seven pillars including work with the poor ministry.

Let both CFC groups now move forward:

GK emphasis: fundraising --- building a nation, making heroes, doing
charity work hiding its Christian identity.

FFL emphasis: evangelization and family renewal --- building the
kingdom of God, going after holiness, doing charity work with Christ.

Highlight mine.

One cannot help but notice the snideness and cynicism behind the words "making heroes....HIDING its Christian Identity."

I'd like to ask Mr. Berroya; Is this really necessary to get a point across? You do realize that you have just labeled and accused tens of thousands of active CfC members of hiding their Christian Identity, right?

I am just asking you now to watch this video. Show it to all you know. Mr. Tale acted in absolute humility in the face of the open accusations by Frank Padilla. He reiterates again and again that they (the council) are NOT veering away from the mission/vision of CfC. How many times does it have to be said?

Labels and accusations can hurt people, spread disunity, and cause rifts in communities. Was that in the mission/vision/plan of the FFL? Who among us here is actually walking their talk? Or is it a case of "Do as I say, not as I do"?

I really can't believe that GK under CfC is hiding from its Christian Identity when "Couples for Christ-Gawad Kalinga and Catholic charismatic groups Bukas Loob sa Diyos, Focolare and Light of Jesus communities formed a partnership to help the poor."

I guess all these Catholic Charismatic groups are hiding from their Christian Identity too. Don't forget to copy them on your next email blast. =)

This next video will actually have its own entry, but I'll post it now to make a point.

Please download it HERE.

Or go to http://kerygmafamily.com/view.php?mediaid=401:flv


Anonymous said...

medyo bitin yung video,sana mapanood din namin yung Q and A for us to understand bakit ang daming nag ffl sa US during the early days and after hearing the two sides many have come back to cfc?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Brethren,

Francis Berroya was the first ANCOP persident before he was replaced, therefore has personal issues with GK and Ricky Cuenca.

Empowered CFC Canada Member

p.e. said...

bitin nga. sana mai-post din yung videos ng q & a.

calling cfc from southern california

can you please update me kung ano na ang stand ng socal especially the leaders and specifically si r.c.

salamat and god bless.

Anonymous said...

An email response from Frank
From: Frank Padilla [mailto:fapcfc@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007 6:01 AM

It is indeed unfortunate that some of our leaders make their choices for our members, just like a cult. They lack respect for the members who have their own opinion and discernment. It simply is not right. It is unjust. Anyway, the sentiment for CFC-FFL is very widespread and in areas where we are able to present our side, often results in the majority opting for CFC-FFL.

Anonymous said...

You have Nonong Contreras in the Phils, We have Francis Beroya in Toronto. With leaders like these, Bro Frank doesn't need enemies. But wait... action speaks louder than words...Bro. Frank is contradicting his earlier teachings, remember GK2 and Disunity, how can we follow him now?

West-C Divided said...

I agree, kelangan siguro ipakita what happened during the Q and A.

Just an observation, napansin nyo ba na wala man lang pumalakpak after bro. frank spoke up?

Anonymous said...

aray ko! kinuwentahan tayo sa GK. pera-pera lang yata talaga ang tingin nila.

ang sakit din naman na "fund raising" nalang ang tingin nilang gagawin nating mga CFC.

pati ako nalula. $10M? wow! mukhang imposible nga. anyway, naniniwala naman ako na our God is the God of the impossible.

bakit kaya sa CFC binigay ni God ang GK?

para siguro kung ayaw mong mag work for the poor, umalis ka nalang.

pero, meron din daw ang FFL na "work with the poor ministry"?!?

hay, ang galing talaga nila, ang galing sa math! at ang galing sa ingles! bobo lang yata talaga ako kasi di ko sila maintindihan.

cfc from southern california said...

dear west-c,

no one clapped after bro. frank spoke because the priest moderator instructed everyone not to clap so as not to offend anyone and not to divide the audience. those who clapped for bro. joe obviously did not follow the advise of the priest moderator.

bro. p.e., cfc southern california will soon issue a statement in support of the IC. RC have utmost respect for other leaders in SoCal that he will go where the majority of the leaders chose to go. i honor RC for his humility.

as i've said before in previous comments, my discernment leads me to support the IC. but i am deeply saddened by un-Christian-like comments by some of our brethrens in this blogsite. i hope we will stop saying unkind words to our brothers/sisters in FFL. if we feel they're not being Christian in their words or actions, let's take the higher road and show them how to be a good Christian.

i am really sad that i will be losing some really good friends and co-households whose discernment leads them to FFL.

i am also hearing that our leaders are surprisingly hearing a strong support for FFL in Southern California and some are being driven to the FFL side because of the attitude of some of the pro-IC leaders that are putting pressure on our SoCal leaders to issue a support to IC. i hope all the leaders on both sides will heed fr. mark villanueva's advise that they allow all members to decide in their own time and not force the decision upon them. bishop solis of los angeles, fr. mendoza of los angeles, and fr. villanueva of canada all mentioned that discernment may last years. i just hope that we show respect to our brothers who are still discerning and not force them to make a decision.

again, i hope we win people to the side of IC by our love to all our brothers.

may God be praised always.

Anonymous said...

to cfc from socal

i really agree with you my brethren!dapat i stop na natin ang pagsasabi ng badwords sa blogsite,remember kahit cfc tayo or ffl may we not forget that we are still all CHRISTIANS!my only worry is this!baka mamaya some of the people who give bad words and joke to the ffl are from their own backyard para mag mukhang bad ang mga cfc,or vice versa.kaya the best thing to do is to stop saying bad words and joke na din!dapat cd since your the one who is in control,dapat medyo higpitan mo ang pag sala ng mga messages.let us not forget that we go to this site mainly to know the truth and not to say bad things to others.all cfc pleaese stop making jokes!babalik din sa atin yan!and kung sakaling ffl ang sya ding tumitira sa kapwa nya ffl to gain sympathy,stop it na!sa mga movie kasi kung minsan ang kontra bida ang gumagawa ng way para kaawaan at di mag mukhang kontra bida!

lets just continue to explore the truth, pray for everybody and remain peaceful!


Anonymous said...

at first i was so interested to see the joe fap video, but after watching the other video by Bro Bo Sanches of The Light of Jesus community for me theres no reason to wait the remaining joe fap video!the talk of say it all!it really touches my heart,and i start to ask question: isnt that ironic?while som of are very own brothers in cfc say that Gk is veering away from the plan of God, other religious people like Bo Sanches see as a miracle from God!my brothers in the community i ask a favor in you specially those who are in tne US and Canada, pls do share this video and see it from yourself how people see God's miracle in GK and how blessed are we in the CFC that the father give it to our community!

p.e. said...

dear cfc from southern california,

praise god that cfc socal, and rc in particular, will be supporting the ic. salamat sa update and for forbearing with me.

hmmm, paano mo pala nalaman na bro ako? hehehe. i've been hesitant to ask you kung bro o sis ka eh. :)

Ernie said...

To Anonymous Re; Bo Sanchez Video
Nakapangliliit nga Brother...
How blessed we are in CFC to be called and be Stewards of GK. Kaya naman many, including our Leaders ay medyo "yumabang na" at pinag-away-awayan na ang blessings.

Sad to say, other Groups outside CFC can see the MIRACLE of God (GK) while we insiders ay nagta-talo-talo pa kung anong gagawin (Analysis/Paralysis).

I was floored when Mang Berto and Aling Luz (sharers) went on stage. Poor as they are (as you see them), they donated the only treasure they have (a small piece of property) to GK to provide shelter to 80 families.

Mang Berto a mere fisherman was the embodiment of "The Poor is more generous than the Rich".

To me, that sharing transformed Mang Berto from a fisherman to "Fishers of Men" that someday many of us RICH in CFC may become POOR like him and walk his talk.

clueless from somewhere america said...

Request lang from "p.e." and "cfc from southern california".
Please identify who "r.c." is?

Is he Ricky Coronel..., if yes, then this is not a small matter. I think I heard that he was for Frank P, along with Jun Banaria and Nani Almansa?

I think this is a moment to celebrate and be thankful because Rick is with CFC

cfc from southern california said...

dear "clueless from somewhere america",

yes, rc is ricky coronel. as i've mentioned earlier, he is such a humble servant. while it is painful for him to separate ways with people he has worked closely with the past years in the US council, he chose to listen, respect, and go along with the discernment of the other leaders of SoCal. i've said a long time ago in this blog that he really did not choose to go FFL, as announced or implied by JD. RC is for unity.

how i wish that our leaders in Manila on both CFC and FFL are as flexible and humble as ricky coronel.

again, my plea for leaders from all areas to really allow the members enough time for discernment.

bro p.e., that was just an instinctive guess on my part. and yes, i'm a servant brother as well :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! may somebody clarify.. i just want to know if it's true that the CFC US Council, especially RC supports FFL.

Anonymous said...

I know RC- Ricky Cuenca, who is just asdedicated to the life and mission of CFC.
To anyone who personally knows Ricky Coronel please give him a hug. My family is very happy because we are under SoCal. We were on the verge of leaving CFC if the leaders from the mainland decided otherwise.
Masayang masaya po kami...
Mahalo and GOD Bless from Honolulu...

Anonymous said...

Francis Berroya used the same authoritarian tone in his email sent to Ricky Cuenca 'demanding' to send the letter of Bishop Gabby to all CFC -Canada members. By that tone, you already could get a glimpse of the kind of person he is. Though, he followed through with another email adding the word 'please' - I think he thought on hindsight that the first email will reflect on his character.

Anonymous said...

Stand of CFC So. Cal Governance Team

September 26, 2007

Dear CFC-SoCal brethren,

Our beloved community is experiencing very challenging times. As members of our extended family in CFC, we are facing a crossroad in our service life. The leadership of CFC-SoCal has been able to listen and speak with some elders of the conflicting parties in our community, from the National Council to the International Council. Last August 5, the SoCal Governance Team (GT) composed of Bros. Cris Kagahastian, Noriel Reyes, Sonny Berberabe, John Cellona, Buddy Halili, and Eric Villanueva had a meeting with the then incumbent National Council/US Council (NC) immediately after the CFC Leaders West Regional Conference at Anaheim Hilton. The NC present were Bros. Ricky Coronel (also a member of the SoCal GT), Edwin Andrews, Manny Hermano, Jun Villamayor, Nani Almanza and Joe Duran (Bro. Jun Banaria was not present at that time). The meeting was a plea from the CFC-SoCal leadership for the NC to exhaust all efforts for unity and reconciliation and to stress that GK will remain as a pillar of CFC. With the Spirit of Unity, the GT leadership has taken a united stand to remain neutral and not to campaign for a particular party and these were observed during the CFC Conference. That stance was prayerfully agreed upon and followed by the GT for the sake of the entire community, trusting that forgiveness and reconciliation will be brought about. Some members questioned this stance but, we, in the GT believe that this is the way to preserve the unity in CFC-SoCal.

The most awaited meeting of August 14, between the groups of Bro. Frank Padilla and the International Council headed by Bro. Joe Tale, and the meeting of August 28, with the Bishops of Manila came, but the outcome we have been praying for did not materialize. The quest for unity and reconciliation seemed unreachable. The results of the meetings sealed and validated the inevitable split of CFC and has also met the approval of the Episcopal Commission composed of Bishop Gabby Reyes of the Diocese of Antipolo, Chairman of the Commission, Archbishop Angel Lagdameo of the Diocese of Jaro, Iloilo, Bishop Jimmy Afable of the Diocese of Digos, Davao del Sur, Bishop Ramon Villena of the Diocese of Bayombong, Nueva Ecija and Bishop Honesto Pacana of the Diocese of Malaybalay , Bukidnon.

Some of the members of the Cluster Household also had a meeting on September 5 with Bishop Oscar Solis, our Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and Fr. Jim Clarke, our Spiritual Director, for spiritual guidance to help us in our discernment process. Both meetings have been a blessing. On Wednesday, September 12, the leaders from the different Ministries in CFC-SoCal were given the chance to ask and listen to both Bro. Frank Padilla and Bro. Joe Tale in an organized Q & A Forum. Just recently, Monday, September 17, again some of our CFC Chapter households were invited to have an audience with Bro. Tony Meloto and Bro. Lito Tayag, one of the 3 newly appointed members of the CFC International Council.

We, in the Governance Team, believe that the split in CFC is now inevitable. The separation is currently beyond repair and in fact pushing us to move forward at an orderly, prayer driven and decisive pace. We believe that we have tried and exhausted all efforts for reconciliation and unity, which was our will, but not the Lord’s.

The credibility of the GT is incredibly important for keeping peace and harmony in our community. With that, we would like to share with you our stand. All of the GT, except for Bro. John Cellona, will remain in Couples for Christ, support the IC headed by Bro. Joe Tale and continue the task that the Lord has given us. Bro. John chose to join Bro. Frank’s CFC-Foundations for Family and Life (CFC-FFL). We will continue to provide all the support that our members will need as we all fight the good fight of our faith. We will also continue to foster peace and brotherhood with our brethren.

We know that some of you are disappointed with us because of our silence and our seemingly prolonged decision that added to your anxiety. We beg for your forgiveness if that was how you felt. We hope that as you read this letter, you will get a sense of our conviction regarding the process we took and the reasons why we did it.

We thank our good Lord, through the guidance of His Holy Spirit, for allowing us to feel strongly about what we are doing. We truly believe that the decision will make CFC-SoCal more secure and the community more peaceful. It is a conviction that is deep in our heart. And we will share it as best as we possibly can to all our brethren in CFC-SoCal. For those who have not yet made a decision, we need to ask where the Lord is calling us and what the Lord’s will is for us. We need to be steadfast in the midst of the storm for we are founded on our faith, knowing that we have a faithful God. We need to take care of our members who are disappointed and distraught because of this turmoil. As Fr. Jim Clarke said, “Remind them of God’s call to them to faithfulness, maturity and forbearance.” In the midst of these, know and trust that God’s hand and presence is with us. Stand firm and believe that He will be victorious, “For I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare, not for woe, plans to give you a future full of hope. When you call me, when you go to pray to me, I will listen to you. When you look for me, you will find me. Yes, when you seek me with all your heart, you will find me with you, says the LORD.” Jeremiah 29:11-14

Again we THANK ALL OF YOU for your cooperation, patience and understanding.

May God be praised!

Sincerely in Christ,

CFC-SoCal Governance Team

Anonymous said...

SoCal already issued its statement, choosing to remain with CFC. However, one member of the GT decided to join FFL. the statement is too long to quote here. Bahala na si CD mag-publish as an entry.

Anonymous said...

praise God with the decision of cfc socal.

with regards to the FFl of canada (one of the biggest ANCOP partner)who question GK specially to mr FB , i have some question with regards to your letter regarding GK.
1. have you try to have a conversation with any one of a PD in the phil?like ask them,what are your sacrifices in serving GK? and how does it feel to love a poor, or do a CLP with a poor couple?

2. have you experience to talk atleast 1 of the gk youth benefeciary and said, im sorry your cfc caretakers veered away from God's plan thus you will not go to school next school year, our chapter in canada is a restore family for God!

3. Have you tried this " Good Morning SIBOL! this will be your last class!are fund raising in canada for you is not part of Gods Plan for our Family!"

4. Have you seen atleast 1 of the evacuation site in ALBAY?and see the people who live in the tents for almost a year now?

Mr FB, just incase you have help GK in the past,we thank you for that!it really helps a poor family in the phil. but please do not deny the noble cfc in your place to experience the second commandment of the LORD!if you see GK as a fundraising ALONE!allow us to let you know that your money is not our reason why we sacrifice our life in serving our poor brethren!it is the Love that we see from the cfc there!their generosity and SINCERITY!

my last question to you mr FB of canada.

5. We are the people on the Ground in GK! just like you a CFC!have regular lower and upper household,service team in a clp, the one who do the 1 to 1 to an inactive cfc..etc...
we in our heart believe that our srvice in GK is our obedience to the vision and mision of cfc and the mandate of God.do you also believe in us that what we are doing is a work of the holy spirit?
if not,then you do not believe on us really!if yes,then your letter is a blasphmy!


Anonymous said...

GK emphasis: fundraising --- building a nation, making heroes, doing
charity work hiding its Christian identity.

THANK YOU FOR LABELLING US MR FB!By the way in muslim area in mindanao they call good christians as COUPLES FOR CHRIST!even if you are not a CFC if your a christian and you do good things for them they will call you cfc.becouse cfc have show them so much respect and brotherly love despite of different religion!

FFL emphasis: evangelization and family renewal --- building the
kingdom of God, going after holiness, doing charity work with Christ.

* when you build a home for the poor,are you not building a kingdom of God?

* when you decide to love the poor isnt that holiness?

* when you do clp with poor family,is Gods present not avaiable?

* how do you know your God? a God whose presence can only be in RICH like you CLP's?

* how do you define your holiness?
is mother theresa a hero to you but not holy?

* where can we really see God's kingdom? is there any posibilities that it can also be available in the slums?or just in your place?

* Mr FB how do you sleep at night?

At peace in Singapore said...

Bro Francis Berroya,

Do not forget that GK777 is a discernment by the council under FAP. That GK777 is proclaimed loudly by FAP in every assembly, before he turned his back from it. I think the inventory you did is uncalled for, it might have just shown that FAP shrieked from the work of GK because the target he supported in GK777 is far from being reached at this stage.

Bro Francis, if you profess to be christian, I hope and pray that you walk the talk. We honor you for your decision to move to FFL because of your personal conviction and discernment. However, your emails can be better crafted, so they excude Christ's love.

We pray for your journey in FFL. We pray that the anger in all our hearts be blotted out by God's true love. May we bring more people to GOD as we share with the same work but focusing on different ministries. May you pray for us who have decided to stay and create the change within CFC. Learning from the mistakes of the past, so we may be stronger in the face of yet another storm, which I believe will still come. The evil one is most active when he sees that God's Glory is manifested in the work of His people.

God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to say but Francis Berroya has not done anything to inspire any members in Canada. All he does is complaint. He should leave his personal issues behind and not drag the entire membership of Canada. CFC Canada is hurting so much, we pray that God will touch his heart someday