Thursday, September 13, 2007

FFL Statements and Reactions .... again.

Possibly in connection with this recent Bishop Reyes clarification letter, the FFL has released their own translation of what Bishop Reyes meant to say, I believe, to help those of us who can't understand plain english - a very worthy cause.

Here is their statement:

Pdf file HERE.

I would think that Bishop Reyes meant for his letter to be understood by one and all without the need for clarification from no less than the FFL, I mean, he did after all pay for it to be published in the Philstar and the Bulletin (?). Maybe the FFL believes the Bishop didn't quite make himself clear enough.

I have to go now and try and explain to my 2 year old nephew once again that my celfone is not a toy. That seems an easier task.


Anonymous said...


I'd like to make a wild guess to check if I can discern who you are.

Caloi Y, ikaw ba yan?

Anonymous said...

Come on! Brothers of FFL, if you like to pursue the vision and mission of your group then you better start working with the "RIGHT" spirit. Stop confusing members. Malinaw ang letter ni Bishop Reyes, pinapalabo nyo pa. We are not stupid people kaya nga we chose to stay sa True Couples for Christ eh. WE ARE NOT STUPID. Parang verdict ni Erap yan sa Sandiganbayan. The decision had been made and it is all over. I think it is time to write a letter to the Vatican just to tell them that Frank Padilla had resigned and no longer heads CFC so that the Vatican may request for replacement. Ganun kadali yun di ba? Simpleng simple lang. Eh paano kung patay na representative ng CFC sa Vatican, hindi pa rin siya papalitan ng bago? WOW pare Far Out! come on stop pulling our legs. Nagsa suggest lang po.

Anonymous said...

Hummingbird Wars

My wife and I have always enjoyed the helicopter of the animal kingdom. Yep, the hummingbird. On our vacation we hung out a hummingbird feeder and we filled it with this sweet red liquid that they love and we sat down on the porch and we sort of swung back and forth, and settled back to watch those cute little guys come to drink. They're not as cute as we thought. No sooner would one land on the feeder and begin to drink, than another hummingbird would swoop down and knock him off. Then another bird would swoop down and knock that bird off. Eventually, we had as many as five hummingbirds at a time hovering and darting around that feeder fighting with each other, dive-bombing each other. When one managed to finally win a spot on the feeder, he couldn't even enjoy what was there; he was so busy looking around for his next attacker. As the provider of all these goodies, I was frustrated. I was irritated. These dumb birds were so busy fighting over it, they couldn't enjoy it.
As we watched those hummingbirds, I said to my wife, "Honey, I think I know how we Christians must make God feel." Could it be that we're attacking each other so much, we're so busy positioning ourselves, we can't even enjoy what the Father's prepared for us? Our word today from the Word of God is from Psalm 133:1. "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity. For there the Lord bestows His blessing, even life forevermore." God blesses where His kids have laid aside turf and strife and are coming together in unity. He wants your church, your family, your organization, your marriage to be together - not divided. He has so much prepared for you, so much He wants to do for you and through you.

It's wrapped up in those words "His blessing," but we displease Him so much. When He watches us getting into our little groups, attacking each other, judging each other, there's so much ego, so much pride often concealed under righteous-sounding Christian words and causes. We let God's work be poisoned by competition as we try to get the best spot on the feeder for our ministry, our group, our advancement. And while we're protecting our doctrinal and lifestyle purity (which we should), we slander, and condemn, we verbally assassinate those we perceive as "them." We put our way and our turf above the greater work of the kingdom and we lose the very love by which Jesus said people would recognize Him and us.

Something is very wrong at the feeding place of God. There's too much fighting and we're missing what the Father has prepared for us. It's time we ask our Lord for the humility, and the gentleness, and the love, and the self-sacrifice that He always showed. He was the Son of God.

When I was watching those hummingbird wars, I really felt I was watching a heartbreaking picture of much of God's family. And maybe I was feeling in some infinitesimal way, the disappointment and the pain that our Heavenly Father must feel. It's time we live together in unity, for there is where the Lord bestows His blessing .

bong_6679 said...

to really interpret the real message is to ask h author

Ernie said...

To Anonymous (Hummingbird War),

You hit the NAIL right on the HEAD Brother. Good (observation) mental picture that we can all relate with.....

Anonymous said...

First there was the Aug 28 meeting. Then people made their own reports about it. Then Bishop Reyes had to clarify it. And now some people wants to clarify what the Bishop clarified. This seems like an insult to Bishop Reyes' English writing which was pretty much plain that even a monkey on a keyboard could probably understand. Hopefully Bishop Reyes would clarify the clarification of those people. But then there would be another clarification of that clarification of the clarification and so on. Hay!

Tony said...

To those who have decided to join FFL:
Please be guided by these verses:
John 8:32 - You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

Ecclesiastes 4:29-- Strive for the truth unto death and the Lord shall fight for you.

Anonymous said...

I think the members of CFC are willing to move on but they can't because of the following:

1. the name issue - the FFL side is branding the CFC side as CFC-GK even though nothing really changed on that side (it didn't go to SEC to say "You know what, we've been calling ourselves CFC for years but we don't like it anymore so we are changing it to CFC-GK"). The FFL also wants itself identified as CFC even though it doesn't want to follow its rules and leadership (thus, the name CFC-FFL). Right now, I have friends who went to FFL and they refer to me as CFC-GK and to themselves as CFC-FFL. It offends me but I just keep quiet to maintain the peace. When I talk to them, I refer to them as FFL and to us as CFC and I'm sure if offends them too. On these encounters, there is a pretense of peace between friends but deep inside, it always opens the wounds. Unless the name for both sides are settled, we can never move on (it will always bring back the hurt). Bishop Reyes mentioned his opinion on these matters but the circumstances surrounding him puts questions on his fairness. The final arbiter for this could be the SEC. Even though both sides can be considered spiritual organizations, it is still subject to the laws of the land. There are reasons why 2 organizations can't have the same name: confusion, identity, liability, etc. If the names are confusing, it would be hard to attribute success or failure. In other words, if CFC-FFL messes up, it might look bad on CFC-GK (and vice versa). In their last announcement, FFL is claiming that CFC is blocking the SEC application and they are requesting CFC to stop. I respect their opinion to request CFC to stop but I also respect the actions of CFC leaders to protect the integrity of its name. Since that area is legal in nature as opposed to spiritual, let both sides present their cases to the SEC and let's just pray that the SEC would come up to a fair conclusion that is beneficial to all.

2. Poaching of members - since FFL is the separatist here, it has the greater tendency to poach the members of the other side. In our area, there is an agreement between the leaders but it's not being enforced. We still get complaints from members that they are being called and sometimes pressured by FFL to separate. It's hard to move on when you see your brothers and sisters being plucked out during their time of weakness. Maybe the energy should be focused on people outside the two camps who are still not evangelized.

tell me like i am a 2 year old said...

To Brother or sister Anonymous who wrote the following on September 13, 2007:

“Hopefully Bishop Reyes would clarify the clarification of those people. But then there would be another clarification of that clarification of the clarification and so on. Hay!”

I checked the following definitions:

1. Clarity: the state or condition of being clear.
2. Confuse: mix up mentally

Now I understand, the spin writers of FFL are CLEARLY CONFUSED!

So correct pala sila all along!

Bro Ed said...

Can I create my own CFC-XYZ and be recognized by Vatican too? At the same time legally collect tithes?

Bro Ed said...

Now it seems, that anyone can create their own CFC version. CFC-SOS...CFC-XXX...CFC-123. Anyone wants to join? We are Vatican recognized!

cfcgideon said...

In his homily last 8/19/07, Fr. Justin tells the FFL to "to start from scratch: a new name, a new logo, a new office, new funds…"

However, the "Way Forward #3" commands the FFL to"use all teachings, formation programs, materials, the CLP, songs, etc. of CFC."


For your reference:

cfc from souther california said...

Tito Joe Tale and Tito Frank Padilla had an open forum with the household heads and unit heads of Southern California last night. It was done in a very graceful and Godly way. It was a Q & A forum, but no one is allowed to clap so as not to be partisan, and Tito Joe commented in the end that he was happy he came despite his apprehension because it turned out to be a very Christian-like forum. I hope both can see based from their experience last night, that they can coexist within the same group (even on the same floor!) peacefully if they put Christ first.

They both acknowledge that the division is deep, but they both hope that CFC will unite once again. As to how, they don't have the answer.

Lastly, I must say that I was really impressed with the way Tito Joe Tale presented the Council's side and he carried himself very well.

I think I have stated my view before in this site that after much discernment, I am for the IC if they will ask me to choose side. I am just wishing (again, a wish, not a demand) that our IC leaders will do the extreme sacrifice of resigning their office if it will mean the unity of the whole CFC. After watching the video in this site, I believe that they have the mandate. It is just my belief that unity is more important than the argument that they will set a bad precedent if they will resign whenever there are disagreements. I do believe that it is better to love than to be right, always.

As for Tito Frank, his actions the past few days are becoming more and more questionable. First he used the bishops in the Philippines as an excuse for founding FFL. Now that the bishops affirmed CFC, he went to Vatican to do some politicking. I sincerely pray that he may find peace.

Let us all pray for one another that we remain grounded in Christ always.

grace220 said...

A Q&A between Frank Padilla and Joe Tale was moderated by Fr. Francis Mendoza yesterday evening in Los Angeles. The Lord truly used Fr. Francis as His instrument of peace. I can't remember verbatim everything that Fr. Francis said (who before his priesthood came from YFC), but what I did get from him was his reminder that we are a family in Christ and that we need to refrain from the things that will continue to breakdown and tear our family apart. He told the assembly to refrain from clapping for any one of the two men after they spoke, because to clap for one and not the other would further sow disunity and would continue to tear down the family.

We have to remember that regardless of differences in opinion that we have among ourselves, that we are STILL brothers and sisters united in Christ. So please please, let us remove any sarcasm, cyncism, and refrain from tearing this group or that group down, and continue to center ourselves in Him.

May we reflect, remember, and apply the words of Paul to our lives in Colossians 3: 12 - 17

"Put on then, as God's chosen ones, holy and beloved, heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience, bearing with one another and forgiving one another, as the Lord has forgiven you, so must you also do.

And over all these put on love, that is, the bond of perfection. And let the peace of Christ control your hearts, the peace into which you were also called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, as in all wisdom you teach and admonish one another. And whatever you do in word and deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."

Lord, guide our hearts and our minds, that we may be hidden in You. That you will increase as we decrease and that our lives will glorify you in all that we do and say. We love you Lord. Amen.

jolly green turtle said...

Bishop Gabby Reyes loves Frank Padilla

Frank Padilla loves Bishop Gabby Reyes

Frank Padilla is Head of FFL

Bishop Reyes is Head of CBCP Council of Laity

Frank Padilla loves CBCP Council of Laity

Bishop Reyes loves FFL

Are these statements correct or tama ba?

Taps said...


i'm not sure if there's a war, but there's a parallelism in FFL's strategy of "evangelizing" people to its fold with Sun Tzu's Art of War.

Read Chapter 3, Offensive Strategy.

i hope we are not at war. but if it seems our adversaries would like to engage us into war, we are Christians, we are with Christ! we offer our other cheek.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

To my dear bro, Anonymous Sep. 13 5:16pm,

You are really making a wild guess.

CD stands for Caloy Dturzaeta!

CD can also stand for Cfc Din ako, or Cfc Dati, or CFC-DK.

Maybe CD can come up with a survey portion of this blog--Who is the real CD? I can put up a good prize for the 1st correct answer.

Happy weekend.

Anonymous said...

to CFC in Southern California

Thank you for your insight and sharing what transpired at the open Q&A forum in LA.

I would like lang to ask you po what you think of these next few thoughts:

1. what will happen if the IC does make that supreme sacrifice and step down? (and not being afraid of setting the precedent for future ICs).
2. when they step down, will FFL and Frank Padilla "abide" with the new IC's governance?
3. does it really matter who gets to sit in the IC? the point is po, FFL does not want to be governed by the IC
4. what will happen if FFL or Frank Padilla makes the supreme sacrifice and submits to the existing CFC-IC? will it make a difference?

Perhaps i am assuming on how Frank Padilla will respond.

i am just confused and hurt by Frank Padilla's actions/words.

Please do not take offense to the comment po.

Salamat po.

Manu said...

I understand that Bro. Joe Tale's US trip is paid by CFC. Dapat lang as he will be depending CFC's integrity from the smear campaign of FFL.

How about Frank's? Kinuha rin ba sa Tithes na illegally collected from unsuspecting members? The act of collecting or receiving tithes in the absence of a legal personality is already illegal. Using it is more so. Di ba plunder ito?

Anonymous said...

It could also mean any random acronym (compact disk, etc.), or backronym (corny dean), or a series of random letters with no meaning whatsoever.

EP - EP -EL's POUNDER said...

Sharing you messages from the YOU-ES-OP-AAAY!

ON THE ISSUE OF THE VATICAN RECOGNITION...being used by EP-EP-EL as a tool sow confusion in CFC USA

SUBJECT: EP-EP-EL's Pounder!

Hef, hef! Urraaaay!

Read on....

----- Original Message -----
From: Jacinto Macalalad
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 11:27 AM
Subject: Re: Declaration of the Affiliation of the CFC National Council of
the USA to Couples For Christ-Foundation for Family and Life , CFC-FFL

> Hi Brothers,
> I really did not want to respond and would much rather just move on, but
> somehow confusion continues to be sown to the detriment perhaps of
> unsuspecting members and the work that God wants us to do. So I feel that
> I
> must say something.
> First of all, I see clearly two things from the original documents (dated
> 2005) attached to the original email here:
> 1. The recognition rests in Couples for Christ not to any single person.
> 2. Frank Padilla as the Director at that time was simply the one who
> presented the request for recognition in 2004 on behalf of CFC. The 2005
> document itself does not even refer to him as the founder. I believe
> several couples were involved in the founding of CFC.
> The email originating from Frank's side does not even confer Vatican
> recognition on Frank and his group. He of course continues to assert that
> he and his group have not left CFC even though by their action of
> non-submission to the governance of the International Council, they have
> in
> fact separated themselves from CFC. That assertion after all is the only
> way they can lay claim to being part of this Vatican recognition.
> It's interesting to me that now Frank or his spokeperson is making
> questionable assertion about Frank himself being the CFC founder and
> unfortunately using the Archbishop to proclaim this for him. Didn't we
> hear
> from him sometime ago (in CFC-GK3) that he strongly objects on Tony Meloto
> being referred to as the founder of GK insisting that God really is its
> founder? In that document he said: "God gave GK to CFC. GK has no human
> founder..." He further said that: "To call Tony or anyone else the
> founder,
> father or driving force is to put the person in place of God. Further, it
> makes GK simply of human and not divine origin. Still further, God is a
> jealous God and this can put Tony in jeopardy." Shouldn't what he said
> about GK apply even more so to CFC? We can just replace key words like
> "GK"
> with CFC and we have the following:
> "God gave CFC to the world. CFC has no human founder..... To call Frank
> or
> anyone else the founder, father or driving force is to put the person in
> place of God. Further, it makes CFC simply of human and not divine origin.
> Still further, God is a jealous God and this can put Frank in jeopardy."
> God Bless,
> Jack Macalalad
> "The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord..." (Sirach 1:12)

> ----- Original Message -----
> Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 9:39 AM
> Subject: Fwd: Declaration of the Affiliation of the CFC National Council
> of
> the USA to Couples For Christ-Foundation for Family and Life , CFC-FFL
>> Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
>> In accordance with the Philippine Bishops' Statement that they
>> recognize the split in our beloved community CFC, together with Frank
>> Padilla's letter on how we should move forward, and the affirmation pf
>> Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council of the
>> Laity, that Frank Padilla is the Founder of CFC, and the membership
>> of Frank and Gerry Padilla in the Pontifical Council for Families, now
>> therefore the CFC National Council of the USA firmly declares its
>> affiliation with the CFC-FFL.
>> We pray that all the brethren will be of one heart and one purpose
>> with us in the CFC-FFL Community. Let us remain as loving brothers
>> and sisters should you choose the other path to follow.
>> Yours in Christ,
>> Nani Almanza
>> National Director, CFC US NC

A GK CO WORKER said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A GK CO WORKER said...

The clarification statement issued by Bishop Gabriel Reyes after that meeting the Council of Laiko had with the FFL (FPadilla) and CFC (JTale) has this little story of Mrs. Malyn Alonso who claims:

-she was a Project Director for four years
-the Gawad Kalinga Area is known as GK Brookside of Payatas
-she was asked to remove her ID when she and her GK co-workers visited a potential donor
-she was told that the donor might not give a donation if they find out they are from a religious organization.

And Bishop G Reyes relates that this is an example of how GK “hides its identity as a CFC Project or Ministry!”

Merely observing from what is written in this document, I think this little story does not accomplish the purpose of its being said by Mrs Malyn Alonso; NOR its being given importance by the Bishop is justified.

Maybe the good Bishop was trying to force a certain direction in his clarification, for it is already surprising that a good Bishop of high position and respect will keep on participating in a purely administrative matter of a religious organization, when on that day itself, they already decided that both camps of FFL and CFC agreed to separate.

Anyway, going back to ‘the-not-wearing-the CFC-ID-story’, I will believe its relevance to that meeting if we get certain clarifications:

1. Mrs Malyn Alonso was the Project Director for four years, and in those four years did she successfully get a donation from that particular donor they visited?

1.a. If not, was it because the prospective donor eventually found out that she was from a religious organization?
1.b. If yes, did that donor still give that donation even if they eventually found out the she was a member of CFC, even if she hid her I.D. on the day they visited and met the donor at the donor’s office?

2. Having been there in GK for four years (equivalent to 192 weeks) as a Project Director, did she continue to be a member or a leader of CFC who was serving or managing that particular GK area? If the answer is yes, and by being its Project director, assuming she just visited the place for just 50% of the time that is still a total of 96 visits. Is Mrs. Alonso telling us that in those 96 visits, she stuck to the “orders” of her superiors to hide her being a member of CFC each time she visited the GK Brookside, and to do so, she would have removed her CFC I.D., not worn her CFC T Shirts and would have un-stuck CFC stickers from all her vehicles?

3. Assuming the donor gave a donation and eventually visited the GK site of Brookside, how could Ms. Malyn Alonso hide the fact that the GK site is really a project of CFC when the stickers of CFC were visible on some of the doors of the residents? Or that some of her co-workers did not hide their CFC IDs? Or would she have lied if she was asked if GK was an undertaking of religious people of CFC?

4. Is there only 50 donated houses in that area? Normally donors are given opportunities to do the actual building of the houses, even if it’s a ceremonial act or a weekend activity, and if this donor did that, could he/she/they notice the people of the CFC caretaker team or the participation of the women in the area behind the effort of the ‘Build Day’ even if Mrs Alonso, in her efficient leadership consciously tried to hide such fact consistently in those four years?

I think the story of that little meeting in the donor’s office falls flat, is inconsequential and totally irrelevant in view of what success that former slum area has developed to become the GK Brookside it is today, thanks largely to the dedicated service of CFC leader Ms. Malyn Alonso and her team.

By the way Malyn, I was reminded by some members of your team that a CLP was conducted at GK Brookside even before you built the first house, a fact you know very well. I was just wondering why such information was withheld from the Bishops listening in that August 28 2007 meeting.

Sister Malyn, paki-isuot mo na ulit yung CFC ID mo.

Bro Ed said...

If these leaders can distort the truth, what can we expect from the members who follow them?

Anonymous said...

Totoo talaga ang sabi ng tatay ko: May mga tao na naririnig lang nila ang gusto nilang marinig. Mali man o tama, basta gusto nilang madinig yung ang maririnig nila. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear Tito CD

My dad mentioned that you might be someone who works/used to take pictures for UGNAYAN.
Why would I open with such a comment? I just want to thank you for your effort to inform us. I always found that wisdom or truth can be attained thru dialogue. You given us a venue to talk, share, gripe, challenge and uplift each other. In a way, this site gave rise to our BHB group (broken hearted bloggers, similar to Alcoholics Anonymous). The more I read, I am affirmed that I am not the only one who is hurting or disillusion. I am not alone in this trial. I am not alone in this journey of faith. The more we have dialogue the closer we get to healing and closure.

Now, my dad might be right or completely wrong, but to find a connection with you makes this relationship more tangible.

May God continue to bless you and your family.

BTW, about the letter, I am confident, with the spirit, you will do God's will.

You have our Prayers :)

p.e. said...

dear cfc from southern california,

praise god for the orderly q&a with fap and jt.

is there a video recording of this? and if so, would you be kind and generous enough to share this to all of us?


He said She said...

kaka-receive ko lang nito at hindi ko maunawaan ang implication on either sides. pwede bang paki-interpret ang interpretation nito? magpapatulong lang mga kapatid,

On September 5, 2007, we received an Inbox Message from Frank and Gerry Padilla as follows:

"Frank Padilla met with Archbishop Rylko at the Vatican for 40 minutes today. The Archbishop affirmed Frank as the Founder of CFC and stressed the importance of the original charism of family renewal. He said we are the Church and not a social agency, we must remain faithful to our Catholic identity. This crisis is a time of purificacion which is to be turned into an opportunity for a new creation. He wished Frank well and gave him his blessings."

Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican. He signed the Decree of Recognition of CFC approving the Statutes of Couples for Christ as an International Private association of the faithful with a juridical personality and gave it to Frank Padilla as the Director of CFC.

Thanks and Regards. God bless,

Jojo D. Peña

South A

Biboy Allidap of the Visayas said...

“How about Frank's? Kinuha rin ba sa Tithes na illegally collected from unsuspecting members? The act of collecting or receiving tithes in the absence of a legal personality is already illegal. Using it is more so. Di ba plunder ito?”

I quote above the comment of Manu

-Yung illegally collected, baka mali yun kasi the bulk of those who give tithes to us in FFL know what they are doing. I talked to all 12 couples.

-yung legal personality, bantay ra mo, dapit na among makuha ini kay gitabangan man kami ni Senator Manny Villar. Ug naa pay usa nga ex-congressman nga mutabang pud.

Si Manny Villar nga nagbigay ng upisina namn, nagbigay din ng malaking pera, sabi ni Nonong Contreras yata ito. Kaya payag din siguro si Manny Villar (future President ng ‘Pinas ito, baka hindi pa ninyo alam!) Alam siguro ni Bro. Nonong ito, kasi siya an gaming Tresurer at ang aming Bantay-Yaman ay si Roland Nillas po. Pag meron na mi BIR approve, mu issue na mig O.R. Nganoong sabaan man mo?

-yung plunder totoo po yung kung malaki na an aming tithes, hindi pa po ngayon, siguro pick-pocketing lang muna, ingon si among miga na si Mimi.

Daghang salamat po CD. Tanawa na ko kung gi-post mo ito.

Anonymous said...

I suppose this letter reached the members of CFC in USA. It was written after a meeting in Vatican and I quote it hereunder:

“Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 9:39 AM
Subject: Fwd: Declaration of the Affiliation of the CFC National Council
of the USA to Couples For Christ-Foundation for Family and Life , CFC-FFL

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In accordance with the Philippine Bishops' Statement that they
recognize the split in our beloved community CFC, together with Frank
Padilla's letter on how we should move forward, and the affirmation pf
Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council of the
Laity, that Frank Padilla is the Founder of CFC, and the membership
of Frank and Gerry Padilla in the Pontifical Council for Families, now
therefore the CFC National Council of the USA firmly declares its
affiliation with the CFC-FFL.

We pray that all the brethren will be of one heart and one purpose
with us in the CFC-FFL Community. Let us remain as loving brothers
and sisters should you choose the other path to follow.

Yours in Christ,

Nani Almanza
National Director, CFC US NC”

Some of my observations:

I read it several times and I think there is something amiss.
I read the name of Frank Padilla mentioned three times.
I read the name of Gerry Padilla once.
I read the name of Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko once
I read the name Nani Almanza once.

I read the rank of the words “Founder” and “President”
I read of Positions and memberships.

If I were a member of the Foundation for Family and Life, I think I am being exhorted to be impressed.
If I am member of Couples for Christ I am being assured to receive love because I chose the other path

If I were a CFC member residing anywhere in the USA, I would have preferred to receive the following letter:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

It has come to this time in our life in Couples for Christ when the only FOUNDER and OWNER of our beloved community, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, in whose SPIRIT we continue to renew and change our lives, and to whom we dedicate the remaining years thereof, has decided to make two separate organizations out of CFC.

Despite our efforts to be together in CFC, according to our own human understanding of the word “UNITY”, our LORD and MASTER, the LORD JESUS CHRIST together with GOD the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT, now leads us to seek our own charism that He promises to grant us in the new separate organization that we now call “FFL

While most of our brothers and sisters who have remained in our dear old CFC will continue their work in the 7 Pillars and will be led by their own International Council, I urge every member of FFL to extend our collective prayers for them to continue to pursue the work that was granted to them in and through those Pillars, but specially the gift of bringing glad tidings to the poor.

I also would like to request all the brothers and sisters who have decided to join this new community, FFL that OUR LORD & MASTER, the LORD JESUS CHRIST, is the PROVIDENT GOD who will lead us to many ways by which we all could serve our Triune GOD: FATHER, SON & the HOLY SPIRIT.

I would like all of us to offer a prayer of gratitude to our beloved Bishops in the Philippines who have guided us in our meetings and efforts to reconcile and be together in CFC, but who together in their prayers and collective discernment have now allowed for us to go our separate ways, yet remaining in the path that leads to JESUS CHRIST. In that path we will meet those who remain dedicated to this vision and desire to serve the LORD, and whether they are in our FFL or with CFC, it does not really matter in the eyes of the LORD, for HE is the ONLY ONE who creates organizations, ministries, programs and gives life to them so that HIS plan on earth will be achieved by HIS USE of the PEOPLE HE alone chooses.

We thank or beloved Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko for the meeting and blessing our Brother President Frank and his wife Gerry Padilla.

May I end this note with a sincere appeal to all of us in FFL to fight off the temptation to bring into FFL those who are not fully aware of the reasons why this separation is happening.

In behalf of the other members of the FFL National Council, I hereby extend our loving prayers and continuing friendships to our brethren in CFC.

May God Bless us All!

Sgd. Nani Almanza
National Director FFL US NC”

No offense meant to anyone, I just would like to honor and glorify the LORD JESUS CHRIST in the foregoing revised letter.

Members of FFL wherever in the world, please feel free to accept the spirit in which this revised letter is written. One day we could all be together in the Heavenly Kingdom where organizations are no longer necessary. God Bless!

Francisco said...

Comment to “He said She” who is seeking interpretation:
Don’t be bothered by that e-mail from Bro. Frank Padilla which I suppose was forwarded to you by a Bro. Jojo Pena.

In that e-mail Bro Frank is just reminding us that he is the Founder of CFC (three cheers to Bro Frank!)
He is also impressing upon us that he has enough clout with Vatican Leaders by reminding us that he continues to be a member a Pontifical Council, and that he could remain in an audience with the Archbishop S. Rylko for 40 minutes, so that if anyone of our International Council members ever get an audience with the same Archbishop, it better be longer than 40 minutes.

Or perhaps none of our IC could even meet the good Archbishop, because all of them do not have the kind of credentials Bro Frank has. However, if that is really necessary, the meeting I mean, then God will make a way!

Usually it is not necessary to mention the total time spent in a courtesy call kind of meetings, but these are 'separation' times, and some of our former leaders in CFC (now they are in FFL), need to just impress upon us these things. They get their ‘secular high’ on these matters perhaps.

It is good that it was affirmed that we are the Church. Most important is that we are likewise affirmed that we are not a social agency, and that we remain faithful to our Catholic identity. (Note: Last September 09, we were in Ultra where this ‘gathering of several Catholic organizations' also affirmed all of these three: we are church, we are not a social agency and we are Catholic in identity. We get the same effect, but there were about 6,000 people in Ultra vis-a-vis perhaps less than a dozen in the office of Archbishop S. Rylko)

Don’t get deceived by the last paragraph. The Pontifical Council on the Laity knows that they gave the recognition to a renewal community in the Philippines called ‘Couples for Christ’ and not to a Filipino by the name of Frank Padilla, but Vatican needed a person to hand-carry the document so God sent his messenger at that time in the person of Bro Frank.

I think that fact was enough for the past 25 years. Now something tells me that that fact is being muddled and distorted to suit someone’s need to be recognized.

What was the recognition again? Ah… Founder of CFC! Great!

Anonymous said...

Please translate the message sent in Visayan by the blogger replying to Manu.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

There was TV/Radio interview of Joe Yamamoto and Melo Villroman Jr last night, Sunday Sept 16,2007.


Will somebody please post the highlights and do a comparison with that one done by same TV/Radio station with our Playboy brothers - Nonong contreras and Roland Nillas. I was told that these two ex-CFC brothers complained about their losing their service positions in CFC? Did they, really?

But that ain't surprising, its just a sample of following their leader-Frank Padilla!


cfc from southern california said...

dear p.e.

i know we had a video of the q&a with titos FP & JT because a few states specifically requested us to do videotape the event.

i'll ask around and try to find out about it.

God bless!

Anonymous said...

" yung illegally collected, baka mali yun kasi the bulk of those who give tithes to us on FFL know what they are doing."

I quote biboyallidap of the visayas.

advice lang, bro, bisan baw-an pa nila ilang gahimuon, illegal lagi gihapon ang mag collect ug tithes kung wala pa moy legal personality. Mao nang sabaan mi kay gusto lang namo i-correct ang wrong.


just an advice, bro,even if they know what they are doing, it is still illegal to collect tithes if your group does not have a legal personality. That is why we make noise because we want to correct what is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Is animosity really needed in our responses? Are those people moving to CFC FFL the evil ones? Have those who commented on this topic already acquired a "sense of self-righteousness"? Are we still proud to be called Christians after writing those words? Is our goal to crush those who moved to CFC FFL? Is CFCGMFI the only "true" Christian group, that everyone else has to be condemned and bad-mouthed?

It is ironic that we go all smiles and hand in hand with non-Christians in our work in GK but cannot seem to accept those people who have been part of this community. I just pray that God will forgive all of us and teach us to love and accept one another no matter what our stand is.

Talitz said...

To Anonymous asking for interpretation of the visayan blog: Maghintay lang kayo, malapit na naming makuha ito dahil tinulungan kami ni Sen. Manny Villar. At may isa pang ex-congressman na tutulong din.
(Nganong sabaan....) Means Ano pang ipinag-iingay nyo?
(daghang salamat....)Maraming salamat. Tingnan ko kung i-post mo ito.

CFC USA Member said...

FP has become a hypocrite and a politician. I am sad to say that I've lost respect for this brother. My discernment, supported by past intuitions and facts on this blogspot, have led me to believe that FP et al had a pre-determined strategy and approach in dealing with and reacting to the events leading up to this painful and frustrating ordeal. What kind of Christian is he who intentionally seek to hurt another? May the Good Lord prove me wrong as I continue to seek the truth. I continue to pray for unity and peace in accordance to His will.

CFC USA Member

Anonymous said...

kumento kay CFC USA Member

i hope when u said FP is hypocrite e first hand account ang sinasabi mo. i am in defense of the real cfc but when we start condemning people with 2nd hand account, we should start questioning ourselves with your Q "anong klaseng Kristiyano ba tayo?" ang intuition e hindi factual kaya hindi natin pwedeng idagdag yung intuition sa nababasa natin dito dahil ang mga nandito ay basically "facts", di ba CD?

i feel for you when you said painful and frutrating ang mga nangyayari. nasaktan ako na ang mga kapatid ko sa community ay pumili ng side papunta sa FFL.

FP came from a political clan. Gerry Padilla also has political taint in her blood. hindi natin mai-aalis ang maging pulitiko ang mga iyan to a certain degree.

i join you in the prayers for His will, kapatid.

Lax Diamante


Anonymous of September 18 wrote this observation:

“Is animosity really needed in our responses? Are those people moving to CFC FFL the evil ones? Have those who commented on this topic already acquired a "sense of self-righteousness"? Are we still proud to be called Christians after writing those words? Is our goal to crush those who moved to CFC FFL? Is CFCGMFI the only "true" Christian group, that everyone else has to be condemned and bad-mouthed?”

I would like to respond with:

Animosity in responses, if you my bro/sis noticed it, is because of actions done by your FFL group that triggered the reaction.

You ask if those who commented here have acquired self-righteousness, my answer is no, perhaps they have not, but on the other hand maybe they have chosen the right path where the likelihood of finding it is higher than the path with FFL.

Consider these:

-when a group of bros/sis led by Bro Frank Padilla lead a group of people who call themselves “Easter Playboy & Bunnies” gather in darkness and declare their plans on how to outwit the four remaining council members on June 05, 2007, did the brothers and sisters even consider “righteousness” in their scheming actions.

-when Bro Frank Padilla and Lachi Agana spend a night in Bataan (as reported here, and if it is not true, tell me) and out of that meeting comes out a letter from Bishop Soc Villegas recommending a separation of CFC and GK the following day, is there “righteousness” there?

-when Bro Frank Padilla resigns on Feb 13 (privately in HH) and on Feb 20 (publicly in MC TN) then demands resignation of whoever is in the International Council – first the four remaining; then the seven elected – is there “righteousness” there?

-when Sis Maribel Descallar sends the letter of Bishop Soc Villegas to the people close to her instead of the people – the four remaining Council members at that time who should be the proper recipients, is there “righteousness” in that act?

- is there “righteousness” when a non-entity, a paper religious group of people like FFL: collects tithes, poaches on the membership list of CFC from which it separates from, criticizes the leaders from where they stand, has leaders who act proudly, stubbornly, disrespectfully even in the August 28 meeting with the Bishops (I was not there, but this is the observation made by those who attended)?

Marami pa kapatid…iba na lang ang mag-sulat.

Now on your question: “Are we still proud to be Christians……?”

My answer:

No Christian should ever be PROUD at any one time in their lives.

Tony Meloto (who chose to remain in CFC) should never be proud to be referred to by Inquirer and many people “as the Founder of GK”

Frank Padilla (who chose to create another break-away group FFL) should never be proud to be referred to “as the Founder of CFC” specially if such effort includes Vic Gutierrez and Fr. Herb Snyder. (But what is this I read elsewhere in this blog that one of the main reason why Bro Nani Almanza wrote CFC members in the USA to be with FFL is because FAP is the “Founder of CFC”?)

Let me ask you, although the chance is very slim today…if SEC “looks the other way” (that is of high probability as it is reported FFL has engaged a high profile law office; and has secured the support of its richest member, a Senator, to follow the application with SEC) and grants a corporate life to FFL would you bro or sis not be acting in PRIDE by proclaiming to the world at first chance? Or sneering at CFC?

But let us go back to our teachings and let us both say this together:

CFC is a PROPERTY OF GOD. GOD can do it with whatever he wishes. GOD chose to separate some of its members to form FFL.

GOD intends CFC and FFL to have separate charism to serve HIM.

GOD intends CFC and FFL to pursue and live by its own charism.

Bro, even before you and Frank Padilla even thought of that idea of an FFL, CFC was already pursuing its charism, IMPERFECTLY, of course because PERFECTION is of GOD.

Why don’t you start doing yours? First step look for members outside of CFC!

Trabaho na tayo kapatid!

Anonymous said...

To no pride, just hurt....

It seems that when someone doesn't say anything bad against CFC FFL, he/she is assumed to be from that group.

I have to admit that I am discerning that's why I visited this site. Sadly, your words seem to be pushing people like us away. Have I even hinted that I am with FFL?

Now..., is there not any animosity on what you wrote? I can't seem to understand why you can't see that. Is being "cool-headed" unacceptable for you? Do I have to join you in bashing those who joined FFL? Was I wrong when I said that we should learn to love and accept even those who do not share our stand? How then are we different from the non-Christians? They also know how to love. But there is one thing that separates us from them, we also know how to love even our enemies and those who hurt us.

I don't know about you bro/sis. But I'm proud to be a Christian. I guess, you have equated Christianity with corporal works that we should not be proud of. Bro/Sis, think about what you said. Be proud that you are Christian!

I might have hit a spot on you that made you reply like that to what I wrote. It is also possible that you will also reply to this one. I don't have any intention of having a debate so I guess this will be my last comment on this topic.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Bro. Frank Padilla and Bro. Joe Tale were in our area recently (on separate occasions) to give their side of the story. Both presented their sides with humility. Frank was more inclined to present the FFL side as holier and more family oriented than the International Council. Joe Tale was more on admitting imperfection of the leadership and promised to look into issues (if any).

For the talk with Joe Tale, there was an open forum where there were some people who voiced out disappointment with Frank Padilla. I was very impressed to see Joe Tale himself defending Frank Padilla on some of the matters.

Anonymous said...

So Brother (Sister) anonymous, who presented themselves to be more humble and forgiving - Bro Joe or Bro Frank? After they presented their positions, did it justify our division or it made clear that this is one man's pride and ego being bruised to make our community suffer.

Anonymous said...

I was the anonymous who wrote about the 2 leaders having been to our area...

"who presented themselves to be more humble and forgiving - Bro Joe or Bro Frank?"

Having heard Joe Tale himself defending Frank whereas Frank has been condemning the International Council and demanding their resignation, I would say that it is Joe Tale who is more humble and forgiving. However, I would NOT judge that Frank is NOT humble and forgiving. They are both my brothers and I love them both the same exact measure.

"did it justify our division or it made clear that this is one man's pride and ego being bruised to make our community suffer"?

Separation is a very painful process because there are a lot of emotions involved. I think I am inclined to agree with Joe Tale when he said that nothing is impossible to God and that the issues can be solved if we all work together to solve them (at the same time being realistic that it will not be solved overnight but in God's time). I have not heard anything from Frank that makes the pain worth it (however, it's possible that I just did not understand his point all along). I would refrain from judging Frank that this is all about his ego, although that is also possible (to everyone, including us or the IC).

CFC Emmaus said...

I would agree with the last comment.

God will work out this things for the good he has planned for us as a community.

Again I suggest we trace back the Lamentations, for us to understand. Frank Padilla still had the anointing when he declared our Lamentations. We can still trace back God's Hand in all of these.

cfc Emmaus
Remembering what Jesus taught us.

help us be humble said...

I quote the following from one of the thousand anonymous writers:

“Who presented themselves to be more humble and forgiving - Bro Joe or Bro Frank?"

I’d say depends on the situation, so consistency is the thing to watch rather than one or two encounters with the two of them together or two of them apart.

Let us ASK those who attended the August 28, 2007 meeting with the Council of Laity Bishops.

It would be better if anyone out there could interview a pro-Frank Padilla Bishop (and that would be Bishop Gabby Reyes, hands down!) and another who is pro-International Council (I am clueless) and one who is neutral (like the SFC proposal for their August 14 meet with FAP’s FFL & the IC), on this question.

Witnesses to this meeting, please tell me if the following is true or false:

1. Joe Tale and the rest of the Council were raising their hands and waiting to be acknowledged before speaking.
2. Frank Padilla would just talk and it rubs on Gerry P who would stand and make comments like: “Are these the leaders who would lead us? No way!”
3. Frank Padilla showing displeasure at his own Bishop Gabby Reyes who said “the International recognition of Vatican re: ‘Independent Lay Asso., and CBCP’s own recognition of CFC (no three letter attachments, just plain CFC) REMAINS”, by slamming the cover of his notebook!

But I admit, I too have my own faults and there will be times I will be perceived proud and other times I will be seen as humble.

So as I said earlier, it is in the frequency of my being perceived proud or humble that would really matter in the end.

Anonymous said...

While we are at it, this matter of pride and humility -- there is a letter posted here that exemplifies two sides.

I am referring to the letter of a Bro Nani Almanza to the USA CFC members, and the letter that 'Anonymous' wrote to recommend the format/contents of a letter that would have been preferable if it was the one Nani sent to his proposed FFL members.

In one letter FAPadilla is extolled; in another Jesus Christ was honored.

Maybe we could learn from those two letters specially how we should NOT tempt/tease our brothers with PRIDE by lifting them to a very high level of positions frequently. Even if such lofty position is true.

Too much honoring of man cannot substitute for praising and glorifying the LORD!