Sunday, September 2, 2007


Did Couples for Christ become known as CFC-GK?

Ask yourselves what right any individual or group has to start changing how a religious group is officially referred to.

I actually have been wanting to post a lot of things the past couple of days, but I decided to wait it out and see what kind of peace can be achieved.

I guess I was hoping for too much.


MinaFrancisco said...
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failedfellowinlove said...

May I suggest that all reference to the FFL Group be simply that: "FFL".

Let's remove the three precious letters that they attach to it: "CFC"

CD, please do not ask what right do they have changing the name of our CFC.

The Easter Group fellows is simply following the leader who:

1. resigned, and then gives instructions on how to run CFC
2. resigned and expects to keep his position in the U. S. and Mexico
3. resigned and then puts into the USA Council in a mid-night appointment a member of his Playboy Group, Edwin Andrews.
(I was told Mr. Edwin Aldrews wanted to resign from FFL because the four former Council members of CFC got re-elected to their CFC International Council posts, a matter Mr Andrews thought would be impossible. He threathened to resign if they got elected, so true to his word he actually tried to resign, but was nicely prevailed to stay as Director in the now abolished USA Council.)

Why is this little report so confusing?
Because FFL is really so confusing to follow!

More of their confusing claims:

1. FFL has not separated from CFC because they are Restoration Group within CFC, save that they will now be identified as CFC-FFL; with a different office address & a new Logo, and a pending application for corporate recognition at SEC;

2. but they will do also Evangelisation and a slowed down version of helping the poor and for them to be able to do so is to get the existing GK areas in GK Sison - rather than start one on their own (perhaps they do not know how);

3. but the tithes they collect, even if not yet authorized by BIR because they do not have a juridical personality, must continue by issuing temporary receipts;

4. that so called restoration meetings are prayer assemblies, and that they are just updating members' records with a new Personal Information Sheet with a new Twin Trumpet Logo and FFL printed on it

5. that the claim of CFC being in disobedient with the Bishops is a claim that even the Bishops who were supposedly disbobeyed did not did not know they were being disobeyed

6. that FFL is just officially accepted in one diocese (where their leader resides) and yet one article produced by the easter group says, CFC should wait for the CBCP recognition because such recognition does not reside with FFL nor CFC

7. that their planned evangelisation program will be proven successful after the Central Heads of households in Metro Manila are able to finally transfer the membership list of their previous groups to FFL, but are the members aware their membership was transferred?

Anonymous said...

May I know the title of the article Gary Faustino wrote?

They say he wrote a classic:

"How to Send an E-mail message on the Internet Without Making a Mistake on the Name of the Recipient!"

(I heard this one article has an introductory preface by Maria Bella Mardellar)

And Mina, are you sure that article was addressed to you?

Please check it baka ibang Mina yan!

dante said...

Desperate move to condition people into thinking and accepting that there are two CFCs - CFC-GK and a CFC-FFL!

Hindi kasi tinanggap ng SEC and pangalan nila kaya pinipilit ngayon na parang iba and CFC-GK at iba din ang gusto nilang i-register na CFC-FFL. How dubious!

zac said...

Correction to "Anonymous" who wrote about the Gary Faustino article.

The woman you are referring to is MARIA FARA "Maribel" DESCALLAR, not Maria Bella Mardellar.

She was the top boss of "Teodora" (with the consent of Gerry Padilla). "Teodora" reportedly approved the sponsorship of a Manny Villar TV Advertisement without the approval of CFC International Council, while it was headed by our favorite Lamentation boy, Frank 'Biboy' Padilla. This situation is one case for disobedience.

Maribel also had her "disobedience" when she sent that draft letter from Bishop Soc Villegas to her Playboy friends: Gary Faustino, Nonong Contreras, Gerry Padilla and Lamentation boy, Frank before sending to the 4 International Council members.

So let's be careful when talking of matters referring to obedience.

roundeyedtoddler said...

Two SFC friends yesterday morning said they were made to choose between CFC or GK. Having been addicted to this blogsite, I immediately knew the person they were talking to has to be FFL. All they told me was they did not make any decision to move. I did not ask them to elaborate, coz I know one of them is an active GK volunteer.

In a GK meeting yesterday afternoon, one caretaker said that in a GK site in Tatalon, beneficiaries who are now CFC members continue to do their households without knowing their leaders are already FFL. One beneficiary remarked, how can we be possibly betray the very people who gave us houses?

Deception has to stop. Is there a way to stop this?

Anonymous said...

i think we should not call this present situation a SPLIT but rather a SEPARATION. the split provides the OTHER GROUP an avenue to use the family name CFC while a SEPARATION would require the other to establish it's own character.

i think the term SPLIT hurts more the present CFC in that it connotes a great division of troops. contrary to what some would like us to believe, this has always been THE PROBLEM OF SOME PEOPLE ONLY and not of the entire CFC COMMUNITY IN GENERAL.
why are we all involve now? because some guy cannot do his own fighting that he has to involve everyone to this mess!

when he called for a SPLIT.. he assumed that by his mere call half the troops is his.
they are calling it now CFC FFL and CFC GK to highlight the SPLIT and to retain a semblance of it's original community.a very nice trick!

jiggs said...

uy dami nang comments ah...

hindi ba bawal yung mag-collect ng WALAng Official RECEIPTS!!! naku, baka ma-witch hunt kayo niyan... :)

salamat Zac... nasagot na rin yung tanong ko tungkol sa Villar AD campaign... so SYA pala ang nagbigay ng go-signal para gamitin ang Teodora logo dun - teka matanong ko nga ilan ba ang member sa Council - 7 or 8, 9, 10?


Anonymous said...

I think it's about time for the IC to disseminate an info presentation to all sectors on the answers to FFL's charges and likewise present issues which FFL should answer (including money matters, no accounting of funds for 26 years, the P50 million DOH deal, the retirement funds, etc. sabi nila metric daw ang ginamit na accounting "in MM kasi - mata-mata lang). This is very timely for presentation to the members for our Chapter Assy on Friday.
Most of our members don't know the real score and very likely they will succumb to wrong decision - di ba may kasabihan "Mapanganib ang kunting karunungan"

MinaFrancisco said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us posted.

As an SFC Leader, it hasn't been easy to dwell on these things aside from our own concerns on starting a life of our own.

As a soldier in God's army I hope I am one with my SFC frontliners in saying; "Stay the course, fulfill the mission - Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the face of the Earth, Bringing Glad Tidings to the Poor."

roundeyedtoddler said...

The deceptions happening around indeed calls for a clarificatory memo from the International Council. And, yes, let's stop calling this a SPLIT. It's a SEPARATION. CFC, as we know it, is still here, but some have decided to leave CFC and form their own group. That's fine. The IC should make it very clear that the choice is not between CFC or GK, but between CFC and Frank's group, in which case, the killer question one must ask anyone who's doing house-to-house (yes! some of them do so) is, "Wait a minute! Do you recognize the newly elected International Council? or are you with Frank Padilla?

CFC Emmaus said...

The problem has now shifted towards the members. It is high time that the SH, CLHd, ChpHD, UnitHd, and HHd spearhead and clear up their connection to the CFC International Council. We must show them who is connected who. It is sad to see some deception is occurring already and that we must expose this clear and present danger and evil to the community.
We must make a stand as Leaders.

braveheart said...

Tito CD,
thank you for creating this blogsite, atleast us, outside Metro Manila are being updated. I agree that FFL people need to stop calling themselves CFC. Just go ahead and brand yourself FFL for that matter, because it is not just us who are being confused but the people who are looking at us as well.

My stand for this issue is this: This is the future vs. the past. You see, us, in YFC and SFC are the ground people of God's work. We may not be the leaders who receive the rewards and citations for all the accomplishments that we have but we are the first one to get uplifted and inspired to continue serving God through GK. We are the witnesses to the daily miracles that God is revealing to CFC. Who would ever thought that a Christian group such as us can unite fraternities at UP Diliman -ending the longserved tribal wars and starting to dream and realize their organizations' principles together. We do not teach them how to pray but they have known how to pray by themselves -why? because they are woed on how God and the Holy Spirit is prevalent on what we are doing. I remember an active GK advocate and a fratman said when he was being asked to give a somewhat sensitive talk on GK, "Bakit ako, dapat YFC, sila dapat." See the respect that our community is getting and we're not even asking for it. YES WE MAY NOT INCREASE BY NUMBERS (we are even declining) BUT CAN SOMEBODY DEFINE EVANGELIZATION FOR ME?

Our vision, "Families in the Holy Spirit Renewing the Face of the Earth", may not clearly imply such kind of miracles and annointing that our community has but im speaking for all the chapter heads, GK workers and ordinary servants of this community - I HAVE SEEN CHRIST AT THE GK SITE. Actually, he may no longer be found in CFC or FFL prayermeetings, becuase He is busy. He is at the GK site, tending to the people He loves most.

Yes, this is an issue of past vs the future. I agree with our FFL brothers that our community needs to trace back from the basics, but this must not be the reason for a separation (or "split") if that's what we may call it. Rather, let that be an inspiration for us to love more, to be more faithful to God's annointing to our community and to pray the hardest.

The best is yet to come to CFC and seems that we know who are being left behind. "Behold, I make all things new. Rev.21:5"

Anonymous said...

In the whole scheme of things... what does it really matter if there are two groups CFC or FFL. If both groups will carry on gods work as they state.. then blessings to all who carry on that most worthwhile of causes. Some comments here specifically from failedfellowinlove smell of cynicism. Sir please look deep in yourself to see if your comments would be deserving of the lords blessings.

MinaFrancisco said...
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kapatid said...

From Oca Oblefias, in an article written by Myra menguito. Emailed by the Easter Group.

"I also strongly believe that the Lord will powerfully use CFC and FFL to further His work! This, indeed, is the Lord’s plan. We have to move on for a greater call. I see beautiful things bound to happen as CFC and FFL become two powerful instruments to be used by God to lead others to His kingdom."

I honor Bro. Oca for not perpetuating the "CFC-GK" tag inspite of his decision to join FFL. He calls a spade a spade. CFC is simply CFC, and FFL is simply FFL. Contrast that with the latest directive from Bro. Frank (Moving Forward # 3, dated Sept 3, via email) which categorically dichotomizes CFC into CFC-GK and CFC-FFL.

Oca O. is indeed moving forward. Bro. Frank is wrecking forward?

dante said...

Frank wrote the following today: (My comments are in UPPER CASE.)
As we separate, know the following:
(1) We in CFC-FFL remain as “Couples for Christ.” We have not left CFC, which is the global spiritual body distinct from the Philippine corporation. What we have left is the legal entity of “Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc.” (HE REALIZES THAT THEY HAVE NOT LEFT CFC ONLY AFTER SEC DISAPPROVED THEIR REQUEST FOR ACCREDITATION. NOW HIS GROUP INSISTS THEY HAVE NOT LEFT THE COMMUNITY EVEN AS THEY PUT UP ANOTHER COMMUNITY. CONFUSED NA BA KAYO, FRIENDS) We in CFC-FFL have as much right, if not more, to remain as CFC than those who have veered away from our original charism. Bp Gabriel Reyes said it was acceptable to have two CFCs.(BISHOP REYES IS THE ONLY BISHOP, AS OF TODAY, AS FAR AS I KNOW, WHO HAS ACCEPTED FRANK'S GROUP. BATANGAS AND ILOILO WILL HAVE ONLY ONE (1) CFC.)

(2) We in CFC-FFL, contrary to pronouncements and threats from the other side, can and will make use of all teachings, formation programs, materials, the CLP, songs, etc. of CFC. CFC-GK does not have exclusive rights to these materials. CFC-FFL has the right to make use of these CFC materials for the work of the Lord. Later we will also make revisions as needed.(HOW CAN FRANK USE THE TEACHINGS AND TECHNOLOGY OF AN ORGANIZATION THAT HE CLAIMS HAS "VEERED AWAY" FROM THE ORIGINAL CHARISM. THE LEAST I EXPECTED OF FRANK WAS THAT HE WOULD DEVELOP A NEW SET OF TEACHINGS THAT WILL INCLUDE HIS REVERSALS SUCH AS:

(3) In the Philippines, it is time for all who are for CFC-FFL to remove themselves from the official CFC-GK structure. (OK GUYS, YOU CAN COME OUT OF THE WOODWORKS. BAHALA NA KAHIT WALA PANG RECOGNITION NG SEC AT NG OTHER DIOCESES OTHER THAN ANTIPOLO.) You no longer have to attend CFC-GK activities. We will integrate you in our own structure, and we will have our own activities.

Joy said...

Good thing I came across with this blog. It really affirmed my choice to stay with the council. A sister told me about the FFL blog and I'm shocked to have read that they called themselves "Couples For Christ" and those who stayed with the council are the ones who "veered away". If I'm not mistaken they are the ones who formed another group. Kaya nga pag nagtatanong, lipat ka ba o stay ka with the council?

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla was just in winnipeg and there was nothing bad he said about the cfc gk, it sounded like he's not closing the doors to be united again. sometimes in our lives we have to be separated to brothers and sisters let us accept what it is is what it is...we have our options, we can choose where we wanna be..just follow our hearts where we should be...stop bashing each is not goin' anywhere...and u know what if u don't want to belong to either group, have a vacation , relax life is too short to worry about these things....let them figure it out what to do...stop giving tithes,'til everything is settled..and see what they're going to do...go on vacation and take of yourselves...don't get a heart attack over these things and don't make enemies over these things...this is not the end of the world....god bless you all

Anonymous said...

Just Want to comment on all of the messages here...I am not sure if the persons who are writing here are CFC members..coz the way some "talk" here does not sound like they are Christians or CFC...Both sides ( FFL and IC) have their problems...but that does not justify anybody to just judge anybody. It is the Lord woh can judge us. Let us stop throwing bricks and start helping our community heal...(from a member of CFC-USA)

taga CFC US din said...

to anonymous from CFC USA:

i am so with you with the comment you made. come to think of it, the CLP, the teachings e.g. Christian Personal Relationship did bring us to a spiritual maturity level that i bet nobody could expect that these hurting words that we are reading could be spewn out of our minds. i hope that everyone who are hurling mud to someone will soon realize that we ought to have left those attitudes behind. would Jesus do these if He were here? remember in the very start of our CLP we want to be like Him? remember the new commandement - love one another? we are serving Our Father and not the people who are managing the organization. let our human leaders correct themselves as we move on to fulfill the mission. easier said than done, i bet you'd say, right? but WWJD? i think He's going to exclaim "get out of here Devil!"

Sleepless in NJ said...

To those who are quick to say that posting comments is Un-Christian

Tell me what you are doing now...
You quoted scriptures in "not to judge" but can you tell me what you just posted.... You are judging those who made comments... you even suggested that to "post" is the devils work.

Look for the post on Harmony...
Before you might say something about someone... try putting yourself in their shoes...

Maybe you might understand where they are coming from and we might find ourselves one step closer to conflict resolution. The ability to listen is a gift of love, support, and humility. To all who want to post their comments ... I invite you because... I (we) are here ready to listen to your experience... and we value your opinions... (even if I or we don’t not agree).

Wisdom can be attain thru dialogue. Keep posting even if you disagree with my post or comments. I am sure even Peter and Paul had their differences... LOOK UP ERNIE's POST ON HARMONY

AN SFC said...

Hi brothers/sisters/tito/tita...

I just wanna know if there's an FFL blog site, i think we should post something there too, you know, more of those who TRULY VEERED AWAY can read and be possibly enlightened when we give them some teachings through their blogs...

Bereshit said...

To sleepless in nj

Un-Christian, my friend, is when you do not find the work of Jesus in whatever way you are doing it. If you will not admit that we are too easy to backslide in our usual way, then your wisdom is led not by God. Only thing I could do is to bow my head and pray that you are more right than me. I'd pray that you could bring God's love to all our brethren who are in dire need for it, more than I possibly could with your kind of reasoning. I pray that you will trust in God's infinite wisdom. And, that He has just given you your Free Will to do good and not harm.

If you shall get ire from these post, then I would want to also say "Get out of here Devil!" You are not bringing harmony but destruction.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for comment.
I do hope we will continue in such a healthy dialogue.

I look forward to hearing more of your sharing.

Sleepless in NJ

Fr. Mario once shared ... the ability to take comments, praise, and even critism or to be open for correction ... is a humbling experience.

Anonymous said...

To sleepless in NJ...just to comment on what you've said...Yes Peter and Paul had disaggrement but never did they curse each other...and never did they throw "mud and bricks" to each other. Saying ones opinion and judging is different. The way other people talk here as if they know the whole truth...that is judging and unchristian...what I ask is to start healing the community...instead of arguing who is right...start focusing back to God...coz He know who is right...instead of using our energy in blaming and frustration...let us use it in healing and moving forward...Peace be with you Brother...from another Brother at CFC-US...

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who wrote:
"To sleepless in NJ...just to comment on what you've said...Yes Peter and Paul had disaggrement but never did they curse each other"

Maybe you should also direct your suggestions to the FFL, it is they who are on the offensive and are acting out of christian character. What is shown in this blog is the truth, no mud slinging, no bricks. Is it wrong to react to that?

Anonymous said...

mga kapatid! pati ba naman tayo, tayong mga CFC, ay mag-a-away-away pa! Peace lang tayo mga friends!

let's move on... oo nga pala. i'm all for moving on, pero talagang kailangan, AT THE SAME TIME, i-depensa ang CFC. wag na natin antayin natin ang Council na mag-issue-issue pa ng statement.

kaya CLP tayo! MER (uy 'ber na!, masarap mag MER pag malamig!), at kung ano-ano pa! at the same time, paliwanagan natin ang ating mga kapatid na naligaw ng landas sa FFL.

Sleepless in NJ said...

Expression is God's Gift...

We freely express our joy in the Lord in our worship (dancing, raising one's hands, singing, etc)

Can we be purified when we express our sins and confess our weakness to the priest?

Can we also, prais him at times of trial... grief... discontent.


First step in curing alcholism, one must accept, declare, EXPRESS, that he or she has a problem... (ask a typical AA group)

The best sharing i've heard were the ones who shared their faults, expressed their brokeness, and those who cried injustice. In doing so, we are declaring that we are only human and we need Jesus to save us, heal us, and (yes) teach us to forgive those who have hurt us.

Can the Divine be contained or defined in one point of view?

Keep sharing, even if you disagree with the comments posted in this site. Remember in our journey in faith, everything has its purpose in God's Wisdom... your sharing might make a difference in to someone (even me).

Anonymous said...

just a reply to anonymous who commented: " pati ba naman tayo sa CFC mag-aaway away pa...let's just start CLP ,MER..."

actually in our chapter somewhere in what they called West-C divided, CLP already started. Talk 2 na this coming Saturday Sep29. Last Sat we had a whopping 27 couples/participants...because we really do wanna move forward...kahit may problema pa dyan sa taas...kung di pa matatapos yan..basta kami nag uumpisa na sa evangelization....wish ko lang at sana we must always remind ourselves that we move, talk & think the christian way..let's tame our tongues and pacify our tempers...if we really want to please & serve the Lord...kahit ano pa tayo, CFC, FFL, Ligaya, JIL, etc...TAYONG LAHAT AY ANAK NG DIYOS.

May God bless us all...and a greetings of PEACE to one and all.

Dodong said...

Amo: Inday di ba nanood ka ng The Buzz kahapon? Bkit daw umalis si Angel
Locsin sa GMA7?

Inday: Sometimes people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons but
because they just know that things will get worse if they'll stay. Leaving
can be a tough act and it's harder when people can't understand you for
doing so.

should we learn from Inday?