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Bishop Reyes Statement On The CFC/FFL Dialogue

Some commenters beat me to this, so, I apologize for the late post and thank you for helping out.

The latest from CBCP News:

Bishop Reyes Sheds Light on CFC Split

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Now I invite you to visit a past post on the FFL reactions and rejoinders, along with some very insightful commentary:





Here (a good one...),

and finally here.

I'm noticing a surge in incredibly well written comments from people whose experience in CfC and love for it far, far exceeds mine. It has been most humbling. Please keep it up, you have my deepest gratitude.

I have also turned on a feature of Blogger that allows you to email a particular entry to other people. Please look for this symbol:

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Now I'd like to ask these questions in light of these developments:

If the FFL is now considered a separate entity from CfC (even if they haven't been approved by the SEC), do they then have a right to collect tithes meant for CfC and donations slated for GK?

IF they represent themselves as CfC and attempt and/or succeed in receiving tithes and donations meant for CfC and GK, what is that act called? I can only guess, but it seems like a very sticky situation... update: I think no.15 HERE also applies....

There are good people whose salaries are not getting paid and people whose missionary work are being severely threatened because tithes and donations are being diverted. What now?

Your thoughts please.


Jeannie Hizon said...

About the tithes and GK donations that are being collected by FFL: what is being done about this? PARAISO will be shown here in Pittsburgh tomorrow and my concern is where will the money go? I tried to ask some people but I have no response, which is worrying me already.

Tony said...

Yes it would indeed seem that the statement of Bishop Gaby Reyes is one-sided in favor of FFL. This is because he only had the complaints of FFL against CFC to work on. Let's be fair to the bishop. What is important is that in the end he said that CFC CONTINUES TO HAVE CBCP'S RECOGNITION AND THE VATICAN'S RECOGNITION.

When the Council was asked if they had any complaints against the group of Frank, they all said no. And this is what humbles me and affirms my conviction that the Council is truly anointed and, to a man, are worthy of the name Christian. They could have said so many things about Frank's recruitment activities, about his email barrages, about his group's unfair and unfounded accusations. Before the meeting started, they had agreed they would not say anything negative; they would not even talk about the money matters because they felt it was not only an internal affair, they also felt it was not the right thing to do.

So when they were asked about their complaints, the answer was quick...NO. The other side now exploits this to mean that the Council has nothing to say because they have proved nothing, especially about the money matters. What it only means is that the Council has shown us what being a true Christian means, what restraint in speech is, what respect and honor entails.

My wife was there, and this is why I know these things. I wanted to write about so many things before but she stopped me each time, she of the famous email to Frank. She said we should now take our cue from the Christian men of the Council -- be silent, be still and simply allow the Holy Spirit to work in all of us, including FFL.

And so, to those who think this clarificatory statement from Bishop Reyes is one-sided, I say peace. This is the only way the bishop could have written it. What is indeed important are the statements about our community's recognition, about the Council's commitment to address certain issues, about how OUR Council conducted themselves.

I truly admire the council for being true Christians, for the beauty of their gesture to turn the other cheek because I could never be like them, HUMBLE AND FORGIVING. If I were in their shoes, I would have lashed out in response to all frank's accusation. I would have given in to my human nature to strike back in anger. My wife said she saw true holiness in their posture, true anointing in their responses to the bishop's questions.



Hi, CD,
Earlier I asked that my email to Frank be removed from this blog site, an action that I still do not regret. That email started out as a personal letter to Frank whom I dearly love and consider a friend. I had no wish to broadcast it over a wide range, although, as you correctly pointed out, it is circulating and I no longer have control over it. So be it. If people are helped to discern better because of it, who am I to quibble?

I had decided never again to write another email to Frank or anybody else, following the Council's cue of silence and of turning the other cheek. But I am now so incensed by Nonong Contreras' text. Here it is:
" Reyes statement w Vatican recog in star n bulletin 2day. Lays 2 rest what really hapnd aug 28 n shows cnfirmation of gk veering away frm life n mission of cfc thru bsops' report. Vatican recog also shows bestowd on cfc w/o qualification as cfc global found inc. Ther4, all cfcs thruout world partake of recog, including cfc found. 4 family n life in view of generic cfc recog. We thank bsgps 4 clarfcation n we call on all cfcs 2 heed bshps msg. God bless. Pls pass."

Anyone with half a brain can read through the paid ad of Bishop Gabby Reyes and understand what it really means. Re the recognition, I will quote:"...In the light of these, THE ORIGINAL CFC, WITH GAWAD KALINGA AS ONE OF ITS MINISTRIES, retains its recognition as an international private association of the faithful, which was given by the Pontifical Council of the Laity in 2005. It also retains its recognition as a national private association of the faithful which was given by the CBCP in 1996."

And again, further down, "The original CFC, WITH GAWAD KALINGA AS ONE OF ITS MINISTRIES, UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF BRO. JOE TALE, continues as a national and international private association of the faithful."


I will not try to explain those statements of Bishop Reyes. They are self-explanatory and as I said, even if you only had half a brain, you would easily understand that the recognition applies to the ORIGINAL CFC, WITH GK AS ONE OF ITS MINISTRIES AND UNDER THE LEADERSHIP OF BRO. JOE TALE. Mahirap bang intindihin yon?

Regarding GK, which forms the main bulk of the Bishop's (note that this is singular) statement, it is also plain to the reader that the bishops listened to the CFC Council's rejoinder that these instances mentioned are isolated cases and do not reflect what is happening in the majority of the GK sites all over the country. Please note that the bishops agreed that because the CFC Council under Joe Tale promised to look into these cases, and if verified, correct them, then they had NO CAUSE to report to the Pontifical Council any veering away from CFC's life and mission nor from Catholic teachings.

Assuming you had only half a brain, but if it is further clogged by a tendency to obfuscate facts, twist the truth, hide the truth, impute malice and deliberately mislead people, then you would really have difficulty understanding such clear and unequivocal statements.

Nonong was not present during the session when both groups were present. He cannot therefore deign to speak as if he were, as his texts and emails now suggest.



Zeny Gimenez

story teller said...

Here’s a figment of a story I hear, and I write for one who could not:

“I don’t have to be a resident of Antipolo to be deeply disappointed with the so obvious bias Bishop Gabby Reyes has for President Frank Padilla’s Foundation for Family and Life (FFL).

The 5 page document ( along with the previous ones he wrote on this CFC Aaffair) he released as Chairman of the CBCP Commission for the Laity gives away a deep sense of serving the interest of a small fractious, peevish, rebellious, inconsequential group that is simply a splinter group out of a nationally / internationally respected group of Couples for Christ.

I heard he even gave a formal letter of recognizance to this group in our Diocese, but I was just told that this group was just organized hastily last July 30, 2007 and now I am even told that it calls itself a Foundation but there is no record of its existence in the Securities and Exchange Commission and no record of such likewise in the books of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

But I am sorry I have not gone to our local Barangay Captain, for there it could be true that FLF is registered.

Registration of FFL though is the least of my concerns. It is the undivided attention Bishop Gabriel Reyes gives to it.

If I were a President of any other Catholic organization which was born, alive and currently giving service to the needs of the churches in the Diocese, I am sure I would know and I would then call his attention to this all too sudden interest in just one newly formed yet unregistered organization that has not done a major contribution to the life of the Diocese.

What for instance has FFL done for Antipolo Diocese?
Why doe s our Bishop need to engage CBCP directly and our Diocese indirectly about a matter that I just found out was simply a difference of opinion of President Frank Padilla vis-a-vis his former brethren in an organization he led for 25 years?

And what was that argument about? Ah elections! Oh my, even in supposedly religious organizations we have problems about elections? That word Elections bedevils Filipinos indeed!

And this election of CFC was a matter that needs intervention of the Bishop? What were they in CFC choosing in that election? Were they choosing to remain Catholic or to be yet another branch of Fundamentalist Christians?

Ah so ……they were just simply trying to elect a group of leaders for the next year!

And for that you had to intervene on their elections, using your office and your stature, merely because you believed the unfounded claims now being thrown at them (CFC) by their very own erstwhile leader in F. Padilla? Would have been a credible intervention on your part if Mr. Padilla is a leader of CFC, but he is not.

If you did that because Frank Padilla is your favorite Antipolo resident or for any other consideration, why is it that you did not mind being not talked to, not being invited to the 25th Year Anniversary of CFC when they said you were their Spiritual Leader?

Frank Padilla, when he was the Executive Director of the worldwide CFC essentially ignored the clergy. Read his book ‘Friend or Foe’, or buy it from their little store inside their office along Ortigas Avenue because you can not find it at National Bookstore. Honestly, if your good friend Frank Padilla forgot to send you a copy that’s simply a reflection of how forgotten the clergy is in CFC affairs under him.

But I could be wrong, perhaps Maribel Descallar sent you one if Frank forgot.

Please tell the other parishioners in your Diocese Bishop how they, once they become leaders of the Catholic organizations under your Diocese, get a similar preferential treatment like you do give President Frank Padilla of FFL now?

Would your Secretary at the CBCP Council of the Laity tell me, or do I need to befriend President Frank Padilla himself.

To do that, is it CFC or FFL I need to join? Your brotherly advice please.”

Kapatid said...

Amen, bro. Tony. I will keep my peace about the Bishop's clarification. For after all, the Lord Himself has constantly shown to us that He exposes the hidden and the hideous.

The accidental revelation of the Easter's group's clandestine moves, i.e.,
(i) the "Easter/Playboy Bunnies minutes" plotting to stop the CFC election and
(ii) and the Gary Fautino email mis-sent to Gerry Bacarro, instead of Gerry Padilla, on Bishop's Soc Villegas' draft of separation of GK from CFC,

are indubitable proofs that the Lord moves to reveal the truth in time.

There is peace and affirmation in trusting the Lord and His ways.

lucky I did NOT get nonong's insane message said...

Dear sister Zeny,

Thank you for exposing the text message of Nonong Contreras, a man with a complex mind.

After the Elders’ Assembly decided to vote a new set International Council members on June 22, 2007, he sent a text message which stated that we who criticized their Easter Playboys & Bunnies’ for their walk-out had simple minds. At that time he said, Frank & the Playboy Bunnies walked out because they did not want to disobey the Bishops.

On August 28, 2007 Bishops meeting with CFC and their Playboy bunnies Group, there was NOT any material reference about that disobedience thing which their group used to threathen / scare us with. The word was “bully” as used by another commentator here in this blog.

All their empty talk (its history now, as proven) of the angle of ‘this disobedience crap’ is hot air and up this moment they all must be bewildered why that sub-plot did not make any mark with the Bishops.

Going back to nonong’s mind here’s what I think: The opposite of simple is complex. Simple minded daw tayo. So ngayon complex minded naman siya.

Men of complex minds invent such phrases like “generic cfc recogntn”. And because of his mind’s so complex he now comes to this earthshaking conclusion that “Ther4, all cfcs thruout world partake of recogntn, including cfc foundatn. 4 family n life.”

This man’s need for his OWN RECOGNITION drives him to make this statement so all of us will notice him. (A certain brother Vic Cabuquit of North B, Metro Manila paki subject mo nga itong kapatid na ito sa iyong psychiatric analysis para he gets a professional advice and perhaps he will no longer damage himself)

FFL, on the other hand also is dying to have a kind of recognition too -- from anyone, that’s why the one and only recognition by their pet Bishop is so important to them.

Nonong will talk of anything that would be contrary to common sense. So long as it provides a forum by which his FFL will be talked about.

Advice to those who got this text, delete immediately and keep your sanity!

(Sgd) Am lucky I did not get Nonong’s insane text message

listing down contreras-isms like an erap joke said...

Nonong Contreras made a mind boggling text message today. It was an exercise in futility. It is also a lie. And the author is a lying wordsmith. Readers beware.

Let’s analyze:

1. The Vatican recognition was given in 1995. At that time there was only one Couples for Christ. In 1995, there was no such thing as a deceiving organisation called ‘Foundation for Family and Life’ masquerading as the true CFC. So when Vatican gave that recognition it meant it solely for Couples for Christ. Correct.

2. After the August 28 2007 meeting, Nonong Contreras while entertaining in his mind inputs from unclean spirits (which is but natural from one who belongs to Playboys & Bunnies), creates a bright idea….hey it only stated CFC so generic, therefore we are also recognized because we have Couples for Christ before our FFL name. Wrong.

3. Nonong now gets his latest cell phone and bangs away with that message as the result. Then he sends the message to all in CFC whom he wants to irritate and disturb out of their peaceful Sunday.

4. By sending this message, one implication is: If we FFL can’t fight it, let’s join it.

5. Why are we at this point?? Because FFL lost in the battles it stirred and continues to lose in many other areas of engagement with CFC, the most hurting of all is that A GREAT MAJORITY OF CFC members who have been given all information have decided to remain with CFC.

6. The one pillar that they collectively LOVE TO HATE, the pillar of GAWAD KALINGA continues to grow in momentum of stepping in Jesus’ footsteps bringing glad tidings to the poor, unfazed by such limp and immaterial charges of “veering away”, “distributing condoms”, “removing IDs/hiding CFC identity”, “taking only manpower from CFC”, etc.

So Bravehearts, keep on exposing the lies that FFL continues to make. Like Zeny did!

Anonymous said...

thank you Zeny for writing about the text of expressed well what i felt.I felt troubled the whole day after i got that text from him.!!! I can't believe that guy!!!

truth seeker said...

Will someone please explain this to me:

If Frank Padilla declared that God anointed CFC as a prophetic voice, did that mean:

1. God only intended that anointment while Frank was the Executive Director of CFC?

2. Or did we get it all wrong for it was not CFC's collective voice God referred to but only Frank's? (By the way, during those happy times when he was with us in CFC, that voice was a source of soothing inspiration. Of late, we hear a different Frank, one whose voice is clothed with anger and irritation. Especially when we did not agree to his magnum opus: CFC and GK 3; or his serial: Moving forward 1, 2, & 3! He is angry because we do not want to follow his plans as plotted, schemed and strategized in that June 07 2007 Playboy Bunnies’ Meeting)

3. Or did God mean this anointment solely TO BE, OF and BY Frank! Kulang na lang bang i-patent ni God ito with all rights reserved for Frank? Did God start it from the founding day of CFC up to Feb 20, 2007 for he actually did not mean his resignation…so teka hindi pa pala tapos si Frank sa paglapat ng Lamentation sa atin! So if was him anointed, up to when? Up to the day he breathes his last?

4. So did it mean that when he told a fellow CFC brother on that fateful night of June 22: "Beware of the WRATH of GOD!" was he acting and talking like an anointed Moses, the angry prophet coming down from the mountain? (Mountain of Antipolo?)

no one will steal your money said...

Reply to Jeannie Hizon:

Paraiso, the Movie is a project meant for Gawad Kalinga. I am sure you know that the artists, film directors, film producers and the whole group of men and women needed to make a movie were not paid for their professional efforts...all in the spirit of giving help to the poor.

Your local or USA National Ancop group – the foundation that supports GK - will make sure that your money will go to the poor and you should not worry about it. Rest assured that the many people who will go and watch the movie are people who trust the Lord, the one and only Spirit that will ensure that the people who organized the movie showing will be put under his care, and it will be this God’s wrath that they need to face up to if they steal your money away.

Buy that ticket and see and enjoy the movie. Please double the number of tissue paper or handkerchiefs that you will bring.

God Bless!

CFC Emmaus said...

I read this item, what is unfolding to us in this community is a total failure. A failure that lead to breakup of our leaders. But one thing is for sure, our failure will be raised up by God into a resurrected CFC that will let Christ shine through even brighter.

In his book "Triumph through Failure", John Navone S.J. narrates, "...The experience of the Christian community confirms that the learning process is not without many failures, whether culpable or not. Self-deception and group deception is always a possibility; the authenticity of our love or righteousness is never to be taken for granted. The truly religious person seeks the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; the self-righteous or pseudo-religious person assumes that such righteousness is to be fully identified with himself, with his ideologies , values and desires. The truly religious person will be open to learning about the meaning of authentic righteousness from those who are outside the religious community; he does not set limits to the activity of God's love in human affairs and welcomes it wherever it may be discerned. The story of the Good Samaritan is Jesus' way of reminding us that the merciful love of God may be most profoundly experienced in our lives from the quarters where we least expect it."

Strong words. We ave learned a great deal of lesson in this Failure in the Community we all love.

Let us rise up from all of our humanity that we may transcend it and be more of the Imitators of Christ.

God bless us all.

C.D. said...

CFC Emmaus, thank you for that. It has always been my contention that in revealing the human weaknesses that pits brother against brother, we can become more aware of our faults and in knowing what they are, become more vigilant in avoiding them in the future. No one is perfect and nobody has the right the judge, but we must search for facts and for the truth so that we can use the strength of our will, our love for Christ, and love for one another to make better decisions.

Mina said...

To anonymous who asked in another entry:

"Why did you remove latest statement of Bro. Tony Meloto?"

"Why is the wife of Tony Meloto with the IC meeting with the Bishops? Is she a member of the IC?"


1. The "tony" who wrote about the Aug 28 proceedings was not Tony Meloto, but Tony GIMENEZ. He is the husband of ZENY GIMENEZ, of the famous 'email to Frank". So walang naremove na "statement of Bro. Tony Meloto.." kasi wala naman talaga siyang statement dito sa blog ni CD.

2. You posted your comment in the wrong entry (CFC election video, the one that follows this entry), kaya di mo makikita doon ang "statement" ni Bro. Tony (GIMENEZ, NOT MELOTO)

3. No, LYN MELOTO DID NOT ATTEND the Aug 28 dialogue with the Bishop. It was ZENY GIMENEZ (wife of Tony Gimenez - the "Tony" who you mistook for Tony Meloto) who attended the Aug. 28 meeting upon the IC's invitation. Each panel was entitled to bring 10 persons to the table. Apart from the 7 council members, the CFC panel included Luis Oquinena, Didi Galsim and ZENY GIMENEZ - the ZENY who witnessed what actually transpired and so responded to Nonong contreras' latest txt message, also posted under this entry.

Given these, kindly read again the earlier comments to put you in the proper perspective.

Brothers and sisters, word of caution lang - - WHEN IN DOUBT, LET'S NOT MAKE HASTY CONCLUSIONS. IT IS BEST TO CLARIFY FIRST.(Which Francisco did and ZAC also realized later.)


Anonymous said...

It appears that now the Bishops have shown they are happy to keep working with CFC, the FFL-stated need for FFL to exist has disappeared.

Originally they were citing rebellion against the Bishops as a reason for separating.

The Bishops have said this is not an issue, that they are happy to continue working with CFC under the Int'l Council, and that CFC retains Vatican recognition - and that any issues in CFC can be worked out with the Int'l Council.

Now that the Bishops have said this, what justification for FFL to continue existing, much less driving for separation?

sasagot lang para sa poor said...

Hi Nonong, how are you?

Hope you are NOT getting too lethargic with the Communique of Bishop Gabby Reyes released on September 06 at 22:14 and signed by Msgr. Pedro Quitorio.

It did not carry the message you in FFL wanted to see. CFC still has the CBCP & the Vatican recognition.

On this I think you should be happy because the community you oce professed to love, honor and serve is still recognized.

I suggest a paradigm shift from perhaps your wishing a negative event to happen regarding CFC's recognition. If ever a change happens in that regard, the probability of that happening may not be soon. And much to your dismay, it may not even happen.

Maybe, but just maybe, the Philippine Church and The Vatican does not want this fact to change. Vatican has over 200 Lay Independent Associations, and a loss of one is a drop in the bucket. However, the Philippines and Asia for that matter only has one: CFC! Do you honestly think the local spiritual leaders will just let it be?

I think the local Church hierarchy would not like its lone feather it its cap - at least relative to lay associations - be removed. But of course, I do not have the inside track on these matters, much unlike you. But it would be a great loss not only for the Catholic Church here, all of us in CFC but also everybody else in the lay renewal organizations as well. So be careful what you pray for.

Sometimes I could almost believe that you are a spokesman of the Philippine Church, CBCP or of Bishop Gabby Reyes.

I shuddered with worry when you wrote the CFC International Council of their having "done what could be a great disservice to the Bishops who will still have to come up withan Officical communique as to the events of August 28." Good thing there was no reprimand from the Bishops! Do you I think I could now celebrate?

Now about this little matter of the Council issuing a statement on August 28, which you thought pre-empted the Bishops.

Are we being told here Bro Nonong, that our community, CFC which has a 26 year history of service to the |Church and has the Vatican recognition as a Independent Lay Organization could not even issue a...what do you call it, Communique, to its own members; one that is issued by its duly elected and duly mandated Council advising its members on its participation in a recent dialog with the Bishops before the Bishops release their own? And since our Council did, we pre-empted the Bishops?

Bro saan ba galing yon?

Mina said...

To anonymous who asked in another entry:

"Why did you remove latest statement of Bro. Tony Meloto?"

"Why is the wife of Tony Meloto with the IC meeting with the Bishops? Is she a member of the IC?"


1. The "tony" who wrote about the Aug 28 proceedings was not Tony Meloto, but Tony GIMENEZ. He is the husband of ZENY GIMENEZ, of the famous 'email to Frank". So walang naremove na "statement of Bro. Tony Meloto.." kasi wala naman talaga siyang statement dito sa blog ni CD.

2. You posted your comment in the wrong entry (CFC election video, the one that follows this entry), kaya di mo makikita doon ang "statement" ni Bro. Tony (GIMENEZ, NOT MELOTO)

3. No, the wife of Tony Meloto DID NOT ATTEND the meeting with the Bishops. It was wife of Tony GIMENEZ (the "Tony" who you must have mistaken for Tony Meloto) who attended the Aug. 28 meeting upon the IC's invitation. Each panel was entitled to bring 10 persons to the table. Apart from the 7 council members, the CFC panel included Luis Oquinena, Didi Galsim and ZENY GIMENEZ. ZENY witnessed what actually transpired and so responded to Nonong contreras' latest txt message, also posted under this entry.

Given these, kindly read again the earlier comments to put you in the proper perspective.


Anonymous said...

Hi CD, here is the latest FFL spiel in the USA:

----- Original Message -----
From: Joe de Leon (GC Industries)
To: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Koset ; ; ; ; Dante & Fely ; Baltazar, Cris (GPC International Technology)
Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 8:31 AM
Subject: Letter of the CFC US National Council to the Community at large

Peace and joy of Christ to all!

An update from the CFC USA National Council.

God bless us all!

Joe de Leon

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In accordance with the Philippine Bishops' Statement that they recognize the split in our beloved community CFC, together with Frank Padilla's letter on how we should move forward, and the affirmation pf Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council of the Laity, that Frank Padilla is the Founder of CFC, and the membership of Frank and Gerry Padilla in the Pontifical Council for Families, now therefore the CFC National Council of the USA firmly declares its affiliation with the CFC-FFL.

We pray that all the brethren will be of one heart and one purpose with us in the CFC-FFL Community. Let us remain as loving brothers and sisters should you choose the other path to follow.

Yours in Christ,

Nani Almanza

National Director, CFC US NC

Message from our Brother Frank Padilla on how we should move forward:

The Way Forward #3

September 1, 2007

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Peace be with you!

The meeting of the Int'l Council, Tony Meloto, Lachie Agana and myself last August 14 resulted in both sides accepting that the only way left to go was to separate. Last August 28, CFC-GK represented by the Int'l Council and CFC-FFL affirmed their decision to go separate ways, and this was accepted by the bishops. As one of the bishops said, CFC has been held in bondage by GK, and so now each one, CFC and GK, should be given freedom.

As we separate, know the following:
(1) We in CFC-FFL remain as "Couples for Christ." We have not left CFC, which is the global spiritual body distinct from the Philippine corporation. What we have left is the legal entity of "Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation Inc." We in CFC-FFL have as much right, if not more, to remain as CFC than those who have veered away from our original charism. Bp Gabriel Reyes said it was acceptable to have two CFCs.

(2) We in CFC-FFL, contrary to pronouncements and threats from the other side, can and will make use of all teachings, formation programs, materials, the CLP, songs, etc. of CFC. CFC-GK does not have exclusive rights to these materials. CFC-FFL has the right to make use of these CFC materials for the work of the Lord. Later we will also make revisions as needed.

(3) In the Philippines, it is time for all who are for CFC-FFL to remove themselves from the official CFC-GK structure. You no longer have to attend CFC-GK activities. We will integrate you in our own structure, and we will have our own activities. For CFC in other countries, you can try to insulate yourself from the conflict in Manila and wait until the dust settles, and in the meantime just go on with your own life and mission. You may however work internally for the restoration of CFC in your country, for as long as that is possible.

(4) Try to remain peaceful with those who opt to stay with CFC-GK. Maintain your friendships and remain as brethren, though now separated.

I had proposed to the Int'l Council in the presence of the bishops that we can maintain some sort of unity within CFC, by having one CFC but with two independent branches. Each branch, CFC-GK and CFC-FFL, can pursue its own particular charism. Each can bless the other. Both can have joint activities during the year. Though the Int'l Council did not accept this, I continue to leave this proposal on the table.

Let those of us in CFC-FFL now move on. There is much to be done.

God bless.

In the service of Christ,

Frank Padilla

"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

Report on the Meeting of Frank Padilla with Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko in the Vatican

On September 5, 2007, we received an Inbox Message from Frank and Gerry Padilla as follows:

"Frank Padilla met with Archbishop Rylko at the Vatican for 40 minutes today. The Archbishop affirmed Frank as the Founder of CFC and stressed the importance of the original charism of family renewal. He said we are the Church and not a social agency, we must remain faithful to our Catholic identity. This crisis is a time of purificacion which is to be turned into an opportunity for a new creation. He wished Frank well and gave him his blessings."

Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican. He signed the Decree of Recognition of CFC approving the Statutes of Couples for Christ as an International Private association of the faithful with a juridical personality and gave it to Frank Padilla as the Director of CFC.

God is with us Brothers and Sisters. Praise God

ecs of south b said...

What I am reading at what has happening in the US, which surely will happen in other National Councils, it has now become a game of international politics.

Sad as it is, Frank is now playing a dangerous game of Pied Piper. He is now taking away our CFC brothers and sisters. Now that Manila has shot him down, he is now attempting the same tactics in other National Councils.

We may have been successful here in Manila to ward of these Wolves in Sheepskin, but we may slow down and lose others abroad. Again, like the heresy of old, it would take generations to overcome these heresies.

ecs of south b

Sleepless in NJ said...

Not You Personally … but your Reasoning I Question
(letter to the propaganda)

How offensive is it to think that the reason for the Holy Father (the Pope) to give CFC his blessing was because of one man. Tell that to the many CFC pioneers who went out of their way to evangelize all across the world. Tell that to the many facilitators who were in frontlines sharing their faith in every CLP.

I guess to someone who seeks power everyone else is expendable…. It is just numbers they are after.

You commented, “Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko is the President of the Pontifical Council for the Laity in the Vatican. He signed the Decree of Recognition of CFC approving the Statutes of Couples for Christ as an International Private association of the faithful with a juridical personality and gave it to Frank Padilla as the Director of CFC.”

Is it possible that a leader would go so far to Rome to sumbong (to tell-on) to the Archbishop Rylko as he did before to the bishops in Philippines?

Is it justified to follow one man’s thinking that he is the sole reason for God’s Blessing?

I think NOT!!! It was the Holy Spirit that empowered the many CFC, SFC, YFC, KFC, etc members to proclaim Christ’s Love to the world.

Could it be just another way to spin the truth, so you can recruit by saying the Vatican Recognition was given to FP? I await an official document from the Archbishop Rylko to justify your reasoning.

Wish you luck in your journey as you follow a man.

Fr. Mario said “your leader should have no other gods. Not position, not fame, not authority… A real leader is the one that knows how to sacrifice… a leader who loves Christ and loves the people he serves.”

Sleepless in NJ said...

Greatest Gift of a Father

The greatest gift my father had given to me...He introduced Jesus Christ to me. Now, I am blessed with a lovely wife and 3 boys. In my journey, I long to be a better husband to my wife, better father for my children, and most of all a son to my Father in heaven.
For me and my family, we have discerned to stay in CFC. I am not for GK but I have given my time for support (cooking adobo for the meetings and functions). I am sharing this to you because I believe in a christian family. I grew up as my father prayed and shared his faith with me. I am blessed with my parents’ love as the seed of faith grew. Now, I am blessed with the same opportunity. Pray for me and my family in this journey of faith.

Christ has given us different gifts to serve the church. Some were given the gift to serve the poor, serve in music ministry, and some anointed to be leaders. For me, the Holy Spirit has empowered me to raise a Christian Family.

I aspire to have a Christian family and share this vision with others. I didn’t have to create another group to promote this vision. CFC is blessed to have such diverse brothers and sisters with different spiritual gifts… it is their charisma that empowers them to serve Christ’s church.

Please said...

I think the members of our International Council should all go to Rome and appear before the Pontifical Council of the Laity. They should make an official report or disclosure of the separation of Frank and Gerry Padilla from the ORIGINAL CFC TO WHICH THE VATICAN RECOGNITION WAS GIVEN. As stated in the report of Frank's meeting with Archbishop Stanislaw Rylko, the recognition was given in his capacity as the Director of CFC, meaning in REPRESENTATION OF CFC, not in his personal capacity. CFC therefore has to introduce Joe Tale as CFC's new executive director who should now take the place of Frank as CFC representative in the Pontifical Council of the laity. Evn Bishop Gabby recognizes that.

Note that the news cites "CFC Director", not personal or individual capacity

Anonymous said...

One of Frank Padilla's earlier-raised concerns about GK:

TWO: Tony as "founder," "father" or "driving force."

REALITY: God gave GK to CFC. GK has no human founder. Jesus said to call no one on earth "father," since we all have only one Father, who is God. Further, being father is practically the same as being founder, since a father (with the mother) gives life to a child. The "driving force" behind GK is the Holy Spirit.

GOD'S INTENT: God intends to do a miraculous work through GK. God intends such miraculous work to get the world to look to Him and recognize His majesty.

CONCERN: To call Tony or anyone else the founder, father or driving force is to put the person in place of God. Further, it makes GK simply of human and not divine origin. Still further, God is a jealous God and this can put Tony in jeopardy.

THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE: Let us not build the cult of any one person. What should be promoted, and this will be sufficient for marketing purposes, is Gawad Kalinga, and not any one person. In fact, since Tony by his own claim is
now just a volunteer, the ones who should be at the forefront should be the GK Chair, Joe, and the GK Executive Director, Luis.

MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION: Why does Frank Padilla think this applies to Tony, but not to Frank?


Although, it's nice that once again in this Frank affirmed that God intends to do a miraculous work through GK.

Please, Frank, stand by what you say.

Anonymous said...

Could we request here from Europe to show also the video of the resignation of the three council members.Thank you and God bless!!!

Kapatid said...

I have the mp3 file of the Feb. 20 resignation. I can upload to the site where CD uploads the other materials. But if CD has the video, BETTER!

C.D. said...


Please upload the file when you get the chance and give us the link here.

Thank you.

Jimmy said...

I'm a little bit confused. It seems that the clarification of Bp Reyes that came out as a paid advertisement in some newspapers have not really affirmed what the FFL have been hoping to hear but instead seems to have backfired on some of their allegations. How come talks going around say that the ad was actually paid for by FFL? How true is it?

confucius said...

To Jimmy,
You said...
"It seems that the clarification of Bp Reyes that came out as a paid advertisement in some newspapers have not really affirmed what the FFL have been hoping to hear but instead seems to have backfired on some of their allegations."

Fact- Bishop Reyes 5 page letter affirmed Vatican recognition.
Question- Why are we confused with the details of his letter?
Don't ask Bishop Reyes, he is more confused.
Ask Nonong Contreras, or better still ask Frank Padilla but he is not here.

Fact- Bishop Reyes is the spiritual director of CFC
Question- Why does he sound like the defender of FFL?
Answer- He is the spiritual director of CFC in paper "but not in spirit"

Fact- 2 Bulletin and Phil Star news layout of the Vatican decree and 5 page letter of Bishop G Reyes is a paid ad.
Question- Who paid for the ad?
Fact- CFC bankrupt with millions in bank loans and deficit
Question- Who paid for the ad?
Answer- _ _ _

You say,
"I'm a little bit confused."
Fact- We all are confused
Question- Why are we confused? Who is behind all the confusion?
The king of deception, no other than Lucifer!
He is confusing us.

Bottom line-
Don't be, that's not the way of GOD.

Catholic and Member of CFC said...

Fomr the vey first Philippine Mass in Limasawa, to this very day in the life of Bishop Garbiel Reyes, can the Philippine Catholic Church categorically state that THERE NEVER WAS any instance of any Parish Priest, Bishop, Archbishop, Cardinal when it received any cash, material donation, tithe, abuloy, alms box contribution, etc from a tainted source.

For purposes of this discussion/ comment, let me define a "tainted source" which are dononations from the following:

1. gambling money
2, funds from PCSO
3. funds from any person or institution or corporations who are involved in non-legal business activity
4. a plundering corrupt crooked politician on the national and local level
5. a convicted criminal
6. a corrupt government official
7. an anti-life advocate
8. a pharmaceutical company that produces condoms, abortifacients, contraceptive devices or medicines

to name a few.

If Bishop Reyes cannot make that statement in all the years of the existence of the Philippine Catholic Church, where is the moral ascendancy to require GK not to accept it.

There is also a difference when the Philippne Catholic Church accepts it. It is not required to report where it is used.

When GK accepts it, it is audited and it fgoes to the poor.

Now please tell us Bro Frank Padilla and Bishop Gabriel Reyes, where is the better cash flow?

Anonymous said...

Quick question:

For the sake of consistency, should not those who oppose a pharmaceutical company sponsoring a GK village also decline to receive medical treatment using products of the same company?

Why would one be wrong, and another right?