Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Council Statement - Looking Ahead

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That says it all brothers and sisters. Let us FOCUS.


Anonymous said...

All of us should heed the call of our elders in CFC to move on and learn from the lessons of the recent months. There's so much work to be done and people out there who are hungry for the Word of God. Let's channel our energies to the task that is at hand. While some are of the view that it is harder to invite people to attend our CLPs, we should not be discouraged but continue to persevere. There might be questions thrown our way as a result of the attention that our community has received from the media in the past weeks, but with God's grace, we shall overcome all of these and He shall show us that indeed, He is a victorious and mighty King. I ask you to pray brothers and sisters for all the CLPs that are on-going and will be starting. Pray for our team leaders, service team, facilitators and most especially, for those who God has asked us to invite to the CLPs. Pray also for brothers and sisters who have been discouraging others from continuing with CLPs (yes, there are some who are holding back from doing their evangelization work and waiting until the dust settles, so to speak). And while we are praying, let's translate our faith into concrete actions and let our covenant cards be our guide. God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Hi CD... FYI from Texas USA:

couplesforchrist@aol.com wrote:



Peace! Please be reminded of the joint assembly tonight, Sep 11 at the parish hall of Notre Dame Church from 7-10. Our guest speaker is Frank Padilla, member of the Pontifical Society for the Family and considered founder of CFC by Archbishop Rylko, President of the Pontifical Society for the Laity based in Rome. Listen to him and speak to him during the assembly. God bless!

Brother Jun Villamayor

Marlon said...

Praise be to God Almighty!!!

Things we can do:

1. Pray for everyone including leaders of CFC and FFL, also for members of both sides, and most specially to people that are still out there needing the Word of God.

2. Move On - as what has been said above, let's channel our energy to continuing our work for God.

3. Maintain friendship with people on the other side. They are there for a reason. They have found their calling and their mission there. They would also do God's work. Pray for them. Our brotherhood and bonding will be the bridge that may unite us in the future. Let the people we are to evangelize see us together in peace. We may be in different groups because we each have our own mission, but we have a lot more things in common like our love for Christ and others, our passion for service, our trust in the Lord.

4. Refrain from igniting conflicts but instead focus on the beautiful side of each person. Let's focus on the common factor. If you have hurts, complaints or a feeling of injustice being done, voice it out calmly to your sympathetic friends who will listen and understand you. So as not to ignite conflict, refrain from voicing out to people you know will have a different opinion. Voicing out or letting go of your hurt is a part of the healing process.

5. Be peacemakers. For example, if you know of people from both sides who were hurt and you are a common friend to them, console them with your love and understanding and let Christ be in the center. Timing here is important. Be sensitive to the feelings of other people.

6. Go to confession and profess your sins and ask for forgiveness. These events sometimes tempted us to think bad of other people or to judge them in our thoughts. Let's ask the Lord to clear out all these negative thoughts in our hearts and mind. Forgive others. God loves them too.

I don't have a clear picture if it's over in some areas because it's a different situation everywhere. We all have the tendency to look for the truth or present our version of the truth. So if some of you decide to continue in that (because maybe you feel obliged to defend CFC or FFL or to correct what you think is wrong), discern of your actions. Ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit. Let's keep it civil, lovingly and constructive. We also need to keep our tone down and not to ridicule or be sarcastic so as not to offend others. Be humble when making a point. Always respect the opinion or decision of others.

Always pray. Pray. Pray.

"Trust in the lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. The Lord will not give us something we can't bear."

Sometimes, God allows us to get hurt so we can have a deep sense of need for communion with Him.

God bless us all!!!

lino of EB4 said...

Regarding the Pastoral Congress, how can ordinary members participate in drafting the roadmap. Any mechanics?

I vividly remember Bro Joe Tale when he told leaders and members alike that this Council will be a "listening" council.

I just hope that ordinary members will be given the chance to give their inputs. It is them who will form the backbone of each and every CFC endeavor in the next 25 years.

God bless CFC.

lino of EB4 said...

Now that the worse is over and we look forward to the best, wouldn't it best for the Council to call for a leaders assembly like the one we have at the start of the every year?

An assembly where the Council can exhort each and every leader who have stayed to move on, to continue what we have begun, and to empower those who felt devastated by the conflict.

Its a good time to see brothers and sisters who have reaffirmed their commitment to CFC's vision and mission.

Blessed are the peacemakers!

Anonymous said...

LINO OF EB4 asks - "Regarding the Pastoral Congress, how can ordinary members participate in drafting the roadmap. Any mechanics?"

In my Sector household, my household head have asked us respond to the questionnaire which was used to get leaders' inputs during the launch of the Pastoral Congress last Aug. 25. The same questionnaire, if I'm not mistaken, will be brought down to the basic households, ground level, so the ordinary members responses/feedback will also be considered. This is really from bottom to bottom na. It will take sometime to consolidate the results, (Nov. 17-18), but steps to the right right direction have been taken. Praise God!

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Marlon,

Thanks for the words of wisdom.

Our posture now about the whole thing is what you have written.If we follow these, we will have peace. Easier said and done but i guess the 7-man council will have to do a lot as a way to move forward for the sustainability of CFC and so with the FFL leaders. God bless all of you leaders!

Let's all move on. Let's leave the past behind. There are more fruitful things that we can do in our lives.

God bless and enjoy life to the full.


Carlos Yturzaeta said...

dear Marlon,

I have friends from both leadership camps-FFL and CFC.

I will still consider all of them my friends, regardless of convictions and principles. Balang araw magkikita din tayong lahat sa langit (sana...kaya lang may mauuna, may mahuhuli. And in Heaven, we will be united!)

May God bless them, grant them peace and strength.

Happy weekend.


willyj said...

Thanks Marlon,
In all this conflict, we see that the best of men are but men, subject to like passions and pride as we all are. As is usual when these contentions arise, there are various specks and logs on all our eyes. It will be so while we are in this imperfect state, that we shall never be all of one mind till we all come to heaven. But it is good to hope in silence, for the saving help of God. You are right, all of us must be constant in prayer, that we may never be led by unholy tempers, to hurt the cause we really desire to serve. For what good will it do to win the argument but lose the arguer?

Marlon said...

Dear Brother Carlos - There are a lot of undesirable outcome with what's happening but I think there's even more positive ones, one of which is the lessons we learn and by this we grow. I am guilty of some of the misgivings and things I've said. It's really difficult to do it and I struggle everyday to follow what I've said. I find comfort in the promise made in Gal 5:18 - "But if you are led by the Spirit, you are not under law", and also in the commandment of our Savior that we love our neighbor. 7 days from now, I'll be seeing my brothers and sisters from FFL and I can't wait to shake their hands and welcome them with warmth. Thank you and may God bless you.

Dear willyj, you are absolutely right. It's our human limitations that really divides us. Our enemy is here is the sin and Satan and not anyone.

"For what good will it do to win the argument but lose the arguer" - that will be my new motto. Thanks and God bless!!!

Anonymous said...

May I quote this song
"Forgetting what lies behind
Setting our hearts on the prize
Always keeping our eyes on our Lord Jesus
We're running the race to win
all the way to the end
And we'll be faithful to our calling For you are able to keep us from FALLING
For in your promise , we will trust
You'll be faithful to finish the work You begun in us "kumanta na lang tayo
this is the message Lord sent me after reading all these comments and it make feel sad na kasi pati Bishop sa Vatican kasama na sa promotional gimmick ng CFC founder FP - kasi right after reading nay nagsabi sa mind ko marami pa akong magagawang service sa church parish base na huwag na with this community masyadong pinasukan na ng politica ano ba yan - but I'll remain to give Glory and Thanks to our Lord . In this community where I learn how to love God more and to love my neighbor as well .
another message taken from our CFC dedication song again I quote
"May we learn to love each other more with each new day
May WORDS OF LOVE BE on our LIPS in ev'rything we say
and teach us how to PRAY
that we might be a TRUE FAMILY