Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Of Plans and Mysterious Ways Pt 2

A little background:

Sometime after the resignations, Frank Padilla broached an idea to Roquel Ponte about seeking spiritual guidance from Frank's close friend Bishop Soc Villegas on how to go about settling the personal disagreements between Frank, Tony, and Lachie.

Bishop Soc invited the whole 7 man council to Balanga, Bataan.

Frank and Lachie went there a day early and slept over. The next day, Joe Tale and Ernie Maipid arrived, two couldn't make it; Joe Yamamoto had surgery and Roquel was on a mission.

It was during this meeting that Bishop Soc introduced the idea of a CFC and GK split.

A few days later, Bishop Soc emailed a draft proposal letter to Frank and the other council members through Maribel Descallar.

Maribel forwards it to
non-council member Gary Faustino (of the Easter Group). Gary replies with his comments copied to Nonong Contreras and mistakenly forwards it to Gerry Bacarro a CfC Leader (when it was probably meant for Gerry Padilla).

This is the second faux pas of the Easter Group that is also being widely reported and making the rounds as a forwarded email. Here is the email thread:

One would wonder why Maribel Descallar would share this information with non-Council members BEFORE forwarding it to the Council.

Still coming:

The draft letter that was composed by Bishop Soc for the council to submit to Cardinal Rosales.


Anonymous said...

There are many, many, many poor families being evangelized and transformed as a result of CFC volunteers in GK villages.

Are they less deserving of CFC and reconciliation with God then our middle-class and upper-class friends, that we should cease reaching out to the poor?

Does it really matter that they cannot tithe so much?

I see them as just as much deserving of our evangelism - and that is how Church theology describes CFC's work in GK - as the upper and middle classes from whence most of us have come.

Anonymous said...

materially poor... spritually poor... oh please... lack of either needs our community... bro gary opened a can of worms there.

Bro. Ed said...

INGENIOUS!!!Wow!!!Mga magicians!!!

maria v.b. said...

To Maribel Descaller, I still consider you a sister in CFC, even if you have gone the way of Frank Padilla, which is really no surprise to me.

I still consider you a sister because I believe you and I both desire to serve the Lord and be faithful to him.

However, there a few things that bother me about your decision to send the letter to 4 persons other than the 4 originally meant to be recipients by Bishop Soc Villegas.

Bishop Soc Villegas is a highly respected Bishop, as Frank Padilla, Nonong Contreras, Roland Nillas, Gary Faustino, & other FFL leading lights but most specially Tamel Descallar and the Descallar kids would all agree to, wouldn't they?

Now seeing the after effects of that indiscretion and its implied disobedience to a Bishop, have you atoned to the Bishop (who I understand is your personal friend and family friend)?

What about the 4 man Council then, have you also asked forgiveness from them?

I think you also need to apologize to Gary Faustino, himself because his error was an offshoot of your error. I don’t want to imply though that that person Gary Faustino is sinless and worry free of this. But he is another matter altogether, and I value you more, hence this letter.

I think you also need to apologize to the whole CFC because the position at the CFC Center you have long served in, many times giving your best, is a position of trust, yet the interest of a few seemed to have met preference in your decision. If CFC was a corporation, that act is considered corporate mutiny and you could be legally liable.

I will never be able to understand why you did this but deep in my heart I already have forgiven you, but you need to make amends with all (as I stated above) but please make a public one and address it to Joe Tale, Joe Yamamoto, Ernie Maipid and Roquel Ponte and CFC.

Small request from one who likes you as a sister

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary Faustino

We are sorry for you brother that a mistake you made is now a blog topic.

But all’s not lost for you, you could make amends and very soon our faith in your repentance will make matters normal again.

I am not surprised you joined FFL.

However, what was the timing of your joining them and Your resignation from your post at the CFC Counseling Office? Teka, is it true that CFC spent for your studies at Ateneo or U.P., re Counseling?

Or was it a case of “be symphathetic to FFL but draw salary from CFC”? If yes, then we need to change the Talk # 4 of the CLP, we need to add ‘dualism and infidelity as additional major sins. I am not even sure if dualism is the right word, so let me put it in the Tagalog: “doble-cara”.

Sana nag-ingat ka, Gary, delicado ang mga ‘doble’ ngayon.

Please do the act of repentance, make a letter on this blog, seeking forgiveness Gary. Please include one that’s particularly addressed to Gerry Bacarro…and even perhaps to ‘that person TM’.

my name is Gerry too! said...

Mabuti na lang na si Gerry Bacarro ay nakapag-isip ng tama at pinadala niya ang e-mail mo, Garry F kina Joe Tale!

Mabuti na lang na naging loyal siya sa CFC.

Gary, is Gerry Bacarro your member in SFC? I hope you did not scold him for telling on you.

By the way, my name is Gerry, too. Thank you for liking our names so much!

Anonymous said...

FYI to the brother who is asking if Gerry Bacarro is an SFC member under Gary Faustino --

Bro. Gerry Bacarro is (or was) the President of the CFC-Flame Ministry. He is a CFC elder himself.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous,
You asked...
"Teka, is it true that CFC spent for your studies at Ateneo or U.P., re Counseling?"
Yes it is true. He finished his masters as a CFC scholar in no less than the Ateneo De Manila Univ. His wife, Annie, as well was a scholar at UAP. Tamel Descallar went on 'schooling' in HongKong no less for computer hardware and its usage.

All financed by tithes from CFC brethren. My tithes are my offering to GOD! I did my obligation, I was faithful.
Whether Gary & Annie or Tamel & Maribel are indeed 'doble cara' or 'walang utang na loob', it is not for us to judge.

BTW Tamel has been in the USA for quite sometime, I doubt if he is FFL.

do u know the bataan death march said...

Was there any probability that since Frank and Lachie slept over at the place of the Bishop Soc Villegas in Bataan prior to a supposed scheduled meeting with him and Lachie and the remaining 4 man Council the following morning, that a late night meeting where Frank, with his skills with words, simply was able to convince the good Bishop to promote the separation of CFC and GK.

The innocence must be with Bishop Soc; guilt upon Frank Padilla primarily because that meeting was on May 02, so the eve of it was May 01. As early as April 08 Easter, Frank already wrote the CFC & GK 03 paper, so high probability that Bishop Soc, even as intelligent as he is, simply took the position of a good friend and probably benefactor in the past in Frank Padilla. I would be surprised if Frank and Lachie did not talk to the good Bishop about CFC & GK 03, after dinner, coffee and the night rosary.

That's why we now have that draft letter supposedly written by Bishop Soc, addressed to Cardinal Rosales.

So everything was supposed to go smoothly, until Gary Faustino entered the picture and God in his mercy for CFC, thwarted plans made in the dark of night. Too bad that there had to be a Bishop in this Act I, Scene ? ( I don’t know what number to assign, so ?), in this drama of CFC versus FFL.

Bishop Soc, please be kind and enlighten us, did you really write that draft letter? If yes, who was your resource person relative to the aspects you did not have a full grasp on?

WOW! said...

Wow, ang dami palang mga CFC Scholars who are funded by our tithes. Kala ko mga Siga and Sibol kids lang ang scholars natin. Pati pala FTPW/Elders. At masteral level pa sa expensive schools.

Pwede bang mag-avail rin ng scholarship privilege ang mga "all-the-time" VOLUNTEERS? CFC din kami, at matindi ang pastoral work namin. Kami iyong mga nasa depressed mission areas na CLP ng CLP. Dala namin sarili naming karaoke, abono sa merienda, papel driver kami sa mga activities, para makapag-evangelize. Laging nagbibigay ng retreats sa mga probinsya, sariling pamasahe pa.

Kahit di na sa Ateneo or UAP, expensive doon. Kaya naman siguro naming ma-admit sa eskwela ng mga Isko at Iska.

On second thoughts, effective ba talaga iyang masteral studies? Si Gary finished his masters at Ateneo, di marunong magpadala ng email.

Si Qoheleth II (author of "Friend or Foe") has an MBA from Harvard, but insists that "separating from CFC" is "not leaving CFC." Siguro naman, di CFC scholar si Qoheleth II, no? Otherwise.... ARGGGGG!

'Yung Tamel, nasaan? Saan ngayon ginamit iyong computer skills? Wala bang return service?

Sino-sino pa ang mga FTW/FTPW/Elders na scholars ng CFC?

Anonymous said...

Are those scholars "poor" that CFC have to pay for their tuition? I understand that they are those receiving higher salaries? right?

Do they deserve to be scholars?
Have they all finished their masteral/schooling?

What are their remarkable contributions to the CFC Office?
Was there?

Just asking.... (Sayang naman, marami pa sanang bahay ang napatayo sa ginastos nila... he he he)

Anonymous said...

Wait - Frank and Lachie were doing this on May 1st? Yet, on April 8th, Easter Sunday, ONLY 23 DAYS previous, Frank was saying these things:

"Again I reiterate: GK is a great gift of God."

"God allowed CFC to give birth to GK, according to His eternal plan. God intends that CFC be the steward of GK."

"God renewed us as individuals and as couples, then as families, before bringing us into the social dimension. Our spiritual foundation is what prepares and empowers us for our service to others in the world. God gives us our support environment in CFC precisely so He can use us for His purposes in the world." - contradicts Gary's contention that we should hold these values but not divert resource toward doing anything about them.

"GK is God's blessing to CFC and to the world, especially the poor. This is why God allowed CFC to give birth to GK."

"GK is God's good news to the poor, not just for human liberation but also for spiritual renewal."

"God intends GK to be a great work that will point to His majesty and will bring people, not just the poor, to Himself. God intends to use GK, which many people will marvel at, to bring them to faith (or greater faith)."

"God intends to do a miraculous work through GK. God intends such miraculous work to get the world to look to Him and recognize His majesty."

"God intends to renew the face of the earth, and one of His foremost instruments is CFC. Part of the work of CFC is GK."

Twenty-three days previous to working for a separation (and thereby pushing for the secularization of GK)Frank was, in CFC-GK3, espousing GK's role as a pillar of CFC, as a great gift of God, and as an ongoing work of CFC.

So what motivated Frank and Lachie to work for a split of the two?

It seems to defy logic. It affirms my impression that at its deepest core, this is not about GK.

Love letters straight from your heart said...

Am curious.

Did Cardinal Rosales ever receive the letter from Bishop Soc?

That letter where it was recommended that GK and CFC be separated?

Did the letter ever get mailed / delivered to the good Cardinal?

Did the Office of the Cardinal acknowledge receipt of it?

Did the Cardinal ever make a reply?

What's the status of that letter?

Anonymous said...

This will give us peace of mind.
A question about Pro Life principles was answered by a Priest for Life Associate
Should the CFC GK receive donations from companies that produces contraceptive or abortion drugs, and Donations from Medical Doctors who practices abortion? Isn't it contradictory to the Prolife Principle?
In the moral law, there is a distinction between direct and indirect involvement. If I pay for an abortion or drive a person to an abortion facility, or actually perform an abortion, all these acts constitute direct involvement and may never be done morally.
However, if I am a nurse in a hospital and work in the orthopedic wing of the hospital, even though the hospital performs abortions, I may continue to work in that hospital. I have no direct involvement in the abortions done there.
Acceptance of donations from people or companies who happen to be involved with
abortion/contraceptives is morally permissible because there is no direct involvement with these evil practices. You are using the money for an important Christian ministry.
By the way, are you in contact with the Human Life International affiliates in your area? As you may know, you can find them on the internet at: www.hli.org/philippines.html
Thank you for all that you do on behalf of Life and Faith.
God bless,
John Fagundes
Priests for Life
Outreach Associate