Wednesday, September 5, 2007

In The News - Inquirer Express

The Inquirer Express reports:

Differences in beliefs caused Couples split


"In an earlier interview, Nonong Contreras, one of the four members of the CfC interim committee and a former member of the Board of Elders of the International Council of the CfC Foundation for Family and Life, said they had not accused Gawad Kalinga of mishandling fund donations.

Never did we say that there’s an anomaly. We only said there should be proper governance and accountability,” he said, adding: “When the money you are handling is not yours, there should be greater governance and accountability. The disbursements should jibe with the number of houses promised to partners.”

Contreras said he and his group had raised the issue of proper accountability because of instances when some Gawad Kalinga partners complained directly to their group about purported mismanagement of the donated funds."

Highlight mine.

When you raise an issue because of the "purported mismanagement of the donated funds", then you raise it because of an anomaly.

Can someone define double-talk for me? Hold on...I'll do it:

dou·ble-talk [duhb-uhl-tawk] Pronunciation Key –noun
1.speech using nonsense syllables along with words in a rapid patter.
2.deliberately evasive or ambiguous language: When you try to get a straight answer, he gives you double-talk.

Was that clear enough?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Contreras has lost his credibility big time. Poor guy....CFC need more people like him to speed up the self-destruction of FFL. He shoot his mouth first and then he covers it later when asked the specifics of the what, where and when of the sweeping allegations he made in the media last week against GK. And golly, he's one of Padilla's top advisers.Wow...No wonder Padilla's credibility is now zero, nilch, nada, nein, wala, awanen, for having as adviser persons like Contreras. Now my question to him regarding anomalies is:

Mr Contreras - Are all your allegations against CFC and GK based purely on hearsay like this one? You did the same thing in that letter you signed with Mr. Nillas regarding the financial irregularites committed by Frank and Lachie.Oh I love that one. Threatening to sue for an investigation that has not been done yet. Wow.... I like your Style, Mr. Contreras, just continue sending letters and conducting interviews and this will make us all very very happy in CFC.

Abu Gadu

Non Ong Contretor said...

The most in"Sin"cere person is one who insinuate in obvious terms an issue yet hiding beneath semantics. This insincere guy raised an anomaly issue - yet now saying he did not say there is an anomaly. Everybody (this mean anyone even non CFC) who heard Nonong Contreras on TV interprets it as an accusation/insinuation of ANOMALY. If Nonong is saying in this article that he meant different.... then he is insulting the "Everybody" whom he insinuatingly have them stirred up for a GK anomaly.

a worried bro from India said...

I believe and support the vision and mission of CFC, I believe our community was, is and will truly be doing Lords work. Just get ride all the selfish, greedy and jealously leaders.

God Bless

sasagot lang para sa poor said...

In a ECG teaching night on January 19 2005, we learned the following from one of Frank's favorite BishopS, Bishop Lagdameo.

"We can identify with Christ's disciples who were not perfect either.
ABRAHAM was old
GIDEON was poor
RAHAB was a prostitute
JOHN the Baptist was eccentric
PETER was impulsive, etc

"Like them we should not wait until we become perfect before we offer our service. We should have no excuse in serving God and neighbor. When we wait for perfection - we will not get anything done. all are called to serve. Therefore let us embrace service for love of God and neighbor.

"There are 7 Basic Attitudes of a Servant:

Availability -- Time (with God as priority)
Accessibility -- openness, convenience / ease of access
Approachability -- open , friendly (vs. remote)
Adaptability -- flexibility (vs rigidity)
Affability -- friendly, sociable, cordial (pleasant, warm), jovial (cheerful)
Accountability -- responsible, liable, answerable
Anonymity -- As Christ increase, I will decrease"

Some questions:
1. Who has the group of top level (Council) brothers - CFC or FFL - where most of the 7 attitudes are applicable?
2. In what Ministry of CFC could own best train himself to possess these Attitudes?

Allow me to answer the questions:
1. I think CFC's 7 man International Council collectively have a better rating on possession of those attitudes rather than the trimvirate of FP, LA, & NC.
2. I also think GK is the best Ministry where one could train himself to have these attributes, because you will need all of them to relate with the poor.
On attribute number 7, looks like it is not very material to become a good servant of God to always wear your CFC I.D. or wear CFC T-shirt when relating with the poor
because your exercise of the first 6 attributes will make the poor see Jesus in you.
And when the poor begin to see how good you are in your constant presence and desire to help them, then perhaps they will begin to know Jesus.
Then Evangelization happens. Then they join your CLP. Then they tehmselves perhaps also get the chance to better themselves spiritually that they too become servants.

When all that happens, despite GK not being perfect (it does not have to be, right away, per Bishop Lagdameo!), then the claim of veering away from the teachings of CFC and the Church
becomes exposed to be a lie.

marcial bonifacio said...

CesDrilon and ABS CBN were the ones who insisted there was an anomaly or anomalies in GK and that was how the tapes were spliced to suit their fancy. I was with Ms.Drilon and Mr. Nonong in the interview and the quote was just how it wassaid, “GK has much to account for.” By the way, the real issue of reconciling funds with the no. of houses remains to be an issue nationwide. That is what GK and its sycophants should answer instead of putting words in Mr. Contreras’ mouth, which is unsanitary.Quite uncharitable to even talkabout a “double-speak” when your last sentence in bold print was your own release.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Mr. Marcial Bonifacio (a pen name used by Ninoy Aquino). Thought you were dead a year ago. Now you are reacting to a piece that was discussed 11 months ago!

The issue now is about CFCFI reactivated by SEC last June, 2008 and presenting to it supporting documents as an "authentic", active, and operating organization in 2006! At that time, Mr. Padilla was head of the CFC-GMFI.

You're doing some REVIVALs, FFL. I think this is the work of the evil one!