Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Of Paid Ads and Texts...

I'd like to take you back to a previous entry where I highlighted Bishop Reyes' full page, paid ads in the Manila Bulletin.

Someone has forwarded me an email from Mr. Contreras that appears to refer to them.

"Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." < > wrote:

The paid ads to appear on the Star and Bulletin (we pulled out from Inquirer because they obviously stalled due to TM being their man of the year awardee) are being reprinted verbatim without any modification at the behest of Bishop Gabby. The stinging rebuke clearly shows that the CBCP relented on reporting CFC to the Vatican on the strength of a promise by Joe Tale and the Council that they will investigate the reported veering away of Gk from the life and mission of CFC. By its own admission, the Council has accepted the veracity of the CFCFFL report and was granted "conditional" recognition, the contraceptives bit included and this can be withdrawn anytime.

By the way, we should tweak Jack's query and appear more sure and definitive in our stand that we share the recognition, equally as the CFC Global, and the other CFCs abroad.

Many thanks and God bless.

Highlight mine.

The question, I'd like to ask is, WHO PAID FOR THE ADS? Judging from the Manila Bulletin rates, it's quite a hefty sum for the CBCP to pay for....a clarification?

On a related note, one might notice that Mr. Contreras appears quite often in this blog. For those of you wondering or don't know, he was formerly in the CfC BOE and was the head of Tekton, now obviously with the FFL. Frank brings him up on his talks too, like how how he was supposedly let go by way of a text message.

Here is Lito Tayag, a Council Member, untwisting that episode.

Download HERE.

I finally finished uploading the full video that was shown in part in the Heart Of The Matter entry, it is actually part 2 of a series. I had to super compress it but it's still watchable.

Download it HERE.

Part 3 HERE.


Anonymous said...

CD, thank you for posting the entire video. We are very grateful

North America member

Anonymous said...

I am saddened again by this email from Nonong. By now they have mastered the art of tweaking, twisting, and playing with words. Fyi, all throughout this crisis, we in tekton have continued all the programs - and continue to serve here even without the tekton head.The workers have remained with CFC!!!

Anonymous said...

My Brothers & Sisters,

Just want to share with you all a book entitled HELIOTROPIUM by Fr. JEREMIAS DREXELIUS which help me to accept the situation of our community is the site where you can download the pdf file and read the Confirmity of Human Will to the Divine.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

hi CD,

request sana ako na maglagay ka rin ng entry tungkol sa nangyaring "Loyalty Checks" na naging reason kung bakit lumipat yung ibang members.(mentioned by anonymous FFL sa kabilang post)

the question is:
Was the loyalty checks so bad that it justifies leaving CFC?

Anonymous said...

For all International Countries, I'd like to comment on Nonong's statement that they share the Vatican recognition of CFC. NO THEY DONT! According to the Priests here in our country,it is very clear in Bp.Gabby's statement that they will form CFC FFL starting from the diocesan,before they can go national, then international.So CFC FFL has NO AUTHORITY yet to operate internationally.Please be guided.

Anonymous said...

So Bishop Gabby clearly states in his un-tweaked clarification that the Vatican recognition stays with, in his words, 'the original CFC under the leadership of Joe Tale', and Nonong directly goes against the word of Bishop Gabby by promoting this line.

Hmm...wasn't there a bit of fuss about people going against the Bishops? I seem to recall something...

RoundEyedToddler said...

I have heard that in Laguna, the so called "Loyalty check" was perceived as severe. The Laguna music ministry, not knowing any better, was invited to play in one of the restoration assemblies early in our saga. The Provincial Area Head coordinator, or so I'm told, confiscated their instruments (which I understood were owned by CFC). This move infuriated the music ministry that they bolted out and joined FFL en masse.

From my perspective, the move to confiscate instruments was indeed severe because, when this happened, the discussions about the split were mostly limited to the Elders. So, did it justify the music ministry leaving CFC for FFL? No. What I saw though was that emotions took over and the rationale mind was not given the chance to function. Besides, perhaps they did not know what they were really doing. They were not fully aware that FFL was a break-away group.

Nevertheless, the so-called "authoritarian" regime in Laguna is causing members to move over to FLL in that province, or so I am told. The cry for change in leadership dictated their decisions more than the issues we are discussing in this blogsite. I told this Laguna-based brother that among the reasons a lot of members did not sympathize with Frank were the same reason members in Laguna are leaving CFC: authoritarian rule, lack of transparency, etc. etc. The recent move by the International Council to put term limits is the answer to their pleas there in Laguna.

Anyhow, if anyone who reads this blogsite knows anyone in Laguna, please reach out to them.

The RoundEyedToddler

MyFullPage thoughts said...

Wow! This must be a really important message.

A full page ad paid at a rate of PHP 176,490 or in US dollars almost $1,700.

Can I think aloud for a moment?

If this were paid for by CBCP, they must be awash with cash to spend this much for a message that focuses only on CFC Members (FFL or GMF) and of course, GK Members. I point this out because I'm not sure if we have at least 4 million CFC and GK members in the Philippines.

You may ask why. Because when I was apprenticing as a Print Advertiser in a big ad agency, some 5 years back, this was our gauge. Print Advertising should reach a readership of 4Million to be justified. If not, e-mail or internet na lang, kasi hind naman lahat nagbabasa ng dyaryo eh. But who am I to say, apprentice lang naman ako that time. Now I'm in the US so baka wow-mali nanaman.

Besides, if this was paid for by CBCP should this go through the approval channels of the head of CBCP? Or is it right to assume that each BISHOP in the Philippines has an advertising fund at their own discretion. Ang yaman pala ng mga bishops kung ganun? Palagay ko hindi CBCP ang nagbayad nito. Pero, teka, tao lang ako and I can make mistakes.

Now if the ads were paid by Third-party supporters, again the supporters must have deep pockets to fork the sum of money for a ONE-DAY full page ad.

And if, indeed, it were third-party supporters who forked this sum of money, then it's obvious that the supporter must be part of any of the factions in CFC (FFL or GMF) or at least must have a big interest in the CFC crisis. Imposible namang EL Shaddai or BLD or LNP or what-have-you ang nagbayad nito.

In the last Financial Statement of CFC-GMF released last July 2007, mukhang hindi kaya ng GMF to pay for an ad because they are still in the RED. So kung hindi CFC -GMF , eh sino kaya ang nagbayad?

Let me make a wild guess.

Palagay ko si Hugh Heffner. Mayaman siya at masalapi. I think he was returning the gesture to a group who linked a revered religious event- Easter - to Playboy Bunnies. I'm sure tuwang-tuwa si Hugh Heffner for the Positive image-building of Heffner's kingdom!

What do you think? Tama ba ang analysis.....korek ka dyan!

momoy said...

ang hirap naman ng puro anonymous ang mga nag-po-post dito. =P i'd like to second anonymous' comment (october 10, 10:18PM) that indeed, tekton guild THE MINISTRY is under cfc, and we the workers remain to be fulltime workers for cfc. kung may iba man who chose to go to ffl, that's their personal and individual decisions. please po, wala namang lahatan... =) God bless.

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

Peace be to all!!!

Let us all move forward & upward. It is crystal clear from all corners & perspective that the issues raised by FFL to justify a "SPLIT" did NOT "hold water". The bishops have spoken after the August 28th meeting attended by both groups. The bishops' statements were clear and truthful but they (FFL) understood these words otherwise and distorted the statements to justify their (FFL) actions. That's the reason why they (FFL) raised another issue claiming that they have NOT left CFC and claimed that CFC is actually a "generic" term. If this is NOT a DECEPTIVE move, I don't know what this is. Now, FFL is focusing on the contraceptive issue and claiming that GK is partnering with pharmaceutical companies producing contraceptives. This is a valid issue to raise and address. That is why, the CFC IC has already set a meeting with these companies to settle this issue once & for all. However, for the sake of truth, let me tell everyone that even before GK transformed the lives of our poor brethren, our GK beneficiaries were already VICTIMS of the contraceptive mentality and anti-life culture. In fact it was through the efforts of Gawad Kaginhawaan volunteers, a program under GK, which allowed our poor brethren GK beneficiaries to realize that they have been using contraceptives which are detrimental to their health and for the first time in their lives they have heard or learned about a new, inexpensive and natural method of Family Planning. I have personal knowledge of this because I was a member of the dissolved FEED Ministry, a volunteer in Gawad Kaginhawaan and now a Natural Family Planning (NFP) teacher under the CFC Pro-Life Ministry.

If our brethren in FFL are true to their words that they are against contraceptives, they should check out their ranks and make a survey to determine whether NO one among their couple members have used any form of contraceptions or are still using contraceptives. After they (FFL) have cleansed their ranks then that's the time they can morally urge the original CFC community to do the same.

God bless us all!!!

jiggs said...


when was this email?

you forgot to highlight this ONE word - "WE". what to they mean by "WE". SILA mismo ang nag-pullout ng AD?

tama ba ang basa ko? am i made to believe now that they paid for the ads...

Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." < > wrote:

The paid ads to appear on the Star and Bulletin (we pulled out from Inquirer because they obviously stalled due to TM being their man of the year awardee) are being reprinted verbatim without any modification at the behest of Bishop Gabby.

C.D. said...


I don't have a date on the email, and I didn't forget to highlight the WE. I just wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.


jiggs said...

thanks for the swift reply.
the answer to your question:

is it safe to assume the "WE" paid for it?!