Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Is It Just Me?

Or did an entry in the FFL's Multiply blog on how there has supposedly always been TWO CfC's just disapear? Did any one else see that?


I just remembered, luckily a commenter quick on his keyboard was able to copy paste it into a comment here.

I wonder why they removed it?


Anonymous said...

I wonder if we'll find the "Truth" Series 4 on Contraception starting to mysteriously disappear as information from parties such as Priests For Life starts to make its way around...

Anonymous said...


i believe FFL is starting to loose its momentum with the many facts unfolded...THE TRUTH...

it turns out that the TRUTH SERIES rather worked for those who chose to remain in CFC, its present IC and BOE.

Again, i am reiterating my first position that:

1. FFL is changing facts to fit it to their position. That is a MASSIVE WEAPON OF MASS DECEPTION.

2. The ultimate truth about the conflict all boils back to the inability of the men to control their better halves.

Ano ba usual reason kung bakit nadi-dissolve ang mga area councils natin sa probinsya?

d ba asawa?

Anonymous said...

I notice that FFL leaders are still peddling this angle(in bold):

The fact is there is still only one CFC ecclesial movement recognized by two corporate identities and structures, one emphasizing on social action and the other emphasizing on evangelization and family life.

jiggs said...


even if they removed it from their BLOGsite... you already have Exhibit A in the form of the newsletter you posted.

they cannot UNDO it anymore.

solidyfc said...

uhmmm just for your information...FFL has put in their blog a declaration of CFC UAE. And since I am a YFC LEADER here in UAE, and my parents are one of the MCG members here...They said 2 me that the Bishops and Priest of the whole VICARIATE OF ARABIA, would NOT recognize any other CFCs...There is only one true and original CFC. There is still no formal announcement yet, but napagusapan na po siya nung MCG meeting with T2 Roquel :)