Wednesday, October 24, 2007


LOL = Laughing Out Loud, an internet related term describing laughter and mirth.

Ok, so a little bit of detective work and reader assistance got me to that FFL Banana Split article again. It was posted on their Multiply site yesterday, but it has since been removed. I wondered why, but then again...I think I know.

Luckily, it was not only copy-pasted here on the blog, we also found an FFL Newsletter where it was included as an article. It's a 4-page document that you can download HERE.

Instant gratification on the pertinent pages, it is the Strong Coffee, Proverbial Banana Split article:

I think we have to make a point abundantly clear here in case anybody is foggy on the idea. The FFL IS A SEPARATE ENTITY. I am going to make the assumption that they don't understand it yet, because if I were to consider the alternative reasons why they keep insisting they are still CfC, I'd have to think of terms like...misleading, deceiving, and fraudulent. I'd have to think that the only reason the keep saying they are still CfC is to poach CfC members into their own fold. I mean, after all, they have tried to start their own corporation already, they have their own offices, and even collect their own tithes.

Let me direct you to the International Statutes of CfC, AS APPROVED BY THE VATICAN. You can download the whole document HERE.

They say:

Some people are peddling lies that while there was only one CFC before the split, after the split there came about two – CFC and FFL. The reason for this, they say, is that FFL has “abandoned” its CFC covenant. Thus the fallacy concludes CFCFFL is not CFC; it is only FFL.

To that, I ask them to read this:

Ok? Is that clear? Or how about this:

I'll quote a couple of points:
"Ongoing disruption of good order in the community." "Such termination of membership is decided and implemented by the Chapter head...and will be deliberated on and decided by the succeeding higher levels of leadership...all the way up to the CFC international Council."
Now is THAT clear?

Lets continue...

This should make it crystal clear who each country's CFC structure answers to:

This too:
And the KICKER:

I draw your attention to 7.21 Unity; 7.22 Uniformity, and most importantly, 7.221 Concretely.

Looks like the FFL will have to do something about their logo.

Lets go on to the fun part, Finances.

I quote again:

"...with proper financial stewardship being under the oversight of the CFC International Council."

Note I left a part about accrediting CFC groups, just in case we're not really, really clear.

So, these are the Vatican approved Statutes.

You know, just in case there was a question of authority. =)


DBC said...

Dear CD,

It is crystal clear!!! Only those who pretend to be "blind" can't comprehend all these.

There is ONLY ONE, ORIGINAL & EXISTING COUPLES FOR CHRIST (CFC). It has been existing for over 26 years. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!!! SIN DUDA!!!

God bless the real & only CFC!!!

Anonymous said...

CFCFFL is very much concerned about not disobeying the bishops, but if they are truly CFC, they don't have any qualms about disobeying the International Council, which tantamounts to disobeying the Vatican that confirmed the authority of the International council.

The IC has started working on the relationship with the bishops. When will CFCFFL(if they are truly CFC) start working on their relationship with the IC?

jiggs said...

mga kapatid,

thats the main reason why they say that they have not left CFC. so that the Vatican recognition will also apply to them.

ingat sa BP at sa PUSO, anyway at least ang SAGING may PUSO sabi ni Mark Lapid...

o sige po... split na muna ako... i mean alis na muna ako... may household pa ako!!!
ooopppsss.. oo nga ano - SPLIT = ALIS

PEACE - jiggs

isang pagbati nga pala para kay bobbee. mabuhay ka kapatid!

jiggs said...

The key is to determine your point of
departure when using the monicker
“CFC” or “Couples for Christ”. Are you
sing it as a noun or as an adjective? If
you are talking about the split, think
banana. If you are talking about structures,
think apples. If the discussion is
about charism, think oranges.
Be careful not to mix the banana with
apples and oranges. It might result into a
fruit salad of utter confusion!

hmmmm... i like these lines ha... lessons in English 101, Nutrition 101.

nakakatuwa ha, good for the health !!!.. i like them all - bananas, apples, oranges and fruit salad. so remember do not be like FRUIT SALAD...

careful not to mix daw, kaya nga dapat ihiwalay na ang dapat ihiwalay - ang puti sa de color. teka, makapag-laba na.

jiggs said...

i got this from the same website with the document on "The Good News and Joy of Our Way Forward".

5.4 The next are those around us deserving of corporal as well spiritual works of mercy.
Our social ministries and Gawad Kalinga are just aching to be integrated by us. They
don’t have to be formal ministries...

just look at the words used here "are just aching to be integrated by us..."

its as if it is GK who wants to be integrated with FFL !!! WOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! When I read the article on the Proverbial Banana Split, hindi ko alam kung maiinis ako o matatawa. Whoever wrote that is a real fruit cake. Kahit pagbaliktarin mo ang mundo, a Banana is still a Banana, and a Banana split is an Ice Cream served with sliced Banana. Siguro ganoon ang gusto ng FFL para matago yung na-sliced na banana eh lalagyan ng Ice Cream on top para mukhang masarap. Pero in truth na-split na yung Banana, but I think deep in their hearts they still long to have a united and a whole CFC, or banana or whatever. So kung may change of hearts kayong mga FFL members open naman sa lahat ang CFC. Sinners and Saints are welcome. Di ba?

Anonymous said...

wow I still can't believe how much ffl continues to claim cfc even after their departure. Its very wishy washy on how ffl reacts to the split. They split from CFC and makes it clear but then claims to still be CFC so they can ride the wave of approval and recognition that the real and true cfc has.

Ffl, please just get over it and leave the name CFC to the real and true CFC. U left, then leave.

Anonymous said...

Its not the banana per se but the add ons like chocs and mallows.

GK is the choc and it taste like your in heaven.

Pro Life (FFL) is like mallows. Its colorful but just soft and thats it.

Anonymous said...

why split a banana just to eat it?

can we not eat it from both ends?

i assume the banana is big enough for both of us!
so why split?

i suggest FFL to join us back again and let's solve this banana problem together...with ice crema of course!!


Wolsink said...

Mga kapatids,

Please stop saying "SPLIT" because there was no split at all. Di ba? I have commented this already and I will repeat it again. THERE WAS NO SPLIT!!!. Why? Because FFL has never been a part of the Original CFC! Gets? So there is no split! It is just that a group of leaders resigned from the original CFC and formed their own group (FFL). Mahirap ba maintindihan yun. Teka muna. Deep breathing muna ako sabi nga ni CD. Check ko lang BP ko sabi ni Jiggs (sigh).

Remeber NO SPLIT! Peace

cfcforlast said...


in ur own opinion lang yun but in the
eyes of everybody...

split is split

meisje1010 said...

kahit pagbali-baliktarin natin ang sitwasyon mas maganda pa din kung hindi tayo naging banana split.. hehe.. mas masarap pa din ang turon.. pinoy tayo d ba.. kagaya ng turon sama-sama at may nagbubuklod pa.. o d ba.. sarap naman.. kakagutom..

jiggs said...

teka teka teka...

BP... check!
Puso... check!

mataas ata ang SUGAR ko ngayon... i just ate banana split, apples, oranges and fruit salad.

CD, Wolsink, HELP!!! mataas ang SUGAR ko !!!!

i love banana split - jiggs

Anonymous said...

let it be clear that there is a difference between a split and separation.

a split is, yes, like a banana sliced in half. there is still a semblance of being one except that there is a polar situation. a magnet is whole but there is a north pole and a south pole. medyo of opposite ends yon.

on the other hand, to separate is to go away, to get out, to divorce, to turn away, to part, disconnect, undo, detach, break away, secede, break free, withdraw, pull out, distinct, isolate. and separate is what FFL did. and so because they saparated, thus, they are no longer CFC.

the fact that they have tried themselves to be registered at the SEC, having their own office, having accepted the donations of an office space and millions of pesos from the Villars; and they no longer recognize the International Council which is the body in COUPLES FOR CHRIST that was given the authority by the Vatican to accredit, integrate, oversee domestic and global operations of the community, it can only mean one thing. they have separated.

and so having SEPARATED, they are no longer COUPLES FOR CHRIST.

but i can relate with them in love as FFL.


CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...

Brothers and Sisters,

The real question here is...


or is it...


Anonymous said...

what!!!....ano daw!!!

nalito yata ako sa article na ito!!!

i thought alam ko na ibig sabihin ng split but after reading this article nalito yata ang vocabulary ko....


Anonymous said...

CD, what's your real name? Bakit marami kang alam? Nasa top level ka ba ng CFC hierarchy? BAkit ang dami mong sources? Bakit magaling ka sa computer at pasikot-sikot sa web? Siguro marami kang friends sa FFL kaya di mo maibigay ang tunay mong pangalan. Kung ang mga CFC ay nakikisama sa El Shaddai at Light of Jesus ni Bo Sanchez, bakit ganun na lang ang pakikipagaway ng CFC sa FFL? Peace tayo bro. Attend tayo pareho sa activities ng CFC at FFL gaya ng marami sa kakilala ko dito sa quezon city. Kunin na lang natin yung magaganda nilang ginagawa at dedma na lang sa mga pangit nilang ginagawa. Nobody's perfect lalo na sa mga organisasyon. Feeling ko magkakaroon din ng reconciliation ang 2 groups na ito pagdating ng araw lalo na kung malamig na ang ulo ng lahat at wala nang mga nanggagatong. Holy Spirit help us..

Anonymous said...

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...

Brothers and Sisters,

The real question here is...


or is it...


ANSWER: Sino pa eh di si....
Aling Viring!!

Anonymous said...

Correction please...

Wrong ANSWER: Sino pa eh di si....
Aling Viring!!

Correct Answer Po:
Mang Vering

marivie dalman said...

(Lots of Laughter)

Bros and Sis,
I think we need to laugh more and seek stress reducing humor in our everyday lives. After all, laughter is GODs gift for coping and for survival in our community.

The CFC brand of laughter ringing, laughter pealing, laughter roaring, laughter bubbling. Chuckling. Giggling. Snickering. Snorting. These are the sounds of soul saving laughter which springs from our emotional core and helps us feel better, see things more clearly, and creatively weigh and use our options.

Laughter helps us roll with the punches that inevitably come our way. It has been almost a year of Lamentations now since February, let us unleash the power of laughter. In the stressful world of CFC, we need to laugh much more.Let us laugh for joy, not laugh at each other.

LOL also means lots of love! Let us love the one who hurts, shall we?

LOL that's the way to go!

We're GOING BANANAs! said...

To anonymous:

The real question here is...


or is it...


ANSWER: Sino pa eh di si....
Aling Viring!!

Wrong ANSWER: Sino pa eh di si....
Aling Viring!!

Correct Answer Po:
Mang Vering

Going bananas said:

Wrong Answer Pa rin:
Mang Vering

Correct and Final Answer:
Mang Vering Awaaaay!

Anonymous said...

It is really sad that this is what our community has come down to. Name calling, siraan dito siraan dun. I don't see the humility from either side. Can anyone of you just imagine how happy the evil one is right now?

I have a question for everybody. Do you guys feel good everytime we prove FFL wrong? Is this what Jsus would do in this situation?

Anonymous said...

acc wc said...

Yes I definitely feel good when we prove them wrong because they deceived a lot of members from our sector.

Di mo nararamdaman siguro what we are feeling in our sector because there are only probably a handful who moved out to FFL from your sector. Pero dito sa amin marami kaya feel mo yong paghihiwalay. Pag may mga affairs/parties ngayon talagang meron ng Berlin Wall. Wala ng naginvite sa magkabilang panig. Noong may nagkasakit na top leader na CFC o namatay na father nag isang MCG member na dati rin MCG bago nabalo, the former top leaders of CFC who moved to FFL did not even bother to visit them or paid their last respect to dead.

Sa mga nagyayaring gulo dito sa CFC ay kasalanan lahat ni Frank at Pancho (sa West C)just because of their desire to be the TOP HONCHO(in his exact words) of an organization whether CFC or some other groups.

So ano ngayon ang masasabi mo kapatid if you were in our shoes?

jiggs said...

thank you for sharing what happened sa sector niyo. i heard that WC was really hit hard. i hope everything settles down come January!

mike said...

Mike Santos po ng West C!

we still need to defend CFC...
at times we feel the need to be the aggressor....

buti na lang dumating na ulit sector head namin (laking tandang sora)...

nasabihan tuloy ako....
let us have an open and welcoming arm...

Jeannie Hizon said...

a banana is a banana
an apple is an apple
an orange is an orange
all of the above are fruits.
CFC is not a fruit that you split and eat....
i am Catholic and I never EVER and won't ever EVER call my church a banana


Wolsink said...


That is not an opinion brethren, it is a FACT. Di ba totoo naman. They resigned and they formed. Do you think that is hard to understand. Kaya nga in our area we are explaining to members na walang split na nangyari.

So cfcforlast, I think you can be of help to us to tell the truth that there is no split at all.

O ikaw mismo naniniwala na may split na nangyari?

Then I rest my case.

Ayan jiggs, CD ha cool na cool lang ako. Kasi diabetic ako eh. Mabilis tumaas ang blood sugar ko.

Jiggs, I love banana split din.

Danny said...

Sabi nga ni Connor MacLeod, from the movie Highlander...

"There Can Be Only One..."

Sabay pugot ng ulo ng kalaban...