Monday, October 22, 2007

Archdiocese of Caceres Circular

I believe it speaks for itself.


mike said...

this is re-assuring news for us. i heard bishops in the Quezon city area will also come out with their official statement...

something similar to this.

DBC said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

Thank you, beloved Bishops!

This is indeed an affirmation of our decision to remain with the original CFC body. Conversely, this is a challenge to all of us to move on and serve GOD with renewed passion.


God Bless us all!!!

Anonymous said...

FBE of Cebu

At least the Bishops speaks! But still we will pray for our brothers and sisters who went to FFL. By the way C.D. or anyone that have the complete video of Prayer Rally in "ONE NATION FOR GOD". Thanks and God bless You All!

garnet said...

Thank you Bishop Legaspi. this is really reassuring!!! I hope more Bishops will issue their support for CFC, the original !!!

Ewan Ko Na said...

Do not be surprised if Nonong Contreras will say:

"See, only the existing CFC may operate! FFL is still part of the existing CFC, so FFL is also allowed to operate!"

I hope no one suffers a heart attack if that really happens!

Couples for Christ N.J. said...

Praise God! this is an affirmation that our work is truly God's work.

The bishop is correct, like here in our area it is very confusing if FFL present themselves as Couples for Christ when they're not.

When they go to the churches and poach CFC members they even say
They(FFL) are still CFC there are only 2 groups one is for evangelization w/c they claim they are and fundraising w/c is the original Couples for Christ. tsk, tsk... very deceptive and insulting to many of us who share our resourcs and still continue to do our CLP's w/o a hitch.

Newark archdiocese in the U.S. have released a memo / letter of support to Couples for Christ.

I hope you get the copy C.D. you're doing a splendid job of informing many CFC members here.

God bless!


Bro.Waray said...

Bishop Legaspi's letter and the statement of support from CFC Europe are great news.
Thank you Bishop Legaspi!
Thank you sisters and brothers in Europe!
Thank you LORD!!!

Let's move on!! Let us rejoice and be glad.

joni tanitayturin said...

(Hi, CD, wondering where this fits in the CFC Blog; kaw na lang bahala…I-post ko gihapon kini sa Forum)

I believe Frank Padilla was demolished by Frank Padilla. Let me start with this quote from “Anatomy of Demolition Job: Target Frank Padilla (Part I)”, as follows:

“Besides, if what happens to CFC is attributed to the top leader, then can we say that the crisis in CFC and the split is attributable to its current Director, Joe Tale? Indeed, under whose watch has the current crisis arisen?”

…Hey, excuse me, Bro/Sis FFL who wrote “Anatomy of Demolition Job: Target Frank Padilla (Part I)” on October 11, 2007 as Easter Group-FFL’s Truth Series 5.1 (email:… If you attribute the present CFC crisis to the top leader, then it may not necessarily be the current Director because as a major term, “top leader” refers to each and all past and present top leaders in the IC, which FP says is a collegial body. Sorry to pour cold water on your misplaced gusto, ha?
We all know that FP resigned from the IC after TM did, and such “hasty” act could have defused possible direct fallouts on him. However, since no human person or existing system in all the world could compel FP to resign from his exalted position, that drama became surreal, as it were, with the Invisible Hand of the Author (of our individual life-stories), untangling the seemingly impossible situation deus ex machina: the resignation of TM triggering FP’s abdication from power.
That tragic drama unfolded as FP, the hero, became the villain who, having failed to take back the power he had given up voluntarily, claimed to lead a “restored CFC” that is curiously not built from within but was established as a separate organization called Foundation for Family Life (FFL). This separatist group now callously lays claim to the practices and culture of the SEC-registered CFC, poaches for membership from regular CFC members, and defies the CFC leadership under the IC.
Frank Padilla demolished himself because his manifest (“corporate”) act of resigning was overshadowed by his latent (scheming, hidden, evil, “spiritual”l) desire to regain turf and power. As can happen to each of us, “the enemy within” undid FP’s sacred act of letting go.
Truth was made hostage by the dark agenda of the Easter Playboy/Bunnies disguised as defending and restoring the original CFC. Issues were clouded and became like mutant serpents: GK’s “veering away” transmogrified into “disobedience”; means confused for ends (that the agreement should have been forced on the members of the EA instead of them ratifying it); deception (by interpreting CFC’s restoration as not rebuilding from within but destroying relationships and creating havoc and confusion on the membership); and the unkindest cut - separation from CFC.
CFC vigilantes have rushed to the defense of the silent IC amidst twisted facts from FFL’s “truth series”, researched and picked up nuggets of truths to clarify issues (e.g., Fr. Frank Fagundes on the morality of accepting help for GK from companies promoting contraceptives), picked on FP’s and FFL followers’ brains (e.g. email exchanges between FP and Fortesinfide), and exposed audio-visual documents that burned the masks and lies around our Brother, the once-eminent Frank Padilla…
Now we know that the CFC conflict was fundamentally the self-demolition of FP, deus ex machina (as a literary form of explaining the plot and not as a religious phenomenon although it may be cathartic to believe it was indeed an “act of God”).
With this knowledge, let’s move on to new heights! Let’s soar high like eagles, into God’s thermal draft, away from the lies that have kept us from flying, away from the dirt we’ve scratched and the vermin we’ve fed on deluding ourselves as mere chickens, and always vigilant that Satan can dominate our thoughts and destroy us.
Thank you, Lord Jesus, that you cradle us in your kindness and love …nakatungtung kami sa yuta sa imong Gugma, O Ginoo…
Thank you for showing us the Way, for nudging us to follow the Wind and to fight for Truth, for Light, for Christ the King!
Thank you, Father Almighty, the Wind beneath our wings.

jiggs said...

Ewan Ko Na said...
Do not be surprised if Nonong Contreras will say:

"See, only the existing CFC may operate! FFL is still part of the existing CFC, so FFL is also allowed to operate!"

I hope no one suffers a heart attack if that really happens!

puede puede... kaya nga depende kung sino ang kausap nila eh. Puedeng sabihin nila they have formed a new group. Puedeng sabihin nila na they have not left CFC or the original CFC!!!

im sure you have seen this FP's email to an SFC:

Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2007 11:50:58 +0800
From: Frank Padilla {}
Subject: Re: question on the stand and beliefs of FFL

Hello :::::::. I understand your pain. No one I suppose is more
pained than I am, since I was there from the start, I nurtured the
work, and I consider everyone my brethren and family. It is not my
fault that there is separation.
If the IC had followed the bishops,
we would still be one today. If the IC sold the win-win agreement, we
would still be one today. If the IC was not vindictive, unbrotherly,
unpastoral, firing all those who disagreed with them, conducting
loyalty checks and signature campaings, etc., etc., we would still be
one today. There was no more option, and so we are separated. The IC
agrees fully with this separation. In fact, they caused it.

You should have no predicament, because CFC-FFL and I fully support
GK. It is part of the disinformation of the other side that we are
against GK.
We are not. What we are against is how the top GK leaders
have led it to the social apart from the spiritual, building a nation
but not God's kingdom, heroism but not holiness, charity without
Christ. So if you are with CFC-FFL, we would encourage you to
continue to serve with and to support GK. This should not change.

Anonymous said...

"Living Up To Your Name."

Alexander the Great conquered most of the then-known world by the age of 33. One of the reasons for that was the iron discipline that he insisted on among his troops. That's why a young soldier was so terrified as he was hauled into Alexander's tent to answer for charges of cowardice and desertion in battle. The general was seated at a table, and the accused soldier was standing before him. Alexander said, "Soldier, you've been accused of deserting during a battle - guilty or not?" "Guilty," he replied almost inaudibly. The general followed up then by asking, "What's your name, soldier?" The answer came back - "My name is Alexander, sir." It was at that point that Alexander the Great leaped to his feet, reached across the table, grabbed the soldier by the collar and shouted, "Either you change your life or you change your name!"

I wonder if Jesus doesn't feel that way about some of us. We're carrying His name around - a Christian ... a Christ one. And we're reflecting on His name by the way we're living, the way we're treating people, the way we're doing business, and the way we're reacting. Does the life live up to that holy name we carry?

Suddenly, we're looking at one of the Ten Commandments in a different light than we usually do. In Exodus 20:7, our word for today from the Word of God, He says, "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold guiltless anyone who misuses His name." Now, that commandment is usually used in the context of not using the Lord's name as a swear word or using it lightly or irreverently. And that is sure included in what God meant. We are supposed to always use the name of our Lord with great respect.

But swearing or irreverence are not the only ways to "misuse the name of the Lord your God," or, as the King James Version says, "take the name of the Lord your God in vain." When you claim to be a "Christ-one" and you live or talk in a way that is the opposite of what Christ is like - you're discrediting the name of the One you claim to serve. There's an example of that in Romans 2:24 where Paul says of his fellow Jews, "God's name is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you."

And we all know that the inconsistencies and hypocrisies of a believer give unbelievers a reason not to come to Jesus. Probably the most common reason people give for rejecting Jesus is another Christian. And probably the most common reason people come to Christ is because of another Christian. Before most people start believing in Christ, they believe in a Christian they know.

You're not an island. You're being watched - especially if you claim to be a Christian. And someone is sizing up Jesus based on what they see in you. They can't see Him - they can see you. What a horrible thought - you or I might be a reason for someone we care about to miss Jesus - and to miss heaven forever.

So look at your life in light of the holy name of Jesus that every Christian carries. What kind of feeling are you giving your Brothers or Sisters about Jesus, based on how you treat them? Your friends?

In heaven, they bow down at the name of Jesus. One day every being in heaven, on earth, and under the earth will bow down at the name of Jesus. It is to Almighty God the highest, the holiest name. And you, as
His follower, carry that name. If your life is dishonoring the name, it is time to change your life.

Anonymous said...

I got this from one of the FFL newsletter - any comment?

Proverbial Banana Split
Some people are peddling lies that while
there was only one CFC before the split,
after the split there came about two – CFC
and FFL. The reason for this, they say, is
that FFL has “abandoned” its CFC covenant.
Thus the fallacy concludes CFCFFL is
not CFC; it is only FFL.

Ops not so fast! This is when I remind
everyone about the proverbial
banana split.
Have you ever eaten a
banana split? Tell me,
how many bananas are in
a banana split? And of
course there is only one
banana composed of 1/2
banana + 1/2 banana. Look at this artwork.
Bro. Frank Padilla could not have been
more accurate. CFCFFL did not leave CFC,
what it left was the corporate structure of
Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation
in order to establish Couples for Christ
Foundation for Family and Life.
The fact is there is still only one CFC
ecclesial movement recognized by
two corporate identities and structures,
one emphasizing on social action and
the other emphasizing on evangelization
and family life. Thus, comparing CFC
and FFL is mixing bananas, apples and
oranges. Apples to apples, it can only be
CFC Global and CFCFFL. If we are
talking about charism, then oranges to
oranges is CFCGK (for Gawad Kalinga)
and CFCFFL (for family and life). Both
are, however, the same banana.
On August 14, 2007, CFC elders
representing the two CFCs met and
acknowledged the need to momentarily
split according to charism emphasis
without prejudice to future reunification.
That agreement was affirmed by the
Philippine bishops two weeks after and
that should have dealt a closure to the
split. Why some people continue to
bicycle the issue, is nothing new. St.
Paul told Timothy “guard what has been
entrusted to you. Avoid profane babbling
and the absurdities of so-called
knowledge. By professing it, some people
have deviated from the faith.” (1Tm
6: 20-21)
The matter of CFCFFL abandoning
the CFC covenant is purely speculation.
As a matter of fact, CFCFFL especially
in the mid-atlantic region is reinforcing
the CFC covenant for the next five
months with activities enabling its
members to walk and live their commitments
and not just talk or pay lip service
to them. The CFCFFL campaign started
this October and will continue until
February next year. For five months,
one of the five covenant sections will be
the theme per month. (Read The Good
News and Joy of Moving Forward in
the website.)
The key is to determine your point of
departure when using the monicker
“CFC” or “Couples for Christ”. Are you
sing it as a noun or as an adjective? If
you are talking about the split, think
banana. If you are talking about structures,
think apples. If the discussion is
about charism, think oranges.
Be careful not to mix the banana with
apples and oranges. It might result into a
fruit salad of utter confusion! At the end
of the day, what only matters is to have
salt in yourselves, and be at peace with
one another. (Mark 9:50)

Anonymous said...

CD and all bloggers,

BTW, wala bang eyeball ang mga bloggers sa Saturday sa MOA. Dapat may dress code para magkakilakilala.


meron eyeball sa MOA...

nakasuot ako ng ORANGE T SHIRT!!!


Anonymous said...

Proverbial Banana Split


FFL always advance in their REASONING and STRATEGY when their moves FAIL.

ON JUNE 7, they started their plan, On AUGUST 2, THEY FILE at SEC, Before Aug 14 and Aug 28 Meeting for Reconcilitation.

WHEN BISHOP REYES RETAINED CFC Vatican and CBCP RECOGNITIONS, for sure they expected that the recognition will be handed down to them thus the use of the name CFC and added FFL. But it was not what they EXPECTED.







Sleepless in NJ said...

Another meeting and we in NJ cant participate... muaawawawa....

may-fellowship ba after the meeting... enjoy your time together wish i could be there

Banana Split is a 'Sag-ging' Theory said...

Ang "Banana Split" para sa tiyan!!

Ang CFC para sa paglililingkod sa Diyos!!

Ingat ka sa "Banana Theory" mo brother, baka madulas ka sa balat ng saging mo.

Sorry Bro, your "Sag-ging" Theory does not hold water.

So back to your computer and your 'word' Program ka muna. Or consult your wxpert, Mr Contreras.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Ngayon ko lang na-realize kung gaano ka-applicable ang quote na ito, regarding sa "Proverbial Banana Split" na column:

"Oo, inaamin ko, saging lang kami (CFC Global), pero maghanap ka ng puno, sa buong Pilipinas... SAGING LANG ANG MAY PUSO! SAGING LANG ANG MAY PUSO!"

Watch it here (Youtube)

joni tanitayturin said...

Hi CD,
Thanks. I see my comments here. After some tries, I was also able to post them in the CFC Forum.
The icon-button at the end, does it give the reader an option to delete? Or are you contemplating to to do so? K lang, I give in to your judgment. Thanks for giving it a window... God Bless.

Sleepless in NJ said...

"Live up to the NAME CHRISTIAN"
sleepless version

The blessing of a name...
does it mean perfection?

Or a name for salvation
I who is unworthy
I who is sinful
I who is imperfect

Found my grace in Him who died on the cross. The greatest thing about it, the world (secular or not) see me unfit to bare the name "christian" because of my sins.

I could never be perfect
I am wost of all sinners
And yet, He still called us by our names
He still died for us
He still loves us even though we imperfect.
He still blesses us with his mercy, not because we are perfect christians, but because of his divine love for us.

Thanks CD and to all bloggers, We are blessed to learn from all our differences... keep sharing

see you in my prayers,

LBD said...

Just to let you know that i bumped into Lulu, wife of the provincial area director of Pampanga,Rey ( at the mall of Asia)'ll be happy to know that they are one solid CFC.
...that our beloved Bishop Aniceto has assured them that he will not allow CFC to be divided in Pampanga.
Bishop Aniceto was our Bishop in Zambales too when we started CFC there 17 years ago.

Don't judge a durian by its odor! said...

Para naman may bilang din yung mga Bishop for FFL, paki post naman yung latest information natin galing sa Bishop ng DAVAO!

May tampo si Bishop Capalla with our International council, kasi he has not heard from them!

Eh, si Bro Frank may 'touching' letter to the good Bishop .. so Bishop Capalla accepts FFL in Davao.

So Bro Joe Tale and company, lesson yan sa inyo at lahat sa atin sa CFC!

Kailangan talaga get in touch with the Bishops. Huwag natin sila i-treat na parang durian, amoy pa lang ayaw mo na.

By the way, do you recall Bro Frank has an Article why "bishops are like durian' or is it "CFC is like durian'?

CD, paki post nga yung article na yon please?

goin bananas said...

this "banana analogy" can make one go bananas. apples, oranges, bananas... waaah!!! a fruit salad of utter confusion indeed!

sobrang detailed ng explanation pero ewan ko lang if they even bother to explain the difference between CFC Global and CFCFFL sa mga bagong recruit...

Anonymous said...

cd, do you still remember the theme of last year " Show His Power and Majesty" and the cover of the Ugnayan first issue of last year? Paki post nga dito so we can make comments? Thank you..

from Talkative..