Thursday, October 4, 2007

Happy Birthday Frank!

May God bless you on this and the rest of your days.

In honor of the day of your birth, I'd like to post a couple of pictures of you in happier times.

Just to remind you, these pictures were taken at the national launching of Gawad Kalusugan as the health program of GK, last sept 30, 2005 at Valle Verde Country Club, Pasig. If you remember, it was sponsored by three pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer, Wyeth and Unilab.

This was covered in the Jan-Feb 2006 issue of Ugnayan.


jiggs said...

uy... nice pictures.
back in 2005, FAP was not born yet. he did not know that these pharmas are anti-life pharmas... nung Feb 2007 niya lang nalaman... duh!

FAP, happy birthday. God bless you always...

StairwayToHeaven said...

just looking at the pictures taken during "happier times" gave me mixed emotions...parang nakakaiyak na's a feeling close to a loss of a love one...surely of course as Bro Frank has been a father figure to us all for the longest time..a greetings of PEACE & HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO FRANK...may the love of God will always see you through today & each day of your life.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Frank!

We love you Frank. That's why we keep praying that the power of the Holy Spirit be upon you today and the rest of your days. May our Lord Jesus Christ touch every detail in your system that does not belong to him.

Peace be to you as you love and find joy in our Lord Jesus.

Alab said...

Happy Birthday, Tito Frank! This greeting comes with a prayer that we all find peace wherever God leads us to. And may each of us be Christ's channel of peace. My special song for you this day is the beautiful Prayer of St. Francis.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tito Frank!

I wish and pray you all the graces and blessings in you and your family,

roundeyedtoddler said...

It is difficult to comment when Frank is just a name that comes out of Ugnayan or in gatherings. I saw Frank twice: during GK launch, and during a talk he made after his resignation. Ah! I also saw him alight from his vehicle at the back of Quirino Grandstand way back in June 2006 during the CFC 25th Anniversary. Then, of course, I read his books.

I can say as much about Tony Meloto. I saw him during the GK launch, in one of the talks he made in San Carlos Seminary, and one in Ateneo.

They're just names and images not much different from others in print, radio and TV, except for the fact that they're leaders of the community I belong. Well, that's what happens when one is only 5 years in CFC. It is hard to attach a shade of emotion to the picture, except perhaps that of regret in the light of recent events.

How many are like me?

Let me pray though that may our community be filled with leaders who are passionate about Christ and the mission, and may their passion be bound into one by the Holy Spirit.

May these leaders be like King David, who had a pair of hands more ferocious than a lion, but who had a heart that beats for God and God's annointed ones; who refused to kill King Saul even if Saul was already within his power. When thing go afoul, may they by like King David who readily admitted to his sins, repented and transformed without delay.

Like King David, may our leaders praise God in every song, worship God without fail, and follow God's biddings.

May our leaders be like King David who had the charism to unify Israel with Judah and made the nation powerful in the eyes of God and men.

The RoundEyedToddler

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Tito Frank!!
May St. Francis continue to inspire you as a model of peace and humility to every life you touch!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Strange how a picture which looked good and true two years ago now looks hilarious!!

Marivie Dalman said...

Sometimes Christians are called to turn the world upside down. To bring the exact opposite of what we find in our world.

This prayer is a bold one, asking for strength to give of ourselves to meet the needs of others.

That it "is in giving that we receive", that as we give of ourselves, we receive the peace and blessing of our risen Lord Jesus. We cannot earn eternal life, but that we are pardoned from the sins that block our claim on it.

Our situation as Couples for Christ today requires:
1) peace
2) consolation
3) hope
4) light
5) joy.

Let us be peacemakers and pray this prayer which we offer to our brother Frank Padilla on his natal day...

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace,
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
where there is injury, pardon;
where there is doubt, faith;
where there is despair, hope;
where there is darkness, light;
where there is sadness, joy;

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;
to be understood as to understand;
to be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;
it is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


Ernie said...

To CFC IC, CFC Bloggers....

Do we have a Psychiartric Counselling Services available in the community?

I just have a feeling, many in the community are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Although what happened in our midst is listed last of the SYMPTOMS (Anyone who has experienced grief such as the unexpected loss of a loved one),

we can not discount we may need outside help. Check with my FAMILY DOCTOR and diagnose yourself.

If we have practitioners in the house please come forward and your service may be needed.

If you feel you need help, send me an e-mail ( I'll connect you with an in-expensive resource. In the US this services are free. Check your local Health Clinics or Primary Care provider.

Ernie S

Anonymous said...

To Jiggs,

Correction lang po...Unilab is not an anti-life pharma...I know that because I'm one of its's pro-life and very much catholic...we do hold mass everyday in different compounds.

To Bro. Frank,

Happy birthday. God bless & good health...

CFC Forever

Anonymous said...

You know what's funny, the way FAP talks nowadays its like he has nothing to do with CFC's tie up with those 3 big pharma giants.

Pecking Order said...

Dear CD,
Who among the famous personalities in FFL will have his (or her?) next birthday?

Let's feature him also. Who's next ba in the 'pecking order' of FFL after FAP?

Please limit answers to men only.
The sisters know their places na.

Sana I could also see the pictures of Nonong Contreras, then si....
sino ba talaga?

Baka si Roland Nillas na ano? Pancho Lopez Tan? Oland David? Edwin Andrews?

Hirap humanap ng # 3 after the 2nd of Nonong Contreras!

Siguro to answer that let's look at na lang at their contribution to the 1,000,000 peso paid up capital ng FFL.

Anonymous said...


i just love to be called "Founder" of CFC, then FFL, soon to come GK-FFL!



jiggs said...

ang sabi ng bubuwit ko, gustong gusto nang magdemanda ang Pfizer once their name is mentioned in all these anti-life accusations... eh ayan na nga, they mentioned Pfizer!!!

please naman po, hwag niyong idemanda si bro.frank... birthday niya po...

si Nonong na lang po... o kaya si Neneng...

Anonymous said...

Adam failed to defend his wife Eve from the wily serpent. The failure of his headship drove them away from paradise.

But Christ the new Adam, defended His spouse, the church. Rejecting all temptations of power, wealth and prestige laid down His life.

CFC husbands as heads are called to defend their wives and families.
I am not a chauvinist, but I can see that behind the CFC storms of SPLIT is the issue of headship of husband (and unrestrained wife). Being a revered speaker and writer can't redefine it. Many maybe caught in awe and admiration of the eloquence, but sooner headship demands that one can only give what one has. The last 25 years said it.

May the lesson of lost paradise and headship remind us to regain it.

Ernie said...

To roundeyedtoddler,

You asked in your blog How many are like me?

King David was part of history in God's Salvation Plan and we can only wish history to repeat itself.

I'm like YOU but with a lesser dream. I just wish we have leaders when placed in the position of LEADERSHIP will remember the simple lessons of "Good Manners and Right Conduct" (Subject sa Elem. Grade).

Nung-napwesto na, nakalimutan na ang lahat. ANOINTED NA eh. Wala nang kaibi-kaibigan. You WON'T DO those sorts of things we saw they did to one another to a "FRIEND". Let's forget they ALL are Christian Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the founder of Couples for Christ and also the person who will go down as the founder who RUINED Couples for Christ...may you & your beloved wife Gerry get exactly what you deserve...from our Lord God. Gerry its time to repent on what you had done...we never know when our time will come to face our Creator.

cfc from southern california said...

Hopefully, this will put to rest the pharma issues

CFC Council Statement

October 3, 2007


We refer to Bro. Frank Padilla's email wherein he reports that they
were able to purchase Depo Provera, a Pfizer product, from Mercury
Drug recently.

1. We thank Bro. Frank for checking on the products of Pfizer and
for bringing his findings to our attention now. We probably would
have avoided these issues if he had done this when he was still CFC
Director and GK chairman. CFC / GK first entered into partnership
with Pfizer in 2005 for the Gawad Kalusugan Program, before the
February 2007 resignation of Bro. Frank. We remember his active
support of this Program and his presence at the launch where the
working partnerships with Pfizer, Wyeth and Unilab were announced.

2. We wish to clarify that our earlier pronouncement that Depo
Provera is no longer being carried by Pfizer was based on the official
explanation of Pfizer itself. We deeply regret that out of this
action, done in good faith, Bro. Frank has now accused us of "peddling
an outright lie."

3. In view of his email, we made further investigations and came
out with the following initial findings:

a. Depo Provera's major application is to stop uterine
bleeding associated with endometriosis. It was later found that it
stops ovulation as well.
b. When Pfizer acquired Pharmacia, the original manufacturer
of Depo Provera, it then ordered the stoppage of the sale of Depo
Provera consistent with its objective of being a company that is
c. Pharmacia actually had a supply agreement with USAID and
the Department of Health for Depo Provera. This supply agreement was
likewise terminated by Pfizer for the same reason.
d. However, it now appears that some remaining stocks of Depo
Provera continued to be on sale in drugstores.
e. The management of Pfizer has ordered the withdrawal of ALL
remaining stocks of Depo Provera from all drugstores in spite of the
fact that there are only a few alternatives to treating the
life-threatening condition of uterine bleeding.

4. In order to complete our fact-finding and discuss the future of
its GK partnership, we are meeting Pfizer officials this Saturday,
Oct. 6. We honor Pfizer for their responsiveness to the issues at

We shall also meet with officials of Wyeth soon and will issue another
statement thereafter. The partnership with Wyeth for anti-TB
medication also dates back to the time where Bro. Frank was CFC
Director and GK Chairman.

We wish to assure everyone that the CFC International Council stands
committed to Pro-Life as one of our community's core values and
pillars. We also stand committed to clarify and submit to the
Church's guidance in matters pertaining to Pro-Life.


esti said...

bro/sis san mo nakuha yung council statement regarding the pharma issue? tried searching for a pdf copy of it but turned out it's not there.

anyway, yeah hopefully that closes the pharma issues.

i am really awed by the patience of pfizer with this issue. and hope to hear updates on the meeting with pfizer and the IC.

EB-3C said...

i would like to put music to Sis Marivie's sharing on the prayer of St. Francis. Happy Birthday not only to our Bro. Frank but also to those celebrating their birthdays for this month.

May this prayer be your inspiration to become a peacemaker.

(Copy the ff & paste it to the address slot of net)


jiggs said...

esti said:
i am really awed by the patience of pfizer with this issue...

bro, gustong gusto na nga magdemanda ng pfizer sabi ng bubuwit ko. pero nagpipigil lang. please hwag naman pong idemanda si bro.frank. birthday niya eh... [ay tapos na pala] si nonong na lang... or si neneng... :-)

san mo nakuha yung council statement regarding the pharma issue?

it was sent last night through email after the stroke of midnight, after the bday... hehehe

PEACE brother...

jiggs said...

to Unilab,
thanks for the correction. nagkataon lang kse na kasama ang Unilab sa partnership. but i think what FFL is really pointing to is Pfizer and Wyeth.

matsala po - jiggs

Anonymous said...

Mga kapatid,

ang ganda ng pictures nina Bro Frank at, teka, parang si bro Roquel ang pumipirma??? nakatayo sa likod si Frank. Bro Frank naman bakit mo hinayaang pumirma si Roquel sa DOH at CFC tie-up ng Pro-life program? Baka si Roquel ang sumabit pag nag imbestiga ang COA, siya rin ata ang pumipirma sa checks??

esti said...

thanks for the reply jiggs, maybe i'll wait for it to appear in the cfc/ sites (if it ever gets included there)

re: pfizer demanding if it get's mentioned again... :O :O :O :O

mukhang thin na pala patience ng pfizer *if* your bubwit is correct, btw some thoughts though:

if it is only written in blogs, i think that's one though case if pfizer pursues that option. mejo malabo pa ata ang laws natin regarding web 2.0 content.

unlike sa ibang bansa i heard of an instance months back regarding someone commenting with libelous content into the blog of a person and that the author of the blog gets included in the mess that follows (that's why some blogs turn on comment moderation, which i know i did after reading that chunk of news)

i'm no legal expert but i think when it comes to blogs and content we have fairly weak laws about it.

anyone got an idea?

i sure wish ffl would stop mentioning pfizer already, even if i'm not ffl i sure wouldn't want them to be entangled in a mess against a big company such as pfizer.

and btw, my second comment and i haven't greeted frank padilla a happy birthday.

belated happy birthday fap.

esti said...

Ernie S. said:

To CFC IC, CFC Bloggers....

Do we have a Psychiartric Counselling Services available in the community?

hmmm.. i think i might need this if talks with my mom doesn't go as planned tomorrow.

you see, i don't go ffl and all hell breaks loose (figuratively speaking) between me and her.

i'll contact you via email bro.

btw. anyone else got into this kind of sticky situation like mine (parents go ffl, kid stays cfc and the arguing never stops, etc.)
drop me a line at thirdie *at* gmail &dot& com. i'd sure like to network with people who experience the same hurts, etc. maybe we can help each other (and share tips how to reconcile, stuff like that)

have a happy friday night y'all, i'm off to a corporate fellowship here in meralco.

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Just one question....ano ang teaching nang FFL about husband & wife? So sa FFL ba husband submit to your wife instead of wife submit to your husband. That explains iyong mga leaders na lumipat sa FFL....under the saya ba?

Anonymous said...

Dear Frank,
We would like to wish you a blessed birthday. Our wish for you is that God give you the grace of humility. Frank, we have admired you so much and we will admire you more if you just give your heart and allow the newly elected IC to put their act together. You have been in position for the last 26 years and no one ever questioned you. Please allow the Holy Spirit to work on the newly elected IC. Come back and join whatever service that the Holy Spirit gives you in CFC instead of disuniting us through your creation of FFL. Frank, have mercy on us, we are hurting and in pain because of the division you created. Your accusations were not grounds for division but an improvement to the current CFC. Your talent could have been used to help out the present IC. Frank, please have the heart and disintegrate your FFL. With open arms, i think all of us will open our hearts to welcome you back. Would you allow a couple to totally separate because of their different opinions. I guess not. This is no different with the CFC family. Please Frank, we beg of you to have the heart of Christ, ready to forgive, ready to love, ready to be tolerant and ready to spring back and help the existing CFC back to its shape. Your division does not help a lot of us. It dumpens our spirits. We are not authors, nor are we eloquent speakers like you but we humbly ask for your kind heart to consider our request. FFL only listens to you Frank and one word from you will surely disintegrate the existence of FFL. You are a little God to everyone including me writing this and everything you say will make an impact. Please Frank, let us just have 1 CFC. Let us all have the heart to be forgiving and loving just like the heart of Jesus. Give it 2 years for the IC to work and if you think that there are no changes, then create your FFL. But for the meantime, please have the heart to stop hurting us through this creation of FFL. It is not too late to disintegrate. If you claim to love Jesus, please be merciful to us and disintegrate FFL. Jesus was merciful and was willing to be sacrificed for His love for all mankind. We are only asking for 2 years, then re-evaluate. You might find out, that the division was not needed after all. Frank, a lot of things have been said and a lot of people have been hurt. Please have the heart of Christ and stop FFL and allow yourself and all the FFL brothers and sisters to be one with CFC. May our Lord bless you bountifully as He touches your heart. Please be keen to listen to God's voice. How can you say that you have Joy in Christ (your theme) when you have seen the rest of your brothers and sisters suffer in pain because of the division. Frank, please by God's help, hope you listen to our request
we still love you and we will continue to do so, we ask for your kind heart to please disintegrate FFL and let us work together with the present CFC for the greater glory of God. Please listen to the voice of a very concerned member from North America. thanks and may God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Bro. Frank is the modern day Pontius Pilate, washing his hands over the Pfizer and Wyeth issue. Do you believe he was powerless to stop all the partnerships when He was Executive Director. or did he just change his mind about GK after the Ramon Magsaysay awards.

Empowered CFC Canada Member

Anonymous said...

to anonymous...

correction please...frank padilla is not the founder of cfc...although he seems to relish the title with satisfaction...tony meloto was right when he said during one of his tv interviews that cfc was founded by the ligaya ng panginoon community (lnp)...a mother (lnp) gave birth to a child (cfc)...the mother had many children to attend to so she put the child (cfc) under the care of a "yaya"...frank padilla was the third of the "yayas" that took care of the child...the third "yaya" (frank padilla) had disagreements with the mother (lnp) as to how the child (cfc) should be, in the middle of the night, while the mother was asleep, the "yaya" took the child away...the "yaya" even took the child to the registrar (sec) and registered it under his name...this caused a lot of pain to the mother (lnp) and the child's siblings...they wanted to get the child back...but in the end, decided against it...they considered that if they forcefully get the child back, it would tear the child, very much like the mother in king solomon, full of love for her child, the mother did not try to get her child back, lest the child be torn apart...time passed quickly and the child grew up...a lot of people wanted to be with her...join her in everything that she does...the "yaya" never left her side all along...nurturing her...guiding her...the child had so much to do so another "yaya" was added to help her in her endeavors...this additional "yaya" was very agressive in his pursuit of the task given to time, the "yaya" that took the child away from the mother receded into the background...and the child became more associated with the additional "yaya"...this caused problems between the two "yayas"...the two "yayas" quietly fought over control of the the end, the last "yaya" won...with a little help from the child's ninongs (bishops)...what more, the last "yaya", in an effort to get more ganda points, is slowly reintroducing the child to her mother...with delight, the mother reciprocated by supporting the last "yaya" in the fight over control of the child...

finally...come to think of this...from the book of proverbs..."you may think what you're doing is right, but the lord judges your motives"...

jiggs said...

to esti:
CD has posted the IC statement na po... yipee...

to anonymous:
the DOH-CFC MOA was signed by Joe Yamamoto and not FAP. galing talaga umiwas, ngayon ko lang napagtanto. dito sa pictures, hindi rin sya yung nakapirma...

sino nga yung naghugas ng kamay?

peace... happy weekend

Anonymous said...

to Esti...di ka nag-iisa.

bro tikoy ng lower antipolo said...


1st off, sori that i have to publish my proaction to u instead of email. here goes my 2 cents:

ganyang ganyan ang situation ko almost a month ago pero nakinig lang ako sa parents ko (ffl). ang maganda nito initindi ako/sfc and my younger sis/yfc ng parents namin (cfc) and the long argument ended up. we became a happier Christian family (2 weeks ago lang.)

parang cousin ko din nag-born-again habang my uncle and aunt are roman catholic. long fight, plenty of hurts, countless shouting matches until after one lent, they all prayed and different set of eyes driven by their hearts made them realize that they are glorifying the one and the same God. kaloko nga yung instant transformation nila e. cguro a level of spirituality that could be described as higher than mine.

anyway, back to our family, naintindihan namin lahat ang cause ng division namin as a family, pero united kami in our mission to serve God. same church, same God.

ika-nga e kahit hunter or warrior or elf or whatever level, kapag nang-raid tayo our mission is to get gold (courtesy of wow tainted mind:)

seriously, don't ever let this gargantuan mishap in our community affect your family badly. paradigm shift lang 'tol. instead, use it as a vessel to let your "love" overflow. show everyone that you care. after all, actions speak louder than words. that's what i did! hope you can pick-up something with my sharing. may God be praised!!!

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous who wrote about unrestrained wife.

Obviously this was pointed to the beginning of it all.

Yes, CFC split started with a fight between a wife and a CFC leader. Then of course the wife's husband took side. His wife first before CFC.

Then all of us were caught in the middle of this satan's orchestrated fight and the rest was history....

Solution? Let's not focus on these leaders anymore. Rather to the Lord who called us to CFC and the work He has entrusted to us.

Its about destiny and faithfulness.
Our destiny is to be CFC. Acknowledging the blessings we received from being part of this community. Therefore our rightful response is to be faithful to that call. Being so, the Lord's greatness will continually flow to us and our family.

CFC Forever!

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Anonymous, Oct. 5 at 504PM,

My bubwit informed me that it was really Joe Yamamoto as Exec Director of CFC Medical Mission Foundation, Inc who signed the MOA with Dept. of Health.

However, the funds of about P25Million found its way to CFC Global Mission Foundation, Inc. Most of the funds were disbursed upon approval of Roquel Ponte and Maribel Descallar and some other full timers, in their capacities as CFC Officers and employees.

Questions: Did the MOA state that the funds will be given to CFC? Was there a bidding conducted before the Medical Mission Foundation gave the funds to CFC Global Mission Foundation, Inc.?If the MOA was between DOH and Medical Mission Foundation, why is CFC Global Mission Foundation disbursing the funds? Lawyers and government counsel, is this not a case of Technical Malversation having the form of a diverted fund?
Why come the Medical Mission Foundation did not complain with such arrangement? Was there interlocking directorate on these two foundations? In case of Senate and Congressional hearings, who will be summoned--is it the International Council of CFC or the Exec. Director of the Medical Mission Foundation?

Suggestion: CFC International Council (who by the way are also the Board of Directors/Trustees, combined/rolled into one) should already look into the legalities of the DOH fund. This could be bigger than the deficit of P14million. STMA should not run to the rescue of CFC IC and Medical Mission Board.

Mahaba ba ito!

Happy weekend despite problems.

Caloy Yturzaeta
PS--It could not be Roquel who was signing the MOA; He must be abroad again at that time.

Ernie said...

To CFC Forever and Couples Bloggers;

If we can not trust our Leaders to guide us in our relationship as husband and wife. Here is a resource for Married Couples which is FREE and available in the Internet.

Me and Lolit are active partners of Jimmy Evans and we find their resource biblical and logical. A good resource to supplement our teachings in CFC.

Watch THEM (Jimmy & Karen) share their experiences here Marriage Today Archieve Series

Scroll down and on the middle right hand of the page, under Series, are previous weeks presentations (Library) to choose from.

Watch it with your spouse and enjoy. It's worth your time watching, it's FREE anyway. You only have to SPEND TIME!!!

Ernie S

esti said...

anonymous, bro tikoy ng lower antipolo

thanks for your sharings/comments. right now i can say we're (my mom and i) are slowly on that path to reconciliation.

re: eyeball at gkexpo: baka naman maging shooting lang to ha. i wish to suggest we go on blue (since blue daw symbolizes/encourages peace) lawl! tapos kung may booth ang pfizer dun na lang magkita-kita (hihihi, sorry pilyo)

Anonymous said...

From what i heard, nagalit si Joe Yam sa nangyaring iyan and confronted Frank about it.Perhaps you can ask Joe Yam about it...inalis ata sa kanya ang management of the funds. parang ipinaubaya ang management of the DOH funds to maribel ( as a lot of other things).

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Hi, re: my comment on DOH issue on Oct. 6. The last line should read, STMA should NOW run to the rescue....Thanks.

Questions to those knowledgeable to the DOH-CFCMMFI/CFCGMFI:

When do you think the Senate will have time to hear the DOH-CFC issue..based on the housebill filed by Sen. Loi Ejercito?

What if CFC returns the questionable disbursements after the COA post audit is complete. Those disallowable disbursements could be voluntarily returned or at least accrue in the books of CFC GMFI the amount which will most likely be questioned like buying of LCD, laptop, meals, transportation, etc.

Do you think there will be criminal case that will be filed against the Board of Trustees of both CFC Medical Mission Foundation and CFC GMFI?

Do you think the old administration of CFC GMFI and CFCMMFI will have some responsibility under government laws?

Note: As an accountant,as a prudent way of mitigating the financial impact, i believe an Accrual is necessary just in case this funds will be questioned. CFC GMFI/CFCMMFI should start setting aside some funds for this purpose.

Maybe GK can donate some of the proceeds of the P200million Paraiso funds to CFC to wipe out the deficit of P14 million, loans from leaders and banks. The P570K monthly servicing fee is too much to bear. Afterall, CFC is GK and GK is CFC. Likewise, the movie Paraiso was primarily patronized by CFC, CFC being the volunteers and backroom support of GK.

Have a pleasant week ahead.


Anonymous said...

Sa mga bumati kay Frank nang happy birthday, I hope sincere ang bati nila kaya lang may mga sarcastic comments yong iba. Marami tayong natutunan dito sa CFC ng kagandahang asal, parang nawala na yata iyon dahil lamang sa mga pagsubok na dumating sa atin. Ang tanong ko lang kung kayo kaya makareceive ng ganitong klaseng greetings, matutuwa kaya kayo? Kahit ano pa ang sa palagay ninyo na kasalanan ng isang tao, may puso at damdamin tayo lahat na marunong masaktan. Kayo, may puso ba kayong marunong din masaktan? iyon lang po. Remember always, look first the dust in your eyes before looking at others. Salamat mga kapatid.

elvie said...

Stop being self-righteous, self-centered and judgemental guys, if you insist on pointing fingers to a brother or sister, where do you think the remaining fingers are pointing at. Be prayerful and tactful. God bless your wisdom.

Sleepless in NJ said...

Dear elvie,

bob told john, "you are self-righteous, self-centered and judgemental."

john replied, "tell me, bro. bob, what are you doing now." he continued, "Aren't you, judging me?"

I do not agree with many comments here and there in the community, church, politic, or even my wife's cooking(joke, i love my wife's cooking).

but i remember one sermon, where pastor shared,

"why should i worry chaging others, only God can change the heart of men. i was humbled and began praying that God may chage me instead... let me be more understanding, teach me love, empathy, and forgiveness"

If we may show humility in terms of "righteous correction(anger),"

Use ME, instead of YOU
Use WE, instead of THEM
Use US, cuz we are all equally bless to inherit God's Mercy and Love.

example: We have been self-righteous, self-centered and judgemental. We pointed our fingers not noticing that we are also accountable. We pray that You may teach us to be more understanding of others, and most of all, Change me Lord. This i pray in Jesus name. Amen

Jesus said...

To Bro. Caloy,

Re your suggestion to rescue CFC's debt via a donation by GK/Paraiso funds. While it may appear to be legit since GK is CFC it may not look good especially to partners and outsiders as the funds are specifically for GK projects. Diverting funds will have the semblance of juggling the money or outright misuse.

How about GK loaning the money (as opposed to donating)to retire the debts and avoid the service buden?

Hopefully the memberships' love offerings will begin to pour in again to ease and improve the CFC's finanacial situation and enable CFC to pay off the loan.

I wonder though if the IC will pursue recovery of misused funds if such is proven. Following Gary F.'s lengthy treatise on Forgiveness, restitution is an essential element to receiving it. I think it will begin to get sticky when we get there.

Perhaps, too, the time is ripe to consider streamlining operations at the H.O. in order to keep the cost of running the Center at reasonable/affordable levels (living within one's means). I want to qualify though that I have no knowledge of the way the office is run at the time or what changes are already occuring.

God bless.

Carlos Yturzaeta said...

Dear Jesus,

Thanks to your rejoinder.

Yes, loan instead of donation by GK to CFC could be a better option.And in this way, the Council will be better stewards.

I gathered that the Paraiso proceeds were not part of the RESTRICTED FUNDS and therefore, can be made available to other related purposes. Maybe, it can pay-off the ABONOS or advances of CFC to GK in the early days. Maybe this could be solved by accounting entries so CFC can move forward on a clean financial slate.

Yes, there has to be something MAJOR or RADICAL improvements at the HOME OFFICE. Reduce costs (and there are many ways how, and many leaders know these solutions already) and continue the transparency and reporting to members. CFC may be able to restore members' confidence in giving more.

The Council should read all the comments in this blogsite and surely, they will have more inputs to the pastoral congress for documentation, presentation and ratification by the Elders Assembly in due time.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

The Manny Villar campaign in the press begins, featuring a mention of FFL:

"An active member of Couples for Christ (he belongs to the breakaway faction of Frank Padilla), Villar cherishes private time with his wife of 32 years, Cynthia, and their three children — Paolo, Mark and Camille."

No word yet whether Frank is taking a stand on the pro-choice stance of his household members in this.

Full article:

Garnet said...

talking about helping our CFC with debts, a small way, a group of us have pledged to increase our tithes by 30 to 50 % just to help. Hope you can disseminate this info so others may be inspired to help CFC this time.

Garnet said...

talking about helping our CFC with debts, a small way, a group of us have pledged to increase our tithes by 30 to 50 % just to help. Hope you can disseminate this info so others may be inspired to help CFC this time.

Ernie said...

For FFL Bloggers....

An In terview with Manny Villar on

Why MANNY Matters

An active member of Couples for Christ (he belongs to the breakaway faction of Frank Padilla).