Monday, October 15, 2007

Heart of the Matter Pt. 2

To complete the Heart of the Matter entry, here is the 2nd and last part of the video from the July 22 consultation meeting between the newly elected council and the provincial area heads at Layforce San Carlos Seminary.

Download it HERE.


Guys I've been told that the download link may contain images unsuitable for minors. Virtually every hosting site has them, so I really don't have a choice in the ads they put up, but it will help if you are using Firefox as your browser as it kills ads like that (or ads in general). You can download that HERE.


jiggs said...

hello again!

was just browsing the different FFL websites. they all seem to have "copied" the 7 pillars of CFC... but notably BLANK was the pillar on "Work with the Poor". see these links:

Even the website of FFL itself has assigned and completed the names for their ministries except for their Work with the Poor.

Baka mamaya, i-claim na rin nila they are the Original GK, they have the original charisms of GK... kakatacute!!!

one more thing i noticed - they have their own family ministries di ba and called it
Kids for Family and Life, Singles for Family and Life, etc. pero bakit sa ibang FFL website pareho pa din yung logo... parang mali ah KFL is not equal to KFC. SFL is not equal to SFC... tsk tsk tsk...
tutal naman you have your own logo for FFL, gawa na din kayo ng sariling logo for the family ministries!!!

ang bp ko!!!... i still dont bite tho... c",)

PEACE - jiggs

Anonymous said...

Hi, not sure where to put this, so I thought I'd let you decide - here or elsewhere.

It's an article regarding a Vatican partnership with, amongst others, "eighty percent of the world's generic pharmaceutical manufacturers."

I wonder what Frank would have to say about this Vatican partnership.
Is it against the teachings of the Church?


Vatican City May 7, 2004

CUMVIVIUM, A nongovernmental organization, held its first Board meeting and Syposium in the Vatican today to develop an unprecedented initiative and alliance with worldwide generic companies to provide accesss to affordable medicines for those most in need by utilizing the tremendous outreach of what is also the world's largest heath rganization, the Catholic Church.

"The Catholic Church has a well-established network of 128,000 active health institutions that have been improving the lives of millions of people around the world for many decades. Millions of people, including those in the poorest nations of the world, suffer from illnesses for which safe, effective, quality generic medicines are available--but they
are denied access to these life-saving drugs. The AIDS and malaria
crises make this abunundly clear. CUMVIVIUM (which means "live together in friendship") will strive to improve access to affordable medicines and will build on the Catholic Church's solid infrastructure to enhance
the health of patients around the world," said Alain LeJeune, CUMVIVIUM President.

CUMVIVIUM is constituted by people from the Holy See, generic
pharmaceutical companies, the International Federation of Catholic Pharmacies and academics. CUMVIVIUM's goals are to facilitate access of affordable medicine and to remove all barriers that delay or prevent
consumer healthcare. Among CUMVIVIUM's other efforts will be the opposition to trade agreements and laws which can impede drugs from reaching the world's patients; promotion of laws that increase the utilization of affordable, high-quality medicines and strenghtening of global pharmaceutical distribution networds to reach people in need.

"It is our hope that this unique partnership will improve the quality of life for everyone, everywhere. We will make a beginning in the institutions within the Catholic network," Lejeune said.

The organizations at the meeting represent eighty percent of the world's generic pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Participating in the Board and Symposium at the Vatican were
representatives from the Associon Nacion Fabricantes de Medicamentos (ANAFAM-Mexico), Biogenerics, Inc., Cipla, Ltd., the European Generic Medicines Association (EU),the Generic Pharmaceutical Association (GpHA, US), the International Federation of
Catholic Pharmacists, as well as academics and health advocates).

Sicke & Tired of FAP said...

I will not be surprised if Frank Padilla accuses the Vatican of veering away.


kapatid said...

"Kids for Family and Life, Singles for Family and Life, etc...."

Wala ang "Christ" sa FFL's version of their "Young" ministries. Naging "KFL" - kaya pwede ring Kids for Frank for Life , "SFL"- pwede ring Singles for Frank for Life, etc...

simple mind said...

i just would like to suggest to all our elders to encourage all members of cfc and all its family ministries to do a massive sticker-posting drive to the members' cars, gates, houses, offices, etc. This will erase the public perception that we are now slowly vanishing in terms of membership due to so many factors. also it will send a strong message to the other side (ffl) that every time they attack cfc, they are actually attacking the vast majority of their brethren who until now remain to be silent about the issue but instead continue to do the work of God.

Anonymous said...

My Brothers & Sisters,

Peace be with us.

Mark 9:40 " For whoever is not against us is for us "

CFC-GK & CFC-FFL is our brethren, both have pure intentions for God's glory.

My decernment is...what was happened to our community is in God's will, whether we choose IC or FFL both still have God's annointing because He will's it to happened.

As Tito Joe Tale said from the video on his prayer, the Lord answered him " This is not your community this is Mine, if I want this community to continue as it is because I will it, if I want this community to split this is because I decide on it...just do what is right ". Whatever situation we are facing now the Lord will's it to happen, we need to accept and conform to His will.

Just want to share a book entitled HELIOTROPIUM by Fr. JEREMIAS DREXELIUS which enligthens me to accept the situation of our community is the link where you can download the PDF and read the Confirmity of Human Will to the Divine.

God bless us all.

acc wc said...

Long before the May 2, 2007 meeting of Bishop Soc with Bro Joe Tale, Bro Ernie Maipid, Mr. Lachie Agana and Mr. Frank Padilla (I call them MR. because they are no longer my brothers)in Bataan where Bishop Soc proposed the split of GK and CFC, Frank had already told us about this scenario/proposal on April 10, 2007. This was after the West C sector Teaching when the SGT and Pillar Heads had a meeting with him at Tierra Pura Brewing Point Coffee Shop. He categorically mentioned this scenario.

From this discussion of West C top leaders with Frank, you can deduce that again it was Frank who was feeding what the bishops are supposed to suggest to the IC, MAKABALIK LANG SA POSITION..

Scheming katulad ng nakita natin sa Easter Bunnies minutes.

It’s all about power, regaining leadership!!!

jiggs said...

acc said...
Frank had already told us about this scenario/proposal on April 10, 2007.

wow, as early as April ha... tsk tsk tsk...

so, disobedience to the bishops is not yet an issue here, right?!!!

"you can deduce that again it was Frank who was feeding what the bishops are supposed to suggest to the IC"


Power corrupts !!!

neokidntown said...

adding to acc wc…

December 2006, West C celebrated Christmas party for the last time as North C and had a banner that goes “Go West”! After the party, re-org was to happen. A lot were surprise of the new structure in the sector.

There is the usual Cluster head and its chapters. The new structure is the inclusion of a GK Cluster head, complete with its service org.

The question then was why create 2 leadership for the same area?

Preparing for the split?

whachathink acc wc?

Concerned said...

So, hang on. Frank was already pushing for separation while he was writing and releasing statements like the following, in CFC-GK3?

"GK is God's blessing to CFC and to the world, especially the poor. This is why God allowed CFC to give birth to GK. GK is our one work."

"God allowed CFC to give birth to GK, according to His eternal plan. God intends that CFC be the steward of GK. God wants CFC spirituality to permeate GK."

"God intends GK to evangelize not just outsiders but also CFC members. God intends GK to be a work of all of CFC, utilizing all the other pillars God has provided."

"God intends to renew the face of the earth, and one of His foremost instruments is CFC. Part of the work of CFC is GK. The basic work of CFC, encompassing everything else, is Evangelization & Mission. The foundation is marriage and family renewal, through the Family Ministries. Then there is the threefold thrust of work with the poor (GK), work for justice (Social Ministries), and work for life (Pro-Life). God intends GK, as with the other pillars and ministries, to bring people to Himself."

Do the two things seem inconsistent to anyone else here?

Why would he say such things publicly while at the same time push behind the scenes to divorce the two?

jiggs said...

neokidntown said...
The question then was why create 2 leadership for the same area?

Preparing for the split?

i say prophetic, bro. looks like NC/WC has become the testing ground for things to come.

PEACE - jiggs