Friday, October 26, 2007

GK1World at the Mall of Asia (MOA)

Please join us in making the "Salo-Salo" with GK partners and kapitbahayan/beneficiaries a truly enjoyable evening on Friday, Oct. 26, at the start of the GK1World at the Mall of Asia (MOA)

After the salo-salo from 5:30 -8:00 pm, HOLD and our brothers comprising The Second Vision Band (they played at the Shindig) will jointly transform the place into an evening of Saya and Sayaw with GK partners, friends and our brothers and sisters. In short, dancing into... retro, ballroom, line dancing, maski-pops, macarena, boogie, reggae... be in your flat or comfortable shoes /sandals (pavers kasi ang floor)

(Thanks to Mina for the text =)

See you guys tonight, the talk on the forums is, wear orange, red, or blue. =)


neokidntown said...

ngek... ako lang naka green...

magdala ako ng bandana ng blue...

Anonymous said...

question lang po, since cfc has really been quiet with all the fireworks ng FFL...i was asked or actually told by an inactive cfc member about the issue of GK and Mormons. When I shared what was going on, I stated facts (resignation, veering pro-life issues), an FFL member talked to the member and na-sales talk ang tungkol sa Mormon issue...

tulong naman, as much as I try not to be defensive or inis...minsan di ko alam sasagot ko...ano bang sabi ng IC about this issue?

Thanks and thanks for keeping us updated.

acc wc said...

neokidntown said...

ngek... ako lang naka green...
magdala ako ng bandana ng blue...

Di bale kilala naman kita, pero wala kang bandana kagabi

Anonymous said...

To anonymous:

"Ano bang sabi ng IC about this issue (Mormons)"

The IC adequately explained this during the dialogue with the bishops. Here is the real score: the Mormons wanted to partner with one particular village (please note.. ONE particular village), specifically to build a water system. Very admirable goal since water is an essential commodity. Before they could even begin to help, the GK team informed them they would not be allowed to proselytize or to try to convince GK beneficiaries to join them because of the help they wanted to extend. Guess what? The Mormons put up the water system (at a cost of about P500,000) but they kept to the agreement -- they never came back to proselytize.

I don't know if the mere fact of accepting the donation is wrong. This is within the scope of everything we have ever read in this site about how the Church (Mother Teresa, Cardinal Sin, Fr. John Fagundes, etc) feels about such cooperation and partnership.

And this is the most important of all: THERE IS NO GK PARTNERSHIP WITH THE MORMONS -- NO MOA, NO NOTHING. So what's the big deal? This is just an isolated case that the FFL would like to blow up to bolster their false claims.

MinaFrancisco said...

Naka-pink ako kagabi.

Maraming salamat sa mga naki-saya at nag-dance the night away kagabi!

We praise God for the superb weather. Cool breeze, clear moonlit evening.

Special thanks to the generous donation of time, talent and efforts of our brothers from SECOND VISION BAND (Lito Legaspi, Ronan Yuzon, et. al.) Contribution po nila iyon sa GK.

God bless CFC!
God bless GK!
God bless us!

In behalf of HOLD,


n031 said...

hehehe...... tried looking for bloggers. daming naka orange doon ah... puro pala taga north b ang mga bloggers dito .....

Kidding aside, It was a spirit filled day. The Lord again affirmed CFC. More than 50,000 CFC, partners, and GK homeowners are in attendance. He gave us perfect weather.


el solido said...

ka uuwi ko lang from expo!praise God!its an affirmation of my decision to stay!
1. numbers of people are so big!if not same with last year then its more than (literally hindi nagkasya ang tao sa venue during the martsa ng bayani)!considering the fact that:
1A) sem break and only few GK youth from partner university have come.
1B) conflict schedule with YFC Metro con which is also a succes with its 4K to 5K participants!
1C) mall bomb threats!

2. the expo is so different from the past expo:
2A) talents in the concert night are almost all CFC talents,including our very own JT.
2B) Mass and worship is earlier.
2C) Mas maaga natapos!

3. I feel confident na everyone around really supports the mission of cfc,bring glad tidings to the poor!

i was really overwhelm with this Gods blessing to the cfc's who really hold on during the crisis.even the weather is perfect!hindi umulan at masyadong umaraw!para ngang walang crisis na nangyari sa cfc.

lets continue to hope in the lord!

* bata ka pa pala jiggs!talaga bang my HB ka na?curious lang.hehe!
* sayang di ko na meet si CD!

jiggs said...

el solido said
* bata ka pa pala jiggs!talaga bang my HB ka na?curious lang.hehe!

thanks for the complement. no, i dont have HB. its just an idiomatic expression used here where some posts can raise your BP beyond normal levels... hehehe
was able to meet baliwesti later in the night...
sayang we did not see the Pfizer booth.
i thank the PA for announcing the greeting (with gusto pa!).

jiggs said...

GK1World News:

as stated...

neokidntown said...

"it is encouraging to see...
ang daming naka green nung martsa...

stand up and be counted..

Go West C!!

GK1WORLD event attendee said...

At the GK1WORLD event one could see what is not readily seen in the "outside world".

There were Christians and non Christians celebrating together.

There was PLDT/SMART together with GLOBE.

There were a lot of events that catered to everyone. I was at the Batang Business booth, and when I bought my packed lunch, a young kid confidently gave the amount of money I needed to pay and when I did gave me a receipt.

The event was a happy one, a spirit filled encounter with so many people.

By the way, it was heard so many times at the stage that CFC is behind all the success of GK, with the help of a lot of partners from all Sectors.

Of course, Government was very visible too -- from PGMA, to at least one Cabinet Member (Sec Yap) whom I saw at the Go Negosyo booth,to the Police Generals, to the marines.

And the young talents they put on stage... I am surprised to know that the actors of "TAO PO" were from the GK areas, but their trainors were from the academe, was it Ateneo? Galing nila lahat!!

The fiesta atmosphere was there alright but spirtuality was not forgotten. We had an anticipated mass at nine o clock past, and the "BREAKING of BREAD" after the Mass was very good!

Siguro we will charged na naman na too much Nation Building ang GK. I pray our friends at FFL will not charge us on this anymore.

After all, God also did His Nation Building of Israel. We pray our friends at FFL will give us their kind thoughts that it could be entirely possible that behind the visible "Nation Building' effort we are doing is the invisible sense of faith and spirituality, not to mention the OBEDIENCE we do for and in behalf of Jesus.

In the spirit of how we did GK1WORLD, I don't think anyone has the right to judge it by merely basing it on the visible results of the 2 day program at the MOA.

The non-attendees to the event, becasue they have simply declared they are on the opposite side of the fence (FFL side) may be tempted to criticize it. Please do not. And whatever thoughts that would come to your mind that are negative about the GK1WORLD, please just offer it to the Lord, and allow Him to give you another perspective.

kNOCK kNOCK-tAO pO!! said...


Paki tell us naman completely yung storyline ng drama na ito.

Hindi namin ma-explain claro kasi medyo bits and pieces lang napakinggan ko...dami kasi makikita, maririnig hindi ako maka-concentrate...ALTHOUGH PARA SA AKIN FANTASTIC YUNG DRAMA NA ITO.


Kasali ako sa GK1WORLD! Yes! said...

Mga umatend ng GK1WORLD, did you know:

1. That PLDT/SMART gave free national and international long distance calls? Sabi lang noong operator hindi daw nila alam ang direct line ni JESUS CHRIST. Pero alam nya na nasa Bible daw how to contact Him!!

2. There were free milk, free zesto, free biscuits, free puto, mais, pan de sal at various times.

3. I also saw LOVE ---all around, may mga CFC bros & sis na hindi nagsasawa sa beso-beso, mga CFC and some YFC (tingin ko lang, mga bata pa!) na holding hands, pero meron ding senior citizens na holding hands pa rin!!! Galing!! Sarap!!

4. Sa games ng basketball na pinanood ko, nag hi-five yung mag-kalaban!!

5. Oo nga pala, libre ang lansones sa Batangas booth, noong gabi na may libreng letson para sa mga sponsors!

6. Sa booth namin libre lang ang tawanan at hindi matapos na kuwentuhan. Parang fellowship ng Household!

Puno talaga ng ligaya at pag-ibig.

Ang lakas ng paniwala ko, isa doon sa mga taong nakangiti sa akin kahit hindi ko kilala, si GOD yon!

Type din niya kasi ang mga gathering na ganito!!

Next year I will invite my brother who went to the other side a becasue he said di na niya nakikita si Jesus sa CFC.

Sayang wala si Bro sa MOA noong Saturday.

brodkaster43 said...

isa na seguro sa pinakamalaking grupo na sumali sa gk1world ay ang north b sector.

siya nga pala, napagkamalan pa pala sila na mga bloggers kasi naka orange sila - sector color kasi nila ang orange.

may pix pala sa kanilang mga blog:

thanks and God bless.

concerned4truth said...

jiggs, it appears Philstar has taken down that article, and it's not showing up in the google cached search.

Do you happen to have the text of that article? if so, could you please pasted it here or email it to me?

joane said...

how can I post pictures from YFC Metro Manila Conference

C.D. said...


Please email them to me at and I'll post them.

YOu can also go back to your post on the YFC forum

and upload pictures to photobucket or imageshack to post there.


brodkaster43 said...

to concerned4truth:

"Do you happen to have the text of that article? if so, could you please pasted it here or email it to me?"

- am taking the liberty of furnishing you the text of the article that you want.

thanks and God bless.



GK1World gathers ‘real life heroes’
By Patricia Esteves
Sunday, October 28, 2007 (Philstar)

Gawad Kalinga (GK) yesterday gathered “real life” heroes – thousands of volunteers, partners, workers from the government, business, and civic sectors – in one big expo, the “GK1World: One Hope. One Vision. One Global Army against Poverty” in celebration of its fourth anniversary.

The volunteers, workers and partners, young and old, have been working for the last four years to fulfill GK’s vision.

“We can bring the country out of poverty if we build together. The expo is a gathering of Filipinos who believe in the greatness of the Filipino spirit. We are seeing a convergence of collective genius of the Filipinos in building a country we can all be proud of. God did not make a mistake when He made us Filipinos. We can build first class Filipinos and harness the potential of a Filipino in his country with the help of Filipinos abroad, “ GK champion Antonio Meloto said at the expo grounds in SM Mall of Asia yesterday.

“GK1World is a convergence of the young and old, rich and poor, Christians and Muslims, Filipinos here and abroad who celebrate the goal of a country free from poverty and hunger. This is about solidarity and what we can build together where there is sharing, when we think more of others and less of ourselves,” he added.

Today, over one thousand communities and more than 24,000 GK homes have been built around the country.

Meloto said they continue to build the science and technology of the Gawad Kalinga through the Builders Institute. A lot of foreigners have also joined the Builders Core to closely realize GK’s 777 vision.

GK1World Expo also highlighted the issues and solutions concerning the environment. Blessed with an abundance of natural resources and an incredibly rich marine biodiversity, the rare Pearl of the Orient - the Philippines is considered a piece of paradise on earth. GK communities in coastal towns and mountain areas are taught how to be good stewards of their environment so that the coming generations may also be blessed with our rich heritage.

Meloto said the expo focuses on the productivity component of GK sites, on how to make the communities more sustainable and self-sufficient.

“Because GK started the first phase, land for the landless, home for the homeless, we move to the sustainability stage,” he said.

One of those helping GK make its livelihood become more sustainable are the high school students who participated in the Teenpreneur challenge, the country’s first inter-high school entrepreneurship contest where the students’ ideas and inputs are used to conceptualize and improve the business performance of livelihood projects for GK communities.

In last night’s finals, San Beda high school students bagged the Most Improved Product with their eco-friendly detergent bar while Manila Waldorf School won the Best Selling Product for their beautifully designed fish lamps made out of capiz shells.

Meloto is proud of the achievement and feats of the high school participants, not to mention their dedication to sell and improve their products for the love of GK communities.

“ I would like to congratulate the students who participated in the Teenpreneur challenge, the ESA and mentors, all the different schools, the teenpreneur project is starting to inspire the greatness in young Filipinos, their potential for greatness, creativity and pioneering spirit. But what is very important is the connectivity of the rich and the poor. The rich connecting to the poor, it’s about solidarity and sharing with them their talents, resources and love, “ Meloto said.

Joel Santos, co-founder of ESA and chairperson of the Teenpreneur Challenge said the challenge is about believing entrepreneurship can be taught to students and when taught, the students can deliver.

“You can see that if you teach the students they will deliver. You see a lot of innovative projects like the eco-friendly detergent bar or the water lily sandals or the lanterns and beautiful decorative products made out of capiz shells they made into stylish havaianas. It goes to show that entrepreneurship can be taught. One month of training and you have those results. The model really works, we have high school students who are trained by successful entrepreneurs and the ESA and the venue which is GK and in the future, you will have the making of successful socially responsible entrepreneurs,” Santos said.

At last night’s event, three GK communities were awarded as Most Inspiring Entrepreneurial Communities for 2007 for embodying the spirit of entrepreneurship.

These are Freedom GK Village, GK Sunshineville and GK Selecta Village.

Freedomville GK Village in Sta. Rosa, Laguna is distinguished for its candle making business which promoted camaraderie among residents while making quality candles.

The Las PiƱas-based GK Sunshineville, on the other hand, makes baskets using water lilies and has now become one of the lucrative GK sites.

The GK Selecta Village converted a half-hectare idle property into an integrated urban farm where vegetables, herbs and orchids, among others are grown.

“We feel proud that Selecta Village was chosen as one of the most inspiring entrepreneurial communities, our hope is to see other GK communities and beneficiaries win the distinction. I think they chose the GK Selecta Village because the urban setting is not designed for farming, seeing the model of Selecta, we can inspire other urban settings to do the same. We make the community sustainable and provide food for the hungry,” Henry Yaco of GK Selecta Village said.

jiggs said...

i emailed it to you just now but im posting the new URL for others to see:

Quote-r of Henri Nouwen said...

Here's a thought from someone (Henri Nouwen) respected in the Catholic Church who does not even know the GAWAD KALINGA program of CFC.

Read his item below, specially if you are CFC and be inspired anew!

We do GK all because of reasons deep within our hearts and the article below just affirms that feeling.

WE do GK1WORLD because there is a time to work and a time to celebrate!

"Going to the Margins of the Church

Those who are marginal in the world are central in the Church, and that is how it is supposed to be! Thus we are called as members of the Church to keep going to the margins of our society. The homeless, the starving, parentless children, people with AIDS, our emotionally disturbed brothers and sisters - they require our first attention.

We can trust that when we reach out with all our energy to the margins of our society we will discover that petty disagreements, fruitless debates, and paralysing rivalries will recede and gradually vanish. The Church will always be renewed when our attention shifts from ourselves to those who need our care. The blessing of Jesus always comes to us through the poor. The most remarkable experience of those who work with the poor is that, in the end, the poor give more than they receive. They give food to us." -- Bishop Henri Nouwen