Thursday, August 30, 2007

Council Statement and the Vatican Decree

The Vatican Decree:

Who believes that this decree should follow a man or a personality? What of the hundreds of thousands of people loyal to their faith? Are they then unworthy because of one man's vanity?

You decide.


jollygreenturtle said...

"Who believes that this decree would follow a man or a personality?" - you ask..the man whose name appears on the document, I say

I think Frank Padilla believes that CFC only got it because of him; ergo he could also believe that it would be easy for him to take it away from CFC....and even perhaps request Pope Benedict to grant it instead to FFL (aka Easter Playboy Bunnies)

Can it happen? I pray not!

So watch him go to Vatican and seek an audience with the Pontiff!

Anonymous said...

i'll believe it when it happens... i dont think frank padilla would go that low to destroy something that he has built... it will only happen if he gets swayed by our brothers and sisters who joined ffl, which on second thought, has been using him for their own personal agenda/vendetta... wake up brother frank.

Anonymous said...

wake up brother frank.

Anonymous said...

On June 05 or 06, FAP was swayed by his FFL group "Not to Let Go and Let God".

Frank wanted not to oppose the 4 remaining Council members anymore by going on a sabbatical, so he said: "I will let go and Let God"

He told Joe Tale that he would do so on the condition that Joe Tale will speak about it to his FFL Group. So Joe Tale went to see the Borjas, Tony and Ruby on June 06.

But the Borjas would not budge from their position that it is only Frank Padilla who could lead this CFC community.

The Borjas will attest to this happening because they wrote it on their June 07 Minutes of their (FFL) Meeting at the residence of Nonong Contreras. That's where they hatched their name: Easter Playboy Bunnies.

So you see brother Anonymous, FAP is committed to his FFL Group!

Eto naman si Bro Frank, with all his kayo..Wake up ka na Bro Frank!

Anonymous said...

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the Vatican Recognition is just a bonus to the accomplishments that we have been doing for the Lord. If the Vatican decides to take it away, then it should be a wake-up call to us, but not the end of us.

If FAP and FFL members believe that CFC does not deserve the Vatican Recognition anymore, then let them make a fool of themselves. To believe that they can take it away because FAP's name is on the document is un-called for. He did not evangelize 1 million members, now 900 thousand, all by himself. I hope they have not forgotten about our full-time workers who are stationed at various parts of the world.

In any case, I also believe that FAP will not stoop that low. If FFL wants a Vatican Recognition then it's just fair that they earn their own, just like we did with ours. So, goodluck to them and God bless both our communities.

sisterfromBC said...

Brothers and sisters,
I would like to encourage everyone to allow this crisis in our community to look deep into our hearts and ask what we need to change in us to stay faithful to our Vision and Mission. I sincerely believe that the CBCP's decision is not meant for us to gloat but to get down on our knees, thank our great God for protecting our community and remind each other to be humble especially after the CBCP's decision. I would like to propose for all of us to pray for our brother Frank that in his own pain, he will see the love of his brothers and sisters from our beloved community, Couples for Christ. All of us mere mortals deserve a second chance and the measure of all things, after all, rightfully belongs to God.

wakeupbrotherfrankmovement said...

Mga Anonymous na brothers... I strongly believe that Frank and friends (i prefer to call them collectively as "frankestein", kasi their members have different agendas for joining ffl, parang tagpi-tagpi ang aura nila as a group in my opinion)are severely suffering from the syndrome called "kulang sa pansin". they have been experiencing drought from getting noticed and praises for what they have done earlier in their cfc life. natabunan kasi ni tony with gk ang lahat ng accomplishments nila for our community.

frank's el nino started when he allowed tony to become the poster boy of gk. maybe even turning a blind eye on the supposed mismanagement of funds. that was the beginning of tony's la nina. sabi nga nila, "when it rains, it pours", swerte lang ni tony kasi he had the right timing with the height of "blind obedience".

panapanahon lang yan frank. you had your la nina but you let yourself get drowned by the laways of the people around you. kaya tony, ingat lang dahil malapit nang lumampas sa leeg mo yung baha.

and to end this post... i shall end it with what our Anonymous brother said.

wake up brother frank.

just because someone said they will stand by you doesn't instantly translate that they mean well for you.

wake up brother frank.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Tukpak kayo mga kapatid!

Ever since this all hoopla started, I believe that malakas ang loob ni FAP dahil may mga "backer" siya.

He could not start this whole thing without the help of others who persuaded him to pursue the split-up. (Yung ayaw magpainit at magpa-sunburn sa GK? hehehe)

I hope FAP wakes up from this early.. or else this dream of his will turn out to be a nightmare!

Wake up FAP!

marvinmacs said...

Seeing a leader like Brother Frank Padilla fall hurts not just our hearts but most of all our senses. I rather err on the side of silence, just like what Tony Meloto did.

But let me speak my mind on this though: it was hard for King Saul too, and even more difficult for King David during their time. But King David never established a separate kingdom though he knew he was annointed.

I just somehow expected more from Frank and I feel betrayed. But then, perhaps some people in our lives feel like that to us too. So I'd rather spend my energies on introspection. Frank can do his own introspection too, as soon as he's ready.

In the end, I still dream of reconciliation. Meantime, I'm sticking it out with the newly elected International Council.

Anonymous said...

am also hoping that C.D. will be more wary in posting those comments that sway more towards "sensationalism" and not towards the REAL ISSUES. Let's not add to the gossip columns po.

I would like to ask what you think about the notion that the members of FFL are NOT leaving CFC. They are a community that is going back to what CFC should be doing.

almost a member of FFL said...

The Playboy or Bunny writer of the Easter Group is at it again!

In their latest posting on Easter Group it is written: "...nothing is said about the continuing recognition of CBCP & Vatican about CFC..."

It took them 3 days to write a comment on the CBCP News article, and all it came to be is this inanity.

Of course nothing was said because it remains a FACT that CBCP and Vatican recognizes CFC...or else they could have easily /clearly stated they are no longer recognizing CFC if that was their intention.

This ex-CF-brother/or-sister-now- FFL writer is trying to pull our leg.

For the information of this brother or sister, the Vatican Recognition was dated April 25, 2005 and it stands in favor CFC as of today, March 31, 2007 as it did last August 28, 2007.

Now try to ask CBCP if that is true or false and then issue a Headline in all the newspapers of Manila if it is false.

BY the way, we are only clarifying your statement kapatid. We are NOT enemies. So rectify your statement, else the other one might have a thrill out of your double talk! Peace!

jiggs said...

in response to the Eastergroup email of Aug.31 to wit:

" remains a fact that spouses Frank and Gerry Padilla continue to sit in the Pontifical Council for the Family at the Vatican. Despite this fact, the CFC-FFL has chosen to be prudent in claiming any recognition..."

WAKE UP !!! the recognition was not given to FAP and Gerry. its about the 1 million members of CFC. FAP nor FFL cannot lay claim on such recognition. It goes without saying that the recognition was given to and is retained with CFC !!!

even if they do continue to sit in the Pontifical Council - sige na lang sa inyo na lang.
Delicadeza would dictate that they should RESIGN and VACATE the SEAT. tutal naman nagresign na rin lang nung Feb.13 eh! they dont have the RIGHT to be there anymore. bye bye - Sept1

Anonymous said...

this blog is one sided. even the moderator. obvious na cfc-gk agenda lang ito.

Anonymous said...

Sabi ni anonymous na 1 sided ang blog na ito, I second that idea - 1 sided or bias ito sa mga taong niloko ng dati nating ama na nakipag divorce (kala ko pro-family sila). Ang masakit lang sa aking kalooban ay ang mga tao sa kabila ang nagturo sa atin ng humility, kung batuhin ka suklian mo ng tinapay (sinuklian nga tayo ng tinapay pero bakal naman ang palaman), tapos sila ang sumira at gumulo sa ating community. Hindi lang apektuhan ang ating relasyong kapatiran sa panampalataya kundi ang tutuong pamilya; mag-asawa, mga kapatid nag away-away. Wala ba silang puso na dahil lamang sa kanilang personal motives o hidwaan sa ibang tao, maraming kaguluhan ang nangyari sa ating community. Sabi ni FL "major decisions should not be made in a situation of deep conflict and division" pero bakit gumawa siya ng decision na magtayo ng FFL (ito ay isang major decision with a big letter M). Truly lumabas ang katutuhanan na siya ay talking with his face on the different direction - hindi niya ginagawa ang kanyang salita.