Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Note To Readers

Today we breach the 20,000 hit (pageloads) mark. That is a tremendous figure that we have achieved in less than a week. It shows me two things:

One, there is a genuine interest in the pursuit of truth. For this I commend you all. Please try to gather all the facts and separate it from fiction BEFORE you decide on ANYTHING about CFC and FFL.

Two, it would seem that my efforts are working and the word is getting out. Please help me keep this up. I'd like to request that you let your brothers and sisters in the CFC or FFL know about the site and let them see things for themselves.

Thank you.



passion4sleep said...

I started reasding this blogpage yesterday with the honest and sincere desire to dig up the truth about the troubles our community is facing today. I am dismayed however at how convoluted and one sided this site is! From page one where the ANONYMOUS 5 page analysis was posted, up to your newest post (easter), it seems that this is a site bent on destroying Frank Padilla's character. How come you always have side comments (like the one about having the last word in the Frank-Dylan email exchange) and the context it was written in cannot even claim to be neutral. I am sure you are a fairly intelligent person so I need not expound on what I mean by context usage.

This is honestly a big disappointment to me, one who only wants to be guided while in the discernment process. This site pushes me to think that YOU, dear moderator has already chosen a side and is trying to sneakily convince others to take your side as well. What a thinly veiled agenda you have. Tsk tsk.

Again, I am only expressing my disillusionment with your so called pursuit for the truth when in reality, you have already decided which side holds the truth and you are bent on swaying other undecided people to join you in your crusade. Your blogsite title says it all - IN DEFENSE OF THE REAL CFC. Who are you to declare which is the real CFC?

C.D. said...


Believe it or not, in that Frank-Dylan exchange, Dylan has the last word. What do you think then about what I'm saying? My statement on last words was an allusion to Ego.

Might your belief that I'm bent on destroying Frank's character actually show how you've judged his from everything that I have posted so far?

There are no sides here, only the truth to the matter. It is just being presented in a readable format, one that doesn't bore the reader to sleep and forget about the issues. Also, some of the information being posted here can be considered by some as damaging to CFC as a whole, and not just to Frank.

As for the real CFC...what do YOU think that is?

You are certainly free to dig up the truth yourself. Please feel free to share whatever you have discovered, right here if you wish.

Anonymous said...

most brothers will tell us not to make a decision based on personalities. well, at the rate this site is growing, there is truth that personalities do sell.
we've been reading about the melotos and the padillas, but what about brother joe? i can't believe nothing had been said about him. unless, of course, the site administrator has a "tale" name after him.

Anonymous said...

"we've been reading about the melotos and the padillas, but what about brother joe? i can't believe nothing had been said about him."

Eh kasi nga, ang pinagsimulan nito ay ang nag-sour na PERSONAL relationship nina Frank and Tony, di naman si Joe. Nabagsakan lang si Joe ng problema nang nag-resign si Tony (dahil sa sama ng loob?), na sinundan ni Frank (collective responsibility o gaya-gaya?), na sinundan din ni Lachie (bakit gumaya?) Hayun, naiwan kay Joe ang bigat ng problema, at naging target of attack by the Easter Group.

Sino nga ba talaga si Joe Tale? Wala nga namang balita kung sino or ano siya. Well, for a change, we now have a low-profile Executive Director this term.

Dapat masanay na tayo na si Lord lang ang sikat!

Anonymous said...

Amen, I 2nd the motion.