Thursday, August 30, 2007


In case you all don't click on the comments links, there are some excellent commentary that sometimes escape our attention. You are all welcome to give your take on what is going on. Each entry has its own.

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Anonymous said...

New FFL Tagline: CFC FFL, Families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of Antipolo. Bring glad tidings to ALPADI.

Who is this....? said...

WE have unverified report from a member of FFL that FAP will go to Vatican in a few days to convince Pope Benedict to remove the recognition of CFC as an Independent Lay Association because he is no longer connected with it.

'Unverified report' further says FAP can swing it because it was given to CFC in the first place because of him.

Pagdasal natin mga kapatid na hindi totoo, ito.

Ike Aldeguer - CFC_KFC UAE said...

I appeal to all Bros. and Sis. in CFC to refrain from adding fuel to the fire by giving unchristian comments and remarks. No matter which group you sympathize with please bear in mind that first and foremost we are CHRISTIANS and only CFC or CFCFFL second. Let not the enemy (SATAN) destroy God's love in all of us.

C.D. said...

I second Brother Ike's appeal. Lets keep it clean brothers and sisters, your comments are read by all and gives the world a window into the CFC organization.

Christian behavior is led by example.

CLP said...

Alleluia to you Bro Ike. less talk, less mistakes...

from Canada said...

bro cd,
i kindly request you to remove the comments section -just post FACTS and not OPINIONS.
Let the people absorb, pray, and discern about the facts.
some posts are almost "gossip-like" - this is not "the buzz or other talk show". we have serious issues here, some comments and blogs are just "feeding the fire".
lets put the issues at rest now that the CFC-IC, CFC-FFL, and CBCP have issued their statements.
this has been a very helpful and informative website, thank you for providing this. However, keeping it up would only give members and non-members an opporunity to open up "can of worms" (gossips) without validity. it wil continue to discourage people who are reading it to stay within the commununity or even join our worthy causes.
Lets try to keep the peace from now on.
kindly consider my suggestions.

god bless!

from canada
Singles For Christ

cfc from souther california said...

amen to brother ike.

CFC or CFCFFL, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

I second sfc-canada's suggestion as well. bro cd, your intentions may be well and good but please do not post un-Christian comments, or unverified reports. let's stop the gossips.

cfc from southern california

C.D. said...

I'll be monitoring the incoming comments better. I agree that we should keep to the topic at hand and avoid inflammatory comments.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if you will even publish this. But let's us how fair you are. I used to have great respect for the IC and their followers when they restrained themselves from responding to the alleged attacks. I was edified to see how people actually turned the other cheek. Now that I have read all these, then I lost whatever respect I have for CFC. There are always two sides to an issue - and that is just from the human perspective. Then there is the Christian perpective - but I doubt if you will undertstand that.


Anonymous said...

Although I am not inclined to join FFL,Some of their comments/charges are valid, I hope much needed reforms are instituted. I hope to see our council humbly enlist help from its members to work on the many areas that need reform.

kapatid said...

"I hope much needed reforms are instituted. I hope to see our council humbly enlist help from its members to work on the many areas that need reform."

You will be glad to know that the CFC's IC launched last Aug 25 the initial activity for the Pastoral Congress. In this initial activity, the suggestions of nearly 200 of our leaders (Metro Manila, provincial, regional leaders and overseas country heads) were solicited in such areas as personal and family renewal, relationship with priest/bishops, pastoral formation, GK, etc.

The next step will bring the topics and workshop activity to the rest of the members of MM, the provinces and foreign countries.

From Sept 21-23, there will be a CFC International Leaders Conference, to be participated by International Core of Elders, regional and country coordinators, country heads, and Phil-based leaders, including the clergy ( sectors/ and provinces have been requested to invite and sponsor their respective bishops.) Various committees for electoral reforms, Home Office operations, CFC and GK, relationship with the clergy will plan concrete action steps to follow.

The results of the CFC ILC and from various areas will be discussed at the Pastoral Congress on Nov. 17-18. The inputs will be used as the basis of the CFC council Planning, for presentaion to the community at the CFC Leaders conference in January 2008.

For the first time in CFC's history, everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the task of setting the guidelines and directions of CFC.

Source --Aug. 30, 2007 Memo from CFC Council : re CFC Pastoral Congress. Ref No. 07-43

Rejoice! We now have "bottom to top " planning; unlike before which had always been from "top to bottom."

BTW, CD, if you have a copy of the this Memo on the Pastoral Congress, you will do a great service to our brothers and sister by posting it here. The memo is after all addressed to "All CFC Elders and MEMBERS."

Bro. Ed said...

maria said...

thanks to frank padilla waking up, we dont have much fund raising for GK lately:)

Mario said...

To Maria,
It's never about the gift, it's always about GOD and the giver. Strings will bind the gift shut, hence one must to learn to give without a string.
A gift given freely, cheerfully from the heart, that is a requirement from GOD. Not from extra but from your need.
May we all learn the joy of giving! It is liberating to the soul.