Friday, August 17, 2007

Act II - Links in the Chain


The email sent by Zeny Gimenez to Frank Padilla regarding certain personal concerns has been removed per her request. It was not my intention to cause her any pain, but merely to share with others who may be unaware about certain things that she has observed.

This email is making the rounds in CFC circles as a passed along forward. Like it or not it's out there, still, my sincerest apologies to Zeny.

I will however, keep the following posted:

Questions that need to be asked and answered:

Who is Marco?

What are the affidavits?

What exactly is the "improper relationship" all about?

What is the FTPW fund?

The Pink Panther will now chase the Playboy Bunnies...

Answers tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

interesting, very interesting....

The plot has indeed thickened.

Looks like FP has so much to answer, and I hope he do so.

With this first-hand encounter on "issue zero" (the one which stemmed the whole crisis), members should be more discerning with their decisions. I do hope that members realize that their loyalties lie not with personalities but with the Lord.

JB from North B

Anonymous said...

...prettty good stuff for those who are confused. if people just know whats going on. Our council has been so loyal and meek in dealing with all of these, and I honor them for that..

..the moment GK was attacked, I am already in battle mode, coz i cannot allow the remaining hope our Filipino brethren have ,being stalled by non-sense comments that doesnt have anything to show as far as nation building is concerned. Family Life? Ask the poor people how family life is possible when they live in a shanty, the size of almost half of Tito Franks room with 12 children on it. Thats hard to comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this information. I have heard what one side has to say, your blog allowed me to get more information on the issues. Please continue with these blogs.

It's just sad that this has left those of us who know little, with a decision of whether to go with on group or the other, if this does not resolve into unity. Sadder still that most of those who are greatly affected are those who are not part of the issue but will make the sacrifice of leaving something that they have worked hard for.

It is also hard to accept that now, households instead of meeting to pray and help in spiritual nourishment, is now used to discuss these matters.

I hope that we can all survive this in the best possible manner. I pray for continued unity. I hope that in the end, we would all continue the task of renewing the face of the earth.

Question: Do you know if it is true that some workers who chose to go with FFL are now being banned from working with GK by those loyal to the Council? No one should have the monopoly of helping our brethren. When we are needy, we shouldn't have to ask who gives us food or shelter, we should accept whether we stay with the CFC or join the FFL.


One who wants to know more from Central B.

IDotRCFC said...

re: "interesting, very interesting...."

Please check every day, the facts are unfolding one at a time.

I am only posting facts and proof as they are supplied. I will not make any assumptions and state MY opinions, make your own.

I do not do this to further the rift between CFC and the Easter Group. I believe that the damage there has been done. I do believe that all the facts need to be told to help those who are not aware of them make certain decisions.

CFC needs to be an organization beyond reproach and question. I believe they have taken the first steps in making sure of that. Let us all make sure that they have all the support to keep that going.

IDotRCFC said...

Re: "Question: Do you know if it is true that some workers who chose to go with FFL are now being banned from working with GK by those loyal to the Council?"

That is a good question that will help those are wondering. GK is open to everyone, I will have to ask, but I do believe that those in administrative (Leaders) who will make the move to FFL will have to resign. If you do not crave for your adminstrative or leadership positions, you will always be welcome at GK as a volunteer.

Don't quote me on that tho, I will have to ask and I promise to find out for you.

Francis said...

Question: Do you know if it is true that some workers who chose to go with FFL are now being banned from working with GK by those loyal to the Council?
ANS: Everyone is welcome to work in GK sites, including other religious groups and companies. If an FTPW (FULL TIME PASTORAL WORKER) has joined the FFL and wants to work in any GK Site then he is welcome, but as a volunteer worker. If he or she is still working in the CFC center, then he or she should resign as FTPW. Wala na ba silang "delicadeza". If they do not, they will be like dogs biting the hands of those giving them food di ba? But it seems many of the FULL TIME PASTORAL WORKERS continue to work in CFC but have joined the FFL. Is this the brand of morality that the past leaders have inculcated on their young minds. Kaya pala kayang kayang sikmurain ang DOH Funds. I am really amazed at how two of our past top leaders can even now pretend that they are holy.

Anonymous said...

The current state of the conflict between CFC and FFL can be likened to a conflict of a married couple who were in the thick of reconciliation process, with on going dialogues and a lot of interested parties trying to help out to ensure reconciliation, unity and peace.

Unfortunately, one of the spouses (the woman) opted to join and live with her lover. In this kind of situation prospect and possibility of reconciliation is far from happening. What is worst, when the woman got pregnant and gave birth, wanted to have her child named after the former husband (CFC FFL) which I guess the authorities did not allow (SEC ruling on the registration of the new group).

Do you think with the situation we are in right now we will still be able to attain reconciliation and unification??

Anyway let’s leave it at that and let both CFC and FFL live and let live. Let each one do its share in evangelizing lost souls and FFL not to raid the members of CFC who are now in the light.

Anonymous said...

the truth is we never heard much from Frand Padilla but this blog seems to be really defensive...are we having an insecure council here who keeps talking about the crisis...there's only one answer, GET RID OF GK and we'll all live in peace.

dodong said...

I believe this conflict/crisis had all started from the buddies of the spiritually matured leaders of ours (CFC former 7 man council), who insinuated an unfounded disparaging informations on them (especially to Frank Padilla). These buddies are not yet matured enough because the aspirations in their hearts are still worldly (like, fame, wealth, popularity, etc...) a reason why jealousy, hatred, pride, etc... are obvious in this on going war of words. Personally, I salute Tony Meloto in his self denial works for the Glory of God through GK and as well as the passionate faith of Frank Padilla to living in Christ and dying is gain, which is very evident in his books and talks. Let us then forgive each other and start a new and be vigilant for the Glory of God. Let us be like Tony and Frank in their conviction to the Faith. God Bless us all!