Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Side Notes: Of Threats and Thin Veils

In light of the the previous entry, it is understandable why the CFC-FFL (formerly the Easter Group) would feel the need to send this out.

Click on the picture for a larger image:

I would wonder why they'd feel the need to threaten "legal redress" for something not even found yet...seems thinly veiled threats are the M.O. these days. Any lawyers care to comment?


Anonymous said...

wow! someone is getting defensive. overly defensive at that. maybe they should first await for names before crying persecution. talking about legal redress when they themselves do not know who may need them is just plain paranoid and stupid.

noteworthy also is that the two signatories are not even remotely mentioned in any irregularities.

CFC is inching towards bankruptcy or is already there, and the people who are responsible for the finances are gone.

Trial by Publicity? then what does FFL think of their recruitment assemblies? Why so aggressive in recruitment FFL?

Abu Gadu said...

There is a principle in law "res ipsa loquitor" which means let the fact speak for itself.

The letter on its own is now telling the world that:

1. There were irregularities committed by former CFC officers;
2. There is an in-house investigation going on;
3. The two signatories are trying to pre-empt the forthcoming result of the investigation, probably to lessen the impact that it would create in the public's mind as to the honesty, integrity and probity of these former CFC officials.
4. These officials are now claiming "persecution" and let me respond:


acc WC said...

Why do they have to threaten the Council that they will go to court when no findings has been released to date. Unless they know something that we do not know, or that they might have known while they were working in the CFC office during the time of the FFL head.

BTW, why do you have to refer to Frank's group as CFC FFL when they have already separated from CFC with the new group that they tried to register with the SEC which fortunately or unfortunately (depending on whose side you are on)was not approved.

Whoever taught them their logic I do not buy their argument that they have not left CFC. The mere fact that they registered a new group with SEC is in effect a very glaring truth that they have split with CFC.

Sana walang masamang findings from the investigation because it would not look good to the CFC members specially the poor who have been faithful in giving their tithes. Baka sabihin napunta lang sa wala ang kanilang mga ibinigay for the evangelization work of CFC.

Anonymous said...

our brothers in the council shouldn't be threatened by a simple memorandum - a fishing expedition.

several weeks have passed and nothing had been revealed regarding the investigation. it seems to me that it is the council doing the fishing and nothing was caught.

Anonymous said...

hmmm, looks like they are all guilty! from the very beginning, since I was a kid, I was already with KFC and now that I am married, I knew this would happen. All the Padillas, Aganas, Pontes have all glamour and wealth. Now I wonder, where do they get all the money? tsktsk. greediness. power. then, evil. i pity them! they might not make it in heaven. =(

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why FFL needed to go on national TV...to discredit the findings of the recent audit made by CFC. FFL is just reacting to rumours of pending disclosure of their past activities. Sending thinly-veiled threats echoes guilt.