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Thanks to an anonymous commenter in the previous entry, we now have news from the CBCP on the results of yesterday's meeting between the two CFC factions and the Bishops.

CFC opts to split

Manila, August 28, 2007 -After a whole day of deliberations with the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines Episcopal Commission on the Laity chaired by Antipolo Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes, the two conflicting groups from Couples for Christ decided to go separate ways temporarily with the hope of uniting into one later.

The parties involved are the Couples for Christ led by Bro. Jose Tale and the Couples for Christ for Family and Life chaired by Bro. Frank Padilla.

In an exclusive interview with CBCPNews early Tuesday evening, Episcopal Commission on the Laity Chairman and Antipolo Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes said the split will be temporary but both parties “will remain open to unification” in the future.

CBCP President and Jaro ( Iloilo ) Archbishop Angel N. Lagdameo, Bishops Ramon Villena of Bayombong (Nueva Vizcaya), Guillermo Afable of Digos (Davao del Sur) and Honesto Pacana, S.J. of Malaybalay (Bukidnon) attended the meeting at the Council of the Laity of the Philippines Building at Cabildo Street, Intramuros, Manila.

“The Couples for Christ for Family and Life led by Bro. Frank Padilla is now recognized as a diocesan private association of the faithful in the Diocese of Antipolo,” Bishop Reyes said. He added the group may go into other dioceses with the permission of the bishop of the place.

“It is for the bishop to decide whether to accept one or both in his area,” Bishop Reyes explained.

He said Bro. Jose Tale will look into reports that Gawad Kalinga “is veering away from the vision-mission statements of the Couples for Christ and several teachings of the Catholic church."

Asked of Gawad Kalinga’s tie-up with government and other religions, Bishop Reyes said “there is nothing wrong with tie-ups with government agencies and other religions.” He added “tie-ups with other religions should be guided by the Catholic church’s rules on Ecumenism.”

Bishop Reyes confirmed money matters had nothing to do with the conflict. He appealed to Couples for Christ members to continuously pray for their organization and continue to work in their respective communities.

"Bishop Reyes confirmed money matters had nothing to do with the conflict" seems to be an official gesture to signal an end to the warfare.

Might it just have been a coincidence then that last night's TV Patrol episode on Gawad Kalinga on the other hand, featured the Easter Group's Nonong Contreras questioning its use of donated funds?

What is it really?

It is interesting to note that GK has audit partners to ensure its financial credibility, while the CFC under Frank Padilla has yet to issue a complete financial statement.

Will the sniping continue?

I was hoping that this site could be put to rest in the quest for peace and unity after this Bishops' Dialogue, but then again....

Coming up next...

It All Depends.


Anonymous said...

Just a thought: If CFC's vision and mission as well as the Catholic Church's teachings on birth control curtails the success of GK as a model for poverty alleviation here and abroad, are we willing to let go and "share" our GK model to non-Catholics and non-Christians? Will it be a case of GK must be under CFC only?

jiggs said...

thank you for highlighting that last note of Bp Reyes - that money matters had nothing to do with the conflict. and yes, it was sad that the TV Patrol interview questioned the use of donated FUNDS! they should know better di ba...
offhand, is there a way where only CFC/FFL members will be able to view your blogspot?

Anonymous said...

It is sad that Nonong Contreras has been dishonest enough to imply such things, given GK has been audited thoroughly and found to be robust.

Wolsink said...

I think with this dialogue, issue on disobedience will now end since the bishops themselves including Bishop Gabby Reyes didn't see this as one of the main problem and that there is no disobedience at all. Hope CFC members who said that they are still "discerning" whether they will leave CFC or stay will now see the truth and start to focus back to our mission. Anyway there is nothing to "discern" about since from the beginning of this crisis. Our apologies to God for abusing or making it an excuse the Gift of Discerning.

Anonymous said...

Who really has a better financial management record -- the one pillar that is Gawad Kalinga -- with its audited statements; or the mother organization, the Couples for Christ under Frank Padilla's leadership for many years up to February 20 2007-- without a credible balance sheet?

Didn't the Bishops' say that it is not about money that's causing the split of mainstream CFC with Padilla's FFL/Easter Playboys & Bunnies?

Yet after the CBCP Meeting with both CFC & FFL yesterday, the latter's representative was yakking away on the TV Patrol!

Nonong Contreras should have followed Bishop Lagdameo's advice about discernment.

Spur of the moment decisions are normally regrettable.

Worthy of note is the other spur of the moment decision made on February 13, 2007 --- the decision to resign from the Council by one who has had total control of it for several years!

Francis said...

Inspite of the Bishop's assurance that they will not look into money matters, the fact and the reality is that during the past 26 years Frank "Biboy" Padilla did not want any auditing of funds in CFC. These include GK and the DOH project. I think the reason why Nonong Cotreras attacked the well managed and audited GK is because the Padillas want to cover up the "other" project that was poorly managed financially. His raving in the media was a direct contradiction and disobedience of Bishop Reyes statement. Perhaps they want to divert the attention to a different direction because they have a lot to hide and a lot to answer for.

Anonymous said...

Nonong Contreras got a mouthful on the phone from a BOE yesterday (wednesday) because of his TV attack on GK's finances.

I pity this brother. Hope he knows what he is doing. Destroying the credibility of not just GK but CFC as a whole.

Unverified news about him is that he has been against GK and Tony Meloto from the start. He is one of the driving force behind Habitat. Habitat hates GK. (",)

Anonymous said...

Maihambing natin ang nangyari ngayon sa isang may-ari ng bahay. 26 na taon siyang nakatira sa kanyang bahay. Sa tulong ng kanyang mga kaibigan, nakapagpatayo siya nitong bahay at sila ang nagpapaganda nito. Isang araw, napansin niyang may tulo ang bubong, kaya gumawa siya ng pagsi-ayos nito. Hindi pa rin natigil ang pagtulo at isang araw sa kanyang pagka pikon sa tulo, bigla na lang niyang sinabi sa kanyang mga kasama sa bahay na sunugin niya ito kasi hindi niya maayos ang tulo sa bubong at sinabi niya na magtatayo na lang sila ng bagong bahay na kanilang matirahan.

Ang tanong – halimbawa, sa ilang taon nilang paninirahan sa bagong bahay, magkaroon pa rin ng tulo, ano na naman ang kanyang gawin; susunugin na naman niya ito at gagawa ng bagong bahay? Sagot niya – wala akong magawa, mayaman itong aking kasama, sila naman ang gagawa niyan!

Aspiring to be God's Joyful Disciple said...

Reminder lang, mga kapatid!

Let's not forget that our primary duty is to honor and glorify God!

So paala-ala: 15 minutes of prayer & 15 minutes of scripture and regular tithing. Dagdagan natin ang prayer/scripture, kailangan natin lahat yan...CFC or FFL ka man!

May God's Peace be with you, Brethren!

jopen-SA said...

WOLSINK, i agree with you. with the CBCP statement affirming recognition, its now time to MOVE FORWARD!

FOR MC's: MAGANDANG ARAW, CFC! a new day brings HOPE, hope brings us JOY, joy allows us to MOVE FORWARD!!! let's all come and worship the Lord on our MC Gathering this Sunday Sept 2! Come and Celebrate HOPE and JOY! Let's pack the gym to the rafters! dala na rin kayo/tayo food to share... hehehehe
Praise be to GOD!

Anonymous said...

Heartbreaking is what I can say about Nonong's comments on TV Patrol the other night. It was bad enough that he went on an email rampage to CFC members, destroying and hurting everyone that he ran over. When he did stop emailing, we thought that that was it and we praised God for it. Hindi pala. We pray for you brother Nonong that you will truly find the peace of Christ. Tama na, sobra na!

CFC Emmaus said...

I would like to ask you brother to please link with up with my blog

There I have a series of articles that may help with the present situation. Please do come there and review it.


Nelson said...

why is it that FFL is always on the offensive? Pwede ba mga kapatid ITIGIL NA NATIN TO? Sayang yung mga natutuhan namin sa inyo. I think FFL is afraid about the PANDORA BOX, kaya inunahan na kayo ni Nonong Contreras.

Anonymous said...

Ang sabi ng DIYOS:
Tayo lang mga Pilipino sa Asia and hindi umaangat sapagkat sa ating mga masasamang ugali, hindi tayo marunong magpakumbaba, malakas and discrimination natin lalo na sa mahihirap, mga inggitan na ayaw nating umaasenso ang kapwa natin pilipino, nagpapaligsaan tayo sa ating mga ari-arian, pag na sa power na ay hindi na nakikinig sa mga common tao, ang pagtulong sa mga tao ay gusto ang pangalan ay nakapublish sa lahat ng periodico na sila nga ang dapat parangalan. Lahat ng matatalino ay nagpapaligsaan at ayaw patatalo sa bawat isa kaya walang unity tayong mga pilipino. Hindi ba nating napupuna na ang bansa natin ang siyang pinakuli sa asia na dati pangalawa tayo sa Japan.

Anonymous said...

this blog is very addictive... cfc's website should have an official blog where any member can leave a comment... if ffl is using the power of media propaganga through tv... cfc should use the internet... the audience is wider...

Anonymous said...

banjoeboy said......

Thank you for the love of God through CFC I have learned and share the wisdom, knowledge and the unconditional love to my fellowmen. Bro. tony Meloto was given recognition, so be it. Whatever irregularity there maybe exist in GK fix it! Who will fix? The Council with tony and Frank with humility and pure heart. we dont need to form another group to solve the problem. Fix your eyes to Jesus Christ di ba yan ang turo ninyo sa amin. Bro Tony and Frank should have a heart to heart talk. Kalimutan ang sarili para sa mga miyembro at upang maipagpatuloy service natin sa Diyos at sa bayan. Kaya natin yan dahil lang s kasikatan at mga pagkakamali ng iilan ay masisira ang Dati nating SAMAHAN. WAG NAMAN PO. magpakumbaba po tayo. Pagsamasama kayang kaya natin Kaibigan. Amen!!!!! God bless us all CFCs

ly said...

I was very much tempted to jeer at some FFL friends who had been villifying CFC after CBCP issued their latest statement on the CFC split. But with Vatican's and CBCP's recognition as well as the favorable comments and fair coverage CFC is getting in the tri-media, it is apparent that we are being vindicated, and justly so. I guess it's a signal for us to be humbled and feel magnanimous by keeping our silence and fasting from expressing unChristian remarks.Let's continue to be Christ-like specially during these trying times!!

Francisco said...

A CFC friend from Melbourne requested me to ask anyone in the Council or his Australia Country Household Head Jack (he does not know surname)if the books of Brother Frank are still acceptable as source of Book Report or Pastoral topic?

He said he wants to know the official answer of the Council of CFC, not the Council of FFL.

Anonymous said...

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the August 28 2007 CBCP Meeting to my mind are the Bishops themselves, because that meeting put a stop to whatever requests for time, for advice, for letters of comment or instructions to CFC, which to the most part seems like they were put to tasks by FFL's leader.

I think it started with that supposed letter of Bishop from Bataan who wrote to Maribel Descallar; that Gary Faustino commented on but erroneosly sent to a certain Gerry instead of the right Gerry Padilla. This letter recommended the split of GK and CFC. FFL wanted CFC to believe that that was a creation of the good Bishop. Some of the CFC members believed so they went to FFL. The right thinking ones did not go to FFL.

I think we see clearly now, with the benefit of hindsight, that dangling of that threat: Disobedience to the Bishops was a product of FFL's strategy that did not work. Consciously or unconsciously the Bishops took that bait, but could not put a penalty on its non observance.

FFL must be thoroughly saddened by that, and their witnesses of ex-GK people (Dick Manalo, Malyn Alonso and Rene Evidente) who came to give testimony on supposed wrong acts in the GK sites again did not greatly contribute to FFL's cause as it now appears from the CBCP statement of August 28, 2007.

This separation really looks like it is a case of envy and pride on some people, and its a good thing the Bishops saw through it.

I think the Bishops are glad they are out of it.

Checkmate? The question now is, Are the Bishops Friend or Foe?

Anonymous said...

I just want to affirm our leaders specially the Council members who stood strong and continued to love and live in peace and hope amidst the crisis that our community encountered. Their composure has been a great tool for the discernement of the many.

I would just like to share that my family (my parents and I) decided to believe and stick to the CFC community which we have known and loved ever since.

My personal realization on the matter is that this crisis had made a lot of members as well as leaders pray more, think more, love more, hope more, and stand firm to what they believe in.

I am saddened by the rift but at the same time, it made me realize and discover that God might really have different leadings and plans for us. Now, I am starting to be happy and content with what our brothers and sisters chose. Besides, they are still serving the same God.

Anonymous said...

Yes, kami sa FFL we are "Progressing"
sabi ng idol namin na si Frank (wala kayong kasing galing na bro !) ay nasa "Way Forward #3 na kami).

Kahit na hindi ko maintindinhan ang ibig sabihin ng sabi ni Idol Frank: We have not left CFC. WE are still in the spiritual body. Its the CFC corporate that we have left. Kaya para kaming mga multo, nandito pa rin kami pero hiwalay na tayo. Nandyan kami, hindi nyo lang makita.

Sabi ni Frank, stay daw na friends tayo. Malay mo sa bandang huli, ma kumbinsi kita.


Anonymous said...

On the issue of Vatican and BCBP recognition, isn't it correct to say that CFC remains to be the recognized group unless withdrawn/deleted? Yes, the recognition was through "efforts" of Bro. Frank as Exec. Dir (that was his job!!,but CFC was recognized as doing God's work as a community.Is there a stipulation in the recognition that if Frank Padilla leaves the community, the recognition will be bestowed to any group of his choice? Transferable ? I would like to believe that the deliberation was on CFC and not on Frank Padilla so no point of argument!

Anonymous said...

Nonong Contreras says he did not accuse GK of any anomalies. Let us all remind him of this email that he blasted to a lot of people, and the response of GK Finance Head Mike Goco who demanded for an apology.

Unfortunately, Nonong Contreras can only hide behind his mistakes.

Why would we want to join a group that obviously thrives on lies?


In these rejoinders to the latest council statement and its subsequent
clarification, the Truth Series focuses on the salient points sadly missed
by both circulars. We also pose some questions to the erstwhile 4 members of
the council to account for Bro. Lito Tayag's timely call last MC Teaching Night for more fiscal

3.4 If the current Council still proclaims that GK is still part of the
total work, isn't GK the biggest ticket item that has to be audited where funds flow in from various partners all over the world and brethren who gave their "padugos"? Can GK readily account for a complete reconciliation of inflows vs. outflows? Can there be a match between houses paid for and specific houses built? Why was this very important item forgotten and focus given to smaller ticket items like cash advances, etc.? What happened to
the unaccounted 2.5 M of former Ancop funds in Bagong Silang, the Talisay hangar, the GK expo losses, the faux pax of the Bukidnon slope that incurred the displeasure of the LGU, the abandoned Bicol project of
Lafayette Mining because the Bishops chose to defend the environment instead, the much delayed GK Manolo project in Valenzuela where the promised 50 houses have not materialized,the one year delay for GK houses based on complaints filed by Mr. Ric Ramos and his boss, Mr. Tang, the disappointment expressed by Gov. Lerias over the delivery of GK houses in Leyte? These and many more cases now face GK and since it is a pillar of CFC, the CFC members and the GK partners as stakeholders deserve clear explanations.

Some points to ponder all done in the interest of fairness and equity. We wait for answers particularly from the 4 council members who have stayed on.

God bless all CFC brethren.

We wait for answers from the Council, particularly from the 4


---- Forwarded Message ----
From: Mike Goco <>
To: "Oscar L. Contreras, Jr." <>
Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2007 3:00:58 PM
Subject: Your email of 7/21/07

Dear Nonong,

I am sending you this email to personally say that I am extremely disappointed about your email " Rejoinders to the Latest Council Statements and the MC Teaching Night of July 17, 2007", and in particular to your comments relating to the
state of GK Finances. As I mentioned to you over the phone, I wished that
you had talked to me first to clarify some facts prior to your broadcast.

For the record, let me state the following:

1. GK Foundation was incorporated in June 2003. Prior to that, all funds received and
disbursed were handled by CFC. I officially joined GK in March 2004.

2. GK acccounts are audited by Isla Lipana, the Philippine affiliate of the international
accounting firm Price Waterhouse. In fact, you were a member of the Board
of GK when the appointment of Isla Lipana as our external auditor was approved.

3. Isla Lipana has had 2 audits of GK, one for the year ended 2004 covering the period from June 2003 to Dec. 2004, and the other for the year ended 2005, both of which
have unqualified opinions. The 2006 audit is ongoing and should be completed soon.

I wish to inform you also that PCNC, the government agency in charge of all NGOs, has endorsed to BIR that GK be allowed to issue tax donation certificates for the maximum period of 5 years. This is in view of the good rating, the highest, which GK obtained after PCNC's review and assessment of its financials and operations. And, in our continuing effort to further improve our operations, SGV is now doing a Business Process Review of GK's financial and operating systems and procedures.

4. We have a complete record of all funds remitted and turned over to GK National Finance and where they have been spent or sent.

5. The unaccounted funds of Ancop Bagong Silang and also of the Bukidnon Project took place prior to the establishment of GK Foundation and as such did not even enter
the books of GK. If you have questions about them, I suggest you ask the person(s) handling the finances then. I am not aware of any financial issue or concerns relating to the other projects you mentioned, i.e. the Talisay hangar, Gov.Lerias, etc. The concerns must be operational in nature. If you know that they are of a financial nature, please advise me so we can address the concern.

6. All GK events are covered by separate financial reports (receipts and disbursements) and these are submitted to the Board for information and proper disposition.

In the interest of justice and truth, I expect an apology from you and also for a statement to clarify and correct the mis-information you sent about GK and its finances.

Your brother in Christ,


Anonymous said...

FFL has already questioned GK's integrity on national TV.

And GK has effectively been able to answer all allegations, even showing the audit results of Isla Lipana since GK's beginnings in 2003.

In the interest of fairness, let us also ask FFL, the group of Frank Padilla who is now being represented by Nonong Contreras on national TV.


If you are NOT a registered entity, why are you collecting tithes from members? DO YOU GIVE OFFICIAL RECEIPTS for the money being given to you?

Do you have an AUDIT of your financial statements to make sure that you are good stewards of the resources that you are getting from the members that are poaching from within CFC?

Let's ask Nonong Contreras to answer that.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering years ago, why UGNAYAN stopped printing the Financial Statements of CFC. What's the reason behind it? Who ordered such?

As a faithful member of the CFC, I have the right to know where our tithes go?

Anonymous said...

While both sides are busy "recruiting" members, the winner is no other than the evil one. Does no one see this or is everyone just too pre-occupied about gaining power?

There is a song about how fire purifies gold. This crisis may be a test to see who has the purest and most sincere heart.

Bong said...

I'm sharing this for each group to reflect and for everyone.


The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many. — Matthew 20:28

What does it take to disrupt the good work of a church? Just one power-hungry person.

One of my college friends, a pastor, wrote to me about a disruption in his church. People had come to faith in Christ, and membership had quadrupled. The members were active in serving the church and community.

But then one man in a leadership position began to envy the pastor’s influence. He felt he deserved more power, so he began to tear down the pastor — thinking that would increase his own stature. It didn’t matter to him what he was doing to God’s work; he wanted power and recognition. He caused such an uproar that my friend finally had to resign.

When it comes to serving Christ, we have no right to seek power. We have no calling for prestige. We have no reason to look for self-aggrandizement and recognition. How much better to serve quietly in the background, keeping in mind that Jesus, our example, “did not come to be served, but to serve” (Matt. 20:28).

Are you a pastor? A teacher? A deacon? A missionary? A church member? If you look for power, you may get it, but it will become power that disrupts the good work of your church ministry. — Dave Branon

Find out what God would have you do,
And do that little well;
For what is great and what is small
The Lord alone can tell. — Anon.

READ: Matthew 20:20-28

We lose the approval of God when we seek the applause of men.