Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If The Nose Grows....

To stay on the "children" theme of the previous entry, certain nursery rhymes come to mind when we see how the FFL is crowing about its supposedly humble founder, Frank Padilla.

In their obviously frantic effort to fit the mold described by Bishop Lagdameo in defining Frank Padilla as the founder of CFC, they have released email after email detailing in minute inscrutability the reasons why Frank is the founder of CFC, holds the "charism", and why the FFL deserves the Couples for Christ identity. It now looks like they are going "all in" on the gamble, staking the fate of their organization on whether Frank Padilla IS the founder, or not. Obviously, they've pinned the relevance, purpose, and meaning of the FFL on its leader. Without a leader who carries the "founder" title, what then will you have? You know, it might be a sign that you should be working on editing your mission/vision, eh?

On to the show, if you haven't seen it yet (seems they've blasted it out 6 times already...wait, 6? Uhm....Naaaah.), the FFL's frantic theory on Intelligent Design, este, founders and charisms HERE.

You can all read it and get confused by it, I know I did (then again, confusion is better than anger), but I'd just like to point out a little phrase in there:

"Seeing the very charism and vision and mission of CFC being destroyed, Frank started CFC-FFL, which is true to CFC’s vision, mission and charism. CFC-FFL is the CFC that is led by the CFC founder."
Pray tell, if they say that the vision and mission was being destroyed, or that its destruction is one of the FFL's reason for being (the other obvious reason being, well, they've got the "founder"), what then if it can be proven that the vision and mission has NOT been destroyed?

Lets take a look...

Does it look destroyed here? No?

Ok, how about here?

Or surely, if Couples for Christ had lost its mission/vision and charism, the OTBT would be a total failure as well, for why would its members trust its leaders with such an amount?'s not.

So the FFL's last good leg now rests on whether Frank is truly the founder of CFC. Surely the founder of CFC deserves to lead, right?

I'd like you all the read an incredibly lucid and well researched paper on why Frank himself does not believe he is the founder, written by Arnel M. Santos of CFC WestB3. Download it HERE. I don't say this very often, but this one is well worth the time.

Now, where does that put us? Frank himself in his own writing and words makes the case and proves that he is not the founder, or at least in humility, steps away from the role. He did after all, wield the sword in his GK3 paper, when he himself attributed the GK phenomenon to the Lord as His work and His only. How can Frank now claim the title of "founder?"

There is only one last straw to show, to break the back of the FFL's attempts to own up to the founding role. Just one.

Not only has Frank, in his own words, proven that he isn't the founder, he has also...

...honored someone else for it.

Lets look a bit closer, I'm sorry about the blurry image:

I believe that says, " appreciation for his work and vision as founder and spiritual head of Couples For Christ."

As some of you may know, I'm a movie buff, and for some reason, I am reminded of a scene out of The Last Samurai. It was when the Emperor of Japan finally realized that his advisers were leading him wrong and destroying his country, all for their own selfish motives.

To our beloved, hotheaded brothers over in the Easter Group, a small word of advice I try to give myself everyday; be careful what you say, being a fallible human myself, I know that words don't taste as good going back in as they do coming out.


concerned4truth said...

Hi CD. I can't seem to download the file of Arnel M. Santos' notes. Can you please relink?

Salamat po!

C.D. said...


The link works:

Try it again here:

or here:

Anonymous said...

This is DANTE, risen a from self-imposed stillness. Like many, I could not help but rise in defense of my community because of the recent emails I got from the Easter group/writer trying to explain for us Bishop Lagdameo's letter calling Frank the founder and keeper of the CFC charism.

My comments:
1) Parang dejavu that last year our agony started with a statement from A BISHOP who called us "disobedient" to his suggestions. Then things broke loose! Now, another bishop ay nagbitaw ng mga salita na pinagsisimulan na naman ng heated discussion between Frank's followwers/defenders against the rest of CFC that remains loyal to the community.

2)The latest "Frank is the Founder of CFC" piece that was emailed to many of us by the Eater group/writer was a master in contortion and acrobatics. Para bang pilit na pilit ipasok ang katawan sa small box so that Frank will fit the picture and label that the good bishop gave FAP. Wow!, yun lang ang nasabi ko.
Buti na lang that I remember reading Gerry P.'s account of the beginnings of CFC in our Silver Boog that clearly belies the bishop's label and the Easter writer's attempt to make Frank fit the picture of the founder of CFC. In fact we can all ask Manny Garcia, one of the original 16 who took the LSS (not CLP because there was no CFC yet)to corroborate the story that LNP, through Vic Gutierrez brought them together.

This is DANTE ready to defend the community and reporting for duty again!

mindboggler said...

dear cd,

yes, am also back ready to defend the community.

question: why is the Vatican recognition important?

answer: maybe, it would have been better if we did not have it... but, the Lord has given it to us. now, it is incumbent upon all of us to defend it!

just like the name COUPLES FOR CHRIST. maybe, it would have been better if we were not named that way. but, since the Good Lord gifted it to us, it is our duty now to defend it to the last blood.

it is really perplexing why the people who turned away from the community still wants all that the community have (except the debts, the problems, etc.). they want the recognition, they want the monies (EFI, TEODORA, etc.)... and yet they bang us all around. using the bishops and the clergy, they are it again.

brothers and sisters, be vigilant. the next CBCP plenary in june or july is their next target. they almost skewered it last january if not for bishops who remained friendly and supportive of CFC. we cannot be complacent. sustain your good relationships with the bishops and the clergies. OTHERWISE, they will do everything to make inroads in the CBCP and you know what will happen next.

thank you CD for resurrecting the blogspot .....

Anonymous said...


ang galing mo naman, the saviour of cfc! pero parang nakakasawa na rin ang sinasabi mo yata, kahit na you're trying hard to make your opinions interesting and with substance. hindi kaya ego na lang yan? talaga bang napilitan ka lang magdefend ulit, sila kasi eh :).

Anonymous said...

let us continue to fight the good fight of faith, but let's be sure to do it in spirit and in truth. be disciples of Christ and love one another!

brother ryan

Anonymous said...

This is "Show Me"

Mabuhay kayo mga kapatid! My leader commented to me: "I thought this is all over because we have been moving on".

Sabi nga po, we must be watchful because the "devil" does not sleep! After the separation I told my leader, "watch it, you will see that those who separated will have much to say, much noise to create, much confusion to web because the burden of proving themselves right is on their shoulders. They “need” to justify their actions." Comforme po ba kayo?

To the anonymous SFC, our faith is between us and God and does not depends on what others do. If you want order in your life, then you need to create a personal relationship with Him. Sana malaman mo na mahal na mahal ka ng Panginoong Diyos at mahal ka rin namin, hindo po ba mga kapatid?

Good work CD, I see most bloggers are back in circulation. Dito the amin, ako ang sinusunog ng FFL. Pero mayaman sa pagmamahal ang puso ko kahit sa mga taong isang landas lamang ang nakikita (tunnel vision)

Yes, let us fight a good fight to defend what is for God, let us be more prayerful and discern, discern, and discern mga kapatid. Jesus I trust in You!

Thanks CD,
From the Show Me State

Globen said...


I think you're missing the message the Holy Spirit is trying to convey to all of us through Archbishop Lagdameo's circular. God, I think is telling us that love, unity, and respect for one another are more important than trying to defend the name "Couples for Christ". The Archbishop may have been misinformed about who the real founder of CFC was, but I can discern that he was speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit when he called for love, unity and respect for each other. We (FFL or CFC) are part of one Body of Christ (that is if we do really love our brothers and sisters even if they do us wrong).

Are we not falling into pride? The pride of being called Couples for Christ. Are we practicing idolatry here by hanging on to the name CFC no matter what?

To me the real Couples for Christ is the one who's giving him/herself up for Christ by following His teachings of love, respect, and unity. Do you think Christ was kidding when He said: "Love your enemies"?

I hope we all continue to inspire each other to be true Couples for Christ.

Dallas, Texas

I'm just curious, how come you still hide under that "CD" name?

In Defense of IDOTRCFC and CD's EGO said...

To Anonymous said...

cd,ang galing mo naman, the saviour of cfc! pero parang nakakasawa na rin ang sinasabi mo yata, kahit na you're trying hard to make your opinions interesting and with substance. hindi kaya ego na lang yan? talaga bang napilitan ka lang magdefend ulit, sila kasi eh :).

Pwede i-qualify mo statement mo...

1. alin part ng buong blog na ito ang nakakasawa?

2. share mo naman saan entry nag-eego trip si C.D.

3. saan ko mababasa na napipilitan mag-defend ulit si CD?

... and lastly, may recommended site ka ba na di BORING?


C.D. said...

To Globen from Dallas, Texas,

Greetings to you in the great state of Texas, where everything is "bigger", so they say. =)

Just to clarify, I believe (you are of course entitled to your own opinion), that I got his message loud and clear. The question should be, is whether the FFL did as well. If you question if we are really loving our brothers even when they are doing us harm, I honestly and fully believe we are. Why do I say that? Because I do not see the IC or anybody in CFC attacking FFL the way they are attacking us. I only seek to draw attention what the FFL are doing. It is one thing to love our brothers who do us wrong, another to attempt a brother correction, and still another to have to defend ourselves from harm. I'm sure you see the difference, right?

Pride, hmm. I take no pride in what I do. In fact it hurts me to have to keep this blog up, because the time I spend on this blog could be well spent serving God or my fellow man. If you do not understand the necessity of this blog, then I will have to accept that we have a difference of opinions. We both will reckon with the Lord on that one, when the time to do so comes.

As for idolatry of the CFC name? That's the first time I've heard it called that. We are merely seeking to preserve what we have, so that it can continue to do the good work it has done. There are many GOOD reasons why CFC would like to preserve the CFC name, you said it yourself, ", respect, and unity." You have to ask yourself: Who is trying to keep things together, and who is trying to break things apart. Once again, if you do not agree with that, you are entitled to your opinion. I'm not trying to change your mind.

Brother Joben, there is no need to remind us to love our enemies, we surely don't see the FFL as enemies, and would never even call them as such. I hope you can agree with that.

In Christ,



I don't "hide" behind the CD moniker, I've answered this many times before; Mostly it is because this blog shouldn't be about ME and my personality, keeping anonymous keeps the attention on where it is needed, defending CFC. I take no pride in what I do, in fact I wish I didn't have to do it, it is just something that needs to be done.

Anonymous said...


JUST CONTINUE DEFENDING OUR COMMUNITY. Nandito lang kami to support you all the way. While defending, we do not stop with our evangelization. Nasa 3rd talk na kami ng CLP namin in a depressed area. There are 2 ongoing CLPs here in our cluster and another will open in March.We still are friends with our brothers sa kabila kahit na sinisiraan kami just so lumipat sa kanila yung iba. Pero, we still forgive them and when we meet, beso beso pa din as if wala silang sinabi against us! We really try so hard to practice "Love One Another" mula ng bumaba kami from Baguio kahit punit punit na ang puso at damdamin namin!

CD, parang akma din sa iyo yung song na "Thy word, is a lamp unto my feet and the light unto my path" na kinakanta namin sa mass before the gospel.

We love you Bro!!!!

mike said...

Sorry folks!

I'm still high from the the effects of the 15th SFC-ILC @Home, Singles in God's heart...

If I could just hug all of you... especially the FFL brethren... hug you tighter...

I am here!

(also @Home - in God's heart)

CFC Ostrich said...

Why are we being asked to become CFC DEFENDERS ?

1. To counter the bad image that the CFC has received especially in the cyberworld
2. We are called to defend CFC because there is a constant threat to disunite the community
3. And the most obvious reason is because God commanded us to be such.

The fact that CFC is under attack (time and again) then we need to fight the good fight of the faith without shrinking back. We need every CFC brethren to keep at bay the negative criticisms and prejudices seeking to undermine the existence of the REAL CFC.

As CFC defenders, we must be ready at all times to answer anyone who asks us to explain the hope we have in us, but with gentleness and respect.Keep our conscience clear, so that when we are insulted, those who speak evil of our good conduct, as followers of Christ will become ashamed of what they say (1Peter3: 8-16)

If there was ever a time that CFC DEFENDERS are needed, now is the time !

C2CD said...

Globen said...
...I think you're missing the message
...God, I think is telling us that
...I can discern that
...To me

myself, also want to share in your wisdom

Why is it okay for you to take away the name CFC from the REAL CFC and not okay to DEFEND it?

DCFC (defender of cfc) said...

Slumbook entries:
Favorite tool:

Favorite exercise-

Favorite sport:
Public speaking

Favorite hobby:
writing books for 40 days

Favorite lines:
I did not live CFC

Favorite hobby:

Favorite activity:
Public Speaking- Restoration Assemblies

Favorite nickname:

Real name:
Destroyer of CFC

Anonymous said...

Hi CD. This sunday the 5th sunday of Lent is called "Forgiveness Sunday". No kidding. We are suppose to reflect on the fall of Adam & Eve and theirseparaton from God, then focus on our need for God's forgiveness and infinite Love. So sabihin na lang natin sa FFL kahit na anong ginagawa niyo forgive namin kayo. Because we have been give a task this year that is so difficult.. LOVE ONE ANOTHER. KAHIT NA SILA AY FFL.


Anonymous said...

hello tito CD and mga kapatid.. God's love be with you all. Lets hope and pray that CD's letter to Bishop Lagdameo will reach the good bishop asap.

2nd, i hope and suggest that we have a common prayer time for tito Frank Padilla. I'm so touched and aweded on the IC and everybodys humility kahit na everybody knows si Tito Frank tlga ang problema. Or let me correct myself, not tito Frank but his ego and pride.

Tingin nyo?..


kadikit ng pusod mo - Nando Villareal - Marikina said...

kung kino-concentrate nyo lang sana ang energy na ito sa pag serve sa mga kapatid natin na nangangailangan ng tulong (and i do not mean mockery or criticism) mas natutuwa sana ng Diyos sa atin.

nanghihinayang ako na sa dinamidami ng man-seconds, man-minutes, man-hours, kuryente, utak at pera na ibinubuhos dito, ang dami na sanang kapus-palad na nakinabang. aaminin ko kahit ako nagbigay pansin dito ng mahabang oras para magbasa ng mga entries ninyo mga kapatid. ang saya dahil we keep in touch through this hatred blog (o aminin nyo na na hindi pagmamahal yang ibinibigay nyo ke Frank. galit kayo sa kanya in one way or another. siya ang sumira sa comfort zone ninyo, di ba?) pero malungkot dahil hindi ito ang avenue para magmahalan tayo at ipakita sa Diyos na meron tayong ipinaglalaban na karapatan.

i was totally hyped up noong bumoto ako sa pagpapatuloy ng blog na ito. ngayong bumalik ako sa blog na to, hindi na masaya at wala na ang rage sa loob ko.

sana ganoon din yung mga ibang matagal na dito. the likes of jiggs, neokid, sleepless, et. al. pakiramdam ko pagod na kayo, lalo ka na CD. pagkasabi mo ng "I take no pride in what I do, in fact I wish I didn't have to do it, it is just something that needs to be done." e pilit na pilit ang pagka ps mo. ang unsolicited advice ko, pahinga ka muna CD. marami tayong retreat ngayon. just try one with your wife.

sa mga kapatid, kababayan, kalahi at kapuso, maraming salamat sa mga mata ninyong nagbasa nito. wala akong stage 4 cancer, meron akong pamilya, meron akong bahay at kaunting ari-arian. meron akong community na namimighati sa iba't-ibang pagkakataon. sa Easter Sunday, sana tapos na ang bangayan natin sa isa't-isa. wish ko lang 'to. but i will fervently pray for it. umiyak si Hesus nung namatay si Lazaro. sana tapos na rin ang iyak natin sa namatay nating relasyon sa bawat isa.

Who is Paul, Who is Apollos? said...

So let's see...what, 9 months after the Easter Playboys and Bunnies' meeting minutes come out with every outcome the same - FFL Leaders disrupting the normal election process and reinstating Frank Padilla to power over CFC - we now have FFL leaders releasing a diatribe of how Frank Padilla is the one and only leader of CFC (written by Frank Padilla referring to himself in the 3rd person?)...and everyone should follow him.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Personally, I'm with the Apostle Paul writing in Corinthians 1 - "I've heard there are disagreements among you: Some are saying I follow Paul, others I follow Apollos.

But, who is Paul? Who is Apollos?

There is only Jesus worth following."


The point is, I'm tired of FFL's territorial claims.

I have a bad taste in my mouth now from all these claims of 'right of leadership'.

If the Apostle Paul disclaimed any right to lead lest others be distracted from Jesus, I wish Frank Padilla would do the same. I have to admit, I hold St Paul in higher esteem.

To me, CFC will always be Couples For *Christ*, never Couples For Frank, or any other human leader.

Our leaders never ought to think more highly of themselves than St Paul thought of himself.

Sleepless in NJ said...

"I thought I was out....
they pull me back in...."

First, I want to share that here, in NJ, we are working to share God's love with others. We had 1 Youth camp completed and working on another. We completed one CLP and one more just started. We continue to relate with our brothers and sister in FFL. But there are days(emails) that the call to love could be challenging. And, Me and my wife are attending our household.

The best part of my experience this year is I found my peace in God when I understood Bro. Tale's sharing, "This is not my community... it is God's community." I found my trust in HIM and He will see us through our spiritual journey. If it is HIS will to remove this community in world then let HIS word be done.

But i still encourage others to share, opine, testify, and even complain... we might disagree in many things but We are always here ready to listen.

My wife once told me... "i dont want you to solve my problems but... i just hope you could only listen to me." Maybe that is why God still continues to use this forum... a place where we can share our hurts, faith, journey, anger, etc... and someone can relate to our experiences and that we are not alone.

Sleepless in NJ
(btw I always sleep at 12 or 1, it is my nature, hehehehe)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I have to be blunt...
we have our own paths toward holiness. I find people who tell me they tell me na mas matutuwa sana ang Diyos sa akin kung ganito ang gagawin brimming with self-righteosness and feeling important in himself. You can be that way without mocking or being critical.

Even the Lord presented his sermon on the mount in the most humble way ... "Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" and so on. Kung ang mga self-righteous ang magsasabi nito siguro ganito ang mga salita... "Maging poor in spirit kayo kagaya ko kasi the Kingdom of Heaven will never be yours." Jesus could have said it that way dahil may karapatan Siya dahil He is perfect but instead He put it oh so lovingly. Kaya nga love na love natin si Lord kahit nagse-sermon na Siya.

This blog site will never be a waste of time for those who find release in many human feelings and emotions that will otherwise be pent up. I hope and pray I can be tolerant to others kasi si Lord kung hindi mapagbigay sa akin matagal na akong patay.

I believe those who impose their holiness in others will find themselves being unchristian to others in the end.

God bless

Troy of West C

Jiggs said...

bro. nando villareal,

salamat sa paalala mo. if you think it is a waste of time spending time in this blog - to me its not. i dont think its a waste of time defending CFC. if you're tired of defending, dont worry others will do it for you.

saka dont worry, hindi lang ito ang pinagkakaabalahan namin. we do the work of CFC pa rin naman. sinisingit lang ito in-between breaks. :)

sabi ni troy, this blog is used to vent out some things in our hearts na hindi mo mailabas. and sabi naman ni sleepless, this is a place where we can share our opinions and kuro-kuro. yun lang yun bro. we welcome your opinion and advice.

on your Easter Sunday wish, sabihin mo rin yan sa kabila. tell them to stop sending emails na lang din.

thanks and God bless.

Anonymous said...

I vote that you keep this blog:
- hanggang merong FFL ang magsasabing CFC sila or CFC-FFL
- hanggang merong taong magsasabing si Frank Padilla ang founder ng CFC. Ipaalam natin globally na si Vic Gutierrez ang founder. Ano? Hindi nila kilala si Vic, i-send natin ang picture o picture ng plaque man lang.
- hanggang merong pari o bishop or archbishop ang magre-recognize sa kanila. tayo lang ang puwedeng tawaging CFC!

Yes, it's okay:
- to malign FFL and call them name, sila din naman ah at nauna pa. at hindi naman nila kilala kung sino tayo, so keep up cd!
- anong love one another? love kung love din ang ipapakita ng FFL

Yes, we are the defenders of CFC, sometimes offenders but it's okay our name is still Defenders. Huwag din nilang agawin ang pangalan na yon ah.

Yes, brothers and sisters, we are not doing this for anything, not for ego especially, we are doing this for the love of CFC.

Yes, I vote to keep this blog and what it represents for this year and years to come. Yes, it's not a waste of time.

garnet said...

If you can get hold of the Ugnayan Insert in the CBCP monitor, that would be a good copy to spread around - it has the History of CFC, with pictures of Vic and Agnes Gutierrez who willingly agreed to be interviewed and Fr. Herb Schneider together with Manny and Ditas Garcia, one of the original 16 couples in CFC.

elv - toronto said...

Bro. Nando Villareal,

Peace be w/ you bro. You seem to imply that our time spent here is wasted. I believe it made CFC stronger. We are sharing our pains, joys, even imperfections. Can you share your patience and bear with us. This is our community striving to follow Christ, pls. don't leave us but if you are too good and righteous, you are free to go and seek like-minded bros. & sis. May God always be with you.

Anonymous said...

People! Guess the word to which the following definitions apply:

1. unreasonable conviction of one's own extreme greatness, goodness, or power ...

2. obsession with oneself

3. a psychological state characterized by delusions of grandeur

4. a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of honor, power, glory or even (gasp!) omnipotence and (double gasp!) infallibility - often generally termed as delusions of grandeur...

Answer: megalomania.

Kayo naman, akala ninyo starts with F and sagot, 'no?

Hmmm, but on second thought...

(Aray! Nabatukan ako ng asawa ko.)

Anonymous said...

To mike who's still high from the SFC ILC:

Your FFL brethren has hugged you even before you wanted to give them hugs. I'm sure CD and the others here failed to mention that it was FFL brothers/titos that set up the conference site bec global ftw's asked them for help. You can easily verify that with Melo Villaroman and Bob Lasala who called and asked for help. Even during your Disciple's weekend in Baguio FFL people also helped out the special events team but only Melo had the decency to call and say thank you.

If that's not love for you then I don't know what you call that.

cd, I'm sure you won't even publish this but I just hope when it's your time to face God and He'll ask you if you TRULY loved your brothers and sisters in Christ that you would be able to answer him with a BIG YES!


mike said...

Am still on cloud 9!

To Anonymous: you know who you are!

If you could just state your name so I can hug you personally when I see you!

Also the names of the FFL brethren who helped out in setting up the conferences.

You can also ask the FFL brethren who gets to see me. I am the first one to approach them and greet them with a firm handshake and a loving beso-beso.

mike said...

Bro. Nando!

soon as we get to see each other...
you know what's coming to you...

a great big hug!!

concerned4truth said...

Problem is, best case scenario if Frank managed to win power again by force?

The exodus of thousands if not hundreds of thousands from CFC, in disillusionment.

I already know someone who left CFC because of how they saw their former leaders acting.

I also know someone who vowed they would never be part of "something like CFC" after seeing FFL's Nonong Contreras attacking Gawad Kalinga on television here.

Sure...make a claim for leadership. Lose everything.

TruthShallSetYouFree said...

1 Corinthians 15:33

Do not be misled: "Bad company corrupts good character."