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If there was any better way to unvalidate such an expensive attack, I'd love to know about it. WillyJ, Joni, and company have already expertly rebutted it and exposed the true, flawed character in which it was written. but William Esposo's response to Nonong Contreras' wordy paid ad in the Philstar shows how a rejoinder is done and caps it off with a flourish.

The many responses from people who support GK says it all. It is a stark contrast to what Mr. Contreras did, which seemed more like one man's ego driven campaign to prove that he is right, and all else is wrong. IF you are right Mr. Contreras, you won't have to put out a paid ad to prove it, your actions should speak louder than words. If your actions truly have the support of the FFL community, they should now come to your "rescue."

Kudos to everyone and to the Philstar texters who called a spade a spade. Crab Mentality it is.

Defending an indefensible position

AS I WRECK THIS CHAIR By William M. Esposo

Sunday, May 25 2008 (

“They are defending an indefensible position,” was how my good friend Conrad de Quiros aptly described the pathetic situation of the modern Pharisees who have been undermining the genuine Christian work of Gawad Kalinga (GK).

Despite enlisting the witting or unwitting support of National Council of the Laity Director, Bishop Gabby Reyes, and that of Vatican head of the Pontifical Council of the Laity, Stanislaw Cardinal Rylko, Couples for Christ (CfC) former head Frank Padilla isn’t getting any sympathy from Filipinos who continue to express their wholehearted support for GK.

This is very evident in the many responses I have received in my mailbox and most especially — the May 12 Inbox of the Philippine STAR where overwhelming unanimous support for GK was registered. STAR Editor-in-Chief Isaac G. Belmonte agreed with me that the May 12 Inbox was the very first instance when the texters agreed on a single position — to support GK.

Ever since the STAR Inbox (an innovative feedback mechanism that earned for the STAR an award) was launched — it has never happened that the participating texters ever agreed on one position. The text messages last May 12 came from all over the country and these are folks who paid the SMS cost to be able to register their sentiments.

There were many more text messages that could not be published due to space limitations. Other than to screen those that use foul language and are irrelevant to the topic, it is STAR policy to promote discussion and a clash of ideas.

However, last May 12, the unthinkable happened. When asked the question of the day — “What words do you have for Gawad Kalinga?” — all texters praised GK. Some even condemned those whom they described as the “crabs” who are trying to undermine GK.

Following are some of those Inbox text responses.

The one good thing

I’ve always nurtured a burning desire to give back to my country in my own little way. Seeing Gawad Kalinga with all its accomplishments gives me a sense of fulfillment, knowing that its deeds come from those with a similar vision though I can only share in spirit. The tribe is increasing, so all I can say is keep up the good work. Gawad Kalinga is definitely the only good thing happening right now in this country. ­— Imee Aglibot, Rizal

An inspiration to us

Gawad Kalinga is an example of what NGO should be ‑ one that really provides service to the community. It built thousands of homes for the homeless, put up livelihood programs, established health care and provided education to the poor. Gawad Kalinga’s success also inspired Filipinos all over the world to contribute billions for its projects. — Robert Young Jr., San Juan

I see your noble deeds every time. I am thankful that there are still Good Samaritans like you in spite of the many gluttons around. — Rose Leobrera, Manila

It’s a blessing whose time has come, to give hope to the poor. Despite all the corruption and immorality in government, Gawad Kalinga inspires us all. ‑ Leonard Villa, Laoag City

The need of the poor is urgent. Gawad Kalinga will make us one nation, a united nation. It will rebuild this country. Kudos and God bless. — Johann Lucas, Quezon City

Spare it from crab mentality

Gawad Kalinga is a project that gives hope to the poor. I’d like to add that if it was given full support by the government and the private sector to go full swing all over the country, it will help solve many of the social problems existing in depressed areas that affect us all. I pray that this worthy project be spared from the destructive Filipino trait of crab mentality. ‑ I. Calata, Paranaque City

Gawad Kalinga’s efforts for the homeless poor are laudable and noble. Sadly, there are some who are envious and are shamelessly trying to discredit it. — Rey Ibalan, Antipolo City

While the world is all praises for the unprecedented effort of Gawad Kalinga, some Filipinos are not happy about its phenomenal success, showing the highest form of crab mentality. It’s unfortunate that some of those responsible for Gawad Kalinga’s growth and success are now frantic in their effort to discredit and destroy Gawad Kalinga for personal and selfish motives. But, like all good things, Gawad Kalinga will never die. — Rodolfo Capili, Caloocan City

Keep up the good work

For Gawad Kalinga, may your tribe increase! Don’t let your faith, good work and prayers slow down because God won’t. — Pat Miranda, Marikina City

Gawad Kalinga is the epitome of goodness to mankind, especially to the poorest of the poor. Keep up the good work and God bless. — Lito Sandico, Quezon City

Should teach politicians a thing or two

May Gawad Kalinga and Tony Meloto’s selfless dedication and fruitful service to our needy serve as a wake up call up to our self-serving leaders to change for the sake of the nation, otherwise, we’ll remain an international pariah competing for the despicable tag as Asia’s most corrupt. — William Gonzaga, Marikina City

If only the government will stand on the principles by which Gawad Kalinga was founded, then there’s still hope for our country. We can still be viable. — Jim Veneracion, Naga City

No words could aptly describe its poverty alleviation project. Where the government struggles, Gawad Kalinga succeeds. — Leandro Tolentino, Batangas City

To our fellowmen in Gawad Kalinga, your effort to build shelter for our financially incapacitated kababayans is beyond words. As a mission for the goodness of humanity, it’s a true act of a Good Samaritan, unlike the acts of some crooked businessmen and politicians who advertise their “humanitarian” acts as a deodorant. We salute you for that. — Elpidio Que, Vigan

Reliving the bayanihan spirit

With Gawad Kalinga, people from all walks of life are greatly inspired to discover a living and loving God in the heavenly eyes of the needy. — Renato Taylan, Ilocos Norte

Gawad Kalinga’s doing great. Those with the superstar complex who have always wanted their names to appear on billboards should wait for their time. — Manuel Abejero, Pangasinan

I have only but high praises for Gawad Kalinga. It is one human-centered project conceptualized with amiable hearts and enlightened minds. A number of my men are thankful recipients of the project. They now have a house and a lot, having built their house in the bayanihan spirit, with Gawad Kalinga concept as the guiding spirit. Mabuhay! — Rey Onate, Palayan City

Christianity in action

It is Christianity in action. By building homes for the poor, GK gives the poor new hope in life. — Edwin Castillo, Tanauan City

Gawad Kalinga symbolizes real Christianity (read Catholicism) in action! My compadre bought a Gawad Kalinga raffle ticket for P500 and won a 66 Mustang GT, which he is selling for P1.5 million so he can donate it back to Gawad Kalinga and build thirty-plus homes for the poor! He is a full-time Couples for Christ lecturer (and singer) and gives talks with his pretty wife. Mabuhay ka , pare ko, mabuhay ang Gawad Kalinga! — Gerii Calupitan, Mandaluyong City

It is genuine faith in action. — Eddie Cago, Digos City

Gawad Kalinga is the embodiment of the Christian spirit of brotherhood and love of fellowmen, a beacon of hope to keep the dignity of man. — C. Fundales, Bulacan

It’s love in action, thus making Jesus’ word come alive in that we are brothers all. — Myrna Militante, Quezon city

Gawad Kalinga is simply God calling apostles to serve humanity unselfishly! I salute them and bow to their mission, vision and humane work, which are living legacies of Christ’s ways. — Geoffrey Gumban, Davao City

God’s masterpiece

Gawad Kalinga is truly God’s work. I felt it when we joyfully and lovingly gave what little we had, plus blood and sweat, to help build Gawad Kalinga homes in Surigao City. L.C. Fiel, Quezon City

It’s God’s masterpiece implemented by his disciples for his less fortunate children. — Lydia Reyes, Bataan

Gawad Kalinga is a noble project with a great mission. — N.V. Lansangan, Tarlac

God will bless this people because they just do in part what Christ did on earth. — Pastor Manalastas, Cagayan

These are the people — the Church. Only a Pharisee would have the arrogance to dare question their esteem and appreciation for a truly Christian work that fulfills Christ’s commandment to love the least of our brethren.

* * *

Read more of William Esposo's take on the modern Pharisees HERE.

(Thanks for the special mention, William, and thank you for helping get the word out.)

Read about a GK volunteer's experiences here:

Jonny comments:

Hi C.D.

Thanks for the honorable mention you gave my blog at the end of this post.

It's truly an honor to serve as part of GK! As I worked with an American corporate here last week, I was reminded so strongly of that.

He said something along the lines of "It's the children that impact you the most. You don't realize until you see a GK village just how much difference this work is making to the future of these children."

I remember now that it was the children singing the Gawad Kalinga song in Baseco that first brought tears to my eyes when I was just a tourist in Manila, and ultimately inspired me to come and volunteer here.

I remember when all this conflict broke, Kuya Luis O. said to us, "Whatever happens, we will defend the poor! We will work to make sure this does not hurt them."

Thanks for defending those whose hearts have been impacted by injustice, exploitation - and even more so by the invitation of God to play a part in addressing this.

In the GK office, at a desk across from mine, a printed A4 paper stuck on the wall said it all:

"We are building God's Kingdom."

We pray, "Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven"...and we can't ignore the call to work for that cause :)

Once again, thanks for the honorable mention here. :)
It was my pleasure Jonny, keep up the GREAT work.


Dante said...

Hey, kilala ko yung isang Philstar texter. Hindi siya GK worker nor CFC member but it is apparent that he believes in the work of CFC and GK. Unlike some of our separated brothers and sisters some of whom embraced GK before. Ano yun, nag-plastikan lang ba sila, then?

Anonymous said...

how come FFL blog doesnt have any comment section??? parang so one sided that they can only say their piece but cannot accept other opinions about their topics. I know they are reading this, try nyong maglagay ng comment section just like here and CBCP that will be nice cause u will have higher google rating and hits kasi lam ko daming gustong magtanong sa mga write up nyo rin for clarifications :D

Anonymous said...

If I may just ask, what is Mr. Nonong Contreras' "official" designation/position in the FFL? It seems he already wields an almost absolute free hand in issuing statements on behalf of the FFL. Are his barrage of pronouncements, officially recognized by the FFL? If not, then we could just ignore the guy. If yes, then let FFL now make the official acknowledgement in print. I could still clearly remember that FP used to claim that "they" did not leave the Spiritual body of the CFC but only the Corporate CFC, whatever that means. But now it's obvious that if there's anything that runs like a Corporate entity, it will be the FFL represented by its media spokeperson, Mr. Nonong Contreras.

Pilosopo Tasyo

solidyfc said...

Di ba po sabi ni God

"Thou shall not have no Gods before me"

If you remember Saint Paul while he was in one of his missions. There is a certain bible verse where he found out a altar written...

"To the unknown God"

Except of criticizing this altar saying its idolatrous, bad, yada, yada, yada...instead he encouraged and converted more people by CHRISTIANIZING this altar, by saying that the unknown God that they worhsip is the God he preaches.

This way he has reached more converts

Relevance to the situation of GK?

Magulo po ang FFL, they claim one issue after another. They are just making the issue evolve and evolve.

Their first issue is VEERING AWAY because we are forgetting Christ in GK? Because GK is not an evangelization for Christ anymore? Aren't we supposed to follow Saint Paul's example, taking them one day at a time. Then CHRISTIANIZING their ideas?

And what the heck happened to ecumenism? The unity of all Christians?

What happened to loving our neighbors, even though they are not Christians?

Are we supposed to condemn them? telling them? You can't help in God's Work beccause you are sinful?

Isn't that how a Pharisee acts? A proud and boastful person?

I know as a laity I have no right of accusing the bishops of hypocrisy? But dba po un po ang gnawa ni Tito Frank sa Book niyang Friend or Foe?

There are many Judases in the world today. WHat the heck happened to them? Like Caritas? How could they tolerate that?

What the heck happened to loving the sinners, and slowly letting them understand the true meaning of the Gospel?

Tanong lng po sa Bishops and FFL.


or are they just there to help? and there to love and let others feel the love of Christ?



FFL Titos and Titas? What happened to you? Where are you going...

Maybe this maybe a hurtful thing to say...

But kaya yata pinabayaan ni God ang because guzto niya matanggal ang mga pasaway



Pinagtataka ko...bakit sila masyado focus sa CFC, when about sa receiving Funds?

The solution is simple...they...must...



teka nga lang? kailan pa ba sila umamin na nagkamali sila?!?!? ahhahah :D

Anonymous said...

Dito sa office, marami akong mga kaibigan na taga-ibang lay community, taga-ibang religion. Naniniwala sila sa GK. Pati nga mga managers namin, gustong mag-volunteer sa GK. Taas noo sila sa CFC....

hay, talaga nga naman... mga alimangong sinungaling...

hindi lang pang-pamilya, venue mo'y inaagaw pa!

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

I'm teary-eyed. I'm lost in words. Thanks to all those who continue believing.

Athrun Atreides said...

CD, I was about to point out this article, but I read your reply to SleeplessandDesperate, so I was relieved once more.

(Sorry, CD, SleeplessandDesperate was actually me. I wasn't feeling too Athrun Atreides-y at the time. Besides, I needed to show you the link.)

However, I'm still concerned that GK has not actually issued a statement or shown anything to rectify the situation there. Do you know of any updates? Thank you.

(PS. Sorry if I'm asking you that question. I'm just concerned that the people at GK, both from National and from Pampanga, do not know about this matter, or else they would have addressed it by now. I've tried asking the people from our province, and even emailed GK about these things, but I haven't received any response.)

Salamat sa Diyos said...

Praise God that despite all efforts to scandalize and undermine, Gawad Kalinga's practical evangelism is still successfully showing Christ to the wider Philippine society :)

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

Ganoon din po dito sa office, they have high regard to CFC's GK work. Kaya noong nabalitang nag-split, isa lang ang alam nilang dahilan - INGGIT!!!
FFL has been claiming that GK over-emphasize the social over the spiritual. This is just simply justifying their act of leaving the one body/community CFC. Those who claimed that GK is just a social endeavor have NOT actually LOVED the poor among us. They have NOT learned the true meaning of Christian living and sharing. For as I often proclaimed: "AS LONG AS YOU HAVE NOT REALIZED THAT EVERYTHING YOU HAVE COMES FROM THE GRACE OF GOD, YOU WILL NEVER HAVE THE COURAGE TO SHARE IT".

God bless us all!!!


Athrun Atreides said...

Oh no!


Check their schedule here!

Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking, I think everyone's being hypocritical. You're all complaining that the other won't stop "targeting" you but none of you won't stop what you're doing. I'm sorry but I'm just telling the truth. The whole blog thing is just fuel to feed the flames. If you want to do your thing, then do so without having to attack the other group.

And you call yourselves Christians...

Anonymous said...

The PhilStar texters only prove that there are a lot of Filipinos who are appreciative of GK's good works; and now if such good works are combined with the exercise of faith....then you have a people who are now on the road to following Christ.

Even die hard FFL followers will agree to that; but their talk begins to erode when they begin to accuse GK of their charges.

By the way, does anyone know who are the partners of their 3 Restoration Villages?

(Sgd) Pro CFC and Pro GK

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who wrote:

"how come FFL blog doesnt have any comment section???"

My reply: Because they are not used to reading opinions other than those dispensed by Servant General Frank!

To FFL: May I suggest that the word "SERVANT" be changed to "SUPREME" or "SUPREMO". More descriptive with the current persona, I think.

Anonymous said...

To Pilosopo Tasyo:

Here's my reply to your questions:

Nonong Contreras is the Playboy assigned to Media. He is also A Servant Lieutenant of the SG.

FFL officially recognizes all of his pronouncements as long as it meets the following criteria:

1. Bishops who are idle twiddling their thumbs, reading tea leaves or smoking POT are to be called to task and reminded of their assignment to protect FFL. Bishops who are nothing but 'hot air' in Nonong Contreras opinion are risking FFL recognition.

2. His writings must consistently carry the charge of veering away, partnering with drug companies, overemphasizing social work rather than spiritual versus CFC & GK. So long as these statements appear in Nonong's pronouncements, they carry automatic approval of the SG and their District leaders.

3. So long as his writings are against the CFC IC, TOny Meloto, Bishop Claver, such are automatically accepted by FFL.

Hope you are satisfied with those replies, Pilosopo.

[ A clarification to SL Nonong Contreras of FFL: Nonong, is there a spiritual way of twiddling thumbs? Tell us, how do the Bishops do it? Does Bishop Gabby Reyes do it forward; how about the Bishops Villegas, Lagdameo and Cruz? What about reading tea leaves...any tips on these?]

Anony Mouse said...

Anonymous said:

"Seriously speaking, I think everyone's being hypocritical. You're all complaining that the other won't stop "targeting" you but none of you won't stop what you're doing. I'm sorry but I'm just telling the truth. The whole blog thing is just fuel to feed the flames. If you want to do your thing, then do so without having to attack the other group.

And you call yourselves Christians..."

Ummm...have you noticed that posts on this blog are normally directly addressing the vitriolic outbursts of FFL leaders? Hence the name, Defending CFC...defense requires being attacked, the very reason this blog exists.

I think if you have specific statements you can identify as unchristian, that would be the best way to go. People are pretty open to correction.

But seriously speaking, people are not here to target FFL leadership.

We all wish they'd move on and get on with their mission. Then the blog won't be necessary anymore.

Anonymous said...

Seriously speaking, I think everyone's being hypocritical. You're all complaining that the other won't stop "targeting" you but none of you won't stop what you're doing. I'm sorry but I'm just telling the truth. The whole blog thing is just fuel to feed the flames. If you want to do your thing, then do so without having to attack the other group.

And you call yourselves Christians...

Tama ka kapatid! Talaga yang mga FFL na yan puro paninira ang ginagawa!

Anonymous said...

“Hypocritical” has a narrow, very specific meaning. It describes behavior or speech that is intended to make one look better or more pious than one really is. It is often wrongly used to label people who are merely narrow-minded or genuinely pious.

Do not confuse this word with “hypercritical,” which describes people who are picky.

now, now, now people calm down

andyalquiros quezon province said...

FAITH is hope in things unseen. It is knowing deep down in our hearts that God loves us inspite of all the sins that we have committed. It is knowing that when our time comes God will give us the grace to enter His Kingdom in Heaven where there will be eternal life of joy and peace with Him. No one here on earth can take that away from us.

In the recent contraversies hounding our community this past year, one has to examine and think where does our Faith lie. Is our Faith based on our community, is it based on religion, is it based on what people say? I THINK NOT. It saddens me so much when I read articles or comments that are so judgemental as if we have become the judge. And what is most shocking is when we use the Word of God quoted from the bible against another Word of God also quoted from the bible.Should'nt we be ashamed of that? The Word of God in the bible was given to us as a guide for our Faith not as a tool to be used to judge others. God is our supreme Judge. It will be God who will decide if we are faithful or not.

My brothers and sisters in CFC-FFL are you judging our brothers and sister in CFC-GMFI and vice versa? So much has been said and done to the detriment of both and it is our common enemy the devil who is winning. Who are we to question what one does in FAITH? When the disciples of Jesus saw a man expelling demons in Jesus name they tried to stop him because he is not of their company Jesus replied " Do not stop him for any man who is not against you is on your side" . Are not we all on the same side? The side of Jesus. Have we become to proud that the name Couples for Christ has led us to go against the very teachings of Christ? Jesus tells us " He who has no sin cast the first stone". We have not only cast stones but boulders against one another. We make a comment against someone than say at the end " I still love him or He is still my brother". Who are we trying to fool? Mary Magdalene was a sinner caught in the act of adultery yet Jesus did noy judge her, better yet the man beside Jesus at the cross, a convicted murderer, was forgiven by Christ. Have we all become pharisees looking for mistakes then making judgement? We say we are just defending Couples for Christ or restoring Couples for Christ but in doing so are we really defending or restoring Christ? Christ never needed any defense. He was accused of the things we are accusing each other of right now. He never said a word against his accusers. Jesus simply did what he had to do. To love us inspite of all our sins. Jesus never intended for our community to split up it was because of our pride and selfishness that caused this to happen. Brothers and sisters in Christ lets put an end to all this trivial arguments and comments and live our lives according to Gods plan. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength and love your neighbor as you love yourself. How you do this is up to you remember that no one can question you on your FAITH except God the Almighty. DO YOUR FAITH.

Danny, WB said...


This coming Saturday, May 31, 2008

RElax with your loved ones
JOIN us as we celebrate LOVE
THERE at the..

a Benefit Concert


With Special guests:

Kanluran Band and
West of Bethany

For details email me at

God Bless CFC!!!

Danny, WB said...

Hello Brother AndyAlQuiros of Quezon Province:

We are not condemning our brethren from the REstoration MOVEment For Family & Life Foundation Inc.

We are simply telling them to MOVE ON as FFL, and to stop confusing people by saying that they are still CFC.

If you are from the FFL group, then please tell them to STOP USING the CFC NAME because they are just sowing confusion.


Where is Truth said...

Sabi ng mga tao na hindi naman taga-CFC o kaya taga-GK, magaling at dapat hangaan ang ginagawan ng GK!

Sabi ni Frank Padilla, hindi na magaling ang GK kasi kumakampi sa gumagawa ng masamang gamot.

Sabi ni Frank Padilla, hindi na magaling ang GK, kasi sobra na sa pagtulong sa mahirap at sa gawaing pabor sa mahirap, pero hindi tinuturuan ang mahirap tungkol sa Diyos. Sa puso at diwa ni Frank Padilla ito ay isang katotohanan!

Pero eto ang totoo:

Sa GK Ruby meron ng mga tumanggap ng bahay sa GK na naging HOUSEHOLD HEAD at naging UNIT HEAD. Etong mga CFC Ruby na HOusehold Head na ito, nakarining na siguro sila ng pagtuturo ng GK caretaker team, na miembro din ng CFC, ng pagtuturo tungkol sa Diyos!

So sino ang sinungaling?

Si Frank Padilla na pinuno ng FFL?

O si Household Head sa GK Ruby na miembro ng CFC?

Pero siempre kung si Nonong Contreras ka, siempre si Frank Padilla ang paniniwalaan mo kasi wala ka naman pakialam sa GK Ruby, di ba?

Eh papano kung si Bishop Gabby Reyes ka?

Anonymous said...

Brod DannyWB,

First of all Andy did not use the word condemn but judge in the comments he gave. Secondly why did you make the letters REMOVE FFL distinct and in bold letters for everyone to see?

WillyJ said...

Whoa. That is a LOT from you there Andyalquiros. Please cool down a while brother, and then take that dose of Calibloc just as I did, then inhale and exhale slowly. If I get you right you severely castigate all of the bloggers here for being "judgmental", yet you MUST REALIZE you have effectively JUDGED all of us, and ALL that this blog stands for. You say "who are you trying to fool?"; "all this trivial arguments and comments"; and then you cap it off with your final admonishment in ALL caps "DO YOUR FAITH". Wow. I have this feeling a lightning bolt just hit me, albeit from the opposite end of Emmaus. Let me ask you now brother: how do you determine what is right from wrong? You JUDGE based on our tenets of Faith and Morals right? That is ACTING in the Faith. How do you react to a falsity that is unduly directed to your brothers and sisters? You shield your brothers and sisters and correct that falsity as a matter of obligation. Once you tolerate an error that is being spread among the faithful, does it NOT make you a PASSIVE cooperator with that error? Christian ethics tells me that is a sin, please correct me if I am wrong. It is very hard to address your concern when you generalize too much with wide platitudes but cite no specific instance when we unduly "question the Faith" and "cast boulders". I know there have been instances of wayward arrows and slings, even coming from this end, and we attempt our best to correct each other, but does that invalidate the whole point of this blog? These same imperfect people defending CFC are none other than the same people who toil it out in the GK sites, nourish households with care, patiently and doggedly conduct CLPs at their own expense, brave medical missions, conduct relief to disaster sites...and still find time for a bit of blogging - the same people you urge to "DO YOUR FAITH". If you have not realized that, then you have not been reading this blog long enough. You know that brother, the next time you take part in our activities or conduct a household, the next brother to your side might just be one of the bloggers here. God uses imperfect people right? Christ never needed any defense? Does that thought absolve you? Maybe you are exasperated that the arguments do not seem to stop. On that point I share my sentiments. It doesn’t stop precisely because the hail of stones keep coming, but when it does, then we can all shut down this site with much fanfare, and conduct one very, very large fellowship event in celebration. You must be there when this happens, but in the meantime, do not forget that Calibloc. Not Norvasc please, or else you will be adding insult to injury.

Peace bro, konting lamig at ngiti naman, para kasing na-carried away ka na eh, dinamay po pa ako :-)
- WillyJ

Danny, WB said...

Dear Anonymous,

You asked: "why did you make the letters REMOVE FFL distinct and in bold letters for everyone to see?"

First, and foremost, REstoration MOVEment For Family & Life Foundation Inc IS their registered name in the SEC, right?

Second, why did i "make the letters REMOVE FFL distinct and in bold letters for everyone to see"?

Because I wanted everybody, including you, to see it.

solidyfc said...


New, CFC-FFL interpretation of the Vatican release :D

Peace to all.

CFC-FFL is now entering into the new stage of ecclesial maturity, in particular its insertion into the parishes. We are now discovering the proper complementarity between charism and institution. We are treading the proper balance between the universal and local dimensions of being Church. We remain faithful to our authentic charism while bringing our charism into the life of the parish and diocese.

Challenges still remain. But CFC-FFL, as affirmed by many bishops and parish priests, is now moving in the right direction.

God bless.

On Bishops, Local Churches and Movements
Interview With Speaker From Laity Council Conference

By Jesús Colina

ROME, MAY 20, 2008 ( About 150 bishops gathered near Rome last week for the second conference on the role of ecclesial movements.
The theme of this year's conference, organized by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, was a phrase Benedict XVI recently directed to German bishops: “I Ask You to Go Out and Meet the Movements With Much Love.”

One of the main speakers at the event was Father Arturo Cattaneo, a canon law professor from Venice. Father Cattaneo spoke with ZENIT about what he told the bishops.

Q: On Pentecost 1998, John Paul II addressed the ecclesial movements, recalling, "Their birth and spread has brought to the Church's life an unexpected newness which is sometimes even disruptive. This has given rise to questions, uneasiness and tensions." Ten years later, what would you say about this?

Father Cattaneo: I would recall above all that on that occasion the Pope addressed the movements, affirming that after "a testing period" and [a time of] verifying, a "new stage," that of "ecclesial maturity," was opening before them. In the 10 years that have passed since then, that "maturity" -- also thanks to the solicitude of Benedict XVI -- has continued consolidating itself. This is particularly notable regarding [the movements'] insertion into the local Churches. Naturally, this does not mean that all the problems have been resolved, also because the Church -- as a living organism -- requires that every reality be continually updating itself.

Q: What makes it difficult to find solutions to the problems that still exist?

Father Cattaneo: The difficulties often flow on the one hand, from prejudices, misunderstandings or narrowness on the part of the faithful of the local communities, and on the other hand, of imprudence, inexperience or exuberance on the part of the members of the movements. Moreover, as the late Father Jesús Castellano observed -- "the charisms don't exist in a pure state, and sometimes in the name of charisms, there can be distortions."

A continuous work of perfection is thus needed, and on the part of the bishop, there needs to be not only the promotion of the charismatic richness, but also discernment, watchfulness and the correction of possible distortions.

Q: How can these difficulties and tensions be overcome?

Father Cattaneo: Principally with dialogue animated by charity, with a bit of patience and good will to understand and to make oneself understood. Everyone should -- as Cardinal Ratzinger observed -- "allow themselves to be educated by the Holy Spirit," so they can have "an interior sense of the multiple forms that a lived faith can take on." Both sides -- movements and local communities -- should find the path that leads to those attitudes that Paul speaks about in his hymn to charity.

Q: You have spoken to the bishops. Can you tell us something of what you have told them?

Father Cattaneo: I have summarized it in four points, corresponding to the essential characteristics of the Church, which are a gift but also a task. Christ, through his Spirit, allows the Church to be one, holy, catholic and apostolic, and he calls her to fulfill in an ever better way each one of these characteristics. Every diocesan bishop should promote in the Church entrusted to him unity in plurality, catholicity in the sense of openness to the universal Church, as well as the apostolicity that implies complementarity between institution and charism. Acting in this way, the bishop will contribute to the holiness of his particular Church as the first servant of the Spirit.

Q: Could you explain how this guarantees the integration of the ecclesial movements?

Father Cattaneo: The service of the bishop to unity should be carried out with the awareness that a diversity of ministries, charisms, and ways of life and apostolate are not an obstacle to the unity of the local Church, but rather a richness. It must be considered that the character of communion, precisely of the Church, includes, on one hand, the most solid unity, and on the other hand, a plurality and a diversification, which are not obstacles to unity. A narrow understanding of unity leads to a pastoral uniformity that makes it difficult for the various movements be inserted [in the diocese] and [carry out their] apostolic action.

On the other hand, the catholicity of the particular Church has special relevance to the theme that we are speaking about. One of the predominant characteristics of the new ecclesial movements is their universal dimension. As a reality of the universal Church, in virtue of the mutual interiority between universal Church and local Church, the movements are called to act in the particular Churches, enriching them and preserving them from the danger of "separationism" or of "localism."

Q: Doesn't the opposite danger also exist, however? That of a movement never rooting itself in the local Church?

Father Cattaneo: Certainly the characteristic universality of the movements should not make them forget that the Church also possesses an essential local dimension. The movements will be, therefore, fully ecclesial in the measure that they root themselves in the various local Churches. The universal vision of the Church, which represents one of the valuable contributions of the movements to the local Churches, could be deformed, becoming a vision platonically "universalist," and this would work to the detriment of attention given to the reality and the problems of the local Church.

This is also love for the Church. The members of the movements, remaining faithful to their particular charism, should try to inject it creatively into the life of their respective local Churches, without limiting themselves to being present in diocesan organizations. The fields of ecclesial action proper to the lay faithful is that of family, social, professional, political, cultural, athletic life, etc. With this capillary presence in the life of the diocese, they will keep the charism of the movement from seeming like a foreign body within it.

It's something analogous to the insertion of a new musical instrument into an orchestra, which while conserving its characteristics, adjusts to the particularities that it finds there with the goal of producing a true symphony, and this, thanks to the leadership of the orchestra director, who, in our case, is the bishop.

Q: And how can we understand the complementarity between institution and charism?

Father Cattaneo: Between institution and charism there cannot be contraposition -- as there is not between Christ and his Spirit -- but rather complementarity, the putting into action of which corresponds in a particular way to the diocesan bishop. [The bishop] should avoid an excessive and bureaucratic development of the institutional dimension in detriment of the charismatic one.

In reflecting on the insertion of the movements in the particular Churches, there exists the temptation of inappropriately referring to the binomial institution-charism, allowing oneself to be dragged along by a clearly unacceptable dialectic. On various occasions, John Paul II emphasized that the institutional aspect and the charismatic aspect in the Church "are co-essential."

One should, therefore, affirm that in each reality of the Church, both the institutional and the charismatic dimension are found, even if in varying degrees. It would thus be an error to think of the diocesan pastoral structures as mere institutional organizations, just as it would be erroneous to place the ecclesial movement in a purely charismatic realm, without institutional references.

Q: What is the bishops' responsibility in promoting this complementarity?

Father Cattaneo: The importance of the sacred ministry being understood and lived charismatically was emphasized by Ratzinger, observing, among other things, that only in this way "no institutional stiffness arises. There subsists instead, an interior openness to charism, a type of antennae for detecting the Holy Spirit and his action […] and lines of fruitful collaboration in the discernment of spirits will be found."

He called for guarding against the innate danger of an excessive institutionalism. The Church certainly needs organizational structures, also of human right, but if these institutions "become too numerous and preponderant, they endanger the ordering and vitality of its spiritual nature. The Church should continually verify its institutional ensemble, so that it doesn't become excessively heavy, [so that it] doesn't stiffen into a coat of armor that suffocates the spiritual life that is proper and unique to it."

Q: You concluded by speaking of the bishop as a servant of the Spirit. In what sense?

Father Cattaneo: The bishop is the first minister of the Sanctifying Spirit. He exercises the function of moderator of "episkopé," at the service of the Spirit of Christ, ensuring that the various apostolic initiatives based in the charisms develop in harmony and contribute to the edification of the Church in fidelity to the apostolic tradition. Their jurisdiction is not then understood as a center from which flow all the ministries and apostolic initiatives in their Churches, but rather as a center that unifies, coordinates, encourages, promotes and moderates, always aware of the responsibility of supporting the manifold action of the Spirit.

"For to me life is Christ, and death is gain." (Phil 1:21)

Why do they always use the Vatican's documents as if the Vatican is defending them?

Anonymous said...

I felt no anger in the article of andyalquiros as suggested by willyj. Sadness was what I read he was feeling. If he sounded to have judged the blog and those that contributed and not contributed, andyalquiros did not exclude himself as he seems to be a long established member of CFC community in the manner by which he expressed knowledge of how FFL came to be. Many times he would say " WE "," US ", and " OUR " which all connotes to an organization andyalquiros dearly loves or close to his heart. And only once did he say " YOU " referring to CFC-FFL and vice versa( the first sentence of the third paragraph ). andyalquiros seems to be suggesting or encouraging the community to self-examination and any accusations hurled against CFC deserves no response as God will be the judge.Love is what andyalquiros is encouraging as stated in the latter part of his article.IN DEFENSE OF THE REAL CFC has been muddled into being equal to DEFENDING ONES' FAITH IN GOD and JESUS CHRIST and andyalquiros is simply saying that GOD will be our defender by how we do our Faith. Peace be to you.

Anonymous said...

I also agree with the assertions of our brother andyalquiros, that we should live our faith. I think that was his whole message. I take no offense in that.

I would also sympathize with some of what WillyJ said that andyalquiros might have made generalizations of everyone here. I was also slightly offended with the generalization since it includes me, but I also think that andyalquiros did not intend to generalize.

These things are very subjective and our impressions of what our brethren said may not necessarily be what they intended or meant.

All of us should exude the fruits of the Holy Spirit when we make our comments, in the same way that we should also exude those same fruits in the way we respond.

Anonymous said...

I agree with andyalquiros, kahit na ang pinamahinahong mga bloggers dito like willyj and others are still biased and sometimes judgemental. Nasaktan ba kayo, bakit po tingin niyo ba ay tama kayo lagi? Sige, kung ganoon po ay exempted kayo, puwede kayong bumato. Ako ay hindi eh so nagkakasala ako ngayon -:).

Siyempre naman ay defend niyo lang naman ang CFC. But aren’t you judging every move of FFL (from car sticker, banner, internal emails, letters, pictures, others)? Aren’t you just trying to win arguments by only posting articles that are pro-cfc? Haven’t you called tito Frank and Nonong malicious names? Opss, sorry po at nag-generalize din ako... may mga tao pala dito na qualified mambato -:).

Yes, you are couples for Christ. Kung siya ba ay member ngayon, ganito rin ba ang gagawin niya?

Alam ko po, oo ang sagot niyo. So sige, keep it up -:).

solidyfc said...

Titos? does anyone know who are the members of the FFL Council? and what are their org. structure? do they hab BOE? or EA? is the SG the SUPREME governing founder of it?

Can anyone provide info? Just for the sake of it...:) I am really curios lng po t2s in UAE, b4 the split, masyado nga kami focus sa evang. and because of that, we loved GK more...and because of that, we loved christ where's the veering away in that ;)

Anonymous said...

D. How do we evangelize?

1. First we need to build up a relationship.

* To do this, we need to begin with the place where the person is at. We need to present ourselves based on what is going to make the best connection with the person.
* Common interests.
* Not getting shocked at worldliness.

2. Earn his/her respect rather than just be liked.

* State our position as Christians clearly, but without being 'holier than thou' or preachy.
* Speak simply and directly.
* Relate confidently even when intimidated.

3. Be aggressive. Take initiative in the relationship. Make time in your schedule to get together often. Be creative (e.g., have a bottle of beer, play basketball, etc.).

4. Bring him/her into a relationship with other brothers/sisters, especially with a potential peer group.

5. Do not relate functionally, but be open to having a genuine friendship developing.

6. After the relationship is in place, present the gospel to him/her. Be sensitive to timing.

7. Challenge him/her.

* Stress the high ideals, dedication, commitment, personal strength inherent to Christianity.
* Christianity is not just a good thing, but is ours to change the world.

8. Invite the couple to our CLP.

Brothers and Sisters,

These are not new to us! But all these are what we are doing in GK!

So GK is the best How in Evangelization!

God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

To: andyalquiros quezon province

If somebody accused you of veering away from your mission or have been working with drug companies that manufactures contraceptives and some other accusations. Will you not try explain yourself or are you just going to be quiet with the knowledge of the FULL TRUTH of the situation? Will you just keep the TRUTH to yourself?

Anonymous said...

I would like to comment on some of the things I read..

"Maybe this maybe a hurtful thing to say...
But kaya yata pinabayaan ni God ang because guzto niya matanggal ang mga pasaway"

This is REALLY a hurtful thing to say. I know you are a good person based on your comments here but please do away with unbrotherly generalizations. You can disagree with people but please relate with love and respect. Please try to think twice and pray before typing, make sure you read everything you type twice.

" Those who claimed that GK is just a social endeavor have NOT actually LOVED the poor among us. They have NOT learned the true meaning of Christian living and sharing."

I know Manny Hermano who is with FFL now and I believe was not thought of fondly in this web space before. He used to be a GK advocate and he SOLD HIS HOUSE in the Chicago suburbs to live in a small condo and donated his profits to GK. I hope when you talked about people claiming GK as a social endeavor you are not talking about FFL because I know a lot of people here that gave up a lot of things for GK and then sided with FFL.

"how come FFL blog doesnt have any comment section???"
My reply: Because they are not used to reading opinions other than those dispensed by Servant General Frank!

Again another generalization. If you are really against FFL leadership and feel the need to chastise them, do so but please don't treat the FFL brethren like this. If you really think that the IC is doing a good job showing humility then as followers why don't you take their lead?

FFL still hoping for a united CFC

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla was able to aatain Vatican's recognition because of politics, He was close to Cardinal Sin, Tita de Villa was then the ambassador to the Vatican, very close to both Cardinal Sin,and Bishop Soc Villegas. He is not the founder but the executive director. He can not do the same because he is not close to Cardinal Rosales and the ambassador to the Vatican, Cristina Enrile. Cynthia Villar is pro choice and Gerry Padilla works with her. They are hiding something fishy, that's why they always barking. Cynthia villar beleives in using contraceptives. She passed the bill,

Anonymous said...

such an affirming article. TM actually shared that piece of news at the gk usa summit in san diego, ca the past weekend. one of philstar's journalists was there (she covered dylan wilk and nathan mari's gk1mb road trip around the US), and confirmed the stats. amazing, praise God for GK!

lilydomingo said...

Have you noticed that the FFL has been referring to the "Real CFC" in different ways? First, it was CFC-GK, then it became CFC-IC, and now it is CFC-Global? They have have brought this confusion upon themselves. If our brothers and sisters in the FFL, will just stop using "CFC" I think their identity crisis will be over.

BERNAS agrees with CLAVER said...

Billy Esposo has a pro-CFC and pro GK article published yesterday (Sunday, June 01, 2008) in the Philippine Star.

Father Joaquin J. Bernas, SJ., has a pro CFC and pro GK article today (Monday June 02, 2008), in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

It is not because CFC as a renewal association and its ministry GK are so good that these two gentlemen bother to write.

It is just that both CFC and its ministry, GK are doing a LOT OF GOOD for the poor of this country -- where many fail or are not inclined to bother -- and that is GOOD NEWS for this country where a lot of things bad happen daily.

Another group that is so envious of all these glad tidings are doing everything to discredit the good deeds of GK.

Father Bernas agrees with what Bishop Francisco Claver wrote.

Servant Leader Frank Padilla DIS-agrees with what Bishop Francisco Claver wrote.

So which Francisco will you choose in this dispute?

I'd be on the side of the SJs!
As to the SG..well, he has to settle with the monkeys on his know the three monkeys..SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO EVIL
Poor FFL, the only steadfast supporter they seem to get is Bishop G. Reyes, who has thrown all of his anointment and authority out of the window when he unabashedly sided with Frank and the Playboys!

The other Bishops in FFL's list of supporters are not as determined as Gabyy Reyes. Perhaps, Nonong Contreras, FFL enforcer, has not cracked the whip enough so the said Bishops are still 'twiddling thumbs, reading tea leaves and smoking pot!"

Anonymous said...

The tainted personalities on the other side say we secure and use tainted funds from pharmaceutical companies, casing our supposed veering away.

What will you make out of this FFL charge about tainted funds, when such learned men like Fr Joaquin Bernas and Bishop Francisco Claver say it is OKAY to use such funds?

Would it not be better to continue to using the TAINTED FUND for the needs of the POOR rather than listening and bothering about the wild rantings of some tainted persons?

Balut said...

These recent developments put Frank & Co in a difficult position:

Do they bluster and insist that CFC follow what the Pontifical Council of the Laity said re such sponsorships (NB. this does not appear to have been a Vatican bioethics statement in the same manner as statements like on the German Measles issue)?

And if so, will they at the same time continue to GO AGAINST the pronouncement of the same regarding "no other organization may use the CFC name"?

What would that be saying? Basically, "Obey the Vatican if it suits us, but not if it suits you!"

Jonny said...

Hi C.D.

Thanks for the honorable mention you gave my blog at the end of this post.

It's truly an honor to serve as part of GK! As I worked with an American corporate here last week, I was reminded so strongly of that.

He said something along the lines of "It's the children that impact you the most. You don't realize until you see a GK village just how much difference this work is making to the future of these children."

I remember now that it was the children singing the Gawad Kalinga song in Baseco that first brought tears to my eyes when I was just a tourist in Manila, and ultimately inspired me to come and volunteer here.

I remember when all this conflict broke, Kuya Luis O. said to us, "Whatever happens, we will defend the poor! We will work to make sure this does not hurt them."

Thanks for defending those whose hearts have been impacted by injustice, exploitation - and even more so by the invitation of God to play a part in addressing this.

In the GK office, at a desk across from mine, a printed A4 paper stuck on the wall said it all:

"We are building God's Kingdom."

We pray, "Your kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven"...and we can't ignore the call to work for that cause :)

Once again, thanks for the honorable mention here. :)