Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our Separate Ways

From the Ugnayan MMC:

To: The CFC Global Family

We would like to announce that effective May 5, 2008, Bishop Gabriel Reyes has resigned as CFC's National Spiritual Director (see attached). We have already replied to him (also attached) thanking him for the time and attention he has given to our community. We ask you all to continue for pray for Bishop Reyes.

We are now in the process of filling this vacuum in the national front.

All local areas have their respective spiritual directors. We ask that you continue to engage them and seek their counsel, particularly in these difficult times.

Once again, we ask everyone to relate in love with each other and especially with those outside our community. God bless us all.


The attached communications were, from Bishop Reyes:

And the IC's response:

I am hoping beyond hope that the Easter Group stays quiet during this difficult time for us, and not use the Bishop's resignation as another way to further their cause. I hope.

What a week, huh?

By the way, I added a couple of things to the blog. One is the document archive over to the right, which is a work in progress. The other is the online readers counter, a little widget I put up on top ^ and over to the right >, that shows how many are currently reading along with you. Say Hi!

Good night, mga Kapatid. I did say I was tired, but I never said I was going to quit. Not yet, at least.

God bless us all.


johnpaul said...

God bless you Bishop Gabby!

Anonymous said...

Ta ta. What about as Chair of the CBCP-ECLA?

Anonymous said...

The partisan bishop said that he has been siding with what is right. Duh!
All along, he has been on the side of those who left the community, which he insists on naming as CFC too. A spiritual director does not divide a community. Today, CFC = CFC-FFL, meaning, CFC today is CFC less FFL (including the bishop)!
Hopefully, FFL and the bishop will move on, as we have been focused on doing all along.

Dante said...

Nabunutan tayo ng tinik! Salamat, Panginoon.

Ernie said...

The battle ground shifted on the turf of CBCP News....

You'll see me there.


To CBCP News;

Your News says "In an interview immediately after the newly-launched Catholic Media Network-CBCPNews sponsored public affairs program The Forum Tuesday morning, Bishop Reyes said “in the dioceses in the Philippines there can be two groups of the CFC provided again the bishop of the place will permit.”

That was Tuesday, May 6 morning and no mention about the Bishop resigning.

Bishop Gabby Reyes RESIGNED already by that time as CFC Spiritual Director May 5, 2008 and copies were provided to all concerned.

I'm just puzzeled even after he has resigned, the Bishop has the last words on "Philippines there can be two groups of the CFC etc, etc...."

I mentioned in my earlier comment entitled HOLY ORDER, him saying that has just opened up a pandora's box to CBCP. It becomes more controversial and leaves a bad taste mentioning it after he LEFT CFC.

That was an open invitation, a FREE for ALL in all dioceses in the Philippines. A Holy Anarchy instead of Holy Order.

Anonymous said...

cfc does not need a spiritual director. they don't follow if you do not like what they heard, so what is it for? a pet to agree with them?

edgar allan gabriel poe said...

dear bishop gabby,
how do love thee??
let me count the ways....
thanks for the memories...

love one another...
yes, yes, yes...

bye po, love namin kayo, salamat po and regards to frank...

Anonymous said...

Hi CD,

Im a little bit puzzled...
Maybe you can enlighten me...

May 5, 2008 --> Bishop Gabby Resigned

May 6, 2008 --> The CBCP news article "Bishop Reyes gives update on CFC name usage" came out.

Hmmm.. nalilito lang ako, since nagresign na siya.. how come he did not mention his resignation in the article and he still talks about having 2 CFC in the Phils.

Anonymous said...

This much I gather from the resignation letter of Bp Gabriel Reyes:

(a) his main beef against the IC/CFC was they didn't consult or even inform him about many "important decisions" on which a spiritual director should have had a say;

(b) he didn't agree with the IC on many issues regarding the ongoing rift between CFC and FFL; and

(c) clearly Bp.G thinks that FFL is the right side as opposed to the wrong side which is CFC.

However, I think the good bishop missed to state one important reason for resigning: it's because he opposes the PCL Vatican pronouncement that there should be only one group with the name CFC BEING THE IC-led CFC; and that he thinks Cardinal Rylko is with the dark side. Well, he's made a decision to recognize FFL in his diocese. And he would have gladly obeyed Card. Rylko's pronouncement for recognizing just one group with the name CFC had that group been FFL.

And so that's why Frank Padilla is now saying that the Church is the battlefield. Bishop against bishop, bishop against cardinal. Frank can only be to pleased with himself to see this thing escalate until he has proven himself right.

And you are wondering why people think of you as a destoyer. Frank, you are accountable for all of these.

Bro. Auto da Fe

solidyfc said...

Maybe Titos, he is speaking not as a director of CFC anymore

But as the chair of CBCP...:)

Anonymous said...

Bro Auto da Fe,

That's what in Frank's last email, strategy din nya yon. That's part of the plan.

Ernie said...

To All,

Let's give CD a much needed rest for a couple of days by Defending CFC in CBCP News Forum.

You can leave your comments on this news Bishop Reyes gives update on CFC name usage

Let us be vigilant on whatever spin or comments that will be issued on his behalf on the days to come.

PS Just come back after 2 days. By that time CD has rested and has recovered.

nw19socal said...

I agree with Ernie. Let's give attention to the ongoing discussion in the CBCP News forum and offer some opinions over there. I suggest we maintain our Christian love and give the resigned spiritual director the benefit of the doubt and look forward with high hopes to a new CFC with a new spiritual director.

p.e. said...


the comments on the cbcpnews site are turning ugly.

imho, its not helping our cause.

nothing we say will change bsp gabby's stance. we can only pray.

C.D. said...


Thank you for that. I think the best way to show the Bishop what we're made of as a community is to show we can be civil and respectful, especially to one whose position deserves our respect. Lets take it easy on the Bishop mga kapatid. I'm sure he has his reasons and while we may hurt from his actions and pronouncements, let's remember our Christian roots and offer him love in return.

Let us be WORTHY of a new spiritual adviser. Attacking Bishop Reyes will not solve anything.

God bless us all,


Anonymous said...

Ler us pray that his resignation is really sincere unlike Frank Padilla he resigned and then wants to get it back...

God bless you Bishop Gabby!!!

Anonymous said...

One comment from cbcpnews... I am it copying here because there is truth in it if not all.

The next generation

The next generation of missionary workers, evangelists, GKworkers, Pro-life advocates and passionate charismatic Catholic christians are the losers in all of this. My heart bleeds for my fellow SFC, YFC, KFC, SFL, YFL, KFL and my mind is angry at all the SELF-RIGHTEOUS ADULTS in CFC and FFL who caused this.

Its the younger generation who will suffer from the pride and unforgiveness practiced by all of you adults who are so righteous and sitting on YOUR laurels as defenders, restorers, shepherds. Have you no pity? have you no shame? Have you no humility? Have you no GOD to fear? listen as each young person under your care has their heart broken. Listen to every tear that falls to the ground. Listen to their cry for sensitivity, sanity and the need for models of holiness. As JPII said to us youth at his last WYD, "you are the salt of the earth"! well thanks to you, that salt has now lost its flavor to evangelize, reach out, defend. Why would we do that? so YOU adults can sit on your laurels and CLAIM OUR FAITHFULNESS AS FRUITS OF YOUR OWN? No thank you. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Bishop Reyes and Padilla sit together as members of Vatican's PCL? And Reyes was the resource person to validate Padilla's continuing representation in PCL, himelf being the Spiritual Director (then) of CFC? Cute.

They were feeding on each other and will continue to scandalize Mother Church still while Reyes sits as Chair of CBCP's ECLA.

While we're at it, why not give our Mystical Body of Christ a clean bill of health:

- remove or cause the resignation of Bishop Cantillas from chairmanship of the CBCP Commission for Migrant Peoples (shame the devil by stopping that Bishop from forcing Padilla's FFL on Filipino migrants and on the Catholic faithful in his diocese);

- lighten the Crosses of Bishops Villegas and Lagdameo by forcibly unloading or removing Padilla and his cohorts from their shoulders - they are a nuisance;

Let the Church leaders publicly atone for the scandals created by Padilla and Reyes. Remove the trappings of their Offices, and let them publicly beat their breasts in acts of penance and contrition.

Mother Church needs a clean sweep.

Let us shout joyfully to God! Let us bless Him for His wondrous deeds!! Alleluia!!!

Anonymous said...

RE: The next generation

hello bro/sis,

Christ's peace be with you! as a member of "the next generation" myself, i encourage you to look at this in a different light. we are not "losers", we are children of God. i understand your strong feelings in response to this situation, but as the Lord said, let the one with no sin cast the first stone. and of course we all have sinned.

bro/sis, it's not fair to blame this all on our elders, as we in YFC/SFC have certainly had our misgivings in service. our hearts are not being broken by our elders and leaders... our hearts can only truly be broken by God, who is very much with us as we go through this as one CFC YFC/SFC. i have faith that the Lord, in His perfect time and ways, is very much using this time to help us grow more in the Spirit for even more service to the Lord.

God bless!

Psalm1915 (a/k/a Esther414) said...

Lets not make this scandal bigger please, if you are people of God, then I beg you (yes, on bended knee), NOT to make this scandal blow-up more than it has.

If you must defend and declare your allegiance, release your frustrations and hurt, clench your fist in anger at the hypocrisy you judge to be existent in the Church and their dealings with their sheep; CAN YOU EMAIL or WRITE THE BISHOP OF YOUR ARCHDIOCESE PERSONALLY and Bishop Reyes if you need to. Their addresses and email addresses are available at

Pero this airing of dirty laundry allowing the entire Catholic world to see has to stop. If FFL won't do it, then CFC being the more mature community should show them how it is to be done.

This is it! the one true CFC! In Defense of the Real CFC! with JoniT, Jiggs, Sleepless, ErnieS, Athrun Atreides who stands with MALACHI3/Widow's might, Deo Volente, Bro Mero and cfc-usa servant and the numerous ANONYMOUS brothers and sisters! (to quote some of the call names of the bloggers here) To All of you who have remained faithful and defended, is it too much to ask to spend all your energy to do the work of the Lord in reverence, awe and quiet? Lets practice our CHRISTIANITY my dear brothers and sisters lest we be accused of being otherwise. For in the end, THEY WILL KNOW YOU ARE CHRISTIANS BY YOUR LOVE; you will not need to defend yourselves; you will not need to posture your vast wisdom and knowledge of the Church magisterium; you will not need to justify the "erroneous" (that's a matter of opinion I know, and I'm not going there) receipt of funds from pharmaceutical companies. In the end, HE will know you've practiced what you preached, lived what you believed and will be rewarded with the crown of righteousness as you finish the race and keep the faith.

For both communities, I pray...

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,
Be patient with us.

Lord Jesus Christ, as you have been patient with us; Show us how to be patient to others.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God
Have mercy on us.

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God
Have pity on us and heal us.

Jesus Christ, Son of God
We give you thanks and praise

Gentle savior be near us now.

Jesus Christ, Son of God
Help us hear Your voice.

Lord, make us instruments of your peace.

Even though we walk through the darkest valley,
We fear no evil; for You are with us.

Lord Jesus Christ, We believe.
Help our unbelief.
You desire truth in the inward being; therefore teach us wisdom in our secret heart.

Lord Jesus Christ, you humbled yourself for us
Show us how to be humble for You.

Lord Jesus Christ, you are gentle with us,
Show us how to be gentle.

Lord Jesus Christ, you have forgiven us,
Help us to forgive.

Lord Jesus Christ, You are compassionate,
Show us how to be compassionate.

Lord Jesus Christ, be our light in the darkness
And heal us.

May The Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you. May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

Bro. Mero :-) said...

To Anonymous who said:

"cfc does not need a spiritual director. they don't follow if you do not like what they heard, so what is it for? a pet to agree with them?"

Please take note that what CFC needs is a Spritual Director and not a Spiritual Disintegrator.

It would be better for Bp. Reyes to resign as spiritual director because he failed in his task to direct both side into unity. Although he tried his best, but his statement saying he is on the right side no matter whose group is it, is already a failure. The issue within CFC that causes conflict was not about right and wrong anymore, but the continuous attack of FFL against CFC. If only Bp. Reyes ordered Frank and the FFL to stop pronouncing statements against the IC, and let himself handle the matter between himself (Bp. Reyes) and the IC. Then there would be no conflict. But the problem is, everytime Bp. Reyes makes official statements, FFL also makes their second the motion.

Ano ba ang feeling kapag ang panganay, pinapanagaralan ng magulang, tapos ito namang bunso sabat ng sabat, sumisingit sa usapan? kunwari:

Tatay to panganay: "Dba sabi ko hwag ka munang magboyfried, mag-aral ka muna!"

Panganay to tatay: "Hindi naman po itay, kaibigan lng po kami.

Bunso: (singit ng singit sa usapan) Bhe, napagalitan siya! Tay, BF niya talaga yun...

Hindi ba nakakairita ang ganung eksena?

Ano ba dapat ang gagawin ng tatay, hindi bat paaalisin ang bunso at kausapin ng private si panganay?

Since hindi naging padre de pamilya si Bp. Gabby, malamang hindi niya alam yun. Pero naging anak din naman siya dapat alam niya yun.

Bilang spiritual director, si Bp. Gabby naging ama ng CFC, gayun din ng FFL. Pero, what he did is, hinayaan niyang mawala ang respeto ng mga leaders on both FFL and CFC-IC. How? When he corrects CFC, he do it in such a way that it shows favor to FFL or sided with FFL. And when humirit naman ang FFL (sumisingit sa usapan ng may usapan) hinahayaan naman ni Bp.

When i was young and kapag may conflict sa aming magkakapatid, even if i am wrong, i insist that i am right. But when my parents saw that i am wrong, they correct me privately, and not infront of my younger brothers and sisters. In the eyes of my brothers and sisters ako pa rin ang tama, but in private, katakot takot na sermon naman ang inaabot ko sa mga magulang ko. When i ask them why, they say, upang igalang ako ng mga kapatid ko. I am not perfect, but i thank my parents for maintaining the respect ng mga kapatid ko sa akin.

Sana kapulutan ito ng aral ni Bp. Reyes. What he did to CFC was not guiding CFC at all but triggered more conflict and disagreements. What happen is the IC seek for another opinion from Bp. Arguelles and other Bishops. Bp. Reyes failed to see the goodness and the so-called "right" or correct in the hearts of the CFC-IC when he sided with FFL whom he considered the "right" side.

Ano pa nga ba ang pag-uusapan natin with Bp. Gabby niyan kung alam na niyang FFL na ang tama at CFC-IC ang mali...parang lutong Macau lang pala ang lahat. Isang malaking moro-morong palabas lng pala ang pagiging SD niya sa CFC.

Bro. Mero :-)

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

A Spiritual Director is a Director on spiritual matters, not on organizational matters. Clearly our "Spiritual Director" intervened on organizational matters of CFC and that was not part of his Terms of Reference. Sorry to say.

WillyJ said...

Psalm1915 said:
"is it too much to ask to spend all your energy to do the work of the Lord in reverence, awe and quiet?"

Amen to that.

But we must also realize that by now the issues emanating have become larger than us and definitely much larger than all the protagonists involved: involvement of Clergy in Lay administrative matters; the issue of name rights of Laity groups; "Tainted" donations. We tried to be quiet, but I believe all these comes with the purpose. I think we just became catalysts without consciously intending so. The Church would have to squarely confront these issues at one time or another and just now is a very good time. The Lay faithful and the clergy should all march forward armed with solid Faith and Reason. One simply encounters extreme difficulty moving forward if everyone tap-dances around these issues. Its like a mountain blocking your path. But then of course we know what prayer moves.
Thank you.

WillyJ said...

Lets see...the replacement of Bp Reyes as CFC Spiritual Director would have two loaded issues on his plate upfront:

1. CFC name issue
2. Donations w/ respect to GK

It would take a Bishop with the wisdom of Solomon, and the courage of David, to sort this out and proclaim the truth boldly. Unless the successor is overtaken by events (proceeding at a fast clip now) he is faced with the daunting challenge eerily similar to determining who owns a baby being claimed by two women, and squarely confronting a menacing nine-foot giant. With the issues now blown wide in the open (not much of our own doing, see?), all eyes are watching...

Sleepless in NJ said...

To next generation....

I can only feel the disappointment we all have for our elders (I am also accountable too). But that is what the real world all about. It is our cross to endure and to be disillusioned that our fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, leaders, will fail us too. Our life will be filled with such disappointments.

But in this disillusionment there is hope to find True Love.

we will learn to love those who broke our hearts...

we will learn to forgive those who have hurt us...

we will learn to accept that our leaders(IC, Frank, Clergy, Bishops, etc) are all human too.

we learn to accept them for their weakness and their strengths...

we will learn to see Christ's Grace...

it is comforting to love someone when everything is perfect (honeymoon stage)...

It is greater to love someone when there is no reason at all...

Cuz Christ loves me so...

jonitanitayturin said...


Brother Kenn, I appreciate that you decently gave “high value” to our discussions. In fact, Brother, because of your open-mindedness as FFL, I mistook you for an “original” CFC who could help in the “expanded battle” that has unfortunately drawn Cardinal Rylko into the local “labu-labo” (free-for-all) because of the machinations of Archbishop Reyes and Padilla, both of them presumably sitting in the Vatican’s Pontifical Council of the Laity (Padilla’s continued stay in the Council is obviously backed up by Bishop Reyes who was first to recognize FFL in the country. What’s more, I read somewhere here, that the good Bishop is leading the worldwide campaign for bishops to recognize FFL in tandem with Padilla’s call for FFL members to sway Vatican to the side of FFL, too. And, OH, HE HAS JUST RESIGNED AS CFC SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR…Bless him!)

Brother Kenn, this has been our point: that the apparently-valid issues that separated us were only forced as an afterthought by Padilla on the CFC membership and on Bishop Reyes, who was virtually unknown for a CFC Spiritual Director, and more likely only served as a convenient “stamping pad” to secure some “imprimatur” (Monsignor, you will please forgive, but from our side in Mindanao, we cannot recall of any advisory that you were anything like directing the spiritual growth or welfare of CFC then…and when I learned that you impliedly threatened ecclesial sanction when your recommendation to postpone the elections was ignored, I thought, "What for, and under what circumstances were you coming from to impute such a threat?” Of course I was, and am, really a nobody, and back then with Padilla’s dictatorship still tightly “strewn around” as practiced by the leaders down the line, there were times it seemed to me that the latters’ aristocracy affected their capacity to be loving or else open-minded (at least that was how it felt!). Gud na lang that CD established this provocatively democratic blog that has also yielded a high-minded exchange of views with brothers like you, Brod Kenn from FFL, who has had a fairly balanced take of the whole situation.

So, thanks for coming out to assert that there are those in FFL who really had issues they were so passionate about that they could resolutely separate from mainstream CFC for Padilla’s FFL. But of course, that kind of attitude may hopefully change as facts are unearthed…

Like our country’s politics, elections in June, 2007 divided our CFC following the failed execution of a strategy to take power devised by the group of Easter Playboys and Bunnies under Padilla. That group coated its secular debacle with “spiritual” and “religious” overtones, accused CFC of “veering away” from Catholic principles through GK, and argued, with Bishop Reyes’ backing, the formation of a breakaway “CFC-FFL” that would “restore CFC’s lost charisms”. The split highlighted the clash between what may be termed as “puritans vs iberals”, those who advocated for personal and family spiritual conversion and transformation (a kind of “cloistered” approach to charismatic life) versus those who push for preferential option for the poor, social action, “liberation theology”, even nation-building; between those who wanted to hold on to an idea of “dear old, good, not-too-poor-oriented CFC”, and those all-out for work with the poor through GK.

Here’s an internal aspect of the conflict we can hopefully relate together: Some seasoned leaders from the household leaders up could recall their struggling and trying days (to grow from an ordinary member, to having a household to pastor and the challenges of practicing what one preached before brothers and sisters, the one-on-one sessions, struggling how to make a “sharing” based on guidelines, witnessing as speakers in CFC, among others, all this while also making the family grow and evangelized some more) vis-à-vis those who suddenly became leaders, swaggering like know-it-alls and “lord it over”, as it were, other leaders without having gone through the strictures of the CFC culture. I am not saying it was all of them, but there’s a number who unfortunately seemed like they were the whole… I say, I was there, too, Brother Kenn, and I understood the incipient conflict. I guess Padilla also understood the great divide between being committed to GK and just being able to perform a family-based spirituality. This was especially true for the members who were still inching their way to grasp the message of GK; in fact he, Padilla, was the one who insisted that CFC was GK and vice-versa. He knew that GK posed a new challenge to those struggling to change their lives through new-found brethren and new teachings in Christian values. That is why, sometimes, we, too down the line, were literally gasping for breath to expose our members to a different dimension of loving through GK, while they coped with changes in their personal and family lives.

This was the particular state we were in last year and earlier, Brod Kenn, when leadership was somehow becoming a truly distant and abstract idea, far from the traditional culture, leaders being fast-tracked as such, and that, being a new reality, touched raw nerves (pride here?) among those who painstakingly and patiently obeyed and practiced the CFC culture, the “rites of passage” for leadership.

Brother Kenn, in this particular discourse, I am saying that some serious and deep-seated issues were touched following (as a result of) the plan to take power, but was never the original intention. Why? Padilla would then be putting the blame on him. He knew those specific issues existed during his watch, and it would be scandalous of him to claim restoration because those issues stared him in the eye while he was the unquestioned head! That he could, however, arrogantly say he would restore CFC charisms after passing old issues for new, and after blatantly pretending that he was an altogether new knight in shining armour coming to rescue the bedeviled CFC (that he just voluntarily left!)was placing everyone in a straitjacket, like living in a “theater of the absurd”, of “Mara/Sade’s” chaotic breakdown of meaning and order in the play performed by asylum inmates.

In this sense, therefore, our relationships as brethren has never been at issue, because we were all victims of the amibitions and pride in man. Absent Padilla from the scene, what is there to crow about, Brother Kenn? NOTHING! We’re back to our struggle to be faithful to our CFC covernant, to deserve the roles we have assumed in CFC. And, isn’t it nice to witness this year, a kind of revival, after all these clashes? You may not believe, Brother, but there they are: the unparalleled enthusiasm for GK, the joyful revival of leaders' devotion to serve God with all the've got, heartening surge and genuine urge to join YFC and SFC conferences, the serious introspection and prognosis undertaken through the Pastoral Congresses, and believe me, Brother Kenn, the inherent stability and serenity of the general membership, who just continue to go on as if there was no storm created at the top leadership. They are the Lord’s chosen, the sheep feeding on forthrightness, humility, and single-mindedness for the Lord God.

Brother Kenn, praise God that we connect to mutually address our common issues. We can only be here because we have seen so-called spiritual issues cooked up after a failed attempt to take secular power, and because we can address those spiritual issues soberly NOW under the present structure, the same one that has held our CFC community for the last 26 years, now triumphantly proclaiming the Victory of the Cross.

Let your trumpets sound for the original CFC, Brother Kenn and your kind. God’s abundant mercy and peace be upon us all. Amen.

marthe5 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jojo Peña said...


CAUTION, i ask for caution.

Let's not make a big issue out of this. Even in the CBCP news. Please refrain from posting COMMENTS there.

Dito na lang po tayo.

Thanks. God bless

maria violeta marivie dalman said...

Anonymous said...

"cfc does not need a spiritual director. they don't follow if you do not like what they heard, so what is it for? a pet to agree with them?"

My comment:
"out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks"

it saddens me, to read such comments...
i breaks my heart to feel so much hatred...
i grieve over the deep hurts...
it pains me so to read such sarcasm...
there is much resentment all of 29 words...

My message to all bloggers:
this blog is available for us to air our views thanks to CD
however, we must be aware that this is a different kind of blog...

because we are Couples for Christ! We should treat it like a household meeting where we share our bible reflections and talk about our life experiences

the rules and the dynamics should be likewise:
1)in this blog, we talk about our journey
2)this blog should be a place where we see how God works in our life
3) this blog is here for us to hear Gods message
4) this blog is here for us to learn from
5) this blog should propel us to do Gods work

bishop gabby has resigned and left cfc, just as frank has resigned and left cfc, but must we be sarcastic about it? in my heart i rejoice, but i do not gloat over what happened. it did not have to end this way.i can only pray for them, that God bless their hearts.

our tongue can uplift and destroy. sister mary niere, who taught me contemplation said realities are designs from God.

this is the reality today, frank resigned and left, now bishop gabby has resigned and left cfc. ALL BY GODS DESIGN.

now we have before us the freedom to choose, this is a gift from God.

to choose
A)whether to say words that will inspire others to do good or...
B) to say words that can hurt, destroy and lead others to sin.

let this be a lesson for all of us to heed. let us pray for this blogger and all of us in this battle, that God will give him/her and us the wisdom and the discernment to say THAT which is pleasing to God.

Our words should be like silver boxes with silver ribbons, that will make the recipient feel blessed. Words to build not to destroy. Words to inspire others to love, not to hate. Words to glorify GOD, not to glorify the evil one.

We have that freedom and we have that grace to influence others. let us use it well. Take heed, by our words we will be judged.

As I stand on Holy ground, I declare:
we are not Couples For Lucifer!

Anonymous said...


could you please moderate the comments more vigilantly? hindi man pabor ang karamihan sa mga nangyayari at mga gawain ni bishop gabby, mas maraming miyembro ng cfc at ffl ang tumutingala pa rin sa taong ito.

the comments i read here on this particular post borders on being disrespectful and contemptous. the good bishop is a man of cloth. we, in cfc, are lay people.

huwag po sana tayong bastos. let's defend cfc but as cd would always say, take it easy on other people especially those whom God chose to head over us, the clergy.

may God continue to bless us all!

Anonymous said...

to maria violeta marivie dalman,

yes, sister there is anger in my heart? why? can you just read entries and comments here? just in this entry, you don't have to read 10 comments to prove why i am.

worse, people do not see it when it's not against them. what i said is cfc do not following their spiritual director, is that untrue? you're hurt? can you count here in this blog what they call tito frank and bishop gabby? will you say they're angry too?

i wish this blog is like a hh sharing, but it's not. i honor you for asking prayer for me, please ask for the others too.

Ernie said...

To the Next Generation, to you whom we will pass the torch....

The relay race is not won on who runs faster, but on how the baton was handled during the transition from one runner to the other.

First of, the baton was on the hands of our lead runner for as far as I can remember (25 years or more).

Suddenly our lead runner didn't like where the race is being conducted, in the slums, in the gilids and the poor areas. He wants to go back to the track and field arena.

By design he resigned from the team and later planned for a come back. He didn't trusted the Next Generation runners to run the race even for just 2 years. Anyway after 2 years he is entitled to come back and run for the team again.

And I hope you already know the rest of the story from here. That's because of one reason, the Bloggers, the NEXT GENERATION of 25 years ago.

This time we will Defend CFC because our prior generation did not. We want you to depend CFC as well if history repeats itself in the future.

It has to start somewhere, it was just unfortunate that we (CD's Bloggers) have to blow the whistles in our time, so YOU the NEXT GENERATION, henceforth will not live in darkness and whispers.

This is not WHO his right or wrong, this is for you (the TRUTH) so your generation can start with a clean slate and be FREE from any baggage.


t2mc said...


I second the motion for you to moderate comments here more strictly, before it gets worse. Though I respect everyone's opinions and their freedom to express their feelings we still have the social responsibility to be more civil and respectful. There are proper fora wherein we can express whatever we want to say. But not in this public forum.

Another is we in CFC must not antagonize anyone within or outside the church. This could only be to our disadvantage.

Bro. Mero :-) said...

To Anonymous who said:
"what i said is cfc do not following their spiritual director, is that untrue? you're hurt?"

That is 101% true!
but when you said: "cfc does not need a spiritual director".

It is not TRUE. We do need a SD! But not a bias spiritual director.

"they don't follow" YES we did not follow

"if you do not like what they heard" even if we do not like what we hear as long as it is not bias we can follow.

"so what is it for? a pet to agree with them?" Definitely Bp. Gabby is not CFC's pet, I do not know with FFL, since he always agree with them.

It is so sad that most bloggers are emotionally carried away when reading this blog. I RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO LOG IN HERE ANYMORE! YOU ARE SINNING IF YOU DO SO! Your emotions might lead you to say something unChristian.

it is alright to get angry, to get hurt, but DO NOT SIN. Read the teaching about "The Angry Christian" it is a very good book and it helps a lot.

Yes, i agree with you bro/sis. anonymous that some defenders of CFC or FFL here are using words that are unlikely Christian. But how we react and respond to it will also make a difference.

Bro. Mero:-)

jonitanitayturin said...

Thank you, Psalm 1915 (Esther 414). God Bless you.

Sis Esther, I saw this coming some time back when I learned them insisting that Vatican’s sanction for the so-called GK scandals befall on CFC-IC … because Reason had to be invoked up to the ultimate limits that the Church’s famous thinkers, including St. Thomas Aquinas, could bring it, in order to enliven the Faith in the majesty of the Catholic Church that, for perhaps a good number in and out of CFC, Padilla et al have carelessly shaken. In mundane terms, but I guess also quite succinctly, “Atlas Shrugged” because the “intellectual” base of CFC, Padilla included, may have catalyzed issues that will momentarily stop Mother Church, at least in the Philippines, on its tracks for a serious introspection and spiritual “retreat”. Indeed, those issues have now grown beyond us, beyond CFC.

I do agree, though, that meantime, or in more times, we must meditate. My own reflection (I’m talking na naman instead of keeping silent in some corner) is that now the altercation on many vital Church issues can be addressed separately by Catholic apologists. If the Catholic defenders will want to roast Padilla and some other hypocrites among the clergy, let them. But the CFC defenders may have to wind down from there and come back to address our own issues, as we pray and humble ourselves together, as we put our own house in order.

CD, what say, you? But of course, after your restful day or two…

If I may also, I think it is time CFC-IC must take stock and command, as the battle has been won in our hearts (Or has it? I hope so, I pray so. Sis Esther414? The cross has triumphed already. In fact, right now, whatever will happen, WE CANNOT BE MOVED NOR DISTURBED ANY LESS OR MORE, DI BA… because we have loved and forgiven, and we will continue to suffer for love of the Cross.) IC may advise that CFC’s catalytic role to bring out the issues ceases here and now, and it must already encourage everyone to come back ‘home’ to the usual services and activities – ang dami dami pa talaga diyan: CLP, GK, formation tracks, special teachings, other initiatives for the kids and the youth, etc. etc.

Also in the area of reconciliation, I believe it is to our FFL brethren like Akosikenn we can share our invitations and pleadings, with forgiveness in our hearts. And what a great triumph in Faith and Reason within our CFC it will certainly be, if we will march together with them in a new, united mission!

CD, the Devil has burned in that great expanded battlefield where we have kept the CFC lines intact. Now, let the seried ranks of CFC warriors line up for the ploughshares to work with the likes of Akosikenn in a much-awaited reconciliation.

Bro. Auto da Fe said...

I received the news that Bp. Gabe resigned as SD with much regret but also with much relief. His emotional letter drives home the point that he feels he's still right after all and what he did was right according to his discernment, sense of fairplay and definition of neutrality.

But reading between the lines and knowing about Cardinal Rylko's "ruling" regarding the exclusive use of the name by the IC-led CFC, I can only imagine the effect on Bp.Gabe's position. It must have played a big part on Bp. Gabe's decision to resign as his staying as CFC SD has become so uncomfortably awkward. (Bro. Frank Padilla's statement about "saving face" comes to mind.)

Anyway, Bro JT's humble and honest reply says it all for all of us.

God bless.

maria violeta marivie dalman said...

to anonymous,
"yes, sister there is anger in my heart? why? can you just read entries and comments here? just in this entry, you don't have to read 10 comments to prove why i am."

Bro/sis as i said in every reality there are always 2 choices.

not to be angry is first choice. to be angry is another choice.

but what to do with your anger is another choice:

1) you can write about your anger, get back at the person or in this case this blog

2) or you can reflect on this anger you feel and ask the Lord what He wants you to do. To do His will is to die to your urge to be angry and get back and be sarcastic

that is what He requires of us- if we want to be His disciple. to carry our cross, to die to ourself, everyday ,die to our pride... every minute of the day. to make our life a prayer...
it is in dying that we gain, that we may live and that we learn.

mahirap kapatid, because we deal with 7 capital sins. pride being the mother of it all.

i will say this again, let this blog be an opportunity for us to learn. sayang lang, if we read this blog, just to be updated and just to see what frank did or what the IC did or what is the latest news....

SAYANG, we will all miss this great time in our life to learn. The message of GOD is HERE!

Claro sa akin yan, I pray that you will also have that grace, the grace to be at peace no matter what...

for the bloggers one lesson, for the readers another.

yes we can choose not to be angry, we can choose to correct and not be angry, we can choose to say anything we want to say in this blog.

we have a choice- to be an angry Christian or a peaceful Christian!

have we forgetten our teachings- "Unity in Disagreement"

bro/sis peace tayo, power hug to you!

Let us all agree to disagree-
but always, always with one thing in our mind....

We stand on Holy Ground Here because;
and not couples for lucifer!

CFC Cluster 2 Chapter D said...


I think it's time to pause awhile and sing praise, come on now...


If I speak in the tongues of men
If I talk like an angel
If I speak with inspiration
And if I have all faith to move the hills
If I give away everything I have
And distribute them to the poor
If I give up my body to be burned
And if I die for a cause

But have not loved
But have not loved
I am nothing but a gong a noisy gong
Not far from changing cymbals or ringing bells
That gives out a sound but not a tune

For love is patient, it is kind
It's not jealous, nor it is blind
And love rejoices in the truth
Not in the wrong, love never ends

If I love, I endure all things
If I love, I believe all things
If I love, I hope all things
If I love, I conquer everything


Anonymous said...

I suggest that Bro Frank to change the name of CFC-FFL to QUAD-C. Meaning Catholic Christian Couples Community. This is to totally break away from the issue that he is after the leadership of CFC and that he cannot accept that he is already been replaced. I think this is a good solution to crisis we are encountering. Anyway this is just a temporary problem which God is closely watching to determine what is in our hearts. If we are truly serving Him, then any name is not a problem as long as Spirit of God is in our hearts. The path to Godliness is narrow and what we want to attain is to reside in God's kingdom which is surely in heaven.Those who want to go heaven may want to know how and giving more importance to worldly things is surely not the way.

Anonymous said...

naiiyak ako. i can't believe my eyes seeing brothers and sister accusing one person person while evil word coming out from their mouth.

can't we give love and respect despite our differences and pov?

naiiyak ako because this is the most disappointing and the lowliest truth i discovered about loving one another.

anyways, you're all my brothers forever.


dirtdiver said...

I excercised restraint and kept silent after the painful experience last year. I continued to defend CFC by being an example and moving on. And we were blessed by God with our CLP here as He sent us so many and included our brothers sisters from Africa.

Mga kapatid, I understand na kailangan maglabas ng sama ng loob but please be cautious para di tayo makasakit. Kasi kapag binabatikos nila ang BLOG na ito lahat tayo kasama sa batikos na iyon. Nasasaktan na ako ngayon whenever they say that CD is a liar kahit hindi ko pa namemeet siya. Nasasaktan na ako kapag sinasabihan na tayong lahat na RABID followers tayo ng CFCIC. Kahit na hindi totoo, masakit lang isipin na umabot na sa ganito na at yung dati kong kaibigan sa community ang siya pang nagsasabi ng masama sa akin at sa lahat ng tao dito.

Masama man ang loob ko kay Bishop Gabby, hindi ko pa rin kayang magsalita ng masakit o laban sa kanya at pati kay Bro Frank.

CD, salamat ng marami sa iyo. Makakaasa ka na kaming andito sa Geneva, nasa tabi mo kami at hindi kami bibitaw dahil alam naming kasama natin ang Diyos sa laban na ito.

God Bless us all!

jacobo pumaling said...


It's sad, but it's true. Let us not forget that the politics of Rome crucified Jesus Christ. Politics should never be tolerated in our community. It should not be acceptable and it can never be acceptable. Our leaders should be lead by the Holy Spirit - and not by any political agenda.

Jacobo Pumaling, Northeast, GK Advocate

Postmodernist said...

Our community should choose or prefer a more orthodox and traditionally-inclined bishop to lead the community. Someone whose focus would be to move past these intrigues. It's also hightime that we fix our act, I mean really fix it. From our theology, liturgy, and Christian attitude, should be based upon the teachings of our venerable popes, councils, the Church Fathers, the saints, and most of all the proper (I mean proper) understanding and interpretation of Sacred Scripture the way Holy Mother Church understands it. If traditional Catholicism worked for almost 1950 years, then why won't it worked now here in our wonderful community?

Instavrare Omnia In Christo,

jonitanitayturin said...


I posted this comment today in CBCP News and am making a slight correction on the line about Padilla’s hand on a throat which originally run thus:

“Frank Padilla had his hands on the throat as the IC groaned while CFC was lopped off...”


“As Chair of CBCP-ECLA, Bishop Gabby Reyes must be actively involved in Vatican's PCL - either as one of 32 members or of 30 consultors. On the other hand, Mr. Frank Padilla currently sits as a member of the PCL from the time he was CFC Executive Director until after he rebelled and founded the renegade CFC-FFL, which Bishop Gabby readily accepted as "CFC".

Since then and until his resignation this week, Bishop Gabby Reyes, Chair of CBCP-ECLA, had a unique dual role as Spiritual "Director" of the divided CFC, although the mainstream CFC under the International Council (CFC-IC) found him too biased for the renegade CFC-FFL, which was compounded by Padilla's "mis"representation of CFC in the Vatican's PCL.

Given the temporal and spiritual domains of those two powerful episcopal offices (ECLA and PCL), it is not difficult to imagine how Frank Padilla had his hands tightly on the throat of a groaning IC while CFC was lopped off upon the advise of its Spiritual Director.

On April 3, 2008, Stanislaw Card. Rylko, President of the PCL, has ordered that only the International Council under Joe Tale can use the name CFC. On May 5, Bishop Gabby Reyes resigned as Spiritual Director of CFC-IC.

Now that the controversy on the use of the name CFC has been settled by the Vatican, Mr. Padilla's representation of CFC in the PCL has become tenuous. As the Spiritual Adviser of FFL, perhaps Bishop Reyes can tell Padilla to "cut and cut cleanly".

Meantime, CBCP may want to answer questions from the laity on how may a complaint against, or the removal of, a Philippine Bishop who has misrepresented them in the Episcopal Commission for Lay Apostolate, be initiated.”

jonitanitayturin said...


I agree, Brod/Sis.

As I see it, our next Spiritual Director must be someone who really loves the Cross.

On the other hand, I think our CFC culture is already near-perfect, except perhaps for some modifications in governance at the top (it is more of the administrative aspect, like elections, that must be clearly followed, without allowing anyone to tamper with it especially if under dubious motives). Otherwise, all the formation tracks, teaching materials, and related documents, copies of which were submitted to the Vatican to support our application for recognition, are just perfect. Moreover, the process of reviewing the major aspects of the community through the recently-held Pastoral Congresses was also superb. So far, so good, I think.

While I will give in to your observation about the limited depth or theological foundation in our understanding of the Scriptures, I guess this is the reason why we have bible “sharing” instead of bible “teaching”. About Christian attitude, there is no better formula: we have taken the best of our family renewal and GK. The CFC member who is committed to - and practices - his covenant and to GK has the perfect Christianity, I say confidently.

We in CFC are long on “experiential” faith (may this be called as such(?),meaning we talk of God by our experience in our growth as Christians in our community) and short on talking about its theological and philosophical dimensions. Perhaps some day, we’ll be blessed to have people or scholars with cutting-edge talent of a consummate wordsmith who will put in beautiful prose the theology and philosophy of walking your talk through GK (or close to it, for some who are not there yet.)

But let me assure you that you have touched a crucial chord somewhere here that will need to be addressed. My response here is in defense of the status quo...although I know it is a very welcome activity to share our thoughts on this good piece topic for our “HH” meeting here.

Eto na lang, while I have so much in my mind about this (let me try, Brod/Sis):

There are numerous miracles that have happened in our common journey toward holiness through CFC. God has put together in this community all kinds of talents and personalities, who are all NOBODIES until confronted, confounded and dumbfounded by HIS OVERFLOWING LOVE. And whatever language we can express ourselves in, even if articulated in the best of prose and phrase, the best rendition still is the poetry of a song that glories in the sacrifice and love of our God-Man Hanging on the Cross, as the singer merrily walks his talk.


Brothers and Sisters, on Sunday May 11, let's all come together and celebrate the birthday of the church!

Pentecost Sunday it is!

Let us commemorate the Descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles!

Remind natin lahat na on this day, the Apostles were empowered to be able to SPREAD THE WORD OF CHRIST!

Let's all pray for Bishop Gabby Reyes because on that day it is highly probable the he will celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

May his homily about Pentecost remind him that God empowered his Apostles precisely to do the WORK OF SPREADING GOD'S WORD everywhere!

Sana ma-alala niya na yun din ang ginagawa ng CFC!

And of course, our friends in FFL also do this when they are not busy poaching on CFC members to join them.

You mean the Bishop Resigned? As in he left? said...

Some stories need to end fast because it is no longer a soul-enriching read.
One such story is the Bishop's being spiritual director of CFC while having a heart mind and soul for FFL.
I did not bother o read the resignation letter, because I am sure it will not end without portraying CFC in bad light!

good ............bye, Bishop!

Spend more time now with FFL and preparing for pro-FFL lectures, homilies, lobbying at CBCP for FFL, traveling to Vatican for FFL...and if you have extra minutes to spare you might like to look into the affairs of the Antipolo diocese.


I was at Amoranto Velodrome in QC last night, May 10 (6;30PM) up to this morning May 11 (2:00AM)!

I saw empty whitE mono-block chairs drenched by the rain at around 7:00 to past 8:00 PM.

I saw an empty (of people) stage with electronic audio equipment dangerously exposed to the weather.

I saw few people about 2,000 to three thousand with worried disappointed look in their faces, some of those next to me said: "pag-tumila ng kaunti ang ulan alis na tayo!"

I saw Fr. Paul take the mike from the SFC or HOLD member in black (she is from Indonesia?)and then Fr. Paul led all to prayer and songs of praise: a prayer for God to stop the rain.

I saw some handmaids and CFC leaders start praying to Mama Mary and the rosary prayer also had one petition: "Stop the Rain!"

Then I saw the raindrops thin out to a drizzle, then just to a mist, then IT WAS GONE!!!!!

Then the lights and sounds came on again and then the announcement:"THE PROGRAM WILL PROCEED"


Then everything is history!

1. CFC begins and ends a night assembly, despite the threat of bad weather, with at least 15,000 to 17,000 members of CFC and Ministries!

2. CFC completes formation of a HUMAN CROSS (will someone please provide the external measurement of the cross, so we can more or less estimate how many persons they filled it with!) with my humble estimate of at least 12k to 13k brothers and sisters & kids standing there.

3. a first celebration of a PENTECOST RALLY with a celebration of Holy Eucharist as top attraction and reason for being ( I forgot the Latin words)!

4. I think it is also a first in CFC gathering that a big GK related show - 'TAO PO' was presented. I am sure happy that it was announced that the show will be done also in Singapore.

By the way, please pray for a male 'Tao Po' performer who met an accident after he played his role: HE FELL OFF THE SLIPPERY STAGE STAIR. DOCTORS MIGHT HAVE DIAGNOSED A BROKEN BONE AS I SAW THEY TIED UP HIS LEG WHEN THEY BOARDED HIM ON THE AMBULANCE.

The MOTHERS HAD A BONUS, as Mass Celebrant Bishop Yniguez greeted them for Mother's Day; he reminded us too of Mama Mary's being our mother!.

One more before I go: PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED! GOD IS WITH US -- an no rain can stop what we do for Him to affirm HIS GLORY!! (by the way, people did not leave when the rain stopped!)

Anonymous said...

CD, wish to bring in here this post from CBCP News:


"The discussions here have drifted to arguments in circles – nagiging tautological. Wala nang laman at pabalikbalik, at perhaps nakakainsulto na sa mga academic minds na siya naman talaga ang maybahay dito, until the unfortunate issue of Bishop Reyes.

CFC at FFL, the issues have gone beyond your domain, but have addressed the Mother Catholic Church, whose most famous and sharpest thinkers have shaped western civilization. Malalim-lalim duon sa mi unahan, at ang mga teachings ng CFC at FFL ay hanggan lang sa “sharing” an experience of faith, “practice what you preach”, at sa CFC, “walking your talk” through GAWAD KALINGA; admittedly medyo MABABAW-BABAW NAMAN TALAGA, IF FROM THE STANDPOINT OF HAVING FORMAL ACADEMIC, INTELLECTUAL, PHILOSOPHICAL AND THEOLOGICAL DEPTH AND "EXPRESSION".

Kaya, atras na lang seguro muna kayo. Nakakahiya na man na isubo ninyo ang pagdadakdak or daldal, at lumalabas tuloy kung saan galing ang laman ng mga utak – ang iba doon galing sa heretical slants ng mga libro ng so-called “founder” ninyo, whose lack of spiritual depth has rendered the clergy, including Bishop Reyes, with spite.

At saka, there are elementary rules of correct thinking, as well as correct English grammar. So, please, baka mapahiya kayo. Thank you na lang sa “experiential” dimensionS ng inyong charism, CFC at FFL, at diyan na lang kaya muna kayo... BUTI PA, BUMALIK NA KAYO SA INYONG MGA BAHAY (BARRACKS) AT MAGTRABAHO NA KAYO NG MASINSINAN ACCORDING TO YOUR MISSION AND VISION AND THE PASTORAL GUIDANCE OF YOUR LEADERS.

FFL, leave Bishop Reyes alone now. So much adulation for him coming from your end reveals your shallow intellect. You have made use of the good Bishop enough already. SO, THANKS AND NO THANKS.

(Please pray that this post serves as a firm advise from a concerned onlooker, a big brother-observer if you will. And, with my own limitations included, I lift all of us TO GOD FOR HIS INFINITE GUIDANCE, MERCY, AND WISDOM. IN JESUS’ NAME. AMEN!)"


RE: The Resignation of Antipolo's Bishop as S.D. of CFC

FFL/Padilla's Playboy&Bunnies Team has an article on the Resignation and it is being distributed to CFC members [even some of those CFC members have long requested that their e-mail addresses be de-listed from FFL internet files]that 'attacks' [what else is new? For Servant General FAP & FFL feeds on anger and can't exist without it!] the CFC International Council.

I think we should NOT take up this particular article. CD, please do not even post it here to give it some glorification.

If we do not post it here -- the lesser people will know it. ALL of us really do not need to read it anyway because ii is written in angry mood..and the best way to avoid sinning against anger is to IGNORE IT. If we totally ignore the article and it DIES A NATURAL DEATH ....then it gets filed into OBLIVION. Another effect: FAP is not given a forum to ventilate his ire. He is fishing for a react from us.

Silence is the best response!

After all wala namang bagong argument - lahat re-hash ng 'veering away', 'dosobedience, parnerships with pharma companies!

This is just my suggestion! I hope you have not posted it yet!


Anonymous said...


Former CFC-Spiritual Director Bishop Reyes demanded that the news ad about Cardinal Rylko's order (that only the CFC-IC under Bro. Joe Tale can use the CFC name) be aborted. Because CFC-IC published it (with prior consultation from Cardinal Rylko, to whom CFC was supposed to report pursuant to the Statutes), Bishop Reyes RESIGNED as CFC-IC Spiritual Dirctor.

Beware, Frank Padilla. If you don't resign from the Pontifical Council of the Laity - because you are misrepresenting the CFC-IC and Bishop Reyes cannot anymore prop you up to continue sitting there, YOU ARE NEXT IN LINE. This is only proper and the way of the TRUTH. Ta, ta, too, signore Franco...

Anonymous said...

The last time someone resigned, he wanted to come back.

I hope Bishop's resignation is not like Frank Padilla's resignation.

TruthShallSetYouFree said...

I didn't realize until now that FAP seats at the "Pontifical Council of the Laity" representing CFC,
and with Bishop Reyes at that.

hmmmm... I can see clearly now!

Anonymous said...

As I see it, the main issue is the PRIDE of Frank Padilla that Bishop Reyes unabashedly cradled and shielded, using the enormous influence of his position in the Catholic Church, to the extent of extracting a Vatican sanction on CFC-IC based on rashly-concluded, not-so-seriously investigated, and hardly existing anti-Catholic practices in Gawad Kalinga’s work with the poor, all of this unnecessarily exposing the Catholic Church to ridicule.

Anonymous said...


I’ve read FFL’s general letter to its membership re: the resignation of Bishop Gabby Reyes as SD of CFC-IC, with Padilla rehashing the old issues of “disobedience” and “veering away”.

Unfortunately, we cannot dwell on those issues anymore, and I think some FFL may really feel insulted by being fed with the same old refrains when they also wanted to leave the past and move on, especially that updates can be had from other sources (like this blog).

For their general and clear information and understanding: His Eminence Stanislaw Card. Rylko has acknowledged CFC-IC’s obedience of Vatican’s directive by agreeing to the IC-proposed draft of the public apology that appeared as a full-page ad in the Philippine Star.

Unknown to the general membership (of CFC and FFL), the CFC-IC established a direct communication line with Vatican, which has direct control and supervision of the CFC-IC, pursuant to the Vatican-approved constitution and by-laws in order to address the crisis more effectively.

So, when FFL and Padilla were speculating and “reading the mind” of the Vatican, Bro. Joe Tale was already on “talking terms” with the good Cardinal, with the CFC-IC in possession of “private letters” copies of which were furnished Bishop Reyes, then the Spiritual Director of CFC-IC.

When that ABS-CBN columnist (Ms Fonbuena) came up with a misleading banner story that Vatican admonished CFC’s GK and that Cardinal Rylko has sided with Padilla’s FFL, CFC-IC lodged a protest and Bishop Reyes came out to clarify the Vatican instruction. In the process, the good Bishop was seen carrying with him a copy of the letter similar to the one that ABS-CBN sourced the story from.

A top CFC leader noticed that the good Bishop's did not have the two (2) crucial lines about CFC having taken appropriate actions to address the so-called scandals, but kept it unto himself until he could verify his suspicion by looking at the original letter in the possession of CFC-IC. It was then found out that the ABS-CBN letter and the one used by Bishop Reyes were one and the same copy but were a FORGERY of the original copy that was sent to Bro. Joe Tale with a separate one furnished Bishop Reyes. (The CFC-IC under Joe Tale could not release the original copy without consulting the Vatican, it being a private communication. Meantime, FFL blasted the FORGED letter among its followers worldwide...)

Of course, it was said earlier here that in another occasion, Bishop Reyes confronted the CFC-IC with a demand that the planned news ad - about Rylko’s another letter ordering that only the CFC under Joe Tale can use the name CFC - be aborted. When CFC-IC insisted that it would go on with the paid ad (having secured prior clearance from its direct superior, the Vatican, in accordance with the statutes) Bishop Reyes filed his resignation.

Thank God that a contemplative monk categorically asserts that CFC and GK are obedient to the Church. Father Savio, Prior/Administrator of the Benedictine Monks in Bukidnon got out of the monastery and observed, saw, and heard all that the wanted to ask and investigate about CFC and GAWAD KALINGA (GK) last month. Being aware of the directive from Cardinal Rylko about the reported “scandals”, the reclusive Father Savio affirmed thus:

I have met with leaders of Gawad Kalinga in Bukidnon and those of the national level. When I asked them their response to that letter of the Vatican, they are one in saying that we will obey the Church! They will submit to what the Church prescribes for them. For me, that obedience to holy Mother the Church is the presence of God working in Gawad Kalinga. God is there in their obedience. God is there in Gawad Kalinga!
("I am making the above interpretation based on bits of information I gathered in the course of listening to discussions about our current CFC crisis, and from the homily of Father Savio during Ascension Sunday. I am solely responsible for the entries here and I absolve CD and this blog from any kind of consequence arising from the account I have made. I have done this to enrich our search for the Truth." - Anonymous)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the views shared here in this Post ("Our Separate Ways")!

May he - Bro. Frank Padilla - now have the singular or single-minded decision to CLOSE THE BOOK AND MOVE ON SEPARATELY, YET PEACEFULLY....

... by formally giving up, RESIGNING his seat in the Vatican's Pontifical Commission for the Laity as representative of CFC...



vatican astronomer said...

Did you know that the POPE just recently announced that it is not against the catholic faith to beleive in "aliens" [read: extra-terrestials]?

I wonder what would happen to our detractors if one day the POPE announces that it is okay to receive funds used for the POOR even if the donor is a corporation that produces anti-life products, runs a gambling casino or motels, makes cigarettes, wines, etc etc.

I guess that will be the day!!

Envyingly said...

It is not only the PRIDE of FRANK.

Here's another angle:" The way I see it, the crux of the current crises in CFC is not identity, it is ENVY" -- Conrado de Quiros, in his article in his article 'Identities', in Inquirer, May 14, 2008.

But who got envious of whom?

I surmise the 'self-proclaimed' founder of CFC envious of the one who moved GK into the nationally admired movement that it is?

All of these current problems our community face was perhaps triggered by the Ramon Magsaysay Award! I heard that there were efforts done to dissuade the Foundation that gives the awards from giving it to TM, IS THAT TRUE?


INQUIRing Only said...

There is a NEW big scandal that's hitting the Catholic Church of the Philippines!


PDI, banner story on May 14,2008.

WE don't know how this case will move in the Philippine courts.
Let's pray the Bishop is not convicted, else Pangasinan will lose a Bishop and if we have FFL members in that province they will be sad.

But the actual point is, it seems there is a problem of the Clergy in defining what they mean by the word 'scandal'.

They say we have 'scandal'-ized the faithful because we want to help the poor with funds from pharma companies that they claim manufacture anti-life drugs or devices here in the Philippines.

What about this one case of Bishop Cruz? The newspaper article says "the Sec. of Justice, upon review, said the Church leader had defamed the women".

So whats the real scandal -- being accused of helping the poor with tainted funds by lay people or "defaming women" [if he's proven guilty] by a Bishop?

Or will the higher level clergy members look the other way again because this one hits home? Remember no has yet ask CARITAS & RADIO VERITAS from returning the funds of PCSO ! Nor is there any public apology forthcoming from the two Catholic institutions!

DonorWatcher said...

Here's a potential scandal:

GK Brookside residents do not have dry clothes to wear, because all their possessions, if not carried away by flood waters, are now wet. So the only dry clothes are those on their backs. While i speak of clothes, those are not the things the residents are short of, as they also need food, they need cooking and dining utensils, they need milk both for babies and adults, they need medicines, etc, etc.

Yesterday, May 13, MERALCO distributed beddings to the residents.

Now what happens if the pharmaceutical companies send their help with food items, baby formula, vitamins, medicines, clothes, etc.,etc. even if they are aware that we have this difficult situation of our having recently done a public apology for engaging them in GK, what then do we do?

Do we refuse the help? Do you think we could justify to the needy the decision to refuse the help? do you think the rhetoric used by the rich detractors in the other organization along with their Bishop friends, is also applicable and can be conveyed to the nearly desperate families in GK Brookside?

Could we ask Bishop Reyes to be there in GK Brookside during this difficult time and for him to be the one who'll tell the people that CFC is right in refusing the donations coming from those sources because they are precisely the sources of funds or material help that has put GK bad in the eyes of the Clergy?

I think this, if it really happens, will be a difficult situation for the GK caretaker team to decide on.

So let us just pray that donations to GK Brookside will just come from GLOBE TELCOM, SMART, MERALCO, AYALA CORP, PLDT, PHILAMLIFE, CFC and of course- FFL!

Anonymous said...


Hello Bro. Frank,

I know you are a very busy man, but I just have to ask this question:

If FFL insists on still being CFC in spirit, then why do they insist on still using the CFC's legal name?

Just asking ...

Anonymous said...

I was in Manila when I heard an announcer from Kay Ganda ng Umaga Channel 2 interviewed Bishop Oscar Cruz regarding the issue of not giving communion to Pres. Arroyo. Tanong ng announcer, kung totoo nga na hindi niya bibigyan ng communion si Pres. Sabi ni Bishop,oo kailangan mangumpisal muna siya. Sabi ng announcer, kailangan ba na sabihin ni Pres. na nangumpisal siya. Sagot ni Bishop isauli muna ang mga nacorrupt niya. Siguro hindi siya pupunta sa akin to receive communion, then it was in the newspaper that Bishop Cruz denied what he said. Then the same announcer came back to him and told him what he said during the previews interview, Bishop Cruz denied it.. To make the story short, The announcer told him this word. Bishop, sabi po ng nanay ko huwag akong magsisinungaling dahil hindi ako makakapasok sa langit. he he he!!!
"Taming the tongue"

Anonymous said...

Bank: Allied Bank
Account Name: Restoration Movement for Family and Life Ministries, INC.
Account number 1721-0258-3

Bank: Bank of Philippine Island
Account name Rolando L.David
Account Number 4480-0024-53

These are the banks that the participant should deposit their payments for the 1st World Handmaids Congress.

Note: Please fax proof of payment to the CFC FFL at (+632) 7182213
Attention:WHC Secretariat
Forms should be submitted to

It is clear that the FFL can't use the name CFC so they register their community under the name of Restoration Movement for Family and Life Ministries INC

Anonymous said...

To Envyiling,

Ganon ba? May selos pala? Sa Magaysay Award? Gusto pa ayaw ipabigay kay TM? Sino po sila? Dapat siguro bigyang linaw ito ng Magsaysay Foundation kong totoo kasi masama pakinggan e! Total ang word na Magsaysay sa bisaya english meaning To Tell..Tell nyo na! Sige na ba!

Anonymous said...


I wonder though... if Bishop Cruz were to unilaterally tame his tongue and take back those libelous words against the Pagcor women-employees, will Padilla's and FFL's apologies not be far behind.

Oh, but we seem to be "veering away" now in our discussion.

Yes, there's are scandals and scandals in our Mother Church, unfortunately.

That is why, as a respected writer the unquestioned leader of CFC for 25 years then, Padilla should not have used those slippery tongues to utter controversial and highly-debatable issues, or else dabbled with Church doctrinal issues like receiving donations for the poor.

Of course it is now clear that he had ENVY (the nastiest and most unproductive of sins, unlike for instance stealing which can bring in money or food). As leader of the highly-respected CFC Padilla should not have put the clergy and the Church in a precarious situation. Yet, like a never-ending broken record, Padilla and his cohorts will only be willing to resurrect old issues using the same old arguments...

About helping the for-now-homeless and flood-stricken brethren in Brookside, I say, GO AHEAD, HELP THEM CFC AND FFL, WITH ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING YOU CAN!!!

Let Padilla and Reyes rot in some corner and be scandalized some more by your generous help. GENERATE AND ACCEPT DONATIONS FROM ANY SOURCE, TOO, just to deal with the emergency situation there. We know you can sleep with a clear conscience if you will have helped, instead of hesitating to due to the those discarded leaders' hypocrisy.

And by the way, let the late and saintly Jaime Cardinal Sin smile and willingly "lawyer" for you and all God's generous people in heaven! While shepherding the poor in Manila, he said he would take help from any source, even the Devil, and give it to the poor.

Anonymous said...

Last December, Tony Meloto and Dylan were our guests in our Christmas party, February, we have Joe Tale and March we have Ernie Maipid and his wife. None of them said negative words against Frank Padilla, because they consider him as his big brother, and therefore should not be critized in any form of language. It showed that the three followed what Christ wants us to do. TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Love regardles of what he did.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brother/Sis Anonymous.

I tried to examine myself for negative intentions against those I can't really agree with, especially Padilla and those in FFL...and RESOLVED to be more kinder to them ... You see, Brod/Sis, it is an off-and-on thing, depending on the inputs, although I know that, against all odds, it it is best to be "steadily" loving and kind in thoughts, and then words, and then action.
In the name of Jesus, I will strive to be always fair, kind and loving. I also invoke the guidance of the Holy Spirit upon all those who read the entries here, that they may always see the good more than the dark side (in case there is) of each entry, and that only the inspiring, holy, and loving thoughts elicited from them will dominate their consciousness.

Iwill Live even if Living is Without You said...

Reply to Donor Watcher:

Per Bishop Claver, you may now accept donations from pharma companies if the donations you will get will be for the poor suffering and needy people of GK Brookside!

Read Bishop Claver's article on the CBCB Newspaper and in the context of his article "Stealing From the Devil", the "over-emphasis on social work" (w/c spinwriters Padilla and Co., would like everybody to think, necessarily results to non-evangelization work) now is made a non-sequitur.

Look, if there was no CFC and GK brothers and sisters in GK Brookside, how else could the needy flood victims of GK Brookside see that there is hope in Christianity? Eh di, City Hall and Red Cross na lang asahan nila!

So let's open our eyes brothers and sisters...those wordy accusations that they charge us with only found some minority following because 3 Bishops gave it some approval and that approval is being eroded by the wisdom of others in the Clergy,like Bishop Claver. So what say you, Bishop Reyes, Lagdameo and Villegas? Isamana na natin dyan sa Bishop Cantillas ng Leyte (By the way, Bishop Cantillas, how's the business of the Leyte Memorial Park doing? I think Bishop Cantillas, you just give priority to this business of yours rather than forcing the CFC people of your Leyte Diocese to go to FFL. Wala effect talaga effect si Frank dito. Sa iyo lang. Vaya con Franco Padilla, Bishop!)

Now we are beginning to see that in the Catholic Church, there is also that division and no unilateral position about tainted funds will ever be defined in black and white!

Paging Bishop Trujillo -- please examine the records of your Catholic institutions like Veritas and Caritas.

Whew! Really disgusting this pretense and hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

The Bishop Claver article can be found in the CBCP Monitor. Check out your local St Pauls Religious articles store if they have copies.

If are CFC, ask for an e-mail copy for your Country Coordinator, Regional Head, PAH, MMla Sector Head.
If you ar in Manila call the CFC Center and talk to Zeny Gimenez of Ugnayan

Anonymous said...


"Petromax" was a lowland technology introduced to the tribal highlanders of Bukidnon which was a curious term mentioned in the detailed account of the life of a "native" Manobo that provided a "window" to acculturation, which was one of the major themes in your anthropological studies as the new Bishop of Bukidnon then.

Now, you are our symbol of light, our "petromax", dear Bishop, who illuminates our way in this dark corner that our own Spiritual Director led us into only to hastily leave with contempt. May he and all the rest who have twisted the circumstances to condemn CFC-IC into this dark area also see and be guided by your light, too. God Bless you, dear Monsignor.


miniongCFC said...

The questions on accepting donations from "sinful" donors and the so-called "over-emphasis on social work" were both answered in Bishop Claver's article.

Tuloy ang trabaho mga bro.

God bless us all.

Anonymous said...


When Bishop Gabby resigned as CFC Spiritual Director, didn't he also resign, IN EFFECT, from CBCP-ECLA? May we be clarified about this by CBCP?

Friends, I am only after what is proper, and have nothing against Bishop Gabby. It is just important to keep the integrity of the CBCP with this: wasn't Bishop Gabby's position to handle the special Church body for the laity directly proportional to his role in CFC as an international lay organiztion with statutes duly recognized by the Vatican?


Salamt for giving this a preferential attention.

Very truly yours,