Monday, May 5, 2008

Practice What You Preach

It's a very simple concept, really.

Indulge me please, while I tell a short story, a parable if you may.

Many years ago, my mother and I were visiting one of her close friends in the USA who was an illegal immigrant. She had traveled to California on a tourist visa and had opted to stay, in hopes of providing better financial support for her family. Back then, it was easier to do so, with lax enforcement, no laws yet for employers to ask for social security numbers, and no computerized documentation. It was different from the immigration issues that the US is suffering from now. In fact, to deal with the growing base of illegal immigrants, the INS (the US govt agency in charge of immigration, now known as the USCIS) instituted a period of amnesty to legalize illegal immigrants in the US. They issued a list of requirements and those who qualified were encouraged to apply and become legal immigrants. Mom was asking her friend why she hasn't applied, since this was a golden opportunity for her to become legal and finally find decent employment, not to mention ease her stress of being found by the INS. She replied that a couple of her friends advised her not to even try, since they thought she was ineligible, so she had not even looked into it. My mom insisted that she at least consult a professional, but her friend refused, saying that she trusted her friends and they knew what they were talking about.

I am reminded of this story because Mom recently spoke about her. It's been about 20 years or so, and I had also heard about her friend's children having some sort of family difficulties. It turns out that she's never become legalized and has spent the last two decades making less than minimum wage. All these years she's been sending her earnings to her children who, without their mother, had been dropping in and out of school, dabbled in illegal drugs, and had children out of wedlock. Mom also discovered, a few years after the amnesty ended, that her friend had been eligible after all, and could have become a legal, permanent resident in the US. It was a very, very depressing thing to hear. I knew her children and saw what they went through without their mother. Their father had issues of his own and was basically absent throughout their formative years, and even now is not one to be relied on. So they had grown up on their own, fending for themselves, going through life in the Philippines by being taken advantaged of by relatives and friends - frequently losing their way. What made it even worse was the fact that, if not for those (I assume) well meaning friends of their mother with faulty information, they would have been with their mother in the USA, the land of opportunity, and might have led a different life. Surely, better than what they are going through now. At the very least, she might have been able to come home and seen her children, who she's so far only watched grow up in the sporadic pictures they've mailed her.

What moral can be found from this story? I think, it is better said in tagalog.

Mag ingat sa mga nagmamarunong.

You may ask why I would feel the need to share this with you all?

Well, it just struck me that a lot of the recent communication from the Easter Group is based on conjecture, which they then choose to disseminate to their members as facts. Frank takes tidbits of information (oh say, a couple of sentences from private letters not addressed to him) gives it his own spin on things, and proceeds to blast it out as THE truth.

Take for example,

"What the IC is doing now is trying to appear to comply with the Vatican's directives, but not really doing so."

Really Frank? Did you ask the Vatican if they have approved of what the IC has done, or are you conjecturing to your benefit? IF you did ask, why not blast the Vatican response? You should be trumpeting that for all the hear. We certainly would be quite interested, and your email blasts would fare better than the automatic deletes they are getting now.

Or how about,

" is clear that the IC did not follow Cardinal Rylko's directive regarding the apology for the public scandal..."

Is it such a far fetched notion to expect that if the IC was working closely with the good Cardinal on this, that they would ask for his approval/opinion on the final wording of the apology in the ad? If you're so sure they did not follow the directive, it wouldn't be hard for someone who has such easy access to the Vatican as yourself to tell the Cardinal yourself, right? Oh wait, maybe that's not a good might be told that it's none of your business.

And finally,

Since the IC refuses to follow the Vatican, and since CFC-GK still has these partnerships with pharmaceuticals with contraceptives, CFC is still not in "good standing" with the Vatican.

Once again, are you sure you are stating a fact or simply a misguided assumption that you are passing off to everyone in the FFL as fact? Do you think your clever "quotations" will save you from having to admit that you are saying this without proof, without verification, and without cause?

If you think about it, giving your opinion on these letters without having seen the rest of the communications between the IC and the Vatican is much like jumping in midway on a conversation after only hearing a few words: You will most likely be wrong, you will most likely make a fool of yourself, and you are more than likely to mislead those who trust you.

Will you trust a mechanic who diagnoses your car without opening the hood? I didn't think so.

My father always told me, "Running your mouth to look smart makes it much easier to make a fool of yourself than keeping quiet and looking ignorant."

That's why I love him to death. He's saved me from social disaster many, many times.

You don't want to lose all your credibility, Frank. That, my brother, is what you simply cannot afford to lose. Evangelism requires a certain amount of it, and isn't that the main platform the FFL is running on? You owe it to your followers to retain your credibility. Actually, you owe it to your brethren to practice what you preach.

In your own words, brother:

"Mostly I have been letting go and letting God..."

" not retaliate in kind."

"Let us pray for our brethren who are in CFC-GK."

"They are our brethren and not our enemies.

"Finally, keep your hearts pure and humble."

If you don't follow your own advice, how are we supposed to believe that you take them to heart yourself?

So let go Frank. Please. There is much work to be done, shouldn't you be getting on with it? We sure are. Why can't you?

Does anybody here have any more quotes from Frank himself (and his many books) that he should be practicing as well?


solidyfc said...

npansin ko lng po titos and titas....FFL is legalistic rin pla!!!


WillyJ said...

"One challenge to unity will be the conflicts that are inevitable between and among individuals and groups. Because we are sinful flesh, and because the enemy deliberately works to cause disunity, there indeed will be disagreements that can lead to conflicts.

What is important is to know how to handle disagreements so that they do not break into serious conflicts. A big element in this is being willing to die to self. It is being willing not to focus on one's rights, but rather to practice patience, tolerance, forbearance, and forgiveness. It is letting go of anger and unhelpful argumentation. Such will necessitate self-denial. This is not to insist on our own way, even when we may suffer injustice. We do this for the sake of unity. Such will necessitate embracing the cross. But this, painful as it will be, is salvific and brings us to greater holiness. Thus, in loss there is gain.

We must always be cognizant of the reality that this is not about us, but about God and His work. We are mere instruments. Our interest is not to stoke our ego, not to further our personal agenda, and not to be the obstacle to getting God's work done."

(emphasis mine)
- From the book: 'Showing His Power and Majesty': Handling Conflicts - Community, p. 93)

roundeyedtoddler said...

I was an avid fan of Frank Padilla. That has been my testimony a number of times, even during Chapter Prayer Assemblies. Being relatively young in the community, I'm as impressionable as a round eyed toddler on the floor. His books were instrumental to my decision to be active in the community.

But after he abdicated, seemingly everything that came out of him were things I could not relate to anymore, to think that I was reading his books! Until now, I still wonder, what has gone wrong?

The Round-Eyed Toddler

Anonymous said...

I just pity Frank Padilla and how he has stooped so low just to get people to follow him. I'll just pray for you, brother, and hope you move on and start a new community. That way its your own and you have no reason to leave again. Then you can rightly have claim to the title of founder, not trying to claim to be the founder of CFC based on other's opinions while castigating TM for being called the founder of CFC.

Tama na, Vatican has spoken, its your turn to obey.

EB-3C said...

Dear Brethren,

I want to share with you these verses from James 2 which struck me because I believe this is what God wants us to do in GK - the detractors say that GK is overemphasizing the social, but read these verses. I will not elaborate:

James 2:14-26 What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but does not have works? Can this kind of faith save him? If a brother or sister is poorly clothed and lacks daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, keep warm and eat well,” but you do not give them what the body needs, what good is it? So also faith, if it does not have works, is dead being by itself. But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith without works and I will show you faith by my works. You believe that God is one; well and good. Even the demons believe that – and tremble with fear. But would you like evidence, you empty fellow, that faith without works is useless? Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Isaac his son on the altar? You see that his faith was working together with his works and his faith was perfected by works. And the scripture was fulfilled that says, “Now Abraham believed God and it was counted to him for righteousness,”and he was called God’s friend. You see that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone. And similarly, was not Rahab the prostitute also justified by works when she welcomed the messengers and sent them out by another way? For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead.


Anonymous said...

Sometime ago, and i know it's in this blog somewhere, the FFL accused the CFC and IC of being legalistic, calling being legalistic as "evil". However, if this "evil" is for their use, they would call it good. If they can use it for their own mileage, they would consider it good.

It's a shame that they undermine, not only CFC's, but also their member's God-given intellect. Undermining as if almost insulting. It's a shame that in doing this, they (FFL) have revealed their true selves, which are not the fruits of the Holy Spirit's. I pity my friends who are in FFL, who are used as pawns for their leader's egoistic agendas.

They have sensed a "check" and could see a "checkmate" in the horizon. Brace up, keep watch, and be on guard, CFCs! Beware of a cornered beast.

WillyJ said...

Three things seem to crystallize at this point:

1. Indeed some bishops have so far already recognized the group who
call themselves CFC-FFL. As Bishops have full autonomy over their respective dioceses, they are answerable directly only to the Pope, due to the flat hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. That is why in the full-page ad, you see that IC says: "We appeal to the CBCP and the entire Philippine Clergy to recognize only one
CFC as per Vatican's guideline.."
. Some bishops may allow or disallow the use of the
name CFC attached to certain acronyms, and that would be their judgment call in the light of
Cardinal Rylko's recent letter to Joe Tale. The important thing is that they are made aware of the Vatican letter, and that they have the option of delving into the factual details of the whole issue and its ramifications.

2. CFC retains Vatican recognition, this is absolutely plain and clear. CFC-GMFI is just the legal personage that represents CFC in the Philippines, but there can be no question that the CFC (locally in the Philippines, as well as globally in other countries) that is officially recognized in the Vatican, is the same CFC under the IC headed by Joe Tale. Other groups cannot claim the same formal recognition, unless they submit to the mandated CFC International Council leadership under Joe Tale. They can only claim that they are recognized "in spirit" (ok, should be no problem there) and in that respect, any group for that matter can make such claims.

3. All the essential facts are out in the open. Even the non-facts and gross distortions have been exposed as well. Discernment had its day and was certainly much called upon in the early going, but it has now come to a point that all everyone needs is decency and simple reason. Decency says stop the attacks. Simple reason says on the other hand that there is only one formally recognized CFC, and the other group must realize by now that they are a separate and distinct group by choice. But even decency and simple reason cannot prevail when "saving face" seems to be the paramount concern. "Saving face" seems to be a very BIG issue that it is even imputed to the Vatican. That is Frank's "feeling", and the problem with Frank's "feeling" is that he is convinced everyone should be bound by it, even the Vatican. That being the case, legal remedies must be resorted to when simple reason is ignored. The call is now to be meek as lambs, harmless as doves, yet wise as serpents.

Anonymous said...

How about a quote for you CD? Here’s one:

‘With great talent is great responsibility’

I know you’ve heard this one but here’s my explanation. You (CD) are very talented, make sure that you are doing the right thing and not just trying to win an argument. With your talent, a lot of people will believe and follow you, but that does not mean you are doing the right thing.

Sleepless in NJ said...

I do enjoy a spiderman comment...

I am confident that most of us (bloggers) have the understanding of "free will."

CD might provide us different point of view, evidence, and opinion... but we are free do decide or free to discern to accept or disagree with everything said, shared, presented here.

I am free to disagree with my leaders ...
I am free to be different...
I am free to be see the blessing in our diversity...

That is God's gift to us.

I am hopeful that we(bloggers and readers) are not blind followers ...

But we ask the Holy Spirit for the wisdom to discern and to guide us in seeing God's purpose.

See you in my prayer,
Sleepless in NJ

cfc usa servant said...

Dear Anonymous (who had a quote for CD).

I've seen all the blogs that came out as a result of the CFC crisis. The reason why this blog continues to drive high traffic is because of its content. The blog owner is gifted with such clarity that the way the issues are presented is as clear and articulate and this helps people see things for what they are. This is what makes people come back and (re)read his posts frequently. CD has a talent and makes good use of it.

To my mind (and I'm sure many who continue to visit this blog), (s)he's done the right thing. Getting this blog started was the first one.

Fortes In said...

Dear Anonymous (who had a quote for CD).

I agree with Sleepless_In_NJ and CFC USA Servant.

CD and many of us in CFC are merely heeding Frank Padilla himself who said that as members of CFC we must defend CFC against those who wish to destroy it.

CD is definitely doing the right thing. Winning the argument is just a bonus.

Fortes In Fide

CD said...

WillyJ, Deovolente, and joni:

Can you please email me at the account? I just have something to ask.

Thanks and God bless,


Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who wrote:

" With your talent, a lot of people will believe and follow you, but that does not mean you are doing the right thing."

Well FAP has a lot of talent too and a lot of people believed and followed him, but that does not mean he's doing the right thing either. At least CD presented some documents and facts about the situation not just his side of the story.

Anonymous said...

Good morning bloggers and readers!

To anonymous who quoted CD by saying:

"Great talent comes with great responsibility... With your talent, a lot of people will believe and follow you, but that does not mean you are doing the right thing."

Comment: Why? Is CD another version of Frank Padilla? Is CD calling to form a new group under his headship? Is CD being claimed by the bloggers as another founder?

I don't think the issue here is whether CD is doing right or wrong, or whether someone believes or follows him/her.

The main point of this blog is sharing of sentiments and points of view. We may agree or disagree but the bottomline is we heard every bloggers' different sides. And they have heard us too.

Bro. Mero :-)

TruthShallSetYouFree said...

here's a subject that i feel is timely and should be practiced (it has been preached too many times).

Repentance and Faith (talk4 CLP)

"metanoia" -- remember the word?

it literally means a change of mind. But it is not a simple confession of wrong doing rather it refers to a change of direction.

got the picture?

Repentance and faith go together -- to just reform our lives is an inadequate response to God, We need to believe in God and His plans. Also to simply believe without doing anything to reform ur lives is also inadequate.

is it clearer now?

it includes turning away from doubleminedeness, lukewarmness..

(di rin pala pwede nasa gitna lang)

all of us went thru the CLP and heard of this. we struggled to apply it in our lives... but we stayed on... we believed and changed our ways.

for those who did not, or cannot cope up, i wonder where do they really stand?

naka attend ka ba ng CLP?

Anonymous said...

True, practice what you preach is simple as a theory!

In real community life, one has to go through with some events - like reading straight forward & simple letter from a Bishop and one day wake up to find that it has been made complex (never mind if the grammar and the context and the message of the original letter was subsequently changed by evil minded tampering) by a person or persons or groups.

Then it is passed as if CFC was the one who is hiding something from that letter.

See...its a complex world!

All for a covetous desire for a name ... a name designated by a Cardinal of Vatican to belong to only one association!

The CFC with office address at 349 Ortigas Street!

Anonymous said...

To Spiderman Anonymous,

i don't know CD. so i'm not here to defend him (or her?). i just listen, read and discern on what he/she has to say. and not only his opinion, but also the opinion of many others in this blog. i also don't limit myself to this blog.

i hope i'm wrong but it may be obvious that you are from FFL, because that's the mentality that my brothers/sister have (who are now already in FFL). they have moved to FFL because "their household head told them so", because "their kumpare is also there", because "nakakahiya naman sa grupo namin".

these are my close friends, and i still have to meet an FFL who is really is convicted is saying that "yes, CFC veered away, disobeyed the bishops, etc. etc." the very issues that FFL leaders are raising. so ask yourself the question then --- do you firmly believe the FFL leaders for you to follow them?

so CD has an opinion? great! but it's not exactly mine. and not blindly will i take his opinion as the gospel.

God bless you.

Malachi3/widow's might said...

Tama na Frank! Sobra Na Frank Napalitan ka na Frank! Di ba nag resign na ka kapatid. Frank Talo ka na sa election ng board. Na bless ka na ni Lord ng members sa FFL . Please lead mo na sila Frank as the keeper of FFL's Charism. Please be true to your calling in the Easter Group, stop being Fester Group kapatid.

Anonymous said...

bakit ba ayaw pa kasi mag say ng "SORRY" Mahirap ba iyon

Jiggs said...

CD and the rest,

in view of all these things happening in our community - please dont forget to come to Amoranto Stadium on Saturday May 10.

this will keep our hearts burning (as they are right now).

thanks and God bless.

kitakits na lang dun mga bloggers. wear your disciples weekend t-shirt (or any CFC shirt if you dont have it).

C.D. said...

To Anonymous who

"bakit ba ayaw pa kasi mag say ng "SORRY" Mahirap ba iyon

Please read the ad here, the apology is there:

It would pay to read the archives, that's why I do all this, so you all can see the facts and learn on your own.


Athrun Atreides said...

I just dropped by the Easter Group homepage, and found the ad for "40 Days with Mary." See it here.

At the bottom, I saw this:

Published and Copyright
Apartelle 12, Starmall Complex Shaw Blvd. Corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City, Philippines

RESTORATION MOVEMENT FOR FAMILY AND LIFE MINISTRIES, isn't it? Hm... That's actually a good name! (I'm serious, it is a nice name.)

I wonder, other than the obvious reasons, why do they not use it.

C.D. said...

Nice find Athrun, I guess they needed incorporate SOME name, to be able to legally operate.

God Bless,


Jiggs said...


from what i heard, the FFL already filed for a SEC registration for that name. maybe they need to be made "LEGAL" already so they are making this alternative. OR's probably need to be issued.

from what i heard also, the incorporators of this new "RESTORATION MOVEMENT FOR FAMILY AND LIFE MINISTRIES" are totally different from the original incorporators of FFL. para siguro hindi masabing they are one and the same. at least now may fall back na sila just in case SEC denies their original application.

Jojo Peña/Jiggs said...


i myself did not quite see the apology in the Phil. Star AD. but reading it again, IT IS THERE! let me highlight it in bold letters:

"We continue to defend, protect and promote life in accordance by the guidelines set by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. We sincerely apologize for any scandal that the Couples for Christ leadership, past or present, may have caused among the faithful with our previous partnership."

an apology was made in public... i dont know why others cannot do such as asked by an Anonymous in the other thread. (mahirap talaga mag-Sorry but our leaders did it!).

See you Saturday brethren! God bless...

Jiggs said...

CD, by the way. noon ko pa sana sasabihin sa yo about the new name they registered with SEC but i got busy. and i knew you will find it out soon!

ayun na nga...

magaling magaling...

Agent 008 said...

like Athrun,

i just visited the "Restore" blogsite. there are some pictures there captioned "SG with Pope Benedict XVI".

im not good at hierarchical names, but what is SG ba? Supreme Guru, Supreme God, Secretary General, State General, Supremo General... is this synonymous to "the FOUNDER"?

nagtatanong lang po...

by the way, anyone seen Agent 007? i guess he/she is busy writing CFC articles... paramdam ka naman.

malachi3/widows might said...

To anonymous who has a comment for CD regarding his/her talent. CD is only a facilitator for the process of defending CFC. Indeed CD has talent but CD is not the issue here. It is the disobedience of Frank Padilla to the Vatican's statement and declaration that there should only be one CFC. To anonymous please exercise objectivity and discern who is obeying and who is disobedient,you don't need talent to see right from wrong we only need common sense. Please look at the facts simple fact Frank Padilla is the Founder of CFC according to FFL. Hello Ligaya Ng Panginoon still exists today diba,this community established CFC. Common sense anonymous

C.D. said...


Well Athrun pointed it out, so it's his "discovery" hehe.

They seem to be collecting fees using this corporation.

It's not such a bad name, why not just go with it. =)

Thanks for the heads up guys!


Anonymous said...

"The Vatican wanted to save face". This is a qoute from one of Frank's letters posted here. Please Frank don't sell this idea to FFL and those who still believe in you. The Roman Catholic Church has been consistent with all its stand on all moral issues. The Church is Prolife no matter what the world says so,it is anti abortion no matter what criticism comes its way. It condems homosexuality but not the person exhibiting homosexuality,even if the a million homosexuals march against the Vatican, yet you have the gall to conclude that the Vatican is saving face,kapatid please do not undermine the Catholic Church just to pursue your agenda. Please move one brother, if Ferdinand Marcos was able to do it, Bro. Frank you can. We will pray for you and Sis Gerry.

Jiggs said...


same here. why not use that name. lets ALL MOVE FORWARD...

huwag lang sanang sabihin later na - the legal name of Couples for Christ (in the Philippines) is Restoration Movement... i hope it wont take a spin this time.

oh well... who knows... i may be prophetic... but im not a prophet.

where is SG? hehehe...

Athrun Atreides said...

To Jiggs who said "from what i heard, the FFL already filed for a SEC registration for that name."

I would like to confirm that; I just checked the SEC website, and a quick search there revealed that the "Restoration Movement for Family and Life Ministries" name is already 'registered'. (In contrast, the "Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life" name remains 'reserved'.)

Hey, to all people out there, I'm just curious: what is CFC's SEC registration number?

Anonymous said...


a good name indeed...can have a better acroname...

ReMove FFL

Anonymous said...


Maybe SG means SuGo:-)

Bro. Waray

akosikenn said...

anonymous wrote:
these are my close friends, and i still have to meet an FFL who is really is convicted is saying that "yes, CFC veered away, disobeyed the bishops, etc. etc." the very issues that FFL leaders are raising. so ask yourself the question then --- do you firmly believe the FFL leaders for you to follow them?

Well hello there brother/sister!.. So OK now you have met someone who believes ;)

At any rate, I just want to correct your notion that FFL members are just (blind) followers. Most of us are of good mind, heart and spirit. You will be surprised that many are not blind to Frank's faults (which is overblown, even considered Luciferian, by some of you here) in the same way that we are not blind to CFC's faults. Did you even consider that the reason people went to FFL was because the issues were real in their own experiences and situations? Or do you judge FFL members based on your own experience? Just a thought.

kapatid said...

Hi, CD. Thanks for the link in the line "They seem to be COLLECTING fees using this corporation."

Very interesting find when I followed the link. Rolando David receives registration fees from FFL Handmaids under his personal account. Seems unlikely for an esteemed finance executive. Married to Mimi David who used to head EFI. BTW, is there anyone out there who really knows what happened to the EFI fund?

WillyJ said...

Philippine Star
Updates on the Pharisees, GK and CFC

By William M. Esposo
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Lipa Archbishop Ramon C. Arguelles responded in writing to my previous columns denouncing the Pharisees who continue to pester Gawad Kalinga (GK) and the Couples for Christ (CFC)."...

007 said...

eto para kay pareng james bond...

My favorite things:

1) orig-ini (d' art of folding paper)
2) ffl (frank folds letter)
3) snowfake (the tool to fool)
4) Carmela- Vatican admonishes CFC
5) Bishop Gabby- Vatican corrects CFC
6) Frank Padilla- Vatican saves face

I will save the best for last-
6) Cardinal Rylko-

C.D. said...


It's great once again to hear from you. Might I request your take on the recent events? Of course we'd like to hear the opinions of those in the FFL. Please remember we're not judging the FFL membership en masse, it is just the people on top who continue to harangue CFC. That has been made clear many, many times by the commenters here. I'm sorry if referring to your leadership as FFL sounds like a community-wide sweep, I assure you it's not. That's why I started referring to them as the Easter Group, because it's really that original group (who wrote the playboy bunny meeting minutes) who are still actively trying to turn this calling into a business.

God bless you, and all in FFL.


Anonymous said...

‘Mag ingat sa mga nagmamarunong’

Masyadong matalim ito CD ah so tanong ko lang. Kung sasabihin mo ba sa Nanay mo ginagawa mo... judging people without knowing the whole story and all sides, encouraging people to do the same, and hiding your identity while doing these (so not be accountable to it). And don't forget, tell her that you are a member of a religious organization called Couples for Christ, won't your mom remind of this lesson again?

Mukhang napangaralan kang mabuti, can you practice what she preached?

C.D. said...

To Anonymous who said,

"‘Mag ingat sa mga nagmamarunong’

Masyadong matalim ito CD ah so tanong ko lang. Kung sasabihin mo ba sa Nanay mo ginagawa mo..."

I've told myself that I won't respond to these kinds of comments anymore, but let me just make it clear for all of you who like to jump to conclusions as well, without taking the time to research.

I operate on the basic assumption that ALL of us here have our own hearts, our own minds, and the ability to take information and process it to come up with our own judgments. I present facts, evidence, and my OWN take on things, but encourage people to take what is presented and come up with their own conclusions - not to JUDGE.

Now if YOU like to live your life believing everything that is told to you without discerning for yourself, then more power to you. You obviously just scanned through this entry, hence the partial understanding of it. My mom did NOT teach me any lessons from that story. She was a part of it for sure, but the story just served to remind me of what is going on now with us.

READ, absorb, explore the facts, and I implore you to keep an open mind. How's that? Where did I judge anything or anyone? I am merely drawing attention to certain things that I feel need to be questioned.

Like I've said before, your faith and your calling are extremely important parts of your lives, surely it deserves a little research and discernment. Doesn't it?

And yes, if I was preaching something, I'd practice it.


Anonymous said...

to akosikenn.."At any rate, I just want to correct your notion that FFL members are just (blind) followers. Most of us are of good mind, heart and spirit. You will be surprised that many are not blind to Frank's faults (which is overblown, even considered Luciferian, by some of you here) in the same way that we are not blind to CFC's faults."

I totally agree. I decided to align with FFL not because of Frank but because of my personal experiences doing service for GK. I definitely see Frank's faults but I also see the IC's faults. I still believe it all boils down to one thing -- PRIDE. It is very unfortunate that the top leaders could not get rid themselves of this.

CD, I know you told me that you don't look at things this way. I just wanted to stress the point akosikenn is trying to make.

FFL still hoping for a united CFC

Anonymous said...

ANonymous who still hoping United CFC.

Tell all your members to demand that Frank and the Original PLAYBOYs and the BUNNIES (easter group) TO RESIGN from their RANKS.




Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said "FFL still hoping for a united CFC":

So what is keeping you? You are all most welcome to come back. Can't you see that CFC led by the IC has affirmed that it hasn't veered away on anything and if it has in isolated cases it will correct them.

You are right when you said "PRIDE" is the root cause of all this.

If there is anyone who should let go of his pride ... it is only FRANK PADILLA.

The IC simply can't resign just because Frank Padilla demanded it. They have been duly elected by the Elders Assembly. Frank is not.

It is Frank Padilla who should stand down from making such demands. And he should heed his own words saying to the effect that "Disagree if you must ... but at the end of the day, we should accede to the authority."

This he has not done. Why? Because of PRIDE.

So again, Kapatid, you may come back now to the one and only CFC.

Anonymous said...

To akosikenn,

To me, the concerns raised were plain and simply an opportunity to love, not an opportunity nor an excuse to leave and profess to be the 'enlightened' lot.

the way that the info on the issues were handled by the your leaders was a total disregard of the culture that these very same leaders were passionately advocating.

I completely understand the sentiments of CD and the rest of the bloggers here. This very same behavior is once again front and center being proudfully showcased in this new round of info dissemination.

Truly shameful and embarrasing in my opinion.

If you are truly concerned about the issues raised against CFC, I challenge you to return and be part of the solution. I sincerely believe that these issues that you pertain to is something that can be resolved in an environment of love and humility.

However, if you honestly believe that you have a different message that the Lord is asking you to spread, then by all means proclaim this to the ends of the earth as a member of FFL.

May God continue to shower his abundant blessings on all of us


Bro. Mero :-) said...

To Agent 008 who asked
"..What is SG?"

SG means ...Sis. Gerry

Yun lang po

Anonymous said...

Bro. Mero,

yun ba yun? eh kasama dun sa picture si BF eh?

si BF at SG yung nasa pic... so dapat BF and SG with Pope...


Anonymous said...

To all who wanted me to go back...

My wife and I have gone through a very hard time discerning. We prayed, fasted and prayed again. As much as I sometimes disagree with FFL leadership, I also see some issues with the IC leadership. I still believe this is where God led us, although some of you would definitely disagree. I know we will be always welcome but I am still praying that the leaders (Frank and IC) would come to a reunion or at least a peaceful resolution. As I said, we decided to align with FFL because of our personal experiences and I do not want to write everything in detail here.

CD, I appreciate your search for truth and I will hold you to your word that you are working here under the assumption that everyone has their OWN hearts and minds. I hope you continue what you are doing.

FFL still hoping for a united CFC

Deo Volente said...

To the "FFL still hoping for a united CFC"...

Please be assured that us in CFC continually pray for you and still love you very much. Minsan lang medyo extreme yung emotional response ng mga tao including me (which is understandable kasi frustrating talaga minsan yung ibang bagay, at least from our perspective, not that I am excusing ourselves from any un-Christian words we might have said).

Be feel blessed that the Lord helped you discern to a group where you found your peace and your zeal to evangelize. Lahat naman tayo may kanya-kanyang pag-iisip so I'm sure you've seen something that I have not. Nobody has the monopoly of the truth ika nga (only Jesus has that). Ako din naman tanggap ko na may misgivings din ang mga CFC leaders kasi hindi naman sila perfect. I just pray for them because I know that God gave them to me to lead me to be closer to Him (and besides, I trust in Him that He can easily rectify any problem like via another election next year).

Pasensya na habang nangyayari eto. Malapit na matapos eto kapag na-resolve na yung name. Kunting tiis na lang. Our prayers are with you.

God bless you and your wife, and the rest of our FFL brethrens.

I am also not losing hope that we can have a united CFC in the future. I miss my friends who went to FFL but at the same time I am happy that they found their peace.

God bless CFC and FFL.

akosikenn said...

Rob said...
If you are truly concerned about the issues raised against CFC, I challenge you to return and be part of the solution. I sincerely believe that these issues that you pertain to is something that can be resolved in an environment of love and humility.

I am here in NJ/USA where the situation and the needs of the people (Americans) are different. Suffice to say that my wife and I felt that the Lord moved us to FFL in part because of that situation. We (CFC & FFL) share the same message of salvation. Lets just say we share it differently. I am certain that in due time CFC will resolve the issues and we in FFL will resolve ours. :)

God bless.

Anonymous said...

To Agent 008 who said,
"si BF at SG yung nasa pic... so dapat BF and SG with Pope..."

As what the old people say:
"Behind the success or downfall of a man is a woman."

Kaya SG na lng ang sinulat kasi yung may gawa yata ng blog, observes proper protocol. Mas mataas yung rangko ni SG eh.

To Akisikenn who says,
"I am here in NJ/USA where the situation and the needs of the people (Americans) are different."

Comment lng: Ayun naman pala eh, magkaiba tayu ng sitwasyon sa Pilipinas. Why did you allow yourself to be affected by the Philippine problem? You should have all opted to stay united, a one CFC under the existing structure. You have been with the IC since time and memorial dba? The reason why we have a statutes is to make it our sacred guide in moment of conflict and disagreements. The reason why we have the election and we have the EA, BoE, and IC is for check and balance. But when Frank was checked, the problem is did not balance.

Clue lang, if we are not sure of what is happening around us and we do not know who is telling the truth, and we really want to be neutral, then stay status quo, stay where you are. Remember that the CFC worlwide especially Americas, Europe, Africa and many others are not under Frank Padilla, it is under the structure of CFC. If you believe in the Churh heirarchy and you believe in the Vatican, you must also follow the statutes approved by the Vatican. Who is the holder of that one right now? CFC IC.

God bless.


akosikenn said...

anonymous said:
Why did you allow yourself to be affected by the Philippine problem?

I will be frank (pun intended) with you so to put it bluntly: I consider that a naïve statement/question and actually quite offending to many CFC and FFL here. However, since I did not elaborate on my previous response on purpose and since you are probably unaware of how the problems in the Philippines manifested itself in the US, I take responsibility for setting up the question. I take no offense from it but neither will I answer it.

Anonymous said...

To AkosiKenn:

Please forgive me brother if the choice of words i used is offensive to both CFC and FFL. I stand to be corrected on that.

I maybe ranning out of words and so i cannot rephrase the question into something that is appropriate and consoling.

In reparation, magTAGALOG NA LNG AKO or magBISAYA KAHA? Unsa man sa tan-aw ninyo?

Please know that i respect the individual choices of every bloggers here, whether they stayed in CFC or joined FFL.

But i also believe that we have our own choice too, whether to be affected by the bickering of leaders or to stay calm and move forward.

Thank you..and once again my sincerest apology to you brother and to all those whom i have offended by my harsh words.


Anonymous said...


May the Peace of our risen Lord be with you!!!

I've read your entries and you seem to be a very reasonable personality.

May I humbly ask if you could narrate to us your thoughts on why you went to FFL?

I understand that each of us has our own discernment process so no one is really wrong in whatever decision was made as long as we trusted the Lord in that decision.

You don't have to respond if you think the negative outcome of your sharing will over-weigh any positive lessons we can learn.

God bless.

WillyJ said...


If I were asked "Why did you allow yourself to be affected by the Philippine problem?", then I would also take it that many could take a negative connotation behind such a question, although I personally also wouldn’t be offended as I would first assume a charitable disposition behind such a question. Like you, I will be frank (no pun intended). Ang sasabihin ko na lamang ay ako ay naka Tale (pun intended) na dito sa community where God leads me to serve. Wherever it takes us wherein we can exercise fully the gifts of the Holy Spirit, then that is the place where God wants us to be: whether CFC, FFL ...wherever the case may be. While we are at it, we just try to avoid taking the wrong side of an argument just because the imagined adversary has taken the right side. No allusions to you of course.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

to akosikenn,

oo nga bro. siguro naisulat mo na dito sa blog noon. pero baka pwede mong ulitin ang kwento mo kung bakit ka pumunta ng FFL, ano ang umudyok sa iyo, ano (hanggang ngayon) ang bumagabagab ng isip at puso mo sa CFC, ano ang nangyari sa discernment ninyo, atbp..

maraming salamat.

akosikenn said...

Anonymous na nag-Bisaya :) Thanks but no apologies needed. I did not take it personally nor did I take offense. Likewise, i hope my comments were not taken personally too. I just felt I had to convey strongly what I thought about the statement (not the person).

To the person(s) interested kung bakit ako pumunta sa FFL, I will just point you to my sharing posted by our local group on the web:

ours is the only sharing there so you wont miss it. Just to add some context: it was originally an e-mail I sent out to friends who were thinking of just leaving the community at a time of uncertainty in CFC USA because of the events in the Philippines. It is a message born of hope that someday we will be united again.

Maybe some who read it will be left wanting because I did not tackle the issues up front but I hope you respect that. In God's time when we can all look back and take stock of things minus the hurts and emotions, we'll come together and share each of our journeys.

Anonymous said...

Dear akosiKenn brothers and sisters,

I am a member of the CFC family here in Australia, and as many others personally hoped that the community here did not get involved in the issues in the Philippines.

Unfortunately there are now 2 CFCs in Australia, a CFC United (which is "independent") and the CFC which have chosen to remain connected with CFC worldwide. We are now a divided community.

When tito Frank came to Australia before the split, he explained why he stepped down, and said that he, among with others who stepped down were taking "command responsibility" for the mistakes made and because CFC (as a community) has fallen short of what God deserves, and that we should continue to work within CFC and right the wrongs. I agree with what he said then, but nothing that he has said after echoes this.

None of the actions and accusations since then taken nor the emails sent, mirror how we CFC have been taught to live and behave.

I fear that PRIDE and the pain and hurts caused in our community can and often does blind us (myself included).

I am so saddened that the issues in the Philippines were imported into australia, by email, by campainging and propaganda, the truth series, the moving forward series etc. Here, not many members have heard both sides of the story. Please pray for us.

We also continue to pray for true unity one day, and the grace to move forward and continue to do God's work.

But the reality is that FFL are now separated from CFC, and have embarked on their own mission and vision. May God also bless their work as well as the continuing work of CFC. May there be peace among those who love God. We pray for Unity one day and hope for reconcilliation. We continue to serve the same Lord, and have shared much in our history. Let us now choose to love.

God bless both CFC and FFL.

P.S. I also hope that people will stop referring to FFL as CFC-FFL and CFC as CFC-GK or CFC-IC. I feel that this is hitting below the belt... and is part of what continues to drag our community through this hardship.

eteps said...

Dear Brethren,

I would like to share with you an audio clip of CLP Talk No. 9 delivered by Bro. Frank Padilla. It is quite interesting that close to the 4th minute of his talk, he prophesied (or is it?) the split of CFC. This is just an audio clip of the entire talk. (This is the link

alipinsagigilid said...

practice what you preach or walk your talk...

mahirap talagang gawin ito. but as we grow old sa community natin, sana ma-realize natin and lets ask ourselves if we did grow spiritually. aba! e nakaka-26 years na tayo diba?

maghatakan na lang tayo pataas, wag pagbaba.

tristan talosig

ps : to Akosikenn, kumusta bro? pls say hi ti charry. god bless!