Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Council Statement 4-18-08

Download in pdf format HERE or HERE.

Also, more articles in the Philstar about the recent issues, these by William Esposo:

Tony Meloto's Sanctification


How the new Pharisees undermine the Roman Catholic Church


jonitanitayturin said...


OK. About this CROSS that is laced with the so-called SCANDALS Cardinal Rylko, Bishop Reyes et al implied CFC “SHOULD HAVE”(!) because of the IC-admitted (but emphasized as isolated cases of ) partnerships in GK with pharma companies producing contraceptives, I suggested in another post that we humbly carry it na lang pud - even if "masakit", although isang-at pud unta kini sa shoulder ni Frank Padilla - because that would really be nothing compared with the “SCANDAL OF A GOD hanging on the Cross” (as His Holiness Pope John Paull II would have it)...

But then, while there is a voice that says, “I’d rather be loving than be correct”, there is also another one that says, “Truth must justify...go for the objective truth. The truth will set you free...”

Thus, I see five (5) alternative actions available while confronting the SCANDALS that Bishop Reyes et al has implied CFC MUST HANG ON THE CROSS THAT IT CARRIES WHILE BEATING ITS BREAST IN A PUBLIC ACT OF CONTRITION:

Alternative #1: To go for the OBJECTIVE TRUTH (which means we will have to sharpen our swords or knives for the best cut we can have of the evil one that we shall roast in the fire later on)

Alternative #2: To willfully carry the CFC Cross and its SCANDALS with these two (2) sub-alternatives:


b) to give that cross a BAD AFTERTASTE by making a public atonement on condition that Bishop Reyes et al, being experts on judging the sinfulness of a GK partnership in contraceptives marketing, will be there to help give details to the general public as to what related sins might be committed and their nature (that is: in a public apology, show the people how may the partnership have fallen into sin by discussing taboo subjects), like:
- how to use condoms effectively instead of as balloons;
- how to monitor and verify the effective use of contraceptives;
- others

Alternative #3: Both Alternative 1 and 2 (a)

Alternative #4: Both Alternative 1 and 2 (b)

Alternative #5: No Action. We continue to Fight each other AS IS.

CD, I believe that we cannot forever hurt ourselves...


And by the Cross that the CFC-IC carries, CD and ALL:




jonitanitayturin said...



I was savoring the ultimate expression of “man’s humanity – nay, even ‘divinity, too’ – to man” during the GK Build Challenge in Mindanao’s heartland, the Municipality of Wao, Lanao del Sur, THAT I ENJOYED NOT MINDING TOO MUCH THE FRATERNAL WAR HERE AT ALL!!!.

At GK in Wao, among the volunteers, I witnessed the real CFC at work – brothers and sisters sweating it out to bring the love of Jesus to “Everyman” He has commanded us all to love.

In GK-Wao, Everyman was the everyday person who has Islam or Christianity for a religion, wondering like the rest how some “fanatic” of a person tagging the CFC and GK ID could selflessly help build a “Muslim Village” as some centerpiece of a hope for peace in troubled Mindanao. Everyman is the GK beneficiary whose child was touched by the beautiful songs some volunteer from SFC-Manila South taught. Everyman was likewise everybody else there who longed for the love of God-made-man, far away from the useless bickering of whether one was FFL or CFC, etc. Not the least, Everyman was that GK volunteer who will cap his search for life’s meaning by going to the seminary following his share of building Everyman a house and laughing with his little child in pure enjoyment of that moment of grace, whistling merrily downhill after a day’s labor of love...

Everyman has been called to love one another... Everyman is everybody in FFL or CFC, each one probably a heavy enough Cross, that Everyman must carry...He is Everyman, who is called to do GAWAD KALINGA!

Was that quite a labyrinth?

Yes, and GK can be such, and a dark one at that, in some man’s distorted mind.

WillyJ said...

I must admit that initially I had a few misgivings with the way the bishops handled this whole affair. But, the more I think and reflect upon it, the more my understanding dawns. The way the IC closely coordinated with the bishops, patiently explained their side, humbly accepted correction and submitted in obedience, even with the "sadness in their hearts", simply shows charity in action, and illustrates that being "One with the Catholic Church" cannot be an empty statement. I quote one of my favorite authors Leon Suprenant, who says in his latest post: "The 'anatomy' of a godly response to Church authority requires not only backbone but also heart – in other words, strength and tenderness rooted in the truth. This is charity in action, which the Catechism calls 'the often narrow path between the cowardice which gives in to evil, and the violence which under the illusion of fighting evil only makes it worse'(# 1889)." I urge you brethren to read his post on Laity on the Line which very aptly articulates the godly response to Church authorities.

After all has been said and done, all I can say is IC did the only right thing to do. The expressions of gratitude, explanations, sentiments, humility and exhortations in this last statement just proves to us how fortunate we are to be under their leadership specially at this trying moments. They are truly blessed. God is good.

Anonymous said...

This events give us a very clear picture of the character of FP,that he will use everything in his power to put down GK. I would like to request Tony Meloto to mend his relationship with Bro Frank, Bro Tony should exhaust everything to love our Bro Frank,until this happens we in the CFC Community will not enjoy peace. The other side would always creat controversy. With God all things are possible. BRo Tony Meloto and Bro Frank should forgive one another.

Anonymous said...

Implied in the William Esposo' [Phil Star, April 27] article on 'Sanctification' is that such word is used not literally applying to TMeloto alone but it was also for those who love GK and those who spent time 'rubbing elbows' with the poor.

Of course, excluded dito were those who also went to the GK sites or joined GK caravans because their previous IC positions required to be there.

WEsposo did remind us that if we truly what to live out our faith, then we should be walking our talk, even if the walk will be in a GK site. It could make the SOLE of your shoes muddy. Walk the talk nevertheless, and make the SOUL of your body holy!

Come and See!
Be sanctified with me in GK!

CFC with the GK -- you should be honored. Keep increasing your numbers for the country needs you!

Anonymous said...

Frank's current personality makes it difficult for anyone to be reconciled with him.

Try it, first thing he'll tell you to do when you join FFL is for you to go back and poach on the members of your former CFC household / chapter/ cluster / sector / province and make them members of FFL.

Para sa iba okay yun.

Pero, Kung malalim ka na sa gawain sa GK, bakit pa kailangan mag-abala reconciling with Frank when there is a higher nobility, dignity, and holiness being reconciled with God by following the footsteps of his son, Jesus, who had a particular bias attending to the needs of the poor?

Anonymous said...

Instead of having all these lengthy statements from the IC, why wouldn't they just make public a statement already known and announced by the Bishop of Lipa, Ramon Arguelles, that the name COUPLES for CHRIST only belongs to COUPLES For CHRIST?

Yes, Bishop Arguelles mentioned this in a meeting with FFL leaders of Batnagas where he disallowed the FOLD of FFL (their equivalent HOLD) to do their ILC in Batangas on the same day our HOLD were supposed to be doing it in Subic.

Psalm1915 said...

Paano kaya kung sa halip na sabihing “ang pag-gagawang banal kay Tony Meloto", tayo ay magsumikap at GAWING BANAL ANG CFC. Nagsalita na ang Diyos sa pamamaraan nang kanyang Simbahan ; ang IC ay may sumunod , oo , bantulot , datapuwa't sumunod at sila ay sumagot na magiging matatag sa maaari at matapat. Ang aking dasal ay pahintulutang bawa't tauhan , babae at bata sa CFC ay gumaya rin sa kanilang halimbawa nang IC. Hindi ito madali at basta basta lang para sa kanila. Sila ay nakipaghamok, nagdasal, umiyak rin siguro at naghandog ang iba pisngi. Sa lahat na lahat na nangyari, ang kanilang sinuri ay ang krus ni Kristo at niyakap nila. Ang simpleng action at gawang pagsusuko, kababaang-loob, at PAG-IBIG na pinakita nila sa atin, ay gagantipalaan nang Diyos at tatanggaping handog para bigyan tayo nang sigla at lakas sa mga bagyo at kadiliman na ating na-e-enkuwentro bilang KRISTIYANO. Sana’y payagan tayong lahat (CFC at FFL magkamukha ) na sa saksihan ang saglit na grasya. Mga kapatid sa CFC at FFL, nasain ka maaari? isa ka bang kasangkapan ng parangalan at patawad o isa kasangkapan ng kapootan at hinanakit? Katulad nang sinabi ni Gabriel sa naunang posting, lahat tayo ay binigyan nang handog ng pagpili; Puede tayong pumili na yakapin ang ating krus kahit na pinagbibintangan tayong mali at tinatawag na pasaway; O, puede rin tayong pumili na maging instrumento nang kapootan at pagbibintang katulad nang ibang naghuhusga sa atin! Ang dapat nating hanapin ay hindi hustisya at katarungan; ang dapat nating hinahanap ay pagpapakumbaba, pagsuko sa kagustuhan nang ating Ama at pagbibigay sa Kanya ng parangalan. Sinabi sa Proverbs 15:31-33: “Kung sino ang nakikinig sa pagpapalusog ay mananatili sa marunong. Siya na tumatanggi sa admonisyon ay hahamak sa kanyang kaluluwa, datapuwa't kung sino ang makikinig sa pagpapalusog ay magkakaroon nang pang-unawa. Ang takot sa Panginoon ay ang pinagsanayan dahil sa dunong, at kababaang-loob ay nauuna saparangalan”

(How about instead of the "sanctification of Tony Meloto", we sanctify CFC. God has spoken, through His Church; The IC has OBEYED, yes, reluctantly, but OBEYED nonetheless and they have ANSWERED THE CALL to be faithful. I pray every man, woman and child in CFC follow their example. It has not been easy for them. They have struggled, prayed, cried perhaps and offered the other cheek. In the last analysis, they have looked to the cross and embraced it and through that simple action of surrender, humility, and LOVE above all; God will reward by offering us strength and perseverance through these dark days and storm in our lives as CHRISTIANS...and God-willing, it will allow all of us (CFC and FFL alike) to witness a moment of grace. So my brothers and sisters in CFC and FFL alike, will you be an instrument of grace and forgiveness or an instrument of hatred and disdain? Like Gabriel said in a previous post, we have been given the gift of choice; we can choose to embrace our cross despite the attacks and sneers of those who choose to be used as instruments of hatred and disdain OR we can choose to join their ranks. Its all about surrender, humility, obedience and grace...Its not about justice, righteousness...to quote Proverbs 15:31-33: HE WHO LISTENS TO SALUTORY REPROOF WILL ABIDE AMONG THE WISE. HE WHO REJECTS ADMONITION DESPISES HIS OWN SOUL, BUT HE WHO HEEDS REPROOF GAINS UNDERSTANDING. THE FEAR OF THE LORD IS TRAINING FOR WISDOM, and HUMILITY GOES BEFORE HONORS.)

Anonymous said...


you may have forgotten it's the other half who caused all these...

Anonymous said...

If Bishop Gabby Reyes of the local Council of the Laity says there could be two CFCs;

while Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko, President of the Pontifical council of the Laity says there could only be one

Whos saying the truth?

of course there could only be one objective truth!

And that is Cardinal Rylkos because he has documents that say is so, Vatican having granted that to the real CFC founded in 1981; and not to the one masquerading as the one with the real charism expeditiously created in August of 2007!

So papano yan ngayon? Sino ang veering away and sino ang disobedient?

If the Catholic Church were a corporation, it would have fired Bishop Reyes for gross mismanagement!

Buti na lang mabait ang Catholic Church, walang firing... mahihiharapan na nga lang maging Cardinal!

Anonymous said...

I am sick and tired about this issue... We are not young anymore why don't we act an adult. Frank when will you stop acting like child. Tumatanda ka ba ng paurong?

dissatisfied PC user said...

What bothers me is that FFL continues to use the CFC name, at times leaving out "FFL." In the US, in Europe, even when promoting their conferences. For example, they're calling the FFL Singles conference in Norway the "10th SFC Europe Conference." Oh, and same weekend as the real SFC Europe conference in Milan. Isn't that confusing, and dare I even say, deceiving? It's like what happened with the HOLD conference in the Philippines.

FFL in the US continues to use the CFC name, sometimes dropping FFL. If you go to cfcusa.net, the first page will say "Welcome to Couples for Christ USA" with the FFL logo. It will automatically take you to a page where it says it is the official website of CFC USA.

Over my dead body.

Take a look at the About Us section, no mention of FFL. At their "National Calendar" section, they call their conferences "14th CFC USA Conference," "14th YFC USA Conference," etc.

It's your first!

One relatively new SFC member, who is a little oblivious to the split, asked why the SFC conference is now in NY. Uh, no, it's still in San Diego. FFL, stop calling your NY conference the SFC USA conference.

As one poster asked, when will FP stop acting like a child? Stop holding on to the CFC name. No matter how many times you say it, your group is the one that left CFC. This is all about pride and stubbornness and it's causing confusion among the members. Grow up!

And the FFL leaders that worship the ground FP walks, please, worship God and God alone. FP is a human being, okay?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say and now know the true identity of Frank Padilla, there is a parallelism here with the fall of Lucifer. Lucifer resigned as an angel then wanted to be God himself, and here the angel even wrote a book on 40 Days with the Virgin Mary. Diba the womam will crush the head of the serpent. Oo nga pala is his book a best seller?,mukhang wala yatang bumili kaya binigay nalang kay Pope BenedictXVI. Siguro tuwangtuwa si FP pagnapipikon ang mga CFC. Ako minsan napipikon narin eh,buti nalang good example si Bro Joe Tale.We know who will be victorious in the end diba. FFL Elders please move on the Lord is blessing your FFL Community right now.and Please stop the deception,your mission is to evangelize those that are not in CFC and FFL.

Anonymous said...

not sure if you realize that all these insults are not doing any good to anyone, most of all cfc. does it prove your points or justify FFL's? you do not follow ic or ic cannot make you follow?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

To anonymous who mention about the book "40 Days with Mary"

I was just reminded of the letter from Zeny G. to FP regarding the issue of FTPW Fund where in it was raised from the sales of the book written by Frank.

On previous posts of this blog, (Dylan-Frank and vise versa) Frank justifies that it his own money (FTPW Fund) and he has the sole discretion as to where will the money be used. That's why, no one can question he'll give full subsidy of the educ allowance for both Maribel and Lachie. While the rest of the FTPW will go to coops.

I am not raising to life this issue again, but just to correct that:
Frank cannot claim that proceeds from the sale of his book is solely his, because if not because of CFC this books will not make big sales...who is he compared to Bo Sanchez, Max Lucado, and other famous writer? A large number of reader to his books are from CFC because he himself have endorsed it for reading.

And since he formed FFL, and separated from CFC, then he do not have a large number of people who patronizes his book. Thats why maybe he gave it to the Pope na lng.

Maybe lng....baka...sguro.

Anonymous said...

I recently encountered Psalm 20:1 and the whole psalm itself taught me a lot of things. Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

to all people posting in this blog. Are you really CFC? By the way the comments are being relayed I dont think you are CFC's. The CFC I know would not do this kind of comments. Maybe you are all new and need pastoral support from your leaders. God Bless you all. Ow am all for GK, but not for all the people working in it.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with most comments here:

According to IC, the letter of the Cardinal to CFC is a private communication. This is the letter where the Cardinal is asking CFC leadership to make a public apology. If IC is sincere in its public apology, why hide that it's a directive from the Vatican? Do they really admit that they made mistakes and asking for apology? Or up to now, as their letter indicates, they still think that they did not do any wrong?

Why does IC admit mistakes to the Cardinal and not to the members? Read the letter if any of it says they were wrong. According to them, that's called Humility.

This unclear stance of IC is what causing all these rage, i.e. newspaper articles, more and nastier comments and blaming everybody else except IC.

Anonymous said...

Frank Padilla went to Maasin Leyte because his partner the Bishop Cantillas wanted to present him for the third time to the people in the Diocese. Bishop Cantillas was hoping that with Frank Padilla's charm, he could convince the stubborn CFCs in his Southern Leyte Diocese to be taken by FAPs rhetorics and its-all-the-fault-of the-IC-theory and be moved to Frank's FFL! Isa pa rin ito si Bishop Cantillas matagal maka-realize that FAP's star is no longer the one that shone brightly when he was still with CFC. Now it is fading, Bishop!

Joe Tale and Joey Arguelles were there too! Ask this two brothers how angry Frank was when Joey and Joe T approached him to extend their fraternal hand of friendship. Sabi lang ni Joe Tale, he is willing to talk to him; sabi agad ni Frank: "Are you initiating a reconciliation?" Its good Joe T was quick to sense that that was a trick question!

He told Joey Arguelles that it was his fault that the Bishop of Lipa, Bishop Ramon Arguelles (brother of Joey) does not like FFL in Batangas because of Joey or that Joey told his brother not to approve of FFL in Batangas!

Then ask Bro Jerome Paler how he was treated with anger by Frank after Frank was routinely asked emotional questions by the audience during the open forum, most common of which was "Why did you leave CFC Frank and "why are you doing this?"

So the principal leader of FFL is always angry!

If the head is angry, can the rest of the body not be? Tingin ko si OContreras lang ang hindi galit doon!

Anger is NOT a fruit of the spirit.
If those who left are angry, therefore the fruit of the Holy Spirit is not seen in them, then who do you think veered away?

Or what if while they are veering away, they are affirmed by the top leader of the Council of the Laity, sino na ang paniniwalaan nating mga Katoliko? Hindi ba scandal sa church ito?


Anonymous said...

To both sides (CFC and FFL), here's what the Bible (Acts 5:33-39) is saying:

When they heard this, they became infuriated and wanted to put them to death.
6 But a Pharisee in the Sanhedrin named Gamaliel, a teacher of the law, respected by all the people, stood up, ordered the men to be put outside for a short time,
and said to them, "Fellow Israelites, be careful what you are about to do to these men.
7 Some time ago, Theudas appeared, claiming to be someone important, and about four hundred men joined him, but he was killed, and all those who were loyal to him were disbanded and came to nothing.
After him came Judas the Galilean at the time of the census. He also drew people after him, but he too perished and all who were loyal to him were scattered.
So now I tell you, have nothing to do with these men, and let them go. For if this endeavor or this activity is of human origin, it will destroy itself.
But if it comes from God, you will not be able to destroy them; you may even find yourselves fighting against God." They were persuaded by him."

Yes indeed, some may find themselves fighting against God!

Let us ALL be carefull and try to see Christ in every person, even those who have wronged us.

God bless us.

C.D. said...

To anonymous who reported on the IC's meeting with Bp. Reyes. Please pray and re-word your comment so that I can post it. Nobody is in a boxing match here, ok? Thanks and I'm sorry I couldn't post your first "draft".



jonitanitayturin said...


CD, there’s a narrow redeeming path that may take us off from (futilely?) "forcing a retrial" (as it were, of the Vatican verdict regarding “CFC-GK SCANDALS”) and drawing on the 2000 years of Catholic tradition of Faith and Reason.


I restate here some points raised by Willyj (here in this post and elsewhere) and Psalm 1915:

- objective truth must be upheld at all times, but... balanced by charity, humility and forgiveness... with gentleness and reverence.

- we respond to Church authority with “strength and tenderness rooted in the truth...”, a kind of “charity in action” that is also called “ the narrow path between cowardice... and violence, which can worsen under the “illusion of fighting evil”

- all this is “about... each one of us always ‘prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you’” (1Peter3:15)

- “Its all about surrender, humility, obedience and grace...Its not about justice, righteousness...”


IC : “Yes, We take the Cross, with sadness in our hearts...” (this is not a direct quotation but an “adapted” one...)
ME: “Yes, I’ll embrace the Cross ...but the TRUTH and justice must be upheld, too?! If both the Sword of TRUTH and the Cross, which one is first?”
OTHERS: May be either one, maybe none at all. May not care less.



The SCANDAL of our God Hanging on the Cross IS EVERYTHING, while the scandals alleged for our work in GK are NOT A THING in comparison, NOTHING AT ALL! So, IN TOTAL SURRENDER, I EMBRACE THE CROSS TOGETHER WITH THE CFC-IC, aware that long, long ago, that local Roman governor did not recognize THE TRUTH in front of him and had Him crucified.


I once said, “deep inside, this warrior was a lost child”, cut off from the original flow of grace from LNP and suffering from the sins of leaders.

Having embraced “my” Cross, I can now have a kinder view of the ramifications then...

I would like to believe that those leaders who “abducted” CFC from LNP were overly eager to fight the dark forces in the battle for global evangelization, hardly noticing that the Mighty Sword – the Truth of Christ – was to take them, pala, to the narrowest of paths where cowardice and “violence” could wax and wane like chameleon in the ultimate test of “charity in action” (Thank you Willyj for these keywords from Leon Suprenant’s "Laity on the Line") , with discordant relationships among them worsening under the illusion of fighting evil.

And to me, that kind of action translates as:

Charity in Action is Love of the Cross,
Is Loving the Way of the Cross,
That is the Narrow Way,
That is the Only Saving Way,
That is our CFC Way,
That is the GK Way!

As warriors in the Lord, we are children no more, the blight of the Original Sin against LNP is cast away because, by sincerely forgiving those who sin against us, we exude the Tender and Forgiving Face of Jesus....


So, CD, Willy J, Psalm 1915, Sleepless, Ernie, Deo, Mero, Paulijah, Gabriel, Fortes, akosikenn, tigress, nw19socal, johnpaul, gia garcia, soulsearcher, solid, janeiro, jacobo, pe, eto pa, ah-men, truthshallsetyoufree, desperatelyseekingpeace, moose, and all the other anonymous, CFC DEFENDERS ALL:

Let us praise our Almighty God and ask Him, in the name of our Lord, Jesus, to expunge evil from our hearts and minds, to inspire us to humbly, and in total surrender, carry our Cross with the IC. Let us also ask the Holy Spirit for Wisdom as we softly whisper in agreement:

“ this is about... each one of us always ‘prepared to make a defense to anyone who calls you to account for the hope that is in you’.. Its all about surrender, humility, obedience and grace...Its not about justice, righteousness...”


CD, I’m out of here. The battle has been won in our hearts. That ploughshare from "melted swords" I seemed to have set aside, in a gleeful anticipation of a nicely-cut choice flesh of the evil one for the burning coal... I will now retake position of it... to plant and harvest for the CROSS that I have humbly embraced. Thank you and bye, for now. We are all blessed!

(…and as I post this, I have read somewhere here, just now, that it is time to celebrate victory which is being bannered today in a national newspaper … then, CD perhaps it is also time to change colors?

An outside intervention together with our own personal victories in the Cross come what may (!), will have declared this cruel war now over.

So, let me quote from my earlier post where I smelled victory:

“We cannot claim to be victorious over our brothers and sisters. We only assert our common and original unity in Jesus Christ, our King.

We call this the celebration of the victory of the Kingdom of God in our hearts, of our Brotherhood and Sisterhood in the Couples for Christ community!”)

jacobo pumaling said...


The peace of the Lord be with you all Brothers and Sisters.

I just want to reiterate some points on my previous post.

-Because there is no such thing as an objective truth. It does not exists, brothers and sisters. The thing about the truth is -- It's EITHER we're guilty or not. That's it. Unlike facts, We cannot alter, manipulate or twist the truth. Guilty or Not guilty. We either ACCEPT it 100% or REJECT it 100% - no middle ground. No conditions. No footnotes. No asterisks. No clauses. No provisions. No bargains. The truth = Guilty or Not guilty.

And I will say it again, there is only ONE Truth-- and that is Jesus Christ. He is THE Way, THE Truth and THE Life. I know to some this will sound pretty basic Gospel. But that's exactly where we need to be, brothers and sisters.

And with regards to these pharma companies producing/engaged in anti-life products -- as I mentioned (in my previous post), we have a choice and we always have a choice. This is not about hypocrisy. This is not about passing judgment to other people. This is not about being holier than thou. This is about not compromising our identity as desciples of Christ. Let's say a pimp walked up to me and said he wants to build a GK Village by donating this year's pay from all the prostitutes that work for him on the streets - do I accept because it's money and it will build houses for the poor? GK was never about the money, brothers and sisters, never was and never will be -- the end does not justify the means.

-Jacobo Pumaling, Northeast, GK Advocate

Posted April 28, 2008 11:04 PM

It's really sad that it has boiled down to this. The thing about facts is that they can be manipulated. Facts can be interpreted. Facts can be spun around. But not the Truth brothers and sisters. With the Truth - it's EITHER you're guilty or you're not. No grey areas.

In any courtroom, any good lawyer can twist, manipulate, re-interpret, re-establish and spin the facts of the case to work in their favor. Why? Because this is what they do! And facts are nothing but details that will be allowed in court by the judge. But not the Truth brothers and sisters.

And what is the Truth? Jesus Christ is the Truth. And how do we know this? He said so..."I am the way, the truth and the life". Jesus didn't say he was "A way", "A Truth" -- He said, He is "THE Way", "THE Truth", brothers and sisters. Jesus Christ is NOT a popular opinion.

Posted April 25, 2008 12:20 AM
I work at an investment firm. If I don't like the way they do business or if I don't agree with their practice or if the way they do business conflicts with my faith and what I believe in -- I have the option to resign and quit my job. I can do that. Nobody is forcing me to be there. In the same manner that we can also make it known that we can "choose" the source of the resources or donations that comes to GK.

People will argue and say: "...should all Christians who work in pharma companies that manufacture anti-life products resign then?". You see, they have a choice -- they can, if they want to. They have a choice.

Another would go and say: "...shoud we ask everyone that goes to Church then if they support anti-life products?". Brothers and sisters, there are things that are beyond our control - but for those things where we have prior knowledge and can take action - we can't just sit idle and not do or say anything. We have a choice. In case we have forgotten, GK IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY! It was never about the money. Because that would be very sad if it was. In our eager desire to build more, we should never compromise our identity as Christians.

Evangelization is still 1st. Why? because Jesus Christ said so. We can build all the gazillion houses we want, we can alleviate the poor from their physical oppresion, from their pysical sufferings -- but if people don't even get to know and accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, then what EXACTLY DID WE BUILD? People are dying every day -- and what's sad is, they don't even get to know Christ.

And I will say this with no apologies to anyone: There is no amount of social work on the face of the earth that can save a man's soul. None. It is only in accepting the Gospel of the Lord that we are saved - Jesus Christ already died for us. It is by the grace of God that we are able to do the work for the poor - and Jesus commands this and that's why we do it. But it should never, ever overwhelm us and our first call as desciples of Christ - to proclaim His Word and the good news of salvation. That we should always humble ourselves and RETURN THE GLORY TO GOD. That GK should not be associated with a human face but that of the face of God. That when people hear of GK, the first thing that comes to their minds: "Yes, this is the work God. Jesus Christ is present here!"

And lastly, anything, and everything and anyone that will prevent me or will infringe my call to spread the Gospel and to proclaim the good news of Christ's salvation - CANNOT BE THE WORK OF GOD.

There are no grey areas here. God bless everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hi, there, Bro. Jacobo Pumaling:

Thanks for the reminder, Bro. The truth about a guilt or innocence may be known in a confessional or certainly in the innermost chamber of the person's heart (that is why, there can be an "unspeakable truth" as mentioned somewhere in one of the many posts). There's a lot of this kind of "hidden" truth which may not be known at all, but are "objectively" true, even if the subject person says otherwise.

Now, about facts, Brother, the root word is the Latin "facere" which means "to do". A fact is something that is already "done" out there, objectively, that is, finished, kaput! When a lawyer, researcher, or manager determines the "facts" of the case, he patiently analysis those that transpired or were "objectively" done vis-vis those that were believed or alleged to have been done.

Sorry, but in this sense, a "fact" is, in fact (wow!), a kernel of "truth," and all facts combined make up The Truth. Once more...yet, sorry (na namen, ha?), I (only) believe this is so. Kaya...please go on.

Otherwise, I do admire your insisting to hang on to an evangelization "without a face" but only that of our Lord Jesus, who is the only one to be glorified! Yes of course!

However, since I just have a hunch that you are making somehow an allusion to that "other face" in GK which, I believe, derived unfair and distasteful comments even from some leaders, may I give this brotherly although unsolicited advice: "Careful, careful...you are on the spot, Bro..." We may be mouthing some other by-line in another context, which, being apparently "spiteful", may not exactly bring us joy together in a sumptuous "brunch" (tapos ka na, brod?)...over a dining table that should not have any knife...

jacobo pumaling said...

To Mr. Anonymous dated May 1, 2008 10:19 AM

Greetings of Peace!

I agree, facts are facts. But bro, the "facts" are not in question. It is the interpretation, the manipulation, the spinning and the contortion of the facts that I want to shed light on. And I will say again, "Fact does not equal Truth". I stand by this. We can't have a "piece" (or pieces) of the Truth and call it whole.

You see, the defense and the prosecution in any case can use the SAME FACTS allowed in court BUT argue them DIFFERENTLY -- to work in their favor. Why? Because this is what they need to do to win the case. Catch my drift? But at the end of the day -- it only boils down to: "Did you do it, OR Did you NOT do it?". That's it. No grey areas. Black OR White.

You are entitled to your own opinions. I have no control over that. I am very passionate about the work for the poor. But I resent the suggestion that I made any allusion to any figure in GK -- or that what I wrote had any other "hidden" meaning to it or that it apparently had a particular "tone". It is what it is, brother. And I quote myself: "That we should always humble ourselves and RETURN THE GLORY TO GOD. That GK should not be associated with a human face but that of the face of God. That when people hear of GK, the first thing that comes to their minds: "Yes, this is the work God. Jesus Christ is present here!" And when I say "human face", -- not your face, not mine, not John's, not Peter's, not anyone's but that of the Lord.

The unsolicited advice is noted - but is not welcome. I'm just being honest. I don't have to step on egg shells.

I still offer peace.

-Jacobo Pumaling, Northeast, GK Advocate

Anonymous said...

Good morning!

To Jacobo Pumaling and all the anonymous who discuss on 1.)Facts vs Truth and 2.) "face of GK"

Allow me to give my views on this.

On matter of Facts and truth, i may say that the fact itself is also the truth. But the conclusion made by a person based on how he interprets a piece (or pieces of facts) may not be necessarily the TRUTH. Why, because there may be personal biases on it.

EXAMPLE: The EA did not follow the strong recommendation of the bishop to postpone the election. This is a FACT!

Therefore the EA are disobedient to the bishop, this is NOT THE TRUTH!

GK accepts donations from companies who manufacture anti-life products. That is a FACT.

Therefore GK is anti-life, This is NOT THE TRUTH.

On the issue of "face of GK":
I totally agree that GK should not be associated with human face but the face of God.

However, let me present to you brothers my reasoning (thru some questions)of why having a human face in GK.

God, Jesus Christ is the face of all holiness and goodness. He is a face of how every Christian should live. But why we produce so many faces of the saints? Why we put the image of the Pope in every dioceses' office? Does this mean that we dwell more on their faces than of God? ..than of Jesus?

In CFC and GK 2 paper written by Frank, he explained it well why Tony became the face of GK. Not specifically for us in CFC but for marketing in a secular world.

Of course we may always argue that we do not need a human face to market GK.

But i will also say, Isn't it more inspiring to help, when a human sees his fellow human who live out his life as an authentic Christian by loving the poor in an extra-ordinary way?

The purpose of such so-called "faces" is not to replace God as the center of our work, but to truly inspire more people out there. In fact in all Tony's speeches, i will always hear or read that he is embarrased by the said attention and awards because he have not done much, he was only a story teller. The true heroes are the hundreds and thousands of volunteers who go to GK everyday to ensure the sustainability of the program.

Whether we accept it or not, Frank also become a face of CFC for all of us. In fact, nasobrahan pa kasi ngayon kini-claim na siya as "founder". That is why FFL find it difficult to leave Frank and accept the new members of the International Council. But like what FFLs are always saying, that they did not join FFL because of Frank, the same argument i will use in saying, people did not join GK because of Tony. They were only touched and challenged by how Tony lived out his live. They cannot imagine how a sinful man like Tony have a full passion for the poor. And if a sinful Tony (like me)can do it, why can't I? In a corporate world we call it"marketing" but in a Christian perspective we call it "witnessing".

God bless!

Bro. Mero :-)

Anonymous said...

Bro. Mero, Bro. Jacobo:

If it is a fact that the EA did not “follow the recommendation of the bishop”, then it is objectively true that they did not follow the recommendations, that is the truth! Did they disobey? No, a recommendation is NOT disobeyed, and that is another logical and truthful statement. I think this is the way of the Aristotelian logic.

The TRUTH of our Lord Jesus Christ is another thing altogether. His Reality as THE TRUTH is taken as a matter of Faith – hindi talaga ma-explain logically, but can only be done subjectively. ...kaya nga, I agree with jonitanitayturin na merong objective truth also, that one that will stand out, if a retrial of the verdict made by Cardinal Rylko on CFC scandals in GK were made. That trial would piece all the facts and come up with the objective truth, of which a verdict based on Catholic Faith (I think) will be made. So, akoy agree din doon sa panawagan to invoke more than 2000 years of Church tradition of Faith and Reason.

Hi, Brother Bacobo, kaya ang facts of a case are fully evaluated ay in order to come up with the whole truth – which is the sum of all the parts, in this case, the sum of all the facts. (As you say, the truth is: “Did you do it, or did you not do it?”). As soon as the truth has come out, a verdict of “guilty” or “not guilty” is rendered. Yung verdict or “judgment” is the level of understanding I think you wanted to lead your readers to, in your earlier arguments about the truth. Ok din naman.

Now, I just wanted to “caution the wind”, as it were, (seguro sobra lang ang presumption ko sa lakas ng hanging ito, Bro) na our fanaticism can convert to a kind of “violent” focus for the Lord that can be blinding also. I think this is that narrow point jonitanitayturin says we pass through when we carry our cross or sword-cross, because in that very moment, the charitable action can change color to an “illusion of fighting the evil one” that can make us set aside the objective of loving by the cross.

I imagine a Cross being dismounted from the shoulder of a dedicated GK worker by the road, who, having time to think things over while resting, thinks of another face, not Jesus, who is associated with GK. Now, be careful, Brother, because you can convert the cross to a sword and attack that other face...Good!...but, is there a tinge of self-righteousness here, or simply pure humility? I mean, in our journey to love and “walk our talk”, we have partners who may not yet be totally convinced about that “Scandal of the Cross”, or about our worshipping a God who loved by having himself nailed for unproven accusations. I know that there is a burning passion inside to infect others with the Love of God... But I also want to counsel prudence...because others my want to have human champions, or inspirations of current mold, to identify themselves with in their journey to glorify God... I understand our Catholic missions in other non-Christian places are effective because they don’t force the name or face of Jesus in their area of work; rather, they just humbly practice what He preached, like our walking our talk in GK.

Put in another way, I think this is like mounting that Cross fittingly back on the shoulders (after that temporary rest) and carrying it lovingly, never mind whether or not they have put a human face to GK.

Thoughts lang ito, Brothers, as I now pray that our minds will be put to rest. Peace.

WillyJ said...

wow you have a tongue-twisting handle, but what you write is spot-on, I couldn't have said it any better. God bless you.

Justice and righteousness shouldn't be at odds with humility, obedience and grace, but I see your point in that we should focus on being "instruments of grace and forgiveness" rather than "instruments of hatred and disdain". That is spot-on too. Thanks and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Good day again..

To Bro. Anonymous who said:
"If it is a fact that the EA did not “follow the recommendation of the bishop”, then it is objectively true that they did not....." addressed to me and to Bro. Jacobo.

I fully agree in what you are trying to imply.

ANYWAY, As i was reading all the blogs here, brothers and sisters concerning whether we veer away or not, whether it was right that we do public apology, whether acceptance of donation from anti-life companies are immoral even if the intention is noble..and so many other issues....

I was just reminded of the story of Joan of Arc. I know all of you are familiar with her story.

She won many battles despite her gender as a woman. She lead the army to victory. She did noble work. But the envious bishops and cardinals accused her of veering away because they said she used black magic to win the war. The Church (thru an ecclesistical court) falsely accused her as an evildoer or something to that effect that lead to her punishement - to be burned alive. And few centuries later, her case was studied and the same Church proclaim her a saint.

Brothers and sisters, no one here in this world has a perfect discernment, not even the Pope. Yes, he is infalliable, but in his personal capacity, he also commit mistakes. (To FFL, please do not take this as attack against the Pope, coz it is not!).

We accept truth as how it is told to us by the authority. When Bishop Gabby says it is wrong, then we all accept that it is wrong, isn't it? When the cardinal says you ask for public apology, we do...even we don't think it is fair, isn't it? For 26 years,whatever Frank says, we follow. We accept it as the truth and the right. We do not question him.

But at the end of the day, each and everyone of us will be accountable to the Lord. I do not agree that every guidelines that the Church has set is perfect. Please do not think that I am not in full communion with the Catholic Church..because I am. But what i am saying is, at the end of the day, the Lord will judge us according to the condition of our hearts.

Yes, maybe in the eyes of the Church authority, it was wrong to accept donation from anti-life companies (which they themselves have tagged it "anti-life") even if our intention is noble. In the eyes of Frank and the FFL, we veer away, even in our own hearts we believe we did not.

No one really knows who is right and wrong, but history will tell one day.

And like Joan of Arc, who was once sentenced to death and judged as heretic, but later on proclaimed saints, who knows we may be on the same fate.

They may accuse us and judge us according to what they saw, and according to the guidelines that they have set without giving enough value on the condition of our hearts, but who knows in the centuries to come....all of us in GK will be declared as SAINTS!

Even the Philippines heroes that we look up today were treated as rebels by the Government of their time.

To God be the glory!

Bro. Mero:-)

Anonymous said...

Brother Mero:

Salamat. I feel blessed by your words now. I am also calling on God's blessings upon you, the same blessing we do during the Lord's Day Celebration: "May the Lord bless you and keep you..."

Danny Lopez, West B said...

"In addition, your name 'Couples For Christ' cannot be used by any other association."

Nag-aral naman ako...
Valedictorian nga ako nung High School eh...
Ako rin editor-in-chief sa HS English schoolpaper namin noon...
Magaling naman akong mag-Ingles.

Ilang beses kong binabasa yung message sa taas, pilit kong iniisip baka may ibang "interpretation". 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6 at 7 beses ko pang binasa.

Tapos tinawag ko yung anak kong 13 years old. "Anak," sabi ko, "Ano ba intindi mo dito?"

Hindi pala ako nag-iisa. Gayun din ang pagka-intindi ng anak ko. Iisa ang interpretation namin:


Pero bakit ganun? Bakit mayroong hindi makaintindi? Bakit may ibang may sariling interpretation?

Hmmm... bakit nga kaya?

PAgkatapos nito, ilalabas ko yung makapal naming dictionary. May pag-aaralan akong 2 words na nakakalito para sa akin.

Ito ay ang:


Lord, ituro mo sana sa akin ang tunay na ibig sabihin ng 2 salitang ito. Nakakalito kasi eh. Sabi kasi ng FFL dati, ang IC daw ay "disobedient" at "legalistic".

Lord, ibig sabihin ba nito, HINDI DISOBEDIENT at HINDI LEGALISTIC ang FFL?

Bigyan mo po sana ako ng kaliwanagan. AMEN!

Anonymous said...

Brod Danny:

May sinabi na sana lumuhod na lang in total surrender para madaling mabatukan ni Mama Mary and serpent that has engulfed the person of Frank Padilla, lalo na, that he has most shamefully peddled a forged Vatican letter to malign Cardinal Rylko's direct order for other associations like FFL not to use the name CFC.

Otherwise, ewan, basta I think we just have to go on with our lives as CFC and FFL - kung gusto talaga nila doon. Kami, we intend to make the younger cousins in the extended family to compose at least one 15-man group for the GK Bayani Team for Zamboanga and Jolo next year. That way, they will have their own stories to tell about the miracle of helping other people through GK. Hopefully the cousins will have a "preview" of the Zamboanga-Jolo Bayani Build by constructing a GK farmhouse for one of their lolos now living in a cogon-roofed lean-to, using the bamboo poles that are extant in his farm... The now-hated Padilla and FFL issues will be light years away by then. Yun na lang seguro, Brod Dan: the Future with and through GK. A blessed day ahead!

Anonymous said...

Brod Danny, pahabol lang. Actually, I think naglalamay na tayo ngayon, waiting for the last breath. May mga spasms pa kasi, kaya tuloy we are puzzled also kung sino talaga ang DISOBEDIENT OR LEGALISTIC, the way he reads the mind of (in order to support his contrary views against) Cardinal Rylko.

So, yes, may be good to engage in some reading na lang, like word meanings, kasi talaga namang hinihintay na lang ang last breath of the serpent. I have a gut-feel na binatukan na 'yan noon pa, kaya lang, siyempre baka lalabas pa from the clutches ang totoong pagkatao... unless naging part na rin siya ng serpent that must surrender before the MOST VENERABLE WOMAN, OUR MOTHER MARY, more than 40 days later after he got the First Batok ...