Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Our Prayers Are With You

April 1, 2008



The International Council would like to thank everyone for offering prayers and sacrifices for the healing and immediate recovery of our Executive Director, Joe Tale.

As of the latest bulletin from Singapore, Joe Tale is still confined and still weak from the intermittent bouts of high fever and chills. But his blood test results have been steadily improving and he is under the care of excellent doctors. It is never a good time to be ill while in a foreign country and our hearts go out to them. But the prayers that are now being offered for him all over the world not only sustain Joe physically but also show him and Babylou and their two daughters, Vida and Rica, how much he is loved.

His illness involves cyclic bouts of weakness and fever before it finally runs its course. Thus, it is expected that Joe will remain in hospital for at least a week. We request you to continue offering up prayers and sacrifices for our beloved Joe T, in full confidence that God indeed listens to His faithful people.

In the meantime, we continue to move on in our mission and vision, following the directions set for us this year – to love one another as God loves us and to build the Church of the Home and the Church of the Poor. We remain steadfast in this task.

God bless us all.


Also, a texted note from Bro Melo:

latest update: tito joe's fever intermittent as expected but not too high anymore (38's). praise God that since today he can tolerate food (though still very little) without vomiting. his IV antibiotic/malaria medication will have to continue for at least 4 more days. still weak due to heavy medication but definitely improving. I and Nini decided to stay here till tuesday to help tita babylou especialy with documents/handling of expenses via advance by singapore council. tito joe and tita babylou thank everyone for continued prayers.

latest update april 3, 2008:

"malaria parasite count now almost zero. however, platelet count went lower to 51, but expected to go up as malaria is addressed. tito joe can now eat without throwing up. he might be able to start taking the malaria medication orally today and be off the drip so he can start slowly walking around. he and tita baby thank everyone for continued prayers. Praise God for continually healing tito joe."

- melo villaroman, jr. with nini in singapore

april 4, 2008

"hi kuya george, IC. tito joe's malaria count is near zero and he is off the IV drips. he is now taking balance medication orally. his platelet count still low (55s) but slowly improving. so he still gets dizzy intermittently. he will most likely be discharged sunday. but has to stay for an important last check-up on tuesday. x-ray showed minor lung infection but easily treatable. tito joe and tita baby expected be back in manila by wednesday next week."

- Melo Villaroman, Jr. with Nini from Singapore

Earlier this afternoon, i was able to talk to babylou over the phone. if tito joe is discharged from the hospital come sunday, he will stay with belen anota (the philippine ambassador to singapore), a cfc sister. he needs the rest. so, hopefully, he will have a favorable result in his tuesday's check-up. let's not falter or waver in our prayers, brothers and sisters.

April 4, morning

"good morning george and virgie. Praise God! Joe now negative of malaria. 78 platelets should go up in next days. discharge is tomorrow."
- Babylou

"We Praise God for His unfailing love and powerful healing. tito joe's malaria parasite count is now below zero/negative. and his platelet count significantly improving at 78. he will be out of the hospital by tomorrow. will have a final check-up here on tuesday and will be back in manila on wednesday. from joe and babylou, thanks to all for the great support of your love and prayers"

- Melo V., Jr. with Nini in Singapore


athrun atreides said...

Oh my, I didn't know this. May I know since when was Tito Joe confined?

CFC West C Sector said...

Get well Tito Joe!
God bless!

loving member said...

I implore everyone to pray for Bro. Joe Tale. To start every CFC activity, event , meeting, talk and even household prayer meeting with a petition to the Lord for his complete and immediate healing. Let every member know and be updated on the developments. This is loving him. This is loving one another.

Bunny said...
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Anonymous said...

It is in GK where I know more God,
It is in GK where I learn more His Ways,and
It is in GK where I do more His Works!

GK is THE BEST thing we can do
FOR THE LEAST of our brothers!