Friday, July 4, 2008

Blame It On The Rain

Why were we so happy?

Why all the smiles? The laughter? The joy?

Well, you can blame it on the rain, but unlike Milli Vanilli, we sure weren't lipsyching! (10 pts to whoever gets that 80's joke first, hehe.)

Here's a little weekend treat mga kapatid. For those who weren't able to make our 27th Anniversary celebration at Luneta, I hope this will help take you there: Wet, drenched, and happy.

God is good. ALL THE TIME.

My sincerest thanks goes out to the writer who spent many hours crafting this, yet chooses to remain anonymous.

Each image can be clicked to enlarge:
Download A Time To Celebrate! as a PDF document HERE.

And a couple more videos sent in:


The beautiful fireworks display

All 27th Anniversary entries are HERE, and don't forget to visit the official Couples for Christ website for more anniversary pictures.


CFC Ostrich said...

I have one advantage over you and the rest of the bloggers - I know who penned the above write-up but i will respect his/her desire to remain incognito. And yes you are quite right there CD, the
writer spent hours ( not that many i suppose) crafting the above article.
And you will agree with me that "A Time to Celebrate" is a provocative glimpse into the exciting future of legitimate CFC anniversaries .

Happy 27th Anniversary !

whoknows said...

page 9 brought tears to my eyes. The storm shook us in our foundation and now I see that Gods plan for Frank his group and CFC is starting to take its own form and shape. Perhaps He wants to have 2 armies, the purpose of the other is to sharpen the 'sword into ploughshares'!

Let us not just blame the rain, lets applaud it for it has strengthened the fiber of CFC to be a stronger CFC and the FFL to be a stronger FFL.

The CBCP conference is ongoing and I am sure we are on the toplist of their agenda. Perhaps this is the light in the tunnel for us. That God will give the bishops the wisdom to deal with CFC and FFL in the manner that God wants it done.

If I could have only one wish, it would be that CBCP will create an independent fact finding board to investigate all the allegations of Frank, come up with its own official findings and suggestions.

I often wonder, why none of the bishops ever thought of that idea... who knows perhaps at the CBCP Plenary this week... who knows!

CFCSeekingTruth said...

Thanks to the anonymous contributor. It's a beautiful piece.

A time to celebrate, indeed!

Happy Anniversary, again, CFC!

God bless.

neokid said...

yep! we're not lipsynching... not like milli vanilli who were stripped off a grammy coz of the fake act.

so you folks who try work arounds and faking it to get what they want. be careful!!!!

you'll be caught sooner or later..


i'm taking the 10 points... hahahaha

Danny, WB said...

I Agree!

It was the most wonderful anniversary CFC celebration EVER!

Everything was indeed CHRIST-CENTERED!

May God be Praised!

Anonymous said...

page 5 of the anniv article-
"the marchers did not break ranks"-

The last contingent to march was the Southern Luzon(Southern tagalog and Bicol) featuring the ff:
1)Higantes Festival- Rizal
2)Pineapple Festival- Daet
3)Parada ng Lechon- Balayan Batangas
4)Virgen de Penafrancia- Camarines Sur
5) Kiping festival (float)- Quezon accompanied by San Isidro Labrador

The highlight of our parade was the 're-enactment' of the execution of Jose Rizal.

yes, we were there, we bore the brunt of the storm, we were there, soaked to the bones.we blame the rain for giving us more...

an experience of a lifetime!!!


Ernie said...

To cfc ostrich,

I recived one in MS Word (xxx.doc) format, OIC!!!

To the anonymous writer and all bloggers/visitors "Happy 27th Anniversary!!!".

May we witness more MIRACLES in CFC to make our FAITH Rock Solid for Christ.

Anonymous said...

Mga Kapatid,

Tunay po na maligaya ang ating Anniversaryo doon sa Luneta.

Hingi lang po ako ng paumanhin, pero gusto ko lang po ipamalita na ang mga maraming dumalo laging sa lalawigan ng Bulacan ay nangyari lamang po dahil ito ay kagustuhan ng Diyos. Aba, lampas po ng isang libo ang nadoroon .. kaya lang yung iba sa amin ayaw maligo sa ulan kaya naupo sa likod ng stage.

Yung po mga taga GK ay maligaya po dahil sinama po ng mga liders. Hindi ninyo nga po napansin na marami ang GK Bulacan dahil sila po ay pumila doon sa likod ng miembro ng International Council. Mhigit po na 5 limang mini-bus at 2 jeep ang nagdala sa kanila doon; di pa po kabilang ang mga marami din jeep ng CFC galing sa bayan bayan!

Aba talaga po masaya!

Masarap din po pala kumain sa ulan, may sabaw na po ang adobo .. pero naubos din!

Anonymous said...