Friday, July 11, 2008

Pulp Fiction

Sometimes, one can get a bit frustrated at the far reaching effects of a well orchestrated misinformation campaign. Something that, sadly, the Easter Group is extremely competent at. We've just been asked by Tito Joe Tale to try and keep our emotions in check and to be careful about our defensive responses, so lets try and keep an open mind. I also don't want to give the Easter Group more issues to twist and have them say I'm now attacking a priest, which I'm not. In fact, I think the greater sin is not in inviting the clergy to a reasonable discourse, but in intentionally misleading them to achieve a questionable goal.

Sometime ago, I said that these rehashings of past issues by the Easter Group was not worth responding to anymore. I mean, they'll say it again, and we'll defend it again, and so on, ad infinitum, I GUESS. But in this latest "attack", I can't help but think that there is still much damage being done, much misinformation being spread, and that it is still hurting our brethen who are affected the most: Those on the ground spreading the good Word and the good work. So why should we not come to their aid? At some point, even our very own Multimedia Center felt the need to address the lies that are constantly being spun by the Easter Group in order to gain an audience and put down the organization they left.

An article by a Fr. Tulabing was published in the Negros Chronicle Sunday Edition and has been circulating in the commentaries for a while now, in fact eliciting several responses here, here, here, and finally here. It also seems the good father may have felt compelled to respond to our bloggers' reactions, esp. since one of them emailed the Negros Chronicle. There may have been just a single article planned, but an impromptu 2nd part was written by Fr. Tulabing and published last July 6, defending his views and claims. I say impromptu since, well, part 2 just seems....hurried.

You may download both parts HERE, but I'll be quoting and responding to some relevant portions.

Father Tulabing makes several claims in his article, specifically:

In part 1

"...Gawad-Kalinga has been over-emphasized, putting aside Family Evangelization, Spirituality, and Renewal."
Need we go into this again? It is a rehash of Frank Padilla's GK-3 paper, and has already been covered, discussed, attended to, and finally DEALT WITH. Please Father, if you have further, recent proof of this claim (other than what your FFL advisers have told you), come forward so it can be addressed.
"...reluctant founder of Couples for Christ Frank Padilla..."

"CFC-FFL has all the rights to use the name Couples for Christ because Frank Padilla is its founder and FFL is consistent with the vision-mission of the true and genuine Couples for Christ which has never veered away from its original purpose while remaining faithful and loyal to the Catholic Church authorities"
First off, it's been proven that Frank Padilla is NOT the founder of CFC. That's a done deal and this article in the CBCP states it in no uncertain terms. Also, using the term "reluctant founder" shows clearly where you are getting your information, as these are the exact same words the FFL use to refer to Frank Padilla.

Secondly, I hope you realize that your insinuation of "veering" are the words the FFL uses, if you are trying to make a case, then please show some tangible and documented proof. One can't just bring forward an FFL leader and say, "Here, take his word for it." I'd like to ask what you see that made you believe that CFC veered from its original charism? Do you also believe that all the CFC members in your parish are veering away now?

In part 2

Ironically the 2nd article starts with a quote from what I would guess is a CFC member, to which Fr. Tulabing responds,
"This kind of comment is surely missing the point."
To which I would most respectfully respond, surely Father, you are missing the truth. Have you seen the emails in this blog? The documents? How about the Playboy Bunnies' meeting minutes?

"So how can some leaders and members of couples for Christ Global GK..."
Now I might be nitpicking, but how badly edited must this be, to not only fail to capitalize, but to come up with a brand new term for CFC: couples for Christ Global GK? This is why I said part 2 seemed a little hurried. And no Father, I'm not making a big deal out of this. I just thought you should tell your newspaper's editors to pay closer attention. Yet, frankly, we'd appreciate it if you didn't corrupt the name any further. Thank you.

"...they try to poison the minds of their members about my purported “panaot” of Couples For Christ. And by the way, the Church is not expected to serve the interest of Couples for Christ. It should be the other way around: Couples for Christ should serve the interests of the Church."
Oho! Now we come to some strong words. Poison. I believe that is the gist of all our problems, tho not in the context in which you are using it. Also, yes, while Couples for Christ should be serving the interests of God, our priests have the moral responsibility to be well aware of what they are feeding their flock, lest they accidentally poison them.

"My intention really is to save Couples for Christ from utter destruction at the hands of the enemy."
Father, I really do not see any destruction going on here, other than the tearing apart of CFC by the Easter Group's continued attacks.

I also take it you don't believe these good men are doing a good enough job of saving us:

"Priests need to exercise authority over Couples For Christ in their parishes, after all it is within the realm of the priests’ duties to govern."
Agreed Father, it is also their job to show their flock the truth.

'The point is that there have been directives and guidelines, there have been dialogues and meetings to reconcile and check the errors, but the International Council of Couples For Christ-GK insisted on their mistakes."
Speaking of directives, guidelines, and dialogues, I'd like to remind you of Bishop Reyes' statement, made after the dialogue between the FFL and CFC. I quote:

"...Frank Padilla “will form the Couples for Christ for Family and Life” and “should start as a diocesan association, “then later can apply for recognition as a national association if it has branches in other dioceses and even later as an international association.”

I don't believe anybody in the Easter Group even as much as gave that order a second glance.

"All the members of CFC must be made aware of the existing problems within CFC."
To this, I heartily agree, and they should also all be made aware of what the FFL has been doing.

"The members should even protest about what their International Council is doing (disobeying the bishops).."
Actually Father, if you want to be more specific, it was the Elders Assembly who as a group discerned and decided not to follow the Bishops' recommendation. Must we define recommendation once again? Does this mean that since the FFL did not follow the orders of the Bishops after the dialogue, you believe the FFL members should protest as well?

"...the donations that they still receive from Pharmaceuticals manufacturing and distributing contraceptives. The Church still considers contraceptives anti-life, and Couples For Christ is supposed to be Pro-life."
A picture to refresh our memories:

Frank Padilla at the launching of Gawad Kalusugan, sponsored by Pfizer, Wyeth, and Unilab.

The statement alone is patently false, since that partnership with Pfizer had been rescinded this past May upon the instructions of Cardinal Rylko and was printed in a paid ad by the IC. Father, might I remind you that Frank Padilla was present and part of that partnership. Shouldn't some accountability fall on his shoulders too, even as he passes the blame while still claiming to be the founder? Also, if that was the case, why do you not question all the other religious organizations accepting donations from pharmas who distribute contraceptives? You may also want to ask Frank Padilla why he holds office in the establishment of a known anti-life politician.

"I like and I commend CFC-Foundation for Family and Life headed by Frank Padilla because they work very hard for the RESTORATION and the REFORMATION of Couples for Christ. May the other members follow your example."
Heaven forbid. I don't think the Supreme Court has enough space in their building for all the landscam cases that will arise from that. Ok, I'm joking, but seriously, if the examples being set by Frank and Co. in document forgery, accusing the Vatican of trying to save face, accusing Bishops of "twiddling their thumbs and smoking pot", were to be used as guideposts, I would be quite afraid of what would become of the FFL's members.

In all seriousness Fr. Tulabing, I think your words say it all: You "like" the FFL. What this is based on I don't know, but it comes across as unobjective. You like them, therefore you are pushing for them. Isn't that a tad unfair? In liking them, did you then overlook the questionable actions of the Easter Group? The documents, emails, the honest depiction of the events that led to the fateful split are all here for you to see and peruse. They've been made public for exactly that reason; so you can be fair to both sides. That's all we are asking. Give CFC a chance to make its case, a chance you've obviously given the FFL. Give us a chance to present proof, to show that we are sincere in our efforts to better ourselves. If we've somehow made a mistake in your eyes, then show us forgiveness by example. Your obvious bias for the FFL and your trumpeting their cause's repetitive and oft rehashed chants of veering and disobedience hurt people who care about you and what you say.

That is all.

* * *

Just for the record, and to finally set things right, the CBCP has acknowledged LNP's role (through Vic G and Fr. Schneider) as the founder of CFC. Here's the article in full, it's also linked in the Archived Documents section on the right column.

CFC-International Council to reinforce tie with RP bishops

MANILA, July 6, 2008--Couples for Christ-International Council (CFC-IC), has been seeking the support of Philippine Bishops to strengthen cooperation between them.

“CFC-IC has designed suggestions and recommendations on how to improve and strengthen the relationship between our shepherds [bishops] and CFC-IC so that together, we can fulfill our shared mission of spreading God’s will to all,” said Joe Tale, executive director of CFC-IC International Council, in a letter addressed to all the bishops of country, dated June 4.

Tale also said that CFC-IC is gearing up for a new springtime of its evangelization and values formation mission.

“We have lined up Christian life and community values programs for 62,000 settlers along the railroad tracks now recoated in Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Taguig, and take care of OFW’s and their families left behind in the Philippines,” Tale said.

CFC-IC also asked the bishops to pray for CFC-IC that its resolution of the conflict that has embroiled CFC-IC community may grow in positive manner.

CFC is a lay Catholic group established in 1981 by Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ and Vic Gutierrez. CFC got split from its original group “Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community” in 1993.

Last year, CFC got split further into two--CFC-Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL), which is headed by Frank Padilla, and the CFC-International Council (CFC-IC), which works with Tony Meloto and Gawad Kalinga, the social arm of CFC-IC that builds low-cost houses for the poor across the country.

Last month, both the groups were battling each other for the use of the CFC name after the Securities and Exchange Commission lifted the 2003 revocation order on the use of the name Couples for Christ Foundation Inc.

Meloto and Padilla, both founding members of one of the country’s biggest Catholic lay group, stepped down from the board of CFC last year over debates on the group’s direction.

CFC-FFL and CFC-IC are trying to win the support of Philippine bishops and trying to show their allegiance to Church hierarchy in the country. (Santosh Digal)

post script:

I apologize about the typos and other errors, I've edited what I found. As you may have noticed, this was a late night entry because I was trying to make the Feedburner blast at 9am, so coffee and lack of sleep is not good for spelling and getting some facts straight, hehe. If you catch anymore please do let me know.


for christ alone cebuano said...

I think that what the good bishop is trying to do is justify what is actually in the first place a wrongdoing. But isn't it a little bit absurd that a wrongdoing is being justified by another wrongdoing? All roads point to the good bishop as one of "their" bishops that sits "dwindling their thumbs and smoking pot".

But in case we will miss the point, the dark clouds are still hovering over us, reminding us to be always on guard lest someone rob us of our community. Let us just continue the works and spread the truth because it will always set us free.

I always believe that we will weather the storm because we are not walking alone...God is walking with us in this dark journey of our community and He will never leave us no matter what. And that is the most important thing for our community. We must refrain from passing on judgement to the good bishop because we are not a judge..kidding aside, stuff like this always make our hearts bleed but as we bleed, we are being purified..

raul tura, mandaue said...

for christ alone cebuano,

fr. tulabing is the vicar-general of the diocese of dumaguete. in other words, he is the alter-ego of the bishop of that diocese. i read the original post in the local newspaper and i think he is not yet even a monsignor but it is very clear that he is working hard at it by, perhaps, be in the good graces of his bishop.

and if you will compare both posts by fr. tulabing, it is very obvious that the first post is "not his" (fully or partially) but the second is "his". sometimes, a person just allows himself to be used by others hoping that in doing so he himself can use the user to his own benefit. gets?

to cd: i can sense in this your current post so much show of emotion for your love of community and thus of God. in doing so, you missed some letters and some words.... i can understand the deep emotional feeling as you wrote this. i wanted to do the same when i read fr. tulabing's article, too. but, i guess, it takes a CD to do it for us.

Anonymous said...

calling the provincial area head, SGT and chapter head of the parish where fr tulabing is assigned, i think this is a challenge for you leaders.

most often in our passion to do our work, we tend to forget that members of the clergy are people too. some are sensitive people, others however need our attention and care.

we are one with the catholic church, that is who we are and what we do.

fr tulabing is exactly a lesson for leaders. he writes what he believes in, exactly what cd is saying here. fr tulabing should not be faulted for what he believes in, it is now for the leaders in dumaguete to seek him out and clarify him on these issues.

if his heart is for ffl, then that is not his fault. we all have choices to make. our responsibility is correct where correction is needed.

dili dautan ang pari agi sa iyang gi-sulti. ang gi-sulti sa pari ang makadaut sa cfc!

nw19socal said...

I read your comments to certain passages in the author's part 2 article and I satisfied with your short but precise comments. As I responded in his Part 1 article, it is again not worth the time to read his complete Part 2 article. I wasn't surprised the author or his coach came up with his Part 2, but for us bloggers here, I think we should prevail in giving him more attention and in giving his newspaper more mileage to attain a bigger readership. I agree he is human but he is an ordained religious person with bigger roles and responsibilities than us ordinary members of the Church. He also speaks for himself on his views whether coached or not so when we beg to disagree with his Part 1 and 2 articles, it does not mean we are fighting the Catholic Church. I know a lot of good priests and I have high respect for them.
Perhaps, we can just confine our responses in this blog and if the clueless author wants to respond, he can always post his responses here. We welcome our brothers who have been called to the extraordinary vocation of the priesthood in this blog, don't we?

malachi3/widows might said...

Please forgive my ignorance, is Vicar General a relative of the Servant General? its uncanny they have the same surname and the same addiction for governing. This poor priest is just being used, I agree with Bro Raul Tura and the anonymouse's posts,let the Dumaguete CFC Leaders take this as a challenge to "love one another"and even "love they enemies". This is a great opportunity to have an even closer and more intimate relationship with Father Tulabing. Please share with the good Father Tulabing the teaching on Servant Leadership,the Christian way, sabi ni Jesus "I came to serve not to be served" I hope that Father Tulabing is not overweight marami pong seafoods sa Negros na ibibigay ng mga subjects(parishioners)nya. Konting fasting po Father. Next MCG gathering we will say a special prayer for Fr. Tulabing.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Tulabing is just too loving to...

Anon said...

Fr Tulabing and other men of the cloth who write like him are the spice of CFC's life.

The common thread among their writings is the generous use of many words and phrases of the FFL's Servant General (now very familiar and redundant and proven of no basis in fact), whose credibility as a religious leader is slowly (or is it quickly?) eroding because his well kept secrets are now coming out.

Pity priests like Fr. Tulabing, who put their finger where it should not be -- the affairs of lay communities -- and because they have NOT discerned to hear / read / listen to both sides of two stories, they get into a stinking hole and lose their credibility.

Sorry Fr. Tulabing, you made the wrong choice.

Next time, don't shoot from the hip, else you'll be advocating a group whose leader installed himself as servant general, one who did not also pray and discern well the plan of God when he handled a real estate transaction. As he did not also plan and discern well when he did a knee-jerk resignation from CFC.

Fr Tulabing, my suggestion is for you to open the Scripture and pray and discern well for your homilies for the next 4 Sundays.

Meantime I will do my share for you. I will pray and discern well that you see the light and that you read the comments written here and that you will spend much quiet time thinking about this pro-FFL stance you took and see if you are damaging the work of pastoring you are going to do for your parishioners.

I will pray likewise that you are not one member of the clergy who belongs to a select group of clergy thumb tweedlers, tea leaf readers and smokers of pot as Nonong Contreras of FFL identified them to be. On the other hand it might be smart to check with your FFL informers if your name has not been recently added by them in that expanding list.

storm tracker said...

Fr Tlabing, please constantly check if the FFL group you are siding with is sincerely a FRIEND and not a FOE.

Fyi, Qoheleth II is the pen name of Francisco Padilla aka Biboy, Frank, and now Servant General.

It is to his loyalty a core group of followers, mainly influenced by their wives, dedicate the rest of their lives.

In turn, the SG, calls the members of this select group HOLY men and women, borne out of their formal and informal dedication to stay together in a meeting whereby their original group name was made, and that is: Easter Group Playboys and Bunnies.

See, you are now in their realm of existence Father - the hedonistic & secular in 'Playboys' and in the spiritual in Easter.

I hope they properly classified your name under the heading of the Easter Section.

dumaguete kid said...

Reminder to Fr. Tulabing

" a peacemaker and a person who unites. He himself must not be a the cause of disunity. He must not confuse laypeople by confronting those who are involved in lay movements or groups about where there loyalties lie, when there is no cause for such. He must not drive people away but rather draw them in."

from your friend - Biboy Padilla.

not under a tulabing said...

“And by the way, the Church is not expected to serve the interest of Couples for Christ. It should be the other way around: Couples for Christ should serve the interests of the Church.” – Dumaguete Vicar General (and future candidate to be a Bishop and hopefully to be a Pope) Fr. Tulabing.

Church = Priest/Clergy
CFC = lay/persons
Church = Clergy+Lay

No matter how I look at it God’s formula for the Church, being made up of Clergy and Lay people, naturally involves each one serving GOD thru themselves and His Church.

If the church or diocese that the Vicar General Tulabing runs does not plan to serve the bigger community of CFC, who also constitute his parishioners, then let him be.

I suggest that his parishioners move to the next parish where the priest will be more accommodating in serving them through the sacraments.

So if he only intends to be a minister for FFL that should be fine, for the CFC Dumaguete.

Then CFC Dumaguete should only be supportive of the parish priest and the dioceses that support them.

Catholic Church should be inclusive, and not publicly making statements about which group they like to serve.

Now it is for the lay people to exclude the father tulabings in the church from their dioceses, no,not necessarily a physical transfer (although I’ve seen how prayers in other dioceses helped transfer to other places biased priests).

I simply mean find and attend Eucharist and other celebrations of church feast days in another parish.

The point is, parishioners have a choice and don’t have to get stuck with non-discerning and biased priests.

I am sure the CFC in Dumaguete is serving the interests of the Church in many ways priests like tulabings have not heard of.

Serve God but DO NOT BE SUBSERVIENT to priests, even to Bishops and Cardinals. Truth does not surely emanate from the clergy's mouths always. Only from God.

However stay respectful of them lest you sin.

Right on, CD! said...

The clergy - give them the highest respect when they are celebratong mass and performing sacraments.

Outside of those official chores, still give the respect due them because of their church bestowed position and authority.

Outside of the two aforementioned situations, give it to them in terms of really saying your mind and tell the wrong things they say and do. Like CD did in this 'Pulp Fiction' page.

But respectfully!

walang pangalan sa dumaguete said...

Siguro po kailangan na nating paalaalahanan and mga pari, monsignor, at mga obispo na dapat sila rin ay dapat manatiling mapagkumbaba.

Hindi po plano ni Jesus na ang kanyang mga kaparian ay kumilos at magsalita na parang mga HARI.

Isa lang po ang HARI, si Jesus lang po.

Masakit po ang mga kataga kung sasabihin ng kaparian na hind nila gusto ang CFC, dahil po ang CFC ay hindi po bato. Mga tao po yun, so hindi po dapat itampon, apakan, at baliwalain.

Yung CFC ay pangalan po ng isang organisasyon na binubuo ng maring tao sama ng kanilang pamilya at kasama sa simbahan -- mga taong gustong maging tunay na Kristiyano kahit na po hindi pa perfecto at may kasalanan pa rin.

Kaya po yung mga pari at obispo na sana po ay magpakita ng kanilang talino sa napagaralan nila na mag-mahal sa lahat ng tao at talagang isa buhay nila, para po mabawasan ang mga Katoliko na lumilipat sa ibang relihiyon dahil sawang sawa na po sa hindi pag tugma ng mga sermon ng pareng katoliko sa kanila gawa at salita.

Para maliit na gabay sana po ito sa inyo V.G. Tulabing!

Anonymous said...

Its really like that friends, even priest are not in good terms with own their Bishops.

Its really like that friends, even Bishops are not in good terms with their Cardinals.

Its really like that friend, even Cardinals are not in good terms with their Pope!

But God save us if the Pope is not in good terms with His God!

Point ko, maliit lang na punto si fr tulabing.

Why bother?

{Sgd) just an unimportant observer

C2CD said...

Dear bloggers let us not forget that we're commenting only on what Fr. Tulabing wrote in his articles.

Let's be critical of his views if we must, but respect for his vocation should not be abandoned. I'm sure he or someone from his diocese are visiting this blog also and reading our comments.


Just a friendly reminder from Riyadh.


Anonymous said...

When I read the first and the second part, I thought that this priest heard it all from FFL only.

Kataw-anan baya noon.

Padre, pataka ka man lang tawon ug yawit or yaw yaw diha. Please do a little bit of research and verify what you heard.

Klariks kaayo Pader. Those issues you wrote were old accusations, last year pa. Are you telling me that you just heard it from FFL last May or June?

Daghang kulang Pader, Daghang sayop.

Mag Ampo na lang ta Pader.

johnpaul said...

Brethren in Dumaguete!

Invite Fr. Tulabing to say Mass at a GK site... every month!!!

Negros Chronicler said...

maybe this father tulabing was not met nor spoken to by our bro joe tale who is from dumaguete, di ba?

bro joe, paki monitor mo lagi si father tulabing, pag nagkasakit, bisitahin mo agad pls.

delikado tayo pag naging bishop yan!

(for info of others, a Bishop sided with ffl because when he got sick, frank the servant general visited him and Bro. Joe Tale -- of recent singing fame for the latest version of 'You'll Never Walk Alone" -- just sent a get well soon card!)

Labing-Isa sa Dumaguete said...

Fr. Two-labing, please love CFC and FFL.

So you will really live up to your name.

If you just love FFL, you will be known as Fr. Labing-Isa.

I love you too in Christ.

Wake up Call Fr. Tulabing! said...

Suggestion to the PAH, All Sector Cluster Cahpter and Ministry heads of CFC in Dumaguete:

1. Attend the HHoly Eucharist where Fr. Tulabing is celebrant in FULL FORCE.

2. Then wear your CFC T Shirts.

3. Then sing as choir, be the offerors, lay ministers, mass colectors, etc.

4. Then do not leave even after the mass, but greet him, this Fr. Tulabing, at the Sacristy and show to him how large you are as members of his Parish.

5. Then next Sunday, attend the mass at the other Parish massively.

Para mataohan at magising sa katotohanan!

There are so many ways to send a message to a non-thinking clergy, be brave. For after all, that's one lesson Frank Padilla told us.

cdopards! said...

Toto yan Brod! Nangyari na yan noon sa isang Parish ng Misamis Oriental! Nagulat ang Pari dahil biglang lumiit ang nag simba sa Parish niya! Sa ibang simbahan na nag simba ang mga CFC dahil inatake niya CFC! Kaya naki pag-ayos! Dahil lumiit ang collection sa Opertory! Yan din ang payo ng isang Pari sa PNP, Fr. Pinar, very supportive sa CFC yon, sayang natransfer na sa ibang campo!

Anonymous said...

Nganong uwahi naman ka sa balita Pader? Wa man siguro ka magbasa sa CBCP News? Basin lain imo sigihan basa? Kamong mga Pari sa Kalungsuran pamasabasa pod mo! Ayaw palabi anang Cable News! Unaha CBCP News!
CD publish ni ha? Kasabot na Pader kay bisaya kaayo iya apelido!God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

You know what guys, while this case may be an example of what we should be aware of and actively working to correct, lets not get sidetracked in the big picture of our active defense of Couples for Christ.

This is just a diversion. Recall that they've gained access to the CFC-FI name, and the potential for malicious damage they can cause with it. Frank Padilla and the FFL are up to something, I can feel it in my bones and smell it in the air. They've appropriated the CFC-FI name and now FP is in the USA. We must be ever vigilant. If I had the pull of CD, I would have invited you all to a candlelight vigil outside the SEC. Nahihiya ata si CD mag tanong, but I believe we can all do it for CFC, they shouldn't even have to ask. The IC are setting an example in Christian sobriety, but the FFL are obviously taking full advantage of that. They know that the IC will not act to attack them, so they keep attacking and all the IC can do it defend. More power to them, but I believe the time has come for each one of us to step up and show that we will not stand for that as a community, and as protectors of our faith. Otherwise, mark my words, this will NEVER end, not until Frank gets what he wants, or the clergy steps in with finality. Either way, rest assured that we will have all suffered irreparable damage by then.

Do we as a community allow that?

Can we? Will we? I think we owe it to KFC, to SFC, to GK, and to ourselves.

Anonymous said...

The evil one continue to use other people even the priest like Fr. Tulabing to attack our community, bearing false witnesses like Fr. a sign of following human nature and not following the leading of the Holy Spirit, it is unforgiven, because Jesus said whoever denies me before others, I will deny before my heavenly Father...
Servant General ang galing-galing mo naman,bishop, pare at iba pa ay nakukumbinsi mo, dahil sa kabaitan mo sa kanila sana kunin ka na ni Lord....

A Prayer for the Clergy said...

CFC in Dumaguete and also CFC defenders here should be happy that the priest, Fr. Tulabing, wrote his thoughts and not uttered it in a mass during a homily. At least he had a good sense not to do that.

For all you know, deep in his heart he does not want to hurt CFC. Perhaps he just needed to be noticed. Maybe one commenter here is right, when he said to get known, attack CFC. He was dead right, now Fr. Tulabing is a by-word of CFC fans of CD –those who read IDOTRCFC blog daily. He is now known from the sands of Arabia to the exotic place of Zamboanga.

So what do we do for him? Pray! Matter of fact we should also pray for the boys of FFL.

In this crazy world of ours, there is no premium defense but prayers.

Our prayers should specifically state that we are pleading for FFL to stop appropriating a name given to us: CFC!

We include thereafter a prayer for a realization among their leaders, Frank Padilla foremost, to come to decision that their specific charism will be doubly blessed and expedited to its course if they stop all these chasing after ‘worldly desire’ of possessing a name all to support the bruised ego of their Servant General.

Then let’s pray that the Clergy who inevitably get sucked into this whirlpool to detach themselves from this fray and get into the bigger business of saving souls, be they CFC or FFL. I don’t think God intended his Bishops and Priests to be referees or even judges on issues of lay organizations – if the trouble amongst them is not theological or doctrinal. Let’s pray for that.

These Clergy members are intelligent people but we all know wisdom is lost when emotions take over, and it is all emotional when they take side.

God Bless!

Another Puppet Found said...

This Fr. Tulabing has become 'famous' (or notorious!) because he gave credence to opinions long aired by his sponsors in FFL. Those copied ideas have long lost their bite because they were proven false, still Tulabing buys it. Seems puppet-ty!

He just added his name to the oppressors of CFC.

What remains unmentioned here are the many other priests (even Monsignors and Bishops) who have long been preventing/disturbing/unnerving the simple efforts of CFC in the many towns/barangays/barrios/cities/dioceses/churches in the country when in the middle of a CLP, they disallow use of the church facilities.

There are even priests (not one but several) who raged because they saw a long line of people who wanted to go to confession prior to talk # 9.

Or when they refuse to say mass because we are CFC.

There are even Bishops who display arrogance and impertinence in front of their parishioners over imagined problems like un-announced CFC activity.

Bad behavior among the clergy already existed in CFC'S lifetime such that book writer Frank Padilla (aka Quholeth II) was inspired to write a whole book on it.

The only bad taste in the case of Fr. Tulabing is that this form of oppression he took does not make sense at all. He does not have ground to be a priest choosing one and openly denying another, but he chose to do it.The Catholic Church should be the paramount caller and beacon to all - saints and sinners, immaterial if they are CFC or FFL - for all are creatures and sons and daughters of God.

The business of separation is of God's. Not the clergy's. Not even the Pope's. So who does Fr. Tulabing he is?

Tama yung ng comment dito. He probably did not pray and discern.

So where he is at right now, serves him right!

Anon said...

Fr. Tulabing, linggo ngayon - ika labing tatlo ng hulyo.

Ang gospel po: Matthew 13: 1-23.

Paala-ala lang po, baka naubos ang oras ninyo sa kakaisip sa inis ninyo sa CFC.

Anon said...

I have an idea. Hope it catches!

Instead of griping over Fr. Tulabing and giving him too much air-time, why don't we ask all of those Clergy members who attended the Clergy Day of June 20, 2008 (Valle Verde CC) or even those who are not in the picture you posted, but were here with us during the Anniversary to write a paragraph or two about their experiences and that's what we blast to the whole world.

So we become agents of the Good News!

While pictures speak louder than words, it is words that get to be quoted on. and good words are precious.

So let's post the favorable items from the other side of the Clergy -- those who are for us.

CD, please consider - open the page and let the blogers source the comments from their own priest visitors. Prov. Area or Sector or Regional Heads or even Country Heads, please help do this too. I understand the Sectors had many hosted priests. Big North for instance had 50 or so guests.

I am sure many will like this.

Anonymous said...

CD, want to post this here. Thanks

(Posted today, July 13,2008 in CBCP News - as a comment to the article on: "Bishop Reyes Gives Update on CFC Name Usage" (

Melo Acuña
Manila, Philippines

Dear S i r :

I write to refer one Fr. Tulabing, Vicar of the Diocese of Dumaguete, who wrote in “NEGROS CHRINICLE” his valiant defense of Mr. Francisco Padilla and his newly-minted Foundation for Family and Life, which was organized to accommodate him (Padilla) and the rest of his followers who broke away from mainstream Couples for Christ.

We do not really know where the father priest, Tulabing, is coming from, so to speak, but the way he strongly comes in defense of FFL to the point of bashing CFC does not speak well of him as a man of God.

Therefore, as you are somehow already aware of some issues related to CFC, I hope it is alright that I refer this matter to CBCP through your desk. There are references you may want to dig up from the IDOTRCFC Blog ( for more information.

May it be alright also to suggest that your action can hopefully lead to the kind of discipline or sanction that will not only clamp the “contemptuous” act of Fr. Tulabing but also pre-empt similar ones that the laity will perceive as unloving, unfair, unjust, and contemptible behavior of a few wayward priests?

May you continue to write and act on the issues you take up here in CBCP News for the greater glory of God and for the peace of our Catholic community.

Very truly yours,

A gravely concerned member of
Couples for Christ


Reply to this letter through this blot or through the IDOTRCFC Blog is most appreciated. Thank you.

RED EB said...

i'm happy and blessed that i was able to hear a very empowering and inspiring talk from sis Haydee of Canada before reading this... God is really good... God bless you CD for really taking time to spread at least we know what's going on... God bless CFC... God bless us all...

Oca Tagulinao said...

I just thought that Fr. Tulabing's name sounds like "to love him". Let us learn to love him inspite of himself and his irresponsible words. I know that he is one of a few clergymen who may not see CFC and GK for what they are.

Today, my wife and I, together with CFC leaders and GK volunteers from West C heard mass that preceeded the awarding of keys to 10 new GK house beneficiaries in Sitio Pajo near Pugad Lawin, Baesa, Quezon City. The priest talked about how the seed of the Good News fell on different soils and sprouted and bore fruit only because one soil was wet and fertile. As he spoked, I glanced across the makeshift chapel/tent, where the mass was being said, to check out the CFC logo and sticker proudly stuck to the door of a previously awarded GK house. The good news took root in that house and among its occupants, I surmised. The owners must have gone to a CLP already. Then the good priest continued to talk about how the good news is no longer delivered by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John only, but that the good news can now be told through the lives of CFC members/leaders and GK volunteers who plant the seed in GK villages. My thought instantly went back to Fr. Tulabing. How I wished Fr. Tulabing was there to listen to the priest's homily! Then, he might have a better perspective about CFC and our work - GK.

My thoughts about Fr. Tulabing slowly gave way to happier thoughts as the keys were one-by-one awarded to the families after the mass. You should have been there to see the happy faces and broad smiles of the 10 recipients of new houses as the lady president of Colgate-Palmolive led the handing of the keys to the beneficiaries. The president's broad smile was made more meaningful with the announcement earlier that she chose to celebrate her birthday today by being in Sitio Pajo giving away houses to the poor of this country.

At once I recognized what the priest just said a while ago - here was the gospel being delivered according to the Colgate-Palmolive president! She is an evangelizer!

As my wife, Tess, and my friend, Delfy, and I walked back to our van around noon, I was convinced that the gospel is best taught to others through the examples and parables of our lives and our acts. Yes, just like what St. Francis said. The old mentor was sending off on mission one of his young disciples and was asked how he was to go about evangelizing others. It is said that Francis responded by saying, "Go, just live with them. And, speak if you have to."

Fr. ToLoveHim, that is what we are being asked to do in CFC, in case you do not know yet what CFC is all about.

Mang Pilo said...

Let's continue to pray for all the priests.

Read the Good News....

Anonymous said...

has anyone directly approached the good fr.tulabing and tried to seek an audience with him and to talk to him about this?

just curious.

Anonymous said...

3 GK SIGA youth are now in Australia attending the World Youth Day. SEe for stories and more..

Anonymous said...

"Forgive him for he did NOT know what he is saying or doing"

To all of my CFC brethren, please let us extend this message & gesture of love to Rev. Fr. Tulabing.

He may have been "too loving" of FFL but I believe he is just human to be swayed and deceived. Let us pray for him that he will be "too loving" not just to one specific group but to all those who serve GOD especially in the diocese of Dumaguete.

God bless us all,
North B

RED EB said...

The Good News c/o Mang Pilo

Until the very end, Gawad Kalinga advocate Rico Ortanez remained true to his promise of helping uplift the lives of the poor through GK.

For the past two months, Ortanez, battling stage 4 colon cancer, shunned chemotherapy sessions to be able to promote GK and raise funds for the completion of their own GK Agos Village, a promise of a better life for the poorest of the poor in Sta. Rita, Pampanga.

Rico went around the US with his wife Badette and with their group “Agos,” sang songs of love for the country and the poor, trying to reach out to many Filipino-Americans to support their village and the GK cause.

He also shunned chemotherapy in order to compose his last song.

On June 25, Rico breathed his last at age 48.

Thanks Mang Pilo for the update... many have not read or known about this... i pray that those who do not really know what GK is all about can be enlighten by write ups such as this... pero much better if they can be given the chance to go to GK sites and see for themselves the love of Christ...

Anonymous said...

Viva Father Tulabing, VIVA!

Anonymous said...


Fil-Am organization in US to fund GK village
By Patricia Esteves

Monday, July 14, 2008

One of the oldest and richest Filipino-American organizations in the United States will donate a village to Gawad Kalinga (GK).

The Legionarios del Trabajo in America Inc. has pledged to fund 30 homes to poor beneficiaries in Pangasinan this year.

The Legionarios, a fraternal order that started in 1924, was organized by the first wave of Filipino migrants to the United States to serve as a support group for Filipinos in America.

When the group arrived in the US in the 20s, their main purpose was to serve as a social support system to the predominantly male Filipino migrants amid hostile pressures at the time, which included anti-marriage laws.

Today, the Order still provides support to Fil-Ams through scholarships and cultural assistance.

Bro. Zozimo de Veas, grandmaster of the Legionarios, said they have decided to fund the homes of poor beneficiaries in Pangasinan because it bodes well with their creed of love for God and country.

De Veas first came across GK through an article he read about founder Tony Meloto and the foundation in 2006.

It was then he realized that Legionarios and GK have the same vision.

“After I’ve read the article about GK, I felt very inspired and enthusiastic in following up GK. I really strived hard to know a lot about GK and convince my fellow members that this is a good vehicle to help the poor,” de Veas said.

He scheduled a meeting with other members of the Legionarios and they debated whether to help the GK or not. Initially, a lot of members were not receptive to the idea.

“They had a lot of reservations. Charity begins at home, they tell me, why not start here. Bakit sa Pilipinas na hindi natin nakikita? Ganun mentality nila. (Why in the Philippines? We don’t see it anymore. That was their mentality.) They wanted us to donate in the US and not in the Philippines,” De Veas said.

But he was persistent and his proposal to fund the GK homes won in a voting by a margin of two votes to pass a memorandum.

Funding is not a problem to the Legionarios.

The Legionarios is one of the most-financially stable companies in the US. It has 57 acres of farm near Stockton, California.

Their investments in the past have earned them enough money that continues to grow, which in turn are utilized for the needs of the members.

After donating homes to GK, they plan to support other projects like education.

De Veas also noted that after deciding to donate to GK and explaining to them the goodness of the cause, members had a turnaround in their thinking.

“In the beginning, they would not see the real purpose of what we do, but when I brought back some pictures and releases about GK, it’s like they have embraced GK. They were very happy with the decision to donate. You have this feeling that it feels so good to help,” De Veas said.

But sadly the members of Legionarios are dwindling. The youngest member is 50 years old and the oldest are 100 years old. They have 489 members.

De Veas said helping GK is his way of giving back to all the good breaks that he received.

He came from a poor family and was orphaned at a young age. He lost his mother when he was six and never got to see his father since birth. It was his grandparents who took care of him.

De Veas managed to finish high school and although he wanted to go to college, they didn’t have the money then.

“After high school, I worked on a farm. My aunts could not send me to school because they also have children. Luckily, there were people who gave me a break. I don’t know any skills. But I have a neighbor who let me study stenography at a school that owed him. My neighbor said, ‘ok, if you can’t pay me in full, just let Zozimo study in your school to lessen your debt’, and that was my first break,” he said.

The second break came when De Veas was able to study at the Far Eastern University (FEU) on a scholarship grant while working as a houseboy during the day.

When he was in third year college, he met an anthropologist from the US who was married to a Filipina.

He got the biggest surprise of his life when the American, who was touched by his kindness, invited him to come to the US.

Once in America, things started to turn up rosy and bright for the once-poor De Veas.

He finished a master’s degree in business administration in two years at a university in Illinois and worked for 20 years at the Oakland airport and then joined the IRS.

Looking back at all the good breaks that came his way, he realized that he must impart some of these to the less fortunate, especially those who lacked opportunities in the Philippines.

GK, for its part, promised to help the Legionarios get more members.

solidyfc said...

Praise God!!! May I quote
from the CBCP Website...!!! Its only a part of the whole report.

This break-up may possibly diminish support for Gawad Kalinga’s Housing for the Poor. This will be a great disservice to the poor, not only of GK projects in the Philippines but also in other parts of the world. The poor and the hungry can not be evangelized without first having the basic necessities of life, rice and viand on the table, and roof over their heads. To discontinue the building of homes for the poor is a greater roadblock to the evangelization of the laity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Fr. Tulabing,

Your second article certainly implied that you read this blog. In case you don't, I hope and pray that this entry will somehow reach your hands.

I wanted to understand the motivations you had by trying to read between the lines you wrote. I believe I had a good glimpse of it after I read the lines in cebuano. You wrote the article because you felt that priests should not ignore what is happening. So you took your stand and wrote it. You could have just taken your stand in your homilies but you felt that a newspaper will reach a wider audience.

I believe the majority of CFC members all over the world would agree with me when I say that I agree with you that priests should not ignore what is happening between CFC and FFL. Indeed, they should, as you say, engage the issues in their individual parishes. I admire, too, the bravery you displayed by doing what you did.

I am glad to read that you have nothing against GK. I say that because we love GK. It is one of the 7 pillars of CFC. In fact, GK is specifically mentioned in our CFC Statutes approved by the Vatican.

I am sure you know this already but let me just mention it here. GK is one of CFC's obedient response to the Church's Social Doctrine which says:

"160. The permanent principles of the Church's social doctrine [ 341] constitute the very heart of Catholic social teaching." And it goes on to explain that these principles are the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity and solidarity. Father, tama po kayo, we in CFC are families in the Holy Spirit renewing the face of the earth. I just wanted to respecfully remind you that families are social units, our relationships with others are social interactions and we evangelize always in a social context. And CFC did not forget that families are made up of human persons, whose dignity the church teaches us to uphold. In solidarity with our poor brothers and sisters, CFC families are literally renewing the part of the earth we call slums. You don't have to take our word on this. Go to any GK village and find out for yourself if what we claim is right - that more people are closer to our Lord after GK came than they were before GK. If that is not evangelization, I honestly do not know what to call it.

What I'm getting at is that CFC is not only doing social action as you claim. CFC is evangelizing even as we do GK. And just as you say that there is nothing wrong with GK, we loudly proclaim that there is nothing wrong with doing GK.

Perfectae Caritatis, which talks about the various charisms of lay and religious communities say:

"2. The adaptation and renewal of the religious life includes both the constant return to the sources of all Christian life and to the original spirit of the institutes and their adaptation to the changed conditions of our time...

8...These communities, then, should adjust their rules and customs to fit the demands of the apostolate to which they are dedicated..."

Again we agree with you Father, CFC should remain faithful to its charism. But it should also realize that charisms (the spirit of the institution) adapt to the changed conditions of our time.

What I'm getting at, Father, is that the charisms of CFC are not static and unchanging. They change with the times in order to remain effective. And contrary to what some former leaders say, CFC does not have only one charism. CFC has been blessed with many charisms. One of them is GK, which is a gift of the Spirit to CFC, calling it to respond to the call of the poor.

You see that we agree in many things, Father. However, on one major point, I'm afraid we do not. From your writings you clearly believe that CFC requires restoration. Further, you believe that the agent of restoration should be an organization that is outside CFC; an organization which, in fact, have forsaken CFC, disrepected its leaders, offended its many members, violated and denied the CFC Vatican approved statutes and who is led by someone who, contrary to all evidence, still claims to be the founder of CFC. He still does, even though one of the real founders of CFC have given his testimony in the 3-part document "The Origins of CFC".

We do not need restoration Father. CFC has never lost its charisms. We continue to evangelize and spread the good news even as we did before. Contrary to your statement that CFC is only doing GK. Even in Dumaguete, all you have to do is visit your CFC parishioners and just observe what they do. See if the only thing they do is GK. Father, dito po sa amin, walang GK village, not even one. In all the other European countries as well. GK is not the only thing we do.

Your article unfortunately shows clearly that you do not know CFC at all. How can you then, a priest at that, afford to attack a commmunity that you do not really know? You seem to have given your allegiance to this other group. By itself, that's ok. What is not ok is when you, as a priest, allow yourself to be used to attack CFC. Father, huwag na po kayong magpagamit.

You wrote that as a priest you cannot ignore the issues. By all means, engage it. But as a priest, as someone responsible for the spiritual well-being of everyone on your parish (not just FFL), you are subject to a higher standard of fairness. You, most of all, are obligated to speak the truth. As a priest, you have a smaller margin for error - you have the responsibility to write only truthful things. You cannot use the excuse that what you wrote are your personal opinions because, as a shepherd of your flock, whatever comes out of your mouth and from your pen carry the weight of a pastoral judgment. To your flock, Father, your word is like a law. That is why you have a higher responsibility to present the truth and be balanced in whatever you write. If you cannot be balanced, it would be irresponsible for you to write what you did.

That is why the Bishops (Reyes, Lagdameo and Villegas) remain largely silent. They understand that they carry a responsibility to be balanced and if they feel that there is even a slight risk of violating this responsibility, they would rather remain silent. I applaud them for that. Bishop Lagdameo was even one of the co-celebrants of our Anniversary mass at Luneta.

Father, you have already opened the box. You now have no choice but to see this through. Would you be brave enough to write the real truth about the issues? Would the same courage that prompted you to write what you did also give you the strength to write a correction? Could you, as a pastor and shepherd of your flock afford to have favorites, preferring one group and openly attacking another? And if you do prefer only one group, can you, in all honesty, still be able to look at yourself in the mirror and proclaim to everyone in your church that you are the shepherd of all the sheep in your parish? Will you, as you said in your article, take this as a challenge?


Anonymous said...

Why can't you guys accept that some people will have different views from yours? I noticed that every time anybody (such as a member like Andy of Quezon and now this priest) has different view, you attack them.

nabubulagan ba sila? that's why you guys always have to tell your members that these people are wrong and that you're really sure that you are right?

Why not accept that some people will have different opinions from yours and that's okay. Pray for them instead of attacking them. Basic teaching po natin ito.

I’ve never seen such ‘anger’ you have here in HHs I attended. It's really sad that it seems majority of CFC members, at least in this blog, have this attitude, and that IC is commending it.

I do not think such attitude is helping you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said,

"Why can't you guys accept that some people will have different views from yours? I noticed that every time anybody (such as a member like Andy of Quezon and now this priest) has different view, you attack them."

A difference of opinions is ok, but it would be nice if they backed it up with supporting facts and arguments, right? Why does it have to be that we're "attacking" them when all we do is question the source of their information and ask if the person is truly informed?

We're attacking when we do that, and yet what that person did is not an attack?

Surely there is a double standard there.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said "Why can't you guys accept that some people will have different views from yours? I noticed that every time anybody (such as a member like Andy of Quezon and now this priest) has different view, you attack them."
Amen kapatid! and may I add that CFC will never be the same again thanks to disobedience and pride, but then again nothing is impossible with God. Personaly now with your comment,it seems wise for all of CFC to go back to being still. But kapatid diba brotherly correction is sometimes misinterpreted as as personal attack,still correction is necessary to the Catholic Church how can we be our brother's keeper if we allow wrongdoing To anonymous I humbly ask what are your suggestions aside from prayer. And please enlighten me on who is attacking who,and who is defending who. Maybe rin its a question of what your charism is, if its to pray for others, then you are a prayer warrior, if it is to seek the truth then maybe you belong to this blog? Help me, please, now I'm confused,but I know there is a Christian way to defend CFC,true some of us in CFC have become emotional because this issue is very close to our hearts ,our being,peace brothers and sisters.
One thing is sure though If FFL will move on with their charism there will be peace,after all they left CFC. When CFC left LNP they did not bring the name LNP that is why there was peace,now its a differrent story,FFL wants our legal personality, "thou shall not steal is the sixth commandment". Here a priest is siding with wrongdoing not according to me but according to the ten commandments is he not?It is an imperfect world and we are all sinners. God will make a way. Time to reflect.

jonitanitayturin said...


I should say that, we who are participating here in this Blog must perforce be ‘cerebral’ more of the time. So, expect that coming in with an argument that cannot be defended or having assailable position/s is like entering a hornets’ nest.

We defend the truth of our original CFC and if someone wants to come up with anything or any contention that will require him/her to lay down the premises (facts, assumptions, etc.) he must rationally do so for the sake of coming out with the Truth.

Hindi rin puede dito ang “pa-prayer-prayer” lang (You don’t risk coming here wishfully, too), because we are also engaged in a discussion and “sharing”. Please, I don’t want to belittle any prayer. I am saying, one may not carelessly write and thereafter wish or pray that the CFC defenders will understand, forgive, and being soft-hearted that they are, zip their mouth shut while bending down in prayerful meditation...Watch your step, kapatid.


One must also be prepared to concede an indefensible position. For instance, show us counter arguments or facts to debunk the historical facts we have presented proving that Mr. Padilla is NOT THE FOUNDER OF CFC, that he was only a PARTICIPANT to a 1st CLP implemented by those who really founded CFC – the Most Reverend Father Schneider and Brother Vic Gutierrez of LNP. If this TRUTH cannot be debunked, then any counterargument must be thrown away posthaste!

This is certainly the case of Padre Tulabing (or one, perhaps more supporters) who argues in NEGROS Sunday CHRONICLE the rightness of FFL and of Padilla, whom he matter-of-factly declares “CFC Founder”. You can’t cry tears for this Padre, as he nonchalantly (I believe) threatens and harasses the peace of CFC and its defenders. WE HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL.

Sometimes we can soothe our agitated spirits and provide special spaces in our hearts for forgiveness, patience, charity and understanding. We realize this is THE Sacred Cross we must love to carry, because this is our source of strength, hope and love. Yet we can also weaken by temptingly considering defeat or capitulation (which has not happened, praise God!), or else by being victims to ‘murderous’ plots clothed in innocent miens.

That is why we want to constantly pray for God’s means of which we must be healthily assured...because in pursuit of righteousness, we must have the integrity to be fearless, uncompromising, sharp, and single-minded for HIS TRUTH ALONE.

Pagpasensiyahan mo na lang din po (Our apoligies), Pader Tulabing. Now that we have reached this particular point in our defense, we valiantly assert:
1. that we define our musical tone and scores with very high fidelity;
2. that when we belt our songs, we do so most vigorously and passionately, and,
3. that we sing ”no sad songs for the enemy”.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said:

Why can't you guys accept that some people will have different views from yours? I noticed that every time anybody (such as a member like Andy of Quezon and now this priest) has different view, you attack them.

For one Kapatid, they ("some people") are not just expressing different "views" or "opinions" but are actually issuing inaccurate (sometimes bordering on the slanderous) statements against CFC and its followers.

The Church herself has been regularly accused of being insensitive to the reproductive rights of women when She reiterates her teaching against abortion. When She points out the evils of the modern society She is accused of being archaic, out-of-touch of reality. But of course we all know that these are justifications of people who don't want to submit themselves to Her teachings, which are the teachings of Christ.

Pilosopo Tasyo

utoy said...

i can feel you stress CD. and all of you brethren.

come with me here. i am way below, at the bottom. at the very foundation.

a New Commandment, I give unto you
that you love another, as I have loved you.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who said "Why can't you guys accept that some people will have...'. Here is my take on the situation. SG's recent move, Fr. Tulabing's article, and this anonymous are all part of a squid tactic. They create so much confusion just like a squid (it sprays black ink whey they are about to be captured) and escapes. Hatred? Attitude? I believe you are shooting from the hips. Can you give a specific household or give evidence so we all know and take corrective action? Lastly, I dare you to show and let yourself be known just like I am doing now. Are you willing to accept my challenge to be known?

Raul Aclan
New Jersey

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous who said: "Why can't you guys accept that some people will have different views from yours?".

In many things we have to be discerning. It is dangerous to generalize. 'tol, don't miss the point. It's not about our capability to accept another's point of view. It's about the content of the views themselves.

Example 1. Dito sa amin, when FFL formed its own group, the former leaders of CFC shifted their allegiance to FFL. Similar to what happened in Toronto, they brought with them all the CFC equipment, even the CFC records. Even after reminding them twice to return the CFC properties, they insist that all of it asre theirs. Why? In their view, they believe that they are the real and original CFC. Would you really propose that we just accept such a differing point of view?

Example 2. It has been proven, through Bro Vic Guttierez's testimony, that FAP was not the founder of CFC. FAP and FFL, of course, continue to mislead the public by ignoring the evidence. Note 'tol, na may ebidensya ito. Should we just accept such views?

Please understand, we can accept differing views. We even, right now, accept that you and others, like Fr. Tulabing, have views different than ours. It is not the having them that is in question here. It is the views themselves. These views, as you call them, are without proof, in many cases already proven, through factual evidence, to be false and in all cases, derogatory to the name, honor and Spirit of CFC.

And yet, you question why we just cannot accept them. Have you really understood the issues, 'tol? Naiintindihan mo ba talaga ang mga nangyayari?

Halimbawa, kung merong mag print ng article sa newspaper sa bayan ninyo saying na nabakla ka't nag-iskandalo dahil bumili ng contraceptive, would you just accept it as a view differing from yours? Would you not do something to correct it? You'd do it, di ba? And not just because your honor and name is being attacked. We all have an obligation to let the truth be known.

'tol, ask them present evidence. We defend CFC. True. But above all, we are doing our best to defend the TRUTH.

Think, if you have brains! said...

Whatever the pro FFL commenter s on this blog say, there are certain facts or situations that are incontrovertible, which when stated cannot be defended by even by your Servant General:

1. The split resulted into members making choices and the numbers speak for themselves - FFL are so few and CFC are so many. Even Nonong Contreras admits that you are a small increment.

2. The CFC name belongs to the CFC you left. No amount of word-play, revival by SEC of a dead foundation, or number of colorful flags you hang will diminish that.

3. The name belongs to CFC as per SEC records, Vatican records, and records of CBCP when they approved the CFC statutes.

4. Cardinal Rylko of Vatican Pontifical Council of the Laity wrote in black and white that "no other association could use the name Couples for Christ"; no matter the disobedience of your Bishop GReyes, who insists (to please Frank & Nonong) that FFL could still use it in the Philippines. SG-FAP and his gang of Playboys & their aging Bunnies, including the Clergy in their control clearly disobey a Cardinal and we are the ones accused of disrespect and disobedience of the Clergy. This kind of double-talk does not sit well with the God of Truth and Order, yet as long as it serves their agenda they will use it - even if it is a fallacy.

5. The Servant General Leader lives in a make-believe world that he is the Founder of CFC, when the very people who established it and were already there when FAP and his Gerry attended the CLP and they already put on record that CFC was already established when FAP joined it. A recent CBCP article also states and affirms that it was another brother (Bro. Vic Gutierez) and a priest (Fr. H. Schneider)who founded CFC. FAP will bring to his grave the illusion that he is founder of CFC; some of his under servant-lietenants in FFL will also go the same way.

6. The continuing effort to ape and pretend the number of anniversary years chalked up by FFL nationally and also in the provinces only graphically illustrate the ill-will FFL has for its former community, CFC. The leadership of FFL unabashedly proclaim fake anniversaries and Somebody Up There knows the truth. Those in FFL who attend such fake anniversaries are a party to the lie they tell.

7. The Servant Leader knows in his heart the embarrassment of being judged a wrongful claimant and a sinful seller of a piece of real estate for personal gain, while being the top leader of a religious/renewal community. Why this public document comes out now in the open must be a lesson to all. God perhaps wanted to tell us that it was wrong for us for us having idolized an FAP too much when he was a leader of this CFC community.

Discerning people of FFL, think about these things.

Tuesday Attendee said...

Breaking News!

Enough of Tulabing!

Tonight at the MC Teaching Night we have Bishop Pacana and Father Savio.

The two will GIVE us precious lessons and expert/learned opinions.

Invite an FFL member, encourage him to wear his trumpet I.D. so we could give him utmost courtesy. Chance for them to see the Light.

See you!

C ertified Pastoral Accountant said...

If FFL is able to provide the 2007 Financial Statements of CFC Foundation, Inc for the satisfaction of SEC, what is that going to be called - Balance Sheet Fiction and Statement of Prophecies and Lies?

Anonymous said...

Are you a Catholic writer?’

By John Nery
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 00:07:00 07/15/2008

Some readers had a ready question after they read last week’s criticism of GMA Network Inc.’s “proud to be Kapuso” tagline. What about “Team Kapamilya”? they asked.

I haven’t seen many of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.’s new in-house plugs, but I think I get the drift. They illustrate the difference between identification and promotion. Journalists who identify themselves as “Kapamilya” or indeed as “Kapuso” are doing the necessary thing, claiming responsibility for their journalism. Those who identify themselves with every report or newscast as “proud to be Kapuso” or (if ABS-CBN falls down the same hole) as being “in the service of the Filipino” are doing promo work.

In most instances, every piece of journalism must be identified as the work of someone or some group. That is the news media’s minimum responsibility. (Of the many publications available in the country, it is only The Economist which eschews bylines or taglines—although, to be sure, it has learned to give due recognition to the authors of its famous special reports, which this magazine, which calls itself a newspaper, calls “surveys.” Newspaper editorials, of course, are still unsigned, because they are meant to represent the view, not of one person, but of the institution.)

Journalists must identify themselves; it’s a necessity. There is no necessity, however, for journalists to turn every story they file, every report they produce, every newscast they present, into a marketing opportunity.

If a newspaper were to change its byline policy, and turn identification into promotion, the results would be risible. Imagine a story about a political crisis, or a story on a new kidnapping, bylined this way: By Juan de la Cruz, Proud to write for the No. 1 newspaper.

The promotional tagline brings us teetering, not down a slippery slope, but on the edge of a cliff. What, for instance, is to stop Mike Enriquez (who speaks excellent English, by the way—a surprise if you buy his “sanggano” [rascal] persona on AM radio) from signing off with the promo of the month: “Mike Enriquez po, Proud to be No. 1 in the July ratings again”?

Nothing, except “delicadeza” [sense of propriety].

* * *

A reader much smarter than I am (he has two degrees in physics) responded to a column I wrote last May with a thoughtful meditation on the growing intolerance that seems to be the mark of a culture of opinion.

“This is the climate nowadays; people, especially the young, are losing the confidence to trust in their own capacity to know the truth, and no wonder, most of them are falling into a state of meaninglessness.”

I do not know about the meaninglessness part; man is a meaning maker, and often we make meaning out of the most unpromising material, in the most inhospitable conditions. But it is possible that he defined the situation correctly, about the loss of trust in our capacity to know the truth.

It was his postscript, however, that set me thinking. He asked: “P.S. If you don’t mind, are you, we might say, a ‘Catholic’ thinker?”

He wrote his letter on May 20; I have been mulling his question ever since. (I’m a slow study.)

* * *

On the thinking part, the answer is emphatic and definite. No. To my mind, a Catholic thinker is a synthesist like Augustine of Hippo or Thomas of Aquinas. Or, much closer to our time, paradigm-shifters like Rene Girard or Paul Ricoeur, whose word Dr. Leo Garcia has done so much to spread. Or, even closer to our simple trade, happy polemicists like G. K. Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. Those are the ones who do the thinking.

Hence, the transposition in this column’s title, from “thinker” to “writer.” I am just a journalist.

But I do see myself as writing in a tradition, one that pays special attention to the social teachings of the Catholic Church. As I have said before, I am a child of Vatican II.

Now, if we understand the late years of the John Paul II era and the first years of the Benedict XVI papacy as the closing of the windows opened during John XXIII’s great aggiornamento, then I’m in trouble.

On certain issues, I think the Church hierarchy in the Philippines has gotten it wrong. There is nothing controvertible, for instance, in the crisis of legitimacy that surrounds the President, like a pall of permanent exhaust. The bishops’ position on population growth and the marital responsibility of Catholic couples continues to be based, mistakenly, on what the great theologian Bernard Haring characterized, with deliberate irony, as the absolute sacredness of the biological.

But on other issues, I think the bishops called it right. On the conflict tearing the Couples for Christ movement apart, for instance, the hierarchy has sought to honor the original charism of the movement. That is only as it should be. The Church’s light cavalry, the Jesuits, on the other hand, have been very much on the side of Tony Meloto and his social apostolate. Sometimes the alignment is explicit, as in an op-ed piece written by Bishop Emeritus Francisco Claver. Sometimes it is merely suggested, in the same way El Shaddai’s Brother Mike Velarde signaled support for Fidel Ramos in 1992: They literally stood on the same side of the stage. Meloto and Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, Ateneo de Manila’s president, were keynote speakers at the recent Ateneo alumni convention in Chicago. They shared the same stage.

* * *

Reviewing 12 months’ worth of columny, I am struck by the number of church-related issues written up in a mainly political column. That must be because I believe both the Church and Catholic culture to be eminently political. A Catholic writer? Would that it were true.

* * *


Copyright 2008 Philippine Daily Inquirer. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Anonymous said...

To certified pastoral accountant...

FAP had 30 days to submit these documents kapatid. The 30 days are up as of July 12. Either he has already submitted them or not. If not the order is automatically voided. If he did, our legal eagles should challenge the documents. If the documents are "manufactured" FAP may have open himself to prosecution - this time from the government - falsification of public documents is a punishable crime.

Anonymous said...

But on other issues, I think the bishops called it right. On the conflict tearing the Couples for Christ movement apart, for instance, the hierarchy has sought to honor the original charism of the movement. That is only as it should be. The Church’s light cavalry, the Jesuits, on the other hand, have been very much on the side of Tony Meloto and his social apostolate. Sometimes the alignment is explicit, as in an op-ed piece written by Bishop Emeritus Francisco Claver. Sometimes it is merely suggested, in the same way El Shaddai’s Brother Mike Velarde signaled support for Fidel Ramos in 1992: They literally stood on the same side of the stage. Meloto and Fr. Bienvenido Nebres, Ateneo de Manila’s president, were keynote speakers at the recent Ateneo alumni convention in Chicago. They shared the same stage.

points to ponder from the same source...comments?


WillyJ said...

Dear Mr. John Neri,

I appreciated your insightful piece in your July 15, 2008 Inquirer column entitled "Are you a Catholic writer?".

Thus, allow me to react with a few comments.

You said: "On certain issues, I think the Church hierarchy in the Philippines has gotten it wrong."

"There is nothing controvertible, for instance, in the crisis of legitimacy that surrounds the President, like a pall of permanent exhaust."

The CBCP's position not to call for the resignation of PGMA amidst significant clamor is not an infallible position. We can thus call the bishop's position itself controvertible, because the bishops are merely stating an opinion (wise and prudent in my personal judgment, as it were)
in a political matter best left for the secular system to address. It is understandable to say likewise that those who hold contrary positions (including you, I suppose) are merely stating their own opinions on the matter.

"The bishops’ position on population growth and the marital responsibility of Catholic couples continues to be based,
mistakenly, on what the great theologian Bernard Haring characterized, with deliberate irony, as the absolute
sacredness of the biological.".

On this matter, the bishops are not expressing an opinion, they simply faithfully echo the consistent and unchanging teaching of the Church Magisterium. The Church's position on contraceptives and the sanctity of marriage is universal, as exemplified by the encyclicals Humanae Vitae and Familiaris Consortio. They don't have a choice, otherwise it would would constitute a heretical position that would sever their communion with Rome. On this matter they couldn't care less what the "great theologian" Bernard Haring (who's he?) has to say.

"But on other issues, I think the bishops called it right. On the conflict tearing the Couples for Christ movement apart,
for instance, the hierarchy has sought to honor the original charism of the movement. That is only as it should be."

Again, certain bishops expressing their fallible position, and it does not necessarily constitute a universally accepted, official Church position. In fact your column admits that not all of them carry the opinion that the "original charism" should be honored. Vatican II states
that the test of charism's "genuineness and proper use belongs to those who are appointed leaders in the Church, to
whose special competence it belongs" (#12, Lumen Gentium).
In the case of CFC as an international association of the faithful, the proper Church authority that tests its proper use of charisms is the Vatican through the Pontifical Council of the Laity (PCL). CFC has a standing recognition by the Vatican PCL. The mere fact that Vatican has retained that recognition to date despite the fact that it well aware of the controversy, is enough proof that CFC exercises genuine and proper use of charisms. Thus it is immaterial to talk about a need for honoring an "original charism", whatever that means.

In closing, I think you are on track to think that the Church and Catholic culture are eminently political, I suppose to the
direction that any political activity concerning the common good must of necessity be the Church's concern. Lastly, I dare venture my personal interpretation what a "Catholic thinker" means. It is a philosophical disposition grounded on Faith and Reason, which are not only compatible but essential together, as Pope John Paul II so lucidly expounds in
in his encyclical Fides et Ratio.

Sincerely yours, more power, and God bless,


P.S. I don't consider myself an astute "Catholic thinker" either, and not any much smarter than your average person, definitely much less than your recent reader who has two degrees in Physics. I am just a stumbling yet persevering Catholic who holds fast to the deposit of faith.

Anonymous said...

i guess someone's missing out. Mr. Neri and Jom, haven't you read Tony Meloto's speech in Ateneo? I am sad to inform FFL but he has no plans in running for presidency...


Lifted from Tony Meloto's speech in Ateneo:

There are rumors that I am doing all of these because I will run for public office. To set the record straight, this is not my desire or calling. I value the freedom to serve more than the authority to rule. To gain freedom, I will not seek political power or personal profit from business. Real power is in not wanting it. True wealth is in not loving money but sharing it with those deprived of a dignified life due to lack of it. To be free is not to put a price tag to one's soul.


As for the Ateneo event in Chicago, Manny Pangilinan was there too to speak for the first day, is he also vying to be president of the Philippines?

Could it be that Ateneo got them as speakers because they are Ateneans who are living their schools mission... "to be a man for others"

Points to ponder.

Anonymous said...

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves" Matt. 7:15.

Bro. & Sis.
It is clearly written. Everyone knows who speak lies and claiming a founder of CFC. Guys open your eyes and your ears. It was proven
that FP is not the founder.

Anonymous said...

I sat and stared at your article for hours. I tried my darnest best to understand, why you wrote all those accusations.

When you speak of CFC, you speak about clost to a a million members, that is how many lives you hurt, like a million daggers straight to our hearts, by your words we bleed.

In deference to your position as Vicar general and due respect to your office as a man of God, you should have taken a little bit of caution, perhaps practiced a little bit of prudence and should have been a little more judicious when you wrote those 2 articles.

Padre ingon ka magpakaban-ha ang CFC. Hala, nagbanha na mi sa imung gi-sulat.Hinaut nga naka-abot sa imong pagdungog ang among mga tingog. Kaluy-an mo intawon ang among mga binuhatan, gamay nga respeto sa ingon nimo nga ‘partner in mission’ ang among pangamuyo. Ayaw na ilugos sa amo-a si Frank Padilla. Gibiyaan mi, gi-hasol mi, kami ang iyang gipakaulawan dili ang IC!

Mao kana ang kamatu-uran!

tulabing or not tulabing said...

Fr Tulabing said:
"Well, the members of CFC-Foundation for Family and Life did just what Tony Meloto recommended,
- giving birth to another child of Couples for Christ which is now CFC-FFL (Couples for Christ Foundation for Family and Life).
- This is indeed a very noble task which the reluctant founder of Couples for Christ Frank Padilla started with the honest intentions of RESTORING Couples for Christ to its original meaning and purpose.

It has been a year since Frank left. The conflict traces its roots between Frank Padilla and Tony Meloto! Silang duha ang nag-bikil gi-among nila ang tibuok community!

Do not blame Tony Meloto, it was Frank Padilla and his people called the Eastergroup who decided to leave CFC.

To call Frank Padilla reluctant founder is tantamount to adding insult to the injury he has inflicted in our lives as members of CFC.

To call his task 'noble'- WOW! It is a twisted word that will really cause people to rise up and react! Me? I choose to refrain myself from laughing!Basin mo-sakit pa akong tiyan!

Ang iyang pagbiya among gihilakan, kay sa kadaghanan sa among mga miembro, daw hari ug ginoo na siya! Apan usa ka bangungot diay si Frank Padilla, ang iyang gihasik sa among communidad dili basta basta makalimtan, daw usa ka dakung unos.

Wala ka matingala padre? Nganong gamay lang sila, ug ingon ana ka ‘noble’ and iyang gibuhat ngano ang kadaghanan nag desisyon nga mag pabilin, wala mosapi sa iyang FFL? Ug gusto nimo mahibaw-an ug unsay matuod, naay daghan katibayan ug ngano nga si Frank Padilla usa ka dakong bakak!

That is the challenge for you. Do your research work Fr Tulabing!

Anonymous said...

With the help of a colleague, I'm posting this translation for our non-Visayan dialect readers.

Padre ingon ka magpakaban-ha ang CFC. Hala, nagbanha na mi sa imung gi-sulat.
(Father, you told us that CFC should make noise. Now we have made noise about what you have written)

Hinaut nga naka-abot sa imong pagdungog ang among mga tingog. Kaluy-an mo intawon ang among mga binuhatan, gamay nga respeto sa ingon nimo nga ‘partner in mission’ ang among pangamuyo.

(Hope you heard our voices. Have mercy on your doings, small respect from you as “partner in mission” is what we ask for.)

Ayaw na ilugos sa amo-a si Frank Padilla. Gibiyaan mi, gi-hasol mi, kami ang iyang gipakaulawan dili ang IC!

(Please don’t force Frank Padilla on us. We were left alone, disturbed, and shamed by him, not the IC!)

Mao kana ang kamatu-uran!
(That’s the truth!)

Pilosopo Tasyo

Anonymous said...

If you'll look for a pattern and analyze all the FFL emails and documents and counter-documents, they always have this line ---

"This kind of comment is surely missing the point." ---

Or something of that sort. but it always has this "missing the point".

This also appears in Fr. Tulabing's 2nd letter.

You can have your own conclusions then.

Anonymous said...

Also check out this news about Father Tulabing...

"Vicar General Msgr. Gamaliel Tulabing of the Diocese of Dumaguete, in one of his homilies also clarified that the CFC-FFL and Global were recognized by the Vatican through the recommendation of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

He criticized some members of the media for the false and unverified reports regarding the alleged split of the CFC.

Tulabing challenged all members of the renewal movements and organizations to recognize church decisions through the Pentecost Sunday celebration.*MA

This is another proof that priests are not infallible even during a homily.

Mga kapatid, I think misinformed lang si Father Tulabing. Patawarin na natin. His intention seems to be good and that is to focus on evangelization.

Medyo unbecoming sa kanya etong ginagawa niya na husgahan ang CFC sa news at sa homily lalo na at mali-maling ang mga "facts" niya. Pero patawarin na natin. I-correct kung kailangan i-correct pero sa maayos na pamamaraan. Obligado pa rin tayo na mahalin siya.

Anonymous said...

ako po ay dating cfc, nag cfc-ffl, ngayon po ay cfc na uli.

salamat dito sa idotrcfc, naging clear ang lahat sa akin.

bro. jun

Anonymous said...

Bro Jun,

Welcome home, 'tol! Rejoice mga kapatid! Let us all say a prayer of thanksgiving.


neokid said...

bro jun!

nasan na yung mga kasama mo pa?

welcome home kapatid!

Anonymous said...

Hi All, Got this from FFL-Texas website ''.


Frank Padilla's Pastoral Visit
July 10, 2008
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton in Plano

Body of Message:

Greetings to all,

We hope everyone had a relaxing and joyful 4th of July weekend.

This is to inform our unit household members and all our community members that there is no household meeting for this week due to our Thursday night, July 10th, gathering at St. Elizabeth Ann-Seton Catholic Church in Plano to spend an evening with our Servant General, Kuya Frank Padilla, who is making his pastoral visit in our area.

This Thursday’s gathering, 7pm to 10pm, is in-lieu of the week’s household meeting for our CFC area.

Please plan to attend the gathering for corporate praise and woship, for hearing Kuya Frank address our community regarding this year’s theme of “Joy in Christ”, and for a Q & A session. We encourage all those who were not able to attend the National Conference in Houston last weekend to come out this Thursday evening to hear Kuya Frank bring God’s message to all of us.

In Christ Jesus,
Tito Deo and Tita Noree Dizon

I need enlightenment regarding the word 'Pastoral visit'. I thought it is only used by the Pope. I do not mean to malign anyone but please forgive my shortcomings when it comes to meanings and usage.


Anonymous said...


I just did an image search in Google for "Pastoral Visit". And YES, most of the hits are about the Pope. Try it here

Frankly, I don't care as I don't belong in FFL. They could call it anything they want. But granted that I care, my opinion would be that it does elevate Servant General Frank Padilla to previously unimaginable heights. I wouldn't be surprised if he will be called "His Holiness" someday. Another disturbing thing is that he will be "bringing God's message to all of us".

Even the International Council admits to "spiritual arrogance" in their 7-point agenda. But this reverence to Frank Padilla in the other group is beyond this scale.

2k2k said...

Para sa Lahat na mga Kapatid:
Please pray for the soul of Bro. REY UBALDE, the first GK Volunteer Worker of Cagayan de Oro/Misamis Oriental, who passed away early morning of July 15, 2008 of a Stroke in their home. May he has a peaceful journey to the Lord the giver of life!

Anonymous said...

Bro. Jun,

Welcome back to the flock of the real CFC!!!

It is indeed a meaningful homecoming for you because you have realized the inanity of splitting the original body of believers (CFC Community) and establishing a parallel community just to regain power and promote selfish interests. I am sure that, at hindsight, you can now agree with me that there was NO justification that could validate the move of splitting CFC. I am hoping & praying that many brethren like you will be enlightened and regain the humility to come home to the real CFC.

Welcome back, brother Jun!!!

God bless,
DBC - North B

Danny, WB said...

Dear Lord,

Sana naman sa susunod na may
magsusulat o magsasabi ng mga
hindi katotohanan laban sa tunay
na CFC, bigyan mo naman sila ng bagong mga ISSUES na ibabato sa amin.

Kasi Lord, para na silang...

Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...
Sirang Plaka...


one cfc said...

bros, and sisters...sadly another victim of FFLs misleadings...

I have high respect for T2 Carlos, and I knwo that he is entitled to his own opinions regarding GK and CFC. However FFL using his email to Spread LIES without his permission is highly unchristian...


Dear All: These past few days have been especially painful for me. First, due to an indiscretion, my casual email regarding Tony Meloto has been transformed by Frank Padilla's minions into a weapon to unjustly tar, not just Tony Meloto, but also CFC-Global As I expected, this has caused an immense amount of anger, directed not at FFL, but personally at me. And the most unfair thing is, I have no way of defending myself. My mother has informed me that I have been personally denounced by members of Couples for Christ as an enemy and as a supporter of Frank Padilla. Nothing could be further from the truth! I am firmly convinced that this unjust and malicious action was done by FFL not only in order to discredit Tony Meloto, but also to discredit me, whom they have long known to be an uncompromising critic of Frank Padilla's cult following. Indeed, my mother had the humiliation of having to hear my email discussed in the highest council of the Handmaids of the Lord. God knows what other things have now been said behind my back. I feel that my back is against the wall, and I can expect no support now. After weighing my options, I believe that I have no choice but to come out in a desperate defense of my position. And I will spare neither side: not the FFL, which has unethically and without my permission used a PRIVATE EMAIL that was not even supposed to be seen by their eyes; nor will I spare my critics in the CFC who, instead of grappling with the issues I have raised, in a very respectful manner for the person of Tony Meloto, have resorted to calling me names and judging my person. I denounce by name JACK BURGOYNE, Frank Padilla's loyal minion, who has dragged my name through the mud because of his unChristian actuations. I demand a public apology from him. If that is not forthcoming, I will take further steps that will certainly force him to the resolution never to do anything of the sort again to anyone. If I feel that it is justified, I will bring this battle even to the very pages of Rorate Caeli and to the other international fora to which I have access.


Anonymous said...

Peace, brothers and sisters.

Carlos. I pray that you know that not all CFC resent you. Please forgive us when we have become defensive. I make no excuse, but we too as a community have seen attacks from all sides.. and so have felt no recourse but to defend ourselves. I'm sure you would have expected some to react this way, especially because of the sensitivities of the current situation. Brother, we take your counsel... although we might not agree to a word with all said opinions. We need people like you to work with our community to make us better.

I pray you have peace and that you continue to seek to defend the faith. I pray CFC continues to do so also.

CD and fellow bloggers let us not use this forum to perpetuate this attitude. Let us come humbly before God... and let's be teachable. Let us start using this forum as an offensive against the evil one. Let us choose no longer to be victims but true martyrs and heroes and servants. It's time for us to grow and become the best we can be.

Brothers and sisters, let us refrain from attacking others. Let us not be allergic to all ideas and correction, but welcome that there are areas of growth for us.

This is how the evil one works... let us not let him take foothold in our pride.

Let us please stop the name calling... no more using SG or whatever. This is not loving. Let us relate to one another in love. If we did, this whole split thing would not have happened.

FFL, and tito frank. I pray for healing for all of us. Please, no more attacks, no more confusion... pls. Please let go. Please stop seeking the destruction of CFC. I know in my heart that this is not what God would want because his people and their faith would suffer. Let's work together for God again.

My separated brothers and sisters in CFC Unity, one day we will be one again. Let us work together for true unity in our community.

Its world youth day in Sydney now.. It's awesome. we are offering the world a picture of unity. Now let us walk our talk.
Only the world will suffer, and God will do his work, with or without us. It is our choice whether we want to be a part of his work.

God bless.
Your brother in Christ

Agent008 said...

oh my...

they have done it again. bro.carlos just came out in the open that his "private email" was used without his permission... hmmmmm... tsk tsk tsk.

you know we may not agree on everything that the IC or some personalities within our community will say, thats fine. but for other people to use it to advance their cause... i mean, i dont know.

my question is -
is it lawful to use an email and spread it as propaganda material to advance somebody else's cause?

would you not ask the person first if you can use it or publish it.

i just wish that a public apology can easily be done rather than an email "JUSTIFYING" the act... because that's what the author asked for.

happy weekend...

Anonymous said...

A good day to everyone!

Hello guys! Got this from Sacred Space Website. It's this week prayer reflection.

Something to think and pray about this week

There was a strong vein of anti-clericalism in Jesus to which he was not afraid to give utterance. He denounced the scribes and Pharisees who laid heavy burdens on others but did not move a finger to lift them themselves. He spoke of hypocrites, of blind guides, of teachers who cleaned the outside of the cup but left the inside filthy, worrying more about external observance of the law than about the movements in people's hearts. The clerical establishment was furious, and in the end, on Calvary, thought itself vindicated.
So we have learned to combine reverence and love for the Church with a cool appraisal of its officials. We, the people of God, are the church. As the Spanish proverb has it. ‘We are the people and wisdom will die with us.' The clergy, religious, bishops, have their part to play, and we need to keep them up to scratch. We are not astonished when we find traces of the seven deadly sins even in those who profess greater piety. All through the centuries the church has had this job of criticising and reforming itself. But critics today, like the Jews who surrounded the adulterous woman, need to heed Jesus' warning, ‘Let the one who is without sin among you cast the first stone.' (John 8:3-11)

God bless all,


Anonymous said...

unity is in our time....

yfc and yfl

- a.r

Anonymous said...

to Agent008...

Excerpts from the Penal Code of the Philippines:

Section Four. — Falsification of legislative, public, commercial, and private documents, and wireless, telegraph, and telephone message.

Art. 171. Falsification by public officer, employee or notary or ecclesiastic minister. — The penalty of prision mayor and a fine not to exceed P5,000 pesos shall be imposed upon any public officer, employee, or notary who, taking advantage of his official position, shall falsify a document by committing any of the following acts:

1. Counterfeiting or imitating any handwriting, signature or rubric;

2. Causing it to appear that persons have participated in any act or proceeding when they did not in fact so participate;

3. Attributing to persons who have participated in an act or proceeding statements other than those in fact made by them;

4. Making untruthful statements in a narration of facts;

5. Altering true dates;

6. Making any alteration or intercalation in a genuine document which changes its meaning;

7. Issuing in an authenticated form a document purporting to be a copy of an original document when no such original exists, or including in such a copy a statement contrary to, or different from, that of the genuine original; or

8. Intercalating any instrument or note relative to the issuance thereof in a protocol, registry, or official book.

The same penalty shall be imposed upon any ecclesiastical minister who shall commit any of the offenses enumerated in the preceding paragraphs of this article, with respect to any record or document of such character that its falsification may affect the civil status of persons.

Art. 172. Falsification by private individual and use of falsified documents. — The penalty of prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods and a fine of not more than P5,000 pesos shall be imposed upon:

1. Any private individual who shall commit any of the falsifications enumerated in the next preceding article in any public or official document or letter of exchange or any other kind of commercial document; and

2. Any person who, to the damage of a third party, or with the intent to cause such damage, shall in any private document commit any of the acts of falsification enumerated in the next preceding article.

Any person who shall knowingly introduce in evidence in any judicial proceeding or to the damage of another or who, with the intent to cause such damage, shall use any of the false documents embraced in the next preceding article, or in any of the foregoing subdivisions of this article, shall be punished by the penalty next lower in degree.

Art. 173. Falsification of wireless, cable, telegraph and telephone messages, and use of said falsified messages. — The penalty of prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods shall be imposed upon officer or employee of the Government or of any private corporation or concern engaged in the service of sending or receiving wireless, cable or telephone message who utters a fictitious wireless, telegraph or telephone message of any system or falsifies the same.

Any person who shall use such falsified dispatch to the prejudice of a third party or with the intent of cause such prejudice, shall suffer the penalty next lower in degree.

The parts in bold and italic seem pretty clear. Email would fall under Article 173. Email is sent through cable, telephone or if you're using WLAN, through wireless.

(1) FFL's use of Mr. Palad's email clearly has the intent to "prejudice a third party", i.e. Tito Tony.

(2) FFL's tampering of Cardinal Rylko's letter was clearly prejudicial to CFC. It violates Article 172. It was also a clear example of nr. 6 Article 171 above. It also hits nr. 3 of Article 171 because it attributed to Cardinal Rylko an act which he obviously did not.

(3) Submitting 2006 and 2007 audited financial statements of CFCFI to the SEC when none could have existed is also a violation of Article 172 (see nr. 7 of Article 171). Audited, after all, also means authenticated.

As violations of the penal, not civil, code, these are criminal offenses punishable by prison sentences - see Article 173.

Are you getting the feeling that FFL is digging the hole they're in deeper and deeper?

- TE

high blood said...

used story... very true! (a short story for Carlos Antonio Palad)

long long time ago... there were 4 happy couples who attended a restoration assembly... they smiled at the photographer who was taking pictures while everybody was waiting.

before the assembly ended the 4 couples saw themselves out of the venue and went discussing what to do? they all agreed not to join that bandwagon...

days after the photo of the 4 were posted on FFL's site... that got them arguing... one says let's email the website admin and ask to take the photo out... one says let's sue them, we are not even endorsing that cause... one says does it matter??? we are confident that we are CFC...

last time the 4 looked, the photo is still there... and there was also one instance the 4 were approached and was asked "saw your photo at their website aren't you??,,, and the 4 replied yes we were there, that's why we are here now!!!

Anonymous said...

Tama ka, Brother TE. And thank you so much for the the time you've spent in unearthing the relevant legal ramifications of FFL's misdeeds against CFC.

I am sure nagbuild up na rin ng case ang CFC legal staff. Sana may transformation din in our country's process of seeking redress.

Otherwise, it will be a protracted battle, and before we know it, wala na yung mga tao, wala na seguro so Frank and some playboys and bunnies. Sana we will live to see the day na mayroon talagang legal and morally-upright closure of this hated part of our CFC life.