Monday, September 28, 2009

All Together Now

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are again called to reach out to those among us who urgently need our help.  Typhoon "Undoy" has left a wide swath of destruction in Luzon, but most severely in Metro Manila, particularly the cities of Pasig, Muntinglupa, Quezon City, Marikina, Manila, Novaliches and the municipalities of Cainta and San Mateo.  Thousands of homes have been destroyed by rampaging waters and thousands of families displaced and now homeless.

We have set up a relief operation center and command post at the Home Office.  We know that our government, through the local governments and the Philippine National Disaster Coordinating Center, has already mobilized rescue and relief operations and major agencies like the media and other groups have joined hands to extend urgent help to our poor countrymen.  But they can only do so much and so many people have not been reached by relief efforts.  Many are still hungry and have lost even their basic necessities.

We appeal to all of you to come forward now.  This is the time to join hands, to open our wallets and our hearts and show that indeed we match our words with action.

May we request you to mobilize your sectors, areas and countries to gather basic foodstuffs for distribution to our brethren, including those in our GK sites.  While we will accept anything, such as used clothes and shoes, we would prefer blankets, rice, water and basic groceries.  We would prefer that you send cash so that the Home Office can purchase those items that are urgently needed. 

Please send your cash donations to BPI Peso Savings Account Number 3103-3055-85, for local donors.  Donors from abroad may send their deposits to BPI Dollar Savings Account Number 3104-0106-35 (Please indicate that the Swift Code is BOPIPHMM.) Please make your deposit payable to CFC Global Mission Foundation, Inc.

The CFC Relief Center has the following hot lines:  (02 ) 727-0682 to 87.  These lines will be open until 12 midnight tonight (September 27)  and from 8 AM to 8 PM starting tomorrow, September 28.

We hope that you will join us in this massive effort. Please tell all your relatives and friends to also help.  This is our call now to be truly brothers and sisters to those who need us.  May God bless us all during these difficult times.


Let us remember the Lord's promise.

There are other ways to help.  There are many people who are also doing their part and I believe the best course of action is to link arms with them to provide the fastest and most efficient methods of reaching those in need.

Click HERE for a Google map of those in need in Marikina and the surrounding area.
There is a constantly updated database of information on a Google Spreadsheet of Calls for Rescue, Missing People; Found People, Emergency Numbers, and Where/How To Donate/Help.  Click the tabs on the bottom to switch views.  Click HERE to go through it.

You may also donate to the local Red Cross HERE.  They are already mobilized and on the ground, so they need your help the most.

International donations can be made through ABS-CBN, GMA7, and/or services set up by TXTPower and Aerofoil Media.  These have already been vouched for by reputable people.

You may also check HERE for more ways you can help.  The most important things people need right now are food and water.  If any of you have rubber boats or rafts, or large trucks, you should be able to volunteer its services in the mobilization centers, I believe there is one at ADMU.  

Please let me know if you need me to update this with more information as things progress.  One thing to remember too, is that we are expecting another storm in less than 3 days.  It will pay to be prepared for that as well.

God bless us all.