Friday, June 27, 2008

We'll Never Walk Alone

Please don't forget to keep checking A Call To Arms, and letting ALL the CFC members you know about it to leave their name and show support for the IC in their efforts to protect our name. See the latest update on 6-20-08: Frank's open letter to CFC-FFL.


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Download the document in pdf format HERE.
My apologies for taking a while to get the pics out, I'm sure everybody has had a hectic couple of weeks.

I've received many, many images from the anniversary, including a couple of truly dramatic shots that bring tears to my eyes.

One of them, gives us an idea of just how many of us ignored the threat of rain.

Even when the clouds came, we kept on.

Truly, I've never seen so many wet AND happy people in my life. We can now say that we braved this storm, and left standing tall!

I'd love to hear your stories. I know that some of you had already started posting about it in the previous entry, but lets try and fill this one with your stories of your anniversary experiences.

I'm still trying to put together a page for our brethren who were affected by typhoon Frank, so I'll leave you first with the images I've uploaded to Picasa and a couple of slide shows.

This first is a set that was forwarded to me, of pictures by Ysmael Baysa.

Click HERE to see

The next is a compilation of pictures that were sent in to me.

The direct link to the pictures in this slideshow is HERE, or

Athrun Atreides shares more Anniversary pictures in his photobucket accounts here:

and here:

All 27th Anniversary entries are HERE, and don't forget to visit the official Couples for Christ website for more anniversary pictures.


For those curious about the FFL's festivities, they've shared some pictures in these albums:

On the FFL's Website
Other sites:
CFC_FFL_27th_Anniversary 1
CFC_27th_Anniversary 2
CFC_FFL_27th_Anniversary 3

You'll have to have a Multiply account to view them, but maybe some of our friends with accounts can share some pics with us.


Max said...

Praise God!

IT's great 27th Anniversary Celebration.

Some pictures made tears in my eye indeed.

I Like the Dancing in the Rain!


Anonymous said...

wow...happy 27th bday cfc!!!


Postmodernist said...

Isn't it proper for the FFL to celebrate their 1st Anniversary on Easter Sunday? Well for one is when there "Protestant" Restoration began? Just a comment though...

Malachi3/widow's might said...

A new Springtime for the real CFC and the Catholic Church. Happy 27th Anniversary, yes we celebrated the victory for the Lord. may God be praised for all the glory!
Frank Padilla thought that the majority of CFC will go to the Marikina Sports complex after his worldly "victory" in the SEC, he extended his hand of "reconciliation",and suggested that there can be two CFC's in peaceful coexistence,he is living in a dreamworld. Dream on Frank! 27th Anniv? 1st anniv? Dream on! Marikina Sports overflowing with members?Dream on! Indoor basketball court almost full,dream on! the glass is half full its not half empty. Move on FFL!

jconline said...

I can't claim that God favored CFC last Saturday but I know we were truly blessed! Happy 27th Anniversary.

Anonymous said...


We came late since my husband has was called for an emergency but I was watching it online wishing i was there too. Finally when he came home we went there as soon as we can I was expecting there will be less crowd but I was amazed with the no. of people there and guess what a lot are still coming trying to be there even in the last minute. We were there for the mass and truly our God is so amazing and showed us another miracle. Manila was on Signal #2 and yet there were clear skies during the mass and we saw the moon! I feel so blessed to have experienced such miracle. I felt affirmed that we have made the right decision and thankful that God for His guidance to our IC. We continue to pray for you and support you all the way! May God be praised!

Anonymous said...

As I look at the pics of CFC and FFL... all I can do is sigh, I hope the bishops and Frank (the person) can see this... CFC is NOT inside a covered court or something. A lot of people are UNDER the rain. These smiling faces, laughing, dancing in the rain, braving the storm, having fun in spite of inconveniences are the people who they said are "veering away and lost". IF I'm not CFC I will surely join them for the faith and commitment they have shown specially during the parade. I saw the "charism" in each one of them and not only to one person. My prayers to the FFL members (leaders should be exorcised na) that they may be enlightened.

jconline said...

the rains paused during our biggest Lord's day ever...
the rains stopped during the Holy Mass and up to the praise fest and fireworks display...
the moon even shone brightly that night...
most importantly, everybody showed that we are here as a family united and committed to continue the work that God revealed to us for our family and fellowmen.
God bless Couples for Christ!

Anonymous said...


Pagkakita ko ng mga larawan ng dalawang anniversary, di ko mapigilan ang lumuha. Kasi kilala ko ang ilan na naroon sa pictures ng FFL, kita sa pictures na hindi nga napuno ang venue siguro dahil sa bagyo. Mga kapatid patuloy natin ipagdasal ang mga kapatid sa FFL na magising at huwag ng gamitin ang ating pangalan at matanggap na nila na umalis na sila sa ating komunidad. Naway ipagpatuloy na nilang ipalaganap ang salita ng DIYOS at alisin na nila ang layunin na wasakin ang CFC.

Kaya sa iyo Frank dalangin ko na walang katulad mo ang lumitaw muli sa aming buhay marami kang sinirang buhay, relasyon, mga ariarian at muntik mo ng sirain ang aming 27th anniversary ngunit di natinag ang aming mga kapatid.

Ang bagyong FRANK ang aking tinutukoy!

David V. said...

Indeed it was a blessed 27th anniversary celebration. An awesome show of support to the CFCIC. The presence of our Lord Jesus Christ was truly felt and a concrete manifestation of true love between brothers and sisters in our CFC community. HAPPY 27th Anniversary to CFC. We have overcome FRANK and will any other typhoon that will confront us

OO nga pala Happy FIRST Anniversary naman to FFL.


Anonymous said...

Dapat ang Anniversary ng FFL yong araw na nag walk-out si Bro Frank et al. sa election.! or kaya last Easter Sunday! diba? ano kaya ang isip nila no? kaya bumagyo sa araw ng Anniversary kuno nila dahil mali ang ginawa nila! sa umpisa pa lang, sa mga email nila na pinadala sa buong mundo kasinungalingan yong mga sinasabi nga karamihan daw sa mga provinces sumasama sa kanila..yon pala mabilang daliri! ng kamay at kahit isama pa ang paa! ipadala nyo yong mga video at picture ninyo dito para makita ng mga brothers and sisters natin sa buong mundo na nadeceive nila na sinungaling yong mga sinasabi nila lalo na sa mga taga New York! buti pa yong mga taga probinsya hindi na dala nila! sayang mga taga New York pa naman kayo! Balik na kayo..God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

Sa nagsabi ng "...sayang mga taga New York pa naman kayo! Balik na kayo..God bless us all!"...isa-isa na silang nagsibalikan. Hinay-hinay lang siguro para pulido... he! he!

Taga New Jersey

Dante said...

Tama yung nagsabi na madalas ay kasinungalingan Ang kinakalat ng Easter Bunny Group-FFL. Why not, eh nagsimula naman si Frank sa kasinungalingan. Alam ng lahat, eh nagpaalam si Frank in Feb. of 2007 because sa kaniyang announcement ay guilty daw sila NG IC ng: 1. poor evangelization of CFC, 2. poor tithe of CFC members, 3. poor attendance sa mga meetinga and 4. difficulties in service. Kaya sila daw tatlo ni Meloto at Lachie ay nagresign!

Eh, alam naman ng mga top leaders (but they kept quiet about it para hindi magkaroon ng scandal sa CFC) na Frank resigned ONE WEEK EARLIER IN THEIR hh MEETING at ayaw niyang paPigil sa resignation nya. THE REASON FOR RESIGNATION - Tony resigned first alleging that someone close to Frank ay sinisiraan siya and his family sa media kaya ayaw na niya maging Executive Director ng GK at IC ng CFC! As a response to Tony's resignation, Frank's reflex was to resign na din. YAN AND TOTOONG REASON AT HINDI YUNG IN-ANNOUNCE SA LAHAT SA XAVIER GATHERING!

Kaya nagsinungaling si Frank noong umpisa, kaya hanggang ngayon he tries to justify to all of us his decisions and actions; kaya pati CFC community nadamay tuloy. Kaya tayo nagkagulo-gulo.

In 1993 with Frank leading the plan, nagtayo tayo ng CFC Global Mission Foundation, Inc. para daw hindi tayo mapigilan ng mother community (Ligaya Ng Panginoon)at hindi maagaw and pangalan ng CFC. Kaya namatay ng kusa ang CFC-FI dahil ginawa natin and CF-GMFI. Ngayon, binuhay na naman ni Frank na siya ring pumatay sa CFCFI in 1993 when we separated from LNP. Gawain ba ng man of God ang ganiyan!?

Kaya, dati bilib na bilib ako talaga kay Frank. But now God made many of us realized na sa facade lang and goodness ni Frank. He has no integrity pala. Shrewd yata ang tawag natin sa ganiyan. Iba niyang mga leaders na nag-secret meeting before the 2007 elections (na mga leaders pa mandin ng community) ay wala ding integrity dahil habang pinagdadasal ng mga Elders Assembly leaders kung sino ang iboboto as new IC, the Easter Bunnies & Playboys (sila ang nagbigay ng pangalan nila!)ay may clandestine meeting sa bahay ni Contreras and planned how to scuttle the election! Bakit? kasi hindi kasali sa nominees si Frank! Kaya sila nag-walkout ng hindi tinanggap ng Assembly ang mungkahi na huwag mag-election! Alam yan ng mga leaders katulad ni Oca Oblepias at Pancho Lopes Tan na mga kasama ngayon ni Frank sa Easter Bunny Grp-FFL (EBG-FFL).

Now alam na natin kung bakit kailangang magsinungaling at mag-justify si Frank and his minions. Kawawa naman ang mga sumama sa kanila na hindi alam and MGA TOTOOONG NANGYARI. BUT IS IS NOT TOO LATE TO ABANDON A WRONG CAUSE!

We shall welcome you all back to CFC. But follow kayo sa mga statutes and leadership structure ng CFC. Otherwise, mahihirapan kayo dahil walang integrity and pgbabalik loob ninyo.


Anonymous said...

Marami di babalik dahil sa "pride". Kaya nga ba kasama iyang "pride" sa deadly sins eh. Dito sa amin, mga lumilipat sa kabila, either may problema o pinoproblema na talaga nuon pa o ayaw na talagang humawak ng responsibilidad. Mangilan ngilan lang ang lumilipat dahil sa "sariling" conviction.

Pilosopo Tasyo

Anonymous said...

for the past years, it was during that time of the mass that traditionally the message of the CFC Head to its people is given.

but the message was a song instead.

yet it was a more meaningful message! it all came from the heart. i've never felt such in all my CFC life.

walk on through the rain...
walk on with hope in your heart...
walk on...

Balut said...

It's encouraging in a way to see how many were at CFC's 27th anniversary, compared to FFL's somewhat early first anniversary.

I think we here in the Philippines always knew the vast majority had stayed with CFC - despite FFL leaders' internationally-blasted email claims to the contrary.

We rejected the spurious accusations against CFC. We believed in the unity that Jesus prayed for in his disciples.

I'm greatly encouraged by the affirmation of these photos. CFC is standing strong...and the 85% of new members coming from GK communities is an affirmation from God that - just as Frank Padilla used to say - work with the poor is the cornerstone of our evangelism.

Anonymous said...

"Tama yung nagsabi na madalas ay kasinungalingan Ang kinakalat ng Easter Bunny Group-FFL. Why not, eh nagsimula naman si Frank sa kasinungalingan. Alam ng lahat, eh nagpaalam si Frank in Feb. of 2007 because sa kaniyang announcement ay guilty daw sila NG IC ng: 1. poor evangelization of CFC, 2. poor tithe of CFC members, 3. poor attendance sa mga meetinga and 4. difficulties in service. Kaya sila daw tatlo ni Meloto at Lachie ay nagresign!

Eh, alam naman ng mga top leaders (but they kept quiet about it para hindi magkaroon ng scandal sa CFC) na Frank resigned ONE WEEK EARLIER IN THEIR hh MEETING at ayaw niyang paPigil sa resignation nya. THE REASON FOR RESIGNATION - Tony resigned first alleging that someone close to Frank ay sinisiraan siya and his family sa media kaya ayaw na niya maging Executive Director ng GK at IC ng CFC! As a response to Tony's resignation, Frank's reflex was to resign na din. YAN AND TOTOONG REASON AT HINDI YUNG IN-ANNOUNCE SA LAHAT SA XAVIER GATHERING!"...

Dahil sa mga kasinungalingan, pati magpapamilya, magkakamag-anak at magkakaibigan ay nagkahiwalay-hiwalay. Pati ang mga Bishop, Pari at maging ang Cardinal sa Roma ay nadamay sa kagagawan ng isang tao. Nakakalungkot dahil hindi naman tayo dapat magkaganito kung sinunod lamang ang mga turo at aral sa ating community. Bilang Lider, tulad ng halimbawang ginawa ng ating mahal ng Panginoong Hesus, dapat ay kakitaan ng pagpapakumbaba, igalang ang desisyon ng nakakarami at hindi ang pangsarili o personal kagustuhan ang paiiralin. Kung may nagkakamali, di ba dapat lamang na pag-usapan kung paano ito itatama. Kaya nga tayo naririto sa CFC dahil sa maraming magagandang aral at gabay na nakukuha o natutuhan natin dito.
Sayang lang kung hindi natin ito bibigyang halaga....

Maraming salamat kapatid na CD sa patuloy mong paglalahad sa mga kaganapan sa ating mahal at nag-iisang Couples for Christ.

Pagpalain nawa tayong lahat ng ating Poong Lumikha.


junfabs said...

As i see and compare the pictures, ang saya saya sa anniversary ng CFC pero in fairness naman ng FFL maramirami rin sila sa kanilang 1st anni, biruin mo parang puno 'yong gym. Congratz to CFC IC at lahat na members who stick to the original CFC. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Anonymous said...

Got this text from our Sector Head:

The Theology Department School of Humanities of the Ateneo de Manila University and Gawad Kalinga invite you to the public lecture on The Spirituality of Nation Building entitled "I Want To Be A Good Catholic" by Mr. Antonio P. Meloto. The talk will be held at the Ricardo and Dr Rosita Leung Hall Auditorium on the 1st of July 2008, 6:00 to 7:30PM. Reception will be at the Ricardo and Dr Rosita Leung Roof Deck. Pls invite others.

acc wc

Anonymous said...

Kay kapatid na Dante at Larry,

Tama lahat ang tinukoy ninyo. Maski kaming mag-asawa naapektuhan sa ginawa ni Frank et. al. Nag-decide ako na magstay sa CFC-IC dahil alam ko na kahit sinuman sa dalawang grupo ang tama o mali, HINDI DAPAT NAGHIWALAY!!!

Ngayon magulo ang pagsasama namin dahil lang sa nangyari. Di kami magkasama sa gathering at teachings. I am sure marami pa dyan ang katulad ng sitwasyon namin. Sana bago silang mga leaders nag-away-away at nagdecide to split at magtayo ng panibagong grupo, NAISIP NILA ANG MGA MAARING MANGYAYARI. At kung totoong elders/leaders sila ng CFC, they should have been humble, forgiving and ready to sacrifice their PERSONAL INTERESTs for the GREATER GOOD of the community. Kaso baligtad ang nangyari at na-expose tuloy ang condition ng PUSO nila!!!

Pero alam ko aayusin lahat ng DIYOS ito. GOD WILL MAKE A WAY!!!

Sama nyo kami at ang lahat pang naapektuhan sa ginawang SPLIT sa CFC community sa inyong mga dasal.

God bless!!!

RED EB said...

Kaya nga tayo naririto sa CFC dahil sa maraming magagandang aral at gabay na nakukuha o natutuhan natin dito.
Sayang lang kung hindi natin ito bibigyang halaga....


June 30, 2008 4:21 AM

Dear Bro Larry...

Binigyan halaga natin ito kaya nga nandito pa tayo sa CFC... meron lang hindi nagbigay halaga dito... hindi sumunod... hindi nakinig... pero hindi pa huli ang lahat... they can still ask forgiveness... and we can forgive... God Bless CFC... God Bless us all...

An Eye in the Sky said...

I looked at the FFL anniversary pictures.

Not much to tell.

Size of the crowd at the basketball covered court is slightly bigger than a regular first Sunday Prayer Assembly of CFC MC.

Few highlights:

1. the color of the Papal Nuncio's SUV is white. More than one picture to record his arrival.
2. the newly married daughter of Frank is now pregnant
3. Their Bishop is omni-present
4. The FFL First Family made the Offering
5. they've got a handful of youth members
6. Xavy has an exclusive photo with the Nuncio.
7. Their leaders are gaining weight.
8. Most have their rain wear, I mean jackets, on while inside the covered courts.
9. I should not miss that of course there was the mandatory message from the Servant General.

Athrun Atreides said...

Anybody who read this?

Inquirer report silent on another Rylko letter

Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:13:00 06/30/2008

MANILA, Philippines - The article “‘Uncoupled’ CFC battle over name” (Inquirer, 6/25/08), written by Kristine F. Alave, stated: “In March 2008, the Vatican’s Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko stepped into the conflict and said the CFC [Couples for Christ] would have to refocus its energies from social work to values-building.”

Not being a literary expert or one who can interpret in great detail a reportorial piece, I find this last statement ambiguous and misleading. For one, I believe social work can also be values-building. If this were not so, then (in my humble opinion) a lot of social agencies that work for poverty eradication—whether motivated by religious convictions or by secular norms—are not worth supporting.

Secondly, I wonder why Alave, after citing Cardinal Rylko’s letter to the CFC, missed his other letter to the CFC-IC and Joe Tale, which clearly stated: “No other associations can use the name Couples for Christ.” Had the splinter group of Frank Padilla heeded this call from the Vatican, this issue would have been closed and peace would be reigning by now.

Why was this other letter not mentioned in Alave’s news report? I could very well understand if Alave were not aware of the background of the CFC rift. But the fact that she lifted quotes from websites indicates that she had done some research. I believe the other letter of Cardinal Rylko—about the name CFC—would have been more apt in that news story. Was the news report part of a PR campaign to justify the existence of another group claiming to be “CFC” even though it has existed only since last year?

member and GK advocate, via e-mail

I could not include Cardinal Rylko’s “other” letter because the CFC-IC did not disclose it in its website. I take offense at Mr. Sison’s insinuation that the story was a PR job for Padilla’s side. The story was fair to both camps.
reporter, Inquirer


As much as I would like to be offended with Ms Alave's report, we can't afford to be judgmental. We're supposed to be CFC, we were taught not to judge against other people. There are exceptions (this one included, I guess), but can we afford to accuse others without gathering all the evidence? Just because Ms Alave could only use FFL material doesn't mean she's pro-FFL, and unless we show anything to prove our "insinuation", then she's off the hook.

Ms Alave was right on another thing: the other Cardinal Rylko letter, the one citing other groups cannot use the name CFC, has yet to be released to the public. We in CFC understand the reason: we don't have Cardinal Rylko's permission (unlike what happened at the other side, wherein the letters, which were supposedly private, were immediately disseminated).

However, that small matter of not releasing the letter has caused us a lot of flak. By not releasing the letter, we end up being seen as nagtatago ng katotohanan. Ms Alave can't read Rylko's letter to Tito Joe, so she has no choice but to go ahead with what she had, with the altered letters (which, in their altered form, are grammatically incorrect). To her, we end up being seen as nagtatago ng information, kasi instead of letting the letter speak, we're waiting for the Cardinal's permission for its release. To her, being the journalist that she is (someone who has been trained, hopefully, to search for the news, to search for the truth), that is just an lame excuse, and it is sad that the CFC leadership wasn't able to convince her otherwise, resulting to the article.

Which brings to mind another matter: why didn't Ms Alave research outside of the websites? It sounds as if she did her work through online. If that's the way journalists now work, CD can become a news writer.

Well, that's just me...

Anonymous said...

I sometimes wonder if all of this 'heartache' that has come to CFC is just all about the service that we have?

Let's face it, one of the hardest thing one can do is be 'in service.' And GK is one of the hardest service that any CFC, or for that matter anyone can do as a volunteer.

Maybe those who left just grew tired/fatigued at just how large the work to be done really is?

I know many fell out of CFC because they couldn't handle the service. Of course, there are reasons for it; family, evangelization, work, etc. ;-)

But its still the same ending. Getting out of service because its just too darn hard.

Anonymous said...

Di ba JULY 30 (31?) ang anniversary ng FFL, the date of the 2nd restoration assembly? It was on that day that they announced the conversion of the Restoration Movement into an organization called Foundation for Family and Life or FFL. And this happened at the Christ the King, weeks before the scheduled Aug 28, 2007 dialogue.

(On hindsight, the announcement of FFL's organization that night was really to pre-empt any reconciliation, despite any would be outcome of the August dialogue. Ayaw talaga ng reconciliation. Remember the article of Gary Faustino about the abusive spouse that came out immediately after the August dialogue? Gary Faustino (whose Ateneo masteral studies was funded by CFC), was the guy responsible for (mis)sending the draft of Bishop's Soc's paper on the GK separation to Gerry B, instead of Gerry P. This prior incident revealed to the then 4-man IC that long before the election, Frank's group already aimed to dismember GK from CFC. So that if they couldn't dismember GK from CFC, sila na aalis sa CFC. Ganoon lang ka-simple yon. And this happened formally on the date of the 2nd Restoration Assembly last year, when they announced the filing at the SEC of their new organization.

Kaya on July 30 (or 31) -- let's greet out brothers and sisters at FFL Happy 1st Anniversary!

momoy said...

i wasn't able to get in the celeb last saturday but i was present during the congresses, and boy! i was so blown away by the power!

anyway, i viewed the 3 ffl anniv albums, and there was a comment re 27th vs 1st anniv of ffl. pakiusap, kung sino man ang nag-comment na yun, wag na. bumabalik sa 'yo at sa cfc gmfi yung negative comments na ganoon eh. please, mga kapatid, kung wala rin naman tayong positive na sasabihin, let's bite our tongue. kasi comments like those only give reason for them to be on the defensive, which they can use to be offensive na naman. hwag na tayong maghanap ng away. we've been through enough trouble already. let's just pray for the battle at hand, and stay away from pettiness. let's choose our battles well, ok?

God bless us all.

CFCSeekingTruth said...

To bro. Athrun,

Kapatid ano ba yung article sa PDI na tinutukoy mo?

Puwede bang mabasa in full context?

Maari mo bang i-post yun link?

Salamat, kapatid.

Malachi3/widow's might said...

To the brothers and sisters with the good intention of loving FFL now, did you see the picture of the Papal Nuncio's SUV as it was arriving in the FFL Festivities. There is a close up of the Plate number of the vehicle HOLY SEE posted in the pictures in their website, what does that tell you kapatid. Do you think that makes Frank and the FFL holier or is it saying we(FFL) are recognized by the Vatican. Make no buts about it, Frank Padilla and the FFL is out to destroy the real CFC, that is the reality it is not a judgement,it is a fact. Let's defend our name,let's tell the truth. Its their first anniversary,the first anniversary of Frank's disobedience, propaganda and deception. They are not repentant they will continue to make our lives difficult using worldly strategies. Let's tolerate brothers and sisters in the CFC who remained faithful, to let out their frustrations in this blog and continue to serve the real CFC community. Those who are spiritualy mature enough among us, extend your hand of loving to the FFL, but also allow those who are still affected by this curse that Frank Padilla has brought on our community to express their feelings,and frustrations as well.

ab_Iliad said...

To CFCseekingtruth,

The article is in the "Inquirer Opinion/Letters to the Editor" section, with this link:

The full article is already posted in bro Athrun's blog.

God bless....

CFCSeekingTruth said...

Salamat sa link, kapatid ab_iliad.

God bless, din.

Balut said...

I guess Kristine Alave in her research was unable to find DefendingCFC, where information on the Cardinal's letter is available.

While it's isn't linked from CFC's website, it's still a pretty high-profile site - I'm surprised she wasn't able to...

...but reporters work to deadlines. Perhaps it was just a lack of time for exhaustive research. We know the time CD puts into his research, as do others on here.

Athrun Atreides said...

Balut is right. Unlike the FFL, which sponsors every document in its website, the CFC website does not. Ms Alave, unfortunately, was unable to reach this blog in time for her deadline; besides, she was working on another article at the time she wrote the CFC article.

Of course journalists work on many articles at a time, and I hope Ms Alave's works just happened to be published simultaneously (kumbaga, nagkasabay lang sa print). What disturbs me is that PDI managed to squeeze space for our story, when the rest of the front page was dedicated to the typhoon. Apparently our story merits that much attention, in the midst of the tragedy of the typhoon and the sunken Sulpicio vessel.

Just out of curiosity, was Cardinal Rylko's letter to Tito Joe posted here? I'm having a hard time finding it now, and maybe Ms Alave chanced upon this website and didn't find it either. If it hasn't been uploaded yet (since we're still waiting for Cardinal Rylko's permission), then this returns to my previous comment: Ms Alave has presumed us to be hiding the truth and not allowing the letter to speak for itself.

Yoyong Conformas said...

Sinisi pa ni Kristine Alave ang CFC website na hindi raw idinisclose ang Rylko letter to Bro. Joe Tale.

Pero simple lang naman, ayaw lang aminin. Palpak ang report mo, hija, dahil kulang at mababaw ang depth ng research. Konting gamit ng search engine lang at hindi mo mamimiss ang IDOTRCFC.

Pikon ka ngayon dahil 'insinuating' na PR job for FFL ang article mo. 'Yun naman talaga ang itsura.

cd, 'just venting out steam kasi... INIS NA NAMAN AKOH!!


solidyfc said...

Titos and titas maybe this can be INFORMATIVE :)


VATICAN CITY, 1 JUL 2008 ( VIS ) - "Combating poverty. Building peace" is the theme chosen by Benedict XVI for his Message for the 42nd World Day of Peace, due to be celebrated on 1 January 2009.

"The theme chosen by the Holy Father", says a communique published today, "highlights the need for the human family to find an urgent response to the serious question of poverty, seen as a material problem but above all as a moral and spiritual one".

The communique recalls how the Pope - in a Message addressed to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation on 2 June - denounced the scandal of world poverty in the following terms: "Poverty and malnutrition are not a simple fatality, provoked by adverse environmental situations or by disastrous natural calamities. ... Purely technical and economic considerations must not prevail over the duties of justice towards people suffering from hunger".

The communique continues: "The scandal of poverty reveals the inadequacy of current systems of human coexistence in promoting the realisation of the common good. This imposes the need for reflection on the deep roots of material poverty and, consequently, also on spiritual poverty which makes man indifferent to the suffering of others. The answer, then, is to be sought first and foremost in the conversion of the human heart to the God of charity, so as to achieve poverty of spirit in the terms of the Message of salvation announced by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven".


Stark Contrast said...

A short ditty by little old (and wet) ME:

I hope the CBCP is reading this blog, and I hope the Vatican can see,

The contrast between the FFL and the REAL CFC.

How an angry storm with thunder, lightning, and rain,

Watched helplessly, while we paraded without complaint.

Wet faces, drenched, yet smiling with glee,

We offered our comfort, and to God we sang, "FOR THEE!"

A show of strength? Of force? Nay, of FAITH!

With CFC, we don't destroy, we CREATE!

Ganyan kami, walang iwanan mga kapatid.

Para sa Diyos, Sugod, at kapit bisig!

Where is the contrast you may ask?

Was it the dry clothes, the dry flags, the size of the crowd,

Or the faces of the mighty, THE FEW, the PROUD?

No, I say, it wasn't that,

It was the mere fact:

That they couldn't bring themselves to get wet,

It shows FAITH, unsuppressed JOY - What don't they get?

How in their quest to cause confusion and sow hate,

God whispered to CFC, "This time, do it on Saturday..."

And now the FFL has nothing to blame but their own FATE.

Here's a lesson I will leave to you all:

A few books does not a leader make.

False claims, false modesty, I say...FAKE!

Lead by your actions, and not what you try to teach.

To be a leader worth respecting, you must practice what you preach!

I love you all,

-Stark Contrast

Anonymous said...

IF, with apologies to Rudyard Kipling

IF you can't keep your head when all about you
Are keeping theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
they must be wrong because they don't believe you;
If you can't wait to get yourself recognized,
Or being ignored, just spread the lies,
Or being prayed for, don't give way to praising,
And always look too good, and talk real wise;

If you can dream - and make those dreams your master;
If you can think - and still make thoughts your aim;
If you can turn your Triumph into Disaster
And not see those two coming just the same;
If you can bear to hear the lies you've spoken
Exposed by bloggers to make you look the fool,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
by your own hand, your pride, how cool;

If you can sell a lot, though you don't own the thing
And risk it all in court, just swallow the shame,
And lose, and start again with your deceiving
though without grounds, just claim the name;
If you can force your followers, bishops and bunnies
To serve your turn without thinking a score,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the hardheadedness which says to them: 'Restore!'

If you can talk with crowds with your fake virtue,
write books without knowing the common touch,
of friend or foe, it's certainly about you,
If all men count with you, but none as much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of diatribe,
Yours is FFL and everything that's in it,
And - which is more - you'll be Servant General, my son!

English English said...

(Off topic and I do not know where to post this)

May I suggest a sub-section on this blog where entries in the Philippine National Language could be translated to English?

And another sub-section where entries with erroneous grammar, poor English, incoherent sentences are checked?

All in the desire to project and sustain the image of the Filipino as a fluent English speaker and writer. No offense meant nor intended to anyone.

CD, I will understand if you do not like to post this. Thanks and more power to IDOTRCFC!

Taglish said...

English English,

Hindi lahat ng Pilipino Magaling sa English, sa Grammar, sa Spelling, sa pag susulat ng English.

Hindi rin lahat ng bloggers, CFC man o FFL magaling sa English gaya ko.

Pasensya ka na lang.

Samot na ug mag binisaya ko.

HEhehehe. Makalibog ang English.

Anonymous said...

I believe that God has given FP a very strong message through typhoon FRANK. Just like the typhoon, FP has sown much destruction and should be de-listed permanently from our community.

Given the pictures of our 27th anniversary and the FFL's 1st anniversary, it can be stated in finality that there was no SPLIT but just a SPLINTER. (SALUTSOT KAYA MAHAPDI.

I believe that no matter what deception FP and his cohorts have done and intend to do, the hard fact is FFL will continue to dwindle as truth will finally dawn on the majority of there members and supporters.

I pity FP for committing the greatest blunder of his life. From a respected hero to a detested VILLAIN. What will be your legacy to the world bro frank?

I pity him for no matter what he is fronting to his members and to the public, I am sure deep inside is a feeling of defeat and frustration. I am sure that if he is only given the chance to turn back the hands of the clock, he would have chosen to simply retire and be love by the community who once adored him.

I also pity FFL for no matter what front they are showing to the public and the world, they will never be the CFC they are trying to imitate. They can steal our name, our programs and poach our members but, they will never be CFC. God abhor cheaters and deceivers.

I do not know, how long will FP live on this earth. He may live a hundred or even more but the hard reality is that, CFC will live longer that FP. For those who left CFC because they simply wanted to follow FP- where will you go when the time comes? Of course you will always be welcome to CFC but will your pride allow you?

To FP, you can always claim later that you are just a victim like Adam in paradise, but Adam was only responsible for himself. For you, you have to answer for all our brothers and sisters whom you have deceive.