Friday, June 20, 2008

We Will Weather ANY Storm!

Please don't forget to keep checking A Call To Arms, and letting ALL the CFC members you know about it to leave their name and show support for the IC in their efforts to protect our name. See the latest update on 6-20-08: Frank's open letter to CFC-FFL.

All 27th Anniversary entries are HERE, and don't forget to visit the official Couples for Christ website for more anniversary pictures.

Here are some youtube vids to keep you busy while I compile the pictures:

"You Will Never Walk Alone"

Tito Joe Tale leading the singing of You Will Never Walk Alone, with everybody joining in.

A video uploaded to youtube showing part of the celebrations.

Our anniversary celebrations have been on-going and pictures are being sent to me already. I'll be posting them in our Flickr album as soon as I can process them.

Also, great news for those who won't be able to make the anniversary celebrations at Luneta!

Here's the message from the UMC:

Dear brothers and sisters,

We are happy to announce that our anniversary celebration on Saturday, June 21, 2008, at the Quirino Grandstand at the Luneta will be telecast globally via the internet. So, just like our January leaders' conference, you will again be able to see the proceedings live and share in the joy of the Grand Homecoming.

Here's how:

1. Download TVUPLAYER at

2. Go to Channel 61713.

3. Please use Microsoft Internet Explorer or simply go to www.GK1WORLD.NET using Internet Explorer.

This promises to be an exciting anniversary, especially since we expect about 35,000 members to be there, making this our largest-ever celebration. Watch for the Harvest Parade, street dancing and a major fireworks display. We have something to celebrate -- 27 years of God's goodness and providence and His Hand in everything that we experience.

The anniversary celebrations officially start at 4 PM. See you all at this time on Saturday, even if for some of you, it will only be on cyberspace. Spread the word, please, so that more people can share in our unity and rejoicing.

God bless you all!!

And another message that I was not able to post because I wanted to give the previous entry time to sink in:

Dear brothers,

Just a few announcements/reminders re our fast approaching anniversary:

1. Tickets

Our entrance tickets (sim cards) which is priced at P50.00 will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday afternoon. Because our venue is so wide open, we would like to avoid any difficulties with non-collection of the fees. The method recommended at the latest meeting of the sector heads/area heads last night, June 16, was therefore pre-collection of the fees. Please have the stickets that you signified you needed for your respective areas picked up and distributed to your members before the anniversary. We would like to limit walk-ins to a manageable number.

Pleae remind your members to put the tickets in their ID holders so that it will be easy for our marshals to see them.

2. Sponsorship

We would like our GK brethren to also enjoy the activities and the fun events at our anniversary. They are part of our family. The Sector Heads and Area Heads are requested to ask their GK Project Directors to ensure that they have secured sponsors for the tickets of the GK beneficiaries they will be bringing to the anniversary.

3. Mobilization

Mobilize, mobilize, mobilize. This is our call. We would like to make this anniversary the biggest ever, the most fun-filled. We would like to shout to the world that we are indeed one, global, united community.

Mobilization is also key to our making this event self-liquidating. We have already succeeded in managing the debts we have inherited such that it is now just a very small fraction of the total indebtedness. Let us help one another make this anniversary a success, not just in the preparations but financially. Let us continue being good stewards of our resources.

Thank you very much and God bless.



You can download the Anniversary schedule of activities HERE.

For some more good news, if any of you attended the GLOBAL LEADERS' ASSEMBLY at the Valle Verde Country Club, you already know that Tito Joe Tale announced that as of June 19, CFC is officially debt-free!

There is still the P1.187M bridge-fund that is still outstanding, but there has been enough contributed to the OTBT (P300,000.00) to pay off the last remaining balance of the RCBC loan!

Of course, with the highs, we must contend with a few lows. I'm sure you have all seen in the commentary of the previous entry the upcoming tropical storm that can potentially make things a bit wet for us at Luneta, ironically dubbed Tropical Storm FRANK. Pagasa gives us this radar tracking image:

Is it just me or has the Lord got a sense of humor or what? Not only has this unseasonal storm been dubbed Frank, its track also resembles a trumpet.

All I can say is: Pray. Pray for the best weather, pray for the best event ever, and pray that this will just be the storm before the calm. May our Lord Jesus Christ bless our anniversary and help it usher in lasting peace, not only in our community, but across the globe.


Anonymous said...

im bringing and authentic CFC umbrella to protect me from the storm FRANK.... hehehe joke joke joke

Anonymous said...

Of all the names and timing - si Frank talaga ang bagyo na gustong sumira sa CFC. Pero sa totoo lang, wala naman yang si Frank eh - panay hangin lang.

Danny, WB said...

Please Pray that God keeps FRANK away from us.

If FRANK comes anywhere near us, we might get sick!

May the Lord, our God, calm down the RAGE of FRANK.

For I am sure that once FRANK does his thing, a lot of damage will be done. Not only here in the Philippines, but in other countries as well.

I am of course, talking about the Typhoon.

jconline said...

FRANK will be joining us at Luneta! He will blow his trumpet and strong winds and rains will threaten to blow us away.
But we will not go away. Because the Lord will be with us on that day.
God bless CFC.

jonitanitayturin said...


CD and ALL:

Here’s an UPDATE on the “Call to Arms” among the CFC through this blog as of today, June 20, 2008, the last entry at 11:56 AM being that of “akolangnaman-socal east”. I have a considered a total of 17 similar entries like his, that is, “with aliases only” . I have the details on all the respondents in an excel file.

A. The individual and collective responses came from TEN countres, namely:

1. Philippines -249
2. USA - 15
3. Canada - 8
4. Abu Dhabi - 3
5. Austria - 2
6. Malaysia - 1
7. Switzerland (Geneva) - 2
8. UK - 2
9. Germany - 2 (1 collective response from the Gov. Team of Frankfurt)
10. Spain (Barcelona) - 1 (collective response from the CFC and FM of Barcelona)
Total Responses = 285

B. A total of 38 leaders who are classified into 9 categories expressed full support to the IC as follows:

1. Sub-Regional Area Head (for SE Europe based in Vienna) - 1
2. Board of Elders - 2
3. Sector Head – 1
4. Cluster Heads – 5
5. Chapter Heads – 9
6. Unit Heads – 2
7. Household Heads – 2
8. Couple Coordinators – 12
9. Individual Coordinators (of various ministries) - 4

C. It may be important to note that 50% of the leaders who responded here represent those who have DIRECT COMMAND of the CFC faithful, i.e., from sector leaders down to household leaders. It is equally important to note of some responses that informed that detailed names could not be given here in the blog because the area leaders have already signed up the solid support of their whole contingents by communicating directly with the CFC-IC.

If the blog responses constitute a fairly reliable sample, then it is significant that in a short notice the field commanders and their infantry, representing roughly 50% of the membership of CFC are ALREADY battle-ready for the defense of the CFC-IC!. I have reason to believe therefore, and with this I do hope it becomes an inspired assurance during our Anniversary Celebration, that if the FFL decides to engage, CFC under the IC is ever ready to OVERWHELM them in set-piece battle!




[CD, I am posting it here as well as in the “CALL TO ARMS”. May we CONTINUE TO SIGN UP for THE IC ARMY IN THIS GREAT BATTLE. GOD BLESS.]

Anonymous said...


The old Tagalog word for “peace” is “tahan” -- the same word we, parents, use to pacify our kids who are crying, or are in tears, perhaps due to hunger, pain, fear or plain sorrow. We speak the word accompanied by an act --of responding, to their needs, their fears and longings.

“Tahan” is the same word a mother utters to her baby to calm and assure it of her presence. “Tahan na, anak, nandito na ako.”

Finally, “Tahan” is the root word of “Tahanan”, which means “home”.

“Tahanan” then is where we are nourished and pacified; it is where our tears are wiped away, our fears overcome, our hungers filled, our dreams assured of support and sustenance. It is where we are “at peace”.

Tomorrow brethren is our grand homecoming. We will be coming home: to bask in God’s loving presence and hear Him say again and again: “Tahan na, anak. Nandito ako.”

Happy 27th Anniversary to all!

Arnel M. Santos

WillyJ said...

With one heart and purpose we gather in our grand homecoming,
To glorify You and proclaim,
That you, Lord are our sure foundation,
We will not be afraid,
When the storm comes,
We will not be shaken,
For by your hand we are saved!


Anonymous said...

Storm 'Frank' intensifies, signal up over Samar

Tropical storm Frank (international codename Fengshen) has intensified further and is now threatening Samar provinces and areas nearby, weather bureau PAGASA said Friday.

As of 4 a.m., Frank was moving west northwest at 15 kilometers per hour, with maximum sustained winds of 110 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 140 kph.

Public storm warning signal No. 3 has been hoisted over Samar provinces while signal No. 2 was raised over Catanduanes, Sorsogon, Leyte provinces, Biliran Island, Dinagat Island and Siargao Island.

Signal No. 1, meanwhile, is now in effect over Camarines Sur, Albay, Burias Island, Masbate, Ticao Island, northern Cebu, Bohol, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte and Camiguin.

PAGASA said the storm is expected to enhance the southwest monsoon and bring rains over the rest of Mindanao and Visayas and Southern Luzon.

The weather bureau advised residents living in low lying areas and near mountain slopes to take all the necessary precautions against possible flashfloods and landslides.

Likewise, those living in coastal areas under signal 2 and 3 are alerted against big waves or storm surges generated by this tropical cyclone, it added.


Credit Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC

With sustained winds at 145 knots (167 miles per hour), Super Typhoon Fengshen reached Category 5 hurricane status--the most severe hurricane status--on Friday, July 19, 2002. This image was acquired by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on Monday, July 22, 2002, when the super typhoon was several hundred miles east of Iwo Jima at the southern tip of Kyushu, Japan. The storm is churning the sea into 35-foot waves, and winds have been gusting up to 170 knots (196 miles per hour). In this image, the storm occupies a rectangle roughly 1000 kilometers wide and 1100 kilometers tall. If the western side of this storm were aligned with Nashville, Tennessee, it would reach east all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, as far north as Akron, Ohio, and as far south as the Georgia-Florida border.

Fengshen has been tracking northwestward over the past 24 hours, and is expected to weaken only slightly as it makes its way toward Japan, which is still recovering from floods and wind damage caused by Typhoons Chataan and Halong, which hit the country the previous week.

jonitanitayturin said...


Just came from a prayer/healing session and was bothered with the following statement I made this afternoon:

“If the blog responses constitute a fairly reliable sample, then it is significant that in a short notice the field commanders and their infantry, representing roughly 50% of the membership of CFC are ALREADY battle-ready for the defense of the CFC-IC!.”

Not true! CFC leaders with direct command of the CFC “infantry” comprise 50% of the respondent-leaders. There is no indication that they represent 50% of the total CFC membership. I am so sorry, indeed.

The rest of the statements stand, especially the assertion that CFC will have an overwhelming force in a set-piece battle with FFL.

Once again, sorry.

Thank you. May God Bless Us.

solidyfc said...

Titos, titas? Just had a thought?

Is it possible that FFL has placed a spy to watch over CFC?

Kasi? They have gone in very low! Its possible that they'll go lower pa eh? Is it possible?

Anonymous said...

it has already gone lower. I heard from a very good source that they have already stolen our anniversary tshirt designs.

neokid at misis said...

Halina't sumayaw
as ilalim ng araw (kahit umuulan)
mag hawak hawak ng kamay
isigaw ng sabay sabay


Anonymous said...

we're with you in spirit! God bless!

Michael Ang
YFC-Orlando Chapter Head

Ryan Enage
YFC-Orlando GK Advocate

ps. "IT was RYAN'S IDEA TO WATCH Haha!" -Mico

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. Frank, after hitting a few parts, will veer away and will eventually dissipate.

I'm talking about the storm, of course.

Happy 27th Anniversary everyone!

forwardlooking said...

I am sure, FP sent his people to report on our 27th anniversary celebration in Luneta. I am sure however that as usual, he will downplay the success of our anniversary celebration.

Despite the typhoon, I think everybody will agree with me that the attendance today was much much more than our 25th anniversary when FP was still our Executive Director.

This just manifest that CFC is better off without FP.

If Sen Villar has the wisdom of a president, he should have gone to see how many potential voters CFC has. If he is wise enough to be the president, by this time he should know that he betted on the wrong horse.

Perhaps, MV doesn't care about the CFC vote because trapo as he is, he knows that he has the money to pay whatever it takes to make him the president.

Malou DeGuzman, Covina CA said...

dear brothers & sisters, ang saya saya ng 27th cfc anniversary, i'm watching from the live feed ng tvunetworks, ang galing ng mga kuha, napaka professional ng dating, yun nga lang po parang may problema sa output ng audio, because i cannot hear anything. Anyways, even if malayo ako, i'm one with all of you in prayers and spirit. God bless us all.

Anonymous said...

hi everyone...

kasama ako sa mga nabsa ng ulan..heheh..but its ok..i had fun naman and once again affirmed bY God that He is control..we are the couples for Christ...whatever the storm is..we will not be shaken..for we know Who is our foundation...God!

everything was great..nawala ung sounds kasi me binaha ata sa sounds booth eh ung electrical wirings..pero nawala din after nung rosary... truly home!!!

God bless everyone..happy 27th bday cfc!!!

ace rafols
yfc palawan/west b mla

Anonymous said...

FRANK STORMED CFC ANNIVERSARY!..But it was a day too late.

Another Newsflash:
The storm Frank tried to discourage CFC Anniversary by pouring heavy rains upon its members. However the Bravehearts stood their ground!

Dante said...


Yesterday's anniversary at the Luneta was sooo wonderful na kahit na anong gawin ni Frank ay di natinag and libo-libong tao na dumalo para mgsaya at maipakita sa isat-isa kung gaano kahalaga ang ating community! Ulan at bagyo ay di makapagpapahina ng loob ng CFC, Frank man o hindi.

Dama naming lahat ang init ng pagmamalasakit ng mga miyembro sa ating CFC community kaya't kung sino mang aagaw sa pangalan at puso ng CFC ay mabibigo. Buhay anf aming ibinigay sa 27 taon namin sa CFC kaya ganito kasidhi ang aming pagmamahal sa community. At nakita namin ang mga kapatid galing sa Africa, Malaysia, Sechelle, Timor Leste, North America at Middle East. e are truly a global family sharing the same vision for the family. How dare that some people, both among the clergy and laity, would like to take us apart. Pinaka-rabid nga eh ang dati nating mga kasamahan at pangunahing lider pa! HINDI SILA MAGWAWAGI.
Kitang-kita kahapon sa Luneta.

Anonymous said...

Mga kapatid, please, if you could provide an alternative site where we can see/download the anniversary celebration pictures aside from Flikr, which is blocked here in the UAE, we'll truly appreciate it. More power to our community, the original CFC.

Pilosopo Tasyo

Athrun Atreides said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Fjordan Allego said...

Naroon po kami sa CFC Anniv!! Woohoo!! kahit sobrang maputik at maulan, di pa rin po talagakami umalis hanggang matapos!!

May blog post din ako regarding that event, hehehe, mga pictures lang namin karamihan.

Fjordan Allego
YFC TIP-Manila Campus Based
West B Sector

Anonymous said...

It's so sad, we were once brothers and sister, praising God during our household, attending CFC conferences, preaching the word of God on our CFC missions then suddenly this typhoon Frank came into the scene. I don't know, but it will take time for our community to recover the disaster this typhoon has created to our community here in Vienna.
Anyway. the whole CFC Vienna joins in support of the IC in this trying times of our community . . .

dreamweaver said...

I myself almost backed out since I have a board meeting to attend, and the rain was already pouring like crazy. You know what? My wife said we need to bring the rice for the Lord's Day,and at that moment I thought my brothers and sisters in the first aid stations deserved a nice Lord's Day meal with rice.
I left my meeting early after my report, off to Luneta, we waded in the water, got wet, enjoy the meal and fellowship with all, blessed by the bishops, heard an important mass; after 22 years with CFC, the wisdom remains. God bless CFC IC!!
May God open the minds of the FFL and lead them back to us. Amen.

feeling famous lagi said...

titos and titas, lets just say that FFL would always try to steal the fame :D that's one of their aim. Lets just continue to serve with truth and love in our hearts.

Anonymous said...

I have to ask...

Who had the wetter anniversary celebration?

Anonymous said...


When you walk through a storm
hold your head up high
And don't be afraid of the dark.
At the end of a storm is a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of a lark.
Walk on through the wind,
Walk on through the rain,
Tho' your dreams be tossed and blown.

Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.
Walk on, walk on with hope in your heart

And you'll never walk alone,
You'll never, ever walk alone.

Round-Eyed Toddler said...

I was there! I may have sold stickets to some of you :) coz I was one of those running here and there offering the stickets to brothers and sisters who were coming in. I'll write about life in the front gate in my own blog soon.

Anyhow, rain came and went around 4pm. Then it came and stayed for more than half an hour at 5:30pm. I was impressed by the tenacity of the brothers and sisters in the site. I even saw some having lots of fun rotating their umbrellas upon cue from the host.

All I can say is, wow, there were too many people in the grounds! I don't have the count, but I won't be surprised if one would say more than 10,000. Naiwan kami sa parade. After selling stickets, my team proceeded to Manila Hotel but couldn't find West B. So we went back to the grounds thinking we didn't make it, only to realize that West B started parading in front of the grand stand. Saan nagtago ang West B? :) Baka sa likod ng Grand Stand?

My team left at 6pm coz we had a CLP to take care of at 8pm. It was still raining and I was expecting many of us to be leaving the grounds. Lo and behold, there were more brothers and sisters coming in than those going out! By around 7pm rain abated and we were already at the LRT2 station.

It was a great day to relish!

Happy Happy Anniversary!

The Round-Eyed Toddler

P.S. The full force of the typhoon pounded Metro Manila the next day. Go figure!

t2mc said...

Hello CFC!

Congratulations to all of you.

Got so touched, I almost cried at the scene unfolding before me when our CFC Director Joe Tale led the assembly in singing a melodramatic but inspiring song "You'll never Walk Alone".

I was near the grassy portion of the venue just infront of the steel barrier. I sensed that everyone around me felt the same feeling I have. I got pricked in the heart which I can confidently proclaim was God's way of speaking to us - that never will He leave us alone, that we will prevail in this trying times.

What else can we say? God has affirmed to us His mighty presence not once but several times in all our events and assemblies during the year - Pentecost Rally last May and again during our CFC Anniversary.

Love is very much in evident among brothers and sisters.

Praise God!

ab_Iliad said...

We were there in the Parade nothwithstanding the rain, mud and flood. The true and only CFC was blessed indeed; with the celebration just missing a few hours before the onslaught of the Typhoon!
We left around 9:30pm after the short talk of our leaders, Joe Tale and Tony Meloto.
Happy, Happy Anniversary!

Alab said...

The dark clouds parted revealing the glorious light of the moon while we were singing "You'll Never Walk Alone". What more affirmation do we need brothers and sisters when our God, the Creator of the moon, revealed His light to us, assuring each one of us that even in darkness, His truth will prevail!

WillyJ said...


Let us pause for a while to pray for the victims of the typhoon.

In a tragedy that appears distressingly familiar year after year, a strong typhoon lashes out at the Philippines, leaving a wide trail of destruction. About 220 dead and counting, 100,000 people displaced, millions in crops damaged, and a ferry carrying 700 people sunk. To date the fatalities in the sunken ship remain unaccounted for. Reportedly among the passengers were 31 infants and 20 children. Oftentimes human folly even exacerbates the tragedy, as it is now in question why the ferry was allowed to sail in the face of great risk to its passengers, while severe flooding again puts to account the massive denudation of forests.

Most of the 180 villages in Iloilo city, which was among the hardest hit, remain submerged, and it would take months upon months to recover from the economic and social tragedy that this typhoon has wrought, even as we brace ourselves for the next one.

When the wrath of nature strikes, no one is spared, as even the recent earthquake tragedy in Sichuan shows. No one can understand the end-all of natural calamities, and the ultimate lessons nature imparts, even as we continually ignore most of them. We can only reach out in comfort to our afflicted and grieving compatriots as we join hands in picking up the pieces from a swift but terrible storm, even as we pray for them, and lift our intentions to Him who can calm all storms.


MangPilo said...

I missed the moon coming out from the dark clouds, coz I was so touched by Tito Joe's message especially when he started to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone". I was surprised to see Bishop Lagdameo stood-up along with all the other bishops and the rest of the priests and started to sing with the huge crowd. I do believe that they (Bishops/Priests) saw it also since they were facing east. I was told by those who seen the moon came out that it was like the heaven opening up in the middle of the storm. But before that, they told me the sky turns red, when the mass started, when the rain stopped. As if millions of angels where holding the clouds, preventing the rain to fall. Before the eye of the Lord took a peek at the celebration, giving us all the affirmation that we are the true Couples for Christ. And to top it all, the Lord our God made sure that we were all already home, safe and sound before the unleashing the storm.

Let's include in our prayers those victims of the typhoon especially the who lost their love ones.

Jiggs - taga SouthA said...


Indeed! Miracles continue to happen.

Indeed! We Will Weather ANY Storm!

God bless CFC!!!

Jiggs said...

Dear CFC brethren,

It is a new morning, a new day. The storm has passed. Praise God! He blessed us with a great and wonderful 27th anniversary.

The rain and the storm even allowed us to experience God's many miracles even more meaningfully. This has made us stronger in our commitment to love and serve Him and His people.

Thank u everyone, esp those who worked behind d scenes and remained largely unnoticed. God knows who u are and will bless u. To God be the glory! - bro. Joe Tale


Max said...

Please upload pictures of the CFC 27th anniversary.

So Excited to see the crowd.



neokid at misis said...

we honor you all!

grabe kayong magmahal sa Panginoon at sa kapwa... walang iwanan..

salamat IC
salamat Bishops
salamat mga kapatid sa CFC
higit sa lahat salamat
Panginoong Maykapal!

tatak KRISTO!!!!! said...

wahh,, and2 ako nun!!:)ang saya God is truly amazing,, the rain is God's tears of HAPPINESS!:) HAPPY 27TH ANNIVESARY my BELOVED CFC!!!

my full support to the titos and titas in the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL.:)


Danny, WB said...

Mga Kapatid,

I was there as early as about 10am, because aside from being part of the Security team we had no choice but to sell stickets (SIM card tokens). We were stationed at the Manila Hotel side. So, most probably I saw some of you (pasaways and all hahahaha...)

When the rain (although relatively light) started pouring. I knew deep in my heart that the Lord would not make this a wet 27th Anniversary Celebration.

Then when the rains stopped during the Lord's Day and the Mass, I knew it was the Lord at work, indeed!

Then on that stormy Sunday, the Lord clearly told me that we have indeed an International Council that has been blessed with Solomon's Wisdom.

Think about this...

For 26 years, we have always celebrated our anniversary on a Sunday. ALWAYS!

Then all of a sudden, it was announced that the 27th Anniversary of CFC will be celebrated on a Saturday... Hmmm.. Divine intervention?

I dunno.. you tell me...

I witnessed several anniversaries that were "rained out" but not enough to cancel the celebration.

Had the IC decided to push through with a Sunday Celebration then for the 1st time in CFC's history, it would have been cancelled.

May God continue to bless the International Council of Couples For Christ.

Danny, WB
Proud to be CFC

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

Just want us to realize how God's gracious hand manifested among us especially during our 27th Anniversary celebration in Luneta.

You might want to recall that planning for the 27th Anniversary may have been done way back months ago. Who could have predicted that there is going to be a storm on that day? Amazingly, why was our Anniversary, which has been traditionally held on a Sunday, moved to a Saturday to include the Lord's Day celebration and yet looking back, was the right decision because of the typhoon whose code name was identical to the "internal storm" we all experienced as a community? It was a wise & "guided" decision to hold it on a Saturday, otherwise all preparations & planned activities would have been put to naught due to the battering storm. Yes, the rain poured to drench our tired bodies late Saturday afternoon and early evening but amazingly again, why at the very moment we are to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, the dark clouds gave way, the sky was clear and even the moon showed its elegant face among us?

I do believe that these are glaring manifestations that GOD is guiding us and taking good care of our CFC community.

Therefore, let's move on with God's work and share all our blessings to those who are in dire need.

God bless,
DBC - North B

2k2k said...


That was my question to myself also, Bakit Saturday ang Anniversary Celebration? Really God is working with the IC as the annointed leaders of CFC!

Kinsa pamay lain nagpabuhagay sa ulan ug nagpakusokuso sa hangin last Sunday? Baka sabihin na naman nila na ang IC ang source ng kapangalan ni Frank? Not even the devil kan make typhoon!

God bless us all!

Anonymous said...

parang ang sarap ng kinsa pamay..however medyo nakakalito yun pagpakusokuso..hindi ba sensored yan?

hi and hello to all mindanao delegation!!!

Bobet said...

Brothers & Sisters in CFC, huwag natin pansinin ang mga tao na gustong agawin at sirain ang kaligayahan na naramdaman natin sa ating 27th anniversary sa Couples For Christ sa Luneta. Huwag natin silang patulan, hayaan natin sila sa gusto nilang gawin at sabihin.

Nakita natin ang pagpapala sa atin ng Mahal na Panginoon kasama ang Mahal nating Ina na si Maria para sa lahat sa atin na dumalo noong Sabado, (1) bumalik ang sound system pagkatapos nating mag-rosaryo, (2)tumila ang ulan noong tayo ay nag-Lord's Day, (3)pinigilan ng mapulang ulap ang malakas na ulan habang tayo ay magmimisa,(4) sumilip ang maliwanag na buwan noong umaawit ang lahat "You'll Never Walk Alone" at (5) nakapag praise fest pa tayo bago umuwi ang lahat. Naka-uwi din tayong lahat bago humangin ng malakas at bumuhus ang ulan.

Ang lahat ng mga pangyayari na iyan ay hindi masasabing nagkataon lamang kundi ang lahat ng iyan ay pagpapakita ng presensiya at pagmamahal ng Diyos sa ating lahat, sa ating komyunidad ng Couples For Christ.

Ipakita nalang din natin sa ating mga kapatid na bumabatikos, naninira sa atin na isinasabuhay natin ang ating Covenant, isinasabuhay natin ang ating kultura sa CFC, at dinadala natin sa lahat ng oras at pagkakataon ang pangalan ni Kristo Hesus. Mahalin natin sila at ipagdasal natin sila. Humayo tayo at ipagpatuloy natin ang misyon na ipinagkatiwala sa atin ng Panginoon Diyos.

God bless CFC, God bless our families.

-Robert & Cynthia Maranan (CFC Manila West B Sector)

CFC Ostrich said...

Let me share here the text message sent by our dear Bro. Joe Tale :

To all CFC brethren

We begin our journey to our 28th year , more committed , more united. We begin by helping those affected by the storm.Let us fervently pray for God's mercy and love, and let our prayers translate into action. Let our anniversary shout of moving on with the mission, of helping those in need, move us into concrete steps of caring and sharing. Let us pray for and specifically help our brethren and countrymen in flood stricken areas such as Iloilo, Aklan, other Panay provinces. We pray for our brother GIOVI GIANGAN of Cebu, who was on board MV Princess of the Stars which sank around Sibuyan Island. We pray and help our GK brethren who have been affected ,too. The Lord is merciful and will make things right.We will never walk alone ! - Bro. Joe

Anonymous said...

I think I agree and even Tony, He is a GK Champion.
and I HONOR Tony of His great Love and Passion.

Meloto is GK champion but not GK founder

Philippine Daily Inquirer

Posted date: June 24, 2008

A news item titled, “GK village to rise in Alaminos ” (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 5/29/08) reported that a memorandum of agreement was signed by Alaminos Mayor Hernani Braganza and Antonio Meloto of Gawad Kalinga (GK). The Inquirer report referred to Meloto as the “GK founder,” which is not exactly the case.
Perhaps it is time for the Inquirer to once and for all correct the wrong designation it gives to Meloto as “GK founder.” GK was started or “founded” by the Couples for Christ (CFC)—not by Meloto; CFC simply tapped Meloto, a CFC member, to work full-time on the GK project on housing and livelihood. He later held the position of executive director for the Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, which was organized by CFC. In fact, this explains why in 2006 there were two Ramon Magsaysay Awardees for GK: Meloto in his personal capacity and CFC as the organization responsible for the phenomenal success of GK.

What has happened over the past years is that the close association of Meloto and GK has created the impression that the former is the single person behind the latter. This perception probably came about because Meloto hardly mentioned CFC in his many public speaking engagements. A former president of a company who donated to Gawad Kalinga recently told me that he never heard Meloto mention CFC in the several talks by Meloto he listened to. It was only during the breakup of CFC that he learned that Gawad Kalinga was actually started by CFC—and not by Meloto. So he said that he felt deceived by the misrepresentation.

A favorite term used by Meloto when I was involved with a GK project was “champion.” Thus, the Inquirer can refer to Meloto as “GK champion,” instead of “GK founder” which he never was.

RICARDO B. RAMOS, 41 Sta. Maria St., Barrio Kapitolyo, Pasig City

malachi3/widows might said...

Maraming salamat FRANK for making our 27th year anniversary more meaningful. You have made CFC more resolute,more persevering, more enduring,more joyful, more prayerful and more committed. Abangan and susunod na kabanata anong mangyayari sa CFC pagdating ng bagyong Gerry, ha!ha!ha!ha!Pagkatapos ng letter F letter G di ba mga kapatid, atleast na kita na ang tunay naCFC ay di fare weather community,kasi meron yun isang community na postpone yata yung first anniversary nila, sana sa 27th year nila 26 years from now di bumagyo.

mike said...

in the sports news:

Gawad Kalinga visit highlights Gilbert Arenas’ trip.

Gilbert Arenas is an NBA star point guard for the Washington Wizards

You say potato, I say Padilla said...

Re: "Meloto is GK champion but not GK founder"

Also works as "Padilla was CFC champion but not CFC founder."

I also saw another article in the inquirer, the author of which plainly hadn't done her research - it looked a little spoonfed.

Kristine L Alave refers almost exclusively to FFL documents in her writing - never acknowledges the communications from the Vatican regarding the fact that only the original CFC may use the CFC name.

Oh well. I guess deadlines rush even the best of reporters, making it hard to do enough research sometimes. Unless she has a personal preference that colors her reporting...who knows.

Athrun Atreides said...

The PDI front page of June 25 is discomforting: half of the articles at the front contain the word "Frank."

Tabi-tabi sila dun sa picture ni GMA. Starting from left, going clockwise:

"The fight over the CFC brand between the CFC-Foundation for Family and Life (CFC-FFL), which is headed by Frank Padilla..."

"President Arroyo briefs Philippine media about search/rescue/relief efforts back home in the wake of deadly Typhoon "Frank"..."

"Government agencies yesterday initially pegged at P4.272 billion the damage to crops and infrastructure caused by Typhoon "Frank"..."

"Sen. Panfilo Lacson yesterday said the President was being "insensitive" to the widespread damage wrought by Typhoon "Frank" by choosing to stay abroad..."

"This [erosion of mountains for mining and logging operations], (Church leaders and environment leaders) said, could explain the sudden, heavy flooding brought about by Typhoon "Frank"..."


Just out of curiosity, how come the new development in our situation gets to appear at the PDI front page? Except for the report on CFC, all articles were related to the typhoon. Does the PDI consider our situation deserving of national attention, when developments related to the typhoon should take precedence for now?

Anonymous said...

Arthrun asked "Just out of curiosity, how come the new development in our situation gets to appear at the PDI front page?"

My speculation - is Volt Contreras, III related to Nonong Contreras? He is often by-lined in the PDI. This can also explain the spin/slant.

Max said...

Salamat mga kapatid for posting that News.

Based lang naman pala talaga 'yon sa Websites at Frank's email/letter.

Well, tapos na ang anniversary celebration, sana we can have continuous updates regarding the SEC issue about the name while we also continue our work of evangelization and GK, our work with the poor.

Thanks again,


MinaFrancisco said...

Mga kapatid -

On our 27th anniversary, the Lord affirmed to our Bro. Joe the same message - "You'll Never Walk Alone" - that our Heavenly Father relayed to His Handmaids through HOLD's 2008 International Conference in Subic last April. Indeed, our dear Lord continues to, and especially during our anniversary, manifest and affirm His presence in our midst. We are awed. To God be all the glory!

I'd like to share it with you through this youtube posting:

And if you are touched by it, please do click the other video entitled: "Weathering the Storm" (it should be somewhere on the right side of the screen.) The incident shared by our Sis Didi Galsim in that video took place 11 months ago, when the storm was yet brewing. But even then, the Lord was already directing us how to weather it. Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Reading the article on the PDI the other day re "Uncoupled CFC" was quite disturbing for us, but experiencing the 27th Anniversary last Saturday assures us that God is with us. Seeing the mass of people and the turn of events re the members commitment to weather the rain and storm and the calming of the weather during the Mass overwhelms the "disturbance of the PDI" article.
Lets do more, work more, evanglelize more, pray more and love more so that our efforts might get published in the papers and overshadow "Typhoon Franks" articles.

Anonymous said...

CD said: "Please don't forget to keep checking A Call To Arms, and letting ALL the CFC members you know about it to leave their name and show support for the IC in their efforts to protect our name. See the latest update on 6-20-08: Frank's open letter to CFC-FFL."

Hi CD,

Peace to you! I know there's a lot of misunderstandings and fight over the name CFC. I just noticed you acknowledged the CFC-FFL in your latest post. Or maybe you're just quoting Frank. Anyway, we are all children of God, sinners or saints, CFC or FFL. Maybe God is disappointed to this fight over a name. Maybe we're not seeing the real point of being a Christian, which is far greater than being a CFC. I offer peace, I wish we (CFC and FFL) can all just let go and let God. I think God will be more happy if we coexist peacefully. I also think that COMPROMISE is the key to all these conflicts. I'm calling both the CFC-IC and CFC-FFL leadership to start mending differences and coexist peacefully. Unless we do this, the fight over a name will be an ENDLESS LOOP. We're just letting the real enemy control us. I believe the Holy Spirit is always present in both communities, and I'm still optimistic of a united CFC family in the future, if we learn how to LET GO AND LET GOD.

God bless us all.



We'll be having our national US conference in Houston, Texas on July 4th to the 6th, please pray for a spirit filled gathering. I also pray for y'all.

ab_Iliad said...

To GS,

There's NO misunderstanding, it's very CLEAR that Frank (the person) is the one who is stealing the authentic CFC of its name. He is the self-annointed and self-proclaimed Founder of CFC, wow!! Why can't he live by just using the name "FFL" for his group?

Sorry, we cannot LET GO the CFC name and we'll fight for it and support the IC and its mission all the way...

For the greater Glory of GOD and salvation of many. Amen.

cfcgideon said...

Anonymous said "...P.S. We'll be having our national US conference in Houston, Texas on July 4th to the 6th, please pray for a spirit filled gathering. I also pray for y'all. June 26, 2008 2:17 PM"


The conference in Houston TX is FFL and not CFC.

The official CFC conference in the U.S.A. is in Miami, Florida on July 25-27, 2008.

Please visit


Going to the conference is an act of faithfulness and love. The expense is very reasonable. Here are ten strong reasons why you should go to the conference. I'll even add in an eleventh bonus reason which is a real winner.

1. You will meet other brothers and sisters in Christ. I know that sounds obvious, but where else can you meet hundreds of people who are at varying stages in their walk with our Lord? Wherever you are on the road to spiritual maturity, you will meet others who have been there before and who are ready to help you. I find that brothers and sisters as a group are very supportive. If you make an effort to say hello and converse with people you don't know, you will find them just as eager to know you. It is really easy to meet people who can help you take the next step in your challenges in life.

2. You will experience the beauty of Miami. We often do not have the opportunity even for a short romantic getaway with our spouses very often. You will find that Miami is one of the best destinations. Of course don't forget the neighboring hotspots - Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.

3. You will learn something. Part of the reason you are with CFC is that you love Jesus and you want to know Him more. Renewed Christians like you and I are hardwired to get excited about learning new things about our Lord and the conferences are always full of teachings, breakout forums, creative presentations, and great sharings about our life in the community. There's even a special bonus to learn about Pro-Life just before the start of the conference. The Sessions can be just as interesting as college classes. The only difference is that there are no exams. Oh yeah!

4. You will get energized. There's nothing more infectious than a bunch of people all excited about the same thing. Remember those pep rallies from high school? The goal of those rallies was to inspire you and your classmates with a desire to see their team win. Being a strong Christian is a far more important goal. When you're gathered together with hundreds of other brethren who are all passionate about Christ and His people, you'll get the desire to be a good evangelizer, more or even better than you ever have before.

5. You will win something. The floodgates of heaven always open during conferences. There are many events, activities, and contests. It even includes a praisefest and you should definitely join the 'contest' of singing praises to top of your voice and jumping up as high as you ever can. Whether you win or lose, you will still be doing some serious praising to God and you will make sure it is your very best. With any luck, you will catch a new praise move which will be helpful for you to win. You may even come home a better person.

6. You will experience the mission. A brother entered a conference contest and tried his heart at prayer warfare. I don't think he would have ever thought of attempting that particular kind of warfare if he hadn't planned on entering the contest. While he was a bit disappointed that he didn't win the contest, he won the souls of many! At that same conference, he attended a session on spiritual healing. Using the information he learned there, he made yet another victory for the LORD!

7. You may find a new fishing ground for your work. Conferences attract all kinds of 'izers. Some of them will provide ideas that you haven't considered yet. They might know of a fishing ground which needs the kinds of things you do. They may know of someone who is looking for a situation like yours.

8. You will improve your effectiveness. Schoolteachers, doctors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, and most professionals, have to attend a certain number of continuing education courses every year. CFC conferences are an excellent way to continue your education and improve your skills about your mission. If you are serious about winning souls for JC, attending the conference will demonstrate that you are indeed committed to your calling.

9. You will find love. If you go with an ear to listen, there will be speakers who seem to be talking directly to you. Some have overcome great obstacles in order to inspire you and others to love one another (CFC theme for 2008). It's the rare faithful who hasn't gotten a rejection or faced difficulties or hardships in our community life. Visiting elders also speak at these conferences. They may be able to give you hope or encouragement or that little push that you need. Either way, you will find the courage to keep on loving and helping others in their struggles.


10. You will meet angels. This is the ultimate payoff: angels take time out of their busy lives to attend these conferences because they are looking for people like you. We really do find angels this way. At many conferences, you can and will find yourself face to face with a living, breathing angel who wants to hear about your life.

Still not sure you should go to the conference? Well, here's my bonus reason.

11. You will look extremely handsome or beautiful. In the eyes of your brother and sisters, you will be the most handsome brother or the most beautiful sister, just for registering to this conference even if you haven't gone yet!

There. I hope you're convinced. I have certainly convinced myself. I can't wait till July! So stand up and register now for the conference, book your hotel room, block your calendar for the week, and start looking handsome and beautiful.


Anonymous said...

CD said: "Please don't forget to keep checking A Call To Arms, and letting ALL the CFC members you know about it to leave their name..."

CD, are you exempted on this call? Just curious to know who you are -:).

Anonymous said...

Kapatid na FFL,

We're letting go, please let go of the CFC name.

FFL is a good name kapatid.

There are just so many confusion having the same name. PLease read previous entry from this blog.

Ok lang sa FFL kung sa area kayo ang majority,hindi masyadong confusing. Kasi pag ang CFC ang minority in an area, they dont confuse the people in the parish.

Peru pag ang CFC ang majority and FFL is the minority in an area. Very CONFUSING kapatid, they EVEN used CFC (only, walang FFL) in their booking sa mga parishes.

Bulleting sa parish to announce their activities, CFC lang din ginagamit walang FFL.

PAti nga kayo sa FFL, WALANG CONSISTENCY sa mga NAmes nyo sa Family Ministry,

Ang USA, you claim YOU ARE:

affiliated with FFL, so ang family Ministry nyo ay:


PEru sa IBANG AREA Kapatid,

Ang Kids - CFC-KFL as Kids for Family and Life

Ang YOuth - CFC-YFL as YOuth for Family and Life

Ang Handmaids- CFC-HFL HAndmaids for Family and Life

Ang Servants/Singles yata- CFC-SFL

SA ibang AREA naman

Ang Handmaids- CFC-Her For Family and Life

Ang Servants-CFC-Sir for Family and Life.


Now, that Frank revive the CFC-FI , the one that Ligaya Nang Panginoon registered, the one that Frank rejected.

ANONG TAWAG nyo ngayon?


With this Crisis, it opened a can of worms or a Pandora Box.

I think you've heard/ read already that in 2001 when Frank was CFC Executive Director - a revered Leader (20 years in the Renewal, 20 years from his CLP ) but Both Frank and GErry COMMITTED a LAND SCAM. Read it DIRECT from Supreme court Website. Copy and paste this link below.



Moreover, (Got this from other site)

LANDSCAM 1 was the shameful act of selling part of a titled children's playground and suing the 'buyer in good faith' for non-payment after the real owner - the subdivision - filed formal complaint against the illegal transaction. It was not only shameful for its dishonesty, but it was all the more scandalous for the fact that Padilla was riding high as the great author of books and articles on faithfulness to GOD by CFC followers, while complete control as the topmost head of CFC.

Padilla donated land and building to CFC. Padilla left CFC and founded a splinter group.

Padilla revived a long-rejected, and long-ago SEC revoked, CFC name. This was LANDSCAM PART - 2, because as such, Padilla retains ownership of the family lot and building he donated to CFC during the 25 years he reigned CFC with "absolute" authority. (Talk about dishonesty and insincerity of character, but this are just tactics to retain the land...)



Anonymous said...

By the way, I forgot to paste completely the whole LINK of the LANDSCAM RECORD of MR FRANK PADILLA and MS GERALDINE PADILLA

Anonymous said...

What US conference is this? CFCUSA conference is in Miami Florida. CFCY conference in Jacksonville, Florida and SFC is in San Diego, CA.

You are confusing everyone Bro.

p.e. said...

Peace to you brother/sister GS.

You want all this to end? Let go of your use of CFC. Just call yourself FFL. Acknowledge that you left CFC and formed a new community. Praise God for your 1st USA Conference (it is not 14th). If you want to remain CFC, you're welcome to return and we will welcome you with open arms. Tell your leaders to stop offering a hand of peace but continuing to accuse us of veering away. Stop insulting us with the offer of having one CFC with two branches as if FFL has a monopoly of evangelization and family renewal and CFC is only for social action.

Anonymous said...

Mga CFC at FFL,

Na G (gets) nyo na ba ang NAME issue?

Wow, a land issue ba 'to?

WAg na lang yong SCAM.

Postmodernist said...

To the brother who said "We're letting go, please let go of the CFC name." You have raised many good points and valid insights about the issue. I believe your stand can only be refuted through counter presentation and validation of the facts (e.g. that Frank Padilla "never" rejected CFC-FI). I agree with many of your expose'.

To GS,

We understand and are united with you in prayer and your call for peace between our Christian communities. Nevertheless please be reminded that there can be no peace between right and wrong, truth and falsehood, good and evil. Truth and falsehood cannot compromise, both are destined to fight and refute one another. Then again we presented to you our side and argued justly that what we have is the truth, and yours is a lie. Now, obviously you FFL do not agree with this thus you have the moral obligation to correct us and refute us, not make a compromise since if your side is the truth then you have the moral burden to rectify us. Likewise, we feel the same way towards you and that we believe that only by exposing the errors of your leader and your splinter group, and by fighting for what IS rightfully ours can there be genuine peace among us. Let us keep this in mind. Truth is the basis of peace, since in the absence of truth there is no order; and without order, there is only chaos – and chaos is no peace.

Instavrare Omnia In Christo,

Anonymous said...

2 Cor 6:14 - "Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness?"

Indeed, what do truth and lies have in common? And indeed, there can be no compromise.

cfcgideon said...

There is only one and true CFC-USA national conference - and it will be in Miami Florida on July 25-27.

TRUTH will always be in conflict with the deceit and cowardice of FALSEHOOD.

To FFL, homecoming ka na kapatid. Halina't sumayaw sa Miami! You will be welcomed with Tito Joe Tale's repertoire "You Will Never Walk Alone"!

Max said...

FFL People are teaching their children/ Youth HOW TO MAKE A NEW GROUP IF YOU DONT LIKE THE OUTCOME OF AN ELECTION and the LEADERS and How NOT TO ABIDE a STATUTE/RULES/LAW Of an ORGANIZATION WHILE still calling the same name.



THERE IS ONLY ONE (1) CFC with the STATUTES duly RECOGNIZED by the VATICAN which says THE INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL is the overall GOVERNING BODY of all CFC worldwide.


Mahirap ba to INTINDIHIN?


Anonymous said...

To the FFL move on mga kapatid. Let go of the name of CFC, focus on your Christian Life Seminar. Please give us reason why you abandoned your CLS in the Claret Parish. CFC's CLP still continues and it is about to finish, malapit na Lord's Day. Kayo what happened did you give up? Baka lumalaki membership ng Chinese Ministry nyo marami kasing lay low,at may tampo na lumipat sa FFL, yung "anniversary nyo di narin na tuloy what happened bagyo lang takot na kayo, your too indulged in getting the name CFC you may have forgotten your mission,we will pray for you.

Anonymous said...

As we continue to love (one another) and seek peace (He walked with us through the storm) let's always be prepared to fight for the truth (CFC is our name, let's defend it). Let's pray for wisdom & guidance, yet let's continue with the work that God has enabled us to bring His Kingdom to those who are more in need (GK). Let no one use it specially in dubious, deceitful ways. God bless

Athrun Atreides said...


1. A name reflects its owner's nature. But, what if a name is merely a fake? If something goes by a false name, wouldn't it mean that thing is fake? False by nature? Is that what it would mean?

2. Anyone who has ever wept because they felt weak or powerless has always had those kinds of thoughts. Oh, yes. But the moment you acquire all that power you dreamed of, you become the one who causes others to weep tears of loss. Never forget that.

Anonymous said...

Ako ay matanda na at sa aking katandaan marami na ako nakitang mga kamalian. Pero ngayon lang yata ako nakakita ng tao na itinuturing pa mandin na isang pinuno ang nagpapakita ng mga katangian ng isang hindi nararapat maging isang huwaran. Papaano kang makapang-aakit kung nabubuhay ka sa mundo ng kasinungalingan? Papaano mo aakayin ang iyong mga taga-sunod na nais din mapalapit sa ating Panginoon? Nagpapasalamat ako at ang aking maybahay na kami ay kasapi ng isang samahan na tunay na nagpapalaganap ng mga turo ni Hesus at tumutulong sa mga kapus palad nating kababayan, ang nag-iisang CFC.

Anonymous said...

Mahirap nilang punuin kahit na maliit na basketball court lang for their 1st anniversary. Tignan ninyo yong Easter Group web site, isa nga lang ang picture na maipakita. Nauubos na yata yong mga taga FFL or they did not brave the rain.

Huwag na huwag nilang kantahin ang Firm Foundation kung hindi nila kayang panindigan.

Anonymous said...

Dear CFC Brethren,

If GOD is with us, who can be against us? You know the answer!!! They can do everything to destroy the original community. Undermine the authority of the IC, steal the CFC name and confuse the members of CFC who are unaware of their high level deceitfulness but in the end, can they REJOICE? Really? Is it going to be an authentic JOY?

Therefore, FEAR NOT!!! "For those who exult themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves will be exulted", says the LORD.

Let's move on through the storm and entrust everything to our GOD.

God bless,

Divinos said...

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Let's not forget that we are posting here because of our love to Christ Founded CFC community and not against our FFL Bros & Sis.Let us show and let them feel that we are only unravelling the supressed truth about our previous leadership who failed and abandoned us and now trying to regain prominence by continuously stirring confusion, division and false accusations for the sake of personal interest, pride, hunger for power and fame.

We are once Brothers & Sisters and we will be forever.

abbea said...

The contrast is stark and defined.

On one hand, many who remained faithful bore the persecution hurled via accusations of veering away, receiving donations from dubious pharma companies, etc. (all sorts of shallow fabrications and reasons just to justify somebody's pride and miscalculated decisions), the same people who kept STILL, turned to prayers and allowed God to pursue justice befitting a people who remained focused with God and went on with the work mandated of the community for the lesser brethen, praying and putting prayers into action.

On the other hand, here's a group who did all back room schemings, machinations and press releases using influence and clout among the bishops, parishes, newspapers and government to wrest the NAME by whatever means (some of those ways they did and say I will be ashamed to do being a living witness of Christ) in an effort to restore some person's glorification and in the process railroading their way and destroying relationships, former brothers, even the community itself that they are proclaiming to be their name.

The majority has discerned through all the events and have drawn the line: to defend and line up behind the IC and CFC!

Is there an equation? The balance is tipped heavily in CFC's favor! We braved the downpour, the flood and the storm to show our commitment to the IC, to CFC and to God. The witnessing during the anniversary was punctuated with a big exclamation point! No words need to be said after that.

Al Betita - East A

Anonymous said...

To the people who abandoned their jobs in CFC and joined FFL please do not demand separation pay or retirement pay. "Ang kakapal naman ang mga mukha nyo."

Ang Laki nga yon utang na iniwan nyo, gusto pa nyong kayo ang unang babayaran?

By what right do you have to demand separation benefits?

Let Frank Padilla pay you and not CFC!!!

Anonymous said...

Mga kapatid ko kay Kristo, mga CFC-IC at CFC-FFL, tanong ko lang po, mga Kristiyano ba kayo... Kasi yung tunay na Kristiyano, hindi nag-aaway kundi nagmamahalan, nagpapatawaran, nagpaparaya... Especially in your case, GOD has chosen you to be HIS instruments, HIS servants who will spread HIS LOVE and GOODNESS to the whole world... But how will someone believe that God is LOVE if they could not see GOD's LOVE in you kc nga nag-aawayan kayo... We hope and we pray, that you'll be united again para lumakas ulet young puwersa ng Panginoon dito sa mundo,,.. God Bless!